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 The Nightmares.

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PostSubject: Re: The Nightmares.   Mon Jun 27, 2011 3:55 pm

As the Bells begin to Toll.

The sound of the fire filled the main room as it kept the room bathed in a warm glow, burning brightly as the embers floated effortlessly up the chimney, sitting beside Gibbzy infront of it she stared into the dancing flames, watching their slightest movement, getting lost in them she shook her head slightly and smiled, she began to wonder why an open fire always made her stare into the very depth of it and captivate her in amazement, suddenly being very aware of Gibbzy's arm now around her waist, pulling her against him, he held her close in a hug, her cheeks turning a deep red as she looked up at him, smiling softly as she spoke.

“Well, you've eaten and drank, what do you have planned for tomorrow anyway?” Gibbzy scoffed and shook his head lightly rolling his eye's he unwrapped his arm and stood up slowly, taking her hand he helped her up with him.
“Not a lot, I'm stuck in here after all, remember?” Leov nodded softly as she frowned.
“Starting to wonder if they have forgotten about the three of us in all honesty” Gibbzy laughed softly and nodded.
“Probably beneficial to them to forget about me anyway...” Leov looked at him frowning all the more, shaking her head as he walked off.
“Wait, why would you think such a thing?” He turned slightly, looking back at her with a small smile on his face.
“I -always- think that Leov, Excuse me a moment, won't you?” Leov frowned but nodded all the same, knowing the feeling that to be forgotten would be best, but how she had wished it wouldn’t happen, feeling alone in the Knights was something she had spoken about with people, always being told to leave, they weren't worth her time if they treated a gem as they do, she had giggled at the concept of being called a gem, sighing she told herself she was where she was meant to be, the knights are her family and she was forever loyal to her family and friends, ready to die in their place if need be.

A small cough came as a soft shuffle came down the stairs, turning she laughed softly as she noticed the fully clad mage walking towards her.
“What's that all about?” she followed him with her eyes till he stopped infront of the fire and dropped himself back down to the ground, sitting as small arcane sparks came from his hand.
“Damn shield!! and the armour is just because I forgot what it felt like... sit with me?” she raised an eyebrow and sat herself down, looking up to the mage at the top of the stairs, chanting to herself as she smiled down softly, before returning to concentrating.
“At least your healing has started though, eh?” Leov smiled softly, trying to change the subject as Gibbzy nodded, wrapping an arm around her waist again.
“Yes, it has, Leak is a tough task master, she trains me hard in the emerald dream, for a best friend she's not very forgiving of mistakes” he laughed gently as he shook his head.
“But she means well, right? Keeps you safe and is healing you...” Leov looked at him as she spoke, nodding as he looked back at her smiling reassuringly.
“She's my best friend, I trust her fully, she has my best interest's at heart and yes, she keeps me safe..” He pulled her close and kissed the top of her head, her cheeks turning a deep red she nodded, shuffling away slightly she stared into the fire as he took his arm back, pulling a leather bound book with gold writing along the spine from his bag, he opened it and began to read.

Leov grinned slightly as she leaned over, placing her hand's on his sides she began to tickle him, frowning, he snapped his book closed as he squirmed trying to move backwards out of her reach, she giggled softly.
“Oi!!” Gibbzy tried to grab her hands as he exclaimed, laughing uncontrollably.
“Stop it woman!” Leov looked up at him with her puppy eye's, piercing blue as they looked up at him, sticking out her bottom lip to make him feel bad, he sighed, holding onto her wrists, as she moved her gaze to the floor, a look of sweetness washing over her.
“Oh, you can stop that...” Gibbzy lifted her head back up and looked deep into her eyes, gulping slightly as he shuffled away from her a little, a small cough came from the balcony above.

“Miss Lahnmaiden, a Sir Corlain Tavosh to see you, he says it's important.” The guard spoke softly although filled with authority, she looked up to the head guard, frowning slightly as she nodded slowly, her mind awash with reasons for him to be here this late at night.

“Could you send him in please?” The guard nodded, leaving the room as she pushed herself to her feet, and looked up to the sides, her nerves beginning to get the better of her she chewed her lower lip nervously and straightened her dress and hair twice over, looking back at Gibbzy as she did so, he stood behind her slightly, pulling his hood up he nodded reassuringly to her, squeezing her shoulder gently as he moved to the side wall and leaned back against it a soft clattering of plate came down the hall way.

Leov's mind seem to take control for a moment as everything grew distant, feeling faint she heard a laugh within her mind, frowning slightly she shook her head and dismissed it, looking up she found Corlain descending the stairs and smiled softly as he walked to her wrapping his arms around her, she'd never seen him in such a state before, he seemed to give off a aura of nervousness, concern, care, she couldn’t quite make out was wrong, but something was, he stood back from her, removing his helm as his hair fell around his shoulder's he smiled nervously at her, nodding slightly as he watched her, he placed his helmet on the chair, looking over to Gibbzy, a slight move from behind him suddenly took her attention, a strange man with dark hair, wearing the colours of the earthen ring, she frowned slightly.

