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 Lady Gelana the Priestess

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PostSubject: Lady Gelana the Priestess   Mon Jul 11, 2011 1:08 pm

Lady Gelana looks at her appearance in the mirror once more, nodding to herself at what she sees. The battle gear fits perfectly, hugging her willowy shape and showing off her pert rear to best advantage. A small smile touches her lips as her eyes glow with satisfaction. She is ready to stand for what she believes in.

Walking down the stairs she hears her friend talking to someone and she hastens to greet him, unable to hide her smile as she sees his new battle gear.

“Gerrond, nice to see you.”

He smiles, the light catching his unusual hair colour and turning it into a spun gold halo around his head.

“Lady Gelana, how are you?”

They talk for a while, catching up on the day to day happenings in their lives and then he looks at her, obviously ready for battle. A thrill of excitement flows through her as she sees the determined look in his eyes, It’s time to take a stand.

The portal is ready, with a slight dizzy feeling she is taken into the waiting area outside the arena. A quick whisper brings down blessing on both of them, she is hoping to keep them safe in the coming fight. The gates creak as they start to tremble, then they begin to rise.

Gerrond stands ready, almost relaxed as the gate rises before his seeking eyes. There they are, two figures at the opposite gate and his experienced look assess them rapidly.

Instructions follow, his knowledge of his opponent deadly accurate as she well knows. This fight she knows is going to be hard, a druid has entered the arena and slips to the shadows to stalk the Priestess while her Warrior is busy.

Gelana moves, using everything she can to block line of sight from the unseen threat, relying on guesswork and nonstop movement to try and keep ahead of the danger. Soon the Druid will become visible and with time against it a move must be made.

The Druid opens with a rake, leaving her bleeding as she tries to run, a quick whisper brings down a shield over her and she throws up a glowing heal to counter the bleed. Then she runs for Gerrond, sliding to a stop close to him as she tries to counter the wounds he is showing. The Druid puts a control on her, making it impossible to do anything other than hang in the air.

Gelana waits while Gerrond slowly bleeds onto the floor of the Arena. She sees he is going down, getting close to death as he stumbles from a blow that he wouldn’t usually notice. She begins to feel the familiar panic as he falls, struggling to regain his footing against the two attackers.

He reaches inside, drawing on the power of the warrior within to boost himself, giving his failing body a powerful surge as the control falls from Gelana, leaving her to land heavily on her feet close to him. She begins to channel healing, stacking as much as she can before the Druid realises shes free.

Luckily they are too busy trying to down Gerrond, thinking he is weakened enough to be an easy kill. With a smirk Gelana focuses the Druid and starts to burn his energy from him, leaching it away one second at a time. The Druid has no idea and makes an unwise choice, to keep attacking Gerrond, leaving Gelana free to continue her sly work behind him.

The ending is swift, first one body then another soon litter the floor along with the spilled blood and dropped weapons. The portal lifts Gelana and takes her from the scene, dropping her beside Garrond in Stormwind.

He looks at the Dreanei, his eyes glowing with excitement from the battle. A smile touches Gelanas lips and she nods before walking towards the Inn, and some clean water to wash the blood from her hands. Looking down into the bowl of bloody water, Gelana reflects on her life as a Priestess.

Her hands have held the hands of a couple on their wedding day and they have held the hand of a woman whose faith in the man she loves has faltered. They have held the dying body of a Knight and the wounded body of a man covered in blight. These hands, her hands hold so much power in them.

Lifting her hands she studies them carefully, so innocent looking that you wouldn’t know what they could be made to do. Gelana looks into the mirror once more, gazing at her face, her calm eyes looking back as if all were well in the world.

Bringing her fist up she smashes the glass, blood from her cut hand forms a pathway down her arm to finally drip off her elbow onto the floor between her hooves. Opening her hand she leaves a bloody hand print on the wall beside the broken mirror while a hundred crying faces reflect back at her in the shattered surface.

Lady Gelana

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PostSubject: Re: Lady Gelana the Priestess   Tue Jul 12, 2011 12:44 pm

Gelana stares at the wall in the Inn, her half closed eyes are unfocused as she tries to capture sleep. With a weary sigh she touches her nose, careful not to push too hard in case it bleeds again.

