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 Dog eat dog

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Robi Kaezlan.

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PostSubject: Dog eat dog   Tue Jul 12, 2011 2:22 pm

Robi ordered a bourbon and slugged it down, Dave the barman grinned and poured her another.
"You're my best customer these days Mrs K..."
Robi eyed him as she placed the empty glass down on the bar. She guessed it was true, she had been drinking a lot lately, a nightly ritual almost, a bourbon or three to calm her head of the days agitation. The agitation and frustration caused mainly by Aresh and his one man obsession with Anethrax.
She smiled humourlessly to herself, that at least was over, Shays blades had seen to that.
Taking the refilled glass she went to sit in what was now her usual seat. She sat down, stretched her legs out in front of her and let out a long sigh of relief as she closed her eyes, letting her mind aimlessly drift. She was just cuddling up in Shays arms when the scrape of a chair leg on the wooden floor next to her shook her from her daydreaming.
She opened her eyes and groaned silently as Blayke sat down next to her, his piercing blue eyes looking over her and the usual gleaming white friendly smile on his face.
"Oh light" she thought "what now...?"
"Evening sweetheart.." he smiled as he turned the chair around one handedly and swung his leg across to sit straddling it, his arms folded casually on the chair back.
"Evenin..." Robi replied tersely taking a sip from her glass as an excuse not to smile at him. The way she felt right now she couldn't be bothered to pretend she was pleased to see him.
"Hows the Commander this evening then?" he asked "Still chasing shadows in Thorny lands?"
Robi shook her head.
Blayke raised an eyebrow with feigned curiosity.
"Aresh is dead" Robi stated without looking at Blayke.
From the corner of her eye she saw Blayke grin and fought with herself not to ram her fist straight into his smug smiling face.
"Dead?" replied Blayke tilting his head, the grin now replaced by a slight smile and a mocking note of false sympathy in his voice.
" in not alive anymore....not breathing...which part didnt you get?" Robi snapped at him
He nodded at her, a slight smirk still present.
"My poor must be sincere condolences..."
"Thanks" she said flatly "you can't know how much comfort I find in your words..."
A silence followed while the two exchanged looks, hers a look of disdain and his a knowing smirk.
"Well..this changes things" he said finally breaking eye contact with her briefly. "Of course I will send a report to the Five..informing them of Aresh's brave and noble the meantime I will assume command of the Stormwind chapter until a replacement be appointed..."
Robi looked at him sharply
"You'll write a report? You don't know what happened..."
"Already written sweetheart...been written for days..just waiting for you to give me the reason to post" he laughed as he saw her face. "It was inevitable Robi...tragically inevitable" and he laughed again.
"You heartless piece of shit Blayke" she spat
"Ah Robi...still the flattery I see" he smirked
"Believe me Blayke it was no flattery to the piece of shit..."

They regarded each other for a moment before Robi looked away in disgust.

" Lets hope the report doesn't need amendment..." The threat in Blaykes voice was obvious.
Robi looked back at him
"I'll tell you this Blayke...I did not kill Aresh"
He looked mildly surprised
"Shay did...and for one reason only...I was threatened..." she let her voice trail off letting Blayke draw his own conclusion.
She noted with satisfaction that it registered.
"Now excuse me Blayke..I need to inform others of Aresh's death..."
He nodded and smiled coldly
"Ah yes of tell Mistress Anethrax that the Brotherhood is under new management and that Ill be in touch..." he laughed "Oh and please tell Shayanan the same...."

Robi didn't deign to respond. Blayke rose from the chair and with a sardonic inclination of his head walked from the inn, whistling a happy tune as he did.
Her hand went to her throwing dagger.....his nonchalantly retreating back just asking for it.
Common sense for once dictated her reason, one commander dead and a new one self appointed...if he died too so soon it was obvious who the suspect would be.

"Your time will come Blayke..." she growled to herself "Your time will come"

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PostSubject: Re: Dog eat dog   Wed Jul 13, 2011 5:43 pm

(( Some nice rp last night at the Inn and I’ve tried to capture the spirit of it here, although I had to drop much of the conversation for brevity - I do hope I didn’t miss anything crucial! Many thanks to those involved and welcome to the Brotherhood Valyrie! ))

Blayke opened the door slightly and looked up and down the empty street before stepping out and quietly closing it behind him. The journal, of course, had been retrieved the night of Aresh’s unfortunate demise and safely deposited in the bank vault that Blayke ensured was cloaked from general view, but it was worth a more leisurely look around for records that may have proved of use at a later date. Quickly turning the corner of the house, he almost walks straight into Robi. Pulling down his mask and quickly adopting a relaxed composure, he greets her with false warmth; an equally warm greeting is returned as she reaches to a pouch on her belt.

“If you’re sticking around, I suppose you’ll need one of these” she says as she hands him communicator.

Blayke takes the communicator and fixes to his ear. “Don’t worry, sweetheart, I’ll be around for a long time”, he smiles before tilting his head slightly and continuing “I'm sorry.....I didn't quite hear you.... I missed the 'Commander' at the end of your sentence”.

A quickly veiled look of contempt crosses Robi’s face, “Here?” She replies, “in general conversation?”

Blayke laughs and with a sweep of his hand replies “Here…there….anywhere”

The veil drops and with a look of pure contempt Robi replies “Yes…Commander”.

“Not so hard now is it?” he laughs mockingly, switching on the communicator and introducing himself to Odenia over the airwaves and with his cold blue eyes fixed on Robi, he gives Odenia a gentle reminder of the need to call him Commander.


A short time later, the three meet at the Inn and after subtle questioning as to her abilities and ascertaining her loyalties to Aresh could easily be switched to himself, Blayke promotes Odenia to the rank of Shadow and starts to build his empire of loyal supporters. As they talk a female enters the Inn and after ordering a drink sits at the large table, as if waiting for someone.

Blayke leans forward and speaks in a low voice to Odenia, “Shadow, go and talk to her, see if she has business with Aresh, she looks out of place somehow”. Odenia nods and walks over to the girl, introducing herself and making small talk. Blayke turns and leans against the wall, sipping on his whisky as he watches the body language of the newcomer in response to the carefully phrased questions Odenia now asks her. Picking up his whisky, Blayke saunters over and asks if he may join them.

“Blayke”, he smiles as he pulls out a chair, “and who do I have the pleasure of meeting?”

“Valeryie Gilneas”, she replies with a look of suspicion on her face, “you can call me Val”.

“Val, always a pleasure to spend an evening with a drink and pleasant company, don’t you think?” He replies, his eyes assessing the newcomer as he speaks.

“She’s come to the wrong place for pleasant company”, adds Robi from the corner table where she now sits alone.

Blayke gestures for Robi to join them, “She isn’t the social type” he laughs as he watches Robi walk over and sit beside him. Unseen to the three, Val takes the opportunity to look Blayke up and down, her eyes resting briefly on the money pouch hooked on his belt before meeting his gaze as he turns back, with a friendly smile. Val reaches for her drink and with a gasp, knocks the jug to the floor, the drink spilling across the table. Apologising as she reaches for the jug, Blayke hides a look of annoyance as he leans forward and moves his drink from the expanding puddle, not noticing a swift hand reaching and taking his money pouch as she picks her jug from the floor.

“Let me buy you a replacement” says Blayke as he heads to the bar.

He reaches for his money pouch and with a frown speaks quietly into his communicator; “It appears that little miss distraction has light fingers”. Turning and taking the drinks to the table, Robi exchanges a brief glance with Blayke as she gets up and goes to the bar to settle the bar bill.

“So” asks Blayke as he sits down, his eyes seemingly a colder blue as he looks at Val, “What is your line of business?”

“Oh, this and that, ‘elping others where I can” she smiles brightly, raising her glass in a thanks as she takes a sip from the drink, as Robi walks from the bar to stand behind her.

“And, helping yourself perhaps?” replies Blayke coolly as he and Odenia simultaneously stand up and stand either side of Val’s chair. With a nod to the Inn Keeper, the bar staff look away, suddenly busy and occupied and seemingly unaware of what is about to happen at the large table.

Quickly standing up and looking to the door, Val puts her drink down, “Well, nice to meet you and all but I really had better get going”. Without speaking, Blayke places his hand on Val’s shoulder and pushes her back into her chair, his warm smile replaced by a cold and calculating look.

“Hand it over” states Blake coolly, Val looks at Odenia as she steps closer and then hurriedly hands the pouch back to Blayke.

