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 Birth, Rebirth and Madness

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PostSubject: Birth, Rebirth and Madness   Fri Jan 28, 2011 11:26 pm

Part one: Birth

While it is now referred to as the pinpoint between the fall of Stormwind, and victory of Hellscream –A rather catchy title– when it has actually been a former stronghold and established prision by the Island nation Kul Tiras, it was never called anything so impressive. The Alliance propaganda had been so kind to name it Last Stand of Humanity, Island of Divinity, or all kinds of other glorifying cliché titles that could seem appealing to the average soldier. Either way, the sixth fleet from the Stormwind Army had just left port that morning and soldiers in plated armour stood side by side on deck, gazing out at the blue horizon. It could have been their similar uniforms, their expectations or simply the scent from the sea itself. But in any case, they definately felt a bond between them. And as their ship cruised through the calm waves, which glittered in reflections to the setting sun, their hearts stood strongly together. And their determination was, just like the sun, set. They were going to war.


It has been 3 and half weeks since then.

”Oy Ere, pick up the phase, or we’re going to be jumped by dawn.” The voice resonated from a tall Night Elf with long cyan-colored hair. His eyes were sharp and fixed on his surroundings, not letting the slightest presence go by unnoticed. With a white tarnished plate that was quite ravaged, and one of his shoulderpads unattached, he portrayed a brilliant example of a warrior. Valgorus had just cleaned his blade from blood, and was making his way back to camp through the rough terrain. Erethorn followed him with a pale expression, both hungry and tired. He used to get grumpy when he had not eaten; he had always been like that. Therefore, he felt like it would be for the best to just follow along without a word until he got some food down his stomach. Unfortunately for him, it seemed as Valgorus –Cheeky as ever—had other plans.

”That is, unless you want to die of course. “ the Night Elf continued;
”Then again.. if you died, the Forsaken would probably just revive you as an undead and you would be walking amongst us again." he grinned, knowing that the Forsaken were a sore subject to the Knight. It was not unusual that Valgorus tried to provoke his partner. He loved to get into an argument, and hopefully brawl over it. He was like that. Erethorn threw back a grimace, knowing very well what the Night Elf was up to. Valgorus could be quite a nuisance at times like this. ”Ugh!! Imagine how smelly you would be-..!! Disgusting! As if you did not already smell bad from better not die on me.”
”Shut your trap Val, I’m in no mood." Erethorn replied irritably, before stretching his shoulder and climbing over a huge root, that belonged to a dried up and dead tree. Taurus (his wardog) followed eagerly after him, expecting food as usual. The furry creature brought a smile to his face. He knew that the dog desired a good meal just as much as he did himself. Three weeks had made ‘camp’ the new home . That was the only place they could find rest in this ”Felhole” as he liked to call it.

As he was about to catch up, Valgorus started blabbering about how he benevolently had gained them victory in their last ambush, flexing his muscles and doing several poses. At the present he appeared like a pompous ego with no other interests than glorifying himself. Erethorn did not particulary mind though. It is not as if though he disliked Valgorus as a partner. In fact, he was quite satisfied. The two of them made a formidable team, or rather, formidable enough to keep them alive. Recently their platoon had split up into two-man teams, as the original troops had mostly been killed in action. Therefore, as a strategic maneuver from command, each and every member from the sixth fleet was to team up and ambush different horde movements.

For Erethorn and Valgorus, their strategy had gone swimmingly up until now. Valgorus would bash straight into a group of orcs, causing some real ruckus and chaos, while Erethorn remained at a distance. From there he would simply bring down every baffled enemy with his bow, leaving the rest to Valgorus. After all, the Night Elf was quite the fighter when it came to it. He let his gaze on Valgorus’ weapons. They were two elven made swords, with a green almost layering light fused to them.

Enchanted with poison, obviously.

Even though Valgorus would resemble a warrior, with brute strength in his arms and unbelievable stamina, his technique was one of a kind. Like a rogue he dashed from opponent to opponent, quickly switching between throwing dangerous and slashing attacks, before withdrawing, just a quick, or even quicker, with haste and his eyes fixed on another target. His movements were fast and his agility was not to mention; outstanding. But even so, Valgorus had to depend completely on Erethorn’s backup. The Horde was tougher than ever, and some of them did not even flinch before they immediately counter-attacked with their huge axes. Had Erethorn not been by his side, Valgorus would probably end up being chased across the whole Island with a handful of furious orcs in his heels.

Erethorn smiled by the thought. How ridiculous it must have looked like. If anything besides food, he would like to see that once, so that the Night Elf could get a taste of his own medicine and lower his ego.