Last night had been embarrassing to say the least, feinting on the Inn steps, only to be found by the nice looking Paladin, before she could stand up and pretend nothing had happened.

Her cheeks stain a light crimson at the thought, making her nose throb anew. Turning onto her back she looks at the ceiling instead, her mind a tumble of thoughts.

Time she admitted it, she was losing her hold. She was failing, he was finally wining, wearing her down day by day until she gave in to him.

The earth walker leaves were no longer helping like they once did and she needed more and more to keep control. She was going to lose to him, and then what…

Restless, Gelana turns over onto her other side, looking at the empty bed next to hers. Would it be so bad to let him take over, to just give up her control to him?

A feeling of panic steals over her, making her blood feel too warm as it flows around her body. The voice of her teacher from Darnassus echoes again in her mind,

“…he will destroy you, child.”

Gelana watches the bed opposite her, eyes unfocused as she follows her thoughts. Perhaps if she found a body he can inhabit he would leave her alone, let her live. A thought pushes up inside her mind, forced up into her conscious against her will.

“I want you.”

Gelana’s eyes fill with tears as the pain begins, rapidly spiralling into dizziness as he attacks, desperately trying to take her life. In panic she stands on trembling legs, her face pale and beaded with sweat.

She stumbles away trying to get to the door and the company of others, before slowly folding at the knees.

No one hears her hit the floor, there is no one there apart from him, and he’s no help at all.

Lady Gelana of the Knights
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PostSubject: Re: Lady Gelana the Priestess   Wed Jul 13, 2011 1:01 pm

Instinctively Gelana has drawn her knees up to protect herself, lying curled in a foetal position on the floor. For a moment she thinks she’s dead, but the sounds below in the kitchen seem normal enough.

She sits up in her room in the Inn, her movements are clumsy and she struggles to get her balance. With effort Gelana moves backwards to the chest against the wall, leaning back against it until she catches her breath. Her robe is on the floor in tatters leaving her feeling vulnerable, unable to find the strength to cover her bare flesh.

Closing her eyes she focuses on the sounds coming from below her, trying to feel safe. A whisper drops into the room, silencing all other sound as it gains strength with each echo.

“Gelana” “Gelana” “Gelana”

“Go away, you are not welcome.”

Her voice is weak, lacking in confidence even to her own ears.

“You cannot win against me, give me what I want.”

“I don’t belong to you anymore.”

There is a hiss in the voice and it grows louder until it screams around her.

“You will never be free of your past Priestess, giVE ME WHAT I WANT!”

The pressure in the room explodes, pinning her where she sits, robbing her of breath. Gelana opens her mouth and screams without sound as the handle from the chest cuts into her back. She is near unconscious before he stops, leaving the weakened Priestess to slide sideways to the floor.

“Light protect me” *cough* “Light guide me” *cough* *cough*

“Your faith is nothing to me bi*ch”

“Lights blessing guide me, lights blessing protect me.”

A beam of pure white light forms over the fallen Priestess, casting her body in a soft glowing sheen. His presence fades from the room, forced back to its prison inside her. A pattern of leaves drifts down, landing on her as they fade away.

Gelana slips into sleep, lying in the white light until dawn, when it slowly fades from her.

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PostSubject: Re: Lady Gelana the Priestess   Thu Jul 14, 2011 12:05 am

Dew lands, kneeling as low as possible so her weak Mistress doesn’t fall when she slides from her back but even so Gelana loses her balance and clings to her neck as Dew whirrs softly against her hair.

“Find me in Stormwind.” She whispers.

Dew backs away before climbing swiftly into the air, heading towards the City. Gelana walks slowly into the building, a hand on the wall supporting her all the way up to the meeting room where they are already assembled.

The worry on Gerrond’s face is mirrored in Leov's face, and slowly each one in the room changes to concern as they turn and see her standing behind them. Leov recovers first and comes forward to take her hand and lead her to a seat. Her eyes are unreadable as she studies in the fragile appearance of the exhausted Priestess sitting at the table.

“Lady Gelana, you missed the start of the meeting, is there anything you would like to report?”

Leov's voice has a softness to it as she speaks.