Val smiles nervously and gestures to her drink, “This poisoned then?”

Blayke shakes his head, “That costs gold, sweetheart, and as you know I didn’t have any at the bar”.

Val laughs slightly, faltering as Blaykes deep blue eyes cut through her.

“Who do you work for”.

Val looks at the three then replies hesitently “”

“Then you work for me now”, replies Blayke as he looks the girl up and down, “You’ve got potential, and with a bit of training to use your assets as a distraction, you’ll be of use to me.” He pauses and gives the girl time to weight up her limited options. “Well?”

“Yes...thanks..” replies Val.

“Good”, smiles Blayke as he sits down and takes a sip from his whisky, relaxing in his chair as it nothing had happened. With an audible sigh of relief from the bar, the Inn Keeper returns to polishing the glasses.



“Get her cleaned up, and something better to wear to show off the assets she needs to use. take her to Elwynn and assess her abilities then put her through some Valentine training”.

Robi smiles slightly as she nod an agreement.


“Commander!” replies Odenia enthusiastically

“Take her out with you, teach her how to operate from the shadows, how to use them to aid her in her ‘work’”.

Odenia nods and smiles reassuringly at the worried-looking Val.

“Learn from these two, Val, and prove to me that you can be of use to the Brotherhood. In return I can promise you that the Brotherhood will cover your back and that your training will be mutually beneficial”. He smiles confidently and bows his head slightly at the three before him as he stands. “I have business to attend to, I’m sure you ladies have much to talk about”.

Without prompting, Robi salutes him and Odenia follows quickly after.

“Do I ‘ave to salute him?”

“Yes” replies Robi with a withering look as Val stands and hesitently salutes Blayke.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do” he quips as he walks from the Inn, pleased at himself for the respect so readily shown from Robi and Odenia, and for yet another recruit added to his empire.
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Robi Kaezlan.

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PostSubject: Re: Dog eat dog   Wed Jul 13, 2011 6:58 pm

Robi glanced across at Blayke, if he was nervous he gave no indication of it whatsoever,catching her look he gave her a small patronising wink and smiled easily.
"Just leave the talking to me" he said quietly as the huge oak doors swung open.
"Acting Commander Blayke and Active Second Kaezlan," a deceptively mild mannered voice addressed them "The Five will see you now" and with a sweep of his arm gestured them into the room behind the doors.

Their footfalls made no noise on the plush red carpet as they walked towards a large highly polished table where The Five sat.

They had both received a letter that morning summoning them to report to The Five, the shadow council of The Brotherhood of Shadow.
A brief moment of panic gripped Robi, what had Blayke said in his report she wondered, was this a summons to answer for Aresh's death? Or as Blayke had smugly suggested it was to let them know officially of their new Commander.

" Bit quick for that isn't it?" she'd asked, probing for reassurances.
Blayke shook his head and grinned at her.
"They obviously know who they want, it makes sense to get the best man for the job in as soon as possible, and it seems where the Stormwind Chapter is concerned..theres no contest" he laughed and Robi could see him mentally preening himself.
"Well i hope they dont need to stick a crown on your head or something...they'll have a hard job dislodging it from your ass..." Robi said dryly not looking at him.
Blayke laughed, that irritating devil may care laugh and Robi gritted her teeth.
"Sticks and stones dear Robi...sticks and stones"

And here they were standing before the five, Robi hoping and praying that Blayke was right in his assumptions.
She felt them all looking at her and assessing her, she looked up and offered a warm confident smile to each of them in turn, pausing slightly to cast an appraising glance at who she presumed to be Three. She noted with relief and satisfaction that he returned her smile and looked away first. The woman, Four, if she wasn't mistaken smiled slightly and nodded approval as she noted Threes reaction. Robi inclined her head slightly and exchanged a look and smile with Four that only two Valentines would understand.
Five coughed and she turned her attention to him with another winning smile which totally belied the nervous knot in her stomach which made her fear she was going to throw up.

Blayke greeted them all courteously but added warm friendly smiles and, she noted as he looked at Four, his smile instantly switched to one of shrouded intimacy.
Light he was good thought Robi and for a moment envied him his easy charm as she noticed Four smile back almost imperceptibly.

"You'll want to know why we have seen fit to ask you both to be present" started One
Robis heart beat fast with apprehension and the blood rushed pounding in her head and hissing in her ears, she felt nauseous.
"They know..they know" she thought anxiously to herself.
".... tragic death...." she could only catch snatches of the voice as she struggled to calm herself. "...sterling job....he spoke highly of you....Stormwind"
Robi's nerves steadied and her world came back into focus as she realised they didn't know, it was as Blayke said just to officially appoint the new Commander.
She turned to look at Blayke, plastering a congratulatory smile on her face.
The smile died as she saw for the briefest of moments a look of horror and utter disbelief on his face. In a blink it was gone replaced by the usual bright charming smile which he wore like a trademark.
She looked to the Five who were all looking at her with a look of expectancy.
"What do you say Miss Kaezlan?" asked Five "You officially accept the post of Commander of the Stormwind Chapter of the Brotherhood?"
Robis jaw threatened to drop, but in a heartbeat had pulled herself alert.
She smiled at the Five as she prepared to offer her refusal. It wasn't a job she relished or particularly wanted and Aresh would be a hard act to follow,except for his Thorn obsession...
A thought hit Commander, even would give her leverage to renegotiate with Anethrax, to parley with total authority, to come to an agreement that was trustworthy and word binding.
She allowed herself a smug secretive smile and mentally punched the air as she realised how sick Blayke had looked.

"I would be proud to take up mantle of Commander Aresh and I trust I can wear it as well as he did" she replied graciously.
"We have faith in you as did Aresh" replied Four. "Blayke, please remain we would talk with you alone"
"Commander Robinas, go with Shadowprowler Matthew who will issue you with the new insignia and guidelines for your chapter."
Robi nodded and turned to leave following the uniformed Matthew.
"Congratulations Robi" Blayke smiled at her.
She looked at him and smiled back
"I'm sorry..I didn't quite hear you" she said " I missed 'Commander' at the end of your sentence"

As she turned her back on him she allowed herself a small laugh at his whispered "Touché"

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PostSubject: Re: Dog eat dog   Wed Jul 13, 2011 7:49 pm

The evening had passed very quickly, so much so Odenia had difficulty processing the events clearly in her head. She had only docked back in Stormwind as the sun began to set and had planned to curl up somewhere after a long a tiring journey. As fate would have it she decided to check her mail, knowing full well she would have stacks to get through due to her absence. Absent mindedly she flicked through the dull pamphlets and letters she would never open, but stopped dead when she came across a small envelope marked soley with the emblem of The Brotherhood of Shadow. Odenia turned it over a few times, dreading to discover what lay inside. She hadn't informed anyone that she planned to leave Stormwind and had left her communicator stored in her bank vault. Whatever the consequences she would need to face up to them sooner or later and with that she broke the wax seal apprehensively.

It is my sad duty to report that Commander Aresh is dead.

Until a new Commander is appointed by The Five, we are under direct command of Blayke. I will remain as Second. I'm sure I can rely on you all to treat Commander Blayke with the respect he deserves.

Robi K.
Second: Brotherhood of Shadow- Stormwind

At first Odenia felt a wave of relief roll over her as she initially scanned the short note, barely taking in any of the content. Then came the numbness and the sick feeling deep in her stomach. The last time she had seen Commander Aresh he had been badly injured and was taken to the Cathederal to see a healer. Had the wound gotten worse? Or had it been leaked that the attack on the Vile Thorns had been orchestrated by Aresh.... and executed by The Brotherhood. Odenia crushed the note in her hand and began to run flat out, leaving a heap of unread letters dashed across the ground. By the time she entered the bank her heart was pounding violently and it felt as though her lungs would exploded from her chest. Gasping for air she managed to pull herself up to a counter and demand her access to her belongings. Disregarding most of the items the bank and carefully stored for her, she threw clothes and money down to her feet in a frantic search for her communicator. What was important was to find out what was going on and if anyone, especially her, was in any danger. Once Odenia had located the communicator she tried to take long deep breaths to calm her nerves, not wanting to sound scared over the airwaves. With one last long breath she placed the communicator in her ear and switched it on. Silence. Odenia dared not speak until she heard a voice she recognised, chewing her bottom lip in impatience.


An unfamiliar male voice rang in her ear catching her off guard and making her jump.

"Is it working?"

