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Robi Kaezlan.

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PostSubject: deleted   Wed May 18, 2011 8:13 pm

Robi's face lit up as she ran towards Ivery.
"Ivery" she flung herself at him, leapt up and wrapped herself around him and hugged him tight.
Ivery laughed warmly and hugged her back closely.

She hadn't seen him for ages and she hadn't realised how much she'd missed him.
Clinging to his arm as he lowered her they exchanged news and greetings. Calahan came across and exchanged pleasantries. The two men talked a while, chatting easily while Robi stood contentedly listening.

Aresh came out of the inn and as Robi was introducing him to Ivery a loud, not too ditant yell cut the air.

Robi smiled.

Both Cal and Ivery drew their blades and looked around, Robi swore she heard a faint elvish laugh close by and she turned her head.
Ivery grinned wickedly and turned to her.
"That who I think it is?" he asked
Robi laughed and nodded.
Ivery laughed
"Tenacious little bugger ain't he?" he grinned "Think he'd have learned a lesson or two"
Cal wasn't amused as he slipped into the shadows.
"Uruk!" the yell came again.
Cals voice rang out angrily
"Show yerself you limp wristed little bastard..."
Again Robi thought she heard a laugh.
"Id better go see if I can see him" she said quietly to Ivery."We dont want the locals panicking do we?"
Ivery grinned, his eyes glinting with amused wickedness.
"Aye lass that you should"
She soared high over the village calling as rose.
Then a string of Thalassian which she tried hard to translate.
"I land now, you drop your bag..." she heard
"Huh?"she thought puzzled "What the fel did he mean, surely he wasn't going to land in Goldshire with Ivery around and Cal on the warpath.
As she pondered from the corner of her eye she glimpsed a windrider flying swiftly away from the village in the general direction of Westfall.
The copper dropped.
" the baggage?" she wondered
Feeling smugly pleased with herself she wheeled Charlie and flew towards the small island in Westfall where she and Ivery had held Arli.
It appeared deserted when she landed but then Arli would stay hidden until she was sure she was alone.She released Charlie and walked to the edge of the island.
She turned slowly and smiled as Arli slipped from the shadows.
The smile faded slightly as she looked at him before her.
He looked awful she thought, his masked face showing fading bruises, but that wasn't it, it was his whole appearance, his clothes unkempt, she thought they looked as though he'd slept in them for days, he looked, she thought. as if he'd been sleeping rough, his face was pallid and his eyes slightly red rimmed, and as she stepped nearer she could distinctly discern the odour of stale alcohol around him.
She bit her lip and lowered her head, a pang of concern stabbed at her. This wasn't the Arli she remembered....
She saw him stagger and give a strangled yell and Ivery slipped from the shadows, grinning coldly and brandishing a dagger.
He pointed at Arli.
"Right Belf...what do you want? Im warning you now, you so much as even give her a dirty look and Ill tear your balls off and hand them back to you as a Thistle pouch...understand?"
Arli looked slightly perplexed and dazed but nodded.
" I just wanted to see her, Im not here to hurt her..." Arli replied.
There was something in the way he spoke, an edge to his voice and the look in his eyes as he glanced at her for reassurance...he really did want to see her, she got the impression that for some reason it was important.
"I'll be fine Ivery...." she smiled at the handsome rogue
Ivery looked from Arli to Robi and nodded curtly
"Ok..." he sounded unsure but mounted his griffon, turning his head towards Arli he growled "Thistle pouch..."
Arli nodded his understanding and looked glad to see Ivery leave.
He turned and looked at her
"Sit with me a bit?"
she nodded and they both sat side by side on the edge of the island and looked out over the sea.
They made small talk for a while, she subtly tried to extract information about where he'd been, what he'd done, not for any great cause, but to satisfy herself that he was as fine as he said.
In true Arli style he laughed off her more serious questions and deftly evaded giving her a straight answer if it had meant revealing anything.
She didnt press the issue, she felt that he needed companionship not a nagging or a prying interogation, she looked up smiling and leaned against his side as his arm circled her waist.

"Did I ever say I was sorry?" he asked "You know I was acting under orders,,,"
"No you didn't, but neither did I, and I don't have the excuse of orders..." she laughed lightly
They exchanged a smile and his arm tightened around her, she nestled closer to his side. They spent the next few minutes in a thoughtful but companionable silence.
" Can't we just forget about it all?" he asked finally "put it in the past where it belongs.."
She nodded and hugged him.
"Maybe we can meet again.." he started
"That would be nice, we could make a fire..."
"cook some food..."
"not your fish though..." she laughed kindly "Last lot disagreed with me... never could get away with foreign food"
He laughed and elbowed her playfully.
"Come to Eversong" he said "I know a lot of places I could show you.."
She smiled, he sounded enthusiastic and keen to show off his homeland to her, well that or cleverly luring her into a trap.
She looked up and studied him and all but dismissed the thought.
"I'd like that" she replied
They gazed out over the horizon, each lost in their own thoughts, his arm wrapped around her she rested on his shoulder.
"I have to leave" he said "Comms is busy Im being asked to report in...told the Deathmaster Im hunting in Duskwood"
"Then you'd best get gone then" and she slipped out from under his arm.
He looked reluctant to leave and she felt reluctant to let him go. They hastily agreed to meet a few days later and explore Eversong Woods together.
She hugged him warmly as he turned to leave then reluctantly released him.
She'd enjoyed their talk, although there was more she had wanted to say more to ask him more to understand, but alas her command of Thalassian wasn't that good.
"Stay safe..." she called as he took to the air.

She headed back to Goldshire and found she was looking forward to seeing Arli again.

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PostSubject: Re: deleted   Thu May 19, 2011 11:46 am

((That Sin'dorei gets about a bit...must be them dratted shadows giving him a reputation! Interesting story as Lady Gelana was in the area for a short period of time. Keep up the writing, good to see more of your work up here.))
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