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 'Til Death takes us. Sasha and Tel

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PostSubject: 'Til Death takes us. Sasha and Tel   Tue Feb 22, 2011 11:41 pm

Sasha Parry sat on the stone base of the Stormwind City fountain, her knees tucked up under her chin and watched the world pass her by.
She shivered slightly, the sun had gone down and the warmth of the day was already disappearing, she supposed she’d better move on, try to find somewhere warmer to sleep and maybe if she was lucky, something to eat.
She fumbled in her pocket, pulling out a few coins, she looked at them wryly, 20 silver that wasn’t going to last her long.For a brief moment her eyes filled up with tears as she wondered to herself how she had come to this.

Only a few weeks ago she had been warm and happy at home in Alterac, doing as she always did since her mother had died, tending the family home and looking after her three brothers and father, while they in turn tended the farm. They had a comfortable life, not lavish by any means, they had a maid to help so that Sasha could continue her education and a couple of labourers during the grape harvest but she counted their riches not in gold but in their happy simple sufficiency.
Then the men in red masks had moved in, taking over the land, pitching camps and generally raiding and commandeering the neighbouring farms.
"Syndicate" her father spat, "They'll not get this farm while I live"
Her elder brother laughed from the doorway.
"If you say so father..." and stood aside to let what seemed to be a small army of red masked men into the house.

Her brother had joined the Syndicate, swayed by their promises of power and wealth he had given their home and land to his new band of brothers.
He had offered to let them stay, to work the land to feed the new occupants. Sasha to tend the house and needs of the men.
Her brothers agreed, her father refused.
"Leave then..." was the order
Her father placed an arm around Aesacha and guided her from the house.
He kept her close and whispered hoarsely.
"They won't let us leave child, when I give the word you run, into the brush over there, keep low keep going" he pushed her gently in front of him and passed her a soft silk black mask. "Head to the hills behind Durnholde Keep, follow the track, get to Ravenholdt, tell his Lordship youre Luke Parry's kid...."
He stopped mid sentence as the wind of a crossbow quarrel was heard, he pushed Sasha forward.
"Run..." he hissed.
Sasha ran, obeying her father she sprinted and dived under the cover of the brushland. She crawled frantically deeper and higher into the foothills, her small lithe frame making her progress quick and easy.
She paused, looked back, peering through the scrub just in time to see her father fall, his back pierced by a heavy crossbow bolt. She held her hand tightly over her mouth to stop herself from crying out.
One look at her fathers face told her he was dead, biting back her grief and fury she resumed her flight to Ravenholdt.

She never made it, once on the road a travelling merchant had taken pity on her plight and had taken her to Southshore. As she had calmed herself in the inn and prepared to ask the whereabouts of Ravenholdt, a concerned paladin had addressed her asking what she was doing there alone and obviously so young and inexperienced.
She explained briefly and asked if he knew Ravenholdt, he wouldn't hear of her travelling the foothills alone, too dangerous he had said. instead he had given her a gold coin and placed her on a flight to Stormwind City suggesting she go to The Cathedral when she got there and ask for their benediction.
Still in a daze of shock she allowed herself to be guided, she nodded mutely, not really understanding what he was saying or what he had arranged.

And so here she was, a stranger in a strange city, not knowing where to go or what to do, so she sat by the fountain and watched the world pass her by....

“ Hey…” a gentle but strong voice broke into her thoughts. She looked up to see a kind face smiling with some concern at her. Hastily wiping her eyes she managed a brief smile back.
“I..I…” she started, trying to think of something to say but words failed her.
The man before her regarded her a moment, taking in her obvious alienation to the city and spying the few silver coins in her hand. Another young refugee, them what you will the city was full of them, people of all ages and races, fleeing their homes as a result of the minor wars and skirmishes breaking out across the lands.
“Elkan Das’Tarren at your service…” he inclined his head in greeting.
Sasha smiled hesitantly back, the green pools of her eyes searching his face.
“Sasha..Aesacha Parry Sir, from Dandreds Fold, Alterac…” she offered her hand.
Elkan took the offered hand and rather than shake it kissed it lightly atop, allowing himself a small smile as she blushed slightly.
He looked at the small shivering scrap before him his hand still holding hers lightly, there was something about her, the large eyes dominating her pale face looking up at him without a hint of suspicion or wariness. He offered her a handful of coins.
"Here, my dear"he said as he closed her hand around the coins.
She looked up and frowned then pushed the coins back.
"No thank you Sir, I have money of my own" her voice was firm and held a hint of pride.
Elkan sighed inaudibly and didnt force her further.
Gallantly taking his leave he walked thoughtfully towards his home. He didn't know why but something about her had touched him, her untouched innocence..her refusal to take his aid...
For an uncharacteristic moment he worried for her well being. He looked back over his shoulder, she was still sitting there shivering, she wouldnt last long without help, without guidance. How long would it be he thought before some lowlife took advantage of her naivety and turned her into a wily pickpocket or worse.
As he pondered the matter he spied a familiar figure from the corner of his eye and his mind hatched the embryo of a plan.
"Telrunya" he hailed across the street "A word if you please"

