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 Sarco of Gilneas

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PostSubject: Sarco of Gilneas   Thu May 05, 2011 1:05 pm

Chapter 1
((This is the way it begins, the story of a Gilnean called "The Sarcophagus" for his enjoyment of flesh eating. Enjoy his tale.))

We bounce on the uneven surface causing my foot to slide down the wall beside the door to the carriage. I firmly replace it, my other foot rests on the floor of the carriage as I lay back on the comfortable seat opposite the woman that shares it with me.
The woman is in her Lycan form, muzzle turned into the breeze from the small open window set into the other door. She yawns, tongue curling up inside her mouth like a pink wave framed between her strong white canines.

A smirk touches my lips as I catch the look in her half closed eyes, it feels good when a woman wants you that much. I shift my head to look out the small window near my foot, aware as I do that my long dark hair has spilled over the edge of the seat where the breeze plays with it. She enjoys my hair, taking handfuls of it when we spar, trying to gain an unfair advantage over me.

The day we met I had been on the hunt, taking a hart on the side of a hill outside the City. It had been a good fight while it lasted and the resulting meal was one of the best I had eaten in a long while. She had found me crouched at the edge of a stream drinking my fill, padding up so silently on me I almost didn’t realise she was there.

Her scent gave her away, hot and steaming from her own hunt she was just too much to resist. I had marked her in our nest in the grass leaving her bleeding from a dozen small nips and scratches, not that she didn’t give as good as she got. Later she had shifted to her Gilnean form, allowing me to lick her wounds clean before she applied some green healing balm to them.
Now here I was laying opposite her in our carriage, going to Stormwind and this new order she had found over there.

“What do these Knights stand for Bella?”
Her reply had been the same as always.
“You will understand once you join them.”

I hope she’s right, but then when has she not been right about something? This woman touches me on a deeper level than any living being, deeper than love between a man and a woman can reach. She feels me when I am not with her, coming into my dreams to hold me when I am alone. Now I follow her to a new future in a strange land amongst civilised races that don’t hunt their own food.

She glides smoothly into her Gilnean form, soft dark hair framing a delicate face dominated by big brown eyes. We share the same dark hair, even if my eyes still glow ice blue from my former masters touch, even the power I felt from the Lich King’s link pales when compared to her soul bond with me.

She slips off her seat in the lurching carriage and puts her small hand on my chest, sending tingles from her fingertips straight to the base of my spine. Leaning down she kisses my lips fully, leaving nothing unexplored in her quest. I cannot resist her nor would I wish to, lifting my arms I pull her closer before we both fall off the seat in a tangle of limbs and laughter.

Later we arrive in Stormwind, the long journey finally complete. It’s taken a lot of effort to get here from our home City and we need a place to bed down for the night. The new menace of the skies has razed a section of Stormwind, leaving the burnt shells of buildings overlooking the bay. In my more powerful Lycan form I seek a sheltered place for us, finally finding what I am seeking towards the back of the ruins.

It’s easy enough for a Lycan to reach our newly chosen top room but not as easy for other less mobile races. Leaning against the cool wall I pull her unresisting into my lap before turning her so her back is against my muscle plated chest. Finally reaching round in front of us I capture her strong wrists, holding her captive against my body as we sit watching the ships come in. Her contentment is obvious as she relaxes against me, sniffing the incoming breeze for news of the world outside our new home.

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PostSubject: Re: Sarco of Gilneas   Tue May 10, 2011 4:27 pm

Chapter 2
((Stormwind and the Knights))

I have missed the sound of her even breathing beside me in the night. Lying in our room waiting for the dawn to fully break I plan what I need to do once I leave our nest. The Knights are top of my list, if I am to join their order it is best to seek them quickly, before rumours follow me from Gilneas. Bella turns in her sleep, giving me her back so I can pull her against me in a warm cuddle which I know will wake her.

