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 Dante Helldon the Warden

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Dane Helldon

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PostSubject: Dante Helldon the Warden   Tue May 03, 2011 1:02 pm

Chapter 1
((This is an introduction to a new Warden, a dark Warlock called Dane.))

He trembled uncontrollably, kneeling on the hard wooden floorboards of his home.
The beast crouched in a corner, dark fur thick over its powerful body.
The muzzle swung towards him, lips pulled back to show long yellowed teeth as its blood chilling growl split the silence.

For a moment Dane was paralysed with fear then the beast launched at him and adrenalin took over forcing him to roll away.
Nails scrabbled on the floor, leaving rips into the wood as the beast snapped the air around his moving body.
Dane didn’t stop when he hit the wall near the hearth, instead he used the wall to propel himself upright again.

The beast was already coming towards him, saliva flecking its chest from the open snarling jaws.
His right hand began to trace an intricate pattern in the air as he watched the red eyes of the beast surge upwards.
His left arm saved him, caught between the jaws as he stopped his throat being ripped out by the enraged creature before him.

The last word of the spell dropped into the room like a stone into a deep dark well.

Tortured red eyes had turned towards his own as the fur began to smoulder, burning away until the roaring from the open muzzle finally became silent.
The fight had lasted but a short time, a fiery death for such a horrifying beast seemed a fitting end in some way.

Looking at the damage to his arm he realised he needed a healer and had gone in search of one.
Later he would remember her face in his dreams, so soft and innocent as she bent over his injuries, saving a life that was already cursed.

Once they were sure he was no longer a danger to those around him, they allowed him some freedom around Gilneas.
The beasts taint would never leave him, there was no cure for the bloodline he now carried.

His wandering had led him to the Wardens who offered him a place with them, a useful turn of events which could serve him well.
Now he was free to use his spare time searching for the talisman he needed, yes this had worked out very well.
The last thing he did before heading out to explore the new area on his map, was to put on his Warden colours.

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PostSubject: Re: Dante Helldon the Warden   Mon May 23, 2011 11:55 am

This storyline has been stopped.

Gelly aka Dane
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Dante Helldon the Warden
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