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 Through The Barricades.

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PostSubject: Re: Through The Barricades.   Tue Jul 19, 2011 8:16 am

Dia switched on her comms unit and waited for the other thorns to repond to her salute. "Hey Dia" came Arli's informal greeting, bringing a soft smile to her face. "Are you busy?" he asked

"I can spare a few minutes" she replied casually, she always had time for Arli these days.

She found him in Brill, Arli was trying to look light hearted, but Dia could see she had something on his mind. Of course he wouldn't admit to being in trouble just like that, hadn't he learned to trust her yet?

They walked out of Brill and after a few pleasantries it became obvious that Arli was in big trouble, something to do with Robi again. She wanted to smack him on the head hard but instead Dia tried to be as calm and supportive as she could to get Arli to tell her everything.

"Darien heard us talking, me asking her to run away and leave Shay" … "Shay gave me a choice, translate this or die" … "I've got three days but you need to get Robi to give me a week".

She somehow agreed to go see Robi for him, and to help him with the translation and set to find Robi. At least this way he'll be home with me most of the time, Dia thought to herself with a faint smile that she was glad her mask would hide.


She found Robi deep in thought at the usual place on the island. Delaying the inevitable she started talking about the contract and how the murder had gone. Well, at least something was going right.

"Robi … Arli said he needs a week" Dianthaa finally decided to bring up the subject.

"A week?"

"Yeah, for the translation, he can't do it in just three days" she gave Robi more information, wanting to prove that Arli trusted her, or something of the sort.

"I'll talk to Shay about it" there was a certainty in her voice that somewhat reassured Dianthaa, Robi still care for Arli and wouldn't just let Shay go out and kill him.

"And Robi, stay away from him will you?" Dianthaa was going out on a limb, but if Arli couldn't keep away from Robi, maybe she could let him go?

"I'm not the one who goes looking for him Diaa"

"I know, but you've got to push him away, before he gets himself killed over you. I mean would you really leave Shay for Arli?"

"That's none of your business" … oh… well that wasn't the definite "No, I love Shay, she'd been hoping for" what was it with these two that they were so drawn together?

They kept at it for a while, Dianthaa trying to get Robi to see that she wasn't doing any good, Robi picking her words carefully as usual.

"Be there for him Diaa"

"I'm helping him translate, I'm seeing you, what more can I do?"

"Hold him, tell him it'll all be alright"

Dianthaa looked at Robi suspiciously, there was clearly a reason why Robi got Arli and Dia was just watching from the sidelines.

"Just be there" she emphasized one last time.

"I will" this would be new, but somehow she knew Robi wasn't making fun of her, she meant it. "Robi, I know Shay is this famous killer, but if he hurts Arli …"

"I know. I'll talk to Shay"

"I'd better go help that twat with his translation. Shadows Protect Robi"

"Stay safe Diaa"
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PostSubject: Re: Through The Barricades.   Tue Jul 19, 2011 2:05 pm

I land on a quiet part of the harbour and jump down from my Windrider and slip to the shadows. Carefully I make my way around to the Mage district and the “Slaughtered Lamb” Inn, the old meeting place of The Dead Rose. I need to find Shay - or any Dead Rose - I need more time as there is no way I will have the translation finished by tomorrow, even with two of us now working on it.

The Inn is quiet and I slip past the bar and down to the catacombs underneath and start to search. As I walk down the stairs and turn I almost walk straight into someone and reach for my blades before I realise it’s Robi. We look at each other for a moment in shock, the threat from Shay running through my head ”…see my wife and I will be informing Antel of your death” and I step back, I could just slip to the shadows and leave. Then she smiles at me and I find myself returning her smile. He can’t be around, it can’t hurt to talk for a short while…

I speak quietly into comms “Dia, get to Stormwind now, the catacombs under the Slaughtered Lamb”. I need backup in case he arrives and she replies quickly that she is on her way.

“Report in your location and purpose, High Assassin” comes the voice of the Mistress clearly on the comms.

With a knot of fear in my stomach I reply as matter-of-fact as I can “I’m searching Stormwind for locations of the Brotherhood, ma’am”.

She replies almost immediately over the Inner Circle channel “The real reason?”

“I…I’m buying time”


I have to tell her, about the book, about it all, I can’t lie to the Mistress….

“I will explain off comms, if we can meet later Mistress”.

“Very well”.

I turn my attention back to Robi.

“I was looking for Shay, I need more time”

“He isn’t here”

My look of relief must have been very evident as she laughs lightly. We talk for a while and as always of late, it turns to that time on the island. I think back to the orders the Mistress gave on Friday, the plans to deal with the Brotherhood.

“It isn’t too late, we can still…” I look at her, my eyes pleading for her to agree, to let me save her from the impending slaughter that I dare not voice to her.

“Hey Arli..Robi..” Dianthaa walks down the stairs and greets us both. I nod at her and look at Robi, Please..come with me..

Robi shakes her head sadly “I belong to Shay, I love him. I’ll never forget that time on the island but..”

“It doesn’t matter” I interrupt sharply, “it will all come to some end shortly anyway”. …Thorns will kill you or Shay will kill me..

Dianthaa looks annoyed, what am I doing here anyway? Didn’t I believe Shay’s threat? Then to Robi, Shay had better leave Arli alone or the Thorns will turn on Shay. And so it goes on, subtle threat and counter-threat, I can see Robi suppresses her anger at the threats to Shay as I notice how Dianthaa counters threats to me.

