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 Annisa, Sister of the Vile Thorn.

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PostSubject: Annisa, Sister of the Vile Thorn.   Tue Mar 08, 2011 7:40 pm

The blood elf trans-located to the under city, once there she wrinkled her nose slightly and climbed back up onto her hawk-strider.

Pulling on its reins it ran forwards turning to the left and heading back out of the under city and into tirisfal glades, a gloomy darkness seemed to sweep over them as they rode deeper into the forest, and the smell of poison and blight assaulted her nose.

She pulled on the reins again, taking care to scan the area as she stopped, squinting slightly as she scanned the most distant areas for any signs, she recalled how she'd been here just two days ago and given the mission to find her mask from the Deadmines.

she grinned slightly, taking her hands to the back of her head and tightening the mask around her face as she slipped from her hawk-strider, landing softly on the ground before slipping into the shadows, renewing the poison on her blades and continued the journey on foot.

The thorns were already gathering just outside the inn, slowly, she moved up to them, their voices becoming clearer as she got closer, she stood and listened briefly before they all moved inside to the inn, forming a half circle she watched as the others knelt down, still in the shadows she took up a blank space next to Slyvixen and a Male Blood elf and knelt down.

“Hail Thorns”

The voice seemed to command respect and was full of authority, not to mention it seemed to come from no where, she looked up, to see a forsaken woman appear infront of her, in turn the thorns she had addressed saluted her with respect as she stared straight at where the blood elf knelt in the shadows.


The blood elf looked up in the direction of the voice, slightly perplexed.

“Yes Mistress?”

The Thorn Mistress looked at her.

“Do you have your mask?”

A blood elf female walked in and saluted the thorn mistress and knelt as Annisa nodded in reply before answering.

“Yes Mistress”

Anethrax did no more then look straight back out of the door, nodding only very slightly at the blood elf’s reply.

Annisa went back to scanning the area, only briefly tightening the bandage on her hand, grimacing slightly at the pain from where the death-master had sat on it just a day or so ago.

“Annisa, Step forward sister.”

The thorn mistress looked straight at her again as she slunk forward quietly, standing stealthed infront of her.

“Out of the shadow's for now, Sister.”

Annisa frowned slightly but complied, she dropped the shadows and stood infront of her the thorn mistress continued to stare at her as Annisa tightened her mask again.

“Now Kneel and repeat after me”

She replied as she watched the blood elf nod slightly and go down onto one knee infront of her.

“'I [Name] Pledge my life, soul and blades to the Vile thorns and the Thorn mistress'”

Annisa looked up at the mistress as she spoke.

“I Annisa, Pledge my life, soul and blades to the Vile thorns and the Thorn Mistress”

Anethrax continued as soon as the blood elf had stopped.

“'My kills shall be my bread, blood and poison shall be my wine, the screams of terror my music'”

Annisa looked back down, suddenly feeling aware of being out of the shadow's.

“My kills shall be my bread, blood and poison shall be my wine, the screams of terror my music”

“"I from now on shall perform my actions as a thorn to the best of my ability and wear my tabard with pride!"”

Annisa nodded as she spoke, hoping this would end soon and she could go back to being in the shadow's.

“I from now on shall perform my actions as a thorn to the best of my ability and wear my tabard with pride!.”

“Now Stand”

The blood elf looked up, Standing immediately, Anethrax saluted her to have it quickly returned by the blood elf standing infront of her along with a slightly incline of the head as she smiled behind her mask.

Annisa looked to her right slightly as the room filled with noise and the other thorns stood to cheer and salute her, a bright light filled the room momentarily from her left side, and she was sure she'd heard the sound of an explosion she looked back at the Anethrax.

“Return to your place, Sister.”

Annisa nodded and did as she was told, feeling a little more settled she knelt back down in her place next to her brother and sister thorn.

Anethrax looked at them all in turn, looking outside the door after looking fully around the half circle she nodded slightly.

“Thorns, let's head out to the Grave Yard.”

Although spoken in the way of a question nobody answered but stood and walked out, chattering softly to each other as they left, Annisa lagging at the back, watching them and the area for signs of danger as she suddenly felt the urge to slip back into where she knew was safe.
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PostSubject: Re: Annisa, Sister of the Vile Thorn.   Tue Mar 08, 2011 9:16 pm

Slyvixen watches with growing excitement as her Sister takes her Oath, kneeling before the Thorn Mistress as she speaks.

Her welcome complete she is free to step back into the shadows, where she feels safe.

Taking her place close to Sly once more, she does not take to the shadows and Sly smiles behind her own Mask, knowing that here with her fellow Thorns she is feeling more secure.

Later they move to the Graveyard and her new Sister keeps her distance again, moving back into the shadows once more.

Sly nods to herself and turns her attention back to the gathering and what is being said.

Welcome Sister.

Teh Vixen
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PostSubject: Re: Annisa, Sister of the Vile Thorn.   Wed Mar 09, 2011 11:43 am

((( crap they all know the oath now! Love the story Annisa ))
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PostSubject: Re: Annisa, Sister of the Vile Thorn.   Thu May 12, 2011 3:22 pm

Pulling her dagger across the humans throat, she sighed softly as her glove turned a deep red colour covered with blood, letting go of the man’s forehead he fell to the floor and landed face down beside the lake, stepping into the shadow's she wiped her blade's in the process and reapplied the poison, the young sindorei smiled to herself as she remembered the word's of her brother before he went to war.

“The most pleasing kill, is taking a clean, sharpened blade and slowly drawing it across their neck's, effortless but inflicts all the more pain, if done properly”

she smiled as she remembered the first day she had tried, it didn't go right on the first attempt, she had killed it to fast, but her next she was much better at, laughing softly from the shadow's as she remembered the joy she felt on her kill.

She had learned fast and a lot in her short time in training, sent to the mistress when she had surpassed the training of her master before, she frowned suddenly as her mind wandered back to her brother, she shook her head as she stabbed the back of her next kill watching it fall to the floor with a smile on her lips, the alliance would pay.

“Annisa?” The sound of the coms and the mistress's voice crackled into her ear.

“Mistress?” she replied back.

“Meet me in Brill sister, I have something to ask you”

“Yes Mistress”

Annisa climbed up onto her hawk-strider and rode back from the hinterland's, taking her hands to the back of her head she tightened her mask and placed new poison on her weapons as she landed outside Brill, slipping into the shadow's she headed towards the inn, seeing the mistress and a male sindorei standing, she peered untrustingly at him as the mistress stared into the shadow's and smiled slyly.

“Step from the shadow's sister”

Anethrax continued to scan them, finally resting her gaze directly on Annisa's location, dropping them Annisa saluted the mistress.

“Hail Mistress”

“Annisa, tell us of your bloodline”

This seemed like a strange request and one that Annisa disliked talking about so openly infront of people she did not know or trust, she eyed the male as she replied

“My Bloodline Mistress?”

“Yes Annisa, your bloodline”

“I don’t think I understand”

Anethrax smiled slightly as she eyed the male.

“Tell her what we mean in more depth brother”.

The male sindorei nodded as Annisa eyed him from top to toe, trying to evaluate him.

“Your family, your background, nobility, brothers, sisters, mother, father, living relatives, tell us off them”

Annisa frowned as he spoke and thought carefully before replying, tightening her mask as she did so she looked at the Mistress as she spoke.

“My mother is deceased, both my sister's also, Father went crazy once they were gone, locked up eventually for his own “safety” but later shot for causing trouble, my brother went to fight in the war and is M.I.A, assumed dead, Mistress”

Anethrax studied her for a moment upon hearing it, although seemingly cold she remained silent for some time, lost in thought as she stared at the young female before nodding slowly.

