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 The Death of the Mistress and the Rise of a Queen

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PostSubject: The Death of the Mistress and the Rise of a Queen   Sun Jun 19, 2011 3:47 pm

Did it weigh upon others as it did upon her?

Duty is what drove her and the Sorrow guard, A duty to protect her mother and the Mistress of the Thorns, they had all taken an oath to protect her until their final breath had left their lungs.

“My Lady, she awaits you in the cave” the cold dead voice of the forsaken reaper broke the silence as he returned from inside the cave, his black saronite helm covering his broken features.
Antel responded with a solemn nod as her eyes looked onwards into the darkness, the cold wind of the north blew against her back and she could sense her two other guards remaining still and observant .
“Remain here, brothers” Antels soft voice was almost lost by the bitter wind as she entered the cave, leaving the members of the Sorrow guard at the entrance.
Antel had been tracking the witch for almost two months, from land to land, via sea and air, she and her guard had travelled, each time they reached their destination they had found nothing more than scorched earth and animal carcases.
Now they Sorrow guard had located her, in a cave in the area of Icecrown.
As she stepped further and further into the cave, the light of wall mounted torches came into view and the smell of exotic incenses teased her nose.
Walking towards the back of the cave and past the numerous torches, she drew her blade as she turned the corner into the last chamber of the cave
“There is no need for that, I mean you no harm” an old faltering voice spoke directly into her head
As Antel entered the final chamber she came across an old female, poised over a fire pit, the light of the flames danced across her haggard face as if to mock and taunt the old woman, Yet Antel was above that.

“So dear, you call yourself Antel now, I hear” the woman didn’t look up at Antel once and carried on throwing small seeds into the fire “Well Antel, you may call me Cal’als” she looked up briefly with a tired smile across her lips “The mad”.
Antel stepped slowly towards Cal’als and observed what she was placing into the fire
“Seems your not to mad to avoid my guards” her eyes broke from the fire and looked directly at the old woman
“Seems your fishing for an answer to the rumour you heard about me” Cal’als picked up a small brown egg, covered in soft white spots, from the ground next to her.
Antel looked over the old woman once more before speaking
“They say you can predict the future, see the things that are still to come” Antels eyes locked onto Cal’als
“Well, what do you think then, Antel?” a teasing smile crossed her old haggard face as she looked back into Antels eyes
“I think if you could predict the future, I doubt you would have been caught so easily” Antel had placed her bait for Cal’als
“Perhaps you fail to mention the last few attempts to speak with me” Cal’als had taken the bait, unknowingly perhaps
“A weakness of mine, my apologies” Antel nodded slightly “So you also know why I am here?”
“Indeed I do, Antel” Cal’als cracked open the egg over the fire and watched the dark blue inners drip into the fire “You wish to learn of Anethraxs death, you want to know if it can be prevented, who or what will end her” Cal’als looked up at Antel who was transfixed upon the blue yolk “You also wish to learn about your future”
Antel looked at Cal’als and was still shocked by her ability and had hoped that she had not seen what she had planned for her after their meeting.
“So, are you able to tell me then?” Antel looked around the stone chamber
“Indeed I am, I do have one question for you though” Cal’als voice changed slightly, now with her sense of superiority vanishing into the flames “You see I can predict what is to come, yet I can’t see the reasons or the drive behind it”
Antel looked up at Cal’als as the old woman spoke, Antel tried her hide the smile from her face as Cal’als spoke of her weakness
“So what do you wish to know?” Antels asked as she stepped closer to the fire and Cal’als
“I want to know why you have never asked about her you once were? “ Cal’als didn’t move with Antels approach “Don’t misunderstand me Antel, You have a grand future ahead of you, yet you are not curious of your past?”
“Answer my questions, then I shall answer yours” Antel stared at Cal’als, knowing the balance of power was now in her favour
“Very well, Anethrax will live for many more years, there will of course be attempts on her life and they will fail” Cal’als paused and looked at Antel who was staring at her “She will fall to the blades of one who deserves to take her life, one who has paid the price for such a kill, one who has suffered at her hands”
“A name” Antels voice demanded answers not riddles
“Antel you shall replace your mother once she falls, your reign shall be one of legends and you will be known as the Queen of the Shadows and Sorrow” as Cal’als spoke her voice got louder and became grander.
Antel tried to hide any emotion she sensed and remained objective
“A care not for myself, who will kill the Mistress?” Antel demanded her hand inching closer to her blade with frustration
“I won’t tell you Antel, because you can’t prevent it, there is no reason for you to know” the old woman looked back into the fire “The future is a lot like the branch’s of a tree” Cal’als her eyes peered at the burning logs that lay across the bottom of the fire “Some things, such as the death of your Mistress have been growing for quite some age, those my dear cannot be broken or undone”.


