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 The Adventurers

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PostSubject: The Adventurers   Thu Mar 17, 2011 7:19 pm

((Been working on something for a few weeks now, going to put it up see how it grows.))

"There are ten of us in this merry band, allow me to make an introduction."

"I am the leader and the off tank, nice to meet you im Sarcs."

"To my right is my tank mate Brutus and beside him is Sprite our healer."

"See the Forsaken with the Trolls, thats Docpeet our other healer."

"We are a bit Blood Elf heavy at the moment, the redhead is Dodgeball our lovely Palladin, the blond is Slipnot our rogue."

"To his left is Hydroz our mage who makes the best food this side of Orgrimmar, and finally the dark haired Blood Elf is our moody Warlock, Eviluke."

"The last two members of our band are both Trolls, you cant miss Akkron our Shadow Priest and if you look around im sure you will see Chainzor our Shamen, who has been trying to juggle his totems without too much luck I hear."

"Now we have met you, we would like to invite you to join us on a typical raid on Ice Crown Citadel where we hope to gain fame and glory, but most of all we just want good loots!"

Sarcs the Moo
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PostSubject: Re: The Adventurers   Thu Mar 17, 2011 7:20 pm

A quick raid check shows we are missing someone, as usual Chainzor is taking his time to get inside.

/G [Sarcs] “Chainzor where you at, we waiting!”
/G [Chainzor] “I be comin Mon.”

While we wait I check the the bands gear for flaws and enhancements and hand out the flasks.
Still no Chainzor and we are now waiting to share our magic wards.

/G [Sarcs] “Chainzor you got 1 minute to get your azz into the Citadel or we pull and you don’t get invited back!”
/R [Sarcs] “Buff up.”

He runs through the door and crouches with the rest as the magic wards are let loose and for a moment different symbols glow on the adventurer’s faces as the magic boosts them.
The glow fades as the buff is taken into the skin, leaving them without blemish, and a quick glance shows all is in order leaving us ready to take The Citadel.

Brutas runs forward sliding form into his more powerful Bear shape.

His presence in the entrance upsets the denizens and they rush him with their long bladed arms flashing. Almost instantly the patrol is alerted and they add to the general confusion.
I turn the ground red with my death and decay causing a group of the bodies to drop Brutus, coming over to greet me without mercy.
The team plough through them, tearing up the attackers to leave them strewn over the floor in heaps at our feet.

Docpeet shouts as one rushes him, the thing is almost dead but Doc is too weak to take on something like this and Hydroz reacts the fastest with a bolt that slows the attacker long enough for it drop dead at Doc’s feet.

/R [Hydroz] “Sorry Doc didn’t mean to kill your girlfriend mate.”
/R [Docpeet] “lool”
/G Dróódy has logged out.
/R [Dodgeball] “roflmfao!”
/R [Sarcs] “Slipnot you got the traps yet?”
/R [Slipnot] “I got them all boss.”
/R [Brutas] “Pulling left side.”

He rushes the group hidden by the wall, picking up everything he can while I cover him and the fighting mass in red death. Chaos all around us as bodies swarm, leaping between us and at us as they try to rid the Citadel of our threatening presence.

I see a body fall as Dodgeball hits an attacker to the ground and out the corner of my eye a bit of ice trail forms. The dangerous ice spikes beneath the ground grow upwards into anything standing above them. Luckily the ice line misses and someone throws a silence to control the caster.

Pushing the big heavy body away from me I step forward to see another pile of dead at our feet. To the left a huge boneguard stands immobile and I suspiciously watch it breathing for a moment as Brutus painfully gains the attention of the group on the top of the steps ahead of us.

Flurry of bodies, streaking ice spikes, twice Sprite is reduced to pounding on a wrapped body to free someone. Brutus swears and Akkron repeats the profanity, only much louder. We are in trouble as someone has accidentally hit the group at the bottom of the stairs, doubling the original targets and we are swamped.

Sweat is running into my eyes as I try to protect Doc and Sprite, we have run out of silences and the whole group is being attacked as Brutus and I struggle to gather the loose ends in the storm of fighting bodies.

Eviluke cries out and eats the ground, there is just too much happening and the fate of one is lost in favour of saving the many. No time to worry about him, my red death has run out and my targets are attacking my group.

This is not looking good as Akkron dies and we begin to lose our edge on the churning mass, no time to think, instinct take over and we become reactive, cutting down our targets as fast as we can.

Still they swarm against us.