Again the strangers voice searched for an answer. Odenia held her breath, praying someone else would respond.

"Yes, it works."

The exasperated female voice could not be more welcomed. Immediately recognising Robi's voice Odenia let slip a rushed greeting that came out almost like a squeak. Coughing through her hysteria Odenia gathered herself and introduced herself to the new voice.

Apparently she was to address him as Commander. So this was Blayke.

After travelling all day and the panic when she arrived in Stormwind she could just about manage to function. Odenia had always prided herself in how she could 'perform' when events called for it. For tonight's meeting she decided to opted for laid back and confident, the exact opposite of what she had felt throughout the day. Putting on a face to get what she wanted was second nature, it came so easily. What was unusual was that over the course of the evening she began to genuinely feel laid back and developed a confidence that bordered on cocky. She had been cracking jokes and revelled in teasing the new recruit. Odenia had begun to enjoy herself and let go of all the pent up frustration she had held so tightly onto.

Her nature had kicked in.

What she had taken from her soul searching was that she should not deny herself of what her instincts drew her to. All she needed to do was curb them slightly, hold back a little to ensure she didn't get herself into trouble again. A healthy blood lust was nothing to be ashamed of, it just needed to be pointed in the right direction. So here she was chatting and drinking with near strangers and let her hair down for the first time in ages. She could feel the blood pump through her veins and her senses flooded with smells and tastes. Odenia had filled herself up with every drop, reacting to each one in kind. She had become sensitive to the new recruit's anxiety and the deep sadness that plagued Robi. But instead of paying attention to these undesirable emotions she found herself drawn to the warm created by the confidence and arrogance that exuded from Blayke.


As the cool night air brushed across her face she found herself walked solitary down the streets of Stormwind. Had she been attracted to her new Commander, or had she allowed her nature to spin out of control? What could she possibly find attractive? A over blown superiority complex and inflamed self worth? Sure he was handsome and had startling blue eyes, dark ebon hair and strong muscular fra...

No, she had just let loose her instincts and nothing more. All she needed was to sleep and her head would be right again. Ridiculous really.
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PostSubject: Re: Dog eat dog   Thu Jul 14, 2011 12:44 pm

Blayke glanced at Robi as they stood before the huge oak doors that led through to the boardroom of The Five. To his satisfaction, she seemed nervous and apprehensive as to why she had been summoned to see the shadow council. He smiled and winked at her, it was good that she would see him officially gain the rank of Commander, remove any doubt from her pretty head that he wasn’t the man for the job.

Nodding an acknowledgement to Shadowprowler Matthew as they were shown in, Blayke walked confidently and stood before the Five. He watched as Robi flashed her winning smile at each then with a smile, he greeted each in turn, allowing a more personal tone to his words as befitting his soon to be assigned rank.

Standing at ease, hands clasped behind his back, Blayke allowed himself the briefest of glances at Robi and notied how pale she had become. Poor girl must think they have called them here to question over Aresh's death. He knew he was in the clear, after all, he had never told Robi to kill Aresh, merely hinted at a possible outcome and always verbally, never the written word. Turning his attention back to One, Blayke listened and adopted a suitably respectful look as One recounted the sterling job done by his former Commander, Aresh.

“…his steadfast loyalty to the Brotherhood will be sadly missed.” Spoke One, pausing to look at Blayke and then Robi.

“He spoke very highly of you, Miss Kaezlan, and of your dedication to the Brotherhood and commitment to doing what needed to be done for the overall good of the organisation. The frequent reports received show the trust he placed in you and the integrity of character shown.” One paused again, as Two through Five nodded in agreement.

“And as such, we have no hesitation in offering you post of Commander, to continue to build on the excellent foundations laid by your predecessor” finished One as he looked at Robi.

Blayke stood dumbstruck, how could this be? He had much more experience in the Brotherhood, had risen in rank through various Chapters and indeed had been trusted with investigating the alleged abnormalities within the Stormwind Chapter itself! He looked to Robi, a triumphant smile on her face and quickly composing himself he smiled back graciously.

"What do you say Miss Kaezlan?" asked Five "You officially accept the post of Commander of the Stormwind Chapter of the Brotherhood?"

Blayke looked straight ahead, careful to maintain a relaxed composure as his mind raced ahead through the various options now open to him.

"I would be proud to take up mantle of Commander Aresh and I trust I can wear it as well as he did" replied Robi graciously.

"We have faith in you as did Aresh" replied Four with a warm smile. "Blayke, please remain we would talk with you alone"

"Commander Robinas, go with Shadowprowler Matthew who will issue you with the new insignia and guidelines for your chapter." smiled One at the newly appointed Commander.

Robi nodded and turned to leave following the uniformed Matthew.

"Congratulations Robi" Blayke smiled at her.

She looked at him and smiled back; "I'm sorry..I didn't quite hear you" she said " I missed 'Commander' at the end of your sentence"

"Touché", replied Blayke graciously through gritted teeth and as the heavy oak doors closed behind him, he once again turned back to the Five with a warm smile.

“Blayke..” started One with a serious look on his face. “I am sure we do not need to emphasise the importance of the Stormwind Chapter to the Brotherhood?”

“No, my Masters and Mistress” replied Blayke smiling courteously with a slight tip of his head. Blayke looked at the Five, their faces impassive as One continued. “The loss of Aresh as Commander was very unfortunate indeed and certainly not something we expect to be repeated. Although it appears he may have been misguided in his actions, dealing with such matters is not the remit of the lower ranks. Do you understand Blayke?”

Blayke dropped his smile and nodded slightly.

“Miss Kaezlan is our choice of Commander and we expect you to support that.”

“Yes, of course, I follow your lead my Masters and Mistress”, replied Blayke courteously.

“You are to remain in the Stormwind Chapter until further notice. You are to aid Miss Kaezlan in continuing to build on the foundations laid by her unfortunate predecessor and to ensure that she gets the support she needs and to …advise on any errors of judgement that may be made.”

“Yes Master, I would be honoured to assist her”, smiled Blayke, “I assume I will be assigned as her Second?”

Blayke looked at each of the Five as the room fell silent, each studied him, their faces expressionless and even Four not showing the usual warmth.

“No.” replied Three. “the Commander Is to choose her own Second and assign the ranks as she sees fit. Of course we will support the decisions she makes as Commander of the Stormwind chapter. ”

“But”, continued Four in her silken voice, “we expect your loyalty to the Five to continue and any…irregularities to be highlighted but in a more objective manner in future.”

Many years of practice enabled Blayke to retain his relaxed composure as not only was his Acting Commander rank taken but his rank within the Stormwind Chapter left open to the whim of that damned woman.

“Shadowstalker Matthew will see you out” spoke One.

With a bow, Blayke turned and walked from the boardroom. It had been an unexpected turn of events that now needed some careful thought.
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PostSubject: Re: Dog eat dog   Fri Jul 15, 2011 3:52 pm

“Greetings, my shadows” spoke Blayke as he switched on his communicator as he strolled through Old Town on his way to the Inn. The greetings received back were polite but cold, little warmth was afforded him since the appointment of the new Commander it seemed. To give her some credit, he had been impressed how she had called them all to meet and informed them that she would now be their Commander, and somewhat relieved that she promoted him to the rank of Second although he knew her well enough to know it was a tactical move, rather than some misplaced token of friendship.

Robi and Jeliana were talking at the Inn when Blayke arrived and after greeting the Commander he listened with interest as Jeliana was sent to Tirisfal to find any Thorn to pass a message to their leader that Robi wished to meet her. Blayke watched her leave, her enthusiasm was very evident.

“Blayke” stated Robi as she turned her attention to Blayke.

“Commander” he replied politely with his usual smile.

“I want you to start to build the ranks of the Brotherhood”

“I am of course at your command”, replied Blayke cordially, belaying his pleasure at being given the task of managing recruitment for the Chapter, thus ensuring that those recruited would be most likely to be sympathetic to his designs on leadership. “If you will excuse me, I will get to this task right away”. With the Commander’s agreement, Blayke turned and walked back towards the trade district. As soon as he was out of sight he summoned his Gryphon and soared into the sky, on towards the horde base of Grom’gol to hitch a lift to Tirisfal.