Aesacha sighed softly to herself and pulled her cloak around her, then looked up slowly as she became aware of someone in front of her looking at her.
A tall lean young man stood in front of her, swathed in red and black, the lower half of his face covered by a red mask, she shuddered slightly as she realised it was red with blood. He looked at her with deep amethyst eyes, expressionless eyes despite their vivid colour.
She looked at him curiously
"Come" he said, his voice as expressionless as his eyes "Its time for you to learn"

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PostSubject: Re: 'Til Death takes us. Sasha and Tel   Wed Feb 23, 2011 12:12 am

Great story, left me wanting to know more about her
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PostSubject: Re: 'Til Death takes us. Sasha and Tel   Wed Feb 23, 2011 12:33 pm

I am going to haunt this spot until I find out more...

Very alluring, please add soon.
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PostSubject: Re: 'Til Death takes us. Sasha and Tel   Fri Jul 01, 2011 11:08 pm

Sasha Parry sat close to the small fire and felt wretched. She stared sightlessly at the dancing flames and not for the first time wondered how she had come to this and what on earth she was going to do.
She wondered if she should go back to Alterac and her brothers, throw herself on their mercy and beg them to take her back. She would look after the house for the Syndicate men, do as she was told and at least be secure and with those who had once cared. Then her fathers face would come into her mind, the look death had etched onto his face, his last words ringing in her ears still "Run" and she knew she would never return.
Had it only been a day since the stranger had approached her in the city and told her to follow?
Why had she gone with him? She didn't know him, he could have been anyone she thought, killed her, robbed her, or worse. Perhaps he still intended to and for a moment a shiver of apprehensive fear ran down her spine.
She secretly stole a glance at her companion, he was sitting silently opposite her holding a skinned rabbit impaled on a dagger over the fire and seemed oblivious to her presence.
She wondered what he wanted with her and tried to pluck up the courage to ask but a glance at the impassive eyes glinting in the firelight and any words died on her lips.
"Here" his voice interrupted her misery and she jumped with fright, letting out a startled cry as a piece of hot roast rabbit landed on her lap.
"Eat" he said "You'll need stamina for tomorrow" it was the first she'd heard him speak since he had told her to follow.
She looked up and across at him as she picked the meat up with a trembling hand and nibbled at it obediently.
She thought she heard him sigh slightly.
After they had eaten in silence he walked towards her, she backed fearfully against a crop of rock.
"Stand up"
She pressed her back against the rock and shook her head, her huge eyes filled with fear. He reached down and took her arms and pulled her to her feet, there was no roughness, no brutality, just a firm pull that she had no choice but to obey.
"Turn around"
She just stood and looked at him, rooted to the spot.
Again that slightly irritated sigh.
He spun her slowly by the shoulder in a full circle in front of him eyeing her critically as he did so.
"Much work needed" he said softly almost to himself. He looked at her, his violet eyes locked on hers.
"Show me your weapons"
She looked back at him, her eyes filled with confusion, her mouth still try with nerves.
"W..what weapons?" she managed to whisper.
"I thought as much" he said and for a moment she thought she saw a touch of animation in his eyes.
"When you've eaten, we leave" he stated.
She didn't reply.