“...Cor?” her voice wavered as she looked to him, smiling sweetly he looked into her eyes and nodded, rubbing the tips of his fingers together nervously he looked over to Gibbzy again.
“Leov, is there anywhere more private we can talk?” his voice seemed nervous and that put her on edge, she looked back at Gibbzy and shook her head.
“He's fine, I trust him, he's a good friend...” Corlain nodded slightly and looked around the room, continuing to rub his finger tips together as the unidentified man stepped past him and looked at her.
“Right, let's start from the top shall we?” Leov raised an eyebrow as the man spoke, taking control of the situation as he moved from one chair to the next.

“I was sent out to a scene, and Corlain here, came with me, to a cave none the less, and inside, there was a body of one “Commander” Nirrim Darrow” Leov's eyes widened as the name was mentioned, glaring at the man slightly she looked back to Corlain, shaking her head.
“He's joking, right Cor?” Corlain shook his head, opening his mouth to speak but sighing instead as the man cut across him again.
“Nope, no joke, deadly serious, even Corlain's healing couldn’t help that one.. nothings bringing him back” Leov frowned, her anger with the man building in his tactless crusade of telling her, She looked back to Corlain again.
“Are you sure?” she asked, her voice wavering again as he nodded tears began to trickle down her face slowly. Shaking her head in disbelief.
“Very sure, it was him” the voice broke across her again, wiping her face suddenly she glared at the man.
“Who in lights name is he?!” Leov gestured towards the man as she looked at Corlain.
“Ah, Thalios Blood-rose, a member of the Earthen ring, we have met, in more unsocial circumstances, mostly from my side..” Leov frowned, shaking her head as she watched the man start to move around the room, talking to himself.
“Cor... does his brother know?” Corlain raised an eyebrow, looking at her, shaking his head,
“Only person who knew him was you Leov, nobody else wants to know” The man stopped, turning to face them.
“Yea, so I was thinking, in a nice deep cave in Westbrook, where nobody would ever have to be reminded his ugly self again...” Leov glared at the man, rolling her eyes, she whispered softly to Corlain who wrapped his arms around her in a warm embrace, suddenly making her feel safe.

“If he doesn’t shut up soon, I may have to slap him, i'm sorry” He looked down at her and smirked softly, whispering back to her.
“His healing isn't complete, he's still a little... strange I suppose” Leov shrugged, wrapping her arms around him in return, resting her head against his chest as her mind thought over the news she had just been handed, someone began to ruffle her hair, making her eyes well up all the more as she recalled how Nirrim would do it to wind her up, standing back up properly she looked around to see the man standing beside her.
“Cheer up, everyone hated him anyway” Leov looked back at Corlain, gritting her teeth as he sighed, she stepped back, a look of deep hurt on her face as a single tear rolled down her face, Corlain frowned at Thalios.
“Ok Thal, that's enough, sit yourself down”. Thalios frowned back at him and sat down on the chair.
“Where was she on the night he died?!?” Leov looked up as the man asked, staring at Corlain.
“Surely you don't think...” Corlain shook his head quickly and looked at her.
“No, ofcourse not..” he smiled reassuringly at her, still seemingly nervous.
“If you are coming to me about him... who is arranging his things, his funeral...” Corlain smiled a little unsure before answering.
“I was thinking you could... but... we cant let you see the body, it's in to bad a shape, and...” Thalios cut across him again as he struggled to tell her all that was needed.
“You can't go to the funeral, but afterwards, we bury him, you go see the shiny stone and mud”.
Leov frowned, looking at him.
“What in lights name do you mean? If I pay I don't get to go...” Leov's mind seemed slightly pleased at the concept, she hated funeral's anyway, but at the same time to be told she's not allowed to go made something rage inside her.

“What does it matter anyway, he was horrible. Besides, we need to do some tests on him and heal it a little more..” Leov raised an eyebrow slightly.
“Your not cutting him up, if i'm to be his next of kin I refuse it and why would you heal a body that is to be put in the ground, that doesn't make sense!!” Leov begun to become agitated by the man as he started to sprout more obscenity’s about Nirrim, walking over to him she wiped her face clear from tears that may of fallen, looked down at him and raising her hand slapped him as hard as she could across his face, Corlain smirking behind her as Thalios looked up at her in shock and fell backwards in his chair.
“You sir, are going to shut up, your tactless, your heartless, and if you continue I -will- slap you again, you will -not- speak ill of the dead, no matter what they did in living, -do- you understand me?!” Thalios nodded, holding his hand over his cheek, a slight red glow could be seen as he waved his hand for Corlain to continue, Leov took a deep breath and turned back to face Corlain who nodded at her with a small smile, rubbing his fingers together.

“Suspects, you must have some?” Gibbzy shuffled slightly as he asked, Corlain's eyes moving over to him he nodded softly.
“We have some, but we can't tell you anymore then we already have..” Leov looked at Corlain, raising an eyebrow.
“Who are they Corlain, or should I start my own investigation, even if I have my own already, you need to tell me...” Corlain shook his head, pulling her towards him, wrapping his arms around her again reassuringly, she pulled away, frowning slightly, her eyes welling up again she bite down on her bottom lip to try and stop the tears, seeing how he wanted to comfort her she shook her head.
“Corlain, please, you'd want to know if it was someone giving you the news about me, were friends, you must understand I need to know...” Corlain nodded and sighed.