It didn’t take Blayke long to find Jeliana, talking to a sin’dorei in Thorn colours, it looked like the one he had seen a couple of weeks previously at Ravenholdte, talking to Robi. Carefully moving as close as he dared, he could overhear snippets of the conversation. The elf spoke common, albeit with a heavy thalassian accent; he told Jeliana his name was Serpiente and yes of course he would contact the Mistress over his communicator to see when she would be available to meet the new Commander. Blayke watched carefully as the elf talked to Jeliana, his words were interspersed with warm laughter and his gestures were open and friendly. The elf kept talking and smiling, apologising that the Mistress had not yet replied and he hoped the worgen would wait? The smile, the friendly body language, the eye contact bordering on openly flirting with her, Blayke tilted his head slightly and smiled, he recognised all the signs of tactics meant to keep Jeliana there, at ease and waiting, until...? Perhaps he should warn her? No, his smile widened, it wasn’t his place to interfere in the order she had been given from the Commander.

Suddenly, Jeliana gasped and looked dazed as a female forsaken stepped from the shadows behind her. Instantly the sin’dorei’s whole demeanor changed as he saluted the forsaken and stood attentively as others melted from the shadows in a circle around Jeliana.

“Thorns! Many!” gasped Jeliana over the communicator.

An orcish cry goes up and Blayke turns to see one of the Thorns running towards him as three others slip to the shadows. Without a moment to spare, Blayke sprinted away and finally losing his pursuers, laid low and listened to the communicator as Robi gave reassurance and orders to those available to make their way to Tirisfal to accompany her; she was going to meet the Thorn mistress.


The meeting with the Vile Thorn and their Mistress had been tense. It was the first time Blayke had seen Anethrax although he knew too well of her deeds and that of her Vile Thorn followers. When they were finally allowed to leave, Robi and Blayke made sure that Odenia and Jeliana were able to gain safe passage back to Stormwind when it became clear that one of the forsaken Thorns still lurked in the shadows.

“Now you Blayke, go” spoke Robi in a quiet voice as both looked around to the shadows, aware that an attack could be imminent.

Blayke shook his head “No, Commander, you go, get to safety”.

“It’s my job to make sure my people are safe”

“And it’s my job” replied Blayke with unusual authority in his voice, “to make sure that my Commander lives to lead the chapter, now GO!”

”...can’t have her dead at the blades of the Vile Thorn just yet” thought Blayke as Robi made safe her way to Stormwind, ”...look far too obvious should another Commander be dead so soon”. He smiled grimly to himself as he slipped to the shadows and put some distance, he hoped, between himself and the Thorn forsaken still close by.

It was late evening before Robi, Blayke, Jeliana and Odenia arrived back at the Inn within the Old Town.

“She will give us a task, to prove our loyalty” spoke Robi as they gathered around a table in a quiet part of the Inn.

“Our loyalty is, first and foremost, to the Brotherhood” added Blayke with a smile, fixing Robi with his cold blue eyes.

“Yes of course, but this could work out to be beneficial in the longer term and besides, I said what I needed to say to get us out alive tonight” replied Robi, holding his gaze.

“Of course”, replied Blayke with a slight tip of his head to emphasis his agreement their eyes still locked, “but perhaps it wasn’t advisable to send a Shadow, a Gilnean at that, alone onto forsaken territory...Commander?”.

“Thank you for pointing that out, Blayke”, replied Robi tersely

“My pleasure” he replied with the faintest hint of a triumphant smile. “We all make mistakes when under pressure, ”

“A small seed of doubt sown” thought Blayke, his blue eyes glittering coldly, “the first of many...make her want to give up leadership and with my place now secured as her Second, the rank of Commander will soon be back with it’s rightful owner”.
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"Jelly, I want you to contact the thorns and set up a meeting with Anethrax, up to it?" asked Robinas

"Sure, but how would I do that?" replied the worgen, eager to prove herself to the new commander.

"Go to Tirisfal wearing Brotherhood colors and look for someone in thorn colors" replied the leader, matter of factly.

"Go to Forsaken lands, out in the open? This sounds like fun"
"Are you sure you should send a shadow out like this Commander?"intervened Blayke, trying to undermine Robi's authority no doubt. Jelly glanced over her shoulder and gave him a menacing look

"It's fine if you don't feel confident enough, I can have someone go with you"

"Oh I'm confident, there's no need, I'll be fine" answered Jelly with a big smile on her face, only half believing it herself.

Jelly whistled for her sturdy steed, the only one she'd known to bare her new form at high speed without even flinching, other animals ran at the sight of her and she did enjoy a good hunt every once in a while. She also preffered running on her own four paws along the horse rather than on it, but she needed to respect some etiquette while in the city.


She flew above the Zeppelin tower in Grom'Gol waiting for it to leave, Robi had said it was the quickest way to get to Tirisfal. Jelly looked down at the guards nervously wondering when they would look up and see her. She flew her Gryphon above the zepp and dismounted, letting him fly off to wait for her next call. It took her a away to manage staying in the shadows and keeping her balance atop the zepp without piercing the giant baloon with her claws.


The Commander had told her to walk around Tirisfal showing her Brotherhood tabard, but as she stood in the shadows and watched the deathguards patrolling she doubted the wisdom of that approach. Resisting a strong urge to pounce on them and snip their necks in two she remained in the safety of the shadows and began to search for a thorn. In Brill she found nothing but some rotting corpses muttering about potions. In the Undercity she did not dare go alone. Trying to keep off the roads she found herself by the edge of a lake.

A male blood elf was sitting by the water, seeming deep in thought. Jelly crept up behind him. Even though she was in the shadows the belf boy leapt up and said "show yourself", or something of the sort, her orcish was a little rusty and she had no desire to improve her knowledge of the foul language.

She stepped out of the shadows and noticed the thorn looking at her tabard. "Are you a thorn?" she asked while studying him. "who wants to know?" he replied in an arrogant tone, switching to common when he saw she was of the Brotherhood.

"The Commander of the Brotherhood wants a meeting with Anethrax" Jelly said calmly. "She says Anethrax can set the time and place"

"She? Not Blayke?" the thorn looked pleased at this and Jelly couldn't help but smile herself. "Tell me the name of your commander"

"You'll find out soon enough, can you get that message to your .. Mistress?" continued Jelly, looking around nervously at the sound of leaves rustling.

"She's not answering on comms at the moment, you can wait for the reply here"

"sure"' Jelly stared at the ground uncomfortably.

"Is Robi on your comms ?"

"Robinas, why do you want to know?"

A female voice speaks in Jelly's ear "found one yet Jelly?",
"Yes Commander, speaking with him now, he's asking if you're on comms"
"Ask his name "said the Commander, "thought I doubt he'll tell it to you"

"Yes, Robinas is on comms, asks your name". Jelly eyed him up and down

"Tell her …. Serpiente … and say the enemy sends her love" answered the smug and pretty annoying elf.

Jelly's voice and temper rose "I am not telling her that! Tell her your own bloody self if you're in love with her!"

"Then give me your comms!" The elf looked slighty mental "You're in forsaken lands and you'll do as I say"

Looking nervously around again, Jelly spoke into her comms "Commander, the elf says … the enemy sends his love … Are you sure I'm not supposed to hurt him?"

"No Jelly, if it's who I think it is … ask him if he does fish and chips to go?"

"Wh- what? … I mean sure… but not even one slap? .. One? Please?"

"No Jelly, not one"

Jelly turned her attention back to the belf boy, "Robi wants to know … if you do fish and chips.."

Laughly lightly the thorn kept her talking for another 15 minutes, he was obviously amusing himself at her expense. Jelly decided she had to find out more about Robinas's connection with this one.

While asking the thorn that their leader hurry up and give her a time and place, Jelly felt a sharp bump on her head. Regaining her balance she turned around to find herself surrounded.

A small forsaken woman was standing just a few feet from her. To let her left and right were a blood elf and a very disturbing looking undead. As quietly as she could, Jelly spoke into her comms "I could use that help now Commander, I'm surrounded by thorns".

"I don't like being played with in my own land worgen, what are you doing here? Who is the new Commander of the Brotherhood?" asked the woman in a frightful voice .

"You must be Anethrax" snarled the worgen back at her, nostrils flaring and filled with the horrid smell of decay.

"What is the name of your commander? Before I make a rug out of you" asked the thorn Mistress impatiently.

"R-O-B-I-N-A-S " answered Jelly slowly, acting as if she still had some control over the conversation. The voices in her ear reassured her that they were getting closer.

The rest of the conversation was a blur, Anethrax asking different things about the Brotherhood, Jelly trying to keep calm and look sure of herself. Every once in a while someone would bonk her on the head from the shadows and she would protest loudly but to no avail.

