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 Caught between a Rose and a Thorn.

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PostSubject: Caught between a Rose and a Thorn.   Tue Feb 08, 2011 5:22 pm

Chey tilted her head to one side and bared her neck to the looking glass, gently pushing her hair over her shoulder in order to examine the small but extremely intricate brand on her neck. It had been painful, she'd never known such pain as the mage had slowly etched the mark of The Dead Rose into her flesh.
And all the while the hooded man, stood there silent and menacing.
He finally spoke in stilted Thallasian.
"Pretty isn't it?" he had said coldly.
He'd barked orders in common and she was hauled back to her feet and roughly manhandled out of the small cell where she and Antel had been held.
"Run" shouted Antel "Find Arl...."
Antel was silenced and felled by a single almost casual blow from the hooded man.
"Yes elf, run..find Arli.." he addressed her again in thalassian. "Tell him Shay is waiting"
Chey tried to look defiant, her green eyes spitting hate and fire.
"You're Shayanan..." she said through gritted teeth then spat at his feet. He laughed coldly and nodded before landing her a backhanded blow across the face.

"Tell Arli, I'll be in touch" he turned and dismissed her.
Released by her captors she turned to flee, as she did so Shayanan threw the remnants of her comms to her.
"Let him know with this, he might get here quicker"

She'd switched on her comms and garbled into it, nearly crying with relief as Arli's voice replied.
"Chey, orcish on comms"
"Shayanan has Antel...he'll be waiting..." she gabbled still in Thalassian.

Somehow Arli had calmed her down, managed to secure her location and flew in to meet her as she landed.
Staggering forward she collapsed into his arms.

He never said as much, but Chey got the impression that Arli blamed her for the capture of Antel and the subsequent mission mounted to find her and rescue her. He was certainly colder and harsher towards her.
He'd looked at her neck and given her an order to get the mark removed in a week or face the consequences. She'd asked how, he'd snapped a reply that it was her problem, but if it wasn't off in a week he'd do it himself.
She felt angry as she looked at him, she festered inside and dragged up every memory of how he had ever hurt her. She looked at him and glared and for a moment she hated him.
"You've changed..." she said "and I don't think I like you as much"
He had shrugged and repeated "One week"

Every day it was the same, had she got rid of the mark, she had less than a week..
"A week Chey, do you understand?"
"I heard you the first time -Deathmaster-" she spat back.
She looked at him and hated him more.
When he accused her of wearing the mark with pride it was the final straw as far as she was concerned. Not once had he asked how she was, but oh yes Antel was fine, she just needed rest, he was making sure she got it.
Whereas he had her training and was constantly berating her about the mark.
She almost wished the hooded man would find him. rough him a little not kill him just enough to knock some humility into his arrogant head.

She wondered....and a seed of an idea began to plant itself.

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Robi Kaezlan.

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PostSubject: Re: Caught between a Rose and a Thorn.   Tue Feb 08, 2011 5:41 pm

"Shay?" Robi entered the house they had just acquired, glancing around for Shay.
"Mmmm? came his reply from the chair near the fire and he turned to greet her.
"That Sin'Dorei girl? Arli's little you remember her?well she wants to meet you.."
Shay raised an eyebrow and reached out to take a letter Robi was showing him.
"Think its a trap?" she asked
"probably" he replied as his eyes scanned the text.
He grinned up at Robi
"Only one way to find out"
"Shay no..." Robi's brow puckered."I'm coming then"
He laughed and put his hand on her cheek.
"No you're not, if it is a trap, I stand a better chance of getting out alive if I don't have to worry about you" his voice was full of authority and she knew it was pointless to argue with him, he wouldn't allow it.
She smiled and nodded her acquiescence.
"Get a message to her, tell her I'll be alone at the shore in Tirisfal" he smiled to himself as he added "and Robi, throw in a few threats about what I'll do if she's not alone, just for effect."

She laughed and kissed his cheek before turning to leave and mounting Charlie flew off to deliver her message.

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PostSubject: Re: Caught between a Rose and a Thorn.   Tue Feb 08, 2011 10:48 pm

Chey watched Shayanan stride towards her and a knot of icy fear gripped her heart. He looked dangerous, shrouded in black with not a hint of his face showing, his wickedly sharp blades dripping with poison.
She had heard of him by reputation, evidently he was quick with those blades, even Arli respected that. His head would make a good prize she idly thought but dismissed the idea immediately, his whole demeanour showed although he appeared relaxed, he was alert and coiled to spring should the need arise.

