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 (Moved) The Royal Apothecary Society: Guild

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PostSubject: (Moved) The Royal Apothecary Society: Guild   Tue Feb 16, 2010 9:22 pm

The crowd roared its approval as The Grand Apothecary Putress took to the Plinith overlooking the Apothecarium. Tables and benches had been pushed aside, and the room was filled with cheering forsaken, celebrating the eve of their victory. The gates to the Apothecarium were closed, and huge abominations guarded them, preventing any outsiders permission to enter. Upon the raised platform at the end of the room, stood the leaders of the Royal Apothecary Society, solemnly clapping for the Grand Apothecary, who was paitiently accepting the applause that was being thrown at him. Amoung the Leaders were the three Master Apothecaries, Faranell, Overall leader and head of Research and Development, Oni'jus the Half-elf, head of Testing and the stoutly Brightflame, a Dwarf, Deadly in her feild of Implantation. Not far behind them was Doctor Sintar Malefious, Putress' coleague, and with him, Putress' Protegé, a brooding creature, heavily cloaked in black with a Scythe on his back.

"Apothecaries! Hear me!" Cried out Putress, from his position on the Plinith, envoking a huge cheer from the crowd followed by silence. "Tonight is the night we have been waiting for! Tonight is the night we have been WORKING for! Tonight we go out and deliver our creaction to the Living of this world, the night we demonstrate our worth and deliver the first blow towards the Scourge and towards the Living! Long years we have tolied and experimented, and Tonight, we will go out and prove to the World that we are to be feared! It is time, brothers and sisters, that we are to come out of the shadows, and to bravely stand in the sunlight, as the most powerfull nation of all! Let us shake these walls of Stone, earth and steel! Let us remind the world that we are not to be forgotten, and that we are not afraid!"

As Putress finished his Speech the crowd got louder and louder, cheers and screams rising up untill a deafening noise was heard. Turning his back on the croud, he decended from the Plinith, and approached the other Leaders, who were staring coldly at him. No-one spoke, the Cheers slowly being drowned out by the introduction of loud music.
Faranell broke the Silence. "Sylvanas will not approve."
Sylvanas need not approve. when she sees the results at the Wrathgate she will agree that we made the correct move. I have been talking directly with Varathamas. This is the best option. If things go badly, I will take the blame. that is why I made the speech tonight."
"You made the speech because your insufferable ego needs fueling. Because you feel that because it was you that developed 'blight' you must be the one to bask in its glory."
"Faranell, you may not understand, but I know how this will end. Trust me, if things go badly, I will bite the bullet. Should anything go wrong, I will handle it. Now, I must depart for Northerend. The Assault on the Wrathgate begins tomorrow morning, we must position and hide the Plague wagons Tonight. Remember, the New Royal Apothecary Society begins now. And if anything happens to me..." Putress Gestures to his Protegé, who looks supprised, "My Apprentice, Drilac'n, will take over as Grand Apothecary, alongside Doctor Malefious. We will grow. We will recruit. And we will conquer."

Name: Royal Apothecary Society
Leader (IC): Master Apothecary Faranell ((NPC))
Leader (OOC): Grand Apothecary Drilac'n
Tabbard: Telsa Coil
Requirements: Forsaken, or a Death Knight Loyal to Sylvanas. A pledge must be taken upon induction to follow Sylvanas and Faranell without question. Someone RPing Forsaken (Undead troll ect) Is acceptable, as long as they give me an FYI.
Headquarters: Apothecarium - In game
Lower Apothecarium - IC for Apothecary ranks only.
Private Dormatories - IC for High Apothecary Ranks and above only

The way is shut,
It was made by those who are dead
And the dead keep it.

Skeleton in the closet.
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(Moved) The Royal Apothecary Society: Guild
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