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 Qore The Offlander - calling all antagonists!

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PostSubject: Qore The Offlander - calling all antagonists!   Fri Feb 18, 2011 4:45 am

A shrouded figure stumbles into the room, straining with effort. The figure seems part dismayed and part relieved at having found no one in the room...

The figure reaches for the box, almost losing its balance. It pauses... but swiftly downs a potion of anti magic. A temporary remedy but enough to get the job done. A forsaken hand slots a thin book consisting of a few seemingly blank parchments into the box and hastily stumbles away, clearly suffering from potion overdose...

Upon closer inspection, the *blank* parchments seem to smell of a strange brew of rogue poisons...

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PostSubject: Re: Qore The Offlander - calling all antagonists!   Fri Feb 18, 2011 4:46 am

The armoured figure withdrew its hand from the glittering orb, with not even a hint of satisfaction, the Turned Apothecary noticed. He smiled inwardly at the very thought of being able to toy with the pathetic rogue's mind for months at a time. He knew that would bring him great joy, but Lord X on the other hand, did not even betray a crease of a smile… or at least his disciplined mask of a face did not.

The Twilight Lord turned to face Bezlosh. This time, the Twilight Apothecary noticed, his face did betray his disgust for the dullard peon.

"Y-yes, my Lord X?" stammered the ugly orc.

X was indeed fearsome. Thrice dead and thrice turned, he has changed allegiances as many times as his bloody lives. 'And you could tell', thought the Turned Apothecary; Lord X has an aura that smelt distinctly of blood. He wore several ornaments made of shards of bones, around his wrists, his neck, across his armoured chest and around his waist. One of which, The Apothecary heard was a shard from his last resurrector's bones, for, having risen to life for a third time, X was not pleased… not pleased at all. In the very first breath (scream if you listen to cultist gossip) of his third life, they say, he punched straight through the Twilight paladin's chest; so hard that his armour gave way completely, crushing his heart and lungs. So hard that when he withdrew his fist, not one, but three separate shards of spine were embedded in his knuckles…

X was a powerful asset to the Twilight cause. And so quietly vain that he refused to readopt his name from his previous lives. The Apothecary smiled. It is… tradition, if you will, that an undead who did not know his name upon re-animation would be assigned a name relating to any letters upon his tombstone or coffin. Lord X's name however was expertly chiseled onto solid marble, and he was not dead for long… Instead he chose to be known as the last symbol of the Cultist's 32 glyphs that form it's tomes: Eks. His real name? That was not much of a better story than the last, considering that all who saw his Lord's tombstone were left catatonic. Such thoughts were probably on Bezlosh's mind, observed the Apothecary, noting the beads of sweat forming on the bald Cultists head.

"What Worship were you sent from?", asked X, referring to the divisions of Twilight Cells.
"W-worship?… my Lord?" stammered the orc, sweat freely flowing already.
"What. Worship. Were. You. Sent. From?" repeated X very slowly, angrily vocalising every syllable.
"L-Lord Carnak's House, m-my Lord X."

X's eyes widened in barely controlled fury at the very mention of the name, drawing closer to the orc as the air around him turned frost cold. The contrast was stark, and added a great deal of comedy to the scene, the Apothecary noted; X was a slender armoured undead figure, significantly smaller than the broad brutish build of the peon he was questioning. X's voice came out in a harsh whisper of rune-blade against whetstone:

"So it's not enough that they send me a simpleton…" (The Lord's eyes swept over the 'lesser creature')… "an orc at that!… but they go so far as to send me someone FROM THAT INSOLENT BUFFOON'S HOUSE?!?!"

The last part thundered out, echoing against the cold stone of the castle. Instinctively, Bezlosh threw himself at his Lord's feet, careful not to touch his racist Lordship's boots lest he incur one of his well reputed curb stomps.

"M-my Lord?" stammered the orc, "I… w-wha-- h-how have I d-displeased you, M-my Lord?"
X grabbed the orb hurled it against the floor before Bezlosh's grovelling face, the shattering orb stinging the miserable peon's eyes.
"Y-yes m-my Lord X!"

The Apothecary's eyes widened. There are various classes of orbs, each serve a separate purpose. An apprentice mage would, for example, often be found wielding an orb of evocation to ensure the words and spells would come to mind instantly. The orb the fearsome Lord would have asked for would have been an orb of embodiment, a tool to displace the victim's free will and take control of their bodies. Yet the peon brought his Lordship the least powerful orb for the task; an orb of scrying: one that grants far sight. That would mean that the Lord took complete control of the rogue's mind from half way across Azeroth through a pathetic child's toy!