Stormwind is a port City; one side faces the bay while the other faces the peace and quiet of Elwynn Forest. I keep my Gilnean form while inside the City gates but once outside I change so I can move faster. In a short space of time I have covered a great deal of ground around the City, exploring even inside the shallow mines that seem to occur here.

She comes to me outside Goldshire as I am snacking on a stray sheep that stupidly wandered too close. I am to speak with a Commander inside the Inn as she is here on business of some kind, so I follow her into the room which I find uncomfortably warm after the cool of the forest. I stand facing the Commander in my heavy plate armour and endure her careful study of me, her eyes stopping more than once on my big plate shoulders.

“Who did you speak to in the Knights?”

“One by the name of Vandyke, my Lady.”

She is satisfied but continues to measure my appearance with curious eyes.

“Well if he accepted you then he must have a reason.”

In truth I think Bella arranged for me to be accepted as I had a letter from a Vandyke, and with it the colours of the order which I was to wear on all official business and when around the other Knights. Wisely I don’t mention that and wait for her to finish inspecting me.

With a nod and a salute, which I politely return, she dismisses me. I have paper work to resubmit as my return letter has gone missing somehow, or never reached her more likely. Bella waits in Stormwind having left me to speak to the Commander alone, and suddenly I find myself eager to leave this Goldshire and go back to her.

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PostSubject: Re: Sarco of Gilneas   Wed May 11, 2011 6:02 pm

(( I blame Calahan for the missing paperwork Razz Nice introduction!))
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PostSubject: Re: Sarco of Gilneas   Mon May 16, 2011 3:12 pm

Chapter 3
((The truth of things))

My muscles swell and flex with each swing of my axe, the blade head glows softly with my chosen rune as I switch between attack and defence postures. My shoulder muscles pull against the strain of my combat training and I snarl at the dummy before me. Since joining the Knights I have discovered another Death Knight who seems to he watching them closely and on me catching him we have begun training together, This Karkun is a powerful and skilled fighter with much experience. I consider myself lucky to have struck a deal with him. In time I hope to join him in battle, making a name for myself that hides my past.

Slowly I become aware of a watcher behind me, female and human from her scent, ignoring her I continue with my training, pushing my body as hard as I can. Finally she calls out and I turn, eyes seeking her out on the steps down to the training pit before I slide into my Gilnean form to speak with her.

“Sarcophagus…Commander Sarcophagus?”

My heartbeat skips as I look at the stranger using my former title, my hidden identity. How could someone know me, here in this ‘borrowed’ body? She walks down the steps and I take a good look at her slim body, belly exposed while her face is fully covered. I can see she is a Knight of the Ebon Blade, but there the similarity ends as she is not touched by the wolf. Again she calls me Commander and I reply I am but an Armsman in service to the Knights.

Reaching up she removes the helm, long dark hair tumbling down around her face as it just touches her amoured shoulders. Then she stretches with feline grace, her armour riding up to almost expose the swell of her womanly chest. Instantly I am transported back to another woman stretching in front of me, her eyes watching me almost mockingly as I stand helpless before her, the Forsaken .


Looking at her I know I don’t want anything to do with this human, if indeed she is even the same Sin’dorei that joined the Dragonlancers. I keep trying to tell her I am not her Commander but she’s just as stubborn as before and finally I realise I must kill her or she will expose me. I'm still at a loss as to how she got here, it’s not an easy process to borrow a body and I know it takes the combined efforts of both Warlock and Valkyrie to suppress the spirit of the original owner long enough for the new spirit to settle in the body.

She takes out a tabard of the Dragonlancers, my old colours draped over her slender hand annoy me as she tries to force a confession from my lips. Finally I tell her what she wants to know, setting her up for a quick death as I do. I will not be exposed as an infiltrator deep in Alliance territory, especially by some Sin’dorei Cadet that needs a lot more discipline.

Her last words are to stay in Ebon Hold, she is going to seek out Atropine Shadowbane the Rogue I brought over to assist me in my mission.