Gelana gives her report, her strength is waning so she makes it as short as she can. Their reaction is lost on her as she slips something green from her pouch, placing the leaf on her tongue to get her through this ordeal.

“Gelana, we are preparing a portal to Stormwind, you need the help of the Cathedral.”

She looks up at Leov and nods, then her eyes seek out Gerrond who is standing close by watching her with concern.

“Gerrond, please come with me, I need my friends around me now.”

He moves towards her at the same time as a portal opens, unfolding from Gibbzy’s palms with a soft popping sound . Supported between Gerrond and Leov she steps through, arriving in Stormwind where Gerrond leaves them so he can rush ahead and alert the Cathedral.

With a soft sigh Gelana gives herself over to them, having to place her trust in those she calls friend, but deep inside she hopes they will still be her friend once they know the truth about her past.

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PostSubject: Re: Lady Gelana the Priestess   Thu Jul 14, 2011 6:49 pm

“Excuse me…are you Lady Gelana?”

Leov turns towards the Priest as Gelana finds a seat, sinking into it before looking towards the voice. The man’s face is turned towards her, a mixture of curiosity and concern clearly visible. She lets Leov deal with him, folding her arms on the table and leaning forward to rest her cheek on her forearm.

“The Cathedral is blessed by the light, she is safe here.”

He comes and examines her as he introduces himself.

“I am Brother Arahn,”

Leov joins him as Gibbzy leaves to arrange guard on the Cathedral. The Brother wants information so he can help her, and Gelana wonders what he will do when he hears what she is about to say.

“I was not always touched by the Light…”

As she speaks her mind goes back to another time in history, to another name, to herself.

Ge’lea..they whispered as they knelt before her, the blood from their slain families not yet cold. They feared her wrath, the High Priestess and her consort who dealt death to the glory of her name. So many had given their lives freely, or been given to her by those trying to save their own.

Ge’lea the shadow walker, High Priestess of death and destruction.

She had not realised when she started the ritual to summon a succubus that it could go wrong. Her study had been thorough, extensively cross referenced between ancient tomes and manuscripts. He had been summoned easily, her Dark Lord with the seductive voice.

Gelana swallows audibly at the thought, glancing at Leov’s impassive face.

He was everything the lonely Priestess had always wanted, her study during the day passing time to the nights of pleasure, his invisible hands tracing heat over her soft skin. Finally he demanded payment in blood sacrifice, throwing her across a room when she said no.

Unable to stop him she protected her face as he slashed her, taking the blood trickling from the wounds on her thighs. Satisfied, he left her alive and disappeared for a few days, only to return one night, waking her from sleep with his teasing touch.

When he next demanded sacrifice she sent him to find what he needed, and he left her unharmed. The dark shimmer around her body was already visible when the woman came to her asking for help. A husband unfaithful and a child without food, her consorts demand for sacrifice was satisfied with a soon to be dead Mistress.

Ge’Lea the shadow walker, ask her for protection before someone else does and you die for them.

Shame wells up in Gelana and she stares at the table in the Cathedral, unsure if she should continue or walk out and let him have what he wants, ending it.

They built a sacrificial alter in her name, and her Dark Lord spilled blood there until the stone was stained, a mute reminder of her guilt. But he wanted more, slowly he was changing her, making her ready for him.

By the time she admitted to herself that she needed help, she was completely shrouded in shadows, their touch bringing her closer to his realm and his incredible power.

The High Priestess stumbled into Darnassus one dawn, kneeling before the massive sentinel and begging for help. She was denied entry until the Temple had been told of her presence, and finally the Sisters had taken pity on her.

The fight had almost killed her, he would not let go of a chance to live in her body and finally they had banished his presence inside her, where he was contained. She was taught how to preserve the rich healing leaves dropped by earth walkers, how to use them when he was growing too strong for her to control.

Gelana bows her head, her voice has become weaker and weaker as she speaks.

She had come to Stormwind seeking a new life, without her past, sure she could keep control over him. Now she knew she never would, and she could lose her life in the process. Later laying on the mat in the Cathedral, she offered a silent plea to the Light, asking for protection to be given to her friends.
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PostSubject: Re: Lady Gelana the Priestess   Sun Jul 31, 2011 12:34 am

Gelana stirs from sleep, stretching her legs as she turns over onto her side. Her mail is stacked neatly beside her sleeping mat and she wonders how Brother Arahn manages to keep so quiet when he places it beside her.