She knew he was alone, she forced a smile on her face and raised her hand in a peaceful greeting. Shayanan returned neither that she could see, he stopped a few feet away from her and nodded once curtly.
Her mouth went dry and she stumbled for words as she felt his eyes on her,she was sure she'd seen his hand twitch near the hilt of his dagger.
"Speak Belf, don't push your luck" he said, his voice cold and contemptuous.
"Push my luck?" she managed to say
"You're a Belf girl, you don't know how hard I'm finding it not to kill you where you stand"
She eyed him and bit back a retort.
"I can take you to Arli" she said "Show you where he is and you can...."
Shayanan whistled sharply and a huge drake swooped down.
He nodded
"Not now..." she said quickly
"Now" he commanded

They flew to the outskirts of Brill, where she knew Arli was in the graveyard.
"He's there" she pointed to the figure by the tomb. "Just hit him a bit...pull him down a peg or two.."
Shayanan laughed coldly as he reapplied poison to his blades.
Too late she realised, Shayanan was a cold calculated killer, he didn't draw blades to "hit him a bit..." he drew blades to kill and knew they wouldn't be sheathed until they'd drawn Arli's blood.
She started to run but he caught her and pulled her back, throwing her to the ground.
"ARLI!" she started to yell "SHA..." . A well aimed boot-heel to her face silenced her.
She could only drag herself to her feet as she watched him slip into shadows and sprint towards Arli.

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PostSubject: Re: Caught between a Rose and a Thorn.   Wed Feb 09, 2011 9:50 pm

In and out of shadows she ran heading towards the tomb, hoping her half shouted warning had alerted Arli to the danger he faced.
She saw them, a few feet apart facing each other, they appeared to be talking. As she neared she heard their voices, both speaking in common,unintelligible to her ears.

Ignoring the dull ache in her jaw where Shayanans boot has struck she slunk a little closer and it was with some relief from the corner of her eye, she spotted some more Thorns lurking in shadows close by all poised ready for any command to strike..She smiled to herself and thought "Times up Hooded Man".

She saw Shayanan's head turn as if he was surveying the land then he nodded once to Arli as he raised his right arm casually. As if on command several assorted winged beasts hovered into view, each bearing a rider in the same tabard as the hated hooded man.
There was a rasping as several swords were drawn in unison.
She saw Shayanan draw a dagger.

She had to be quick, leaping from the shadows, pulling a sharp throwing knife from her boot she let it fly from her hand towards her hooded target.
She didn't expect it to kill him, but she hoped it would buy Arli some time to react and get out of his daggers reach.
Shayanan's feet didn't move from the spot as the knife hurtled towards him yet his torso seemed to twist slightly, he rocked almost lazily back on his heels and her knife sailed harmlessly past him, landing on the ground with a mocking thud.

Before she had time to jump back into the shadows, Shayanan had covered the short distance between them and dealt her a stunning body blow, making it only possible to stand helplessly as his dagger pierced her side. She buckled to her knees,unable to even cry out, her mouth opening in a silent scream. She raised her eyes towards him as his fist impacted the side of her head, sending her into a welcome unconsciousness.

As she stirred groggily some minutes later, she was dimly aware of a battle raging or so the noise in her head suggested.
Opening her eyes she was met by a blurred sea of combating figures, all she could make out was tabards, the black on red of the Dead Rose, mirrored by the red on black of The Vile Thorn. It made little sense to her muddled vision and thoughts made weak by the loss of blood, which was still flowing quite freely from the wound in her side. All she could see was battle, all she could hear was steel on steel.
She was only too aware of the fact that it was by intention she was alive, had he intended to kill her, she had no doubt she would be already dead.
Dragging herself into a sitting position, her hand across the wound she looked at the scene unfolding, The Dead Rose it seemed were losing as more Thorns rallied to the mistress's call.
Despite the pain she felt she couldn't help but laugh as she saw the hooded man surrounded by her brothers, his daggers a blur as he tried to parry and counterstrike the raining blows. She saw him fall and she gave a strangled cheer, she hoped Squadron would leave some of his corpse uneaten so she could spit on it.
The Thorns seeing him fall stopped their melee and kicked his fallen form in turn, then Arli dropped to his knees dagger in his hand,
Then the remnants of The Rose rallied to their fallen master and with growing despair watched as her brothers and sisters melted into the shadows.
She tried to crawl away into the shadow of the tomb but it was then she realised she was being guarded by a warlocks void walker which shadowed her every move.

