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 Torture and Torment

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PostSubject: Torture and Torment   Sat Feb 12, 2011 4:06 pm

The day had been a relatively slow one for the hooded man. There was an unusual lack of jobs to be had from the various shop owners and other civilians of Stormwind. Nevertheless, a slow day once in a while was always welcome in times of great turmoil. Now, he was heading towards Goldshire, on the back of his pure white Gryphon, and the familiarity of the Lion's Pride Inn. He allowed himself a small smile at the prospect of a relaxing drink in the company of good people. The man wondered if any of the Knights would be present at this hour.

The Gyphon landed gently and the man hopped from it's back. He glanced around the sleepy little village and his heart sank as something caught his eye. Standing by the horses was the Herald of the Legion. Ishsah. The man attempted to think nothing of it, this certaintly wasn't the first time he had seen the Demon moving around so freely in public. This was not a concern to the man, but his guard was now up slightly. He headed straight for the inn, briefly glancing at Ishsah as he walked past. Heading straight for the bar, he ordered a Flagon of Mead and sat facing the doorway. Lion's Pride was strangely quiet at this time, but the man had other concerns on his mind. Something didn't feel right. He was now on a high alert. He took a long drink from his Mead, stopping abruptly as Ishsah casually walked into the inn. Ishsah was wearing her usual attire, including the particularly noticeable large heavy axe across her back and the goggles that hid her eyes superbly. Ishsah headed straight for the bar and quickly noticed the man. Eyeing him up and down, she grinned.

"You're looking very smug." the hooded man said scornfully.
"I am, I've found what I've been looking for." Ishsah replied.
Before the man could process the response, Ishsah pressed a button on the goggles. The goggles began to make mechanical clicks and whir as it changed into a gas mask. Just as the mask appeared, a green gas was fired from a tube on the side of the mask straight at the man's face. He barely had time to react before the gas began to make him cough and splutter while Ishsah stood tall, watching the man carefully. Finally the man slumped down into the chair unconcious. Ishsah hauled him up, carrying him out of the inn. She called out for her Proto-Drake. It swooped down standing obediantly in front of Ishsah. Ishsah climbed onto it's back as it took off, picking up the hooded man as it did.

The flight was only a short one. Ishsah had taken the man to Deadwind Pass. More specifically, to Karazhan. The Proto Drake dropped the man onto the stone floor with a thud as Ishsah hopped off its back, landing perfectly beside him. Ishsah grabbed a hold of the man and dragged him into a stone building with one hand, while taking out a bag of nails with the other. Ishsah slumped the hooded man against one of the stone walls of the building and grabbed one of his arms, stretching it out and placing it against the wall palm up. The Demon took out a nail from the bag and placed it again the mans palm. Then with a mighty smash, she slammed the nail straight through his palm and into the wall. The man's eyes shot open and he let out a horrifying yell of agony as the nail went through his hand. Ishsah looked down at him with utter disdain.

"Oh do be quiet." Ishsah said shortly before throwing a boot hard into the man's gut. He doubled over, trying to regain breath after having just been winded. Ishsah seized the oppourtunity, grabbing the man's free hand and placing against the wall out stretched just like the other one. Ishsah grabbed another nail from the bag and drove it straight through his hand. The mman yelled in agony again.

"You bastard!" he screamed at Ishsah. Ishsah had taken a couple of steps back in order to admire her handywork. She certaintly seemed quite pleased so far.

"Indeed. Do you know what the strangest thing I've seen is?" This seemed like an odd question to ask at a time like this.

"Yourself in the mirror?" the man replied. Ishsah seemed to ignore the cocky remark.

"I've watched Butterflies drink the tears of a dying man." As she said this, Ishsah walked over to a near by barrel. Something told the man that this was something Ishsah had been planning. The Demon pulled out a jar with an odd looking creature inside it. The thing was a deep purple color and had six legs. As the creature was brought closer to him, he saw what looked to be a human looking face on it, along with a long tongue, flicking out against the glass. The creature seemed restless and was bouncing around inside the jar. Ishsah continued to speak.