Closing her eyes she dozes for a little longer, feeling no reason to rush while she’s still recovering in the Cathedral.

Finally Gelana sits up and begins opening her mail, leaving the official looking one for last despite being curious as to what something like that would be doing in her mailbox.

“Dear Lady Gelana,

I write this within a time of great trouble, for Gerrond has been captured by the Vile Thorn.”

Her hands begin to shake and she quickly scans the rest of the letter before she re-reads it from the beginning once more. It starts to sink in as she slows down, trying to understand the words that are now blurred on the page.

Gelana sits with tears running down her cheeks, the letter has dropped on her blanket covering her knees, the blanket Gerrond brought her.


Her whisper sounds shaky with the fear she feels for her friend.
Looking at the letter once more she sees it is signed by High Warden Master Carmtan Abendas Nightglade, and he will be coming to check on her now Gerrond is no longer around.

Fresh tears run down her cheeks as she realises how helpless she is in the face of the Dark Lord, unable to search for Gerrond.
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PostSubject: Re: Lady Gelana the Priestess   Mon Aug 01, 2011 1:06 pm

Gelana tries to distract herself with the book on her knees. Around her the Cathedral helpers go about their business, leaving her in peace as she reads. She has already spoken with the Knights about Gerrond, surprise greeting her worried voice as they learn of his capture by the Vile Thorn.

Closing the book she leaves it on the table and goes back down to her mat, pulling her blanket over her to get some sleep.

The commotion rouses her as the Knights bring in the injured man, laying him on a table where he bleeds freely, trickles dripping to the floor of the Cathedral. She gets up and goes to see what was is going on, noticing the strangers among the Knights. The injured man is good looking, although pale from blood loss, it brings out the colour of his hair somehow.

Ivery's wound is gaping and Leov calls for her medical bag, her face showing agitation and a lack of sleep. Gelana feels the Dark Lord stir inside her, attracted by the scent of blood no doubt.

“Gelana, sit down, I don’t have the energy to heal you too.”

At Leovs words she realises she has been swaying, watching the unconscious man as she holds the Dark Lord back by will alone.

Sitting she watches Leov began to work on him, the people in the room are still fighting the Knights decision to move them out of the room so Leov can do what she can for the man.

Gelana feels tired, deeply tired and soul worn, almost depressed as the smell of fresh blood fills the room. Finally she gets up, collects her book from the Library and settles on her mat to read, falling asleep over the book as the fighting escalates between the Knights and the strangers in the room.

His power swells pushing back the resistance as the Knight sleeps unaware of the danger on the mat in the Cathedral.

Gelana opens eyes swirling with black, standing up she takes her blanket, her book and her pouch. Walking out the room, past the shouting people, she leaves the smell of blood behind her. Just outside she triggers her gnome disguise and then simply walks out of the Cathedral into the square. Two guards check her twice, unsure if she is a visitor or an escapee, but her confident walk confuses them and they finally relax as she walks from the square.

She almost makes it out the great arched gateway before the shadow walking wolf challenges her progress with a growl. Gelana tries to walk past the wolf but it blockes her path, forcing her to stop or walk through it.

As the Knight changes form back to her natural shape, Gelana drops the disguise knowing it is of no use now.

“Move out of my way.”

The dark haired Dreanei shakes her head, making it clear she will not move.

The white of Gelana’s eyes are shot through with streaks of black and her nose trickles blood.

“I won’t come back, now get out of my way!”

Rayiara looks at Gelana with determination.

“You will go back to the Cathedral.”

“I need to die, or you will all die trying to help me.”

“I won’t let you throw yourself off a bridge, how can you do that to your friends.”

“If you take me back he will kill me.”

The Knight shakes her head as Gibbzy arrives with backup. Gelana looks over her shoulder as the two mages take up positions behind her, blocking escape through the other gateway. Tilting her head down she studies the two Knights before her, seeking weakness to exploit.

“Return to the Cathedral, we are trying to help you.”

