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 Annisa, Sister of the Vile Thorn.

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PostSubject: Re: Annisa, Sister of the Vile Thorn.   Mon Jun 06, 2011 1:29 pm

The Zeppelin swayed softly as it glided through the air, Annisa sat on the deck, the last of the stars fighting to keep the sky alight in silver as the sun began to rise on the horizon, she sighed, her thoughts firmly on her sister and how she had came to find her as the last remaining darkness fought to surround her, trying to pull her into a much needed sleep, she pushed herself to her feet and headed for a hammock, telling one of the deck hands to wake her once they arrived back in Tirisfall, she fell into it and it swung with the rhythm of the Zeppelin softly, she closed her eyes and sighed as she allowed sleep to take hold of her, keeping her daggers close to hand.

The deck hand pushed on her gently, making the hammock sway violently, as the sun filled the room from the sky, Annisa opened her eyes and swiftly moved the dagger to his throat, eyeing him over she nodded and put her daggers away, thanking him she handed him a small pouch of coins as she slipped deep into the shadow's and stepped from the Zeppelin and began to head down to tower and into Brill once at the bottom, she smirked softly as she heard the voices of her thorn brothers and sister's, also glad to see they were well, she noticed that the Mistress stood talking to one of them, although she couldn't make out which, she placed a hand on her coms and switched it on, crackling slightly her ears were filled with the noise of thorns chatting about something or other that had happened, she sighed with relief to hear that they were all well as she spoke gently across it, tightening her mask as she did so.

“Mistress, it's important that I see you as soon as possible, alone if you have time, ofcourse”

Annisa took a cloth and covered her blades in poison, knowing that should she be seen to not have her weapons ready it would cost her dearly, and that she would not have as she headed towards the grave yard of Brill.

“Annisa, you wished to see me then?”

The thorn Mistress spoke over coms, and unknowingly Annisa nodded in reply before answering.

“Yes Mistress, Alone if possible, I have news”.

“Very well, meet me in the grave yard sister”.

Annisa moved around the tree, before replying she watched the Mistress walk closer towards her, trying to spot anyone that may of slipped into the shadow's, the Mistress stood, staring at the tree for a moment before Annisa finally decided to drop the shadow's and stand facing the mistress, she saluted in respect and nodded her head slightly in greeting.

“Mistress, it is important we are alone, we are, aren't we?”

“Yes Annisa, we are, now what is it?”

“Mistress, I have news of Atropine, I tracked her down and spoke with her...”

The Mistress's eyes seemed to widen slightly as she eyed over Annisa, she nodded slightly as Annisa carried on speaking.

“She has taken the form of a Gilnean, she told me to give you this...”

Annisa took the thorn mask surrounding the letter from her bag and held it out the Mistress, who stared at it.

“What do you mean a Gilnean form, sister?”

“She is working directly for Sylvanas, this letter is a safe code to let Sylvanas know that we are aware of our sister in alliance territory undercover and possibly give help to her...”

Anethrax continued to stare at the letter within the mask, Annisa continuing to hold it out, the Mistress shook her head softly although seemingly worried.

“I do not want it Annisa, put it away, if she works for and is chosen by Sylvanas directly then she is under-city's problem...”

Annisa frowned at the mistress, unknowing whether or not to say something, she nodded slightly and made to move the envelope as the eyed the mistress she noticed that Anethrax watched the note incredibly carefully, to what seemed to Annisa to be worry and uncertainty of what to do.

Annisa carefully placed the mask and letter back in her bag as she dropped it to the floor, keeping a close eye on the mistress as what seemed to be worry and uncertainty filled Anethrax, Annisa sighed softly and tried to look for something else to report as a voice crackled over coms.

“I must leave, I have to see someone about something, Shadow's Protect Thorns”

Annisa raised an eyebrow as she heard the Mistress speak over coms and as she took her hand away from her ear she looked to Annisa, nodding slightly.

“Shadow's Protect Annisa, we will speak soon...”

Annisa nodded, saluting the mistress, unsure of what else to do or say.

“Shadow's protect Mistress.”

Annisa watched as the mistress slowly walked into the nearest shadow, falling or so it seemed to Annisa to the ground and sat with her head in her hands before completely disappearing from view, she sighed, moving slowly to one of the bench’s she dragged her bag with her, slipping into the shadow's she moved to under-city to buy more poisons, her mind filled with thoughts of her sister and more then aware of the code held in her backpack she frowned as she realized she now had nothing to do, dropping from the shadow's she sat on the wooden docking, she sighed as she stared down at the letter wrote in Atropine's hand.
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PostSubject: Re: Annisa, Sister of the Vile Thorn.   Mon Jun 27, 2011 6:22 pm

The Fall of a Sister

Annisa sat and stared down at the letter, opening it slightly as the mask sat in her bag with the letter Atropine had handed her, now she had a second from her sister in her hands, unsure of what to actually do, the mistress had left so abruptly with no other orders, she continued to stare at the letter, her sisters hand writing covering it, she opened it slowly.

I have news to give to you, meet me in the same place, 20:00 tonight, alone.

Annisa raised an eyebrow, she'd signed off as her Gilnean name, frowning slightly she picked up her bag, pushing the letter deep into it before putting it on her back, she slipped her poisons from her belt and placed them on her blades, pulling her mask tight around her face once done she turned, looking for the nearest shadow's and stepping into them as soon as she could.

