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 A jealous, sick minded monster.

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PostSubject: A jealous, sick minded monster.   Fri May 20, 2011 7:41 pm

I hear an odd sound, and figure it’s coming out of my own throat. I try to lift my head, but the pain..
Swiftly I peer around, where am I? I don’t regocnize this place, and slowly I feel how the panic takes over. How did I end up here? Again I attempt to lift my head, with a loud scream I manage to lift it, and my upper body with it. I feel rocks, trying to look around I feel how the sun is blinding me. Not Tirisfal.. The trees. They don’t look familiar to me, it seems like I am.. Ashenvale? No.. Why would I ever come there. The pain, it’s.. Unbearable.. What on Azeroth happened to me? The sun.. I didn’t see it shine that bright for.. A long time, it must be summer, how long am I here? What time is it? So much questions, but no answers. Suddenly I realize I should inspect myself, just to find out if I am.. Well, as good as a Forsaken body can be. Nothing else as my head hurts, my tabard however is.. Devastated. I sniff in the air, perhaps.. The smell of salt, seawater maybe? Ohh.. The rocks. I’m on.. some kind of beach? This makes no sense, at all. What would I do on a rocky beach? I rub my head, feeling how the pain is slowly fading a little. I reach in my pockets, trying to find my comms, but ofcourse, all I find is a clumb of rubbish. Broken, great. With all the power in my body left, I try to raise it completely. Arch.. I didn’t feel that stiff for quite a while. Now I really open my eyes, and see the.. beauty of this place. Rocks, a sandy beach, the beautiful light-blue sea.. Not a place for.. something like me. Shaking on my legs, I decide to sit down for a moment again. Perhaps I should take it easy.. I close my eyes, and fall into a dream, a flashback.


“You are nothing Yasmine. Nothing more as a walking pile of bones. Look at yourself, you will never be happy again. You can forget it, you may think you are happy with this bunch of “assassins” but you are not. You will never be the beautiful, kind Yasmine again. You are Yazs, an unforgiving heartless bitch. Do you want to run away now? Run away to mommy, just like then? Poor Caye, always thinking you were strong, powerful and her amazing big sister. But you are nothing like her. You are weak. Go hide, go drink yourself, and hope for your second death. It will be satisfying, and not just for you. The Thorns hate you, they think you are an annoying selfish whiner. Look at your sisters, they are beautiful, but instead of admiring, you would love to kill them. Murder your own sisters. You are a monster Yasmine. A jealous, sick minded monster.”

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A jealous, sick minded monster.
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