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 The Fall of a Grand Apothecary

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PostSubject: The Fall of a Grand Apothecary   Sun May 22, 2011 12:46 pm

Cain knew his days were numbered.

Simply put, someone had got their grubby little hands on some documents that could frame him should they be put in the right hands. That someone was sitting in his Atrium, smiling sweetly, as if they were here for a chat and a cup of tea. They even had the thought to turn up in a gas mask with a small army, all of whom were grinning politely as they waited for audience with the Grand Apothecary. Even as he fidgeted at the bottom of the lift he could imagine the sly smirk on their face, as they waited in arrogant anticipation for their moment of glory. Even as he pulled the grate open and stepped onto the small circular platform he could hear Julian speaking to him, his tone nerved, worried. This couldn’t be happening, not now, not after all he had worked for.

Then his arm was twisted behind his back. He stood, his knees shaking slightly, in the Atrium of his Apothecarium, as an elf he would have once called a friend held him, his voice mercifully strong despite the flood of thoughts and feelings that bombarded his head. The crack that followed was accompanied by a yelp as four fingers curved around the top of his mask, digging into his hot eye sockets, withdrawing the two yellow citrons that granted him merciful sight. The cry was short lived, as an armoured foot crushed down on one of them, the crunching sound invisible compared to the explosion of energy that surged from both the eye and from Cain, and that too was masked by the female scream that emitted from the destroyed jewel. Even as he reeled from the unbearable pain, he felt a shadowy grip snatching his shoulder, pulling him back through the cold, the darkness and the twisting vortex of the Azerothian ley lines to the waiting warlock, his world black in the absence of his long stolen sight.

It was obvious where he was being taken. He could feel the sway of the zeppelin; he could smell the crisp, sea air and hear the chatter of Goblins. And as he was led off the hard wooden boards of the airship to the skyway tower, he could feel the bustling presence of Orgrimmar, the city still busy at this late hour. Led down ladder, led down stair, led down lift he was marched through the city. People were talking around him, about the documents – the fake documents he reminded himself, and the one eye Thrakha still held. At last they stopped, and, with a whooshing of air the second eye was destroyed, and through the burst of arcane energy Cain could feel a bond on his mind snap. The laughing he displayed after wasn’t his own, but he thoroughly enjoyed it. Things were beginning to look up, and even as he was pushed into a vault that was just too small for him to lie down comfortably, he realised, with a leap in his heart that his captors had forgotten to confiscate his weapons and his potions. As the still air surrounded him he lent back, and fell asleep.

The way is shut,
It was made by those who are dead
And the dead keep it.

Skeleton in the closet.
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PostSubject: Re: The Fall of a Grand Apothecary   Sun May 22, 2011 2:52 pm

One single stitch of green, of blue or of white makes no difference to the embroidery as a whole. Yet many - lovingly placed by deft, old fingers, could bring forth a brilliant blaze of colour and emotion in the eye of the beholder. Smiling, the old woman set her finished piece aside, as she sits upon a stone bench within the hallowed confines of the Cathedral of Light. She'd forgotten how long she'd been there, really. Waiting was an unfortunate side-effect of her condition, and one she was happy to do so - far from harm, and far from abuse at the hands of her so-called husband. She alone could see with vision unclouded by cursed gems back through the years of their long lives, back to the pure-hearted beauty of their origins.

Sharply, the sacred hush of the temple was broken by her cry of pain, a hand lashing out to touch at her brow as the woman stood and staggered forwards, weakly clutching at forehead and side as another startled, pained shriek exhales past her lips. Colours flashed before her eyes, driving wild spikes into her mind as she glimpses shattering crystal. A sharp, pointless, breath passes through her lips as she looks up towards the sky - feeling arcane energy flow effortlessly into her limbs and her mind, a feeling she'd not endured since she drew real breath. She looks towards the High Altar, her temple bowing forwards in reverend thanks.

"We're Free. Thank you."
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The Fall of a Grand Apothecary
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