"Tell Robinas to come to here" demanded the forsaken.

"I know I may look like a dog, but I'm not your trained pet" replied Jelly, and in her comms she muttered "Hurry up, I'm running of witty retorts here"

"True, you're not trained… yet…" came the menacing voice of Anethrax sending another chill down her fury spine.

At the same time came the order from Robinas to get the thorns to meet her at the Scarlet Monastery. To her surprise Anethrax accepted the new location and they began moving towards it. Three thorns out of the shadows and light knew how many more hidden, playing with her nerves. Looking at them she understood why they were the most feared warband, and why their Mistress was considered such a great leader.

The reached some sort of graveyard and Anethrax made her sit down, as a thorn appeared to guard each of the openings in the fence. They were more than she had suspected, backs turned towards her, sliently standing guard. Anethrax and the other forsaken were in the middle talking to Jelly. With no way out and nothing to do she awaited the arrival of Robinas and the other members of the Brotherhood, hoping she'd make it out alive.

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Robi watched Blayke walk away from their meeting, supposedly to start the task of recruitment for the Brotherhood. He had seemed keen to accept the task she gave him, she smiled wryly to herself, probably thinks he can influence them onto "team Blayke", she thought.
However there were more pressing matters to attend to and she dismissed him temporarily from her mind and turned to Odenia.
She smiled at the newly appointed Shadow, she liked what she had seen so far, she seemed keen and from what she had seen so far, dedicated and loyal to those she worked for.
"Odenia..I have a task for you, if you want to accept it" she said
Odenia tilted her head and smiled a little uncertainly but nodded.
"Yes Commander" she replied
"This is between you and me Odenia..."
Odenia nodded and looked at her curiously.
"I want you to get to know Blayke, stay on him, befriend him..fancy him if you must..." she pulled a distasteful face playfully. "But I want to know what he does, where he goes and what he gets up to, think you can manage?"
Odenia looked at her squarely and nodded.
"I'll try Commander" she replied.
Robi nodded and smiled, impressed by Odenias willingness to take on this task which Robi knew would be harder than it seemed.
"And Odenia..discretion huh? this is between you and me"
"Yes Commander"
Robi opened her mouth to speak but was distracted as Jeliana's voice came over the communicator.
"Ive found a Thorn Commander,..."

"Ask him to take a message to Anethrax..."
"I think he's in love with you Commander..." Jeliana's voice was somewhere between totally confused and highly amused.
"Huh?" Robi gasped "Whats his name?"
"Says he's called Serpiente Commander"
Robi was confused.
"Says the enemy sends his love..." Jeli continued "does that make sense?"
Robi laughed.
"Whats he look like..?" she asked.
"Well he's alright I suppose if you like spikey ears and spikey hair" came Jelis reply.
Robi laughed again "Give him my love back then"

Their conversation was interupted by a soft groan from Jeli
"Jeli..Jeli?" Robi said calmly but urgently "Trouble?"
"I'm surrounded by Thorns Commander" came the slightly nervous reply
"On my way Jeli...sit tight"

A quick call over comms to Blayke.
"Get to at the Monastary"
A laugh from Blayke.
"Yes Commander...."
"Odenia come on we're going to get Jeli"

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(( Just wanted to say that the dialogue is taken from screenshots I did at the time, I was so impressed with how Shayanan did this threatening piece of rp so spontaneously ))

"Whisky, Reese” spoke Blayke cordially to the Inn Keeper “and make it a double”. Reese nodded in return and reached for Blayke’s usual whisky. He poured a large slug of “Four Hammers”, pushing the glass across the bar as Blayke pushed a few coins in payment in return. With a slight incline of his head to acknowledge, Blayke picked up the glass and walked to the large table in the centre of the Inn and started to pull out the chair just to the side of the one at the head of the table. With a small smile to himself he stopped and instead pulled out the chair at the head of the table, the one the Commander usually occupied, and sat down.

He sipped the whisky and lounged back in the chair as he looked around the quiet Inn. It was now usual for him to end his evenings here at the bar, a whisky, maybe some company and then back to his newly rented home not far from the Inn. The furnishings were homely but the previous occupant had kept it clean and tidy and the housekeeper, Betty, that visited daily meant that the mundane tasks of cleaning and provisions were efficiently dealt with. Blayke looked up as Robi entered the Inn, accompanied by a hooded male.

“Evening, Commander” spoke Blayke with a faint smile on his face as he remained seated and relaxed.

“Evening Blayke” replied Robi, returning the smile

“Got any more of our Shadows captured today?” Blayke glanced at the hooded male that seemed to be studying him, then looked back at Robi and smiled.

“I beg your pardon?” replied Robi.

“Well” continued Blayke as he leaned forward onto the table and fixed Robi with his cold blue eyes, “the incident in Tirisfal was rather unfortunate, I’m sure you will agree?”

“Well yes...but not as bad as you’re making it out it seems”

Blayke laughed lightly before continuing, “Perhaps the Five could be the judges of whether having a Shadow as a captive of the horde is a problem or not”.

Robi looked at Blayke “Are you threatening me, Blayke?”

With a slight tilt of his head and a soft smile, Blayke replied, “Have I ever, my dear Commander? I’m sure you knew what you were doing when you sent the Gilnean Shadow, alone, to forsaken lands”.

There was a moments silence before Robi looked at the hooded figure and then back at Blayke, “Oh, where are my manners?” she smiled, “Blayke, this is husband”. Allowing a few seconds for this to register with Blayke she continued “And Shayanan...this is Blayke”. Shayanan looked at Blayke and nodded curtly.

The slightest falter of his smile was the only visible change in Blayke’s demeanor as the realisation of who stood before him hit home. He was aware that Robi’s married name was Kaezlan but had not made the connection to the infamous Shayanan. Few in his line of work had not heard of Shayanan, his reputation as a ruthless and efficient killer went way before him. Blayke stood up and walked over to Shayanan and fixing a warm smile on his face, offered a hand;

“Shayanan, an honour to meet you”

“I told you about him” continued Robinas, “he’s my second in command”.

There was a long silence; Blayke nodded slightly in acknowledgement as he dropped his hand to his side, his smile fading a little.

“Yes” replied Shayanan coolly “I’ve heard about you”.

Blayke laughed lightly in an attempt to lighten the heavy atmosphere; “All good I’m sure”; he looked at Robi and smiled.

Blayke looked back at Shayanan. The hood made him unable to gauge the response but he felt as if the hooded assassin was staring at him fixedly.

“I’m going to tell you as clearly as possible” spoke Shayanan, his voice cold and clear. “I’m not going to repeat myself so I advise you to listen closely”.

There was a pause; Blayke looked at Shayanan, his eyes flicking to the well crafted weapons he wore as he nodded slowly.

“If you ever...and I mean from now until your final much as hint at a threat to Robi, I will personally make sure that she no longer has a second in command. You will meet the same fate as the fool who was leading your order but a short time ago”.

It was clear from the way that Shayanan spoke that this wasn’t an idle threat, this was just an alternative future for Blayke should he be perceived as a threat to Robi. There was a pause as Shayanan allowed time for Blayke to register the gravity of his words;

“Are we clear?”

Blayke broke his gaze from Shayanan and looked at Robi. He was part of the Brotherhood and as his Commander, Robi had a duty to him...surely?

“Commander” spoke Blayke evenly as he fixed Robi with his cold blue eyes “your dear husband threatens me?”

Robi looked directly at Blayke, all smiles gone as she replied coolly “No, Blayke. He’s making you a promise”.

“I keep my promises” added Shayanan with an edge of menace to his voice “you can trust this”

Blayke looked at Shayanan and then back at the now smiling Robi.

“I...see”. Blayke was no fool. He’d just been given a very clear warning by one of the most ruthless killers in the Alliance. Robi was protected and he was nothing to this man before him, a word from her and Blayke would simply cease to be.

He looked at Shayanan before replying in an even tone “I’m sure that the Commander and I can work together to our mutual benefit”.

“Yes, I’m sure you can too” replied Shayanan, his voice still edged with danger “Let us hope we won’t have this talk again...yes?”

“I doubt that we will need to do so” replied Blayke, holding Shayanan's gaze briefly before turning to Robi.

“Commander, if I am no longer needed this evening?” spoke Blayke courteously.

“Dismissed, Blayke” replied Robi

With an incline of his head and a slight, forced, smile, Blayke acknowledged his permission to leave.

