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 The End.

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PostSubject: The End.    Sun Jan 30, 2011 5:16 pm

"Tah'tania mon, please, take a seat!"
"Of course, Master Vol'jin. Why have you called me here?"
Vol'jin nods to the seat, before Titania sits down.
"Am afraid mon, dat ah am resignin' ya as da leader of da Guard..." Vol'jin calmly takes a sip from his drink, but Titania is not so calm.
"What?! You are kidding me right?"
"No mon, ah'm sorry. 'Owever, we no longa need you, we are fine as we are. Da Darkspear Tribe grows quickly, and we no longa need a Guard to defend it."
Titania looks down to the floor, tears, and anger in her eyes. "I dedicated my life to this... I... I betrayed my own kind for the Guard!"
Vol'jin nods, and a troll watcher appears with a huge brown sack, and drops it onto the desk in which Titania is sat by.
Titania's eyes light up, as she hears the sound of metal, when the bag drops.
"O' course you did, Tah'tania, and we are t'ankful for what ya did mon. Dat is why you are gettin' dis."
Vol'jin slides the bag across the table, and Titania picks it up, and peers inside it. Inside the bag is at least 200 gold pieces.
"Well... I suppose this may suffice..."
"May?" Vol'jin smiles, and clicks his fingers, as another watcher comes, and drops two more bags onto the table.
"That... however may be enough." She grabs the 3 bags, and stands up.
"Dat is 650 gold pieces altogether mon. And o' course, if ya eva be needin' help, you are always welcome to drop by..."
Titania nods. "It was an honour sir." Titania salutes, and looks into Vol'jin's eyes.
"Likewise, Tah'tania Wintafang. You did well mon... Very well."
Titania nods, takes one last glance at her old master, and turns her back, and takes a steady walk out into the warm air of Echo Isles, and mounts her Frostwolf.
"Well Varnak..." She says to the wolf, "Looks like we're back off to Alterac..."
"Xenne'jol! Greetings mon!"
"'Ello der master Vol'jin. Joo called me 'ere?"
"Yah... Ah be needin' a leada... Ah be needin' a new Head Guardian..."

To Be Continued
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The End.
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