“What do you think brother?”

She looked at the male as she spoke, who stared at Annisa also, his eyes darting about in wonder.

“Practically a clean slate, I can work with it, I will get into the archive's erase her old life and create for her a new one with more nobility until then she will need to be unseen whilst I gather the rest of the council, if you think she is up to the job of infiltrating deep enough to get the thorns back into Silvermoon eventually then that is enough, I shall be in touch Mistress”

Anethrax nodded as she eyed Annisa again, waving her hand dismissively towards the male she walked towards Annisa.

“Come sister, Darious will deal with the rest”

Annisa nodded and followed returning to the shadow's for safety.

“Annisa, do you know what we are asking of you?”

Annisa studied Anethrax who looked into the shadow's straight at her, dropping them she nodded slightly.

“You are asking me to infiltrate the Silvermoon council to gain us more ground to work with, to work "undercover"?”

Anethrax nodded slowly.

“Perhaps a few other things in time”

Annisa smiled behind her mask and she watched the Mistress continue to walk to the lake behind Brill.

“A few things Mistress, Once in place, if meetings are at the same time as the Thorn meetings, which do I attend?”

Anethrax turned and looked at her.

“Until further notice, you attend all Council meeting's possible, that will be your priority, until then you are to keep a low profile”.

Annisa nodded.

“And the male Mistress, do you trust him?”

Anethrax shrugged slightly.

“He is a thorn brother Annisa, we have no reason not to trust him, but, keep your eyes on him, do not let him wander from the task, Make sure the power does not go to his head sister, Understood?”

Annisa grinned and nodded again.

“Ofcourse Mistress, and the people he is of to speak too?”

“That, Sister, is for your judgement”

“I do not trust those I do not know, and barely trust those I do.”

Anethrax turned to face her again.

“That, Sister, is a good idea”

Anethrax slipped into the shadow's disappearing from view, Annisa laughed softly and walked slowly to the edge of the lake, shifting into the shadow's as she did so thoughts of why the mistress had chosen the new comer of the thorns to take on such a mission..
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PostSubject: Re: Annisa, Sister of the Vile Thorn.   Thu May 12, 2011 3:59 pm

((Your a good writer, and your pic is amazing. Please keep sharing hun, want to know more about this conspiracy!))
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PostSubject: Re: Annisa, Sister of the Vile Thorn.   Thu May 12, 2011 6:57 pm

(( Nice story Annisa. But the events may or may not of happend! ))
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PostSubject: Re: Annisa, Sister of the Vile Thorn.   Tue May 17, 2011 6:21 pm

It had been weeks now since she had last spoken to the mistress about her mission, and still no word had came from Darious about it, she has asked and the mistress had just shook her head in reply, she continued to kill her contracts, pulling the dagger just slowly enough to cause them enough pain before they died completely, letting their head's go she watched as they fell forward landing face down, a pool of blood soon surrounding them, the feeling she got once they were dead sometimes made her wonder if it would ever leave her, she smiled to herself slightly, looking around she noticed the red of the dirt in this demon forsaken place and sighed, longing to be back in Azeroth once more instead of the Out-land’s, heading for her hawk-strider, standing close by she pulled on the reins and headed back to the outpost, buying a portal from a passing magi back to Under-city, handing a few coins for his trouble she nodded, still shrouded in shadow's as he frowned, looking around for her.

The portal crackled as she walked into it, the sounds of the under-city surrounding her once more, she wrinkled her nose in disgust as the smell of the slim in the canals filled her nose, still unused to it, walking forward she found two of her sister's sat, talking with a mage about a mission earlier that night.

“Hail Sister's”

She spoke softly but from a safe distance as she watched from the shadow's, the mage suddenly looking around herself in search of the bodiless voice.

“Hail Sister”

Slyvixen nodded towards the sound of the voice and Annisa smirked, sitting softly down beside her sister's still staying safe within the shadow's the mage began to take in deep breaths, sniffing the air.

“Who is your friend? Whoever it is, they seem to give off a distinct smell, drop the shadow's.”

Cindy looked at the two girls, frowning before Annisa snapped across her.

“That is -not- going to happen and what is it to you?”

She smirked behind her mask as she eyed the scantily dressed mage over.

“The thorns owe me, I suggest you don't do anything you regret”

“The thorns may owe you, but I do not at this time”

She stared from the shadow's at the mage, watching her closely as she stood up and began to walk around.

“Tell me about that gem you all took from Dalaran, what does it do?”

Cindy looked back to Slyvixen, smiling softly, Annisa grinned and shook her head sighing.

“Nobody will say anything, I suggest you go speak with the Mistress or the Death-master’s”

Cindy turned around, looking for Annisa again, her voice becoming angry as she spoke.

“Soulak will tell me, he likes me at least, you meddlesome, stinking rogue”

Speaking softly to herself, the mage began to take on a hazy form before disappearing from view completely.

“Sister's you must be careful with what you say to that one, something isn't right, who was she?”

Annisa looked at Slyvixen who smiled softly.

“She helped us get away from Dalaran tonight, her name is Cindy I believe”

Annisa nodded.

“I have to go speak with the Mistress, Shadow's Protect Sister's”

Annisa stood and began to dance along the shadow's towards Brill, speaking into her coms she asked for the mistress to meet her as she left the entrance to under-city.

“Meet me in Brill sister” came the mistress's reply.

Annisa tightened her mask, straightened her tabard as she drew closer to Brill, stopping momentarily on the mound she re-poisoned her blades and headed in to the small out post, the Mistress stood in the grave yard awaiting her, Annisa saluted in greeting as she finally dropped the shadow's.

“Mistress, I have some information that may be of either concern or interest, perhaps both”

The mistress looked at Annisa, nodding slowly.

“Carry on sister”

“Mistress, it appears after the mission tonight the mage used to transport the team away is interested in the gem you gained, I caught her trying to ask two of the sister's about it, she didn’t seem at all pleased that I stopped her so abruptly”

Soulak dropped the shadow's and appeared beside the mistress, listening as Annisa told of the mage.

“I believe her name to be Cindy, and she seems to think Death-master Soulak has some form of crush on her and would tell her anything"

Anethrax turned to look at Soulak, raising an eyebrow.

“Is that so, sister, Interesting, you are to keep an eye on her, find out as much as you can and report back to me at the meeting, do not let me down Annisa”

“Ofcourse Mistress, I will see you at the meeting, may I go before the trail lays cold?”

Anethrax nodded.

“Shadow's Protect Annisa”

Annisa nodded as she slipped into the shadow's.

“Shadow's Protect Mistress, Death-master”

Annisa headed back to Under-city, hoping she would be able to find the mage and she hadn’t teleported out yet.
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PostSubject: Re: Annisa, Sister of the Vile Thorn.   Tue May 17, 2011 7:43 pm

Annisa followed the mage for the rest of the day, laughing to herself silently at her foolishness not to notice until the magi stopped in the court yard of the ruins in under-city, raising an eyebrow as a Forsaken approached the Magi, wearing colours unknown to the sindorei.

“Commander Sarcophagus”.

“Cindy, what news do you have?”

The Forsaken looked over the magi, a small smile drawing across his lips as he eyed her bare skin in her black mage weave, Annisa rolled her eyes as she mumbled to herself quietly.

“They acquired a gem, after a short time of fact finding, I believe it to be some sort of gem for death or some such, I could not find out a lot more, a meddling, stinking rogue sister of there’s stopped me and didn’t allow them to speak of it.”

The magi looked slightly furious suddenly, frowning as she mentioned how Annisa had stopped her.