Making her way to the Zeppelin tower, she waited and thought about the task now at hand, only last night she had seen her sister and now she called for a urgent meeting with her and signed with her Gilnean name, the Zeppelin whirred into place at the tower, pulling her back to reality, climbing stepping on board she called down her wind-rider, watching as it landed on deck and growled at her softly, apparently a little unhappy, she smirked behind her mask, rolling her eyes and she watched the goblins yell and dart in different directions, climbing onto the wind-riders back she pet the head as the Zeppelin began to leave for Grom'gol, the wind whipping around the ship forcing making it rock rather hard as the ran began to pound down, the night sky lighting up in flashes as the thunder pounded across it, she grinned thinking to herself.

-Rain, thunder and Lightening, Perfect-

The short trip to Grom'gol ended sooner then expected, pulling on the reins the wind-rider took to the sky, leaning down she whispered in softly to the wind-rider, growling softly it quickly dipped down, gliding along the ground and through the trees agile, wanting to remain out of sight in the skies, she decided to swoop through the tops of the trees unseen, passing through a cavern in the hills she landed softly just across the waterfall, filling the air with the sound of crashing water, she slipped into the shadow's and made her way on foot to their meeting spot.

Stepping through the shadow's she began to notice something in the water, beginning to move faster, keeping mind of the shadow's she stared into the water, a female appeared to be face down in a pool of blood seeping from around her, a sudden realization that Atropine was no where to be seen, checking around her quickly for any sign of outside movement, Annisa slipped from the shadows and dived fully clothed into the water, swimming towards the female she turned her over, staring down at the body in shock she shook her head and grabbed around the waist, pulling it to shore, laying it down gently she began to try and resusitate it, pressing down on the chest she used to the field first aid she'd been taught by her brother before he had left her to no avail.

“Sly, please, wake up now sister...”

Annisa shook her sisters body slightly, pounding on her chest as the water trickled from Atropines noise and the blood from her head painted the grass red, falling against her chest she screamed out as the tears began to roll down her face, rolling along the top edge of her mask, realizing she now had nothing left to lose she stood up, her jade green eyes flaring slightly as she wiped her face, closing her sister's eyes and placing spare clothes from her bags on her carefully she pulled her daggers to her side again properly, still dripping wet she replaced their poison and whistled loudly for her wind-rider, climbing onto it's back she looked back down to her sister laying on the ground, writing a note quickly she placed it into a envelope and made note to post it once close to a mailbox, she glided into the air and pulled, whispering to the wind-rider to head for the homestead only stopping briefly to post the letter to the dark lady for retrieval of her sister, Annisa made her plans to find her sisters murderer.

Landing at the homestead she checked over the animals, noticing the work hands had been feeding them well and the “baby” animals were cared for well by their parents, she smiled softly, slipping the key from her pocket as she slipped inside, hearing a weary noise from upstairs.

Raising an eyebrow she moved upstairs still in the shadows and opened the bedroom door, a female human tied to the end post of the bed, sat on the floor, she smirked behind her mask, thoughts screaming through her mind as she slipped through into the dimly lit room, kicking the door shut behind her as she watched the woman’s face contort into one of fear.

“W-whos there?” the woman’s voice called out.

Annisa picked a throwing star from her belt and threw it towards the woman, watching it land in her thigh, smirking to herself she slipped easily from the shadow's laughing softly.

“The question is, who are you?”

She looked over the woman who stared at her, fear gripping her although attempted to look strong as she remained silent.

“Listen, I suggest you answer my questions, whether you got here by yourself or put here, your trespassing and for that, you -will- pay”

A small smile played across Annisa's lips as she thought of the pain she could cause, the woman staring up at her.

“I was brought here, I am Bella Grey of the Knights, a Forsaken has left me here for days now, please, Kill me..”

“A knight you say? Interesting, tell me, what do you know of them?” Annisa looked at her.

“Nothing, please, kill me”

Annisa raised an eyebrow, pulling the throwing star from the woman’s leg and pressing a cloth against it, she moved over to get the jug of water, pouring it into a glass she grinned slightly as she walked back and put it to the woman’s lips, tipping it slightly so she could sip.

“Now, tell me all you know, or you will regret it, I’ve been more then nice, I think I deserve to know..”

Annisa moved the glass, putting it on the bedside table and poured yet more poison onto her blades, making sure they were completely covered as she played with it in her hands, placing the bottle back in her belt.

“Please, kill me, I know nothing, I told the forsaken the same.”

“What forsaken?” Annisa eyed her over.

“The one that brought me here and left me, he's been gone a week...”

Bella looked up to her, a tear rolling down her face as she tried to sit up, the purple bruises around her wrists prominent, clearly broken, the forsaken had certainly done some work on her, a cut lip and broken wrists standing out against the bruises.

“And your not going to tell me anything?”

Annisa moved towards her, placing the blade against the joint in her knee, watching for her reaction as the tip of the blade pressed into the knee, making the skin dip the woman shook her head.

“I have nothing to tell”.