“Then I bid you a good evening Commander...Shayanan”. Blayke walked away and found himself breathing a sigh of relief at the meeting ending.

“Sleep well” added Robi

Blayke stopped and paused before replying, “Indeed” then carried on his way out of the Inn and into the cool night. Sleep well he thought as he shook his head slightly, I doubt sleep will come soon tonight, there is much to think on, too many plans to rework.
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They had found a dark quiet corner of the inn to recover and discuss the events that had just unfolded. It had been the first time Odenia had crossed paths with the Vile Thorn, let alone a group of them and their infamous Mistress. She shuddered, knowing full well it would not be the last encounter either. Even back in the safety of Stormwind she had to cross her arms tightly to try and hide her uncontrollable shaking. Robinas stood at the head of the table with a fierce look in her eye, but appeared outwardly calm and in control. Their newly appointed Commander felt it was time to explain the relationship The Brotherhood had developed with the Vile Thorn and the agreements that had been made. Odenia couldn't help but think back to the bodies hanging from the trees at the meeting point, a potent threat made by Anethrax.

"Now all we can do is wait to find out what task the Vile Thorn ask of us" Robinas finished coldly.

It was at this time that Blayke had cut in and had questioned the competency of sending Jeli out to open up communications with the Vile Thorn. Odenia had had her doubts when Robinas instructed Jeli to venture out to Tirisfal Glade, doubts that had been more than justified. What caught her off guard was that Blayke seemed to genuinely care for the well being of her fellow Shadow. Thinking back he had taken great effort to try and protect both Jeli and herself on their retreat. Perhaps she had read him wrong and he wasn't as selfish as she had first thought. She had felt herself fluster as she had sunken into thought and desperately tried to shake it off. It was important that she kept her head together, important that her judgement wasn't obscured. It had only been a few hours ago that Robinas had charged her with the task of gaining Blayke's trust and she needed to insure she was in complete control. At first the idea had made her nauseous. The last thing she wanted was to spend more time with Blayke, but she was determined to fulfil her duties as best she could, regardless of her personal feelings. But in this new light maybe it wouldn't be so terrible to get closer.

"Odenia?" pressed Robinas.

She had drifted of and missed most of what was said. Odenia had found herself rubbing her head subconsciously, a painful memento of her meeting with the Thorns. Perhaps she was hit a little bit harder than she thought.

"Sorry Commander, what was it you wanted?" asked Odenia a little embarrassed.

"Do you need medical attention Odenia?".

There was faint glint in Robinas' eyes, she was clearly up to something.

"Erm, I think I might," mumbled Odenia.

Robinas smiled gently at her before she directed her gaze towards Blayke.

"You are to take Odenia to the Cathedral and assist her getting medical attention."

Understanding now what Robinas was up to Odenia began preparing herself. This would be the perfect opportunity for her spend some alone time with Blayke and work on the foundations of gaining trust.

"I'm not a baby sitter, Commander" replied Blayke with venom in his words.

Surprised by his harsh words Odenia found herself feeling a wave of rage build up inside of her. Where was the man who was passionate about the safety of his fellows? Where was the man who boldly questioned the choices of his Commander in defence of a Shadow?

But then it became so very clear. Her gut instinct was right about Blayke, he had just been very clever about his words and actions. She understood now that his 'concern' was merely a way of casting a shadow on Robinas' Commander and shedding himself in a pure white light. Robinas knew he was up to something and now Odenia felt it too. For the first time she really wanted to get closer to Blayke, if only to tear out the truth.

The slow stroll to the Cathedral was almost silent, the two figures walking a distance from each other. Robinas had pulled rank on Blayke and he escorted Odenia with a disgruntled look across his face, mumbling under his breath. She would need to do this right as not to raise suspicion. She may not like him very much but she wasn't foolish enough to have any doubts about his intelligence. It struck her that a man like this would only be suspicious of kindness, even from the most genuine of places."A man like Blayke likes to feel like he was won and that he can eventually control people" she thought to herself, "Let's play hard to get then shall we? See where that takes us".

"Look, you clearly don't want to walk with me to the Catherdal so why don't you just get lost," huffed Odenia, secretly smiling to herself.

"Well if you no longer feel you need assistance?" asked Blayke with a fake tone of care.

"Not from you I don't". Odenia turned her nose up and carried on, leaving Blayke alone standing by the canals. As she made her way she couldn't help get excited by prospect of executing her mission and getting one over on that man. She would allow him to try and win her over, it was clear he wanted 'followers', let him believe he has ground down a stubborn soul. There was no way she would let her physical attention override her deep dislike for Blayke, but maybe she could use it. This could be fun.
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Blayke walked through Stormwind in a relatively buoyant mood. Despite the terseness of his Commander at times, he knew that she needed him as her Second until she was fully settled in the role as leader of the Chapter; so for now at least, his position was secure. An ambitious man, he usually achieved the goals he set himself and his sights were set high and his goal would be achieved, although perhaps at a slower rate than initially foreseen. The faint smile he usually wore faded as he recalled the conversation a few nights go with Shayanan. Yes, patience and precise planning would now be needed before the Commander rank was his.

“Jeliana, let me buy you a drink” he spoke with a hint of laughter into his communicator.

“Why would I want to drink with you?” came the swift reply.

“Because, my Shadow, we are going to gather information. And where does the talk flow most easily? At an Inn on a pleasant summers evening.” He replied before adding in a slightly more commanding tone “Meet me outside the gates of the City”.

Blayke strolled through the Trade District and towards the gates. He would need to know who was important around these parts if he wanted to succeed once Commander and now was a good time to start to forge those links. A lone man would generate suspicion, but a couple would hardly get a second glance and besides, didn’t his Commander want him to aid in training the Shadows?
The Goldshire Inn was quiet when Blayke and Jeliana arrived, giving Blayke the option to choose the seats with the best vantage view across the Inn. Soon the Inn started to get busy, a hooded female arrived with babe in arms and sat near the bar. Blayke sent Jeliana over to make small talk and find out what she could; it was of great interest to Blayke that the female was in fact a sin’dorei called Almay and part of the Wardens. With the information relayed over the communicator, Odenia and Sevron arrived shortly after. Blayke was pleasantly surprised when Odenia arrived in a very fitted dress, showing curves he had not yet appreciated; this was a side of the quiet druid he hadn’t noticed before. Soon the Inn got busier, as to be expected on a summer’s evening and when Robi joined them, the five sat, observed and listened, making small talk and looking the perfect group of friends just out to socialise. The capture of a senior Warden, Gerrond, was a hot topic of conversation and the aid of the Brotherhood was pledged in helping to find the location where he was being held by the Vile Thorn. Blayke sipped his whisky as he discretely studied the many people that came over and warmly greeted his Commander. She was popular, even more reason for caution to be exercised in future plans.

As the evening drew to a close and the Inn emptied, it was just Blayke and Odenia remaining from the Brotherhood. The conversation was polite and vague; Blayke made it a rule to not ask personal information of those in the Brotherhood, since he did not want those questions asked of himself.

Blayke glanced to the door as a dark haired male came into the Inn and looked around, fixing his gaze on Blayke and Odenia before walking across to the bar. Keeping up with the small talk with Odenia, Blayke glanced across at the man at the bar, who he had to admit had the sort of confidence and looks that would appeal to the fairer sex. He seemed to be studying them - or most likely Odenia in her well fitted dress. It was getting late and Blayke wasn’t sure of the man’s intentions and with the Commander’s words echoing in his head after she found out he was watching when Jeliana was taken by Thorns; are supposed to look after the Shadows.., he decided action was necessary.

“Stay here” said Blayke quietly to Odenia as he stood up and walked to the bar.

“Evening my friend”; Blayke greeted the man with a small nod.

“Hello my friend” came the polite reply from the dark haired man.

Blayke offered his hand “The name’s Blayke”

“Calahan Scully” replied the dark haired man, shaking his hand firmly

“Do I know you?” asked Blayke

“No, I don’t recall seeing you at the Inn before” replied Calahan.

“Then why are you staring at my wife?” Asked Blayke with a smile, ignoring the sound of Odenia almost choking on her drink across the Inn.

“Your wife?

Blayne nodded towards Odenia, “Yes, my wife. Your un-asked for attention is making her feel uncomfortable.”

“That figure, in that dress, does draw the eye” replied Calahan with a mischievous grin. “But I’m sorry if it made her feel uncomfortable”.