Well… not *complete* control. That, of course, is why His Lordship is so displeased. Despite his affliction, the meddlesome rogue managed to drop a few poison-copied pages from his book where it could be found. The ink of course was poison and thus invisible without the proper treatment. Whoever should find the pages would probably dismiss it as a blank document… However if the document is deciphered… should someone come looking for the rogue, he would be treated for mind control. He may give them further clues to work with. As if Balthemore's failures weren't enough…

He ought to be dispatched. Indeed he would have been already had he not been so proficient in escaping his Lordship's agents; even when they know his location and whilst his mind is warped and twisted, he still slips away like an eel. Last time he dispatched two pursuers out of a squad of seven! Then parachuted off when cornered! His training serves him well. His Lordship was wise not to make a direct attack on the Thorns considering this one is their outcast...

"M-my L-Lord p-p-please!!!" spluttered the peon, yanking the Apothecary's thoughts to the present.
"GET UP, WORM!!" yelled X.
"I-it burns M-my L-Lord E-Eks, p-please!"
Bezlosh's body was beginning to contort, smoke rising from his stretching tendons.
"The only thing that YOU COULD POSSIBLY DO TO PLEASE ME---"
… his bones creaked with strain with his Ghoulish deformation…

Unbelievable, thought the Apothecary… X was turning a *living* being into a ghoul… Every death knight, he knew, could manage raising a ghoul to some extent. Indeed a risen corpse had one strain of the Scourge or the other. Some Death Knights could raise one only for a short period from the recently deceased. Others had the power and control to keep one by their sides indefinitely. However to infest a *living being* with the Scourge at will…. The Apothecary's disbelieving gawk turned into an appreciative smile. Lord X was powerful and resourceful. And such a brilliant scourge body… There is so much that he could learn, given time… He was once again reminded how much he appreciated being appointed to Lord X's Worship…

Bezlosh's body violently exploded, splattering his worthless organs and bodily fluids, painting the room blood red. With his punishment dispensed, Lord X relaxed his furious expression and stalked purposefully to his simplistically adorned seat behind his work desk.

"Masterfully done, My Lord!" applauded the Turned Apothecary, "however you will most likely be sent an even lesser servant!"
"Chogall tests my patience… having to clean up after Balthemore is one thing, but to…." X paused, gritting his teeth in fury, his cold breath coming through gaps in his neck… "to send me someone who served that GIT! Inexcusable!"
"My Lord, I'm sure Lord Carnak is still going through the trials of torment…", soothed the Apothecary.
"Not. Torment. Enough." X spat out. "Carnaks' failures can be measured in legions… LEGIONS of lost cultists… all because he couldn't do his own housekeeping, that filthy squalor of huts managed to round them up before any serious damage was done. Our incantations could have wiped that mud hole off the maps!"
"We have many agents in Orgrimmar still, My Lord" he reminded.
"Whelps! Pathetic! They would have been more useful as a mob of peasants. That way at least they would drain that mud hole's food stores! To think that they have to be productive just so their cover wouldn't be blown…" X reached for a blood stained envelope.
"With any luck", continued the Apothecary, "you won't be sent one of them as a replacement. They would likely end up dead faster than… what was his name again?"
"Oh he isn't dead…" stated X absently, the last embers of his fury dissapating.
"Eh?" said the Apothecary with a confused look.
X looked up absently as though he were speaking of no more than a turd on the sole of his boot. "He is still alive…." His Lordship's eyes returned to the letter he was reading. "His blood is within the very grit of this room, his soul bound to me… He will suffer for as long as it suits me."

The Apothecary's face broke into a vicious grin. *Now*, he thought, he was most definitely reminded how much he appreciated being appointed to his Lordship!
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PostSubject: Re: Qore The Offlander - calling all antagonists!   Fri Feb 18, 2011 4:47 am

((sorry for double posting here & on the marauder forums but i did not know these forums existed))

((also looking for more antagonists to RP with from the point of view of the baddies!))
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PostSubject: Re: Qore The Offlander - calling all antagonists!   Fri Feb 18, 2011 1:11 pm

From the shadows a soft voice whispers.

"I am impressed"

The voice trails away as the owner slips away.
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PostSubject: Re: Qore The Offlander - calling all antagonists!   

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Qore The Offlander - calling all antagonists!
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