“Maybe I just hand the book to the Mistress? Get Thorn protection…I despise working for the Alliance” I state and both stop and look at me.

“Arli…”, I notice with satisfaction that Robi looks worried. “Just do as Shay asks”

“Are you crazy?” asks Dianthaa incredulously “and just how do you think the Mistress will take that news then? That you are translating that book for the Alliance and why?”

“I hate lying to the Mistress, I just want this over”. it now, just tell the Mistress and face the consequences but know that it all ends....”

I speak quietly into comms, on the secure channel as I look at Dianthaa’s widening eyes “Mistress, can I find you shortly in the Undercity?”

There is no reply. I go to ask again but lose my nerve.

“No Arli, we get this translation done and then this ends” states Dianthaa angrily

“You really think Shay will let me walk away from this? After what I said? Knowing I’m still out there?” I reply angrily

Dianthaa turns on Robi again and they argue. I’ve had enough.

“Come on, we leave” I tell Dia, “And Robi…you don’t tell Shay you met me, got it?”

“Maybe” replies Robi tersely

“You didn’t” I reply coldly as we glare at each other.

“You go ahead Arli, I need a quick word with Robi”

I nod curtly at Dia and storm past and wait in the shadows at the top of the catacombs. When Dia finally confirms she has finished and that Robi has left, I ask her to wait and meet me back down there.

Dianthaa tells me I’m stupid, tells me to stop meeting Robi, asks what I see in her, how it must end and had I even thought what this would do to Antel? I reply sharply, I don’t need this nagging on top of everything else and…and I don’t know what I want. She runs off upset. I pause then follow but its too late, I’ve lost her. Great…just what I need…an upset and angry Thorn sister alone in the middle of Stormwind and refusing to tell me over comms where she is.

I make my way to the quiet end of the harbour and calling my WIndrider I soar up and over Elwynn, heading back to Grom’gol. I express my annoyance with the female sex over comms and Dianthaa retorts back. We bicker and I notice with some annoyance that the Thorns take her side and laugh at her supposedly witty comments about my abilities as a man. Eventually I give up and offer drinks to anyone who will join me in Orgrimmar, I need to get drunk and forget this evening.

By the time I get to Orgrimmar, Dianthaa is already there drinking with LaSombra and looking pretty drunk already. She reluctantly agrees I can sit with them. I notice her eyes are red-rimmed and I offer apologies and drinks, but she refuses them all. I don’t even feel like drinking any more and after buying the new recruit, Kreacher, a drink I announce I’m going back to our place as the atmosphere is too cold at the Inn and its too late to travel back to Tarren Mill. Dianthaa fixes me with an angry glare, so I back down a little more and say I’ll be sleeping on the couch tonight.

I get back to the house I share with Dianthaa and throw myself onto the couch and lie staring at the ceiling. I should head back to Tarren Mill, I guess, back to Antel. But things haven’t been the same of late and then there was that sin’dorei, the warrior who was always hanging around her at Ebon Hold, ‘Gladys’ or something. Maybe a night alone will make Antel appreciate what she has, I tell myself moodily.

I still feel unusually bad at upsetting Dianthaa, I mean, after all she has done for me….looks out for me….defends me… she was even willing to take the hit over the translation if the Mistress found out… she tries to protect me…like.. the realisation hits me…like what I do for Robi. Yet Robi, when it came to deciding, she chose Shay without hesitation. I had put myself at risk again and again to protect her from Thorns, even tonight I would have run with her to save her from what will happen to the Brotherhood. I sit up, my head in my hands, what a fool I’ve been all this time, she’s always loved Shay and she’s just used me, nothing more than just one of her ‘boys’..….

I look up as Dianthaa walks in unsteadily and sits down on the couch, arms folded and staring ahead. She looks so cute when drunk and angry like this… I smile slightly

“Y’know I’m gonna keep apologising until you get bored and accept”

She glares ahead but I see the faintest hint of a smile cross her face.

“I mean it…I’m really sorry. I’ll do whatever you say, I promise, I’ll take you advice on Robi, on the book…anything…just forgive me, I’m so sorry I upset you”.

I reach across and put my arm around her shoulder and smile as she doesn’t punch me but leans into me and replies “you’d better”

“I promise”

She looks up at me, and our eyes meet.

“Will you stay tonight?” she asks quietly

I nod slightly “I can stay on the couch…”

She shakes her head and stands up, taking my hand. “Come on, you can share the bed, at least I can keep an eye on you and keep you out of trouble then”.

I laugh and follow her to the bedroom, changing into the uncomfortable pyjama bottoms she insists I wear. I climb into bed alongside her and moving close I put my arms around her and gently kiss the back of her neck.

“Night Dia”

“Night Arli” she replies as she turns to face me. I look into her eyes and lean forward and kiss her gently. ..what the fel are you doing.…what about Antel… what will Dia think…. I hurriedly break the kiss as my face reddens.

“oh..fel…s..sorry, I never meant to..I mean I..”