“Then come and tell her that”, replied Blayke as he turned and walked back to Odenia, Calahan following close behind.

“This is Calahan, my dear” spoke Blayke with a smile and discrete wink as Odenia glared at him briefly before turning to Calahan with a smile.

“Odenia, pleased to meet you” smiled Odenia as Calahan replied with a winning smile; “My apologies if I made you uncomfortable, your stunning figure in that dress did draw my eye”.

Odenia blushed and as Blayke watched the exchange, invited Calahan to join them. Although he seemed no immediate threat to Odenia, Blayke decided he would still walk her home that night to ensure her safety and avoid another terse exchange of words with the Commander.

The conversation turned to who each worked for and on hearing Calahan was a senior member of the Knights of Lordearan, Blayke replied that he worked for Robi and was in fact her Second in Command. Calahan spoke well of Robi and Blayke again decided to watch his step with this one, however, at the mention of her husband Shayanan, the conversation became much less amicable. It seemed that Calahan hated Shayanan with a passion and as the conversation turned to the unexplained death of Aresh, it crossed Blaykes mind that with a few words he could plant the seed of a link between the death and the prowness of Shayanan; especially considering his protectiveness of Robi, which frankly bordered on a psychopathic obsession. It only took a moment for Blayke to reconsider his actions, the threats made to him by Shayanan were very real and to be perceived as causing a threat to Robi would mean he was no longer her Second, in fact he would no longer be.

“Well it is late my friend”, interrupted Blayke as Calahan and Odenia talked, “my dear wife and I must be getting home”. Farewells spoken they left the Inn and started to walk to the City.

“I will walk you home, Mrs Blayke” spoke Blayke with a laugh in his voice, “in that dress you don’t want any unwelcome attention”

“If you insist...Mr Hayes”, replied Odenia with a laugh and warm smile.

“So, where do we go?”

“The Graveyard”

Blayke stopped and looked at Odenia, she looked slight, naive, innocent even - despite that dress leaving little to the imagination, and here she was telling him that she slept rough? Odenia looked up at him and smiled slightly. It went against all his principles, he looked after number one, he protected his privacy, but somehow...

“You can stay at my place, on the couch, until you get yourself sorted” he replied with an uncharacteristic concern in his voice, adding “You don’t mind the couch do you?”

Odenia beamed back at him “After sleeping on tombstones, the couch will be luxury!”

Blayke nodded curtly and they carried on their way back to the City. She could stay a few days, until she got sorted out and well, he was out most of the time, what impact could it possibly have on him?
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"Oh, hello dear! Didn't mean to wake you. Don't mind me, I'll be out of your hair in no time".

Odenia stirred as Blayke's Housekeeper shuffled past her, picking the young Gilnean's clothes as she went. Stretching out her limbs, Odenia tried to gain her senses as quickly as possible. She was a little embarrassed that she had slept in again, but was so content that she gave it only the briefest thought.

"Sorry about the mess! Not used to having floor space to actually make untidy," laughed Odenia. She quickly wrapped her blanket around her and padded barefoot to the window. Leaning on the window ledge Odenia pressed her face up against the glass and found herself grinning ear to ear. The sun was already high up in the sky and Odenia found herself wincing due to its brightness, but continued to watch the passers by gleefully. They would go about their dull business, meet and greet other very dull people, before finally going back to their dull homes to be with their dull families. She loved every single one of them for that. Her life was far more interesting and exciting, an existence that was made so much more brighter thanks to these passers by.

"Now come on, get away from the window, you only have a blanket on and people will see you!" harped the Housekeeper. Odenia looked over her shoulder to find the Housekeeper smiling warmly at her with a small pile of neatly folded clothes in her hands. Reluctantly she pulled herself from the window and jumped back into the sofa.

"I'll brew up something warm for you whilst you get dressed." The Housekeeper shook her head laughing as she carefully placed the pile of clothes beside the young woman, still a bit bewildered that Blayke had opened up his home to the girl. But maybe it would be a good thing. Odenia had been very sweet and was always full of energy, she almost blasted the cobwebs away with her presence. Shame she was such a messy pup though.

"Here you go, be careful though it's still very hot," said the Housekeeper as she passed Odenia her drink. Odenia accepted it with caution and blew softly into the cup.

"Thank you, really appreciate it. I'll make more of an effort to stay tidy," said Odenia quietly in between sips. She would hate to be considered a nuisance after such hospitality had been offered to her. Curling up on the sofa she found herself drifting into thought, trying to piece together how she had in fact ended up living with Blayke and how she had become a fixed addition to the household. One night she was just crashing for a few nights, the next he gave her a key and said that she could stay as long as she liked. Odenia closed her eyes and took a long deep sip of her drink.

The meeting last night had started of pretty standard. Information gathered had been shared and ideas about possible missions were discussed. Odenia had found it hard to pay much attention that night, still very overwhelmed about the events of the night before. That stupid dress had both been a curse and a blessing. On the one hand she attracted far too much attention, hardly ideal for someone who prefers to work in the shadows. But on the other hand it seemed to trigger Blayke's protective side and resulted in her sleeping on his sofa. She would have loved to take credit for this move, say she had planned it from the start, but truth was she a bit nervous how fast things were progressing and that her mission could spiral out of her control. It was important Odenia spoke to Robinas as soon as possible and she willed the meeting to be over.

Eventually she had found herself alone with her Commander and she could barely hold it in any more. It was clear the Robinas had noticed Odenia's discomfort right from the start of the meeting, it was only fair she let the poor girl get whatever was on her chest off. With no hesitation Odenia told her Commander everything about the past evening and the conclusion that led her into Blayke's home.

"He has let you live with him?" Robinas said a bit surprised and pleased. "You are moving a lot faster than I had expected, I'm impressed."

Odenia found herself desperately trying to hide her face as her cheeks began to fill with blood. Yes things had moved fast, but it hardly meant anything.

"Oh Odenia," laughed Robinas, "Don't tell me you've fallen for him?". The Commander grinned wickedly, enjoying watching Odenia squirm in her seat.

"Don't be stupid, I'm in complete control of the situation. I'm just doing my job," snapped Odenia. Her whole face had now turned completely red.

"It's ok, I fell in love during a Valentine mission," said Robinas with a warmer tone.

Hiding under her hair and behind her tightly folded arms Odenia listened to Robinas' story. Her Commander seemed to slip into another world as she told her tale, swept up in the memories. Robinas' had completed her mission, but none of the information she discovered got back to any one. Instead she had gained a husband in her target. Odenia tried to remain defiant but couldn't help be a little joy fill her up. She made it clear that Robinas' needn't worry about her as nothing of the sort would happen with her, whilst attempting not to insult her Commander's. Before they parted ways, Robinas reminded Odenia that she wouldn't mind taking her off the mission if it got too much, but as always Odenia dismissed the idea of defeat and left.

Fueled by her private meeting with Robinas, Odenia turned to her comms unit and asked Blayke to meet with her. She needed to prove to herself that she could do this properly and craft her place within the Brotherhood without faltering. Odenia joined Blayke by a table tucked away from the main part of the inn, already she found herself shaking slightly but was determined to get through it. He wasted no time asking why she had requested this meeting, staring her down with his cold blue eyes. Odenia knew full well that Blayke wasn't stupid and if she wasn't careful the whole mission would be a failure. Taking a brief moment to focus, she went on to voice her concerns about Blayke's snide comments during the meeting and how angering the Commander could hardly been seen as productive. She found her stride and began to relax into the conversation, hinting at what was 'best for the Brotherhood'. Knowing full well it was far too early for Blayke to give up any solid information she played along and added her own little implications about the future.

"That's my girl," smirked Blayke as he casually leaned back in his seat.

"I'm no one's girl," exclaimed Odenia giving the man a cocky grin.

"Is that so?" asked Blayke with a half smile, peering at the girl searchingly.

"Nope, never have been and never will be," beamed Odenia confidently, desperately trying to cover up the touch of sadness she felt. For a long time she had been on her own and had always figured that was in her best interest, but it had been nice to have people watch her back and have them appear genuinely pleased to see her. Not something she was going to let Blayke know though, that was certain.

It had been shortly after this that Blayke had pushed a key across the table towards her and offered his sofa indefinitely. Odenia had been caught completely off guard and began to panic. Had it been some kind of test? She tried to study Blayke's face for some kind of tell, but there was none to be found. Although warning bells were ringing in the back of her mind of more than one reason she accepted the key gratefully, clearly stating that it'd only be until she found her own place and it was only temporary.