Outside of the cave the weather had turned and the cold thick fog of the north now approached the Sorrow guard as they stood like statues outside of the cave, ever vigilant for any who would stand in the way of their business.
Slowly the fog came closer and seemed to become thicker, the Sorrow guards’ line of sight was becoming shorter and shorter.
“Brothers, I suggest we spread out a little more” The Orc Reaper who was once known as Garaok suggested “Or we shall be of no use to our lady”
The Sorrow guard nodded and stepped into the fog, spreading out as they did so.

As Garaok stepped further into the fog he slowly lost sight of the other Sorrow guards.
He was alone in the fog with only his blade for company.
Then suddenly something brushed past him and knocked him back a few steps, the blade in his hand swung at whatever brushed past him. Yet he struck nothing
“Brothers we are not alone out here” Garaok waited for a reply
No reply came.


Antel was losing patience with Cal’als as all her answers seem to be riddles, with no clear answer
“Then I can do nothing for the Mistress and you won’t tell me who takes her life” Frustration was starting to show itself in Antels voice as the witch refused to answer her questions directly

“I told you, it matters not” Cal’als replied
“What of my future then witch” Antel hissed at Cal’als
A smile crossed Cal’als lips as she turned her full attention to Antel
“You still haven’t asked why here or why now?”
“Pardon?” Antel stepped back from Cal’als and looked around the chamber
“Why did I let you find me here and why now” Cal’als stepped closer to Antel “You see young Antel, unlike your dear Mistress, your future is far from set in stone, your future can be snapped from the tree!” Cal’als laughed and noticed that Antel had drawn her blade.


He was alone, he had come across the bodies of the rest of his companions in the fog. They had been ripped apart before they were even able to draw their weapons, their remains were only a blood stain on the cold earth.
As Garaok moved through the fog he could see figures appearing and vanishing in front and beside of him.
“Come beasts” he growled as one of the figures slowly appeared from the fog in front of him, a feral grin crossed Garaoks face beneath his plate helm
“Vengeance is mine beast” Garaok roared as he went to charge forward, until he felt a sharp pain in his sides.
As Garaok fell to his knees he looked to his left then his right to see two other figures looking down at him, his eyes felt heavy and the world span around him as he felt a final strike in his left side.
“My lady, I have failed you” the final words of Garaok as his body lay cold and dead on the ground.


“Step back witch and prepare for your final rest” Antel s voice as sharp as that of her blade
“I am not the one who can harm you, you stupid fool” Cal’als said in her mocking tone “I brought you here on this night so he could kill you!” Cal’als turned and pointed at a figure who stood at the entrance of the chamber
“Antel, daughter of the beast Anethrax!” His voice was little more than a feral growl
Antel looked over the new comer as she tightened her grip around her sword and noticed the blood that covered the Worgens claws.
Taolk was a lot taller and broader than Antel in his Worgen form, his claws were covered in the blood and gore of his kills, a stink of sweaty fur surrounded him as he stood panting in the chamber entrance
“I am the Daughter of the Mistress, and Lady of the Sorrow Guard” Antel voice was defiant as she lifted her swords up towards her new opponent
“Well, I am Taolk of Gilneas and I was a father and a husband until the Vile Thorns took those things away from me!” His voice seemed strained as his basic senses wanted to launch at Antel “Now I shall take those things away from your Mistress!”
Taolk leapt across the fire at Antel, landing on her and pushing her to the floor, Antels first reaction was to attempt to push the beast off of her.
Antel used all her strength and pushed at the beast as its jaws snapped at her face, she was able to roll it over to her side, her hand then moved to reach for her sword which was thrown across the chamber and skated across the floor, when Taolk attacked her.
Her fingers were only an inch away from her sword when the witch Cal’als kicked it further away.
Taolk had regained his stance and struck Antel across the back and pushed her to the ground
“Enough!” Taolk cried as he plunged his already bloody claw into Antels shoulder, the armour dented and pushed into the soft flesh below.
Antel cried out in pain, her face pushed down again into the stone floor of the chamber.
Taolk pulled his claw back and looked down on his prey.
“How I have dreamed of this day, How I have wanted to taste your blood and hear you scream” Taolk said before he turned Antel over to face him.
Antel spat up at the beasts face
“Then I will make you work for it” Antel shouted as she launched her fist across Taolks face, her body cried out in pain and yet she knew if she didn’t fight past the pain, she would be no more.
Taolk remained where he was and swept his claws across Antels face, It took a brief moment for the blood to appear across Antels wounds.
“This is my time, not yours!” Taolk roared and pulled the wounded Death knight to her feet “You shall not speak your poison!” with that Taolk threw her against the wall and watched her floor once more to the floor, with the sound of her plate hitting the ground sounding out across the chamber
Blood covered Antels eyes as she tried to regain her footing, she had was told to die on your feet was the way of a warrior, yet now it was hard to see, let alone stand.
Antel managed to stand and wipe some of the blood from her eyes, unable to move her left arm from the first injury she was able to balance herself against the wall with her right arm.
“You stink of fear, weakling” Taolk moved across to Antel and pinned her up against the wall with his claws around her neck “Such a shame, I had hoped you would put up a better fight than this”.
She could feel herself being lifted off the ground and with her remaining strength kicked at the beast’s chest to push him away. Her attempt failed as Taolk pulled her leg away and slammed her to the ground
“I will not let...” Antel didn’t have the energy left to fight the beast and her mind skipped between the savage attack to the past few weeks with Arli at their home, Perhaps if she was to die now she would prefer to think of her one love.
The light in the chamber was fading and the sound of the beasts attack slowly becoming softer and softer. But as the last light faded Antel felt herself lifted and moved towards a dark gate, one used by the Death knights.