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."
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PostSubject: Re: The Nightmares.   Mon Jun 27, 2011 7:47 pm

“I'd want to know, yes, but I can't Leov, those are two completely different things, and you wouldn't start an investigation..” Leov looked at him, a sudden look of determination as Gibbzy rolled his eyes, suddenly arguing with Thalios.
“What's that suppose to mean...” Corlain smiled softly, shaking his head.
“We are assuming at this time that he died protecting you, a man was seen running away, but the shamans say the cave fell of natural causes” Thalios looked at them briefly as Gibbzy walked from the room, small fire sparks coming from his hand as he mumbled, Gelana slipped from the balcony and joined them.

“A kitty was at the tunnel off the cave, unharmed but unconscious, he's well enough, that we sent him on his the name of Rathlan” Thalios spoke as he eyed over Gelana, Leov looked at him in shock, shaking her head.
“Not Rathlan aswell...” Corlain sighed and nodded again.
“Afraid so..but he ran off as soon as he could..” Leov covered her face as the tears began to roll down her face.
“And then we went to tell that Sarithan Duskshade, and he just nodded and vanished, nobody's seen him since, not even SI:7...” Leov fell to the ground at hearing the last two gone, sobbing into her hands she began to wonder what she'd done to have them all gone from her, suddenly feeling arms around her again she leaned against the chest, crying.

“What’s with the space goat anyway? I mean it's no wonder we can't really tell you anything with the space goat around, is it?” Thalios gestured towards Gelana as he spoke and they began to argue slightly, Leov sighed.

“Miss Gelana, could you give us some time to talk please, I promise, it won't take long...” Gelana turned and looked at her as Leov wiped her face, looking concerned she nodded.
“As you wish Knight Leov.” Gelana began to walk out of the room, glaring at Thalios as she did so, walking up the stairs she disappeared to the right and towards the bar, Corlain moved over to his friend, leaning down he whispered to him softly as Leov turned, looking back at the fire, her mind awash as the laughter came into her mind again in a manic way. Frowning she grit her teeth and whispered.

“I'll kill him myself...” Corlain turned to look at her as Thalios ran off in the direction of Gelana.
“Aha! The first to be questioned has been chosen!!” he disappeared through the door as he yelled at the top of his voice, Corlain leaned down, taking her hand, making her face him, smiling softly he wiped the tears from her face and stood up.
“You'll be alright Leov, but I can't tell you what I know, please understand eh? If I could you would be the first I told every time..” Leov looked up at him, a whole world of pain showing in her eyes as she nodded, tears rolling down her face.
“I need to know who killed him, I need to know why...” Corlain nodded down at her, continuing to wipe the tears away.
“Funny how things happen eh?, you smell and look nice tonight...” Corlain smiled slightly, his nerves still showing as he tried to change the subject, noticing him caving she pressed the matter slightly.
“You'd want to know if it was me, and I doubt you want to see me in trouble, so let's save lots of bother, and you tell me...please Cor?” he smiled slightly and nodded.
“Leov...” he looked down at her, wrapping his arms around her gently.
“This is my job, I can't tell you, it could have me in trouble, as much as I want too, please understand I can't, and you, of all people should understand that, as much as I understand your want to know...” Thalios appeared again, running down the stairs he fell over a chair and began to hold a conversation with it, Leov raised an eyebrow as he held onto his shin hopping about as he argued with it, apparently receiving answer's, she smiled softly.

“So what, that hot chick Icelinn said he was a good for nothing too!” Leov suddenly glared at him again.
“Pardon, you spoke to Iselinn?!” Thalios turned to face her, nodding.
“She said she'd tell you, I guess she didn't....” He spoke as he fell into the chair he had but moments ago been arguing with, rubbing his shin, Leov frowned, hurt and anger now deep set in her eyes as she wiped her face.
“So you told her then, yes?” Thalios nodded, frowning.
“And what did she have to say?” Leov looked at him, suddenly feeling like she was asking him a thousand questions when she knew what Iselinn would say, what all the knights would say.
“She was happy, really happy, but she said she'd tell you, I guess she didn't though....That cow!” Thalios began to talk to himself.
“Harsh” Corlain cut across Thalios before he could continue to ramble on.

Leov frowned, nodding slightly, a sickly sweet smile playing across her lips suddenly.
“So anyway, Outlaws aren’t allowed to the funeral, but you can come afterwards, i'm sure Corlain told you..” Thalios spoke, breaking the silence that had fallen around the room, raising an eyebrow Leov looked back at him shaking her head in disbelief as she looked to Corlain.
“Did he just call me an outlaw? I swear if you don't put him straight soon...” Leov's anger began to grow.
“I will slap him again, I swear on the light I will...” Leov glared at him, her patience wearing thin and for the first time with anger from not being told and a inconsiderate man sat spurting obscenity’s, felt like hitting out at something.