As soon as she is gone I call down my white drake and head swiftly to Stormwind, knowing Atropine has taken the form of a Gnome called Nitro, I start my inquiries in Old Town. She has not been very discreet, but the body chosen for her is a good cover, so she has no reason to fear being exposed as a Horde spy.

Goldshire becomes my destination as the Innkeeper was recently found floating face down in the Crystal Lake, and a small gnome with a big attitude stepped up to keep the Inn open after his death, not very discreet at all Slyvixen.

I find her in the kitchen, shouting orders at her staff as they cut meat for stew to feed the nights customers. A brief word and she sends her men out giving us a moment to talk in the kitchen in private. I regret the choice of room almost immediately, the smell of fresh meat and dripping blood pulls at my senses and finally my body takes over changing to my lycan form, knocking Atropine down the steps into her cellar in the process. Rushing out the Inn I seek refuge in the cool of the forest where no eyes can judge me for what I am.

When the scream comes it’s shrill and without thinking I am in full flight on my four paws, break through the shrubbery onto the Stormwind road just in time to see Atropine collapse fade down along the road. Her blood scent is thick in the air so I ignore her corpse in favour of the feral wolf running from the area ahead of the Mounted Guard.


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PostSubject: Re: Sarco of Gilneas   Mon May 16, 2011 7:43 pm

She had watched him from afar for days, taking down notes and passing them back to the people concerned and now she had been tasked to make contact, she smirked to herself as she watched him beat on the training dummy in his Lycan form, he growled intensely as he hit it, rage covering his whole stance and demeanour.

“Commander Sarcophagus?” she grinned as she spoke.

He didn’t respond, just carried on hitting the dummy with his axe, the growling grew more intense, she coughed clearing her voice as she spoke louder.

“Commander Sarcophagus!” The Lycan turned and stared at her as he shifted into his Gilnean form, raising an eyebrow.

“I am but a mere arms-man for the Knights young lady, I am not a commander” she grinned as she spoke, well aware of who and what he had been

“Oh? Well ok then” she smirked, taking her old dragon lancer tabard from her bag, draping it across her hand she looked at him for a reaction, his face turning into a slightly angered expression, taking her helmet from her head, her dark hair cascaded down her back and around her face as she shook it loose, raising her hands above her head she stretched as far as she could, watching his expression as a small smile played across her lips.

“You are clearly a mere death knight out to wind me up, I do not know what you are talking about and you have only just come in from the grounds underneath us, I can tell from the mud of your boots, your not very well presented, are you?” his anger broke through as he spoke.

“Oh, that is true... hmm, give me a minute” She smirked as she bent over and taking the tabard she used it to clean the dirt from her armour, straightening her armour up, she looked up at him with a look of innocence as he grabbed the tabard from her and growled lowly.

“How dare you-” she grinned as he spoke.

“Ah, you see, I knew I was right, Hello Commander” she smirked as she spoke, watching his actions as he dropped the tabard to the floor.

Sarcophagus turned, walking away from her, turning into his Lycan form as he spoke in a loud growl.

“You should leave, -now- before a kill you” he turned and looked at her before leaping over to the dummy and began beating away on it again, his anger showing all the more she stood and stared for a moment before walking over to him, sword drawn, grabbing his wrist she turned him and grinned.

“Kill me then, if you want to so much.” she looked into his eye's as he shifted back into his Gilnean form, laughing softly, she knew then she would make a note of this and tease him forever more about his weakness.

“Still as stubborn as ever, aren’t you Riara?” He frowned as he spoke to her, she smiled and nodded.

“Ofcourse, would you have me any other way?”

He grabbed her suddenly, folding her into his arms, holding her close as he whispered into her ear softly.
“You have to help me, I cant control him, he takes to much from me” She raised her eyebrow slightly, looking down at her old commander she frowned as she saw the fear concern and worry play across his face.

