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 [A] Brotherhood of Shadow

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PostSubject: [A] Brotherhood of Shadow   Fri May 13, 2011 11:54 am

Aresh stood silently before The Five. He had been called to attend, and a call from The Five was never ignored.

“The Brotherhood’s interests continue to grow” spoke Three. “It is time to grace Stormwind with our presence, and although previous incursions into Stormwind have failed…”

“You will not fail us, Aresh” interjected Five.

Aresh nodded briefly and turned to leave, there was nothing for him to say and no response expected; the heavy oak door swung open as he approached and then closed silently behind him. He walked out into the cool night and un-tethered his horse. Stormwind, long time since he had been back there and it would be a long ride through the night to reach his destination. Aresh patted the side of his horse, Dusk, as he rode away, a long ride gave him time to think just how he would set up the Stormwind chapter of the Brotherhood.



The Brotherhood rp is based on it being part of a large organisation consisting of a number of Chapters, each with their own territory and leader. For this guild, Aresh will be representing the Stormwind Chapter. The overall leaders of the Brotherhood are a group known of as “The Five”.

As this is a new guild, the guild purpose and activities will not be set in stone and will develop as the guild grows. To start with, I see it as mercenaries with fingers in many pies – contract killings, theft of valuable artefacts, blackmail and any other shady dealing that will earn good gold for the Chapter and for the overarching Brotherhood organisation. Members can specialise in a particular area, perhaps some are better at the more diplomatic activities rather than slitting throats. Others may want to be involved in all aspects, I want to leave the rp as open as possible within a guiding framework so we can see what direction the guild takes.

New recruits will have the rank of ‘recruit’ and task(s) to perform to prove themselves as reliable and trustworthy and ultimately of use to the Brotherhood. Their integrity will also be judged (don’t go running around Stormwind IC being a helicopter for example!). As their worth is proven, they will progress up the ranks, which are currently:

Recruit : Starting rank, prove your worth my friend.
Shadow: Part of the Brotherhood now, we trust you to not let us down. You may now wear the tabard.
Mercenary: You have proven to be a valuable asset to the Brotherhood.
Shadowstalker: The most trusted of the Chapter they belong to, the next step for them is to be granted their own Chapter by “The Five”. This rank and above will carry the mark of the Brotherhood (an ‘X’ carved into the side of the neck).
Shadowblade: The leader of the Chapter. It is his head that rolls should he not meet the expectations of “The Five”.

I hope to establish a base in Stormwind, at the moment the Inn in Old Town looks like a good place to start.

Well that is enough for now and enough to get the guild and rp started, and hopefully enough to catch the interest of some of the rp community.
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PostSubject: Re: [A] Brotherhood of Shadow   Fri May 13, 2011 4:37 pm

If you wish for a Forum Subsection, send me a PM detailing the Name, Note, and Moderator.


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[A] Brotherhood of Shadow
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