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 Kissed by A Rose

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Robi Kaezlan.

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PostSubject: Kissed by A Rose   Mon Jan 03, 2011 2:39 pm

(( this is the first part of a little history of Shay and Robi, I will edit and add to later but just wanted to get it on for now))

"The Dead Rose are back.." Matthias Shaw addressed the small group.
A murmur of surprise and a few groans of despair was the response followed by a few muttering comments.
Shaw held up his hand for quiet and continued.
"They've done nothing and we can't seem to fathom any plans but their numbers are growing and some members are giving us cause for concern. One in particular, Kaezlan, young recruit to their number but fast clawing his way through the ranks"
Shaw paused and scanned the room for his groups reaction and was met by a sea of blank faces and a few shrugs.
"Never heard of him..." "Who?"
Shaw frowned.
"Yes indeed, no-one knows who he is or where he comes from, he just appeared it would seem, rumours around Goldshire are rife" he continued.
A few laughs at the mention of Goldshire.
"Never shows his face, always hooded and garbed in black, the suspicion is demon..." he went on
A murmur of incredulity and a few short humourless laughs followed.
"I know I know..." Shaw smiled "But rumour is a powerful weapon and we are talking about The Rose here..we shouldn't dismiss anything"

Robi Zaoldyeck sat listening idly and wondered why Matt Shaw should ask her to be present for this meeting. and voiced her question.
"What's all this got to do with me then?"

Matthias Shaw looked at her and smiled.
He explained that as she had worked for them before and was an inhabitant of Goldshire since the breakdown of her marriage she might be able to throw some light on the activities of the Rose or know something about this Kaezlan.

"Sorry can't help you, never heard of him..or it...and The Dead Rose are just a bunch of misguided cultists following the rantings of some senile old warlock who thinks he's dead or something" was Robis response.

Shaw shook his head but didnt reply, a debate on the why's and wherefore's of The Dead Rose was not what he wanted right now and he dismissed her with a nod.
She rose to leave thankful to be excused, she had absolutely no interest at all in becoming involved with either SI:7 or The Dead Rose.
"So..." began Shaw again as she rose, "No-one has ever heard of this Shayanan Kaezlan...."
Robi paused and looked back over her shoulder.
"Shayanan? Shay?" Robi found herself smiling. "He's back?"

Shaw looked at her in astonishment and motioned her back into the room.
"Me and my mouth" she muttered to herself as with an affected sigh she retook her seat.

She quickly explained that she'd only briefly met Shay the previous year, she'd met him through Sadine, he had nodded at the introduction nothing more, he spoke little and never took off the hood he wore.
It had been brewfest and she was still married to Owyn, bored with the drinking and ram riding she had gone to Goldshire on a whim, she hadn't been there for ages, in fact not since she and Owyn had got married. She'd sat and talked with Sadine and a paladin called Ithillias for a while. She remembered Shay being there but he'd said nothing. Often she got a slightly uneasy feeling as if he was watching her but the hood prevented her catching his eye.
She'd dismissed him from her mind and continued to talk to Sadine, someone approached them asked Shay to show his face...the head had turned towards the speaker but the hood remained.
"Its because youre so ugly isn't it?" the person had jibed.
"Yes thats why" Shayanan had replied dryly
"Or because you haven't got a face at all" the jibes continued.
"Yes thats why, youre so clever, I should have known better than to try and pretend otherwise..." Shayanans sarcasm was so tangible and dry she couldnt help but laugh.
Sadine she recalled had scolded him for bad manners.

He turned his head to her and she didnt know why but she got the impression he was smiling at her, in anycase she flashed him a smile back.
"So does anyone ever get to see the face?" she asked him not really expecting any response.
"Some have, but generally no" she was surprised he replied.
"Whys that then?" she pressed
"There are reasons" and she left it at that.

But it niggled at her, the seed was planted in her head that she had to see his face, not for any specific reason merely because he had said no one saw it.

She smiled to herself as she recalled it. She'd nagged and railed and bullied, whined whinged and generally wore him down, badgering him to show her and pretending to snatch at the hood.
One particular day she pushed too far she'd thought, a playful snatch towards the hood..with lightening speed he grabbed her wrist and held it tightly.
"Owww...?" she laughed lightly
"Enough" he said curtly and stood up, dragging her up with him.
He strode off into the woods trawling her behind in his wake, his hand tightly grasping her wrist still.

He'd stopped suddenly in a small copse and released her.
"Alright.." he said
A small knot of apprehension formed in her stomach. He was going to beat her up or something she'd thought, if she wouldnt shut up he'd shut her up perhaps?
"Alright what?" she asked keeping her voice light.
His hand went to his hood and he slowly removed it.

Robi had suddenly felt the apprehension deepen as she watched the hood slide over his head.