“I will help you commander, that is why i'm here, what do you want me to do?” she looked at him, pulling away from his hold as she straightened her armour, delving into her bag she pulled out another Dragon lancer tabard and pushed it over his head and underneath his Knights tabard.

“Keep this on at all time's, it will remind you of why you are here and keep this in” she slipped a coms device into his ear as he raised his eyebrow at her questioning, she smiled and nodded reassuringly.

“It will mean you can contact me at any time, now, what do you want me to do?”

He smirked at her slightly and nodded.

“Atropine Shadow-bane, find her, she can help me, she will know what to do” he looked up into her eyes as she nodded, she smiled softly.

“I know where she is already, I have been tracking the both of you for a while” he glared as she spoke and turned into her Lycan form, grabbing her hair in his hand she screamed out in pain her light glowing blue eyes looking up at him as she tried to pull away from his grip.

“Get off! Your hurting”

“Good, it's meant too” he ripped his hand away, pulling a few hairs from head he tucked them inside his tabard, grinning at her.

“Now, should you fail, I will be able to follow your scent and do as I first planned, kill you” he growled as he looked at her, she frowned, turning away she began to walk.

“I guess you don't want me help, I shall just leave” he walked to the steps as he watched her, grinning, taking her sword from her back she turned, throwing it at him as it bounced from his shoulder and into the dummy behind him he shifted into his Gilnean form, looking tired and weak.

“Sarcophagus?” He glared at her.


“Oh... uhm, I guess I'll be on my way... stay here, do not leave Ebon Hold, until further notice” she smiled at him as he nodded.

“Goodnight then” she turned, walking away slowly as he watched her, she walked around to the teleportation rune, she looked back momentarily to him before stepping onto it, walking to the bone gryphon’s she sighed softly, shaking her head as she asked to go to Stormwind, paying the man just enough to get her there.

One day and a night had passed before she finally found Miss Shadow-bane slumped in the cellar of the lions pride inn in goldfish, behind the barrels, barely able to speak as she looked up into the death knights eyes.

“Customer's shouldn't be down here miss, you need to go back upstairs”
“I'm not a customer's Miss, And I assume your Miss Atropine Shadow-bane, correct?”

The gnomes eyes widened as she looked at her.

“My names Nitro, I have no idea who you think I am lady, but you got's the wrong gnome”

She smiled down at the gnome and looked over her wounds, sighing she stepped forward slowly and walked beside her sitting down, she pulled out some cloth and anti-septic and covered the strips in it.

“Let me help you Atropine”

The gnome looked up at her and nod, unwilling to fight against anything as she took the pieces of cloth and placed them over the gnomes wounds.

“Who are you lady?” the gnome looked at her as she sat up.

“Riara, Sarcophagus sent me” she smiled slightly as she eyed the gnome, tieing the final bandage off.

“Well, Riara, you can leave again, I have no idea how you got here, but he's lost to us now, no use, I am plan B and I have a job to do” the gnomes voice although weak was filled with fear but authority.

“Heh, as do I miss shadow-bane, and you -will- help me, or find yourself locked up in the alliance cells along with Sarcophagus, I mean, if its the only want to keep that nasty Lycan under control and you wont help me, I’ll have to let them know what your doing here, I'm sure the queen will understand” Riara smirked as she watched the gnome squirm in her place, looking up at her she frowned.

“Fine, you keep him away from me and I will get the mission done, you keep him distracted, he came to see me, kept talking about some woman before he pushed me down the stairs, you must be that woman, he's besotted, you keep him away and I will get on with my work”.

Riara grinned and nodded slightly.