They left their small camp a few moments later, back into the small boat and he silently rowed them to shore.
"Follow" and he led them off the beach and into the grass plains and farmlands of what she later learned was Westfall.
As they approached a farmstead, he stopped and told her to wait where she was and not to move, should anything approach and threaten her she was to shout of him.
She nodded
"What do I shout?" she managed to ask.
He looked at her, behind his mask he smiled ever so slightly.
"Telrunya" he replied. " and if you can't manage to say all that, then Tel will do" and with that he seemed to melt from her sight.
Alone in the dark she wondered if she dared run, she looked around and realised she didn't know where she was or which way to go. In the distance she heard howls of coyotes and the screeching of carrion birds and she shuddered slightly. For the first time since her encounter with this man she wished he was here.
A few seconds later, she heard a soft "Psst". She looked towards the sound to see Telrunya beckoning her over to him. Moving as quickly and as silently as she could she moved towards him.
Daggers in his hands he prodded at a shape with his foot, she looked down.
"Take it" he said
At his feet was a corpse of a young woman, across her throat the gaping gash of a knife blade.
"S..she's dead" Sasha managed to say
"I know" the irritation in his voice was now quite tangible "I just killed her, now take it" He motioned towards the fallen woman's dagger.
She hesitated slightly, her eyes never leaving his. His eyes flashed in the moonlight, a touch of anger in them.
She knelt down and took the dagger.
He nodded "Follow"
For the best part of the night he had her follow him around the plains, every so often he would tell her to wait, he would seemingly fade into the darkness, to reappear a few moments later to beckon her over and order her strip yet another dead woman of either her jacket, belt or other item of clothing or weaponry.
She was extremely tired and weary when they finally rowed back to the island but sleep was not allowed her just yet. He opened the door to a small shack and motioned her to enter.
"Change" he said and dropped the looted clothing on the floor.
She wanted to argue but didn't quite dare so as he left to rebuild their fire she reluctantly stripped from her own clothes and into the newly acquired "corpse clothes" as she dubbed them.
Tucking the slightly too big shirt into the slightly too tight pants, she walked out, pulling on a leather jacket as she did so.
He eyed her as she approached and nodded
"Better" he acknowledged. "Now the weapons" and he walked over to her and fastened a belt bearing two sheathed daggers around her waist.
He stood back and assessed her.
"It will suffice for now" he said. "Right girl, now you sleep"
She looked relieved as he threw her a blanket and she curled up by the fire, her eyes almost immediately closing sleepily.
"Tomorrow we start, you will be my pupil I will teach you, do you understand me girl?"
She replied with a sleepy noise of acquiescence
"Its Sasha" she said as she drifted off."My name is Sasha...."
"Then tomorrow Sasha I teach you to kill"
Thankfully she was blissfully asleep and didnt here his words.
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PostSubject: Re: 'Til Death takes us. Sasha and Tel   Thu Jan 05, 2012 9:13 pm

It has been sometime since I last had a pupil, I have no real desire to have one now, but at times what we desire is not what we get.
"Teach her to survive, to defend herself against the world" Elkan had said and despite my reluctance he had thanked me and left, his final words "I know you will do your utmost, I trust your word that you will keep her with you until you can teach her no more"

There are not many people I will pledge my word to, but Elkan Das'Tarran is the one man, if any, I owe what passes as my honour to.

She looks up at me as I address her, I am reminded of a rabbit caught in a hunters flare, her eyes wide and afraid, already I know that the task Elkan has set me will not be quick or easy.
She follows me without question, too trusting, that will be the first thing I need to teach or rather the second, I notice she bears no weapons.
She doesn't speak, this is good, it saves me the effort of having to ignore her questions and chatter. I see she is cold, hungry and tired, I don't care for her sake, but for mine, it will be a waste of my time and effort to try and teach her anything while her mind is on food.
I take her to a small island off the coast of Westfall, stopping only to kill a couple of rabbits, small game, easy to prepare to give her nourishment and warmth without wasting too much time.

As I prepare the fire, I feel her eyes on me, watching my every move from where she sits in the shadows cast by the firelight. I look back at her and she quickly looks away, her eyes showing her fear. I fail to see why she is scared, we are on an island, there are no wild animals here, people rarely venture here and it's too far from shore for murlocs to bother us.
I'm beginning to think she is either a mute or a bit simple,not a single sound has come from her and her eyes continue to regard me with fear.As she eats, I watch her, she shivers and I notice her clothes are thin and offer little warmth, it seems I shall have to equip her now rather than wait. I will wait until the moon rises, its shadows will conceal us, its light just enough to see by.I tell her to eat, she will need the strength, she barely touches the meat, she nibbles at it like a mouse at corn, it is her fear that will kill her before all else. I rarely feel anything for others, yet looking at her sitting there in her groundless mindless fear, I feel irritated by her then annoyed at myself for letting this bother me. I swear to myself that I will quickly do what I can for her and pass her onto another and thereby keep my word to Elkan.
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PostSubject: Re: 'Til Death takes us. Sasha and Tel   

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'Til Death takes us. Sasha and Tel
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