"Not all demons are large powerful entities. Some are no bigger than a mote of dust and some can be as delicate as the wings of a butterfly. But that does not make them any less deadly." Ishsah reached a finger inside the jar and allowed the creature to jump onto it. "The Lifekiss bug will sometimes gouge out a persons eyes in order to reach the tear ducts." Ishsah pulled off the man's hood, revealing Gibbzy's face. He looked up at Ishsah with fire in his eyes. Ishsah seemed quite unphased and gently placed the bug on Gibbzy's face. "I do so hope that happens this time." Ishsah smirked as the Lifekiss bug dug its small claws into Gibbzy's face as it started to lash it's tongue out at Gibbzy's eyes, trying desperately to get to his tear ducts. Gibbzy quickly clamped his eyes shut and started thrashing his head around trying to throw the Lifekiss bug off.

"Get this thing off me!" Gibbzy shouted still throwing his head around wildly. The bug remained exactly where it was, still trying to get at Gibbzy's eyes.

"All that thrashing will not help you Human. It only makes the bug dig its claws in deeper." Ishsah was clearly enjoying watching the pain Gibbzy was in and was certaintly in no rush to end it. Gibbzy finally calmed down slightly, still keeping his eyes closed. Some sparks of fire flew from one of Gibbzy's hands, but it had little effect. Ishsah couldn't help but chuckle at the vain attempt to get the bug off of Gibbzy's face. Her laughter didn't last long as she took a step forward, cupped Gibbzy's face in her hand before sending a jolt of electricity right through his body. Gibbzy was completely powerless to stop it and his entire body jerked around violently as the electricity surged through his body. Ishsah stepped back again just as Gibbzy managed to conjure together enough strength to blast a well aimed line of fire at the bug. The creature shrieked loudly and fell down dead and burning, still on Gibbzy's face. He quickly threw it off. Ishsah stepped forward, grabbing Gibbzy's face again, she sent another jolt of electricity through his body. The moment she stopped, Gibbzy summoned up some more of his strength and breathed a cone of fire straight at Ishsah. The Demon stepped back, covering her face as the fire washed over her, leaving Ishsah completely unharmed.

"You shouldn't have done that Human." Ishsah stepped forward again, gazing down at Gibbzy, clearly thinking about what to do next. A wry smile appeared on her face as she pulled out a Torturing Poker. The poker was glowing red with heat. Gibbzy's heart began to race. The Herald of the Legion was standing before him with the clear intent to Torture and Torment. And he could do nothing to stop it. No one would be able to help him. Ishsah slowly and calmly placed the poker at the top of Gibbzy's chest and dragged it downwards, burning a line through his robe and creating a long burn line on his skin. She then proceeded to carve some sort of patter into Gibbzy's chest with the poker. Burning it deeply into his skin. Gibbzy gritted his teeth in pain, trying to remain calm, trying to remain strong, but his spirit and will were wavering. Gibbzy looked down at his chest and at the pattern Ishsah was forming. It had begun to look like some sort of rune. The Demon finally took a step back to look over the pattern.

"Yes, that looks about right."

Gibbzy looked up at the Herald's face.

"W-hy....m-me?" Gibbzy's voice was beginning to shake as his strength dissapeared.

"You threw a fireball at my drake remember? I told you you would pay for that."

"Th-this isn't.....p-payment." Gibbzy was clearly getting weaker. He could feel it. Ishsah could sense it.

"Oh no, no. I havn't gotten to -that- part yet." Ishsah grinned again and placed the poker again the side of Gibbzy's face, the hot metal burning its imprint into his cheek. He shouted in pain but each time he yelled, his voice was getting weaker and weaker.

"Th-that isn't all this is a-about is it?" Gibbzy asked.

"Of course not. This is about fear. Fear for them. Fear towards me. Fear for what could happen to them. Fear for what -I- could do to them." Gibbzy knew immediately that Ishsah was reffering to the Knights.

"Fear?" Gibbzy laughed quietly as Ishsah looked over Gibbzy's body.