Annisa rolled her eyes, pushing the tip of the blade into the crease slowly, smirking slightly as the woman began to scream, she took the cloth she had pressed against the woman’s leg and gagged her with it, twisting the blade slowly as it went in deeper, watching the woman’s reaction she laughed softly, twisting it the other way as she slowly pulled it out again.

“Still nothing comes to mind?”

The woman continued to shake her head, the pain Annisa viewed the woman go through made her feel surprisingly slightly better after finding her sister beaten and drowned, she removed the gag.

“Please, I don’t know anything, kill me..”

Annisa smirked again, shaking her head as the woman spurted out her words pleadingly as she spoke through her tears.

“Where is the fun in that huh?”

Annisa laughed, tagging a bandage from her bag, she poured antiseptic onto it liberally before tieing it tightly around the woman’s knee.

“Besides, your no use to me dead, tell me what you want to know and the pain will stop..”

Annisa squeezed her knee, causing a little more pain in the process as the woman grimaced.

“Anything as of yet?”

Annisa placed her other blade against her uninjured knee, smiling slightly as she pressed it slowly against the skin, watching the woman shake her head she pushed the blade in faster this time gagging her in the process before pulling it out slowly as she rocked the blade from side to side, as she pulled it out, smirking as the woman cried, turning pale.

“Well, Bella Grey of the Knights, tell -anyone- about me, and I promise you, you will not be around for long afterwards, you are going to be of use to me in the future I feel”.

Annisa pulled another bandage from her bag and poured antiseptic on it, tieing it tightly around the woman’s knee again, undoing the chains she pulled the woman onto the bed, tieing her to the headboard quickly, she chucked the cut logs onto the fire once done, turning back to look at her before stepping into the shadow's.

“We will no doubt meet again, enjoy your stay, I'm sure someone will set you free soon...”

“ Or you could let me go...”

Annisa laughed, watching the pain wash over the woman’s face before she fell unconscious, the poison finally taking its effect on her, Annisa opened the door, walking through it and closing it after her she ran downstairs, jumping onto her wind rider she rode back to report in to the mistress.

Landing in brill she checked her mail, taking a small envelope from the box she stared down at the hand writing, a letter from Atropine had arrived, she gulped slightly, opening it quickly.


Meet me at the usual place, stay in the shadows and come alone. You have cared for my homestead when I have been unable to, now I ask of you a final request.

Bring me home Sister.


Annisa stared down at the letter, shaking her head in disbelief as the tears began to roll down her face her mind began to think she should of done more, been earlier, she slipped into the shadow's, she was in brill now, no time for any weakness, she had to report and get back to her new hunting mission, she after all had a murderer to find. She wiped her face, smirking slightly as one thought crossed her mind as she whispered it to the wind.

“Rest well my sister, your murderer will pay for what he has taken from us, this -will- be fun..”
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PostSubject: Re: Annisa, Sister of the Vile Thorn.   Mon Jul 25, 2011 7:49 pm

((Again, had alot going on, but trying to catch this up as quickly as possible now... ))

The coms erupted with noise in her ear, making her jump awake from the small corner of the inn in Brill, groggily she spoke across the coms, keeping the letter from Atropine still in her hand.

“Hail Mistress, I need to report in when you have time...”

“Meet in the graveyard Sister”

Annisa pulled the cover off herself, re-poisoning her blades ready for when she had left she packed her few things away and stepped into the nearest shadow, stepping outside her eyes were blinded by the sudden light, adjusting quickly she sighed and headed to the grave yard, trying to figure out how she would tell the mistress of their sister, walking carefully not to step on the graves as she passed she stopped at the main tree in the centre, slipping from the shadow's she stood infront of Anethrax.

“Hail Mistress”

Annisa saluted to her as Anethrax turned and looked at her, saluting back.

“Hail Annisa, what do you have to report?”

Annisa stood quietly for a moment or too, diverting her gaze down to the floor as she took a deep breath.

“Atropine has...”

“Yes sister?”

“Atropine has fallen Mistress, I found her face down in the lake of our meeting place... bleeding heavily from the head and surrounded by blood, I tried to revive her but it wouldn't work and...”

Annisa stopped a moment, a flash back of what she had seen, shaking it loose she looked at Anethrax who nodded as she watched Annisa.

“Where is she now sister?”

“I have arranged for her to be brought back to the Under-city... I know some thought she-”

“Once here Annisa, you are to pick a plot for her and have her lay with her other fallen brothers and sisters in peace”.

Annisa looked at her and smiled slightly, glad that her choice to have her brought back to thorn land was welcomed, or so it seemed at least, nodding Annisa looked around the graveyard and spotted an empty plot, taking a deep breath.

“Do you have anything to go on?”

Annisa shook her head as Anethrax asked, she had scouted but found nothing, just her sister stripped down to her underwear.

“Nothing, she was stripped of everything...I saved her dignity and placed clothing on her...”

Anethrax looked at her, her yellow eyes glowing in what seemed to Annisa a much darker glow as she nodded.

“Very well, you are to trace the sources, and leave no trace Annisa, nothing lives”.

Annisa smirked behind her mask, happy it was now an order and not just something she would do, she nodded.

“Nothing involved with taking her from us will live mistress, of that you can be sure”

Annisa's voice turned cold and heartless, thrilled with the concept to cause a lot of pain to those that took their sister from them, she smirked slightly.

