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 Bodikai - The Making of a Thorn (Part 1)

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PostSubject: Bodikai - The Making of a Thorn (Part 1)   Sun Apr 10, 2011 2:50 pm

OOC NOTE: This is the beginning of what will hopefully be a series of short stories developing how and why Bodikai came to be a member of the Vile Thorn. Enjoy! (I hope!)

"The Beginning"

The young Blood Elf shifted uncomfortably in his sleep, his dreams disturbed by sounds and images of a dark threat looming over him. His senses demanded that he take action, but still he hesitated, content that the danger was imaginary. "I am dreaming...", he thought sleepily to himself; "...and safe in my own home, under the watchful eye of my parents, both reknowned Farstriders that would keep danger far from our threshold." Something was amiss, though... "No," he paused mid-thought, "they are not here this night. They are summoned to a meeting in nearby Quel'Thalas, and I am responsible in their absence..."

The strong smell of garlic suddenly permeated the Sin'dorei's deep sleep, and caused his eyes to flutter open. Over him stood a dark humanoid shape, watching him from the shadows. Its eyes glinted sharply in the moonlight from the window, as it realized that its prey had awoken. Adrenalin shot through the young Elf's body like a bolt of lightning searing through the night sky, and his hand snapped upward, fingertips closed to a point, directly into the intruder's jugular vein. It staggered backward in surprise, colliding softly against the wall, and slid down to the floor in a paralyzed heap. The Elf sprang from his bed and knelt beside what he could now see was an unshaven human, checked his pulse, and saw that it was still alive. "Mercy has it's place...", he recalled his Mother telling him once, "...but not when it comes to the safety of those you hold dear." This human was in Blood Elf territory. In the family home. In the dead of night. Unbidden. It's intentions were clearly not benign. He paused for no more than a breath, then struck home in the same place several times with cold, calculating precision. The human shuddered one last time, then lay still.

The Sin'dorei's heart pumped so fiercely that he could barely hear his own thoughts. As they began to clear, he thought suddenly of his younger brother. His parents had left him in charge while away, and if this human was not alone, then his sibling may yet be in danger. The Elf slipped to the doorway and peered out into the darkened hallway, holding his breath and listening intently. He heard footsteps coming from the floor below, and more from the end of the corridor. "My training has granted me the skill to deal with one enemy so far..." he pondered, "...but with more than one remaining, I may need help." He moved furtively over to a nearby window and looked outside, hoping to spot a light still on in a neighbor's home. To his horror, he caught a glimpse of yet more humans moving silently through the shadows outside. As he watched, he saw their numbers grow; at least half a dozen. They were everywhere. His neighbors would not be of assistance, assuming they were even still alive...

With options now limited to one, the Elf steeled himself for what he knew he must do. Quietly, he moved through the shadows and found his way into his parents' room. Once there, even in the dark he knew precisely where to find his Mother's set of fighting daggers. They were missing. His blood ran cold as his mind raced. "What am I to do?" he gulped. "Swords and daggers are your tools, but you are the weapon..." whispered his Mother's voice, deep in memory; "With or without tools, you must know how to kill when the need arises." The need was here, like it or not. His brother's life, as well as his, were in the Elf's own, trembling hands. Closing his eyes, and forcing his breath into slow, measured intakes of air, he made his way to his brother's room. Once outside, he paused for a moment, listening for more movement. He heard nothing. Pushing the door open slightly, he stepped inside, then froze at what he saw.

His brother stood before him, hands bound and mouth covered tightly in a red linen cloth. His eyes were wide with fear, and behind him stood a small, smirking Goblin. "Yer alive, elfling," spoke the Goblin, "which don't bode well for my man. Still, ya've saved me some coin. He weren't cheap in life, but then the dead cost nothing..."

A flash of movement from the left sent the Elf spinning into motion, catching the assailant's hand before his Mother's dagger found its mark in his neck. With a violent twist, he broke the wrist and yanked both fist and dagger across the man's neck, severing the artery, sending blood splattering across the room. A floorboard creaked behind him, and the Elf sidestepped just in time to avoid being skewered by the lunging sword of a second human. Letting the first man fall to the floor, the Elf slipped the dagger from his grasp and launched himself at the unbalanced newcomer. The man swung the sword wildly, but too high, as the Sin'dorei ducked beneath it and let loose a flurry of cuts and closed-fisted strikes at the human's solar plexus. He staggered back, coughing blood and flailing madly at the whirling Elf, but unable to make contact. A few moments later, he too lay dying next to his accomplice.

The Blood Elf, now covered in blood, whipped around quickly, dagger raised and ready to lunge at the Goblin. But the Goblin wasn't there. His little brother's face contorted in fear, eyes as wide as saucers. Then the Sin'dorei felt a sharp stabbing pain at the base of his spine, and instantly lost feeling in his legs. He collapsed to his knees, held up only by the Goblin's fist gripping the young Elf's ponytail. A second stab at the back of his neck drove feeling from his arms, and they fell limp at his side, sending his mother's dagger clattering noisily to the floor.

The Goblin sheathed its blade, then reached out its foot and snapped the dagger up into the air, catching it deftly in one small hand. "A beautiful blade, to be sure...", it whispered into the Blood Elf's ear; "It'll fetch a pretty price in Booty Bay, of that I have no doubt..." The Blood Elf's heart sank, not with fear but in shame, for he had allowed his home, his family, to be violated. He looked up at his brother, who looked longingly back at him through floods of silent tears. As the Goblin drew his Mother's blade across the Sin'dorei's throat, spilling his life-blood onto the floor, his breathless lips mouthed a silent, parting farewell to his little brother: "Forgive me, Bodikai. Forgive me..."

Bodikai watched as his older brother's life slipped from his eyes. He was numb, exhausted with fear and frustration. The Goblin kicked absent-mindedly at the bodies of the fallen humans, muttering "SI:7 special operatives indeed. Lucky they now have 'The Shiv' to train them up." It looked up at Bodikai, beamed sadistically, and marched over to grab him by his restraints. "Now come, little one. We wouldn't want to be here when yer ma and pa get home, would we? They'll be much more willing to do our bidding with you safe and sound in Stormwind..."

As he was marched outside, Bodikai saw other Sin'dorei children being taken away by more humans and bundled onto waiting horses. As the intruders rode off into the night with their newfound captives, Bodikai looked longingly at his home for the last time, and wept. Not for himself, but for his beloved brother, and for the horror that would await his parents upon their return.

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PostSubject: Re: Bodikai - The Making of a Thorn (Part 1)   Sun Apr 10, 2011 3:35 pm

((Great story Bodikai, I didnt know you had such skill hidden away!))
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Robi Kaezlan.

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PostSubject: Re: Bodikai - The Making of a Thorn (Part 1)   Sun Apr 10, 2011 3:39 pm

really really enjoyed that and wanting to know more. Keep it coming brother.
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PostSubject: Re: Bodikai - The Making of a Thorn (Part 1)   Mon Apr 11, 2011 7:11 am

((awesome Bodi, loved it, gief more!))
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PostSubject: Re: Bodikai - The Making of a Thorn (Part 1)   

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Bodikai - The Making of a Thorn (Part 1)
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