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 King of the Blood Elves

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PostSubject: King of the Blood Elves   Tue Jan 26, 2010 12:51 pm

** Deleted - Character no longer on TVC **

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PostSubject: Sovereign of the Sin'dorei   Tue Jan 26, 2010 2:51 pm

Sovereign of the Sin'dorei

Jaelen Sunwhisper was not gifted with the warm embrace of a glorious star, shining brightly down upon the forests of Quel'thalas, it's own contribution to this blessed day. No sun bore it's light down upon the shattered land he called home, no light save for the thundering cracks of scintilating purple and lilac, a prismatic spray across the heavens, shattering asunder the clouds to bring glimpses of a distant, starry sky. Yet awoken already he was, fel-green eyes carefull upon the distant horison, his beautiful fiencee slumbering restlessly on a large mattress behind him, a gentle palm strewn over the light rise of her pregant abdomen. Jaelen could feel it, always could he feel it now, the tendrils of grasping, searching magic that stretched forth from her child, yearning and begging for the sweet touch of magic, feeding it's deadly addiction.
"It is time." spoke a voice, breaking Jaelen from his thoughts. Turning his head aside, the purple mist of an ethreal came into view, garbed in gloriously sewn bindings of gold and silver trim, set with the mark of the Sunwhisper Expedition, "Dawn comes to Quel'thalas."
"Inform the Nexus-Prince. We shall prepare shorly." spoke Jaelen, his tones reseved and calm as he guestured aside to the Chief Officer, adding as a final command, "Activate the Gate."

There was an almighty flash of dazzling sunlight, a surging wind, a rising roar with a sharp pop as air was sucked back and forth about a vaccum. Great arms of gold and silver burst forth from a pinprick of light within the medium-sized Magister's hall set apart for the use of teleportation to the great event. Brilliant stripes of a strange liquid burst forth from the centre, arching out to each of the metallic arms, filling the space with a vertical liquid, monumental in size. Stunned Magisters and earlier guests staggered backwards, expressions of shock, entertainment and fear ranging between them as the huge portal shimmered and halted, rotating slowly around a fixed point, a vertical wall of water through which nothing could be seen. There is a fluctuation, a ripple of unknown origin mere moments before two figures step through the portal. Both garbed in silver wrapping with a bronze trim, they pulse and glow sofly, the location of their gaze impossible to tell from the indestinction of their heads. On the left-hand figure is the sigil of the Sunwhisper Expedition, and on the right-hand figure is born proudly the mark of the Consortium. Stepping each to one side, the envoy-party from Netherstorm comes forth.

"King of Pentacles" resounded a calm voice within Jaelen's mind as he regarded the gloriously-clad figure ascend to the raised throne. Giving a light smile, he glanced aside to the white-clad figure on his arm, dazzling in the light and soft glow of early pregnancy. Even the stretching desire of the child within her form seemed to have quietened for the moment as the prophetic memory drifted through Jaelen's mind once more. "The Elf who would be King." Truly he looked it in his stunning attire, and Jaelen was lost to he sounds of his vow as he contemplated his own Magister's robes, unworn for a good manner of time, both due to his past disinterest in the matters of Silvermoon and again for their exquisite make leaving common usage an unthinkable crime. With his interest lost to the lengthy words of Magyk's vow, Jaelen turned his eyes upon the guests.

Further away from himself he could see the figure of the Nexus-Prince Hammond, present thanks to Jaelen's close partnership with the Consortium, yet the sin'dorei well knew that the Nexus-Prince was not attending in person, little more than a projected image was attending Magyk's coronation, a guesture of good-will if nothing more. Ethereal's did tend to stand out in normal company, yet amongst so many races and colours, even their rose-pink and purple was largely unnoticed in the huge gathering of those important enough to warrant a place in the hall itself. With his fel-green attentions brought closer to himself, Jaelen chose to regard Catari and Alathreal instead. Never had he likely enjoyed either's company, for it was uncommon for they to see eye-to-eye. Even the distant battles against the Demon of Andorhal had done little to ease the gulf between Magister and Blood Knight. Perhaps, when the time comes, Jaelen withheld a quiet hope, there might be peace between us at last. His thoughts did not linger further on the details of 'the time'.

"Sunblade. Now there's an interesting target for my attentions." Jaelen though in the silence of his mind as Magyk continued to speak. "Of all those to retain the power required to wield the weapon of Andorhal, is it truly you who are destined to vanquish the Demon? There remain three of the New Age with the power to do so, and one of the Old Age. Time comes, I-" Jaelen's thought it cut short, his attentions flashing towards the lowering crown, a lilt of ammusement touching the corner of his lips. "Show-off." he contemplated for a moment as the cry, "Sunwell save the King" went forth. Quel'thalas had a King once more.

Even as the crowds moved forth, out to drink and be merry. As the Nexus-Prince offered the new King a simple congratulations and an even simpler, if no less precious gift before departing sharply back to the waiting Stormgate - Jaelen lingered alone. Xondra moved forwards, mingling amongst nobles and her grandfather alike, comfortable to speak with a proud flush in her cheeks of the obvious child she bore. Jaelen, however, continued to regard the King himself. Allready re-instated into the Magister's Order with immediate effect, with governance over 20% of Sunwing Enterprises, not to mention the extensive resources of the Stormspire and the research carried on there, plus his impending marriage into the Royal Family, Jaelen realised the importance of his opinion regarding Magyk Sunwing. Before long, he would be known himself as Jaelen Sunwing, and from such moments as this and then, he could no longer consider the Lord-Magister as a collegue, a comrade, an ally and a friend. This was his King. This would be a good King. In such a moment, amongst the silence of his own mind, Jaelen pledged his support to the King.
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King of the Blood Elves
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