“Keep reporting in Annisa, and should you need help, you ask”.

Anethrax looked at her, a serious tone to her voice now as Annisa nodded slightly.

“Good, Dismissed, Shadow's protect Sister”

Annisa turned, watching her mistress fade into the shadows before stepping into them herself and making her way for the Zeppelin to Grom'gol, first stop, Elwynn, somebody was bound to know something with their big gobs in Goldshire she smirked to herself softly.

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PostSubject: Re: Annisa, Sister of the Vile Thorn.   Tue Jul 26, 2011 2:06 pm

Annisa kept in the shadow's once she'd entered Elwynn, stepping through them quickly and softly she made her way up to the Goldshire inn, once there she swung herself up onto the small porch roof and sat, undisturbed by passers by as she listened to the conversations around her, a lot of the Knights seemed to be in town tonight, speaking of a missing arms woman just by the entrance, she smirked to herself as they tried to figure out who or what had taken her.

She closed her eyes briefly, taking a deep breath as she tuned into the conversations going on within the inn, a lot of music filling her mind and although she could not hear every word she heard a few snippets of the conversations above the screams of enjoyment and laughter, a man came out of the door, greeting those standing at it with a joyful tone to his voice and a full purse, offering to buy them drinks if they wanted, Annisa opened her eyes quickly, staring down at the man, scruffily dressed and standing at the door she wondered how his purse was so full yet his appearance looked so shabby, he wandered off down to the lake at the back of the inn, probably following the girl that had left moments before him wearing a fitted and see through dress, she jumped from the roof, landing lightly beside the inn again and making sure to stay in the shadow's she followed the man to the lake edge, who seemed slightly confused upon not finding the girl there.

Annisa checked for weapons and noted that he wore none that she could see, which would mean she -should- have the upper hand, shadow stepping up behind him, she stood momentarily and with freshly poisoned blades, put a hand across his mouth, pulled his head back and placed the dagger at his bare neck, speaking softly into his ear.

“Now, your going to listen and your going to answer as best you can, or this blade will nick your skin and you will be falling to the ground left in a pool of blood, do you understand?”

Annisa's anger began to take over her again, the possibility of holding her sisters killer so soon was something she had not imagined, she pressed the blade against his neck a little more for added effect, a drop of poison trailing of down his neck as he nodded slowly.

“Good, now, just recently, a body was found in the Strangle thorn area, not to far from Zul'gurrub, know anything about that, do you?”

The man tried to look back at the masked assassin, his eyes wide with fear, giving her the answer she needed, taking the blade from his throat she hit him at the temple of his head and watched him fall forward unconscious, she called her wind-rider quickly which landed directly beside her as she quickly lifted the man and pulled him onto it with her, the wind-rider glided into the air with ease quickly as it headed for a small cave on the edge of the burning steppes and Elwynn where she could continue her conversation without being caught.

Quickly arriving at the cave she used when needed to have a little fun from a long days work, she dumped the man from her wind-rider which growled and ran towards the entrance of the cave once she had slid off, she stood, watching the man who now appeared to have cut his own lip, she frowned, how careless of him she thought to herself with a small smirk behind her blood red mask, the man began to stir as she wrapped rope around his ankles and hands, she looked into his eyes, grinning as they grew bigger as time went on and he came around a little more.

“No use in screaming, were to far for anyone to hear... and your going to tell me what I want to know or the pain will continue until you do, it's just that simple, you tell me what I want to know and the pain stops.”

The man looked at her, trying to weigh up his options, he could scream, it was true and everything within his body told him too, but he was stuck in a cave where it would only echo and barely be a whisper by the time it got to the entrance, she was smirking at him, enjoying the games she was playing, he could tell that much from the look in her eyes as she watched him, he sighed and nodded his head.

“What do you want..”

She grinned, he was easier then she thought he'd be, that was no fun, although, he was as weak as she thought, willing to sell out his friends to stop any pain before it starts, she hated that, betrayal to your friends of the worst kind, or even employers, she placed the dagger against the crease of his knee and readied to push it through should he not give her the answer she wished.

“The “Gilnean” found, who killed her?”

The man grinned at her slyly, she didn't like it and started to push the dagger in as slowly as possible, keeping her eyes on his face as it contorted to one of pain, the skin breaking the harder she pressed.

“That thing was no Gilnean lady, a spell put on her to look like one but not a Gilnean, pretty little thing though, wasn't she?”

He grinned again, picking up her other dagger she held it against his other knee as she began to rock the first back and forth, twisting it fully occasionally just for added effect, he screamed out in pain, as she did so, a look of regret washing over his face, she grinned a little, perhaps he would learn not to play with her.

“It was a contract, I'm just the bounty hunter given her head to kill and a share of the money for doing it!!”

He screamed once the blade had pushed through the other side of the knee, looking rather pale in the face as she began to pull the dagger out, she grinned and nodded.

“So, tell me where I find your contractor..or the same happens to the other knee, only, I feel like i'm only just getting started, this is the soft approach after all.”

She smiled at him, a small glint of glee and enjoyment in her eyes as she looked at him, he shook his head quickly.

“Please miss, no more, I can't bear it, I’ll tell you anything just ask it...”