“I'll take him to the Gilnean's, surely they can help us teach him to keep it under control, and you will help me in another way”. She spoke softly as she eyed the gnome, watching her as she tried to stand, she lifted her up and took her up to her room, laying her on the bed softly before walking back out and standing guard on the door.
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PostSubject: Re: Sarco of Gilneas   Tue May 17, 2011 8:12 am

(( *insert evil laugh here* Karkun stalking you all!! ))
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PostSubject: Re: Sarco of Gilneas   Mon May 23, 2011 11:54 am

Very Happy


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PostSubject: Re: Sarco of Gilneas   Mon Jun 20, 2011 3:29 pm

I watch her sleeping, pale legs tangled in the cover from the bed we have been sharing these past weeks. I have to make a decision now, yet I sit here in our room unable to walk to the door.

If I stay, she will die again, yet if I leave her I will break her trust in me, a trust hard won. I cannot stay and endanger her life, to see her killed before me would destroy my very soul and I am too selfish to allow that to happen, to either of us.

I have to leave, now before it’s too late, yet I sit watching her, trying to memorise every detail.

The note had been brief, just a few lines from Atropine, a warning for me. Word had already come back to me she was missing, but the note I held told me all I needed to know about her fate.

I have to go now, before it’s too late.

She stirs and changes position, pushing the cover off the bed onto the floor. Leaning down I lift it and hold it to my cheek for a moment, still warm and touched by her scent. My chest tightens as I think of a future, our future, and her standing proud at my side.

With a quick shake of the head I manage to push the impossible image away before I never leave this room we shared.

Covering her I take out the sealed letter I have written six times over, and place it on the pillow beside her where I will not be when she wakes up. There is nothing left to do now, except run, leading the threat from the one I love more than my own life.

I wonder where my battle trainer is, if he is still to be trusted or if he has already sold me out to further his own agenda. The fight between us is not as important now; the humiliation at his blade has less meaning in the face of the greater danger around me.

The door makes the softest sound as I leave our room and already the Innkeeper is awake, eyes on me as I head out into the clear air of Darnassus.

Calling my Guardian to me I mount up and become airborne, my last view before I turn into the wind is the Inn where she is sleeping, beside my letter.

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PostSubject: Re: Sarco of Gilneas   Fri Jun 24, 2011 8:59 pm

she stirs softly, turning over to face where he would lay usually and reach out a gentle hand, opening her eyes as she realizes the space is empty, pulling the covers around herself she looks around the room and then back to empty void in the bed, staring at the letter as she gently pick it up.

Pulling on the edge of the envelope fold and realizing it feels heavy, pulling the small peice of paper out, and staring at it in amazement, as the ring falls into her lap.


I know you are going to think i ran from you, but please, do not give up on me just yet and believe me and trust me, when i say that i love you and i -will- be coming back for you.

This will not take long and it is a matter of life or death that i feel you should not be dragged further into.

Lastly, Ri, when i come for you, would you please, do me the greatest honour of becoming my bride.

All my love,

Slowly tears trickled down her face and dotted onto the paper as she picked up the ring from her lap, sparkling brightly even in the slightly darkened room she stared down at it as the door clicked softly behind her, her mind awash with silvermoon and her loyaltys, could she stay with Sarco, even if she loved him with all her heart.

Turning slowly as a shuffle came from behind her, her mouth opening in a scream as a forsaken man stood staring at her with a small grin of evil intent etched across it, a rope was forced across it, looking up she realized a second had appeared from the shadows and instinctively she kicked out at him, hitting him square between the legs, coughing slightly as he fell to the floor, the cloth now gagging her muffled calls for help, the forsaken began to mumble softly, arcane power weaving throughout the air as a portal appeared, the rogue standing to his feet again, he grabbed around her arms and held her tightly, lifting her from the ground as she kicked out, hitting around at the same time, knocking things from the table with a loud crash, quickly walking with her, she took one last look back and noticed the state of the room, tears pricking her eyes as the glint of the ring shone from the floor, as she was pushed forward forcefully she kicked out before landing face first on the edge of silver pine forest and hillsbrad again, curling into a ball she suddenly wished to be back in the room.

"Sylvanas, sends word, you come, mission accomplished Riara, time to have you sent home".