Was she now safe from the attack, was the attacker dead?

Was she dead?
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PostSubject: Re: The Death of the Mistress and the Rise of a Queen   Mon Jun 20, 2011 6:14 pm

Ok people its time for you all to have your say, to see if Antel dies or lives or if she does live is she affected by the attack and if so, in what way?

Id like you the roleplayers on the server to have input in the way that this story plays out

Please post below your views of Antel and what direction she should go

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PostSubject: Re: The Death of the Mistress and the Rise of a Queen   Mon Jun 20, 2011 8:00 pm

((I will vote first it seems. I wish her to live, there is a great deal still to do and her death would touch important lives IC. Perhaps she can drag herself away with a cursed secret that could harm those around her, from her close ones to her mother, having that much power but knowing the consequence of her action could make interesting role play.))

Lady Gelana of the Knights.
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PostSubject: Re: The Death of the Mistress and the Rise of a Queen   Mon Jun 20, 2011 8:39 pm

((Creepy stalker Dianthaa says kill her kill her!

I'm sure Antel is very nice and interesting, but my character wants all pretty females that are competition dead))
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Robi Kaezlan.

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PostSubject: Re: The Death of the Mistress and the Rise of a Queen   Mon Jun 20, 2011 9:48 pm

(( well I comment on Antel as a character in her own right, in that case Id say keep her alive or do I comment as which case I say die you bitch, look what you made me do....or as Robi who wouldnt mind if Antel went.... but on a personal level you have to do what you want or feel is right for the character, Ive killed a couple of mine off in the past and wish I hadn't))
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PostSubject: Re: The Death of the Mistress and the Rise of a Queen   Mon Jun 20, 2011 10:25 pm

(( Arli of course will want her to live. Me personally, I too want her to live as she is a good and stable influence on my main and it sparks some good rp in game and stories out of it )).

(( edit: And no matter what state she was in, I don't think he would care. Her rejection almost destroyed him, he's kinda emotionally tied to her despite his tendancy to flirt with any female that doesn't punch him out ))
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PostSubject: Re: The Death of the Mistress and the Rise of a Queen   Tue Jun 21, 2011 11:17 am

I guess if the portal was taken, she would now be in the Ebon Hold, where probabebly other Knights of the Ebon Blade would fix her up, and kill off the worgen might he be stupid and/or bloodthursty enough to take the portal too.

But then i'm just a simple Troll who : "no t'rust dem formah fightah's of dah Lich King for a bit".
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PostSubject: Re: The Death of the Mistress and the Rise of a Queen   Wed Jun 22, 2011 8:05 pm

I say live!
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PostSubject: Re: The Death of the Mistress and the Rise of a Queen   Wed Jun 22, 2011 8:38 pm


But make it epic.

The way is shut,
It was made by those who are dead
And the dead keep it.

Skeleton in the closet.
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PostSubject: Re: The Death of the Mistress and the Rise of a Queen   Thu Jun 23, 2011 1:10 pm

(( from last nights rp /sob ))

Arli curled up on the cold stone of Ebon Hold and tried to get comfortable. In the room behind him, Antel lay still, her breathing steady but shallow and indicating to Arli she was either asleep, or most likely sedated as a respite from the constant pain she was suffering following the attack that so nearly took her from him for ever.