“Besides, your not the only one probably, there’s that death knight woman aswell..” Leov turned, glaring back at him as he mentioned the death knight.
“Yes, i'm sure she would, and you can treat her as a -huge- suspect” Thalios frowned at Leov.
“She's not that big...” Leov rolled her eyes.
“If you don't have any suspects I suggest you look deeper, I have no doubt she has something to do with it..” Corlain watched Leov carefully as the anger seemed to claim a little more of her with each word Thalios spoke, the tears almost gone completely, he grabbed her arm and smiled reassuringly.
“We'll work it out Leov, I promise... just calm down now eh?” Leov looked at him, pulling her arm away she nodded.

She stood staring into the dancing flames of the fire as Thalios and Corlain spoke in hushed tones behind her, the fire inside herself dyeing down slowly, her mind playing over all she had been told and trying to work out why she deserved to loose yet another group of people she had come to know and care for, she sighed softly as arms circled her waist, looking back, she smiled weakly at Corlain who turned her to face him.

“We should get going, but I’ll speak with you soon, ok?” Corlain smiled reassuringly as he looked deep into her eyes, Leov nodded and smiled again slightly weakly, her eyes red from tiredness and upset.
“Travel Safely Cor, please.” Corlain nodded, kissing the top of her head softly.
“It'll be ok Leov, I promise, I will find you the answers, see you soon” Leov smiled weakly and nodded, stepping back from him and pulling out of his arms he replaced his helmet and nodded slightly as he turned to walk out, Thalios already running away ahead of him, she watched him leave through the archway before moving to the front of the fire and staring into it, the tears pricking her eyes she covered her face and sobbed as quietly as she could into her hands, suddenly blaming herself for everything, a hand resting on her shoulder and moving down turning into a reassuring rub on her back.

“Hey you” Leov remained quiet as Gibbzy sat down next to her, wrapping his arms around her gently as she moved her head onto his chest, hiding her face as she sobbed a little harder.
“Gibbzy.... How am I meant to tell him now, how am I meant to tell him I didn't mean what I said when we argued...He's gone, left me, he promised..” Gibbzy held her closer as she spoke through the tears, holding her up against his chest as she appeared to collapse against him a little more.
“I'm sure he knows you loved him Leov, it was clear...” Leov shook her head slightly.
“I never told him, I don’t even know now and now he’s gone and he took him from me..” Gibbzy raised an eyebrow, looking down at her a little confused.
“I think its a little too soon to jump to assumptions Leov, your hurting, you cant go blaming people without proof” Leov shook her head again.
“He took him from me, I know it...he told me once, if he cant have me, nobody will...and he was laughing in my mind when I was told..” Gibbzy looked at her, growing more concerned as she fell back against his chest, staring into the fire through her fingers, her mind washed back to the argument she'd had with Nirrim repeatedly.
“Just think of the time you had with Nirrim Leov, I'm sure he knew how you felt, no matter what was said...” Leov shook her head
“I can't all I can think off is that argument..” Gibbzy began to rub her back again reassuringly as he held her close he kissed the top of her forehead, moving her hair from the front of her hands.
“Then your not trying hard enough, he loved you Leov, it would take a fool not to notice it, you cannot let assumptions cloud your judgement right now, your hurting..” Gibbzy spoke softly as he looked into the fire, a frown across his face as he spoke of Nirrim's love for her.
“They said he died for me, why would he do that?” Gibbzy sighed.
“They are assuming things, they cant say things like that without knowing for sure.” Leov frowned.

“He promised me he wouldn't leave me alone...” Gibbzy shook his head lightly.
“And you need to stop thinking that when someone dies their leaving you, I'm more then sure had he known he was going to die so suddenly and soon he wouldn’t of promised you and I'm definitely sure he didn’t leave by choice Leov, please, stop thinking about it like that, he didn’t lie and he didn’t break his promise, I know your hurting but you need to think on the better times the pair of you shared right now...” Gibbzy sat her up, seeming rather firm with her as he rested his arms around her waist, smiling reassuringly the pain in his eyes of seeing her cry clear to anyone that would of seen it, he sighed before pulling her back against his chest.
“The Knights are going to love this... he's dead, one less thing to “worry” about, they worried about him more then they did the pissing dead rose” Leov shook her head, the tears rolling down her face all the more, struggling to breath as the tears came all the more as the memory of their picnic in Nagrand filled her mind, the floating island with a tree and the stairs shining brightly above, the small candles and all the food as they sat hugging against the tree trunk, speaking softly to each other, the memory made it seem as though she was there now, and not in the headquarters, she frowned slightly, shaking her head, trying to make it leave her mind, as the pain stung all the more, unsure of what was going on as the laughter rang out in her head.

“I -will- kill you myself” she thought within her head, the tears continuing to roll down her face as she moved her hands to the side of her head a voice broke out in reply.
“Leov, my love, you are way to weak to do anything continue in this defiant crusade and you may end up in the ground, he was only the start, come to me or more will fall in their “love” for you, they all seem to think they can protect you...” the pain rang across her head as she held her hands over her head, crying as she fell forward into Gibbzy's lap, she stared into the fire as the pain left, Gibbzy's eyes glowing down at her, the fire behind them turning them orange from their usual colour, obviously awake of what had just happened as she hid her face again he pulled her up and held her close.