"Hmm, I think another nail will be needed for this....or better yet." With that, Ishsah drove the poker straight into Gibbzy's stomach. The pain was too much and he didn't know how to react. His mouth was open but nothing was coming out. The pain was there, he could feel it, but he wasn't able to express it. Ishsah eventually pulled the poker back out of Gibbzy's stomach and blood began to seep quickly all over his body. The blood trickling down from his nailed hands had helped turn his robe a dark red, and now the wound to his stomach would help get the rest. Not only that, but blood had splattering onto his face from time to time. This had turned his face almost entirely red, much like a crimson mask. Gibbzy curled his legs up and huddled together to try and maintain some form of comfort, but he knew it wouldn't work. Ishsah leant down and looked at Gibbzy's face. He had been coughing up blood in small amounts since being shocked by the electricity but this stab to his stomach had made it even worse. Gibbzy pulled his head up to look at Ishsah and spat blood at Ishsah's face. The Demon was caught slightly off guard and stepped back slightly. Now looking very displease, Ishsah let out a small whistle as a rather large spider came into the building from just outside. Ishsah merely motioned at Gibbzy and the spider bit hard into his leg.

"Now that was quite a large bite wasn't it. It certaintly won't take long for the poison to work it's way through your blood stream." Ishsah was looking rather smug once more. Gibbzy's head was now slumped forward, his hands pulling hard on the nails that were pinning him defenslessly to the wall. His strength was all but sapped, he had nothing left to even try and fight with. But still, he tried to remain defiant.

Gibbzy summoned his strength and said one final thing to Ishsah. "Things have a way of coming full circle Ishsah. All the lives you have ruined. All the lives you have taken. All the lives you have ruined. All such things will be ta-taken into account Ishsah. And you will pay dearly."

Ishsah responded quite simply with "I tire of you Human." And with that Ishsah took the poker in her hand and rammed it straight into Gibbzy's eye. Gibbzy let out an almighty yell, the pain was excruciating. Alll he could feel was pain. There was no central area, there was just pain. And it was everywhere. Shortly before turning and leaving, Ishsah pulled out a grenade and pulled the pin almost all the way out. She then slowly and carefully placed the grenade underneath Gibbzy. The moment it was left there, Gibbzy knew what it was for. Should Gibbzy try and stand up to escape, the pin would dislodge from the grenade and it would explode. That didn't matter to him at the moment however, Ishsah had just stuck a relatively hot poker into his eye and just left it there, ready for anyone to see. If Ishsah was planning on sending a message, Gibbzy's state would certaintly do just that. Bloody, bruised, sliced, burned and mutilated. Gibbzy had managed to defy death once, but not for this. Still groaning and shouting in pain, Gibbzy watched Ishsah walk out of the doorway, jump onto her Proto Drake and fly off. Gibbzy let out an almighty yell of frustration, pain and anguish. Someone had to find him, someone had to find him soon.
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PostSubject: Re: Torture and Torment   Sat Feb 12, 2011 4:07 pm

No great amount of time passed before Gibbzy began to hear voices from outside. The voices sounded rather distant but somewhat familiar. Gibbzy wasn't sure whether to trust it. Could it just be the pain making him hear things? He thought it possible. He waited for a moment until he heard the shouting again.

"Gibbzy?! The shouting certaintly sounded urgent, and definitely sounded familiar. It was Leov. Gibbzy couldn't hold back anymore, if there was a chance he could be found and rescued he was going to take it.

"H-...HELP!" Gibbzy just about managed to muster the strength to be able to call out. He hoped it would be enough to guide her to him. Luckily enough, moments later, Leov lands Kesa right outside the doorway. She jumped off the bird and ran inside, swiftly stopping in her tracks, her jaw dropping the moment she caught sight of Gibbzy and Ishsah's work.

