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 A wicked mind. (M)

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PostSubject: A wicked mind. (M)   Sun Jan 09, 2011 4:20 pm

The cell was dark and as the soldiers entered with their prisoner they could make out faint screams and of people trying to get out of their cells. Those visiting the cells on daily basis where sworn to silence, but few realise that even if they could talk about it. They would not utter a single word about what was going on in the prison.

During the entire year only one single man had dared to talk and a few days later he disappeared from existance. The story tells tough that he was imprisoned in a dark cell together with the mistress herself taking care of him. No one knew what really happened to him.. But the screams spoke clearly of what was going on.. Aswell as the several marks on the wooden door of someone trying to get out.. constantly digging his fingers into the solid door until blood covered the surface.

The innocent girl meeting them smiled.

-I see that you finally have arrived. This way gentlemen.

They walked trough old and dusty halls until they reached a old door, as they entered they noticed that the room was clean no chains no torturing devices. Only thing they saw was a large table and two chairs.
As they walked closer a soft voice called out.

- That's close enough.. now if you don't mind hand over the prisoner to me i got some work to do..

The guards let the prisoner go and looked surprised as a sweet young woman appeared from the shadows taking the prisoner and tied him to one of the chairs.

- Now leave us she said in a sweet voice.

- As you command.

As the men left, the prisoner looked at the sweet looking girl. She smiled at him running one finger across his chin her nail digging slowly into his skin drawing a thin line of blood at the end, she moved her finger away from him licking it clean from the blood before whispering something in his ear with a the voice of a lover.. The mans eyes opened wide and as he tried to scream she forcefully stuffed a piece of cloth into his mouth before slowly pulling a hood over his head and everything went black.

- I advice you to treasure this moment.. cause this entire night.. you are mine she said before she took out a long glowing piece of metall bloodred in colour from the pot of hot coal standing on the nearby table before starting to work.

As the hours passed for those passing you could hear dampened screams emerging trough the thick door. Lasting the entire night until the first sunrays emerged telling that the morning had arrived.

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A wicked mind. (M)
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