Dianthaa smiles softly and pulls me close and we continue the kiss….
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PostSubject: Re: Through The Barricades.   Tue Jul 19, 2011 3:18 pm

As Arli had requested, Dianthaa made her way beneath the Slaughtered Lamb in Stormwind. She could hear him and Robinas talking, he was asking her to run away with him again, stupid git! She listened in as long as she could bare before making her self known.

Arli and Robi kept talking, not really paying much attention to her. Trying to keep her calm she kept offering solutions, threats when those didn't work and trying to tell Arli what to do, as if that ever worked. This conversation was going nowhere so she asked Arli to give her a minute alone with Robi. She knew of the two Robi was by far the more reasonable one.

"You've got to stop encouraging him Robi" Dianthaa began pleading

"I'm not encouraging him, he's the one who found me" there Robi went again, never admitting to anything.

"You're not pushing him away, you have to …" it was the same conversation they had had the night before. Robi saying she'd talk to Shay, Dia not telling Robi to let her have Arli to herself.

"Are you sure Shay wouldn't kill Antel?" Dianthaa asked, a little hopefully, that would at least solve one problem, maybe more actually.

"If Arli does what he said he won't go after any of them" … ahh well, was worth a shot.

"You just make sure Shay doesn't kill him then, I'll keep Arli from doing anything stupid" though how exactly she'd manage that was a mystery. If Arli was going to tell Anethrax about the translation, there was no way that could do him, or her, any good.

Dia let Arli know she was finished with Robi and he wanted to see her down beneath the inn again.

Arli was a mess, convinced that Shay would kill him either way, desperately trying to cling to Robi and utterly confused about Antel in this whole mess. " Just be there for him" easy for you to say Robi, your husband is out to get him and I'm trying to save his neck.

She tried to be a good friend, she honestly did, but she couldn't bare him going on about how he was drawn to Robi when she was standing right in front of him, no homicidal husband who wanted to kill him, no Mistress mother to watch his every move.
"Stop nagging " after all this time that's all he still saw her as …

"I just want everything to be over" She got fed up with his moping, told him to man up and deal with his problems one way or another. Was he or wasn't willing to die for Robi? To her relief at least he got this answer right. Did he want Dianthaa to kill Shay for him? She would do it. No, that would leave Robi a widow, and all open for him she thought. Kill them both? Maybe, he'd killed other exes before. Cringing she suggested that was maybe not the best way to end relationships. He kept going back to his feelings for Robi and not being able to stay away from her. Then he wanted Dia to help him figure out things with Antel.

"I just want things to be sorted out" that was as much as Dia could take.

"Then grow a pair and sort them yourself!" Dianthaa yelled at him as she took to the shadows and stormed off into Stormwind. She found a safe place to call on her wind rider and flew into Goldshire. Hidden behind a tree she tried to fight back her tears, which left her only with anger, and lots of it.

Arli was getting worried on comms, good, she felt tempted to step out of the shadows and attack the members of the wardens she saw dueling in the square, she recognized some of them, she knew she'd manage to escape, even if badly wounded. With her rage she'd probably take one or two of the them down before that, maybe if she got herself hurt over him Arli would finally figure it out?

Somehow they started picking on each other over comms, he said something about her sleeping with him, she kept calling him a boy and said he slept with everyone else. They kept at for a long time until Dia noticed that most of the other thorns were on her side and while that didn't make her less happy with Arli, it did make her feel less reckless for the time being. She left Elwynn and returned to Orgrimmar to get a few drinks, there were to many to attack here tonight anyway.

Back in the inn Arli kept trying to soften her up with his smiles and jokes, but Dia wouldn't hear of it. Nevertheless when he announced he was leaving she took to the shadows and followed him home. She could feel the warmth of the Firewater in her, but wasn't going to let Arli of the hook just yet.

She sat on the couch ignoring him, while he kept apologizing, he said he'd keep doing that until she forgave him and it didn't sound like an empty threat so she finally gave him and let him put his arm around her. The comfort of his chest made her let out a deep sigh and she looked up into his eyes.

"Stay here"

"I will stay tonight, I'll even sleep on the couch."

"No you can sleep in the bed .. I don't mind… and I meant .. Stay here .. With me … tomorrow as well" even as she spoke she realized she should not have said that, but thought that if Arli was still clueless he wasn't going to figure anything out at this time of night.

After holding each other for a while longer and a few sleepy yawns they moved to the bedroom. She lay in bed as he changed into his pajamas, remembering all the arguments they had had on that subject. He got in bed beside and she cuddled up in his arms. He gently kissed the back of her neck, giving her goose bumps all over, like it always did. She turned around to kiss him on the cheek but found herself looking into his deep eyes unable to move. He leaned in to kiss her and quickly pulled away embarrassed. With a soft smile she pulled him closer and discovered the best way to shut Arli up.
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PostSubject: Re: Through The Barricades.   Wed Jul 20, 2011 12:20 pm

(( Um…not 100% sure of dialogue for this from last night so apologies if I got stuff wrong! ))

“C’mon Dia…we’ve gotta go..” I say to Dianthaa as she checks the bindings on Gerrond one last time.