She hadn't known what to expect to be honest and her first thought was he was younger than she had imagined, his face was youthful, almost boyish perhaps had it not been for the immaculate black moustache and small neat beard he wore. but his, not the bright emerald green of her mothers eyes but a deep deep green, almost a fel green she thought. His skin was quite dark which only seemed to accentuate the green of his eyes. She stood looking up at him, transfixed by his eyes. She smiled up at him struggling to find something to say.
His eyes held hers and he smiled back
"Now youve seen what I look like....will you please shut up?" his voice was serious in tone but his eyes glinted playfully.
"I might...." she laughed back." I don't know whether to say thanks or sorry really..."

He looked at her for a long moment then pulled his hood back on.

"And that was about it really" she said to Shaw." We met and talked a few more times, he'd been injured and I asked Elkan to have a look at the wound. said it was done by a cursed blade and probably wouldnt get completely better, but Elkan stemmed the worst of it and cleansed it taking him out of danger..."

"Cursed blade huh?" Shaw mused almost to himself. "puts some kind of credence to the demon part..."

There were a few nods and murmurs of agreement,

"Robi.." Shaw started " I want you to go to Goldshire, do what you do best and find out about Shayanan, where he's been, where he's from and what the Dead Rose is about this time, and -any- information you can get on Iskaroth would be valuable"

Robi snorted "I don't work for you lot..."

"Yes we know, you stopped all covert operations when you married a paladin, we knew you'd lose your touch" Shaw half smiled at her
Robi huffed she knew she was being goaded.

"Ok Ok I'll go, but don't expect miracles I'll find out what I can, but thats all, I have no intention of getting involved with The Dead Rose.."

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Robi Kaezlan.

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PostSubject: Re: Kissed by A Rose   Sat Jan 08, 2011 7:34 pm

"Rose scum..." an angry voice muttered, followed by the sound of a throat being cleared and the ensuing spit hitting the ground close to her foot.
" dirty little git...." Robi growled looking up at the offender.
"Sorry Miss...didn't mean you...meant him" the mage pointed across the road to where a hooded figure stood by the fence.
"Your aims a bit off...." started Robi "might want to get a bit closer....or are you afraid he might hear you?" Robi smirked humourlessly.
She glanced across the street at the figure, she was sure it was Shayanan it certainly looked like the person she remembered from last year.
She laughed silently to herself, well as certain as she could be, the black hood was certainly the same as were the dark clothes, but whether or not the same person was inside she couldnt say.
"The Dead Rose are all over..." the mage continued," spreading their evil and poison around Goldshire...."

Robi looked around the near deserted village and raised an eyebrow.
" I see..." she answered dryly.

She didn't approach Shay, firstly she wasn't sure if he'd remember her and secondly she really hadn't anything to say and his stance and the dark hood didnt exactly welcome intrusion.

The following days she watched from a distance, if he did remember her he gave no indication of it, he didn't acknowledge her or as far as she was aware so much as look in her direction.

"hmph some spy I am" she thought wryly.

She'd noticed that Shay attracted a lot of attention, people catcalled and spat yet he didn't always retaliate and as far as she saw, he was never the first to instigate the trouble. For the best part she noticed he minded his own business and never gave any indication he was mixed up in any Dead Rose plot.
"hah, well he wouldn't though would he...."

A lot of people over the days laid down gauntlets to him, goading and challenging him,spitting and striking at his face.
None of the blows hit she noticed, a well practised, well oiled reflex, his hand would catch the aimed fist just in front of his face and slowly lower it.
Invariably this led to blades being drawn and Robi never failed to be awed and amazed by the sheer speed and lethality of the man.
He left many nursing wounded pride in Goldshires village square.

"The reason he never shows his face is because he's a demon" someone had told her as she sat watching him.
"Sure...." she'd replied somewhat patronisingly.
" He is...see his eyes, theyre red....they glow...."
"Its a hood you can't see his eyes" she replied, glancing over to him, she caught a gasp in her throat, for a brief moment she had thought she had seen a red glint from behind the hood.
She shook her head and dismissed the thought.
"Demons?Goldshire?nah..." she laughed at herself, but it didnt stop the brief shiver that ran down her spine.

A few days later, she was still no further finding anything out and she mooched to the lake to think. She passed by a small group in a circle, all with weapons drawn and closing in on something. She sprinted the short distance.
"Stay back Robi, its that goddam Rose demon, we're going to unmask him, show him for the demon he is and kill him" explained the same mage who had spat a few days ago.

The circle closed in on Shay, Robi pushed her way through and stood back to back with Shay, grinning briefly at him over her shoulder.

"Bring it on then..." she laughed drawing a dagger.
Shay nodded at her curtly then leaned back slightly.
"Shadows" he whispered quietly. His voice she thought was slightly amused as if it were all some big game to him.
She smiled and nodded once, then they both skulked into shadow, she felt Shay grab her hand and pull her away from the lakeside.
She heard the mage call after them.