Her despair deepened when she saw Shayanan was not dead, despair turned to fear as he barked orders and pointed in her direction, fear turned to terror as she was seized by a Deathknight and flung onto the back of a drake. She struggled and lashed out.
Another blow to silence her, then Shayanan facing her grabbed her hair and roughly yanked her head back and down and forcing a vial to her lips poured a bitter fluid into her mouth.
"You've been keen to help The Dead Rose tonight,we have one last task for you" he said with a cold humour.
Her eyes became heavy and her senses dulled, she was aware of flying then landing, being bound at the wrists and flung into a small room and the door locked.

"Don't worry Belf" Shayanans voice mocked her coldly from behind the door "It won't be for me"
Then she heard laughter from several others,loud amused laughter which faded with their footfalls.

Left alone in the cold and dark she wondered what their task for her could be and knew whatever it entailed she had brought it on herself, that no redemption from her brothers and sisters would be forthcoming.

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Robi Kaezlan.

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PostSubject: Re: Caught between a Rose and a Thorn.   Sat May 07, 2011 8:02 pm

Robi looked down at the body of the Sin'dorei girl and gave a slightly rueful sigh. She knew that The Dead Rose had taken a prisoner and used her in a sacrificial killing as part of their rituals to try and raise Iskaroth, but she was shocked and slightly saddened to see it was the young Sin'Dorei she'd harassed to take messages to Arli.
Her body drained of blood then cast aside like so much rubbish, Robi felt a twinge of pity as she looked at her. Her face frozen in death in a mask of pain and fear. Robi knelt and closed the empty green eyes and gently smoothed the bloodstained blonde locks out of her face.
Shay had asked her to organise "disposal" as the circle would be needed again soon.

"How do I do it?" she'd asked.
"Get a couple of the rank to take the corpse and throw it out of the grounds" Shay had replied.

He was with other key members of The Rose, so she hadn't argued, just nodded her understanding of his order and left.

She'd supervised the removal and dismissed the rank, she had stayed, somehow reluctant to leave the Sin'Dorei girl alone. Silly she knew, she was dead, but somehow Robi felt as if she almost knew her in a way and that somehow the girls passing should be marked.

"Ah well, nothing I can do I guess" she thought and turned to mount Charlie her gryphon and fly home. As she did so from the corner of her eye she caught a movement and she slipped into shadow, this was horde country so any intrusion was not going to be friendly.
As she was slipping away she saw it was a Bloodknight and on impulse she sprinted silently and swiftly towards him. Still cloaked in shadow she whispered to him.
"Amish shaothn"
She saw him smirk and turn then look startled as he saw no one.
She kept moving in a stealthy circle around him so he couldnt pinpoint her position by her voice. She told him the best she could in her basic Thalassian the location of the dead Sin'dorei.
He looked around perplexed, his hand going to a holy libram at his waist.
She tried not to giggle.
"Ha ha" she laughed to herself "He thinks Im some kind of messenger from the light I think..showing him his true calling or something"
Again she swallowed a giggle.
She slipped away as she saw him see the discarded corpse. At least now Robi thought, the girl might get a decent burial fitting of her kind.
Robi found Charlie and slipped out of the shadows and mounted, as she soared and wheeled around, she saw the knight kneeling by the body, streams of holy light pouring from his hands and into the girl.
Robi gave a small smile, she doubted it would work, the girl had been dead too long and had been drained, but at least she'd given her a chance.
She leaned forward in the saddle and ruffled the gryphons feathers affectionately.
"C'mon Charlie lets git, Im starving...."

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PostSubject: Re: Caught between a Rose and a Thorn.   Sun May 08, 2011 10:38 am

(( oooh, very exciting story so far..! Trying to bring Isky back? I might have something to add to that. Smile ))
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PostSubject: Re: Caught between a Rose and a Thorn.   

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Caught between a Rose and a Thorn.
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