The Thorns had been called to Hillsbrad earlier that evening following reports of a group of Wardens making base in an abandoned tower outside of Tarren Mill. Although the Thorns were unsuccessful in removing them, we did manage to capture one of their senior Commanders, Gerrond, when he gave chase to a Thorn and ran into an ambush. He was escorted to forsaken lands and locked in a tower with Thorn guards, a fine prize for subsequent interrogation by the Mistress. However as the evening drew on, I started to worry that I would be late for my meeting with the Dead Rose – the translation was due for return today and I was dreading telling Shay that it wasn’t ready yet. Finally we leave the well-guarded Gerrond and head to Dalaran, a neutral city that will at least afford me some protection from his blades…I hope.

I smile nervously at Dianthaa as we walk through Dalaran on our way to the rendezvous at the Inn in the sewers. She reassures me that it will be fine, but I’m really not convinced. Our conversation turns awkwardly to the night before. I try and tell her that she means more to me than she thinks and that I do want to live with her but, well Antel is still unwell and it would be a bad time to break with her. I promise her I’ll stay that night but I know I will be heading back to Tarren Mill to Antel, I can’t stay away two nights in a row without raising suspicion.

Thankfully Robi and Warzor arrive and we end the conversation. I greet Robi coolly, setting the tone for the subsequent conversations.

“Where is Shay?” I ask, glancing to the shadows nervously

“He’s busy, he might be here later” replies Robi.

“Well, it isn’t finished, I need more time” I state.

“You have the three days, which are now up” replies Robi

“You said you would get me more time” I reply tersely

“Sorry, he wouldn’t budge” she replies

“You want to see me die at his blades then I take it? I was a bloody fool to think I meant anything to you” I reply angrily “I was never more than just one of your ‘boys’ was I..”.

I’m taken aback at the look of hurt on Robi’s face but can’t help feeling satisfied that she gets to feel some of the hurt I’m suffering.

“Well sod you and Shay, I might as well give the book and translation to the Mistress and let her decide what to do”. I glare at Robi angrily.

“…you bloody idiot” she finally replies.

“Give us until Friday else the Mistress gets the book” adds Dianthaa, “…will Shay go and see Antel now?” .

I dismiss the hint of hopefulness in Dianthaa’s voice as I add again “We need more time”.

I speak quietly into the comms on the Inner Circle channel “Robi…think she will go for it?”. As soon as I’ve said it I realise my error as I see the look of horror on Dianthaa’s face.

“I’m not some stinking human!” she exclaims and turns her back to me, ignoring my apologies on getting her name so drastically wrong. Robi and Warzor look mildly amused as I try and convince Dianthaa that I meant nothing by it.

“….just give it a rest” interjects Robi. “Don’t be stupid and just give the translation and book back to Shay”. She looks at me and I look back at her coldly “…or perhaps I should tell Shay that you came to see me…twice”.

I study her face, is she bluffing or would she really do this? I know I’ve hurt her, and deliberately so, but does she really hate me so much now?

“You get it back Friday” states Dianthaa “come near me or Arli in the meantime and it goes straight to the Mistress”.

With curt farewells we leave the sewers, slipping to the shadows immediately just to be safe. Dianthaa tells me she needs to go and make sure Gerrond is secure and that she will see me later at home, where I can make up for my slip-up over her name. I smile and agree that I should be warming the bed by the time she gets home, although I know that I can't tonight. With Dianthaa gone I head back to towards Vengeance Landing and on to Tirisfal and Tarren Mill, back to Antel for the night. Maybe I’ll have that conversation with her tonight, but I doubt it.

I reflect on the meeting with Robi and the harsh words spoken and that she could even voice that she would tell Shay I’d been to see her. She couldn’t hurt me more even if she were the one to drive the dagger through my heart herself.
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PostSubject: Re: Through The Barricades.   Fri Jul 22, 2011 6:15 am

(( How very interesting Blayke would find this all.... ))
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PostSubject: Re: Through The Barricades.   Fri Jul 22, 2011 6:31 am

Arli opened his eyes and yawned. He had no idea what the time was but he guessed it was early by the brightness of the light filtering into the room. Dianthaa stirred and mumbled as he removed his arm from under her and got out of bed as she turned over and slept on. Pulling on a shirt he half walked, half stumbled to the small kitchen area and having made a coffee, sat down at the table and opened the Conquest Hold log book. It had to be finished today and handed back to the Dead Rose that night and an early start on the translation would mean he was finished by lunch, hopefully, and could get back to his Thorn duties or maybe head back to Antel, something he wasn’t looking forward to.

As far as Antel was concerned, he was on an overnight mission for the Thorns and with the Mistress away, the plan seemed watertight. He didn’t count on one of her Sorrow Guard Reapers seeking him out and finding him in a close embrace with Dianthaa as they stumbled towards the bedroom, laughing. He had looked suitably embarrassed at being caught ‘joking about’ with a Thorn sister but he knew the Reaper wasn’t fooled. There was no point returning to Antel that night, he’d been caught, might as well have a night with Dianthaa before facing Antel over just what he thought he was doing.

Arli started writing the translation, it was tedious and boring and he hated it. He already felt nervous about the meeting that coming night. He wanted to believe that Robi hadn’t told Shay about him going to meet her, but she was angry at him after their last meeting and he wouldn’t blame her for telling Shay in anger, he just hoped she at least regretted it now. The meeting would be in Dalaran, which gave him some safety, and with Dianthaa at his side he knew he would feel much more confident than when he met Shay and the Dead Rose alone. He hoped that tonight would be the end of the matter and that Shay would stay true to his word.

“Deathmaster Sunblade?”