“Never mind my dear, we shall keep an eye on these thorns, send a scout to their meetings, I am informed they are held within the grave yard of Brill, no doubt, we will find something out there”

The forsaken smiled slightly, although the look portrayed complete evil intent, a bright smile coursed across the magi's mouth, her eyes sparkling as though looking at a fresh fire burning away, her passion and anger was deep seated and she nodded energetically.

“You work on the source of yours that death-master that has a thing for you, perhaps he will give something up to you”

The magi's expression changed suddenly as she frowned, shaking her head.

“He will give me nothing, he is there second in command”.

The forsaken nodded slightly, waving a hand dismissively.

“You may leave, I shall be in touch Cindy”

The mage nodded, taking a mat from her bag and placing it upon the floor, it began to grow in size, finally floating in mid air as a gust of wind rode underneath it, leaves and dirt kicked up by the small funnels of wind caused.

Annisa watched the mage fly away, and at that moment subconsciously made the decision to follow the old forsaken, in hopes of finding out his next move, following him back to a old abandoned tower once at the top he opened and door, walked through and once settled he began to talk to himself as he wrote into a black, leather bound book.

“I wonder what that gem does, untrustworthy band of assassin fools”

The forsaken put down his book once writing and leaned back against his white cushions in his high backed chair, frowning as he looked over the Ruins of Lordaeron, lost deep in though, Annisa sat and watched from afar suspiciously, keeping an eye on her surroundings, a soft guttural snoring noise came from the direction of the forsaken, she frowned slightly, slowly making her way to the desk he had left his book on she opened it soundlessly and flicked through the pages, smirking to herself.

I plan to have to departments to The Dragon-lance Crusader's, one for healing and one for damage, with heads for each, we shall train and...

The writing seemed to become unreadable, next to it on the other page was a small piece of writing about his mission to lead his dragon-lancer’s across Azeroth, into Outland and Northrend and eventually back to deal with Death-wing once prepared.

Annisa rolled her eye's, closing the book lightly it fell to the last page. A list of what he planned to do the next day stared her in the face, she took a pen and paper and wrote them down.

Investigate and question about one Thorn Mistress, find out about her order, family, living relatives, deceased relatives, children and association with the horde and the queen.

Annisa raised an eyebrow, wondering to herself why there was so much emphasis on the mistress, frowning she closed to book properly, replaced the pen and placed the paper into her pocket, quietly leaving the room, closing the door behind her as she descended back down the spiral staircase, once reaching the bottom she looked up to the stars.

Sighing softly she slowly made her way to the inn, placing a blanket from her bag over her gently, in a darkened cover of the inn, she drifted into a light sleep for the night, awaiting the meeting tomorrow.
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PostSubject: Re: Annisa, Sister of the Vile Thorn.   Wed May 18, 2011 12:00 pm

((Looking good, I guess I will take your blade to my back at some point Annisa of the Thorns, looking forward to more of your storyline.))
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PostSubject: Re: Annisa, Sister of the Vile Thorn.   Wed May 18, 2011 6:12 pm

The day was cold, the sun no where in sight as the rain pounded down on Annisa, she had hardly slept all night, she now stared at the commander in a meeting of his own, luck had payed her a visit and information had reached her eyes of the dragon-lancer’s meeting within the ruins, she pulled her hood over her mask and agile stepped through the shadow's to get as close as possible.

"Sachmet, Cindy, this is a new cadet, Profanus, I trust you will treat him well"

The forsaken smirked as he looked over the girls play fighting with each other before suddenly turning to teasing one another in turn, rolling his eyes he sighed.

"The thorns and the lancers are now allies, we are to work together, however, we will still be looking into them, I do not trust their intentions, something is not right"

He looked around his circle as Cindy’s elemental threw a frost nova at Sachmet, sticking her to the spot, Cindy smirked slyly, shielding herself in her usual ice barrier.

"Woman! Sit down, -Now-"

The two woman sat down, frowning as an argument broke out, Annisa grinned to herself to see such issues within a order was always amusing and intriguing, someone was not enforcing their authority clearly for such dis-respect within the ranks.

"I have had enough, Sachmet, I will speak with you once this meeting is over, do you understand?"

The forsaken's voice although gravely, boomed across the two woman, leaving Cindy grinning wickedly as Sachmet sighed and rolled her eyes.

"Yes, whatever Commander".

"Good, now, back to business, those thorns are up to something and I intend to find out, as for their mistress, she is something I cannot figure out..."

The forsaken stopped talking mid sentence and took on a look of wonder and thought before quickly shaking his head, a smile playing across his lips lightly.

"Cindy, have you spoken with your death-master contact?"

Cindy shook her head.

"No, he has been busy with hunting and the thorns, I have not seen him"

The forsaken nodded slowly.

"Very well, continue your work, as for the rest of you, I trust your training is doing well, as for the thorns, if you come across them I suggest to approach with kindness but also caution, they are not to be trusted, especially that damned mistress of theirs and do not be fooled, I have been told where ever she goes, a gang of her thorns follow behind unseen"

Annisa grinned as she listened from beside a tree, the raining lightening now and the sun slowly coming from behind the clouds, she moved to a place she could get a clearer view, watching them closely as the forsaken waved his hand dismissively, saluting to his cadets.

"Dismissed, remember what I said, and any information you get on the thorns is to be reported to me immediately"

The cadets stood, saluted and called for their appropriate mount's.

“Sachmet, a word, now.”

The forsaken's voice once again boomed across the noise of his cadets and their animals, Sachmet rolled her eyes and nodded, sliding from her bone griffon she followed him, Annisa turned walking away far enough so they could passed she found a tunnel and sat in it, watching and listening once again.

“What is your problem Cadet, are you ashamed to wear our tabard, to ride with us, work with us, fight for us?”

Sachmet shrugged lightly.

“No, but the things you strive for are being done by a thousand other orders, what makes yours so much better, “commander””

The forsaken stood and eyed over the sindorei death knight, smirking to himself.

“Perhaps you should learn a little more before you open your mouth with such disrespect, Cadet.

My order is different because it works directly for our queen, we work for more then you know and you won't know either”.

He smirked again, taking a tabard from his bag, he threw it at his cadet.

“Now, make sure you wear that tabard with pride, do not let me see you throwing such disrespect around again, do you understand? Lest the Queen herself deal with you”.

He waved his hand dismissively again, the death knight shrugged, putting the tabard into her bag, turning she walked away slowly, letting out a sharp whistle her griffon landed a few feet away, she ran to it, jumping onto its back, screeching the bone griffon flapped, heading into the air as she landed on it.

Annisa sighed, pulling her hood down she shook her fiery red ponytail loose as it blew in the wind, moving her hands to the back of her head she tightened her mask before moving to follow the forsaken commander as he moved back towards his abandoned tower, once at the top and inside, she stood behind him and watched as he wrote about the mistress in great detail.

The woman invades my waking thoughts now, not only my dreams, what is it about her and her assassins, her eyes peer into my very soul, do you think she knows. Her beauty captivates me and yet, I cannot trust her and her bunch of assassins, i wonder, will she ever give me a chance?

Annisa grinned, stepping back away from him, he dropped the book as his head fell forward, asleep again, rolling her eyes she opened the door again and slipped out, looking to the sky, she began her way back to Brill, preparing herself for the meeting.
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PostSubject: Re: Annisa, Sister of the Vile Thorn.   Thu May 19, 2011 3:47 pm

The thorns began to gather, no doubt even more were in the shadow's then there was showing themselves, she laughed to herself, getting as close as she could without dropping into view, she spoke loudly enough to be heard.