“Everything will be -Fine- Leov, I promise you” Leov shook her head unconvinced.
“I have to go to him, I have to speak with him...” Gibbzy shook his head.
“No, you wont and you don’t, I wont allow it, you have grieving to do, trust me, you will be fine” Gibbzy sat, staring down at her, leaning down he kissed her forehead lovingly.
“You need to rest, we both do...” Standing himself up he lifted her into his arms and headed for the bunks, placing her on the bunk beside his he smiled softly, leaving to change as she slide into her sheets, laying her head on her pillows, she closed her eyes, the tears continuing to roll down her face, unsure of what to make of the days events and the prospect of losing more then she already had.

Gibbzy jumped up into his bed, leaning over to her head squeezed her hand gently.
“I promise Leov, now sleep well, tomorrows a new day eh?” he smiled reassuringly as the darkness surrounded her final thought passing onto Sadine and her disappearence, now Nirrim and the others gone she began to feel her world crash down as she watched everything slip slowly from her, closing her eyes as the darkness claimed her she fell into a restless sleep, sitting back up he turned, blowing out the small candle as he pulled the sheets up over himself, laying down he fell into a soft, light sleep.

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."
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PostSubject: Re: The Nightmares.   Mon Jun 27, 2011 8:02 pm

Lady Gelana stood behind the Guard at the entrance to the Keep, looking out at the freedom beyond.

The sound of footsteps came closer and she turned to see Thalios in the doorway, watching her.

"Where were you on the...."

She stopped listening to him, aware only of how tired she felt right now. The danger of feinting was always close, but today she had almost fallen twice.

"You are a prime suspect, I will find a way to prove it was you!"

She looked at him again, wondering how she could have done anything when she was a ~guest~ of the Dead Rose.

"Go ahead, prove what you will, if you can find evidence to support your accusations."

He had made racial comments right from the time he had first seen her, and for a moment the Lady wondered what had happened to him in his past to make him hate Dreanei so much.

Another wave of dizzyness touched her and she drew herself up, making herself strong by will alone.

Finally he was gone and she stood again, looking past the two guards towards the treeline, needing to get to the cool green and collect some plants before she ran out totally.

Lady Gelana of the Knights
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PostSubject: Re: The Nightmares.   Fri Aug 19, 2011 12:45 am

(( Decided to get this up to date if i can, trying to remember as much of the details as possible if you don't like a bit from your char let me know and i'll change it, anyhow, enjoy <3 and dont forget, feedback! Smile ))

Leov sat bolt upright suddenly, something within the room wasn't right, the guards stared at her, swords and shields drawn as they looked around the room and then back at her, the loud howl of a wolf sweeping through the headquarters sent shivers down her spine as she guards quietly made their way through the chamber she began to wonder if someone had breached the chambers, leaning over she tried to wake Gibbzy who laid on his back passed and and no doubt already walking the emerald dream in aid to heal him from within with the Druidess Leak, she looked around the room again, something just wasn't right, her heart began to race and she was sure she felt something watching her now, the guards had left and a single candle flickered on the table by the entrance, dancing it lit up the room in turn, the shadows changing place as it flickered with the soft breeze flitting through the room.

She looked over to Gibbzy, and began to wonder just how long his treatment had been going on for now, he'd said it would only two three weeks at most, but right now it felt like months, she sighed, knowing she'd be unable to wake him she slips elegantly from the bed and landing without a sound on the floor as a loud crash came from the hallways the guards yelling as a manic laughter filled the halls, running to the bedroom doors she slammed them closed, standing again it as her mind raced with suggestions and her heart kept in pace in panic and fear of not knowing what was making its way down the hall's, a soft knock came to the door.

“W-Who is it?” Leov's voice was weak from not long waking up aswell as the panic and fear taking a hold, she heard the low gruff sigh of a man on the other side that seemed to echo in the small hallway.
“Room Service” came the reply, she shook her head, this man must think she's stupid, and he carried the taint of a death knight, and light knows, she's aware that some of them didn't revert as a lot of them did.
“We don't want anything” She replied softly, trying to keep calm as she stepped away from the door once turning the key, a plated hand was thudded against it.
“Open, the damn door woman, I need to see my brother” Leov's eyes widened, surely her praying hadn't brought him back, that's not what she'd asked for, surely it wasn't him, surely Gibbzy had another brother, she shook her head, refusing mutely to open the door, another small sigh and the door took on a purple glow, she ran over to Gibbzy, lifting herself onto his bed and sitting beside him protectively as the door disintegrated away infront of her eyes, ending in a pile of ash on the floor, her thoughts washing over her, she wondered how this had came to be although she knew the answer, why the light had sent -him- back was another matter, but truly, could these last two days get any worse for her, she sighed, wrapping an arm over the slumbering Gibbzy as the death knight walked through the door and made his way to where to sat, she spoke softly, her hand beginning to glow in a golden light, in turn making the room just that much brighter as she felt the eyes on her again, something other then this death knight was here and she suddenly became aware of truly being watched.