Arli looked up at the sleepy-looking Dianthaa and her use of his recently-assigned rank made him smile.


Dianthaa returned his smile as she nodded “I’ll make it”.

“Or...maybe we go and........?” grinned Arli, putting the pen down and standing up.

Dianthaa smiled and slowly walked over, looking into his eyes she gently placed her hands on his shoulders

“Finish it, you idiot” she smiled as she pushed him back into his seat.

With a sigh Arli picked up the pen and started writing as Dianthaa brought over two mugs of hot coffee and sat next to him. Sensing his nervousness at the coming night she took his hands and looked into his eyes.

“It will be ok, I’ll be there for you”

Arli held her gaze for a moment then smiled softly and would soon all be over.
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Robi Kaezlan.

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PostSubject: Re: Through The Barricades.   Sat Jul 23, 2011 7:53 pm

Robi sat in the inn, her mind only half on the report she was trying to write. Her mind too preoccupied with the nights earlier events to concentrate properly.

She sighed and put down the sharpened "Charlie-feather" that served as a quill.
"Oh Arli..." she thought "How could we have come to this?"
She thought back to their meeting and conversation earlier that night.

After a disastrous meeting with him and Diaa earlier in the week, where she thought she'd cleverly stand in for Shay and go and collect the translated notebook and ended up agreeing to giving him until the end of the week.
Well hardly agreeing, Arli had said the translation wasn't done and would be by Friday, no amount of threatening him and going to visit Antel was going to make it finished, it seemed stupid to see it otherwise so she agreed to speak to Shay and give him the extra time while she did.

Warzor didn't agree and was all for going to see Antel and telling her about Arli wanting to run off with "a human".
Thing was Arli just wasn't scared of Warzor, and he certainly wasn't scared of her, although terrified she'd tell Shay he'd been to see her despite Shay's dire warning of what would happen if he did.
Robi got the feeling Arli wanted to say more but for whatever reason couldn't or wouldn't either because Warzor was there or it was Thorn related. She knew Arli well enough by now to know he'd rather die than betray Thorns.
They'd bickered a little and for the life of her couldn't remember what started it, but it had ended up with her threatening to tell Shay he'd been to see her. "Twice" she'd added petulantly.
The tension was relieved slightly as she realised he'd called Diaa Robi and Diaa had hit the roof and was probably still going.
She allowed herself a small smile.

The meeting ended with Arli and Diaa simply walking away saying if they werent given until Friday then he'd just hand the book to Anethrax.

Shay predictably wasn't pleased that Arli had failed to meet the deadline but agreed that he'd go on Friday and turn the situation to his advantage.
Robi knew just looking at Shay his plans were already hatching and Arli was not going to like it.
"What you got up your sleeve?" she asked
"You'll see Robi..." and he wouldnt tell her more.

At the second meeting she stood in her customary place, slightly behind Shay on his left. He preferred it that way in case they were attacked, it left his main hand free to draw a dagger or sword and his left hand to push her behind if necessary.

"You let me down Arli" he started
"I needed more time"
"I did say he could have til Friday Shay..." she'd interjected, keen for Arli not to be hurt.
Arli had sent her a slight smile which she returned.
Arli nodded in agreement.
"Did I agree?" asked Shay dryly "You have broken the deal, but do you have it?"
Arli nodded and held out a bag which Shay grabbed quickly and handed to Warzor.
She was idly curious as to what was so important about this notebook.

"I translated the book..thats what you asked..we had a deal you said a clean slate" Arli argued
"I said three took five, you broke the deal, I should see Antel"
"I could have taken it to the mistress..leave Antel out of this"

Shay and Arli exchanged arguments, Shay in his deceptively soft but clear and cold voice telling Arli he would need to make amends. She knew he had already decided what he wanted and was cleverly putting Arli in a position of no choice.
Arli however seemed determined and was standing his ground regarding the clean slate. She was surprised but impressed.
"You will work for me Arli..." Shay spoke with calm authority
"I'm a Deathmaster Shay, I will not betray the Thorns"
"I wont ask you to"
Arli looked cautious but curious.
"No said a clean slate, Ive kept my bargain" Arli argued "And..and I didn't see Robi"
Robi closed her eyes in despair. Why why why had he said that? She hadn't told Shay despite her threats, but if Shay now asked she knew she couldnt lie to him.
Her heart sank to her stomach as Shay turned to face her
"Is that so Robi, has he been to see you?" Shay asked.
She explained she'd bumped into him in the Lamb but it wasnt Arli looking for her. Then found herself telling Shay that Arli had been to see her as well. Arli looked devastated, seeing it as a betrayal.

She got the feeling there was something Arli wasn't saying, veiled hints at things that would happen perhaps. She voiced this to him
"There's nothing I can can tell you" he replied as he shouldered past her
She watched him walk away from the meeting, unsure what he'd agreed with Shay.
"Tell me...Arli please" she called after him
Arli kept on walking and didnt look back, as he disappearred around the corner she heard him whisper softly and slightly regretfully

"I'm sorry...."