“Hail Thorn's”

“Hail Sister”

Came the resounding reply from the thorns gathered, the mistress appeared in amongst them suddenly, looking at each of them in turn.

“Thorns, to the grave yard”

The thorns turned, a couple jumping as their mistress spoke, nodding they gathered themselves and began to walk towards the grave yard, sitting down on the bench’s in a half moon, Annisa sat down beside Death-master Soulak, keeping an eye on both the death masters and the rest of the thorns, for any heading in her direction, knowing she had been sat or stepped on more then once.

“Thorn's, we have new allies in the Dragon-lancer's, we are to work together, although I do not trust them at all.”

The thorns sat, looking at her and listening carefully, nodding in agreement, Annisa's thought's went back to what the mistress had told her about trusting people, did that stand for all thorns, she wondered.


The mistress was looking at her expectantly, looking up Annisa smiled.

“Yes Mistress?”

“You have news from the meddling mage do you not?”

“Ah, yes, well, she works for our new allies Mistress,

Her name is Cindy and she doesn’t follow order's to well, she’s been told to gain information from our Death-Master and spy on us.

However, I then went and followed their commander, and Mistress, he seems to be very intrigued by you, and also, finds us most untrustworthy.”

Annisa read from the notes she'd taken to the rest of the thorns, a few laughed silently and looked intrigued themselves as she spoke of the Commanders apparent fascination and will to catch the mistress's heart, the mistress smirked slightly behind her mask.

“Well, he may try, but many have tried and found themselves in a meeting with my dagger's”

Anethrax looked across the thorn's thoughtfully, nodding slightly clearly lost in thought.

“Very Well, Death-Master's get them prepared for the hunt, I believe everything is in order”


Annisa spoke softly as the Mistress turned to look at her.

“Permission to return to keeping an eye on our friends?”

Anethrax nodded slightly.

“Yes, Keep an eye on him Annisa, Shadow's Protect”

Annisa nodded as the mistress faded into the shadow's, re-poisoning her blades for safety she turned to look at her brother's and sister's.

“Good Hunting Thorn's, Shadow's Protect!”

She smiled softly behind her mask, waving she stepped into the shadow's and headed back to the old forsaken commander's tower, once at the top she opened the door and left it open once through to make it seem the wind had made it that way, she smirked to herself as she watched the old Forsaken walk over unsuspecting and mumbling about the elements as she sat and watched him, once again writing in his diary.
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PostSubject: Re: Annisa, Sister of the Vile Thorn.   Thu May 19, 2011 4:15 pm

((Takes up his diary and thumps her with it! lol. Doing a fantastic job on this storyline, if the Commander had stayed a little longer he may have had cause to level his cooking skill with her.))
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PostSubject: Re: Annisa, Sister of the Vile Thorn.   Thu May 19, 2011 4:42 pm

(( Is this a made-up story or happening in game because I seem to have completely missed it o.O ))
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PostSubject: Re: Annisa, Sister of the Vile Thorn.   Thu May 19, 2011 4:45 pm

(( It's on going, this is all that happened before Sarco was race changed, but its carrying on, the bits above happened before you came back im afraid Arli, you did see a bit thats coming up though where Anni got her five days to find Atropine, Keep tuned *grins* Arli Makes an appearence soon if thats ok with you too actually. ))
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PostSubject: Re: Annisa, Sister of the Vile Thorn.   Thu May 19, 2011 4:48 pm

(( ofc it's ok, Arli is like one of those annoying people that always appears pulling a stupid face whenever you try and take a group photo, he gets about a bit. And who doesn't like being mentioned in a story! Thanks for the info on the story, I did wonder why I knew nothing at all yet was in game almost every day Smile ))
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PostSubject: Re: Annisa, Sister of the Vile Thorn.   Fri May 20, 2011 2:27 pm

The forsaken picked up a file he had been looking over and grumbling to himself walked to the door and out of the tower, a small piece of paper falling from it, a month had now passed since Annisa had anything useful to report, she picked up the paper and pulled it into the shadow's with her, looking it over she could see that it was a drawing of an old map, possibly the Barren's, sighing she pocketed it and shadow stepped from the tower lightly.

“Mistress, I have something that may be of interest, should you have time ofcourse”

For the first time in a month Annisa had gotten away from the forsaken finally and spoken on coms, she had always been able to hear her brothers and sister's and longed to be in battle with them once again, however she had stayed with her last order, and hoped that soon it would pay off, the file the forsaken had been looked at, was one of a plan to infiltrate the alliance territory's and the alliance entirely, a seal of the queen pressed upon it, upon seeing it Annisa raised an eyebrow, smirking to herself.

“Report at the meeting Annisa”.

“Yes Mistress”

Annisa took the drawing from her pocket, frowning slightly as she looked down on it.

“I have no idea what this is meant to be a drawing off...”

She spoke softly to herself, replacing the drawing back into her pocket she slipped into Under-city, once there she bought a lot of the older maps of Azeroth and Kalimdor and proceeded to find a deserted and safe spot to look over them, frowning as she placed the drawing beside every place on the maps, unable to connect it to anywhere, she sighed again, slightly frustrated.

“Thorns, Head to Brill”.

Annisa's mood suddenly lightened at being able to go and spend time with the other thorns, even if it was at a meeting, she closed up the maps and put all of them and the picture into her bag, placing it back on her shoulder she stepped back into the shadow's and headed towards Brill.

Her mind raced with all the information she could think of that may be helpful, but nothing came to mind other then the piece of paper and the meeting the forsaken was to have with the queen, she sighed softly, as she shook her head, entering into Brill, her blades poisoned and ready and her mask tightened around her face, she pulled her hood from over her head and shook her ponytail loose as she watched the thorns gather.

“Hail Thorns”.

The thorns spoke amongst themselves, greeting her in return before going back to talking, Annisa remained in the shadow's waiting for the mistress or death-master's to arrive patiently as she took the drawing from her pocket again as a forsaken appeared next to her In the shadow's raising an eyebrow as she took a deep breath in she frowned as the forsaken moved away, following her she watched closely as she noted she wore Slyvixen's mask, colours and her unique dagger's, she shook her head as it tried to tell her this forsaken even smelled the same as her sister.

“Thorn's to the graveyard”

The mistress's voice seemed a little more strained then usual, turning she looked back at the thorns now moving towards the grave yard, she followed at the unknown forsaken disappeared from site, moving over to the benchs she down on the grass behind the thorn's, the forsaken returning to sit beside her, Annisa grabbed the forsakens wrist and dropped from the shadow's hopefully pulling her into the light also.

“Who are you, why do you wear my sister's colour's, her mask and even her dagger's”

Annisa glared angrily towards the forsaken that had followed her, the forsaken just looked at her as the sindorei pulled the coms from her ear.

“You have her coms aswell, are you spying on us?!”

Annisa gripped the forsaken's wrist tighter, seemingly unaware at this moment in time that she could hurt the bony females wrist as she growled her questions to her.


The forsaken female glared at Annisa as she made to grab for the coms machine, Annisa moved her hand swiftly away from her, making sure she could not take it from her.

“Death-master, deal with them”

Anethrax looked towards squadron who nodded, moving over to the two females he glared at them as they both looked back, Annisa threw the forsaken's wrist away from her.

“Sit your arse down before I know the pair of you down”

Squadron growled as he looked over the pair of them, they sat down immediately as he moved back to his seat, Annisa keeping an eye on the forsaken, the coms still in her hand being held tightly as Anethrax nodded and began to spoke.

