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 Miss Bella Grey

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PostSubject: Miss Bella Grey   Fri May 20, 2011 12:12 pm

Chapter 1
((This is being written here by my main as I do not have an account for my Gilnean Bellagrey.))

Her ragged breathing is the only sound in the abandoned room. The dark haired woman keeps her eyes closed, not sure if he’s left her alone again or if he’s watching her from the shadows.

She no longer cares if he sits and watches her openly, or if he never comes back for her. She has drifted into her own mind, only pulled back to reality when he questions her.

She has been in his ‘care’ for days, or could it be weeks, she is not sure how long it’s been since he knocked her out.

Her face hurts from his attention and her robe is slashed where he cut it. The blood has dried on the side of her head where he reversed his blade to knock her to her present position.

The woman sits hunched on the wooden floor, her back against a post in the abandoned building. Her arms are extended up and over her head where they are bound by a chain to the post behind her.

The bruises on her wrists have turned purple where the chain has bitten into her while she tried desperately to escape. Knowing she cannot she now keeps as still as she can to avoid further pain.

Time passes and he is back, slipping out the shadows to stand watching her over his mask.

His smell alerts her and she tries to keep her breathing even, pretending to be asleep in the hopes he will not ask her anything.

“Where do the Knights meet?”

She looks up at him, her eyes filled with fear as he stands over her, blades poisoned and held ready in his hands.

At first she had been surprised he could speak so well, now she dreads it, the sound of his calm voice is frighteningly sinister. His eyes flare at her and she shivers, expecting him to follow up his question with his blades.

“I..I cannot tell you, if I do I'm dead, either by your hand or another’s for being a traitor.”

He stands watching her silently and she wonders for a moment if he is choosing the best piece of her to carve for dinner, then he steps forward.

The tip of his blade is placed under her chin, the pressure increasing until she tilts her head to avoid injury. His face is close to hers, eyes glowing as his voice drops lower, becoming intense and almost hypnotic when he speaks.

“Tell me what I want to know about the Knights, I will see to it you are not harmed.”

She knows he is lying to her, trying to get the information he wants, her survival now depends on keeping silent. He brings his other blade up and strokes the sharp edge over her cheek, she can smell the poison on it and holds back a shiver.

Suddenly he releases her from the tip of his blade and steps back. For a moment she is grateful he didn’t injure her, then she feels the sting on her face and her vision begins to swim.

“You will regret not giving me what I want.”

His voice seems far away and it takes a lot of effort to watch him as he slips from sight, entering the shadows once more. Bella is too tired to fight anymore and she closes her eyes letting the poison do its work.

From the shadows the Deathmaster watches the Knight's head fall forward onto her chest as her body shuts down from his poison.

The room is almost silent, apart from the strained breathing coming from the woman chained to the post.

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PostSubject: Re: Miss Bella Grey   Sat May 21, 2011 9:06 pm

Chapter 2
((The dreamer and the dream))

Cool wind touches her face teasing the dark hair at her temples. The smell of the water draws her and she kneels to drink from a pool. As she lifts her head she sees his image reflect in the surface. Wish a start she recoils away from the edge, eyes darting frantically around the peaceful forest.

He is nowhere to be seen and she now doubts her own eyes. The air grows cooler and the sun moves behind a cloud making her shiver so she turns towards Goldshire and the warmth of the Inn.

The Inn is burning, Goldshire is burning!

Her voice is carried on the wind as she screams at the flames licking around the building. In slow motion the upper story breaks through and crashes down inside the walls sending billows of hot smoke and cinders flying into the air.

She turns and runs as Goldshire dies, leaving a dirty brown smudge hanging in the air at her back. She can’t run fast enough, her need to escape takes over, her body begging for rest but she can’t stop. Her flight takes her over the river and she plunges into the gloom of Duskwood, her wet robe heavy against her legs.

He crouches in the shadows as the frightened woman runs towards him, a simple shadow step and he takes her from behind, a blade to her throat easing any ideas she may have of struggle.

Panting heavily from her run she whispers in a broken voice,


The Deathmaster laughs without a sound and knocks her to her knees at his feet, following her body with his own as she drops. His blade has not left her throat and a trickle of blood claims a pathway down into the valley created by the swell of her chest.

He removes the blade and replaces it with his hand, bringing her head back against his shoulder so he can study his handiwork. Her fear is becoming mixed with fascination for this Forsaken who holds her life in his hand so casually. His finger starts to trace the line of blood down her throat and Bella closes her eyes suddenly uncertain of her reaction to him.