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PostSubject: Re: Through The Barricades.   Sun Jul 24, 2011 9:14 am

Arli walked through Eversong deep in thought. He often came here when he needed time alone to think over his problems. He walked through the dappled shade of the trees, in the eternal springtime of his homeland, a place he rarely had time to visit of late. Lost in thought as he walked, he found himself at the ruins of Sunwing Spires. The remains of the former home of Lord Sunwing was overgrown, the magic of Eversong soon reclaiming the land for itself. Arli sat down on a fallen piece of wall and closed his eyes, holding his face up to feel the warmth of the early morning sun.

His troubles were many.

Antel having found out about his affair with Dianthaa had thrown him out of their home at Tarren Mill. Last night when he had asked to come to get the rest of his things, she had informed him that he could collect the smouldering ashes if he so wished before making it clear that they were over and that she hoped Dianthaa knew what she was getting into.

He’d spent another restless night alone at the home he shared with Dianthaa, and unable to sleep had come to Eversong at first light. He hadn’t seen her since Friday morning when she had left to continue her interrogation of Gerrond, saying she would return later to be at his side when he met Shay. She hadn’t returned since. He knew she was upset that he had avoided her and spent the two previous nights with Antel; so this was payback he assumed, to prove to him that he needed her and she wasn’t to be taken for granted.

Arli looked across the ruins, small sparks of magic caught his eye as they flitted across bits of rubble before fading.

Arli sighed and looked down, then there was Robi. He was pleased when she arrived with Shay at the meeting, although he hid it well and barely acknowledged her existence. The translation complete and handed over, Shay then claimed he had broken the deal and was still in his debt. He had three days and had taken twice that and despite Arli’s protests that the translation from Orcish to Common had been complex, Shay made it clear that penalties were to be served; unless Arli agreed to work for him, then Antel, Dianthaa, those close to him would die at Shay’s blades. Shay reminded Arli that he had already worked for him by doing the translation and he wouldn’t want the Mistress to find out about that? Arli had glanced at Robi a few times, seeking support from her but she stayed quiet. In a final attempt to convince Shay he had kept the deal, he claimed that he hadn’t seen Robi as he was told, and surely that was what Shay wanted all along?

“All she had to do was lie for me, just this once” thought Arli rubbing his face tiredly as he recalled the night. ”All the times I have protected her, lied for her, all I asked of her was to do the same for me when I really needed it, prove that she wasn’t just playing on my feelings for her all this time”

He shook his head in despair ”But no, she told him and threw me to him, what could I do but agree to his demand to work for him to protect those I cared for?”.

He had met Robi briefly after Shay and Warzor had left and the bitterness in Arli’s voice was evident. Robi had betrayed him and he, perhaps, would now seek justice against the Brotherhood. A veiled threat he knew he would not carry through, unless the Mistres should somehow deem it necessary, but he just wanted to hurt Robi, make her suffer for the pain he now felt at her betrayal of him and this was the only way he could think of doing so. Turn against her as she had against him.

”How did it ever come to this” he sighed as he stood up.

He needed time to think, there would be a way out of this he just had to find it. He would not betray the Thorns, Shay knew that was set in stone. Shay insisted he told no one, and he wouldn’t - this was his problem and he would not bring his mistakes before the Mistress or any Thorn. He was a Deathmaster, albeit temporarily until he proved himself, and he would act as one. He would find a way out of this arrangement or, somehow, turn it to the advantage of the Thorns.

Arli looked around to the shadows, he felt unusually uneasy at this place but couldn’t quite figure what had changed. He didn’t feel threatened, just...Arli shrugged lightly, it was of no matter, he should start to head back to Silvermoon and back to what was now hs home in Orgrimmar, maybe Dianthaa had stopped sulking and returned home if he was lucky. Arli started walking back towards the City and tried to concentrate on the problem with Shay, but no matter how he tried, Robi always ended up somewhere in the equation.
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Robi sat gazing out at the rising moon, her eyes slightly red rimmed and glassy from the recent crying.
The last few weeks of stress had finally caught up with her, and after her last meeting with Arli and the doubts sown about the depth of her marriage to Shay, she'd had enough and had flown to the small Westfall island and let herself sob it out. She felt better for it,she had to admit but still she couldnt stop the vortex of thoughts in her mind.

Arli had returned to the bar after Shay and Warzor had left her there. She'd ordered a brandy and sipped it slowly.
"You betrayed me..I ask you once to lie for me..after all the times Ive protected you...but threw me to Shay..."Arlis voice came from behind her.
"It wasn't like that.." she started
"Didn't look like it from where I was standing..."
"If you'd have just kept your big thallassian trap shut instead of "Er I...I....didn't see Robi..." she mimicked his voice sarcastically. "I wouldnt have been put in the position..."
"You betrayed me..." he repeated
"It was not a betrayal.." how could she explain to this headstrong bloodelf.. betray him or betray her husband..he just didnt get it.
"Thanks to you Im now bound to Shay for whatever reasons" he snarled angrily.
"Look I'll speak to Shay..."
He laughed derisively "Shay doesn't listen to you....he doesn't care..."
Robi looked up and shrugged, hiding with nonchalance the shock she felt at his words.
"Suit yourself.." she said lightly
They looked at each other for a long long moment, words failing them both.
His eyes filled with anger and hurt, hers a brown velvet mirror of his.
He looked away
"I'm through protecting you..through being played with and used as one of your boys..." he said and turned to leave
"Protecting me from what?" she replied "Tell me..."
He looked back at her, his eyes momentarily filled with what was almost like sorrow but gone in a second.
He shook his head.
"Youre on your own" he said as he left her there.