The forsaken's gravely voice cut across the quiet of the ruins, frowning she suddenly wished he'd taken her with him when he left and wished that she was not returning to this place, forced or otherwise, aswell as hoped, he'd know she hadn't left by choice, quickly her thoughts were broken as she was pulled to her feet.
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PostSubject: Re: Sarco of Gilneas   Fri Jun 24, 2011 9:33 pm

He is waiting for me, sitting in the semi dark room as I come through the door.

Silently I take my seat opposite him as he pushes the paperwork forward on the table.

Yet when I reach for it he brings his blade down into the tabletop beside my wrist, missing me with calculated intent.

"Payment first, or I take your hand."

Moving slowly I remove the pouch and drop it between us. The gold is heavy, payment for what I need has been high.

I wait patiently as he counts the gold, then he leans forward and I see his blue eyes for the first time, he is human.

Finally he nods and I take the papers, looking through them at my new identity.

I am now a merchant from Gilneas, a good clean family name is on the papers and I think of Ri with the name. No my name, this is who I am now.

The human draws his hood over his face and pulls his knife from the table before striding out of the room, leaving me alone with my new life in my hands.

I am free to go back to her now, my past is covered, buried along with everything that ever connected me to the Dark Lady. The last link died with Atropine, I am my own man now.

Calling my Guardian I feel impatient, I need to see her again, to hold her close to me where she is safe and loved.

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PostSubject: Re: Sarco of Gilneas   Fri Jun 24, 2011 10:11 pm

Finally I touch down in Darnassus, my Guardian is content with some food and I stride towards our room in the Inn.

I cant wait to see her again and I force myself to walk at a normal pace, unbuckling the concealing healm I now wear.

Keeping my voice down I call her name.

"Ri...can we talk?"

There is no answer so I open the door and slip inside.

I look around the room, a feeling of shock touching me before the panic tightens my throat.

Its a mess, broken glass from the table beside the bed, then as my eyes sweep the room I see her ring in the debris on the floor.

Kneeling I pick up her ring, holding it in my hand as I reach for the note I left her.

I see the rippled dots from her tears on the note in my hand, and I slowly crush it as I once again look around the room.

She struggled, I can see where things were broken.

The anger swells within me as I think of my Ri, being hurt by someone who will shortly be very dead.

Putting her ring into a safe place I stand, knowing I need to seek out Karkun.


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PostSubject: Re: Sarco of Gilneas   Sun Jun 26, 2011 3:05 pm

The Forsaken grinned at her, the evil intent still clear in his demeanor as he pushs her to the floor and sits on her legs, his boney legs digging into her uncovered legs, biting her lip hard she raises her knee to hit him in the back as he grabs her hands, leaning down he whispers softly into her ear.

"Your pretty when you struggle, now behave yourself, before i do something we regret.."

Riara stared up at him, gulping slightly as the rope was wrapped tightly around her wrists, his grin remaining on his face as he eyed her over, running his hands over her face as he looked at her, moving her head to the side she frowned at him before staring into the sky as he stood up again, laughing he turned to the rogue who stood and watched, the smirk clear on his face.

Walking over to her the rogue grabbed her wrists and raised her hands above her head, kicking her side hard as he passed he began to drag her through the mud and into the tree line as she screamed, hoping that someone would hear her as she kicked out, making sure to leave deep track lines as she dug her ankles in, the mud from a recent rain covering her body and the little clothing she had on, turning her a deep brown colour, dropping her behind a tree he smirks at her as his hits her hard in the side of her head.

"Usually, im not so violent, but your boring me and i need something to do, i do hope you understand, not that i care if you do"

He smirked at her a little more, dropping into the shadow's close by he taunted her from them, throwing a knife towards her from the left, knicking her skin before another joined it from the right, struggleing she attempted to move away as one landed in her thigh.

Sighing he dropped from the shadows, taking a peice of cloth from his bag he tied it tight around her thigh.