The rage builds up inside her, making her dizzy with anger. The Knight before her is the closest target and Gelana goes for her. Rayiara’s shield hits Gelana in the chest pushing her back as Gibbzy ices her to the ground, a smirk on his handsome face.

Gelana snarls at him, struggling with the ice as she tries to free herself. Inside her he is mocking her weakness, his voice sensual and smooth as he pushes her to kill those trying to help her. The ice breaks and she pauses, watching for a drop in their defences.

“I am tired of this…”

Gibbzy shakes his head as he stands watching her carefully, his body is relaxed but his hands are ice, much like his eyes right now. She tries to reason with them, hoping they will understand and let her go, but they are stubborn and he urges her to kill them to solve the deadlock.

She lunges at Gibbzy, trying desperately to drop him long enough so she can deal with Rayiara. Gibbyz ice blocks her entire body, holding her helpless while she rages inside, the sensual voice laughing at her failure. They are still trying to reason with her as the ice fades and she feints at their feet.

She regains conscious in the Cathedral, lying beside the injured man who still smells of blood. Around her the Knights discuss her behaviour and a possible course of action.

“She needs to be locked up.”

Leov has not seen what Gibbzy and Rayiara have seen and she goes on trust, standing close to Gelana as she argues with their decision to rope her up.

“We need to move her, perhaps we can seek help from A’dal.”

Gelana lunges at Leov trying to savage her legs before feinting once more, blood bubbling from her mouth.
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PostSubject: Re: Lady Gelana the Priestess   Mon Aug 08, 2011 1:33 am

She comes round choking on her own blood, turning to spit it on the floor so she can breath she sees another portal being opened by Gibbzy. Hands pull her upright and Leov pushes her through it into Shattrath, taking the opportunity to march her towards A'dal, muttering as she does.

"If the Naaru can't help, you will be put down."

The Dark Lord laughs with glee inside her head, wanting her to die for him, but peace fills her as she gets closer to A'dal. Without her speaking the Naaru chimes a sound into her mind silencing him for a while, giving her a mental rest from his constant torment.

What takes place between Gelana and A'dal is only half heard by Leov as she stands watching the Priestess with her tired eyes. Thoughts and feelings flow between them, images and impressions as fast and fleeting as a gust of wind. A'dal's voice chimes the air for Leov as the Naaru knows she can neither see or feel what the Draenei can.

A'dal shows her the Exodar and she knows its her destination, the Cathedral is no longer safe for her. Gibbzy is only too willing to bring up the now familiar portal and as she steps through it into the soft pink lighting she realises they are probably glad to see the back of her after all she has done. Without hardly a word to the Knights around her Gelana finds the place she is to rest and lays down on the mat, so desperate for sleep she ignores the drying blood on her face.

Soon their voices blur and fade and she drops into a deep sleep, broken later by a brief visit from Leov bearing a new blanket and some food, which looks home made. When she next wakes he is back, threatening her and tormenting her, trying to pull her into his insanity.

She leaves her mat and makes her way to the seat where she strips away her clothing before the Naaru. Slowly she walks forward into his energy before kneeling before him. Soft sounds flow around her once more, bringing with them the peace she needs to heal, then without sound Gelana stretches out on the cool surface to sleep beneath O'ros.
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PostSubject: Re: Lady Gelana the Priestess   Mon Aug 08, 2011 2:17 am

Its been a short while since Gelana came to the Exodar to rest from the last attack by the Dark Lord. Each day her strength has grown, now she stands on the ship waiting to make landfall in Stormwind once more. Her intent is to find the High Warden and seek news of Gerrond, but he is not in Goldshire or any of the other places she searches for him. Finally Gelana goes back to the Cathedral in the hopes they have already found him and are tending him there.

A strange sight greets her inside, the man is familiar and a memory surfaces of her assisting the same man when he was found injured in the Keep. She remembers her gloves were ruined by what he was covered in and she had to get new ones, yet somehow he seems to have survived. Curious she moves closer to see a woman is with him, then a stamping from behind her heralds the arrival of a Dwarf who's gaze seems fixed intently on Sythbo.

