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 Anethrax and Kalaa (part 2)

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PostSubject: Anethrax and Kalaa (part 2)   Sat Apr 09, 2011 6:26 pm

OOC-This event was based around some roleplay I had with the KoL in the hinterlands one night. This is alot shorter than the other and only ment to develop the plot between the two Chars sligthly.
As always I welcome your feedback!

The day was coming to an end and the sun had retreated behind the rain clouds, leaving the land behind it to be cleansed from the day’s sins and slaughter.
The Gryphons still flew over head, even now as the rain fell from the sky the white feathered Gryphons scanned the ground for any unlucky creature that took its fancy.
“Moving in” a voice buzzed into her ear, the goblin communication devices were very reliable usually, yet this one had seen better days and was on its way out.
“Deathmasters, make sure you have your teams up close with you, far too many alliance troops patrolling this forest” Her words clear and filled with a sense of urgency
“Ofcourse Mistress” Squadron was the first to reply, with his deep, growling voice. A voice that put many of the Sin’dorei thorns on edge
“Ma’am” Soulak was quick to reply after Squadron “We on the left hand side of the valley”
“Very good, wait for my order”.

The rain poured from the sky as she sat in the open, yet still somehow the shadows protected her from anyone passing by. Her eyes were locked on the grand entrance to the keep of Aerie peak, Aerie peak was the home of the Wildhammer dwarves and was now the base to the Knights of Lordaeron.
A flash of lighting lit up the valley of the hinterlands, creating shadows across the forest floor around her, a gift she would take full advantage of. She moved from one shadow to another as the flashes of lighting created more and more shadows, slowly she got close to the keep.
“Mistress, should we follow?” Squadron’s deep voice had more impact than any of the thunder which roared through the forest, as it crackled over her comms unit.
She stopped and looked up towards the Keep, The Keep had been built within the cliff face, like the rest of the grand Dwarven buildings of Aerie peak.
“Hold” her hushed voice almost lost as a clap of thunder boomed across the forest.

Her eyes moved inch by inch across the keep, looking for any hidden entrances or any defences which would affect the Thorns mission here and then her gaze fell upon a familiar face.
“Why hello” a feral grin crept across her face.

“You’re feeling brave aren’t you?” Kalaa turned and looked at Gelana, he was met by a smile from his Draenei friend
“The Guards, You know they won’t let you leave the keep” Gelana’s tone was hushed as she looked over the Dwarf guards patrolling outside
“Ah yes, kept in for my own safety” He turned to look out of the keeps entrance and into the rain filled night “Yet somehow I think it’s just as safe here as it is out there”
Gelana’s eyes moved from Kalaa and out of the keep into the storm
“What is it?” her tone was hushed and the slightest inkling of fear slipped in to it
“I’m not sure, but there is something out there, by the trees” Kalaa’s lie was more of one of hoping than one of deceit, he had a bad feeling who was out there, a feeling he had felt several months ago as he was left alone in the desert with his dead uncle in his arms and the Vile Thorns watching him from the shadows.
The rain ran off the gate of the keep and onto the ground below, creating a pool of water near the two knights feet, both of them mesmerised by who or what was lurking out in the darkness of the storm.
“What are you both looking at?” a third voice entered the now silent chamber
The couple both turned to look over at the figure that was now also looking out of the entrance
“Someone out there?” Calahan muttered
“I thought I saw something out by the tree line” Kalaas eyes remained on the area where he thought he saw something.
Calahan broke his gaze and shrugged “It’s probably just a fox or something” although his words were not sincere, his voice was comforting and reassuring
“Perhaps” Kalaa nodded, unwilling to turn away from the unknown threat he just relaxed his posture alittle instead
“Well I’m going for a drink anyway” Calahan turned and left the chamber, he was followed closely by Gelana and left alone in the Chamber.
The Storm slowly got worse as the last the of the light faded, the guards that patrolled the outside slowly edged their way towards the keep to avoid the worst of the rain.
“I will be waiting for you” Kalaa whispered under his breath then turned and walked off to join the other Knights.

The Keep entrance was now empty and the light had finally left the Hinterlands, The storm had slowly increased in power and the guards had all but left their patrolling routes.
“Ma’am” Soulak spoke over the comms “Should we strike now?”
Kalaa, she had left him for dead in the desert with only the bodies of his companions as company, Seems fate had brought him to her again. He was now a member of the Knights of Lordaeron and in the way of her mission.
“Ma’am?” Soulak’s voice called again
Perhaps she has missed something about him the first time they had met, perhaps their fate was intertwined somehow
“Thorns our target isn’t here, fall back to rally positions, then head back to Base” she looked up into the dark clouds and let the rain run over her white forsaken skin.
“Deathmasters” she spoke quietly into her comms “Make sure we don’t leave a trace, I don’t want them to know we were even here, we cannot let our target know that we are so close to her”
She would have to keep an eye on him, a very close eye.

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Anethrax and Kalaa (part 2)
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