“Now, as most of you know, we came into possession of the last piece of the crown. Once put together I placed it on my head and it malfunctioned, ever since I have been seeing thing's that apparently aren't there”.

Anethrax turned suddenly, staring into the abyss as she launched a dagger toward a grave stone, Annisa turned to look at her as one of the thorns mumbled something about her throwing one at him in the bar, she frowned, watching the mistress closely.

“Now, I will ask you all to co-operate as I will be kept in a safe spot until we can figure this all out, now, Annisa, you have something to report?”

Annisa looked up, nodding she took the picture from her pocket and held it out so it could be seen.

“He dropped this earlier today, it appears to be a drawing of a island somewhere, it must be extremely old though as even with the oldest maps I can buy I could not place it, I don’t think I have ever seen this place before mistress, he also has a folder, with the seal of the queen upon it, to infiltrate the alliance and gain information, he also, still writes a lot about you into his diary, I think he may have a deeper feeling for you mistress, the things he wri-”

Annisa shivered as she remembered some of the things she saw him write, her face turning a pale colour behind her mask, she shook her head as Anethrax looked at her.

“Very well, Lasombra, you are to take a look at that map and identify the place on it”

Lasombra looked up slightly and nodded to the mistress as the forsaken beside Annisa faded into the shadow's, quickly putting out her hand Annisa pulled her from them again, frowning as Anethrax watched.

“Ah, yes, our uninvited guest, now I will advise that you do not do anything rash”.

The thorns turned and began to circle around Annisa and the forsaken, using Annisa as the begging of the circle as the forsaken turned to them one at a time, her eyes filled slightly with anger and fear.

“Who are you?”

Anethrax stood in the middle with the unknown forsaken as she spoke glaring at her.

“I am of the thorns.”.

The forsaken looked at the mistress as the thorns whispered to each other around her, Annisa saying nothing as she stared at her along with Anethrax.

“Rank within the thorns and how long you have been with us and name?”

“Assassins adept, at least 7 months, Slyvixen”

Anethrax eyed the forsaken over as she spoke, nodding slightly as the thorns gasped and began to whisper to each other, the sindorei more then any other.

“What happened to you sister?”

Annisa stood and shook her head in disbelief, her mind telling her the forsaken was lieing, that she had not lost the two people that had made her feel welcomed from the day she had joined, Risin has fallen and now her sister a forsaken, she watched the forsaken as the mistress and death-master's moved out of the circle to talk, the fallen sister now walked in a circle around them, glaring them each in the eye in turn, Annisa's heart fell suddenly as she realized how bad things had become, she had not been there for her sister due to the mission, it had taken her time and left her sister alone in the grief of her fallen partner, quickly shaking her head she stared at the forsaken, unsure what to make of it, but knowing that no matter what happened the change would not change their friendship, no matter how others would look on it, Annisa began to feel a new found determination as the forsaken was called over to the mistress, asking for her new name before walking back over to the thorns, the mistress looked down the line in turn.

“You all knew that at some point you would fall and were aware of what would happen, Slyvixen shall from now on be known as Atropine Shadow-bane and will no longer be referred to by her sindorei name, now, prepare thorns, and Annisa, give the coms back”.

Annisa frowned, holding out the coms as she looked at Atropine, her eyes filled with concern for her sister, Atropine nodded her thanks as Squadron took her to one side, the forsaken sister looked back to Annisa.

“Annisa, meet me in Orgrimaar later?”

Annisa nodded as the two forsaken moved off, turning to Anethrax she sighed softly as Lasombra looked over the picture.

“Mistress, permission to return to keeping an eye on the Drangon-Lancer commander?”

Anethrax nodded, looking at Annisa.

“Shadow's Protect Sister.”

Anethrax gaze seemed different from all the other's she usually gave out, her gaze was usually emotionless, uncaring, and yet somehow to Annisa it felt different, she shook her head, telling herself she was being foolish, speaking with Lasombra momentarily she nodded as she took the drawing back.

“Thank you for your help brother, it is appreciated”

Slipping into the shadow's her mind awash with the days events she headed back to the tower she had no doubt the Forsaken commander would be and planned to keep the meeting with her sister, as soon as he had fallen into a deep enough unconscious state.
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The sindorei sits and watches the Forsaken sat in his usual spot carefully, sighing to herself she wonders when anything will happen before her mind reverts to the conversation with Atropine, she suddenly hoped she was ok, again she had not seen her since sent back to watch the commander and it had now been a month at the least now since she had anything of worth to report to the mistress, bored she had been told to carry on watching the untrustworthy commander she had nodded and gone back to her post.

The forsaken stands and walks towards the door, following him at a safe distance she smirks to herself as he speaks to himself about a meeting with the dark lady, her hopes finally lifting she follows him to the dark lady's chambers, knowing she can't get in without great difficulty, gets as close as possible to the door so she can hear, the door thudding with a loud clang against the door frame.

“My lady”

“Commander Sarcophagus, I trust you are ready”

“Ofcourse my lady, but, I have one person I would like to accompany me on this journey”

“And who might that be commander?”

The dark lady's voice rang out in the room.

“Atropine Shadow-bane, My lady, a thorn and a old friend, I saved her life, she owes me..”

Annisa raised a eyebrow at the mention of her sister's name, she frowned suddenly realizing what could be about to happen, she switched on her coms and spoke with no reply, she sighed frustrated.

“Very well commander, I trust you have asked her here already?”

Nothing said, the door suddenly clicked and her sister appeared from the shadow's and walked in and Annisa watched carefully, unsure of what to do, especially since she knew Atropine knew all to well Annisa had been watching the commander of late, they greeted each other and disappeared back into the room.

Watching the door carefully Annisa sat for a hour and more as they spoke of what would happen next, she frowned, knowing her sister was about to do something that was not only foolish but would be regarded as turning her back on the thorns, eventually the dark lady left her chamber alone, slipping through the open doorway and past the guards Annisa hugged the shadow's, seeing the room empty she walked to the desk and looked over the books, plans to infiltrate the alliance laid over the desk, both plans of rituals for Atropine and the forsaken, Annisa grit her teeth, trying her coms again to no avail she moved to the place the notes said it would be held, mumbling to herself as she did, seeing atropine alone she watched her pull her mask from herself and lay her tabard with it, taking a deep breath as she headed for the arranged ritual.

“Commander Sarcophagus, you shall go first, your new vessel is awaiting you..”

The Dark lady’s voice rang out across tirisfal, Annisa continued to watch from the shadow's as the rune on the floor pulsated and the three warlocks chanted, watching the forsaken step into the middle the Valkyrie flew down and dragged the half dead body up from the ground, pressing the mind of the Gilnean back, the chanting began to get louder as the mind of the forsaken started to rip away from him and into the Gilnean, a visible struggle began to happen and the two minds fought within the Gilnean, Annisa watched in awe of the fight going on, unsure of what to do but knowing her sister would soon be going through the same.
A surge of dark magic flew across the sky from the Gilnean as the minds settled into the vessel, the dark lady watched with a grin upon her face, Atropine stepped forward as the Gilnean shakily walked away to watch the next, a small Gilnean woman was now raised up as three new warlocks stepped in, the rune glowing a deeper purple around Atropine, Annisa dug her hands into the ground as she watched helplessly, knowing if she interrupted it could mean her life and her sister's.

The three new warlocks began to chant quietly, the Gilnean fighting against the Valkyrie she turned lycan, staring up at the dark lady she spat at her, Sylvanas looked down in disgust and laughed, speaking softly.

“Do not fight it, you will not win, and you will grow to like your new future, sister”.