"Robi..please..please listen to me...are you really so stupid....its a demon...." his voice faded as they sprinted out of earshot.
Away from the village in a quiet spot by the river that divided Elwynn from Duskwood they stopped and emerged from their stealthy cover.
Something bothered Robi, it was the mages tone, the pleading in his voice, begging her to listen. He had sounded sure of his accusation he had been desperately trying to warn her.
Robi looked at Shay and knew he was looking at her. She stepped back her dagger still in her hand.
"Thank you" he said
"It was nothing"
She took a step back
"Whats wrong?" he asked, she felt him studying her face and tried to remain impassive.
"Nothing..." she replied and stepped back again "I should go"
She turned to leave and he grabbed her wrist. She gave a yelp and twisted from his grasp, brandishing her dagger.
"You believe them don't you?"he said, there was a touch of disbelief in his voice.She tried to laugh.
"You do don't you?" he stepped forward and she stepped back.
"Robi...please, its me Shay"
"You remember me?" she asked
"Of course I do" he raised his hand and removed the hood."Look Robi..its me Shayanan"
From a distance she studied his face and looked into the fel green eyes, searching their depths.
She smiled and suddenly felt a bit stupid, he wasn't a demon it was as he said he was Shay.
"Sorry" she laughed and smiled slightly at him.
He returned her smile.

They'd sat and talked, she tried to get some sort of information without being too overt about it but whether it was the relief of the moment or something else she couldn't quite describe she found she wasn't interested in where he'd been or what he was doing, it was enough to just be here....

After that they'd spent quite some time together, he'd come to Goldshire usually late evening and almost inevitably they'd end up sitting outside the inn just idly chatting.Interupted often by the usual spits and calls and Shay excusing himself to her whilst he taught the usual lesson. She had asked him about his involvement with the Dead Rose, he informed her he had briefly been in their ranks but had left and now was trying to keep a low profile.

"Its the love festival Helf..." she said to Helfdane one day. "I want to go on a boat...but Id feel stupid on my own, don't suppose....?
Helf laughed and smiled kindly
" You want me to take you? I can't imagine it being much fun for you, stuck on what's supposed to be a romantic trip with an old friend of your mothers"
Robi scowled.
"But yes Robi, if you want to ride the canal boat with an old paladin, it will be my pleasure to accompany you" he added.
Robi smiled and hugged Helf.
"Thank you" she grinned.
"I'll take you if you like, it will be an experience" Shays voice interupted.
Robi looked at Shay amazed
"You?" she laughed "Shay its a lovely thought but with you in that hood I'll feel like Im being taken to the stockades for execution"
Shay shrugged in response and turned back to the fence.

The next day Shay approached her and asked "What if I take the hood off? Will you feel less like the condemned woman?"

They rode the boat, chatting idly as it meandered around the canals and true to his word he had removed the hood.
At the end of the trip he produced a picnic basket and the pair sat on a secluded dock and ate.
They talked and laughed, she found herself quite drawn to the enigmatic man, he was dry and funny and intelligent and now that the boyish look had matured from his features she thought he was pretty damned good looking too...
She checked her thoughts, then as if almost acting outside her control she leaned across to him and placed a soft whisper of a kiss on his lips.
"Light!" she thought to herself as the realisation of what she'd just done hit her.
She hurriedly pulled back and looked down at the ground.
"Gods Shay Im sorry..." she tried to laugh off the mortification she felt.
"It's ok Robi" his voice held a hint of amusement.
She kept her head down still hoping the hot flush in her cheeks would hurry up and disappear.
Shays gloved finger reached under her chin and he gently raised her head, then his lips were on hers and he kissed her softly, withdrawing with a warm smile.

From then it seemed something had passed between them, it was hard to explain or define and they didn't try but there was a change in their meetings, when he came to Goldshire she knew it was to see her and she waited for him.
The dull ache she'd had in her heart for her broken marriage was forgotten, the torch she'd carried for Cal extinguished.

They found places to go where Shay felt comfortable enough to remove his hood and they'd talk long into the night, lying side by side staring at the starlit sky,sharing silly dreams and careless thoughts. More than friends less than lovers they blossomed in each others company.
There was no Dead Rose, there was no Knights of Lordaeron, just Shay and Robi, nothing else mattered when they were alone.

She sat straddled across his lap around their campfire, her arms draped over his shoulders.
"Two questions Shay...?" she said as she brushed her lips against his
"Yes?" he replied
"If I was to ask you to make love to me...."
"Theres nothing more I would like..."
"Well theres one answered..." she laughed softly
"The other?"
"Will you still be around tomorrow?"
"for always if you want me Robi..."
And again almost out of her control she looked down at him, her eyes locked to his and she said
"I love you Shay"
I love you too"
He pulled her close.

She'd felt the change in their relationship, now that they had discovered and voiced their feelings she knew Shay had become her protector. It was the way he was and she accepted it.
It felt good she thought to have someone at her side who would if necessary move heaven and hell to prevent her coming to harm. She knew in her heart he would never hurt her or see harm come to her.