"SADINE!" Gibbzy did initially find it somewhat odd that the first person she called for was Sadine, but this feeling was quickly overtaken by a feeling of relief. He had been found and in relatively quick time. He felt a faint glimmer of hope through the shroud of agony. Sadine soon appeared through the doorway, running in before having pretty much the same reaction as Leov upon seeing Gibbzy in his current state. Gibbzy was still groaning heavily in pain. He was sure he could hear one more person outside. Surely enough, moments later, in walked Shayanan. Gibbzy had never personally met Shayanan but was fully aware of the friendship between Sadine and the Rose leader. Although unhappy that a Rose was here to see him in such a state, Gibbzy remained quiet about it. He was in no state to be picky as to who helped him.

"Come on Gibbzy, we have to get you down." Leov began trying to slowly remove the nails that had Gibbzy's hands impaled to the wall. Gibbzy cursed in pain.

"Back....the" Gibbzy knew he needed help, but he was also still aware of the grenade that could go off at any minute if he moved wrong.

"Piss off Gibbzy." Leov replied bluntly. "You need help and you will not stop me and Sadine from giving you that help." Gibbzy accepted his defeat on that matter and relaxed slightly. He attempted to move as little as possible. Leov slowly began to remove one of the nails, healing the injured hand at the same time to try and prevent any further blood loss. The first nail was removed as Sadine set to work on the second, Leov still maintaining the healing on the injured hands. The bleeding was eventually stemmed and Gibbzy immediatelly covered his stomach with his arms in pain. Leov began trying to heal Gibbzy's stomach, he quickly grabbed her arm and glared straight at Leov, the poker still protruding from his eye.

"What did I say?" Gibbzy knew why it was he was doing this, he just didn't want to panic the two girls. Shayanan, on the other hand, seemed to have just dissapeared with minimal notice. Gibbzy pushed Leov's hand away and slowly reached underneath him. He found the grenade fairly quickly. It seemed like Ishsah hadn't taken any time to try and make moving the grenade awkward. Gibbzy could feel the pin of the grenade and was able to keep it still as he brought the grenade out. Leov's eyes widened.

"Give it to me Gibbzy!" Sadine insisited.

"No." Gibbzy replied as he struggled to his feet. He staggered outside, glances at the grenade and launched it at the hill side, hearing it explode a safe distance away as he fell backwards after that last expenditure of energy. Leov seized the oppourtunity and continued to heal Gibbzy stomach. The stab wound from the poker to his stomach was very deep and took a long time to start closing up. But, eventually, the bleeding stopped and it was more or less fully closed shortly afterwards. Unfortunately, the stab wound wasn't the most complex of injuries that Gibbzy had sustained. Gibbzy could see both Leov and Sadine occasionally glance at the poker in his eye. They both knew that they would need to deal with it partially to slow the bleeding until they could get him to the Cathedral.

"That's going to need to come out. Sadine? Could you pull it out for me while I try and heal the wound to stop the bleeding? Or at least cut the end off so it isn't so long?" Leov asked. Upon hearing this, Gibbzy started trying to speak but was too weak to find any words.

"There might be too much movement in the eye if we just cut it, we'll have to take it out." Sadine replied. Gibbzy suddenly managed to find his voice.

"You ha-have got ki-kidding me!" clearly Gibbzy wasn't too have at the prospect of having a large poker removed from his eye. Although he understood it necessary, he wished it could just wait until some professional healing was there. Leov seemed to almost completely ignore his comment.

"We'll probably have to knock him out. Sadine can you do that?" Sadine merely nodded and reached for her blade, holding it hilt edge downwards. The two girls looked down at Gibbzy in an almost asking permission kind of way.

"Get...on with it." with that, Sadine struck Gibbzy in the temple with the hilt of her blade, knocking him out cold. Sadine placed her blade down and moved herself to a better position to be able to remove the poker. Leov's hands were already starting to glow brightly in anticipation. Leov nodded at Sadine who nodded back as she began to slowly remove the poker from Gibbzy's eye. An almost blinding light appeared from Leov's hands as Sadine was removing the poker. Once the poker was removed, the eye began showing clear signs healing. Everything was going fine until the eye seemed the abruptly stop healing anymore, looking almost half healed. This didn't phase Leov, it seemed like she almost expected it to happen. She took the time to quickly heal any other major wounds, particularly some moderate cleansing to at least slow down the venom from the spider bit that was currently rushing through Gibbzy's body. The girls knew that the Cathedral would be the best place for him. Leov called for her Gryphon, Kesa and another Gryphon Kesanu. Sadine called for her own Gryphon. The girls hauled Gibbzy up onto Kesanu. As he sat there, slumped forward he woke up enough to mutter a few words.