Sylvanas nodded to the Valkyrie who pressed more on the Gilnean's mind, Atropine screamed out in pain as her soul and mind were ripped from her body as the chanting began to become louder and stronger, collapsing to the floor, the struggle Annisa had watched once already began to happen inside the Gilnean, a howl surrounded the woods as Atropine skilfully took control a lot sooner then the commander had, Annisa frowned, stepping into deeper darker shadow's the three of them walked back to the Dark lady’s chambers as Annisa headed for Brill to wait for the mistress her mind racing over what she'd just seen.

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(( Yes, i realize this storyline has ended, but i still want to write it up so people can see what happened ))
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((Written with the help of my alts, some of this takes part through the eyes of the Warlock, and some through the eyes of the Commander. During the ritual in the ruins they were semi within the void making this partly a WoW story and partly an alternative story, however for logical reasons it has been placed here in sequence within my co-writers story, or it would no longer be understandable as a stand alone chapter.))

“You owe me Atropine…”

Her yellow eyes flared at him before she looked away into the trees once more. He had no choice but to leave her to make a decision on her own, he had other more pressing things to attend to.

The old Warlock marked the shape upon the ground among the ruins behind Undercity, taking care to keep it larger than his previous attempts. Pulling his cowl further over his skull he moved into position, watching his chosen take their own positions on the points of the rune. His chosen six were handpicked from the best he had trained in the dark arts in the past 100 years.

He turned his shadowed face the three before him as they began to chant, the entire rune beneath their feet was marked out in powdered dragon bone mixed with grave dust and a few other things no one knew the name of.

The Commander strode into the middle of the rune, his feet inside the main circle where he was to stand. They had begun the chant now, the sound making the air vibrate around him in the circle. With a soft silken sound one of the Val'kyr descended over his head, lazily hanging in the air awaiting her part in the ritual.

The old Warlock gave the sign and the struggling form was dragged to the outer circle. The powerful lycan was proving more than a handful for the Deathguard trying to keep it controlled, and finally they were forced to stun the beast into temporary submission before dropping the big body in a heap inside the rune.

The Commander looked at the muscled body, knowing he would soon take control of it did nothing to lessen the contempt he felt for the enemy. Around him the chanting became stronger and a glance over his shoulder revealed no sign of Atropine. Looking back at the stirring form he waited, prepared to give his life for his Queen if that was what she wished.

At first there was no sign things were changing, then he saw the Val'kyr swoop down towards him, reaching towards his face with her hand, she pulled him easily up into the air with a powerful beat of her wings.

The old Warlock watched the Val'kyr swoop down, pushing her hand into the Commanders face. When she lifted he went with her, a semi translucent shimmer hanging from her hand like cloth. Beneath them his body stood looking up for a moment before it tumbled into a pile of wet sticky bones.

The chanting grew louder as the Warlocks used their combined power to harness the lycans mind, pushing at the boundary until the beast within retreated snarling in pain. Knowing they were close the old Warlock nodded to the Val'kyr then lifted his voice to lead his chosen helpers in the final push, controlling the lycan fully.

Sarcophagus floated downwards feet first into the open howling mouth of the lycan, slipping easily inside the body, still held behind the barrier of the Val'kyr, his his soul in her hand. With a sudden rush a wall of feeling flooded over him, crushing him with the weight of sensation.

No longer was he a undead, there was pain so much pain! Throwing his head back he roared in fear as anger swept through his being, anger for everything around him and then he felt need, the need to destroy all that stood. His body did not respond to him as he tried to scramble up, this consuming need to kill so overpowering he would have torn apart all those who stood around him.

The old voice became deeper as the Warlock tried to reach the swamped Forsaken inside the twitching body of the Gilnean.
He heard the voice of his people, carried on the wings of time, calling out his name in a steadily growing chant. Their strength touched him helping to anchor his mind, separating the rush of feeling from the train of his thoughts. Gradually he took over the raging until he could direct it, making the beast cower in his mind as his new body was released from its magical binding.

At first movement was strange, hands helped him to bring control to his faltering steps as he tried to learn to walk on his hind paws. Quickly the Commanders confidence built until he was fully relaxed in his new body, the beast within stilled by him.
Finally he turned to look back towards the wall, seeking her, the flare of yellow gave her away, hidden watching in the shadows.

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**Reserved for Atropine Shadowbane. Although she is no longer in WoW her story is not complete yet as RL has claimed my full attention for over two weeks and I have not had a chance to bring her up to date. Please note RP had continued to grow ingame despite the backstory not being updated, so this will no doubt bring a lot of RP lines into the present**

The lycan turns and looks towards my hiding place, obviously smelling my scent despite the shadows. The eyes hold my own for a moment before the Commander lifts his top lip in a snarl.

The Warlock has already started tracing out the rune once more, ready for me to stand in the circle. I look once more at the Commander, his powerful upper body muscles bunch as he continues to work on controlling his movement as a lycan.

For a moment I think of my Sister and my former order, all those I have spilled blood with slip through my mind while I stand and wait for the Warlock to call me. My mind comes to rest on the Thorn Mistress, one of the most powerful leaders I have encountered in my time.

I should have left a parchment for her, despite being told to keep silent about my activity. I should have said no to the Commander, told him I don’t owe him for saving my life, yet I stand here waiting to claim a body and pursue my mission, or perhaps my final death.

The Warlock takes his place on the rune and the remaining three chosen ones move into position with him, leaving the original three exhausted on the ground to watch. He points a bony finger at me and beckons me towards him. Despite myself I hesitate and look at the lycan Commander before moving to stand inside the small circle.

Overhead the Val'kyr twin drops into position, ready to take me out myself, for a moment I remember his wet sticky bones falling apart and look around for them, but someone must have taken them away.

They are chanting, the sound is soothing and almost without thinking I am swaying to the sound of their voices, lifting and dropping in waves. The snarling lycan is no distraction for me, I watch them push her to her knees where she remains, growling softly.

The Warlock sees the Forsaken swaying with the chant, knowing her crossing will be easier, unlike the Commander who had fought them, pushing at their control.

I see a pale hand reach towards my face then I am lifted up with the Val'kyr, my feet hanging down until I look downwards and see I have no feet, I have nothing apart from a glow. Her wings flap around me, stirring the luminescent that is my soul hanging from her hand.

Time drifts for a while, it is peaceful here and I feel like a carefree child once more, the twin above me almost like a parent keeping me shielded and safe. Finally we begin to descend, and I am being made smaller from the feet up. She is still above me but I am aware I kneel before her, the pale hand glowing over my upturned face.

She releases me as they take over my body, stopping me moving. I am aware I am sliding sideways, head hitting the ground as I fall, but my full concern is taken by fear. Everything around me is a threat, I am surrounded by danger, and I want to kill before I am killed.

I am no stranger to feeling, I have not been Forsaken very long and it feels familiar to have a sensation filled body once more. The beast is another matter, she is powerful and angry, and her want for blood makes my jaw ache, saliva drips onto a line of the rune below me.

The Warlocks voice deepends as he begins calling on those who have fallen to aid this transition. He watches the woman struggle with the beast, waiting for her to win, knowing if she loses the waiting Deathguard will take both lives without mercy.

A gentle melody rings in my sensitive ears and I hear my Mother’s voice, singing once more. The lilt of her voice calms the lycan spirit, soothing its mind, giving me courage and strength to think my own thoughts. They release my body, hands urging me to stand.
I am unsteady, the shape of my back legs making me stumble as I try to swing my legs the way I once did. It occurs to me I no longer swing them, I bounce on them, the powerful muscles snapping against my body weight propel me forward in a lung, but I do not stumble.