The Mistress had finally allowed him to visit Antel that evening, providing a Deathmaster or High Assassin accompanied him and it was Dianthaa that rode alongside him to meet the “Sorrow Guard” Reaper in Brill. Few words were exchanged on the journey to Ebon Hold, the Reaper was brief and to the point and Dianthaa seemed to sense his nervousness and lay off her usual jibes at his behaviour or attitude.

On arrival at Ebon Hold, the guards gave barely a glance at the two living accompanying one of their own. Arli wasn’t sure if it was his tabard that allowed him passage here, since the Mistress would surely have visited Antel frequently, or perhaps some special arrangement had been made to allow the two to pass into the Death Knights sanctum unquestioned. Arli shook his head, it didn't matter, he was finally allowed to see Antel and he didn't care how. He noticed Dianthaa look at him with concern, he smiled slightly in return - it was good that she had come with him rather than one of the Deathmasters.

The small room was darkened with a lone figure lying on the raised bed in the middle of the room. Arli looked at her as the Reaper informed her that he was here. She looked so small and vulnerable just lying there, her face obscured by bandages and scars across her lower arms and hands.

"Antel, it's me, Arli"

Antel turned her head slightly at the sound of his voice, a gasp of pain accompanying the movement.

"Arli.." she whispered, her hand reaching out for him.

Arli took her hand and held it gently. "I wanted to come here straight away, but the Mistress forbid me visit, I've worried about you and missed you so much". Arli looked at the small figure, "Who did this to you"

"A worgen...rogue..", Antel's weak grip tightened onto Arli's hand "I'm so scared".

Arli placed his other hand over Antels, he'd never felt so useless in his entire life. Here was the one he loved beyond all others and he had been unable to protect her and was unable to do anything to help her now.

" be ok, you're safe here, the safest place you can be. No one can get you". Arli hoped it was true. She was deep inside Ebon Hold, surely not even the best trained rogue could make it into here?

Antel went quiet, her breathing seemed pained and he noticed the Reaper look over with concern.

"You just need to rest, get well again Antel", Arli leaned closer to Antel, "Please, don't leave me, I need you" he whispered softly.

He felt her gently squeeze his hand as she whispered her reply, "You don't...get rid of me...that easily". Arli smiled and gently squeezed Antel's hand in return "Arli..please..I know..", Arli's smile faded, pain seemed to wrap each word spoken " are busy..please...visit me when you can".

"Arli", the voice of Reaper spoke close to his shoulder "She needs to rest, we must go".

Arli nodded slightly, kissing Antels hand and placing it back at her side. "I will be here whenever I am able, I promise you, I'll be here". Arli turned to leave, following the command of the Reaper.

Antel spoke again, her voice barely a whisper now "I love you".

Arli stopped and turned, "I love you too, I'll be back as soon as I can".

"Come" spoke the Reaper.

"Yes sir", mumbled Arli in reply, lowering his head as he turned to leave and using the pretence of pulling his mask up to wipe his stinging eyes.

The Reaper left them at the entrance to Ebon Hold, returning back to guard his Lady. Arli mumbled some excuses to head off to Brill, saying it needed to have a Thorn presence there what with the reports of Wardens setting up base in nearby lands. He could see Dianthaa looking at him, he could hear her words saying that she would come with him.

" go drink with the Thorns, I'll be ok on my own in Brill".

"Arli, you shouldn't be alone, I'll come and help you patrol Brill", replied Dianthaa, trying to catch his eye.

Arli leaned on the balcony and looked across the Plaguelands, reluctant to meet her eye lest she see his weakness.

"Look...I need to be alone a while...understand?". He hoped she understood, he found it so hard to talk about how he felt, admit emotional weakness to others.

He could see Dianthaa looking at him with concern as she replied "Well...if you need company, call me and I'll be right back".

Arli nodded, looking straight ahead. "I..I'll be back tonight, to our place in Orgrimmar, later." He knew he was lying, he knew where each spare moment would now be spent. Arli called his Windrider and with an exchange of "Shadows protect" he flew off across Plaguelands, leaving Dianthaa watching him depart. He would return later that night to see Antel, to be close in case she should awake and ask for him, as he vowed he would whenever his Thorn duties permitted him
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PostSubject: Re: The Death of the Mistress and the Rise of a Queen   Fri Jun 24, 2011 8:27 am

(( Long happy life to all! *praying ))

(( Live! ... Recover your hunger for life. Live for all you love or for all you hate... Or for both. ))

It's a beautiful story even I caught only some moments of it.
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PostSubject: Re: The Death of the Mistress and the Rise of a Queen   Fri Jun 24, 2011 12:38 pm

(( live for sure we got lots of murdering to do ))
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PostSubject: Re: The Death of the Mistress and the Rise of a Queen   

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The Death of the Mistress and the Rise of a Queen
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