"" This clearly seemed like an odd request to the girls but they complied, Sadine retrieving the poker and keeping it with her. Leov held onto Kesanu's reins to guide the Gryphon while riding Kesa to Stormwind. The three Gryphons headed off to Stormwind at great speed, ariving there in good time. Leov helped Gibbzy down off of Kesanu, sent the Gryphons away and carried Gibbzy into the Cathedral. Gibbzy's poor state of health and blood soaked appearance made him stand out somewhat the moment Leov entered the Cathedral with him. Within moments, the two were flocked by a few Priests and Paladins. Leov was directed to take Gibbzy to one of the side rooms while the healers of the Cathedral got themselves prepared. Leov gently placed Gibbzy down and stepped back as the various Priests and Paladins surrounded Gibbzy and began healing his wounds. Many moment passed before he opened his eyes, looking over at Leov. She had her hands over her face, clearly trying to hide the fact she was crying. He weakly reached out a hand in between the healers and stretched out towards Leov. She noticed, swiftly wiped her eyes, walked over and took hold of Gibbzy's hand, kneeling beside him. Gibbzy tried to force a reassuring smile and gripped Leov's hand weakly as his wounds continued to be healed slowly.

Many thoughts crossed Gibbzy's mind during his time in the Cathedral but none more so than why him? What would Ishsah possibly hope to gain by torturing him? He had been thought of as dead for the longest part. Ishsah didn't seem to know that he was a Knight. This also led Gibbzy to think about what else would have been in store had Ishsah know that Gibbzy was a Knight. He allowed himself to feel lucky in that respect. So many thoughts, he was a mess. But one was firmly planted in his mind over all the others.

She is not getting away with this.
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PostSubject: Re: Torture and Torment   Sat Feb 12, 2011 4:24 pm

"Yes Sir, that haircut seems to suit you best of all!"

The two girls grinned playfully at each other as they stood in the barbers shop of stormwind, playing along with the man who had requested a new haircut and their oppinions, Leov smiled slightly, although a strange feeling began to wash over her, the man smiling proudly as small talk was exchanged, the girls had taken up the names Rose and Jade for this little folly of fun, but Leov couldnt seem to pass the feeling that something was just not right, the man eventually leaving she turned to Sadine and frowned slightly.

"Is everything with you ok?" Sadine nodded in reply.

"Everything's fine, why?"Leov frowned again slightly as she dived into her bags, she nodded and pulled out a golden bracer that was clearly from a water elemental.

"Don't think im mad ok?, i feel so weird when i use this thing"
Sadine nodded as she eyed the bracer

"Okay then...i wont!" She smiled teasingly as the bracer began to glow and a look of concentration washed over Leov.

"Gibbzy?" Leov spoke softly, concentrating as hard as she can she thought the words, as she had been told to, and was hopefully not saying them out loud as a loud screaming sound filled her head she dropped the bracer, it landing on the floor with a clang.

Leov quickly picked it back up, and concentrated as the bracer began to glow again, Sadine staring at her, all the whole a confused look on her face.

"Gibbzy, Please, Where are you, if your in trouble we can help..."
No response of any form came this time, Leov opened her eyes, looking up to Sadine, she shook her head as her voice wavered and she spoke to Sadine.

"...Sadine, we need to find Gibbzy, hes in trouble...We need to find him now" a look of concern filled Leovs face, Sadine turned to her, confused and slightly worried.

"What is it Leov, whats going on?" Leov shook her head as she looked up to sadine.

"That bracer, is Bobs bracer, Gibbzy gave it to me, taught me how to use it to get in contact with him, i just used it, and all i could hear was Gibbzy, screaming, in agony, we have to find him, please Sadine..."