“One step closer and I swear on the light I will begin to purge you, right here and now..” The man stopped in his tracks looking from her hand and then back to the bed.
“I highly doubt you would do such a thing..” Leov gritted her teeth, eyeing him over, she'd had enough taken from her and light help she she wouldn't have anymore taken.
“You could try me and see for yourself” She forced a soft sweet smile as she looked him over, trying to gauge just how much purging it would take before he fell to his knees, the death knight stared back at her, taking off his helmet and placed it on the table beside him, holding his gaze as his bright blue eyes shone and stared back at her he sighed.
“I'm not here to take him from you Leov, not this time, he needs my help, you prayed you couldn't do it alone any longer, he saw me in a dream, surely he told you, I just need to see he's ok..” Leov looked from him and down to Gibbzy briefly and back up.

“Lay one finger on him and I swear the purging will start and won't stop till your screaming in pain” He nodded as he walked slowly over to them, stepping up onto the stool at the end of the bed he leaned over and looked Gibbzy up and down, smirking to himself as he noticed her arm around him.
“How longs he been asleep now?” Leov looked at him, raising an eyebrow.
“Just tonight, He's with Leak...” He smirked and nodded slightly, jumping backwards of the stool as he picked up his helmet, and placing it back on his head as he headed for the door, stepping over the ash's of the wood on the floor, stopping momentarily as she looked back up to her.
“I'll be in touch, don't worry, i'm sure he's safe with the Druidess” Leov frowned, she had never doubted he was safe with Leak until now, slipping from the bed she stood and stared at him, wishing he'd just hurry up and leave, he shrugged softly, his plate chinking slightly as he continued to walk out, whispers of the guards now circulating, as Leov wondered just how she'd explain this one but thankful nobody was hurt as the chains he'd placed around them to stop them pursuing him disappeared with each he walked past she sighed softly, Gelana turning onto her side as Leov blew out the candle and hopped back up into her bunk, the feeling of being watched growing stronger much more then before, she pulled the covers up and sleep covered her quickly in return.

Leov's nightmares surrounded her, one nightmare in particular sticking out more then any other had for a long time, she stood in a cave as a looming black figure appeared, shrouded in shadows and magic's, a pain washed over her and she fell to the floor as Nirrim appeared infront of her and yelled for her to leave, protecting her from the figure, their face shrouded by the shadow's and unseen to her eyes, she ran and heard the voice laugh manically, looking back she watched Nirrim fall to the floor of the cave as she reached the entrance, the tears running down her face she continued to run as the figure chased her back through the plague lands only leaving her once she had reached the chill wind camp and was surrounded by the guards and the priestess who fussed over her scraps and cuts that she'd managed to pick up, she woke again with a start, the morning sun flitting through the headquarters, whatever had been watching her had seemed to off left, she sat and watched, staring at her hands as the tears rolled freely down her face again, this dream, this nightmare, she was sure was only imagination, placed there through fear and now she doubted it, Nirrim had fallen, protecting her even if she wasn't there when it had happened he had died none the less, left behind to deal with the pain of losing yet another person, she turning over and pushing her face into the pillow sobbed as she screamed into it, frustrated and sick of having her mind played with as if it was a toy, why would anyone make her relive her darkest secrets.

She lifted her head at the end of the scream, feeling surprisingly better as a guard came running in and looked at her, scanning the area before turning and leaving, Leov's cheeks turned a deep red, clearly she screamed louder then the pillow could handle, turning over she stared up at the ceiling, her thoughts washing over her as she noted all the beds were empty, in the room, she sighed and rolled over onto her side she began to worry about Sadine suddenly, something inside her nagging away that the evil one of them was in trouble, she sighed, as she remembered just how stubborn Sadine was, how she'd run off and at times would find trouble, she'd disappeared on her way through Elwynn, a scream was heard, but no traces, Leov frowned, this was unfair, how was any girl meant to live through so much pain, she turned back onto her back, the tears rolling down the side of her face and into her hairline instead now, she wiped her eyes, she'd cried a lot the last two days, losing people was becoming a reality a lot fear and yet she was becoming numb to it already, closing herself down slowly, building up the wall again, she slipped from the bed and grabbed her towel and headed towards the bathroom, locking the door from the inside and reaching through the curtain she turned the dial and the water began to pound down onto the floor.

Leov slide a hand to the back of the dress and unhooked the button, sliding smoothly down over her body and landing on the floor around her feet she slipped from her other garments and placed them on the shelf, pulling the curtain back as the steam from the showers warmth hitting the cold air filled the room, she slid smoothly and slowly beneath it, standing with her eyes closed as she water pressed down onto her skin and slid over it easily, her hair flattening and taking on a darker tone of red, she sighed softly as it pounded onto her skin making her gleam and shine in the light, her thoughts washing over her again, trying to make sense of all that had happened recently, The thorns arriving and threatening Kalaa and the Commander, Iselinn falling injured, Rheiya being a Knight prisoner, then being kidnapped and how when they had gotten her back Leov had granted her freedom and even provided her safety in a hidden spot, and then two days or so later the note of Sadine's disappearance, Corlain appearing after being away so long only to tell her Nirrim had left her for good now, and then last night, Karkun returning, brought back through the light, or so she assumed, and that presence she felt, eyes on her, the nightmares had continued, she sighed as she turned.