Lifting my head to laugh a howl bursts from my throat, the echos fading amongs the runes as I turn to look at the watchers in surprise. The Warlock nods and begins to clear the rune away, no longer interested now the job is done.

The Commander comes closer, still working on his ability to walk. He stops and sniffs at me before growling softly. I lick his face, calming his agitation before looking around the ruins.

My eyesight is perfect and I see with such clarity that nothing is hidden from my attention. Then I see her striding towards us, the one I would give my life for. She stops and looks us over, equally at ease within this place as in her chamber.

She nods her head once in satisfaction before calling the Warlock to her and we are dismissed as ready to begin our mission.

Atropine aka Teh Vixen

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Annisa listened closely to her coms, a sudden crackle making her jump slightly.

“Hail Thorns.”

The mistress's voice rang out across the coms, Annisa sighed with relief, standing up straight she tightened her mask, re-poisoned her weapons and made her way to the grave yard as she spoke on coms.

“Hail Mistress, I have news if you have time, it's rather important”.

“We are in the Grave Yard Annisa, by the tree”

“Yes Mistress”

Annisa stepped through the shadow's, ending up by one of the pillars beside the tree she stepped from them and saluted the mistress, some of the other thorns were gathered, including one Annisa did not trust in the slightest since his return, Arli, she looked him over before turning to the Mistress.

“Mistress, the commander has been tasked with a mission I believe is to infiltrate the alliance by the dark lady, and he appears to be taking Atropine with him..”

She spoke quickly but calmly, knowing that she had probably lost them already, Arli scoffed slightly.

“You mean the traitorous sister?”

Annisa eyed him over and stared for a while, remembering her warning from the mistress for arguing with him previously she looked back to the mistress, deciding not to rise to his goading, who nodded at her.

“I think I know where she may of gone, if you find it necessary mistress...”

“You have five days and nights to find out what it going on Annisa, do not let me down...”

Annisa smirked behind her mask, confident from the information she already held, she eyed over Arli again, as she nodded in the mistress's direction.

“Yes Mistress, I will get onto finding them right away..”


Annisa had made to leave before being called back she turned and looked at the mistress.

“Yes Mistress?”

“Stay a moment..We have a guest”

Annisa nodded and stayed beside the post, ready to receive her next order's, she looked to the sky, already filling with stars she hoped she hadn't lost them too soon she turned her gaze to Arli, her thoughts turning to the day he returned, she'd heard all about him and the events leading to his leaving the last time, a traitor, usurper, no loyalty and from what she'd heard he conveyed with the alliance as a friend, she grinned, as she remembered how she could of gotten him into so much trouble on that first day back for not following orders to stay where he was meant too, she had followed him all around those grounds, listened to his conversations with the new thorns, his plans to leave and then when Cindy had arrived, trying to lure him away, she was slightly surprised he had actually decided to stay, luckily for him, since Death master Soulak arrived, she laughed softly, she had no trust for him as it stood, perhaps he could prove otherwise in time, but she doubted it.

A slim blood elf walked towards them, escorted by two Thorn sister's, her train of thought being snapped suddenly she eyed over the sindorei as the mistress spoke to her, coms crackled as the two of them spoke, Arli's voice breaking the silence as he spoke across it.

“Mistress, she has someone in the shadow's”

“I suspected as much..”

The mistress had never really missed a trick that Annisa had seen since joining the thorns, she listened to coms, standing quietly as she kept a close on her surroundings she slipped into the shadow's to await any orders, remembering the one order she was given from the start it rang out in her mind.

-Stay unseen, unknown Annisa, until further instructed-

And she had done so for the longest time so far, not a lot would make her ever drop the shadow's not even for thorns, unfortunately sometimes, the shadow's had become her home more then they were before now, she smirked as she realized she probably spent more time in them then she did out of them.

The sindorei nodded and walked away, the bodyguard had dropped his shadow's and was now speaking with the other thorn's. Annisa looked towards the Mistress who had instructed for the thorns to follow in the shadow's as she walked with the rogue.

“I would like to ask you to help us, inform me should the wings do anything that is not in aid of the horde..”

The rogue looked at her and nodded slightly, changing the wording along with it as he spoke, saying he would inform her but he would not betray his clan either, Anethrax nodded as the rogue walked away from her slowly back to Brill. Arli dropped his shadow's and looked at the Mistress.

“Mistress, I wish to speak with you... -alone-

Annisa smiled softly, hoping she'd be able to leave soon, realizing that her first night of her hunt was being wasted.

“Very well Arli, Thorns, you may go, Walk with me Arli”

Annisa sighed with relief, slipping further into the shadow's she made her way back to the Zeppelin towers, knowing exactly where her search would begin, as she stepped from one shadow to the next she spoke softly into coms”

“Shadow's Protect Thorn's”

She clicked off coms just to move not only unseen but most of all unheard as she slipped onto the Zeppelin to Grom'gol, the wind blew against it softly making it sway in the wind.

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The stars glowed brightly in their silver light over Grom'gol, reflecting of the water and back to themselves aiding to give light to the jungle.

Annisa stepped from the Zeppelin, tightening her mask and re-poisoning her blades she slowly descended down the tower, shadow stepping past the guards and out of Grom'gol she headed over the small mounds, avoiding the animals as she headed for the rebel camp first making sure to keep off the paths, once there she scouted it out and headed through Dark-shire and west-fall, once there she stealthed into and around sentinel hill, checking all inns and island's close by, sure on passing she had seen Arli sat talking on it with a human female, she shook her head and resisted the temptation to take a closer look, deciding instead to start heading into Elwynn.

Shadow stepping down to Goldshire, being extremely careful to avoid the royal guard and anyone else hanging around she climbed up onto the roof and waited for the last few people to leave, replacing the poisons on her blades, she watched as the last punter left the Inn, and just before the door closed she jumped agilely from the roof, landing she slipped inside as the door thudded shut behind her, grinning she turned and eyed the Gilnean she immediately recognised as the body Atropine had taken on, she followed her up to the room, watching her through the night, making the decision to leave just before dawn, she opened the window quietly, a small click sounded out, sitting on the edge she flipped herself backwards down to the ground, landing on her feet, she smirked smugly to herself as she landed perfectly.

Knowing Atropine would be making a trip to Strangle-thorn later that day for supplies she napped, setting the small timer she had been given as a child to wake her up for a hour, she scaled the tree and rested on a high branch the darkness surrounded her as she closed her eyes, falling into a gentle sleep.

The birds began to sing, and the buzzer pressed against Annisa skin as it called out, jumping awake suddenly she grabbed for her dagger's and stepped into the nearest shadow, slipping gently from the branch’s, she made her way down the tree to the bottom, heading back to the Inn, just in time to see Atropine climb up onto her horse and head into Elwynn, Annisa followed behind, luckily the horse slowly cantered through the forest, carrying it's mistress across the water and through dark-shire, past the rebel camp, and further out onto the road.

Atropine slipped from her horse, taking her bag off the steed, Annisa grinned as she slipped up behind her, placing her hand across Atropines mouth she slipped the dagger infront of her throat gently as it still dripped with poison.

“Hail Atropine”

Annisa smirked behind her mask as she held her sister close, muffling the sounds, she pulled her into the shadow's leaving her no choice but to join her she took Atropine further into the jungle before letting go off her they both stepped from the shadow's and stared at each other, Annisa sighed.


The Gilnean slipped her blood red mask of the thorns on and nodded in the direction of the Sindorei as she spoke in what was common to them both, seeming slightly releaved.


Annisa smirked and eyed her over.

“You need to explain yourself, sister.”