He asks for help but the woman seems almost hypnotised and gives him no answer as he staggers down towards the catacombs beneath the Cathedral. Gelana follows as does the Dwarf, and once inside the room Sythbo calls out to Brother Crowley to bring the manacles. Even as the Brother rushes to secure Sythbo he begins to change and the Dark Lord reacts inside her, his power fuelled by what is happening to the figure in front of her.

Brother Crowley only secures one side of the creature before it throws him towards Gelana who avoids it as she laughs, her dark eyes glittering. Chaos ensues as the woman tries to sooth her nephew, singing in a strange lilting melody while the Dwarf tries to contain the change he is witness to.

Sythbo and the Dwarf clash and a powerful struggle begins between the two as each seeks out the others weakness. Gelana waits for Brother Crowley to regain conscience so she can knock him out in the hopes the creature can escape before the other manacle is fixed to him.

Before she gets the chance Leov arrives and begins helping the Dwarf contain Sythbo, leaving him for a moment to push the heavy metal doors shut, blocking off his escape. Gelana watches them and seeing Sythbo outnumbered she struggles with the door to open it, slipping out the gap just as Leov calls her name.

Gibbzy is in the main room when Gelana walks past intent on leaving before Leov sets off the cry to have her brought back. She is not challenged as she leaves the Cathedral so she hides and waits for everything to calm down, only coming back once the Knights seem to have left. A brief search of the Cathedral is interrupted by voices, leaving her with little choice but to sit on a bench, pretending she was not looking for Gerrond.

A man stops and asks her why she is not locked up and she realises it's Langlam. Backing herself to the doorway she makes good her escape as Langlam turns to speak with Gibbzy who has come to collect some prisoners.

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PostSubject: Re: Lady Gelana the Priestess   Mon Aug 08, 2011 8:49 pm

He catches her before she gets out the square.

"No begging for death this time?"

Gelana faces him with a shake of her head, explaining there is no need anymore as the Dark Lord has what he wants.

"Why should I let you go around Stormwind like nothings happened?"

She sighs inwardly at his obvious reluctance to leave her alone.

"I don't expect you to, why do you think I tried to leave, and having me locked up alone is no help, he punishes me."

She hopes he will get the hint and just go away but the Paladin seems even more interested than before as he leans toward her slightly.

"Honestly, its cowardly, cowering inside that gal, what happened to just' flying down in big-demon-form and hackin' things with swords like the old days?"

The Dark Lord growls inside her mind as the irritation turns into full anger at the interfering man.

"More fun to torture you through one you trust."

Even as the words come from her Gelana knows it will not sway him from the challenge before him.

"Eh, well I never knew the gal, I wouldn't say I'm tortured."

Unsure and suddenly nervous Gelana asks him what happens next, ready to flee as soon as his attention is diverted.

"I'm going to try and grab you, and lock you in irons. So many irons that you'd be hardpressed to get out."

Gelana steps a littler closer, her voice dropping as the darkness swirls deep in her eyes.

"You know I wont fight you, I will injure her in front of you. Would you like that saviour, would you like to watch me kill her for you?"

His face betrays nothing, not a flicker in his eyes as he looks back calmly.

"Eh, think I care? I've seen enough good people die to demons that I'd almost rather let her die than have you endangering others."

"If you harm her, it'll be your loss because we wont weep, no one will."

With a sudden movement Langlam grabs Gelana's wrist jerking her off balance as she growls softly at him.

"I'll start with the stockades, you can entertain me, attack, flee, at least I'll learn something."

The girl Alice, peeps at them with excitement shining from her eyes, behind her the strange magical lamp hovers in the air. Gelana sees her and wishes she wasn't a witness to this humiliation, but its too late now and she is forced to turn her attention back to the man.

Langlam pulls Gelana along as he makes for the stockades, his shoulders are set as firmly as his face as he looks back for a moment.

"Funny really, you hate being chained, yet your perfectly happy being chained in that body."

"Must be restrictive eh? Sure, you may have gotten a lot of control, but beyond that? I don't see any hoodoo sticking-people to wall powers yet."

Gelana keeps silent as she is dragged down the steps and past the guards who suddenly stand to attention and salute Langlam. The room smells of unwashed bodies and stale blood, for a moment she wonders who was here before her.

Twisting her around he forces her neck forward into the groove in the stocks, easily overpowering her struggle to escape. It closes over her pinning her securely as he drops the bolt down to lock it into place.