She raised an eyebrow and began to wonder if he truly knew what was really happening here as he begged, probably not though she thought and that made it all that little more fun, she let out a soft laugh.

“Tell me where the contractor is, where I can find him and his name..”

The man looked at her.

“And then your free to leave...”

She looked at him as she spoke softly, a look of sincerity in her eyes, he nodded, gulping slightly as he spoke, the nerves in his voice apparent.

“I've to meet him in Arathi, in the small house on Dabyries farm, for the rest of the payment, tomorrow night at midnight...”

“High price on my -sister's- head, was there?”

He looked at her and nodded slowly.

“Anything you need to do once you get there?”

He shook his head slowly.

“No ma'am...C-Can I go now?”

Annisa nodded and smiled, undoing the ropes and taking her dagger into her hand, looking towards the entrance.

“Sure, Thank you for your help... ?”

She looked at him as he took the ropes from around his ankles and started to walk towards the entrance, looking back at her as he limped, blood dripping from his knee and barely able to put weight on it, although he was, which made it bleed faster then before, she grinned.


He looked back to the door as she nodded as she slipped into the shadow's, stepping behind him she pulled the dagger slowly across his neck and then moved around to the front to watch him fall and the life leave his eyes, a look of shock on his face, with a small smile on hers as the blood spilled out across the floor of the cave.

“Well, Jake, you had your chance...”

She sighed, taking out a small cloth and cleaning the daggers from blood before she placed new poisons on them, picking him up she pushed him onto the wind-rider and as they flew over the river between Darkshire and Elwynn, from a height she pushed the body from it, watching it fall, gaining speed as it fell making a large splash as it hit the water and travelled down with the current of the river, a small smile on her face as she pet the wind-rider, pulling the reins it turned and she headed for Arathi.
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PostSubject: Re: Annisa, Sister of the Vile Thorn.   Fri Aug 19, 2011 6:47 pm

Annisa landed in Hammer fall, the rain pounding down into the dirt, the sky sparkling as if the Azerothian diamonds had placed high up within it, the darkness only allowed the candles or torches to light the smallest of area's.

she slipped from her wind rider and slid, falling back against her wind rider before regaining her balance quickly, she rolled her eyes and tightened the mask on her face before quickly stepping into the nearest shadow's and heading for the mail box.

She slipped a letter to the mistress from her glove and sealed it, stepping from the shadow's she slid it through the slot, listening as it thudded down onto the other letters softly, a small movement heard behind her and she drew her blades, turning as she eyed over a forsaken mercenary.

“Annisa, Sister of the Vile thorn?”

The forsaken eyed her over, noting her blood red mask and her thorn tabard as she nodded, holding his gaze as he stood in his Under city official tabard.

“Sylvanas says to inform you that the body has arrived and is prepared for burial”.

Annisa nodded, whistling for her wind rider she nodded her thanks as the mercenary shrugged nonchalantly and stepped back into the nearest shadows, rolling her eyes she began to wonder just how it was Sylvanas always knew where to send her men at the right time, she smirked slightly, pulling on the reins as the wind rider glided into the skies again

Landing in Brill she re-poisoned her blades and tightened her mask, straightened her armour and walked over to the grave yard, standing beside the diggers and the box she sighed softly as she eyed the stone over and watched her sister lowered into the hole and the dirt be thrown over her, Annisa had sent Atropines mask and tabard to her to be buried with and she sighed slightly, hoping that they had made it in time, the two forsaken stood for a moment once their work was done and stared at Annisa who nodded silently as she continued to stare at the stone with her sisters name upon it.

A single tear rolling down her cheek and along the line of her mask as she quickly wiped it away as the two forsaken left, mumbling audibly between themselves, Annisa picked up the bag, taking a wooden box from within it she placed a black rose onto the dirt and sat at the end of the grave, staring as she continued to think of the memory’s made, even in such a short space of time.

A small rustle and as Annisa pushed herself up to her feet to ready herself and quickly dusted down her armour Anethrax appeared beside her, staring at the stone before looking at Annisa and nodding slightly.


Annisa nodded thoughtfully, as she saluted Anethrax, turning her gaze back to the stone.

“Yes Mistress”

Anethrax nodded, removing her gaze from the stone she eyed Annisa over her yellow eyes standing out like a single flame in the dark.

“How is the mission going Sister?”

Annisa turned, looking back at the mistress as she grinned wickedly behind her mask.

“It's going well, one person involved squealed once he'd had it made clear things were serious Mistress, he now lays dead, possibly still floating down the river, I have information on his employer, I meet him in the morning, a farm in Arathi”.

Anethrax stood, looking at her as she nodded again, noticing the pain for revenge in Annisa's eyes, as Annisa continued to speak.

“I assure you mistress, none involved will be allowed to live for taking our sister from us”

Anethrax eyed her over slightly before she spoke.

“Annisa, Our lives are like precious Rose's, We live for a while and then we die, life is delicate and when someone close to you dies it can hurt and it can destroy you, but -you- are much stronger then that, you cannot let this need for revenge, the pain, destroy you, understand?”

Annisa looked her over, taking in the meaning as she nodded in return, noting not to take things to far but to get the job done she nodded slightly, turning back to the grave.