Finally the dust dies down on a hard won fight, three of us stand and wait for the others to cut a deal with the Great Spirit and get back inside. We have only just begun and already we have lost a lot to death, we still face Lord Marrowgar tonight and I silently hope the group has what it takes to accomplish the kill.

Sarcs the Moo

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PostSubject: Re: The Adventurers   Thu Mar 17, 2011 7:20 pm

Hydroz is happily bagging away on his friend Slipnot who’s body is still lying on the step where he died. My eyes sweep the room ahead wondering where the traps are hidden.
We cannot take this room until Slipnot has been in and cleared the spirit traps for us so we will be on downtime, the usual banter breaks out in our merry band while we get ready to continue.

/R [Sarcs] “Zzzzzzz dying of bordom waiting for you lot.”
/G [Glamkitty] “If I purr in your ear would you pull my tail rawr…”
/G [Brutus] “O.o”
/R [Eviluke] “What!?”
/G [Glamkitty] “zomg wrong chat”
/G [Eviluke] “Purr in my ear Glam.”
/G [Dodgeball] “Shut up you idiots!”
/G [Slipnot] “You want to share something there Dodge?”
/R [Sarcs] “Buff up guys.”

We are ready once more, the room is clear and we can take the denzins. Slowly we work our way through the rooms, killing everything that moves. The boneguards are still up, we cannot take them while they sleep but the traps are gone so they will slumber on, hopefully.

Finally in silence we sit and eat our fish in the doorway, watching Lord Marrowgar. No one has a word to say, each lost in their own private thoughts.

Its time, let’s do this.

Sarcs the Moo

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PostSubject: Re: The Adventurers   Thu Mar 17, 2011 7:20 pm

Brutus runs forward and I try to keep close as Lord Marrowgar notices us.

“The Scourge will wash over this world as a swarm of death and destruction!”

Immediately he attacks Brutus and I wait for the link to find me, for this fight I will need to keep beside the big bear, sharing the damage he takes.
Behind Marrowgar the Adventurers run in under his coldflame and get into position as close as they can to him.

The link finds me and I feel the pain of battle hit my body, Lord Marrowgar does not touch me but each time he attacks Brutus I take half of what happens to him, the pain and the weakness.

Flashes of coldflame roar along the floor behind Marrowgar as my diseases add to his slowly developing ill health, we are pushing everything we can to kill him before he loses his temper and enrages.
Finally his relentless assault on Brutus fades from me and he throws his first bone spike, pinning Sprit on top of it.

“Stick Around!”

/R [Sprite] “Spike!”
/R [Sarcs] “Ranged on the spike, move, move, free the healer!”

Reaction time is a little slow and Sprite is going down before they manage to free her, shattering the spike sticking up through her body. A cast and her health begins to recover, it never fails to amaze me when I see our land guardian take health directly from the ground she walks on.

The Adventures are more reactive after the first spike and our little band still numbers ten when Marrowgar begins spinning around in a dangerous whirl, flying towards the wall near the entrance.


We all scatter rapidly to avoid close contact lessening our changes of being damaged. He stops at the wall and releases four rows of coldflame which grow in a straight line until they slowly spend themselves against the walls. Before the lines are gone Marrowgar has whirled through the room to stop over Eviluke, dropping four new rows of coldflame.

Both Sprite and Doc wash Eviluke with healing as he runs from Marrowgar, stumbling through the coldflame which now criss-crosses the room making a safe place harder to find. Twice more Marrowgar roars through the room targeting an Adventurer, and we still stand without loss in the face of his aggression.

Brutus is quick to taunt Marrowgar as he comes out of his bone storm, walking backwards into me as he brings the angry Lord back towards the rear of the room. Our Adventurers rush into position and begin attacking his back once more, and we repeat the process as our time slowly runs out and he gets closer to his enrage.

“I see... only darkness...”

Shaking, the massive Lord takes his final look around the room with his four heads, then with a strange clattering sound he breaks up showering the floor with bones.

/R [Dodgeball] “WOOHOO!”
/R [Sarcs] “Good job peeps, really well done.”
/G [Akkron] “We downed Marrowbone guys”
/G [Glamkitty] “Gz”
/R [Dodgeball] “Get off so I can roll the loot you greedy gits.”

Sitting alone eating some food, I watch the little band of Adventurers proudly, we took our first ever one shot tonight, and we have more battles ahead.

Who knows, maybe we have what it takes after all.

Sarcs the Moo

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PostSubject: Re: The Adventurers   

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The Adventurers
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