There is a subtle shift in the air around her and she finally realises she is in the Emerald Dream, her body still chained in the abandoned room. With a rush of panic she wonders if he has killed her leaving her trapped here until she finds a way out.

Looking down she sees the arms around her are not Forsaken and she fights against their hold trying to see who is with her.

The Kal'dorei is touched by the wild, she carries the power of the open plains mixed with the scent of the rain and Bella realises she is one of the few remaining earth walkers.

“Help me...?”

Leak nods her head, her eyes glow an intense orange beneath her hood as she looks down at the exhausted Knight she cradles in her arms.

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PostSubject: Re: Miss Bella Grey   Mon May 23, 2011 11:53 am

((To the first Thorn that was working on this with me, your an awesome role player hun, you have inspired me beyond anything I have done before.

To the second Thorn to work with me on this, looking forward to doing more storylines with you, really good role player indeed sweetie.

I find myself again inspired to write, thank you for giving me back my quill.))

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PostSubject: Re: Miss Bella Grey   Tue Jul 05, 2011 10:55 pm

((This story has been delayed for some time, now I will put up the most recent update))




The pain as they took the chains from her broken wrists, pulling it out of her flesh where it had become imbedded from the swelling.

In her mind she screamed and screamed, but they couldnt hear her.

The big powerful man, his touch gentle as he lifted her....

The portal sounded as he stepped into it, taking her away from the abandoned room where she had been tortured....

The cool of the floor beneath her as the helpers rushed to her aid in the Cathedral....

The woman looked so worried that Bella wondered what made her like that.

For a moment she saw the arms bound in white and she wondering who was hurt.

The woman again, stranger offering her water.


The woman looked at her in confusion.

Then the darkness pushed against the pain, finally taking her down.

She struggled as they watched over her, the helpers unable to reach inside her mind.


Again she saw the Forsaken in the red mask, eyes glowing.

Then he was gone and it was the woman in the same mask, with her blades sliding through the flesh behind the bones in her knees.

Screaming silently inside her own head as the womans green eyes filled with pleasure at what she was doing.

Betray the Knights, Betray the Knights, Betray them and the pain goes away.

No escape from the blade, the pain increasing until she cried out and the woman slipped away.

The Sin'dorei and the Forsaken began to blend into a monster in her mind, fuelled by her pain until it was bigger than her.


The helpers in the Cathedral sat with the dark haired Knight, wiping the sweat from her face as she whimpered, while around her their soft voices echoed as they tried to soothe and calm her.

Finally they restrained her for protection, after she re-broke her wrist trying to escape something only she could see.

Still the woman fought, her courage the only thing she had left.

Her body began to lose against the infection from the chain used to bind her, the wounds around her wrists open, staining the bandages.

The healers bathed her often, trying to stop the spread of the infection, trying to stop the smell of the rotting flesh.

Their healing could only do so much, and the Knight slipped deeper into delirium, speaking in Lycan which no one understood.

Finally whatever was halting her change wore off and she was able to shift once more, making it harder to keep her still as she slid from shape to shape without conscious control.

She knew she was close to death and fled her body, seeking shelter in the Emerald Dream where she waited, sitting in the Inn in Goldshire, watching the flames burn the wood in the great fireplace, knowing nothing around her was real anymore.


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PostSubject: Re: Miss Bella Grey   Thu Jul 07, 2011 7:41 pm

The sun touched Stormwind, riding a light breeze as the dawn flushed with promise of a new day.

In the Cathedral the silence was deep, heavy almost.

The white clad figures stood, hands clasped before them as they looked down at the shrouded body of the Gilnean.

"We must inform the Knights, send a messenger to call Lady Gelana back to the Cathedral."

The Brother spoke softly but his voice sounded loud in the peaceful silence.

"Tell her not to rush, there is no longer any need."

Soft footfalls tracked the progress of the messenger until they too faded to silence once more.

One by one the helpers began to chant the passing of the soul to the light, gaining tone and depth until the room began to vibrate with sound.


Bella stood up and walked out the Inn in Goldshire, around her the Emerald dream began to fade, dark streaks touching the sky.

With a cry a bird circled above, slowly spiralling down towards the waiting Druidess.

Shifting form she took to flight, spreading her wings to cup the air, flapping as she gained height.

The bird followed and circled her once then flew towards the sun, without a second thought Bella followed, leaving the final remnants of the Emerald dream to blow away on an unseen breeze below her.

((So ends the story of Miss Grey of Gilneas))

Lady Gelana
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Miss Bella Grey
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