“Sister, come join your brother's now”

Anethrax spoke, a hint of what seemed to be concern to Annisa amidst an authoritative tone, she looked over to her brothers, sat beside the tree in the middle of the graveyard, she nodded softly, watching the mistress lead the way as she followed, looking back once more to the grave as she sighed.

Anethrax began to speak with Arli and another, an apothecary, phasing out to the sounds around her she made everything distant so only her thoughts remained and the possibility of hearing her name if mentioned as she scanned the area for any intruders, something about keeping an eye on the apothecary was all she heard.

“Annisa, once your mission is done with, you are to help Arli with the male Sin'dorei”

She snapped out of her trance and stopped scanning the area's, turning to the mistress as she looked at Arli briefly and then back to Anethrax, nodding uncertainly.

“Any means necessary”

Annisa grinned behind her mask.

“Feminine wiles, Mistress?”

Anethrax looked at her and nodded.

“Yes, if needed”

Annisa continued to grin and nodded in acknowledgement, turning to Arli as he looked at her, the mistress stepped into the shadow's disappearing after saying her farewells, Annisa stared at Arli thoughtfully, before taking a seat onto a bench close by as he disappeared into the shadows moments after the mistress.

Her mind taking control and letting it's self wander back to the memory’s of herself and Atropine sit with Risin, around the tree, laughing and drinking as they flirted with each other, she missed them both as a small smile crossed her lips of the memory.

Shaking her head she forced the memory away, the anger taking its place of both her brother and sister being ripped away from her, she pulled her mask tight, cleaned and re-poisoned her blades and stepping into the nearest shadow, heading back to the next piece of the puzzle in Arathi.
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(( been told its time i wrote more, so getting Annisa's story finished which is going to be posted up in two installments, comments as always welcomed))

Climbing onto her wind rider once a safe distance away she soared into the air, a crack of thunder and lightning erupting around her, grinning beneath her mask, she watched as the rain dashed past her and to the ground, sighing softly as her thoughts turned to that of how the weather was perfect for what she had to accomplish tonight.

The wind rider growled as it pushed through the storm, finally landing back in Hammer fall she walked into the inn and sat down on the bench, an orc innkeeper handing her a towel which Annisa ran across her leather before pouring some of the wine out into the jug, picking it up and walking back to the door way as she threw the exact amount of gold onto the table.

She continued to watch the storm get worse across the land, the smile continuing to play across her lips, placing her jug on the stone table she looked around and stepped into the nearest shadows.

Slowly making her way to the farm, she noticed a light burning brightly and a low male voice coming from inside, she laughed softly before she continued to make her journey, knocking on the door she listened as the singing stopped and the door opened, a small, stout dwarf male swung it back and began to yell expletives into the air.

Walking outside he looked down either side of the small farm house, taking her opportunity she slipped inside and found the darkest corner she could, the dwarf returning, he slammed the door whilst he mumbled under his breath.

“Come on Jake, for Fel's sake where are ya boy...”

Slipping her hand into the inside of belt, she took the boys ring and threw it so it landed just infront of the dwarfs feet, stumbling back away from it she quickly latched the door, watching as he stared at the ring, she moved around him as she unsheathed her daggers, his gaze still fixated upon the ring, she hit him hard, across the temple of his head, knocking him unconscious briefly, slipping from the shadows she pulled down her hood to reveal her blood red mask and her hair falling around her face.

Pulling him backwards towards the chair she frowned at his weight and thought of how he could do with a diet, not that it would help him now anyway, but still, she pulled the rope from the bag on her back and began to tie him up as the dwarf started to come around, groaning and mumbling incoherently, she finished the knots as tightly as possible and spun the chair around to face the table.

Perching against it, she sat and watched him come around as she picked up the files from the table and threw them one by one into the fire, only stopping when she saw a file for someone she knew, grinning slightly she shook her head and threw it into the fire with the others.

The Dwarf stared at her, the light of the fire blurring his vision briefly as his eyes readjusted, the sindorei sat elegantly on the table, her red hair making a startling contrast to that of her jade green eyes, and her eyes, they sparkled in the light, her body slender, but also toned, beautiful, floorless, all this came to mind of the dwarf as he tried to stand, the ropes pulling him back into the chair, the sindorei looked up from the file and grinned beneath her mask.


Annisa's voice was soft, elegant, not a touch of nerves or the intent her mind was racing with to cause the portly dwarf.

“Whaddaya be wanting lassie”

The dwarfs voice seemed distressed, hardly surprising when faced with being tied up and a sindorei stood infront of you, picking up her daggers she moved to the dwarf as she threw the last file into the fire, placing it against his throat, the poison slid down his skin to the nape of his neck, he swallowed and the dagger nicked it, leaning forward she whispered softly into his ear.

“The Contract 'Jake' had, that was given by you, was it not?”

The dwarf began to try and pull his neck away from the dagger, grinning she pressed it hard against his skin, the nick becoming a little longer and deeper as the dwarf nodded his head slowly.

“So you -are- the one that ordered the kill of Atropine Shadow-blade are you not?”

The dwarf nodded again, quickly changing it to a shake of his head as he spoke gruffly, the dagger still pressed against his neck.

“I were jus' given the papers lassie, I dint actually give the orders... workin' both sides of the fence if ya get me meanin'...”