“I highly doubt I have to explain anything to you”

Atropine watched the sindorei carefully for any false movement, Annisa smirked and nodded before replying, keeping an eye on the Gilnean.

“Sister, it is that, or your life once the Mistress finds out, now, what is it to be?”

The lines of Atropines face changed, Annisa took this as her sister smirking at her and she grinned slightly, knowing all to well that Atropine knew of the consequences.

“You should speak with Sylvanas, or does the mistress not do such things anymore?”

Annisa laughed softly, almost expecting the answer, she shook her head lightly.

“I am not the Mistress and I am not Sylvanas sister, I have a day left to complete this task, now, you need to tell me what is going on”

Atropine sighed and nodded her head slowly.

“Your going to expose me, I'm on a mission for the Banshee Queen, We are to infiltrate the alliance and send back what we find.

How did you find me sister?”

Annisa laughed again softly as Atropine eyed her over.

“I work directly for the Mistress, no other, only she will find out sister, as for the rest..”

Annisa smirked slyly at Atropine from behind her mask, shrugging slightly.

“Who sent you, the Thorn Mistress?, Why can't she ask Sylvanas and why did you track me here, where you could die at my blades”

Annisa smirked and nodded slightly, raising an eyebrow.

“You knew I was tracking the dragon-lance commander, Do -not- come that one with me Sister, and sister, I was sent by the mistress, and yes, I sat and I watched the pair of you disappear into a room and not come out of it again”

Annisa smirked slightly, knowing she had watched them go into their new body, but also knowing it would be irresponsible to say so.

“But, by all means -Sister- kill me by your blades”

Annisa eyed Atropine over who stood and stared at her for a moment before replying.

“You are still my sister, I would not turn away from that, Do you know how hard it was to place me in this body, how much effort it took just to cross over to here, I have paid a big price and I will pay it again when I come back.

Oh yes sister, I will be coming back, make sure you tell that to our mistress”

Annisa eyed her over, raising an eyebrow.

“Is that a threat, Sister?”

Atropine looked out to the lake before replying.

“I have no need to threaten you, one who knows me as well as Risin once did”

“But a threat to the Mistress then, or to any Thorn?”

“My mission is bigger then our Mistress, bigger then you and I sister, What I do here today, is more important then life itself”

Annisa watched her carefully as she spoke.

“That, sister, does not answer my question”

“But, that is what I choose to tell you, I do not wish your presence here to alert the Knights, I need the freedom to do what needs to be done”

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PostSubject: Re: Annisa, Sister of the Vile Thorn.   Wed Jun 01, 2011 4:18 pm

Annisa smirked slyly at the mention of the Knights, remembering the hate she saw within the Mistress at a previous meeting towards them she looked at her sister again.

“The Knights?”

Atropine looked at her suddenly, knowing the gleam within the sindorei's jade green eye's, she fell silent and nodded slightly.


Annisa nodded at Atropine as she stepped closer.

“The Knights, would you be able to obtain information on them do you think, without arousing to much suspicion?”

Atropine sighed and shrugged slightly.

“It depends, what sort of information you want and how much you are willing to pay?”

“Let's just say... I could keep thinks, ticking over for you, Here, at home.”

“I do not need your help, our mistress would not touch me, I am under the protection of Under-city.”

Annisa smirked again slightly and nodded.

“I did not mean the Mistress, Sister”

“If you want something from me, that is different”

“I meant other things, your homestead, your Animals, would be tragic for them to be left unattended”

Atropine looked at her, slightly aghast as she nodded slightly.

“I have no quarrel with you Sister, nor with my Thorn family. I am only here to do a job, and yes, I am with Sarcophagus and...Well, I'm with him, we are limited by time, I have to finish my mission and get back before this body takes me over completely”

“Not a problem, but remember, I am here on a mission also, I do as I am instructed Sister”.

Atropine nodded, taking her mask off she took a envelope from her bag and placed it within the mask, holding it out to Annisa.

“Then go back to our Mistress, tell her I am working directly for and on the orders of our Banshee Queen herself. And... Give her this”

Annisa eyed the mask with the envelope.

“What is this?"

Annisa took the mask and envelope, turning it over she saw that it bore the personal mark of Sylvanas of the under-city, frowning she looked at Atropine.

“It is from Sylvanas, a code word, that I was to use in case of discovery.”

Annisa raised her eyebrow, all the more suspicious of the envelope.

“...And get us into trouble?”

“There will be no trouble sister, we work for the same goal”.

Annisa looked at Atropine again, frowning.

“If, after all my work sister, I fail, you know all to well what will happen.”

Atropine looked at Annisa sadly as she nodded.

“Yes, yes I do”

“Then do not do anything could put me in that fate, or worse... not that I don't think it could be worse then that..You must give me all the information you can, when you get it sister.”

“Just give the message to our Mistress, Trust in the Queen, she is no fool Sister.”

Annisa sighed and nodded, placing the mask and message in the bag on her back she watched Atropine with corned and thought, Atropine smiled slightly as she placed a gloved hand on Annisa's cheek as she spoke reassuringly.

“You are the closest living thing I have left Sister”.

Annisa nodded slowly, looking at her.

“Do not get lost on your journey's sister, in any way, shape or form, you too, are the only thing I knowingly have left”

Atropine spoke softly as she looked around warily, although covered by trees and the mountains, even they knew it wasn't safe.

“I should go...”

Annisa nodded, watching her sister carefully as she sighed, frowning slightly.

“Stay safe Sister, Shadow's Protect”

Atropine looked at her, nodding she smiled reassuringly.

“You also, Shadow's protect Sister”.

Saluting each other they stepped into the shadow's, Annisa stood and watched for any signs of life, making sure they had not been found or spied on, she stepped back out of the shadow's and called for her wind rider, climbing onto it's back she replaced the poison on her blades and tightened her mask, pulling on the wind-riders reins it growled softly, running as it jumped off the mountain it glided into the air, Annisa found herself looking back to the place she last saw her sister, hoping that she would make it back safely to them.
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PostSubject: Re: Annisa, Sister of the Vile Thorn.   Wed Jun 01, 2011 7:27 pm

((As always, you leave your readers chewing their nails! Love how you have portrayed Atropine, awesome post!))
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PostSubject: Re: Annisa, Sister of the Vile Thorn.   Fri Jun 03, 2011 12:57 pm

Her blade to my throat had not surprised me, I always knew if anyone would find me it would be my Sister.

Turning my bird towards Stormwind I consider our talk, and the choices I have made. I am to pass information to my Sister, while completing my objective in Alliance territory. No small challenge this, considering what I am to do.

I have had no choice but to pass over the safe code, asking her to seek out our Mistress so she may break the seal herself. This was never meant to happen, but I am out of time and options.

Finally settled in my room in the Rose, I begin preperations by taking up quill and parchment.


Meet me at the usual place, stay in the shadows and come alone. You have cared for my homestead when I have been unable to, now I ask of you a final request.

Bring me home Sister.


Sealing the letter I place it safe for now, and take out the open note I carry. His script is small with long upsweeps, its an unusal way of writing, one I have never seen before.

He wants me to meet him tonight, outside Alliance territory. I consider letting Sarcophagus know, asking him for protection, but I no longer trust him.

Instead I rip the note up, burning the pieces so no one ever finds them. Leaving my carry on the bed I pull on my black leggings and a long sleeve black shirt, finally taking my blades and applying poison to them.

My carry and battle gear are taken to my vault in the City, where I leave them. Using the shadows I follow the hills towards Duskwood and my meeting with him.

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PostSubject: Re: Annisa, Sister of the Vile Thorn.   

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Annisa, Sister of the Vile Thorn.
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