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 Bounty Hunter

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PostSubject: Bounty Hunter   Thu May 12, 2011 5:19 pm

((I am now on DeviantArt as a fantasy writer, this is my first alternative story from my personal journal.))

Bounty Hunter

In silence she knelt on the spongy moss, eyes watching for movement along the small path through the trees. Around her birds called in the warmth of the sun as it made everything shimmer gently.

She had been kneeling here watching for a long time, her only movement her breath. When it happened it was swift, one moment she was kneeling and the next she was in full flight towards her target as it broke cover. Her daggers slipped free into her hands, the left blade upright and the right reversed along her wrist.

The man was already turning towards her, the element of surprise swiftly losing its edge when she crashed into him throwing him backwards to the mossy ground. Wasting no time to gather her breath she placed her blade to this throat stilling his movement before he could counter attack her.

The sudden absence of bird song was broken by her loud breathing as she pinned him to the ground with her knee. His race was unmistakable, tall pointed ears sweeping back along his head, framing long pale hair which had tumbled into an untidy pool below him.

Looking up at her with arrogant green eyes he smirked as she took her time to study him over before removing the sword from his side. He still had not moved to counter attack or even try to shove her away which was concerning, it was almost as if he wanted to be captured by her.

Pushing the thought away she had a second look at the sword she had taken from him. The blade was touched by magic, she could see it reflected in the surface as ice runes faded in and out of focus along the length of silver.

It was a Master’s creation, even the handle was crafted into a serpent, twisted around itself to form a grip then spiralling into a scaly disc to protect the wielders hand in battle. Taking the blade in her hand she balanced it, testing for flaws and finding none, in fact the blade felt light and comfortable to her.

A sudden sharp pain in her wrist made her drop the sword beside the warrior, who still lay pinned beneath her knee and the blade of her off hand dagger against his throat.

Turning her hand she located a small bruised looking dent in her wrist, no blood was visible and the skin didn’t look broken so she touched the tip of her tongue to the mark.
It tasted strange almost like metal of some kind, then her muscles grew weak and she fell gracefully forward over the smirking warrior below her.

Drifting in and out of the darkness she knew she was being moved by the sound of horses around her but she felt nothing from her paralysed body.
Finally sounds ceased and she was able to smell heavy perfume in the air, then she drifted back into the comforting embrace of the darkness.

Awareness returned from a dreamless sleep, leaving her feeling refreshed and once again in control of her body movement. The room she found herself in was dark and she was forced to explore by touch alone, her questing hands slowly mapping out a pallet of straw, a bucket of water and what smelt like fruit of some sort.

The walls were sturdy wooden trunks filled between with some sort of hard clay which she set about knocking loose in an attempt to escape.
Voices growing in volume alerted her and she kicked at the chunks on the floor where she was prying a hole between two trunks.

The heavy wooden door was forced open making a loud strange scraping sound on the ground of her prison. Dazzling sunlight invaded the darkness of the room causing her to pull away until her back was pressed firmly against the far corner of the room.

A shadow moved towards her, the light casting a glowing halo around the body and blinding her to the hand until it was too late to run. Lashing out she tried to fight free, escape as close as the open door if only she could break the iron grip on her arm. Twisting around so the door was behind her she tried to blind the attacker into loosening the restraint on her.

The light fell on the face of the warrior from the forest, green eyes half closed framed by his determined face. Too surprised to kick him she lost the advantage of the blind and he shot a hand out to her throat before lifting her off the ground to hang kicking and choking in the air. As the darkness began to descend he finally dropped her on the ground at his feet, pinning her wrist down with one boot.

Gasping for air she knew she would take his life for that, the arrogant smug warrior was worth more dead than alive anyway. He reached down and twisted his hand into her long red hair, jerking her upwards to her knees before dragging her towards the still open doorway.

The heavily perfumed air outside didn’t help the dizzy feeling much but it gave a startling view of her surroundings. She was inside a sturdy wooden stockade, the buildings built from rough logs and sun baked clay.

Then she saw the massive blooms hanging over the camp, bright cups of scent cascading down from the trees the plants stole their life from. With cold realisation she knew she would die under those blooms, the flowers bearing witness to the savage retribution of the feral elves holding her in their camp.

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Bounty Hunter
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