"Now, she wants you alive, you really shouldnt of moved"

leaving her in the tree line he rolled his shoulders as he walked away, sitting quietly she planned a route away from them, hopefully once they slept, she needed to get away before the spell was removed or worse, she end up dead...again.

The forsaken walks to her, tightening the cloth gag around her mouth as his deep yellow eyes stare at her, he seems thoughtful as he moves a hand gently over her face, the grin returning, a sudden fear starts to fill her head, suddenly curious what the forsaken mage is planning as he waves his hand, arcane power weaving over it softly as she looks at him, he places it against her cheek, shaking her head and closing her eyes tightly as he sits and watchs her, grinning all the while.

"Oi, get your arse over here, time to set up the plans to get her back unseen, no fancy crap either..."

The mage moves over to his companion, whispering to her softly as she scrunchs her eyes closed, as she listens to him move away and they begin to speak in hushed tones.

"I will return, do not fear... the fun starts soon, promise"

Riara stares at the stars, trying to make out what their saying as she hopes they will sleep soon..
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PostSubject: Re: Sarco of Gilneas   Thu Aug 11, 2011 12:19 pm

(( so, untill now because of summer this had been on hold, but, were going to try and kick start it again, however, the two original captors have given up, so if anyones interested in playing captor and wants some cross faction, mail me or we will just work around it. -Smiles- ))

Riara watched him carefully, the side of her head bleeding as he swung at her again, growling as the mage dragged her back to the encampment, she'd ran as they slept, the injury in her leg slowing her down, they'd noticed and followed her tracks, the world spun around her as the blood trickled down her face, trying to keep herself conscience the darkness took ahold of her as she was dropped against a tree and her head fell against it with a loud thud, falling sideways into the mud the blood continuing to trickle down her face.

The sindorei stood above her, kicking her sides as the sun beat down on her, laughing softly clearly enjoying himself as he watched her squirm, grabbing her hair he pulled her upright and pushed her against the tree, the forsaken watching with a smirk playing across his lips, the world continued to spin as she looked at them, walking towards her the forsaken ran a bony finger down her face, eyeing her over as he laughed softly, pulling the gag from her mouth.

“Scream, and I -will- cut out your tongue...”

She eyed him over, smirking to herself as she took in his strength and weight, the world began to spin slower as she concentrated.

“Touch me again, Forsaken, and you -will- regret it”

She spoke weakly but the tone of her voice meant every word, he kept his eyes on her, scoffing softly.

“I highly doubt that, your no use to anyone, it's more the pity were not allowed to kill you, still, who knows what Sylvanas has in mind for you”

He stroked her face again, cutting is slightly with his nail, the blood dripping down her face, a look of intent in his face, bringing her knees to her chest she lifted her feet and kicked out towards him, pushing him back as he fell against the ground, cursing as he summoned a ball of ice and threw it towards her, hitting just above her head, she grinned and shrugged watching the anger grow inside of him, the sindorei's hand grabbing the forsaken's shoulder, he spun him around and shook his head silently, walking over to Riara he lifted the gag back up and whispered softly into her ear.

“I'd play nicely if I was you, believe me, you did not want to do that, now behave, lest you have more worry's then just your silly incantation”.

She narrowed her eyes at him, watching him carefully, unsure of what to make of him suddenly, she watched him walk away and sit by the fire with the forsaken as they began to start and eat, the rain falling softly onto the ground, the sound of the water hitting the trees filling her ears as they spoke, the sindorei watching her closely, sliding a throwing star from his belt he threw it towards her, landing above her head.

She sat and thought, her mind beginning to wonder if anyone was actually coming for her at all, if Sarco had found the room, if he had returned yet, if he cared enough to venture and find her, and finally, pleading for the night to roll back in to try and leave again, she shook her head, staring into the fire as she began to plan her escape in more detail this time.
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Sarco of Gilneas
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