She sighed and looked up again at the moon.

Then the doubts sown...Shay doesnt listen..Shay doesn't care...youre just "his" his mount only better to look at.... everything that everyone had ever said to her about Shay not caring for her and just possessing her rather than see anyone else have her, came into her mind.
Helf had said as much to her ages ago, Calahan had echoed this too many times.
She shook her head, no not true..he loves me..Im his wife..we've been through too much together...
"He doesnt listen..he doesnt care..." the words rang in her head
She searched her mind, reliving precious moments with Shay...she knew he cared.
"just like his mount but better looking".....when was the last time he told her her cared?
"He doesn't listen"..she tried to recall when he'd last really listened
"He certainly doesnt appear to want you..." Helfs words...
"You'd be better away from him lass" Cals wisdom...

"No..No" she banished the thoughts, banished the voices, but try as she might she couldn't banish the tiny little seed of doubt that had been planted deep in the back of her mind.
She chewed her lip as she rose.

The only way to settle this once and for all was to find Shay and ask him..if he cared..she knew he'd be angry with her for even asking it..but needs must.

She flew from the island smiling slightly at the bizarre prospect of looking forward to her husband being angry.

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I stare moodily across towards the ruins as I wait on the Zeppelin tower for the flight to Stranglethorn Vale. A few days ago I would have been more than happy to have reason to seek out Robi but right now, I still feel bitter after Friday’s betrayal and subsequent argument. But, for the information I seek, she is my only option.

Deathmaster Shivian came and spoke with me earlier this evening about whether I had heard from Dianthaa the past few days. I told her I hadn’t seen her since Friday morning even though, I added bitterly, she was supposed to meet me on the Friday evening. She had gone off to interrogate Gerrond, and had seemingly avoided me since. Shivian went on to express concern that Dianthaa had some relationship with Gerrond, nothing serious but enough to give concern that she may not have treated him as any other Allliance prisoner, some allegiance perhaps from past events. My thoughts turn immediately to what happened with Almay; left to guard Ulthorn she formed a bond and ended up releasing and running with him. We had just started to discuss this possibility in hushed tones when the Reaper arrived. He wanted me to hand over Dianthaa and refused to tell me her supposed crime. I brushed him off, saying I would not hand over any Thorn to Sorrow Guard without the Mistress’ permission. Shivian stepped forward and supported my stance on this and with the Reaper giving a final warning that he was looking for her, he left. The Sorrow Guard should only deal with threats against the Mistress, and although I wanted to believe that Antel was behind this and using the Reaper to get at Dianthaa because of me, it sowed a seed of doubt in our minds that perhaps she had left with Gerrond.

“What’s going on?” asked Squadron as he arrived to see me and Shivian talking urgently in hushed tones.

“Dianthaa hasn’t been seen or heard of since Friday morning and she moved Gerrond from the tower, but we don’t know where to. In fact, she told no one” I explain quickly as Shivian nods in agreement.

“and..” I continue hesitantly, “..there is concern she may have actually left with Gerrond and as a Reaper was here after her, we are kinda concerned”.

“A Reaper? What did he want?” asks Squadron

“He wouldn’t say the crime and I challenged him, refused to hand over any Thorn without the Mistress’ permission, after all, he is the same rank as me, he’s got no authority over me”; I grin at Squadron.

My smile fades as he replies “You’re only a temporary Deathmaster, you watch your step”.

“Yes..yes sir. The fact the Reaper seeks Dia does cause concern…”

“So, if she ran, she dies. If she has been captured, then we send in an assassin and she is killed” Squadron fixes me with a stare, “we don’t risk Thorns by doing rescues any more”.

“Yes sir, I know sir”.

“So let’s hope there is another reason for her being out of contact” adds Shivian

“I…could ask my alliance contact if Gerrond has returned? That will help us decide what action to take while the Mistress is away”. I’m keen to be seen as use to my Deathmaster brothers.

“And I will search the Undercity and ask around if anyone has seen her, maybe find out where she moved Gerrond to” adds Shivian

Squadron nods, “Good. Both report back and for now, we keep this from the other Thorns. I don’t want any hero’s going in and getting themselves killed.”

So, reluctantly, I left my brothers and here I wait for the flight to Stranglethorn and on to Westfall and then Stormwind, to look for Robi and hopefully put to rest the thoughts that Dianthaa may have ran, or been taken into enemy hands. I resolve to keep the meeting short and to the point, I won’t be swayed by Robi again, this is Thorn business and nothing more.
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Her brief meeting with Shay finished Robi flew back to the island for the welcome solitude it brought.