Annisa raised an eyebrow, removing the dagger from his neck she placed it against the elbow of his left arm.

“So who did order it?”

The dwarf laughed a little, shaking his head as he looked at her.

“Classified informations that lassie, I cannae be telling you and I won't”

Annisa began to press her dagger between the two joints, piercing the skin as she did so, twisting the blade so it rocked back and forth gently, the screams of the Dwarf erupting in the small room, she grinned beneath her mask as she pushed it deeper.

“Alrigh' Alrigh'. 'e be from your side of the fence, the horde, 'e said she shouldn' of been there any ways and that 'e wanted me to deal wit' it, so I did, I dealt wit' it and she’s in the ground now, said that undead bitch queen sent her into our lands..”

Annisa gritted her teeth, unsure of which annoyed her more, the dwarfs voice or the way he spoke of her sister, she pulled the dagger out forcefully, pulling some skin with it as he screamed out in pain.

“Wha's it to ya anyway? She were nothing bu' a forsaken in a gilnean's body, undead and stinkin'”

Annisa frowned, swiftly taking her other dagger and stabbing the joints between his shoulder forcefully before slowly pulling it out and twisting it fully, a glimmer of joy now spreading across her eyes.

“She was -my- sister, a sister of the Vile Thorn, and one thing you should know, you scorn one Thorn and you scorn us all.”

The dwarf grimaced in pain, the poison dripping from his wounds and down his arm, she laughed happily as she watched, pulling her dagger fully from his shoulder she placed it upon the other joint of his shoulder and looked at him.

“So, with that in mind, I want the name of the person that ordered her be killed”

He shook his head again, and as he did, Annisa pushed the blade in as slowly as possible, his face contorting into one of agony as he bite down on his lip, she began to rock the blade back and forth forcefully, a scream leaving the dwarfs lips as the smile came back to her face, she stopped the dagger half way and looked at him.

“Ready to tell me yet?”

Rocking the blade, blood squeezed between the blade and his skin, landing onto Annisa's glove, frowning she looked back at him as he nodded and turned it once fully for good measure.

“Good, better get on with it before I get bored...”

“'Es high up in the ranks, a friend of the war chiefs or someat, said it were to teach that queen of the forsaken a lesson, not to be doing things without 'is say so...”

Annisa laughed at the thought, so, two contracts on thorns within a short amount of time, one that would never come to fruition but that was hardly the point, she pushed the dagger in forcefully, his screams filling the air in a blood curdling cry to most normal people, the dagger hit his skin the other side and pushed through before she pulled it back slowly rocking and twisting the blade as she did so.
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(( Second Peice ))

The dwarf passed out as he continued to lose blood frowning and although she'd gotten all the information she needed she walked lightly to her bag and upon opening it took out some smelling salts, the dwarf was looking pale as she waved them under his nose he came around around and coughed.

Moving the tip of her dagger down his chest, stomach and thighs slowly, making sure the tip of the blade pressed against his skin and cut it lightly, she stopped and placed it in the crease and joint of the knee, looking up at him expectantly he did as she predicted and began to bend his knee as though to protect it, swiftly forcing the dagger forward she watched as his eyes rolled into the back of his head.

“The other contract for the horde, who gave it to you?”

The dwarf shrugged half heartedly, mumbling incoherently as she took her other dagger and pushed it into the crease of his other knee.

“Idunno lassie, 'e never be giving me a name, just said 'e wanted it dealt with and fast aswell as discreetly”

Annisa looked up at him, pulling her daggers from his knees as the blood began to spurt out from the wounds, she grinned slightly as she stepped back and viewed her handy work, hopefully, this was more pain then her sister had gone through, still she hadn't finished yet after all, they were in Arathi.

Kneeling down again she cut the tendons across the back of his ankles as the blood trickled down onto his foot, smiling wickedly as he screamed out in pain and yelled something in dwarfish.

Looking towards the window the sun light began to glimmer through, warning of a new day beginning properly, kicking the chair from under him she watched him fall to the floor with a loud thud, the house almost shaking.

“You alliance are to easy to gain information from, you all spill before I’ve even started to have any fun... Idiots and weak, the lot of you”

She grabbed his collar and dragged him up to the door, unlatching it she whistled and her wind rider landed infront of the door, lifting the dwarfs body up onto it she climbed infront of pressed on the sides of the wind rider who lifted obediently into the sky.

She steered him low over the raptor pits, leaving the smell of blood trailing, upon looking back she noticed them follow and once over the last pit she pushed his body from the wind rider and watched as it hit the floor, the dwarf squirming in an attempt to stand.

Landing close by she slipped into the shadows and moved around to watch as the raptor's feasted upon his body, the screams soon stopped as a young raptor pulled at his throat his wind pipe being pulled from his body.

As the raptor's began to walk away, the contorted look of the dwarf left upon his face although missing some flesh and an eye, Annisa slowly used the shadows to go and retrieve his head, leaving as quickly as possible she jumped back onto the Wind rider and had him fly into the sky, leading him to fly over the quiet alliance base, she dropped the head down to the ground for them to find upon waking, turning the wind rider back around she headed for Hammer fall.