There was no Dead Rose, there was no Knights of Lordaeron, just Shay and Robi, nothing else mattered.

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Robi Kaezlan.

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PostSubject: Re: Kissed by A Rose   Sat Jan 08, 2011 9:50 pm

Robi sat with her back against Shays chest, his arm lightly resting around her waist as they talked idly about a possible future together.
Shay looked at her and frowned.
"You have to stop poking around Deadwind Pass, it's not a good place to be..." he started.
"Huh?" Robi looked a bit taken aback, they had an agreement between them that they wouldn't discuss their respective orders when they were together. Knights of Lordaeron and The Dead Rose were vehemently opposed to each other, their views clashed and Robi and Shay had decided some time ago, perhaps naively, that they should forget both when they were alone.
"What were you doing there?" he continued.
She sighed, momentarily thought about lying to him but dismissed it and drew a deep breath.
"I was looking for Erethorn..."she replied "I know you have him"
Her mind flicked to the conversation she'd had with Hollye, how The Dead Rose had captured Erethorn and were using him to bargain some deal with The Knights.
Hollye was desperate to free him, she loved him dearly and it pained her to see her commander and friend so distraught and helpless.
She'd promised to see what she could find out and had spent some time scouring Deadwind Pass, the base of The Rose.
"Its dangerous Robi, promise me you won't go again" his face was serious
She shook her head.
Shay looked troubled as he looked at her stubborn resolute face.
"I can only do so much to protect you if youre caught..."
She shrugged."Lets not talk about it"

But the mood had been set and Shay withdrew into thought and was silent for a while, finally he gave her a drawn smile.
"Very well, where are the Knights now?" he asked
"Well some are in Stormwind..Hollye was..."
"Right come...we go to see Hollye" he almost ordered her as he slipped out of the bed and quickly dressed.

In Stormwind Robi walked ahead into the Cathedral, she knew the Knights wouldn't welcome Shay into their midst, so she went ahead to tell Hollye Shay wanted to meet.

"Can we trust him Robi?" Hollyes face was etched with worry and concern.
Robi nodded "We have to if we want Erethorn back..."
Hollye looked up sharply, her eyes brightening with hope.

A bit of wrangling and arguing and Hollye agreed to take Shay into the crypt where the other Knights were meeting.
They'd entered and were met with aghast looks and cries of anger and suspicion.
"What the nether is he doing here?" demanded Calahan, his hand reaching for his dagger.
Hollye soothed the dissent, explaining Robi had vouched for him and that he could be of assistance.
Robi glanced at Shay, he looked relaxed but she could see he was alert and ready to fight if it should turn against him.
She sent him a smile.
"We have business to attend to before we can discuss Erethorn" said Cal "Lock him up until we're finished"
Shays hand sprung to his daggers as a large warrior and a paladin approached him.
"No..." Shay said simply.
Robi looked confused, had the Knights said they would talk to him as a subterfuge for his capture..she couldn't believe that was the case.
As the Knights moved in on Shay, a voice echoed from the stairwell.

"Well done Shayanan..a good catch"
All turned towards the voice to see Leonarde Rowe, and a contingent of Dead Rose.
Robi looked horrified as Shay moved to join his order.
"" her voice was little more than a whisper.
Robi couldn't face the rest of the Knights, she had done this..betrayed them all through her faith and belief in Shays love for her.
Yet as she looked towards Shay she could almost feel his thoughts, telling her he was sorry..that he loved her...
She shook her head in disbelief and tried to make sense of what had happened.

Then it seemed that hell broke loose and the Knights and Dead Rose were fighting, swords clashed and arcane blasts resounded around the confined crypt.
She saw Shay aim for Hollye, she leapt forward landing between them as she pushed Hollye to the side taking the blow meant for her.
Shay cursed and grabbed Robi's arm "Get out now...I'll explain later..."he whispered and all but threw her towards the stairs.
She couldn't leave..this was her fault, she glared at Shay.
The Rose outnumbered the Knights, it would be over all too soon.
"Knights..." shouted Hollye "Retreat..out..fall back"
Leonarde Rowe laughed
"Let them scurry off....let them lick their wounds, let them tell people you cannot fight The Dead Rose and win"
The ranks of Dead Rose parted and let the Knights pass.
"You Dickhead" spat Robi as she headed out.
"Except that one..." Rowe smirked and a pair of powerful hands gripped Robis shoulders.
She squirmed in Viccos strong grip.
"Vic..let me go..."
"Shut up Robi" Vicco replied and grasped her tighter.
"Shayanan" Rowe ordered "Kill her"