"Are we having fun yet?"

Her body is too tall for the device and she feels the strain in her legs as she twists her face upwards to glare at him with her dark eyes.

"Are you saviour?"

He tests the stocks, making certain they are strong enough for what he is about to do.

"Oh I don't know, this is kinda fun. If it were different circumstances, maybe even a little pleasurable."

The dark lord replies as Gelana feels sorrow over the circumstances being so difficult, why did life have to reveal something unattainable, in such an alluring way.

"You like it like that Saviour?"

His reply hurts Gelana as well as the Dark Lord.

"Ain't into Draenei, much less ones that can't ward off a spotted little pipsqueak demon like you."

He moves in front of her and kneels down, putting his face right in front of her own.

"Whats the matter? The other demons pick on you? So you had to flee to some helpless gal? Heck like a helpless gal."

She growls into his face hoping to see him react.

"I am not a weaker demon human."

He shows no reaction to the growl, or the words.

"You are a poor little pipsqueak demon, too weak to join with the big boys. Running like a helpless little gal"

As he provokes the Dark Lord Gelana bares her teeth and snarls at him.

"You will be the first to die when I am freed human."

He keeps speaking, ignoring the death promise.

"What's the matter? Too weak to leap out? You got in there, can't you try and lash out at me with your mind-powers?"

The guilt rises as the reply comes from her mouth while inside Gelana wants to cry as Langlam finds out the truth about the possession.

"She invited me in, how else could I have taken her body."

Still no reaction as he watches her, trying to provoke the Dark Lord.

"I imagine she'd have to, you're far too weak to do anything on your own."

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PostSubject: Re: Lady Gelana the Priestess   Mon Aug 08, 2011 8:52 pm

Her body is strained against the stocks as she tries to watch his face, legs trembling from fatigue in the uncomfortable position.

"Many have knelt before me, yet you, insolent human, try to provoke me, you do not care for her yet you try to stop me?"

He dismisses the comment, telling the Dark Lord he is nothing and slowly blood starts to drip from Gelana's nose.

"Maybe you'll realise you can't succeed and leave, maybe I'll try to kill her and I'll be rid of you anyway. I'll...I'll try my luck"

The gleeful laughter fills her head as the Dark Lord pushes back at Langlam for tormenting him.

"Watch what I can do to this worthless Draenei, kill her, I want you to! I cannot be unleashed until she dies."

Langlam's face is expressionless and stone-eyed, yet his breathing has changed slightly as he looks at her.

"Ah, like you said, it's more fun watching you squirm inside."

Gelana has had enough and tries to get away from him, away from his hurtful words and uninterested gaze. She is an experiment, another battle for the righteous soul to win in the name of the Light. The stocks are heavy and she struggles against them, hurting her wrists and neck as she does.

"Please...don't kill me..."

Her voice is a whisper in the room, the darkness draining from her eyes suddenly.

"Hard to tell if this is just another trick, or what."

He leans back and strokes his chin with his plated glove, watching her thoughtfully. Gelana stops fighting and allows gravity to pull her down until she is hanging in the stocks, the sheen of sweat over her skin mute testimony to the strain she is under. His voice is softer when he next speaks.

"If there is still a girl in there, all I can say is, fight."

He stands, moving to the other stock and she twists her head trying to see what he is doing. One finger slides almost gently along the stock as he studies the craftsmanship. Without turning he begins the next level of cleansing.
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"You're a Draenei, you're practically born of the light, where some of your kind have fallen, others have risen and fought back countless tides."

"Some little pipsqueak demon, invited or can deal with. Remember, the light doesn't judge, you are the only one that can stop him."

Gelana doesn't want to fight the Dark Lord and she begins to fight the stocks instead, her hooves slipping over the floor as she pushes herself away from Langlam's words.

"Let the Light guide you, let it return to you to expel him once more, Faith, faith is your guide."

"You know Paladins are immune to the plague? Faith. We don't give up, we're taught to be unfaltering, to not waver, because there's a light in us all."

The angry bitterness comes up inside her at his words, all the giving as a Priestess, always being the one others turn to when they need someone. She never sees them once they are healed. A deep loneliness wells up inside her along with the anger she feels loss. Once the Dark Lord is gone, she will be alone once more.

