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 Atropine Shadowbane - Forsaken Assassin

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PostSubject: Atropine Shadowbane - Forsaken Assassin   Tue Apr 26, 2011 12:51 pm

Chapter 1
((The Forsaken Thorn))

Atropine Shadowbane - deadly poison from the shadows.
This is what I have become, walking the dark with loaded blades.
Your life is not my concern, I deal only in death, be it with or without gain.

*The lone figure sits in the quiet Brill graveyard, golden eyes turned to the dusky sky overhead*

I accept what I have become, my fight no longer my own but that of my Queen.
Look at me, look into my dead eyes, and know this will be the last thing you see this day.
As you drop at my feet, life draining with your blood, know that I walk beside the death reaper.

*Slowly more and more Thorns creep out the shadows, surrounding me*

The races are fractured, something I didn’t pay attention to before I fell.
The Family of Assassins, so close yet so weary of one another.
There is much talk with the Sindorei, they do not want me to walk away and place my loyalty with the Forsaken.
Yet the Forsaken pull me towards them, we are superior in every way.

Annisa, the closest thing I had to a Sister before I fell.

Where does my death place me now?
She still feels love for me, the care she felt before.
I feel nothing, I am dead inside and out, but is that totally true?

*Atropine watches the Goblin settle in the tree, tired enough to rest on a branch but feeling safe enough to sleep surrounded by his Thorn Family*

We had gone into battle together, lending our blades to a cause not our own.
Our companions fell around us, but we lived, trapped inside the outpost.
Moving in the shadows towards the gate we were attacked by a tracker dog and its handler, forcing a bloody confrontation.

Annisa, the Sister I never had.

We took his life and escaped, but something was not the same.
I took up blades to, protect her, this Sindorei spilling blood at my side.
I do not understand why I would suddenly wish to protect her when she is a blooded Assassin in her own right.

She is my Sister, it’s different, but I am no longer Sindorei, it cannot be different.
But it is, I know she is not blood of my blood, yet I still cannot ignore this new aspect of myself.

*The Deathmaster calls order and we wait for our weeks instructions*

We mount up and line up, ready to move out and attend to business, faces turned to our Deathmaster.
Today we take life, leaving a path of destruction from here to the Alliance city of Stormwind.
My Sister is still away on her tracking mission, I find myself thinking about her return.
I wish to fight at her side, laying waste to any Alliance in our path.

This Sindorei Assassin of the Thorns, Annisa.

Atropine Shadowbane
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PostSubject: Re: Atropine Shadowbane - Forsaken Assassin   Thu Apr 28, 2011 1:12 pm

Chapter 2
((Humans, why did it have to be humans))

Moving silently I get closer to the figure ahead, the woman is fishing alone in a dangerous place.
Either a cunning trap or a very stupid human.
I watch her for a moment, the flick of the rod and the speed she strikes on the bite all show her to be seasoned.

As I watch her I think of Arli, the Sindorei, the challenge to my newly formed Forsaken allegiance.
Is he a threat to the Thorns, to my Mistress?
I explore the thought and find I am not curious about him, I am just doing the right thing by those I call friend and family.
I finally admit to myself, he has caught my attention like no other Thorn.

Two careful steps take me into strike range and I carefully position my blades before breaking the shadows.
Her fight is short lived without a weapon in her hand, and before I leave I make sure she won’t be telling any tales.
The woman’s body floats face down in the water, blood washing it red in a halo around her.
Moving out the area I set about cleaning the blood from my hands.
Finally I sit back on my heels, relaxed and at ease as I use my leather squares to replace the poison on my twin blades.

Arli seemed to dislike the Forsaken, not an uncommon reaction, but why did he mention the emptiness, the broken and dying side to being like this?
Once again I wonder what will become of me, of my future and my slowly dying body.
I wonder if he realises I’m a new Forsaken, not yet comfortable with what I am, forced to accept it by my condition and my Queen.
The doubts he raised with his counter argument on the Comms, truth told yet not pleasant to face for one such as myself, already in a strange mental state.

The sound is close, the smallest scrape of something on stone, perhaps leather but not metal.
The blow catches me between the shoulders, throwing me forward to pitch head first into the water.
Without pause I kick rapidly and delve deeper into the coolness, not looking back.
I know my foe will follow me.
Hands grab my bony ankles and I turn in the water, drawing my legs up towards my chest so I can reach the wrists.

The face is human, long black hair floating free in the current caused by my entry.
Reaching out with cold precision I take his throat in one hand, forcing the fingers of my other hand into his mouth to depress his tongue even as my legs wrap around his chunky waist.
He struggles against me, trying to break my grip on his throat.
I wait for his need to force him to inhale, then I will release his throat keeping his mouth open.
Desperation touches him and I see his face contort with fear as he realises he cannot break free.

The blade flashes up between us and I push back, allowing him the freedom he wants.
Kicking wildly he fights towards the surface, desperate for air.
I know I can escape easily while he recovers himself, but I also know I have the man’s life in my my hands, to die or live is no longer his choice.

Lazily I follow him and leave the water close to where he is kneeled, coughing and gasping for air.
There is no reason to use the shadows now, if he runs I will take him, but I will give him a fair chance to fight back.
The blades flash in the warm sun as he makes his opening move works to my advantage as it warns me, and I avoid the strike with ease.
The bony knee to his stomach results in a loud expulsion of air and I follow through with a jab to the throat.
No point losing the edge now, his body is already air starved so why not use it.

As I dodge the next blade thrust I briefly wonder if Arli would spare this humans life or take it with cold cunning.
The man’s hair is wet and sticking to him, a quick grab of it and a sharp tug teeters his balance just enough for me to bring my own blade into play.
My aim is perfect this time and the blade enters between two ribs below the arm seeking his heart.

My blades clean once more I step into the shadows, bound for Brill.
I will rest up and allow myself to heal for a while.
At the meeting I will seek out Arli, see what manner of Thorn he is, this former Deathmaster.
Perhaps he will surprise the Family, only the future will tell.

Atropine Shadowbane
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PostSubject: Re: Atropine Shadowbane - Forsaken Assassin   Sun May 01, 2011 3:11 pm

Chapter 3
((This is the last of the Slyvixen and Atropine history, she is no longer a Thorn))

The hardest decision I have had to make is done now.

My hands are gentle as I remove my Thorn colours and mask, folding them into one another and placing them in my carry.

A last look and im done.

The note on the door is pinned by one of my spare blades.

"Hail Mistress,

I have been called by the Dark Lady for an undercover mission deep in Alliance lands.
It is not without risk, but I will return when I am able.

Shadows Protect all Thorns.

Atropine Shadowbane Teh Vixen."
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PostSubject: Re: Atropine Shadowbane - Forsaken Assassin   Mon May 23, 2011 11:56 am

This storyline has been stopped.

Gelly aka Nitro
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PostSubject: Re: Atropine Shadowbane - Forsaken Assassin   

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Atropine Shadowbane - Forsaken Assassin
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