She saw Shay tense as he turned to face his commanding officer.
"Why?" asked Shay his voice impassive.
Rowe raised an eyebrow
"Do you have a problem with it?" asked Rowe "Shall I ask Darien to do it instead?"
"No" Shay's voice was emphatic "its me she tried to use, its my right"
Rowe nodded in satisfaction.
"I'll take her to Deadwind, cut her throat and dispose of her over deadmans crossing" Shay coolly explained.
"No I think here would be best...and now, some of our members need to see blood tonight" Rowe countered.
Vicco grasped her tight in one arm with his free hand he pulled her head back, baring her throat to Shay.
Shay drew his dagger.
"Although wait...." Rowe ordered "Perhaps we can have some amusement beforehand" Robi shivered as she saw the look in Leonardes eyes, she'd heard tales about his rape and torture of Dead Rose captives.
"Lets not waste time about it" argued Shay "The Knights will be back with more soon enough, lets just leave them something to find and get out"
Rowe nodded his agreement.
"Perhaps youre it"

Robi looked Shay in his hooded face as moved towards her, her eyes defiant yet filled with sorrow at his betrayal.
He moved closer and leaned towards her the battle edge of his dagger close to her ear.
"Robi....I'm sorry forgive me..." he whispered
She heard raw emotion in his voice and laughed wryly as she felt herself pity him.
"I love you Shay..." she whispered back,
"and I you..." his voice was choked as if he were holding back tears
The last thing she saw was a fountain of blood shower Shays hood, with a strange detachment she realised it was her own, she tried to laugh but all that emitted was a low gurgle. She raised her hand and held it to Shays cheek as her eyes closed and she saw no more.
She dimly heard Rowe order his men out then she heard no more
A soft touch on her cheek as she was lowered to the ground and she felt no more
A faint light somewhere ahead of her and she knew no more.

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PostSubject: Re: Kissed by A Rose   Sun Jan 16, 2011 8:50 pm

Anger.... not his normally cold controlled anger that he used as a fuel but a hot raging anger that boiled deep inside. He clenched his fists and gritted his teeth as he paced the floor in his battle to control the frustrating fury that was threatening to consume him.

A deep breath...he forced himself to think, to rationalise.

Robi..he closed his eyes as she came into his thoughts as if trying to block out his last memory of her. Her eyes, holding his, trusting him. He groaned to himself silently, right up until that moment he had drawn his blade across her throat she had thought he wasn't going to do it, she had trusted him to protect her as he had promised her he would.
Why then was his anger directed at her?
She should have left quietly, not annoyed Rowe with her parting shot, what did she expect? She, by her actions had made him do it.
He shook his head trying to shake the images, trying to halt her voice in his head, her last words..."I love you Shay"
Had she said that just to leave him this legacy of grief and guilt?
Why couldnt she have told him with her last breath to rot in hell? At least then he wouldnt have this damned ache inside.
Did she know at the end that he loved her too, that it was better his blade had ended her life quickly than to have suffered and endured torture, rape and a slow lingering death at Rowes hand?

Rowe... His anger turned to the man who had ordered Robi's death at his hand. Rowe had known about his feelings for Robi, yet had commanded Shay kill her there and then.
A calculated order to make Shay prove he was dedicated to The Rose, or an order to satisfy Rowes own perverse sense of pleasure?
It didn't matter, whatever Rowes reason he had followed the order without question and this anger, this frustration..this pain was the consequence of that blind obedience.

Anger.. the hot fury inside he realised was directed at himself.

He turned on the ball of his foot and unleashed a yell of pure fury as he slammed his gloved fist into the wall.
The sudden pain in his hand and kickback up his arm into his shoulder cleared his mind and brought his thoughts back under control.

He knew he would have to accept what he had done, forget the anger, forget the grief, forget her... accept it...It was just another order and one he had executed perfectly. He had been given the choice, The Dead Rose or Robi, he had chosen The Rose.

He let himself think of her, recalling events then pushing them to the recesses of his mind. seemed like years ago since he'd first seen her there, yet it had only been a few short months since their first meeting. He'd taken little notice of her but she proved hard to ignore, a seemingly endless stream of males strutting and preening past her, vying for her attention, all of which she either ignored or didn't notice. He remembered smiling behind his hood as she laughed at his dry sarcasm and made some remark about his hood.
Then days of her constantly asking him to show his face.
He'd finally been driven to the limit and had removed his hood, he had looked into her eyes and a strange unfamiliar feeling tugged at his gut.
He closed his eyes unwilling to remember more, he pushed the memory away.

Event recalled and forgotten.

He only briefly let himself recall the boat trip..the first taste of her lips on his, the scent of her hair...

Events recalled and forgotten.

Then to tonight, had it only been tonight?

He had been informed by a Dead Rose patrol that Robi had been seen scouting around Deadwind Pass earlier that day. It had concerned him, it was dangerous, intruders were killed on sight. He wondered why she had been there, he dismissed without thought she had been looking for him.

When she had told him she had been looking for one of their prisoners his concern deepened and more so when she wouldn't agree to stop looking.
He had looked at her lying beside him and withdrew into thought.