Releasing Charlie she strolled up towards the rocky summit, her favourite spot for watching the moon rise.
She sighed as she saw a lone figure standing silhouetted against the moon, she hoped whoever it was wasn't staying.
The figure turned as she approached.
"I thought I'd find you here" came Arli's voice.
"What do you want?" she snapped
"Believe me if I could have got anyone else to come I would have done.."
"I repeat..what do you want?"
She sighed with affected impatience
"What do you know of Gerrond?" he asked sharply
"He's a warrior" she replied
"Oh well observed"
She inclined her head in sardonic acceptance, noting with some satisfaction the annoyance etched into Arli's face.
"Do you know where he is?" Arli asked impatiently
Robi laughed
"Thought you'd know that better than me..what have the Vile Thorn lost him? Gave you all the slip as he lumbered off into the night..." she laughed again.
Arli scowled at her
"Diaa hasn't been seen since Friday..she went to see Gerrond..has he been back..and is she with him?" Arli pressed her.
Robi shrugged. "Dunno"
"Find out" his voice was a barked command.
She raised an eyebrow and smirked slightly.
"You owe me..for your betrayal.." he said
"Oh light not this again...I did not betray many more times Arli? I did what I needed to do, I stood by Shay"
"Im bound to him because of you..."
"Arli he didnt care that you saw me..he knew you would..he hoped you put you where he wanted you..well rather you and that mouth put you where he wanted you.." she explained somewhat wearily.
"How can I be free of him? Find out for me.."
" can I find out..Shay doesnt listen to me remember?" she smiled tiredly, which Arli did not return "Look Ill ask around about Gerrond, Ill see if I can find out what Shay wants."
Arli nodded curtly.
"Oh Arli." she sighed "How did it come to this?" she took a step towards him, he stepped back quickly.
"I..I..can't do this Robi..stay back, I won;t be used and treated like one of your boys..cast off when of no further use..."
She raised her hands as she stepped away, casting him a small smile as she turned away to gaze over the sea.
"Find out about Gerrond..." he repeated "See if anyone knows know how to reach me"
She glanced at him over her shoulder.
"I said ok" and she turned back to the sea.
Silence fell between them and she retreated into her thoughts as she watched a small school of fish swimming.
"I wonder if that fish survived...." she said suddenly to no one in particular and smiling to herself as she remembered.
She heard Arli laugh slightly and turned to look at him.
Their eyes met and reluctantly they exchanged a smile.
"Robi.." he started
"Arli?" she replied
"Be careful of the shadows..I cannot protect you but i can warn.." he started
She held his eyes and looked concerned.
"Thorns? but we had an agreement..which I kept..."
"Not yet, but The Mistress may give the order at anytime..."
Robi nodded her gratitude.
"I'll see what I can find out for you about Gerrond" she offered.
He nodded and a small smile curved his mouth.
"Antel dumped me..." he said almost conversationally.
"Oh Arli...Im sorry..." she stepped forward and made to hug him but pulled back.
He laughed that wry laugh of his
"Her loss" he said
"Her loss is Diaa's gain huh?" laughed Robi warmly
Arli shrugged
"Maybe..early days yet.."

They laughed and joked slightly about their failures in love despite their recent animosity.
What was it about them she wondered, opposite factions, opposing races, always arguing yet always it seemed pulled together in some indescribable bond of friendship? affection? empathy?
She shrugged the thought away
"I should go" said Arli his eyes still on her
Robi nodded
"Me too"

Calling for Charlie as she watched Arli mount his windrider she sent him a smile and a wave.
"Stay safe Arli"
"Shadows protect Robi"
He returned her wave and wheeled into the night sky, and for a long long moment Robi sat and watched him leave until mount and rider were just a tiny black dot against the moon.

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(( Nicely told Robi, you remembered the conversations, which is far more than I usually do when I write! ))
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Both swords lay broken and shattered, the shards lay as small sparkling stars across the dark stone floor.
Her hands formed fists as she sat upon her throne, blood trickled from between her fingers, the pain that throbbed from them was only a slight sensation to the anger and hate that ran through her veins, the sense of betrayal that burnt under her skin.

“My lady” A voice came from the entrance to her chamber “The new Reaper and I are awaiting your command”
“Enter” Her voice echoed her emotions and the each letter demanded attention.
A Forsaken figure entered the chamber, he was clad in the Dark plate armour of the Deathknights, the light from one of the high windows of the chamber ran across his battered spaulders while the rest of him remained hidden in the shadows.
As he got within ten feet of her throne he dropped to a knee, the slam of the plate armour against the stone, rang across the chamber
“I am yours to command” although the words hinted as some sort of submission his voice showed none.

“Reaper, I want for you to take our new sister and visit this Dianthaa and show her that the Sorrow Guard will not be crossed” Antel wanted to say more and order the Reaper to kill Dianthaa and anyone else he found, Yet the Mistress, her mother had always said that to give into emotions was to welcome your own destruction.

Although Antel couldn’t see the Reapers face or his eyes she knew what he was thinking and she knew he was right. His face would say “Is this a personal mission?” “Should we leave our path on such a waste of time?”
“Don’t you dare question me, Reaper!” the sudden abrupt outburst from Antel, placed the kneeling Reaper on edge.

“I wouldn’t dare, My lady” His head lowered slightly, in respect more than anything else
“Good, now go and visit our friend, Dianthaa” she hissed the final word as she thought of Dianthaa with Arli, her lips touching his, her hands entwined with his, her fingers running across his body.

Antels vision was blurring in anger, trying to control herself as she watched the blurred image of the Reaper leaving the chamber
“Why!” She cried out as she rose from her throne and launched her bloody fists in an attack on the walls of the chamber.
After awhile she dropped to her knees, tears streamed from her eyes and blood stains covered the wall
“Why Arli, why” she whispered as she cried, her hands still beating against the bloody stone in frustration more than anything else.
She was alone in her chamber, with only her anger and her


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Through The Barricades.
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