Reaching for her shampoo, squeezing the liquid into her hand she stepped from under the shower and rubbed it through her hair, the soap sliding down her neck and over her back and chest to the floor before she closed her eyes and stepped back beneath it, stepping out from beneath it again to run her liquid soap over herself, making sure she was lathered before stepping back under it, turning this way and that before stepping out again, pushing a hand forward she pulled her towel to her face and rubbed softly before wrapping it around her, perching again the sink gently as she stood and dried, turning the dial as the shower slowly stopped erupting with water, opening a tub she began to moisturise herself thoroughly.

Slipping into clean underwear and a fresh dress she wrapped the towel around her head and turned to look in the mirror, placing paste onto her toothbrush she began to brush her teeth, a sharp wave of pain pulsing over her head as a manic laughter broke out within, the toothbrush dropping from her mouth and hand as she held her head and scrunched her eyes closed, losing her grip from the edge of the sink she fall to the floor with a thud, her hitting off the floor before resting finally, darkness surrounding her.

Leov stirred, waking to an incessant pounding on the door, the voice of Gibbzy screaming outside the door for her, he head throbbing with a sharp pain as her vision became clear again, she looked up at the light and rubbed her eyes, the tap in the sink still running as she stood she wiped her face removing the towel from her head and headed to the door, unlocking it she smiled at Gibbzy softly.

“Leov, what is going on?!” He threw his arms around her as she raised an eyebrow, shrugging slightly.
“Nothing, I just slipped on the floor, will teach me to be more careful, right?” She forced a soft smile and hugged him back, the smell of her sweet strawberry moisturiser filtering out into the hall way from the room as she stepped back.
“I need to finish getting ready, it's Knights Night after all” She smiled again, stepping back as she watched him nod, turn and leave, she closed the door and scrunched her eyes, her head still throbbing as she carefully walked back to the sink and finished brushing her teeth, once done she brushed her hair and slid her clip into the right hand side of her head to keep the hair off her face.

Curling up infront of the fire she opened a book from beside it and started to read, the night drawing in fast as Gibbzy came and sat down beside her, wrapping a arm around her waste, she smiled softly, her cheeks turning a deep red as she placed her head lightly on his shoulder in response.

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."

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“Hey you” Gibbzy whispered softly with a living tone, making her blush a little more, she smiled sweetly.
“Hey, you ok?” Gibbzy nodded in response and glanced down to her book, before looking back up into the dancing flames of the open fire, a small cough and on turning a guard stood at the top of the stairs.

“The Knight's are arriving now, and some of the men are going on their dinner break Miss Lahnmaiden” The guard spoke with a authoritative tone as she tuned and nodded, pushing herself up she straightened her hair and her dress and stepped away from Gibbzy with a small soft smile, she couldn't deal with people thinking anything was going on tonight, not yet at least and besides they were just friends, a table the the left of the room as you entered was laid with snacks for them all and enough alcohol she thought to sink a sturdy passenger ship, she smiled brightly, trying to force her thoughts from her head, the knights needed this night after all they'd been through recently and Leov was happy to receive the company for her and the two others remaining within the headquarters lately.

The guard saluted them and left as quietly as he'd arrived, the first of the Knights filtering through the main room and reaching for drinks and food, speaking amongst themselves as the noise level rose and the atmosphere changed to a warm and welcoming one, the off duty guards were welcomed with glee as the Knights sat and spoke and caught up with all the happenings around them as a young woman came running down the stairs, her cheeks flushed red and out of breath, Leov stood up quickly and handed her a glass of water, sipping it slightly she fought to get the words out between breaths.

“I-I Found Sadine, S-She's in the chapel in eastern plague lands, resting, she's not good”, the young woman’s voice faltered slightly only returning to normal half way through the sentence as she continued to sip the water, Hollye raised an eyebrow and turning to the Knights told them to go and get into their Armour, each leaving immediately, Leov stood beside Hollye warily.
“Commander, Myself and Gibbzy included?” Hollye looked them both over and finally gave them a firm nod as conversation, a smile spreading across Gibbzy's face as he ran up the stairs two at a time to get into his armour, Leov walked away, her mind racing with fears and doubts as she reached the bedroom she firmly shook her head away, forcing the thoughts to leave her be for the time being as she pulled on her full light sworn armour, the Knights readied themselves and all met outside, their gryphon’s lined in formation already, evenly spaced and all wearing their own armour in case needed, Leov smiled as she walked up and pet Kesa, weeks had passed already since she had last seen her and beside her was Lily, Gibbzy's own syphon, petting her in turn, she turned back to the Knights who themselves fell into formation as Hollye stood infront of them.

“Knights, to your Griffon’s, we fly in and if possible Maxwell will summon us all back here as soon as she's stable, be prepared, she may be in the lights hope but that doesn't mean the danger hasn't followed both the girls”, the knights nodded and as the saluted fell out of formation and climbed onto their griffon’s in turn, Hollye smiled softly, climbing onto her pure white drake, she nodded and in turn the griffon’s flew into the sky, spreading out but making sure they kept each other in sight, Leov couldn't help but smile, it had been a long time since she had seen the Knights walk, fly, run or even march into battle together and she was glad nobody had actually lost their discipline in some respects, the flight was short and within a few moments they had landed into lights hope grounds, dismounting from Kesa, Leov ran into the chapel to find Sadine had gone again, she breathed in sharply and ran out to inform the commander as a drake swooped down and blew up a gust of dirt, slipping Sadine from it's back onto the floor, Shayanan sitting on it's back as he looked over the Knights, the drake turning, kicking up all the more dirt as the Knights glared and some threw insults, Shayanan shrugged as the Drake flew back out he looked back at the Knights, some of them jumping onto their griffon’s again they followed him to make sure he had left, Leov ran forward, falling to her knees beside the unconscious Sadine.