If she continued to look for Erethorn and worse still found him, she would be killed. A shiver ran briefly down his spine at the thought of it.
If she wouldnt give up her search for Erethorn, then his only option to keep her safe was to give her nothing to search for.
A decision made to give The Knights of Lordaeron just enough information as to Erethorns whereabouts to make them mount an offensive. with a proviso that Robi be left behind.
Then, if they succeeded, good for them. He didn't care what happened to them, only that Robi be safe.

He knew the Knights would treat him with suspicion and mistrust and was prepared for it, what he hadn't been ready for was their seeming indifference to what he had to say. Erethorn it appeared was not as important to them as "other business" as Calahan had phrased it.

They had tried to take him prisoner, most likely for interrogation later. He was not going to accept it...he couldn't take them all. As they advanced he reached with his mind and called for The Rose.

Event recalled and forgotten.

No...he had to think it through to purge it from his mind.

The order to kill her, he recalled he asked why but had nevertheless drawn his blade immediately.
Looking into her eyes as his hand held the blade to her throat, his hand had shook imperceptibly for a moment as he braced himself, still unsure at that moment whether or not he could coldly kill the woman who only a few short hours ago he had made love to.

"....some amusement first" Rowes voice had broken his thought. He had looked up and recognised the look in his commanders eyes. The lavicious, bloodlusting look that could only signal a long drawn out violation of Robi, where her cries and pleas for mercy or death would echo around deadwind for days. He couldn't allow it to happen, he pulled the blade swiftly and cleanly across her throat. As her blood sprayed his hood and seeped into his glove he had lowered her to the ground, his mind numb as he nodded the completion of his task to Rowe.

Event recalled and.....forgotten.

He pulled his hood on and left the small house where he and Robi had spent their last moments together, then mounting his bear, he rode for Deadwind, back to The Rose in whose name he had killed her, back to live with the choice he had made.
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Robi Kaezlan.

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PostSubject: Re: Kissed by A Rose   Sat Jan 22, 2011 9:04 pm

The small child ran across the field, she laughed and waved at her father who stood waiting by the gate. She'd been running it seemed for a long time yet she didn't seem to get any closer, it must be a huge field....
Then suddenly he seemed so close, he knelt to greet her and held out his arms as she ran. She was nearly there, she could almost see his face.

"Robinas!" a woman's voice behind her stopped her in her tracks. It was a quiet soft voice, she'd barely heard it, but she knew it had been shouted. She turned to see who it was.
Some distance behind her she saw a young woman standing looking worried and anxious. She didn't recognise the person yet somehow she seemed so familiar. Peering into the distance Robi got the feeling the woman couldn't see her. She shrugged and turned back to run towards her father. She frowned, her father had moved, he now seemed further away from her than before. Why..why won't he wait...

"Robinas..listen to me..." The woman's voice again. "listen to my voice and let it guide you"
Robi looked back to the beautiful woman, who this time seemed to emanate a soft warming shield of light. Fascinated Robi took a step towards her.
As she neared Robi felt the warm radiance surround her, a calm set over her.
"Hollye..." Robi whispered as she seemed to recognise the glowing figure.
"Robi, Robinas, come towards my voice"
She stepped forward compelled by the calm command.
She was plunged into pitch darkness and an icy fear grasped her.
"Hollye...?" she whispered "Its dark, where are you?"
"Trust in me Robi, you need to jump, but don't fear I will catch you" Hollyes voice soothed her in the dark.
Robi looked back over her shoulder out of the darkness, back towards where her father was waiting. Very far away now she saw him, he raised his hand and she knew it was farewell.
She turned back to face the darkness, focussed her mind on the voice of Hollye Zeal and jumped.

She was cold, so cold and her throat hurt, she opened her eyes and looked into the smiling but concerned face of Hollye.
"We thought we'd lost you.." said Hollye as she laid her hands on Robi's head, a warm revitalising warmth seeped into her being.
Robi tried to speak but Hollye shook her head.
"Don't try to speak Robi, the wound is still raw, I've cleansed it and healed it so far, the rest will be down to time and nature"
Robi nodded and tried to smile, looking straight into Hollyes eyes for a moment she tried to empathise her thanks.

The wound had quickly healed and within a few days was nothing more than a raised white line across her throat. Her throat had been tender and raw inside for a few days but that too had faded but the ache in her heart as she recalled the events refused to be healed.

She'd apologised profusely to The Knights, and let herself be berated for her blind stupidity, for her foolishness for trusting a member of The Dead Rose. She'd nodded and tried to put the event from her mind. She couldn't forget, it ate away inside, leaving her with a nervous knot in her stomach.
Questions unanswered..she sat by the lake restlessly her mind refusing to be calmed.
He had loved matter what he had done, no matter what others had told her, she knew soul deep he had loved her. Or had he?
He'd cut her throat quickly to save her from a torturous death. Hadn't he?
He'd had no choice, Had he?
There was always a choice...and so her mind worked.
She withdrew into herself, seeing few people, spending most of her days sitting by the lake, staring into nothing and thinking of Shayanan.
She had to know.