Once landing she bought a room and spoke softly into her comms to no avail, settling down into the hammock she slept soundlessly until a almighty uproar on the comms woke her, almost falling from her hammock she slipped from it quickly and straightened her armour, drawing her blades as she checked the areas around her.

“Thorn's move to Tarren Mill”

The mistress's voice broke out across comms, slipping into the shadows she headed for her wind rider and climbed onto him, heading for the mill, yawning sleepily as she landed and stepped into the nearest shadows, heading over to her brothers and sisters.

“Annisa, from the shadows -now-”

Annisa frowned as she turned to look behind her, seeing Arli stand there, stepping from them she turned and stared at him.

“I have orders to remain within the shadows until the mistress tells me otherwise and so if I get told to step back into them -Arli- I’ll make sure that it's your head that rolls”

Arli shrugged slightly.

“Sure Sister”

Annisa rolled her eyes and reluctantly remained out of the shadows, turning her attention to the area surrounding the thorns continuously as she heard the order to fall into line she stepped in with the others and watched as the mistress appeared infront of them.

The Thorns greeted her with the respect she deserved as one, half listening to the meeting as the Death masters led it and half keeping her mind and eyes on the surrounding areas she heard orders of the Death masters to lead the thorns in two separate hunts, turning her gaze to the mistress she sighed softly before speaking.

“Mistress, I need to speak to you about the mission..”

Anethrax nodded as Arli raised an eyebrow and looked from Annisa to the mistress and back as Anethrax walked into the building behind her, telling Annisa to stay put and wait.

“Annisa, You should come hunting, with your -Brothers- and -Sisters-”

Annisa sighed and turned to look at Arli.

“I have something to discuss with the mistress, you all knew I’ve been away dealing with something, I will be hunting as soon as I am not so busy..”

“Ofcourse you will Annisa...”

Arli sounded unconvinced, turning away from her he addressed the thorns who prepared to hunt for alliance through the lands, she walked away from them, bidding them a good hunt.
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(( Final peice to the sister falling mission / story, i will be writting up a few more peices to be going into here, but thats just all part of Annisa's story! Enjoy! ))

“Annisa, Walk with me”

Annisa looked back to ground level from the skies she'd been staring at as the stars began to shimmer amongst it, the mistress stood infront of her as she motioned down the road out of Tarren mill, heading to the stables in silence.

Once there they both mounted their purple skeletal mounts and leading them out began to patrol the roads, once out of the mill Anethrax eyed over Annisa and nodded slightly.

“So sister, what is it you needed to talk to me about?”

“The mission has become complicated mistress, the dwarf is dead, the bounty hunter is dead... but....”

“Yes Annisa?”

“The dwarf spoke of someone high up within the ranks teaching the Banshee queen a lesson, and ordering the kill on our sister..”

Anethrax nodded slowly as they continued to patrol.

“Do you know who it was that sent the order?”

Annisa nodded slightly and then shrugged.

“He mentioned a friend of the war chief, but he could of just been saying that in hopes that I’d stop..”

Anethrax nodded, turning to look at Annisa, her bright yellow eyes piercing her.

“I suggest you leave it there, you have gotten rid of the lose ends, but it would be too dangerous for you or even the thorns as a whole to go after this person that he speaks off, in time, this person will turn up and they will get what they deserve”

Annisa nodded, lost in thought.

“The way of the world is indeed to make sure that what people deserve is exactly what they get... eventually.”

Anethrax nodded, turning her horse to walk the road towards Arathi, Annisa having hers do the same.

“Is there anything else Annisa?”

Annisa stopped in her tracks, looking at Anethrax, contemplating whether to raise her newest query or not.

“There is one thing mistress, Arli, he finds me incompetent and I find no reason I should prove myself to him as I have you, I'm not as far in my training as he is, but I have never done anything to prove I am not loyal and...”

Anethrax nodded in understanding.

“You wish to prove him wrong?”

Annisa nodded slightly.

“Then, you shall go and train, come back and prove him wrong once your ready, understand?”

Annisa nodded again.

“But, Annisa, you must not let your emotions get the best of you, you cannot let them control you, you must control them, close them down, or he will always get the best of you.”

Annisa laughed slightly.

“Mistress, if I didn’t have control of them, I would of slapped him long ago, I think I have control over them, but I will ofcourse strive to close them down, emotions get in the way of what I must do, and as you once told me, to have emotions and to care for people means that people can take those things that I care for away from me.”

Anethrax nodded and laughed ever so faintly as the horse began to walk again.

“Indeed, I did tell you that, and you have come so far, do not let anything hold you back sister.”

Annisa nodded.

“I shall leave for training now if the mission is complete and I’ll return once it's done”

Anethrax nodded as she stopped again and eyed over Annisa.

“Shadow's protect Annisa”

Annisa inclined her head slightly.

“Shadow's protect Mistress”.

Annisa pulled on the reins and with a screech from the horse it turned, kicking the side of it, the skeletal horse began to gallop back to the mill, speaking with the stable master she told him to send the horse and wind rider onto Warsong Hold of Northrend, paying him she spoke with the Flight master and began her journey to Northrend with her sisters murderers dead and her anger slightly sedated.
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((Beautiful storyline Annisa, it is a fitting end to your mission Smile Shadows Protect.))
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Annisa, Sister of the Vile Thorn.
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