“Sadi, Hey Evil one” Leov laughed, the nerves in her voice showing as she eyed Sadine over and noticed the deep dragons talon mark in her shoulder, she frowned, noticing her top wasn't the deep red colour it was portraying, Sadine stirred slightly, opening her eyes momentarily.
“Leov?” Leov forced a soft smiled and nodded as Sadine's eyes closed again, growing paler then she already was, Leov closed her eyes briefly, clearing her mind, or at least forcing it to be as much as possible she began to speak softly, a soft golden light surrounding her hands before being surrounded by a clear light flitting through it, she pressed it lightly against the shoulder as Leov spoke with the young girl that had led them there and the chapel priestess, turning to watch Leov momentarily and then nodding.

“Ok, we need to get her out of here, will she make it?” Leov nodded slightly, with a faint smile she forced as she continued to speak softly.
“Gibbzy, Iselinn, fly and tell Maxwell please, we need summons out of here as soon as possible”. Gibbzy and Iselinn flew into the sky, nodding slightly as they disappeared into small dots in the sky, Hollye knelt down beside Leov and began to cleanse the wounds as best she can given the circumstances, Leov stopped, looking tired as she did so, a small tug was felt on her soul as she noticed the commander and Sadine began to appear fainter, finally disappearing infront of her Leov's eyes closed and once she opened them again she found herself in the bedrooms of the headquarters, a large nether stone situated in the middle as Maxwell chanted softly, Leov nodded her thanks as Calahan picked Sadine up gently and placed her on the end bed, Leov removed her gloves, climbing up onto the bed she slid her sword and shield off and dropped them to the floor, as she began to heal again Hollye spoke with the other Knights, telling Gelana to go and grab the healers to come and help.

Leov began to heal her again, growing paler by the minute as she did, Hollye turned and tugged on Leov's hand after a while, smiling softly she motioned for her to slip from the bed.
“Sleep Leov, let the healers tend to her now, your not well yourself from what I hear, you have to rest” Leov shook her head gently, keeping her eyes on Sadine as the healers fussed around her, wanting to speak with her as soon as possible.
“I can't sleep, nothing stops the nightmares and I would rather not have them and speak to Sadine then I would sleep and have them...” Hollye sighed and shook her head.
“You must rest Leov, that's an order, you are of no use if you are to tired, and I will find you a potion”. Leov looked at her briefly and frowned, hadn't she just said nothing stopped them.
“They'd don't work Commander, with due respect I have tried” Hollye raised an eyebrow as Gelana stood beside her, coughing slightly Hollye smiled at her and waited for her to talk, Leov turned her gaze back to the Healers and Sadine.

“Commander, as a licensed Alchemist I could make her a successful potion to aid her to settle into a dreamless sleep” Hollye smiled triumphantly and nodded softly.
“Please Gelana, that would be wonderful” Leov looked at them in turn and sighed as the Knights insisted Leov slept, Gelana began to mix herbs and liquids from her bag and pouring them into a small vial, a puff of purple smoke escaping and she mixed them all into the one vial, Leov raised an eyebrow as she looked the vial being held out to her over, taking it she smiled softly as she stared at Sadine, looking for any signs of change, nothing however happened and she sighed as Sadine remained unconscious

“Drink Leov.” Hollye smiled softly as the authority rang through her voice, Leov shook her head and sighed, avoiding eye contact as Gibbzy rubbed a hand on her back, smiling sympathetically at her as she looked at him and shrugged a little.
“Commander, I could use one of those if possible” Hollye raised an eyebrow and nodded as Gelana prepared another one and handed it to him a pink puff of smoke leaving it this time, unfortunately Leov had noticed the change and frowned slightly as Gibbzy knocked the liquid back and climbed up into his bunk, Leov sighed, placing the vial down she made her way to the bathroom and slipped into a dress, returning to the room she slipped up onto her bed, being handed the vial again by Hollye with a soft smile.

“It's for your own safety Leov, you will end up ill if you continue to over work yourself..” The concerned showed in the commanders face and Leov nodded softly, forcing a sweet smile as she placed the vial to her lips and tipped it up, the contents falling into her mouth where she kept it as she laid down, turning over and instantly closing her eyes, refusing to swallow the potion and hoping they would all leave soon as she continued to pretend to sleep.

Hollye smiled and pulled the blanket over Leov, ordering the remaining Knights out of the room and back to the main room and Gibbzy slept soundlessly next to Leov, The healers still fussing around Sadine as the commander sat down in a chair, a hand on her stomach as she smiled softly, Leov frowned, finally swallowing the potion as the darkness surrounded her and took her into a deep uninterrupted sleep, the sound of the healer's running around Sadine is the last thing she hears before everything falls silent.

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."
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The Nightmares.
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