As she walked into the village she saw and heard the end of what seemed to be a fight or argument.
"Rose scum...murdering bastard...she was unarmed for lights sake..." were some of the angry words she'd heard. Then from the corner of her eye she'd seen a dark clothed, hooded figure slip into shadows.
She felt her heart pound in her chest and her head spun as she gasped silently to herself "Shay"
She'd discreetly followed Sacide and two others from the inn, she knew they were friends of Shay's and The Dead Rose. Perhaps at last some answers.

At the house by the lake she'd asked them if they knew where Shay was.
"Where is he..? Do you know?" she asked Saci
Sacide shrugged in return.
"Saci please.." Robi's voice held a note of desperation. "I don't want revenge or anything..I just want to know...need to ask..."
She broke off emotionally and forced a smile, a shallow practised smile that didn't reach her eyes.
"I..I..guess it doesn't matter...but if you see him..." she said quietly and Sacide nodded once in response.
"It's alright Sacide..." a voice came from the shadows "I'm here Robi"
Robi gasped as Shayanan came from the house.
She looked at him and now faced with him found herself lost for words, she tried to speak but couldn't manage it. A tear of frustration rolled down her cheek.
He gestured towards the lake and Robi nodded, then followed him away from the house.

She had been surprised when the first thing he did was remove his hood and look at her searchingly.
"Robi..." he began, but as it had been with her, he seemed to fail finding words.
She looked up and into his eyes, he held her gaze.
She smiled weakly and he responded with a ghost of a smile, their eyes still locked.
"I..I...just wanted to know why..?" she managed to say
"I obeyed an order..." his voice seemed to choke slightly
She searched his face as he spoke and nodded in response.
"An order...well thats all I needed to know thank you Shay..."she started, determined now to keep some shred of dignity.
"No..Robi, it wasn't like that..." again it seemed he hadn't the words.
"What was it like then?" she asked
She held his gaze again and looked deeply into his eyes, searching their depths for a hint..some clue as to what he was feeling right now. Then she felt it, soul deep she knew.
He looked steadfastly back at her, his eyes locked to hers and she could see he was trying to read them.
"I loved you Shay..." she said "trusted you.."
He nodded still holding her eyes.
"I love you Robi..I wish none of this had happened..I..was..wrong.." he responded. "I'm sorry that I ruined all that we were..."
She nodded sadly and let her tears fall silently. His eyes filled with pain and sorrow and regret as he stepped forward.
She moved a step towards him as he wiped the tears from her face. Then she was in his arms, their lips touched and suddenly she felt complete.

Was she crazy? she asked herself but deep down she knew she couldnt fight what she and Shay had found, they were almost meant to be. With him she found a certain peace, a calm and a sense of purpose. She knew he felt the same despite the recent events.

Knights would need to know and they wouldnt be happy, The Rose would find out...but not yet, not tonight.

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PostSubject: Re: Kissed by A Rose   Wed Feb 23, 2011 3:10 pm

Robi eyed the masked bloodelf cautiously as he eyed her up and down.

"Take a good look Arli" Shay said "Memorise every detail, where every strand of hair falls, describe her to your brothers and tell them she is not to be touched"
The elf eyed her again.
"She looks very touchable" he remarked glibly
"She is not to be touched" Shay repeated "One of those strands out of place Arli, it doesn't matter by whose hand, it is you that will pay"
Shays voice was curt and concise and brooked no argument.
She noticed the bloodelf swallow and gave a slightly nervous laugh.
"A joke Shay, just a joke"
She noticed Shay wasn't laughing as he nodded once.

Shay turned to her and spoke in common.

"Remember the tabard he wears, remember the name Vile Thorn, if any of them so much as look at you, you tell me"
Robi laughed lightly.
"I'm serious Robi, you will tell me"
She heard the seriousness in his tone and nodded.
She knew of The Vile Thorn but only by reputation, so far she had seen nothing to verify the truth of it. She doubted their paths would cross but Shay had wanted her to be seen by them so he could arrange her protection from them.
She smiled to herself and then up at Shay.

Shay had wanted to speak to Arli and she turned to leave now her scrutinisation was over, as she did so the young bloodelf gave her a small almost imperceptible wink, she smiled briefly at him as she left.
She knew Shay was only thinking of her protection and safety and she loved him for it but inside she thought he was over reacting. She wasn't any threat to The Vile Thorn and she couldn't think of anything that she could possibly do to make them want to kill her.