”Eeeh? Who the fuck..? know this guy?”
Erethorn looked at the path infront of him, leading into camp. His eyes met the silhouette of a large man, with a large hammer on his back. On first eye-catch, the man looked like a over-sized dwarf, but after some inspection, Erethorn could conclude that a human was blocking his path. His hair was long and blonde, running down to his shoulders. With strict-looking eyes, his gaze met theirs as he wrinkled his nose. Valgorus couldn’t help but outburst in a massive —and perhaps insulting—laughter. The man was looking pretty fearsome, had it not been for the pompous dwarven-like mustache above his lips, which crooked upwards. This was, perhaps, the main reason Erethorn had mistaken him for a dwarf.

”Erethorn Lorath, I take it?”
The man got right to business, without acknowledging Erethorn’s confused expression at all. Presumably this was because he was in a hurry and wanted to get done with his assignment, mission, task or whatever duty had brought him here. Even so, his manner and attitude rubbed both Valgorus and Erethorn, admittingly, the wrong way. Like it was given that they were under his command, which was true, but acting like it showed no respect for their pride.

”Yes? Who ar-..” Erethorn was about to reply, but was already interrupted by the tall paladin.

”You are to be taken off lines, and have been assigned elsewhere. Pack your bags, if you have any. You’re leaving by noon.” His voice made his sentences sound even more commanding.

”Oy! oy! You takin’ my crewmate? ‘ow the heck am I supposed to make it out there if I ain’t got my bloody partner, eeeh?” Valgorus raised his head with a cheeky and respectless glare, sizing the paladin that stood before him. For a moment Erethorn feared that his partner –full of temerity as ever—was about to start a brawl with a higher ranked officer, but to his surprise Valgorus crossed his arms and backed down. The paladin stared at the Night Elf Warrior with disgust for a brief moment, before regaining his ‘righteous’ posture.

”And you must be Valgorus..hmph..I see you exceed your reputation…fear not. You will be tended to as well. “

”Whatever..” Valgorus muttered, passing the man and walking towards camp, leaving Erethorn alone with him. The paladin sighed and shook his head.

”Dicipline these days…oh, well…Listen up Erethorn, I’m going to make this quick. The man whose name remained anonymous —to Erethorn’s annoyance— held out a letter. It was sealed with the crest of Lordaeron.

”What’s this?”

”Heh…your ticket home. I’ll be waiting for you by the ship…so get moving.” The man placed his hand on Erethorn’s shoulder, smiling slightly underneath his fancy mustache. Then he turned around and started walking in the same direction that Valgorus walked off to, leaving Erethorn behind.

Erethorn studied the letter in his hand. ”Home..huh?” he muttered to himself, and ripped the seal open. He didn’t read the sheet inside. Not yet. He was just standing on the road, feeling the warmth of the sunset in his neck and shutting out his surroundings. Being well aware that keeping his guard down like that was extremely reckles —if not plain stupid— he still wanted to enjoy the tranquilizing nature every once in a while. He stood on the path for a while, listening to the wind whisper in his ears, until peace eventually was interrupted by the sound of the warbell, signalizing nightfall. So let us see what is inside then, he thought to himself, running his dusty fingertips across the rim of the letter.

”To inform the husband of Hollye Zeal,
one named Erethorn Lorath that his wife has given birth to a little girl child last night here at Aerie.
She is currently staying with the child the Hunter’s Cabin south from here,
and there are some guards looking after them.

She wanted her husband to be informed as soon as possible.

-Midwife Rehenna Armstrong”

When he finished reading, Erethorn immediately reread the entire message and finally calmed his nerves. He shouldn’t react so restless and irresolute. He was prepared for this. But still..
Take a deep breath.
You will have time to see them soon,
he thought. Nothing has changed. If anything, they are at the safest location in Azeroth at this very timebeing. There is nothing to worry about, he knew that. And yet, he felt a cold shiver down his spine. Something was bothering him, but he couldn’t quite put his fingers on it.

”What a bad omen..” he mumbled. ”I’m a father, and I feel horrible..

He gazed over his shoulder and managed to catch a last glimpse of the sun before it left the horizon.

Also, there was something else that was plaguing his mind. Something deep deep within himself. It was faint, but definitely there.
And it was brewing.
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PostSubject: Re: Birth, Rebirth and Madness   Sat Jan 29, 2011 9:29 am

(( Very well written story, I await the next part Smile ))
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PostSubject: Re: Birth, Rebirth and Madness   Sat Feb 12, 2011 3:51 pm

((Grats on being a daddy!!!!))
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PostSubject: Re: Birth, Rebirth and Madness   

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Birth, Rebirth and Madness
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