"What happens if I fail and he stays, will you keep me locked here forever?"

He is still interested in the other stock, speaking as if to someone other than her.

"Failure isn't an option."

"You have to believe in yourself, believe and harness that light within you, the same light you give to others, that you deny is ever there."

She concentrates on his voice, trying to connect to the words, to feel what he knows inside him, forced to lean on his strength as her own fails her. He keeps speaking and her courage drops as she knows the Light has forsaken her.

The softest touch to her face as he places his hand there, channelling a little light, allowing it to caress her face like a soothing wind.

"You heal, the light's in all of us, like I said, believe in it."

His words calm her and she concentrates on pushing the fear back, whispering under her breath to call the Light to aid her in the battle she fights. Langlam pulls his hand away leaving a streaming glow of light energy, which swirls around his plated palm and illuminates the dank room around it.

"Light protect me, Light guide me, Light clean me of this darkness inside me."

Then his voice lends her more strength for the final confrontation with the Dark Lord.

"Demons are nothing, they have only rage and rage has nothing against the power of the light."

"Focus on that light, expand it around yourself, your mind, your soul. Let it grow, don't let the pain or struggle dampen your resolve."

"Do you feel it?"

She whispers yes to the question, still concentrating on pushing the fear of loss away from her.

"Let it gather, more and more, you're getting stronger. Good, I can see it already."

"Now take this gift..and use it to exorcise the demon from you..on three."

He begins to count and she concentrates on each word as it comes from his lips, then his hand touches her head, light channelling into her. Guided by his voice she expands the light, feeling the last remains of her fear slip away from her.

He moves back just in time as Gelana throws up violently, leaving a dark shimmering puddle on the floor in front of the stocks, the light he fires into it comes from pure reflex. The taste in her mouth leaves her gagging on her words, trying to tell him not to touch the mess, the elixir she drank almost 100 years previously.

Stripping off a glove he throws it from him, getting rid of the liquid that has accidentally spilled from her mouth. She is exhausted, no longer trying to support her weight as he releases her from the stocks, almost gently taking her backwards to the wall where she sits. The water he brings back smells better than the room she is in but he makes her wait while he cleans her mouth, then he helps her to drink from the water skin.

"Where did the elixir go?"

He wipes a drop of water from her lip before he looks towards the missing puddle.

"Well, ruddy hell. I will tell the soldiers to keep an eye out for weird behaviour...and warn the Cathedral."

He wants to get her out of the place and she realises it's probably because he's beaten the Dark Lord now. Struggling upright she looks at him, grateful for his help but wondering how much of it was personal challenge for the Light. They prepare to leave the room, then something catches her eyes and she looks up. His eyes follow, drawn to the pulsating stain in the wood over their heads.

His reflexes are fast as his shield comes up to protect her, but shes still tired from the stocks and she drops to her knees at his feet, no longer supported by his arm. He has shocked the Dark Lord, paralysing the essence so it cannot move, for now. Slowly Gelana opens to the Light and begins to channel it in an attempt to destroy him, then Langlam lends his own attack to the battle. The darkness dwindles until it disappears with a small scream leaving Langlam shocking the wood into splinters to be sure it's finally gone.

Leaving her on the floor he runs from the room, gathering Guards as he goes to search for it. Nothing is found however, so he comes back and helps her from the floor then takes her to the Cathedral. He seems genuinely concerned for her as he spends time giving her a talk, bolstering her resolve with his inspiring words.

Finally he takes his leave and she sleeps, her body too tired to fight, not even for Alice when she comes to talk to her with her floating companion. A last thought surfaces before she dozes off, how was Alice able to find her so easily...

The next day she leaves the Cathedral and makes her way back to the Exodar, the shame of her actions is too heavy to bear. Watching the walls of Stormwind fade away she knows she has put the lives of the Knights in danger, and tried to kill a few herself. There will be no trust now, non given to her. With tears in her eyes she knows she cant blame them.

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((Thank you to Langlam for the three chapters above, you are truly awesome sweetie!))
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((nice stuff, I wonder what others think, hint hint))
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Lady Gelana the Priestess
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