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PostSubject: Re: Kissed by A Rose   Sat Mar 12, 2011 7:19 pm

Shay and Robi stood close, side by side atop the hill in Elwynn where they usually came to get away from the crowd in Goldshire.
She looked up at him and gave a wan smile and rested her head briefly on his shoulder.
"What will you do?" she asked.
"I can't stay here Robi" he said, his arm tightening around her. "Iskaroth has fallen, the Rose are routed and scattered, other orders are hunting us like dogs"
Robi nodded, since Iskaroth had fallen in the recent battle in Deadwind Pass, she'd known it was just a matter of time before The Dead Rose would be forced to move on away from the persecution that followed.
Most of the rank and file of the Rose had fled, scattered to distant shores to disappear into anonymity until it was possible to return.
"Where will you go?How long for?" she asked, her voice heavy with a resigned sadness.
"I don't know how long for, but Iskaroth is not dead as you understand it, we will try to bring him back...I will bring him back..." he replied, his voice almost held a sigh as he held her to him and lightly kissed the top of her head.
"Take me with you...."
"Lets not talk of it now, no hard and fast plans are made, Rowe and I are still making the final plan"
Again she heard a heavy note in his voice but didn't press the issue.

"I leave in two days" he told her sometime later
"Will you take me with you?" she asked
Her heart sank as he shook his head.
"Its dangerous Robi no life for you and I don't know exactly where Im heading.." he started
She silenced him with a nod.
"Its ok...I'll miss you though..."
"And I you, Robi..I will send for you as soon as I am able..I swear it"
"You will say goodbye before you go?"
"I will, we'll go to Hillsbrad, and spend our last day together there" he agreed
She looked up at him and smiled but couldn't hide the pain in her eyes. Shay looked away.

Shay was absent the following day and she worried he had gone or worse still that the lynch mobs on their Dead Rose Crusades had found him. Sleep didnt come to her that night.
Late the day of his leaving she saw him arrive in Goldshire and she ran to meet him. He walked past her without a glance to join Leonarde Rowe and others she knew to be Rose by the fence.
"Shay..?" she called after him confused and a little peturbed.
He didnt acknowledge her shout and fell in beside his comrades.
Robi bristled slightly before striding towards him and looked at him quizzically.
Again he seemed to ignore her presence.
"Whats up Shay?" she snapped "Is this a thanks for the good times now piss off Robi treatment?"
He turned his head towards her
"Something like that yes" he replied and turned away again
Stunned by the reply and lost for words she strode away to the opposite side of the road and sat in thoughtful silence.
She saw him leave the group and ride off towards Stormwind.
"Hah good riddance..." she thought then anger. No she didnt deserve this, she'd stood by him, suffered ridicule and incredulity from fellow Knights because she had chosen him despite their history.
She made her decision and rode after him.
She found him by the bank and grabbed his arm.
" will tell me why...I don't deserve this and it doesn't matter anyway, after tonight you'll be gone for good" she demanded
Shay sighed and nodded
"If you don't love me at least have the balls to say it.." she continued
"Robi I do..." he started "I.." he took her by the arm and led her away from the crowds.
"I couldn't bear the thought of seeing you cry because of me again..I thought making you hate me would be an easier parting for us both"
"But Shay,,you said you would send for me, was that a lie?" she asked
"No, but plans have changed" he took a deep breath "I'm going to look for Iskaroth and bring him back" he stated
"I thought he was dead..."
"He is..I am going into death to find him..bring him back." his voice was sombre
"Youre going to..." her voice trailed to nothing unable to say what she was hoping was not the truth.
She gave a small strangled cry as she saw Shay nod
"Yes Robi Im going to die..."

He explained that he would be returned once he had found Iskaroth. He was not being killed as she seemed to believe but being immersed in a ritualistic death state.
She couldnt take it in.
He told her he would come back for her she wished it, but couldnt say how long he would be gone. She told him she would be there if he returned.
Silence fell between them.
"I have to leave, I have five maybe ten minutes..." he said "Marry me"

They ran to the cathedral Shay pulled off his hood as they stood before the bishop.
A few moments later they stood facing each other smiling idiotically despite the circumstances,he leaned down and kissed her deeply and powerfully, holding her desperately tight.
Then releasing her, a touch to her cheek and a smile as he turned.
"Stay safe Mrs Kaezlan" he said "I'll miss you so damned much..."
She could only nod silently as she struggled not to cry.
He pulled his hood on as he walked up the cathedral aisle, he raised his hand in a final farewell and slipped into shadow.

The news spread around Goldshire, Shayanan was dead...
Robi grieved him silently, someone had asked her why she was sad, hadn't she heard the good news...Shayanan was dead...
Everytime she tried to share her grief she was met with similar responses.
So she kept her grief to herself and withdrew into a numb bubble where the taunts and jibes of others couldnt reach her. She felt lost and alone and utterly bereft as she sat and looked at the ring on her finger.
The weeks turned to months and still she sat in her grief, hope fading that he would return.

Then one day..a mage..a word...and for once she dared to hope.


Fin..The End

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(( Very nice writing Robi, it was the first time I read this just now in fact. Smile I wish I remembered the details to add something into it, especially the whole Erethorn being captive part. It was an exciting mission saving him. Great work! ))
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Kissed by A Rose
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