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Welcome, Horde and Alliance alike, to the Venture Co. Forums! Please please please invite all of your guild mates and any other RPer's you find, even new blood that have just joined WoW.

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PostSubject: Evangalist   Tue May 10, 2011 8:33 pm

Hear me, what you believe to be true is false. What you thought was right is wrong. I and a chosen few have been granted the knowledge from the Bearer of Truth.

Knowledge He has attempted to impart to us since the dawn of existence. For this he has always been vilified. For this we were bred to fear and loathe Him and to denounce all his words as lies. I tell you now, this is not so. I too once believed as you do, I too once condemned and hated and feared He who lives in darkness.For I bore the sigil of gold and followed the father of your faith as you do now. But your priests, these benefactors are the true harbingers of lies the one true evil is this thing you call The Light. I have denounced it and all it deems holy. I have read their books and cast them into fire, the robes of my ignorance I have scattered as ashes in his house of deception.
But hear me...There is still time

We can free ourselves from the misery this false benediction has imparted.For I know the true story. You will feel it in your heart.You will know it in your soul. And you must listen.For your sake and the sake of your children.

For the sake of The Race of Man.
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