Sadine nodded, looking all the more worried as Shayanan walked into the shop both girls looked at him.

"No worry's i'm right here" Shayanan seemed to say in a playful way, Leov just frowned disapprovingly and looked back at Sadine who didnt seem to respond.

"Armour, now Leov, and try to think of anywhere he could be, where hed go for safety" Leov nodded as she ran off to the upstairs of the barber shop, dropping her bag down with a heavy clang as she pulled on her full plate armour for the first time since the attack, she frowned slightly as she looked down at herself before running back downstairs to find Sadine already stood there, talking in low whispers to shay, who just stood, looking ominous and shady.

"The Headquarters, he mentioned something about coming clean, telling hollye about him not being dead, about what happened and how it came to be..." Leov spoke hurriedly as she ran out of the barbers shop and whistled in a high pitch for Kesa, who landed beside her, Sadine and Shay followed both mounting onto their Gryphon and Drakes respectfully.

A while passed, although it seemed like hours and days to Leov as her mind raced, Kesa landed heavily outside the Headquarters and Leov jumped from her back and ran into the HQ, yelling for Gibbzy as she did to no response, she briefly looked over the noticeboard and saw the note from Ishsah, tears began to roll down her face as she shook her head, she turned on her heels and ran back out to Kesa and the others.

"Ishsah has him, in Deadwind somewhere..." Leov almost jumped back onto Kesa and informed the bird of where to go, Shayanan frowned.

"What are they doing on Dead Rose Territory?!" Leov couldnt help but notice he sounded quite angered by the notion of a demon and a knight on dead rose ground, Leov shrugged and patted Kesa, telling her to go as fast as possible, as Kesa flew upwards, quickly followed by Shayanan's Proto-Drake and Sadines pure white Gryphon Leov could think of nothing but hoping they got to him in time.

"Gibbzy?!" Leov patted Kesa as they flew towards Karazhan, her heart now racing and with the feeling as though it was beating in her throat, she yelled reguarly as Kesa flew gently around, Leov listened for any small noise that was not known to the place.

"Gibbzy, Where are you? Were here to help..." Leov's voice grew more worried as she continued to look for him, now flying over to the back entrance of Kharazhan.

"H-Help Me..." Leov's eyes widened as she heard the yell, although quiet it was a yell, Kesa landed on what could be called a balcony or a walk way, Leov quickly jumped from Her back and began running inside the tower..

"Sadine!!" Leov stared at the man, nailed to the wall, her jaw dropping she gasped, lost for breath and shocked she stood and stared briefly before running towards him as she heard Shay and Sadine land outside.
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PostSubject: Re: Torture and Torment   Sat Feb 12, 2011 4:49 pm

((God damn you Ish! God damn you! *eeek! She/he/it spotted me! *runs away*))
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PostSubject: Re: Torture and Torment   Sat Feb 12, 2011 5:48 pm

A message has been placed on the wall of The Knights Headquarters in the Aerie Peak, carrying official looking stamps and signatures:

"Wanted: Ishsah Winterspear the Demon

Ishsah, also called by the name Herald of the Legion, is hereby declared the enemy of the Knights of Lordaeron and all Alliance for committing murders and attacks against the Knights.

The demon is carrying the appearance of a Night elf woman, often masking its eyes and dressed as a hunter, carrying ranged weapons, and accompanied by a large spider.

All visuals and news concerning the Demons movements are to be reported to the Commander or the Captains of the Knights of Lordaeron and every individual are adviced to warn other orders of the threat the Demon poses to the common good. Anyone taking the Demons side will be considered an enemy and a threat, and will be treated as one with no exception.

The hunt will not end before the Demon is found and brought to justice.


Hollye Zeal
Commander of the Knights of Lordaeron

(( Taken from our own forums and decided to post it here since I think its quite relevant to the story! ))
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PostSubject: Re: Torture and Torment   Sat Feb 12, 2011 9:04 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Torture and Torment   

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Torture and Torment
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