How ever long it'd be for she just wanted to enjoy it for what it was at that very moment. Finishing her drink she called out to the Housekeeper about heading out for a while and pulled on her boots slowly. It wouldn't be long until things started to become more complicated and that she would have to be on guard every single moment, a thought that caused a sharp pain in her chest. As she stepped out into the streets of Stormwind she found herself turning to towards the door and placing her face on the wood. For however long it lasted, it was nice to have somewhere to call home.
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Blayke leaned back in the chair and watched his Commander as she addressed the team looking at her with his usual smile –which looked somewhere between bemused interest and smug bastard; if it irritated Robi, she certainly didn’t show it.

“We have a contract to fulfil..” she started. “We need to go to the Undercity and look in the Magic Quarter for some information”.

“Commander”, spoke Blayke with a smile, “I don’t think it would be wise to take the Shadows into Undercity”; a sweep of his hand gesturing at Odenia and Jeliana sitting opposite him.

Robi looked at him, reflecting the smile which neither wore with genuine warmth for the other. “No, but we will need to know who approaches the City while we search”.

The discussion ended abruptly as Sadine walked into the Inn, carrying a heavy crate, Blayke aiding her to place it on the table after instructed so by Robi. Blayke watched as they greeted each other with genuine friendship although he noted how all talk of the contract was dropped as Robi immediately turned to the plan to scout for Gerrond that evening. Last weeks search of Orgrimmar and Durotar had drawn a complete blank, leading them to believe the information on him being there was false. Tonight, Blayke informed them, they would search forsaken lands. After Blayke had briefed them on the plan, Sadine asked to join them and it was agreed they would convene at Aerie Peak, searching Tarren Mill and key points in SIlverpine, before making their way to Tirisfal.


The forsaken-held former farming village of Tarren Mill before them, Blayke issued instruction to the team, sending Odenia and Jeliana to work together to search the outer buildings while he, Robi and Sadine would search the town itself. Blayke and Sadine made their way into the deserted Inn and with the Inn Keeper apparently dozing, made their way upstairs to a small office area. As Sadine checked the bookshelves, Blayke carefully looked through the papers on the desk. A few sheaf’s of parchment, all written in Orcish, or maybe Gutterspeak, he couldn’t tell. A set of sealed envelopes caught his eye, all scripted by the same hand. Glancing to confirm Sadine was preoccupied, he took a letter from the middle of the pile and slipped it inside his armour. Blayke turned and smiled at Sadine and with a small shrug spoke quietly into his communicator;

“Office and Inn clear, nothing of interest, Commander”

“Barn and outbuildings clear also Commander” came Jeliana’s voice in return.

The team reconvened outside of Tarren Mill, making their way to Southshore which again had no evidence of Gerrond having been held there.

It was agreed that Silverpine would be too large an area to search tonight although the abandoned village near Shadowfang Keep would be an ideal place to hold an Alliance prisoner, with its close proximity to the Forsaken front. Landing some way from the village, to avoid detection, they made their way across the damp grassland and splitting up, searched each abandoned building for any sign of recent activity, agreeing to meet on the north-west outskirts of the village on completion.

“Nothing at all” spoke Odenia, the others agreeing with her.

“Then we head to Tirisfal, he was taken in Hillsbrad and we know he was moved, it is the most logical place for him to be held” instructed Blayke. “There is a good vantage point above the ruins, a tall tower. We meet there and look for any activity, chances are if we can spot one of those red-masked Thorns we can follow him to the prisoner”. Blayke was enjoying leading the mission, seeing no need to confirm his plan of action with the Commander, he gave order to move out and headed north to the Ruins of Lordaeron.

The group arrived at the tower together, swiftly flying above and down into the tower to avoid detection by the Kor’kron guards below. It was immediately obvious that the tower had been used recently.

“Blood…” spoke Jeliana in a hushed voice as she kneeled down and gingerly touched the dried red marks on the floor.

“Odenia” said Blayke “using your druidic skills, can you tell if it is human?”

Odenia padded over in her cat form and carefully sniffed around the patch of red.

“oh..” gasped Sadine “A patch of cloth…it has blood on it…”.

Robi swiftly moved across to Sadine and examined the torn cloth, possibly it was the colours of the Warden tabard but with the blood stains it was hard to tell. Odenia confirmed the blood was human and that it was the same as was on the tabard. As she padded around she stopped and spoke hesitantly;

“I catch the scent of others that were here”

“Forsaken? Sin’dorei?” asked Robi

“Robi, do you have anything of Arli’s that Odenia could use to determine if he was here?” asked Blayke. “That would give us a clear indication that this was used by the Thorns rather than just forsaken and some other unfortunate human”.

With a nod, Robi rummaged around her bag, pulling out a folded note and handing it to Odenia. While she concentrated on identifying and matching the scents, Blayke and Jeliana paced around the tower, frequently searching the skies for any would-be attackers and watching the guards below for any indication that they had been seen. It didn’t take long for Odenia to confirm that the scents matched and that there were others here, more sin’dorei, possibly a female, as well as forsaken - she couldn’t tell if he had been here or perhaps the female carried his scent. It didn’t matter, Blayke informed them, Thorns had been here and with recently spilled human blood and the piece of cloth, it looked very likely that Gerrond had been held here not too long ago. Sadine made her apologies and left, Blayke watching her as she flew off.

“Good work Odenia and Jeliana, you’ve done the Brotherhood proud” spoke Robi

“Indeed, I’m impressed with their dedication and teamwork” smiled Blayke at the two, holding the gaze of Odenia a fraction of a second longer than would be usual.

“I would like to offer you both the rank of Shadowblade” added Robi as Blayke nodded in agreement. After overcoming the surprise of promotion, the two readily agreed.

“Commander, will you inform the Wardens of our find tonight?” Asked Blayke.

“No…not yet” answered Robi

“Very well…Commander” replied Blayke, studying his Commander for indication of reason for her decision, a slight smile forming as he realised his Commander was playing her cards close to her chest.

“Of course Commander” replied Odenia and Jeliana.

It was agreed that they had spent too long on forsaken territory, risking being found as the minutes ticked by, and that further searching would have to be another night. Blayke instructed the Shadowblades to leave first, then insisted he saw his Commander safely away before he himself would leave. Once alone, he took the sealed envelope from his chest armour and slit the seal with his thumb. Taking out the parchment he glanced down the page, the writing was elegant but he couldn’t understand a word of what was written. He carefully folded it up and placed it back in the envelope, slipping it inside his armour as he started his return to base in Stormwind.
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Even after her private meeting with Robi, Odenia was still unsure of Blayke's genuine feelings towards her. Her commander had been very surprised to find out that Odenia had managed a full time occupancy at Blayke's, so much so that Robi had splutter most of her drink over the table. Naturally her Commander jumped to the conclusion that they were sharing a bed and tested Odenia to see if the girl had got too involved. A sharp laugh and rolling eyes soon put those ideas to rest.

"I'm on the sofa, Commander. No chance of getting too wrapped up there" snickered Odenia.

She tried as best she could to put on a care free attitude to convince her Commander that she was in perfect control, that the mission was not too much for her. Odenia couldn't help but wind herself up about the fact she had never been in a close relationship or been involved with anyone romantically. Doubts swamped her mind, confused about the signals Blayke gave off and whether they meant anything. No matter how hard she tried she just couldn't read him. Odenia would find herself staring at the ceiling at night, unable to sleep due to the endless questions that plagued her. There was no way she would ever be able to rest well under the same roof as Blayke until she got some answers. For the past few nights she would sneak out and walk through the moon lit streets for hours, following her feet where ever they took her. More often than not she would find herself wandering through Elwynn forest enjoying her solitude as she wove through the trees. The silence was refreshing. It was out here that Odenia could find some clarity, after all she was a child of nature and walls did seem to stifle her thoughts. The only noise heard was the melodic drone that swelled from Goldshire, a place Odenia preferred to avoid after her last experience. She didn't have Blayke around to watch her back on these walks. It wouldn't take her long before her mind settled and tiredness would begin weigh heavily on her small frame. A high tree branch was always a welcomed bed and Odenia had found one she had grown fond of. It was close to one of the farms which meant she would get woken up promptly via the farmer's early morning routine. It was important that she get home as soon as she could as not to rouse Blayke's suspicion. He might get the wrong idea or worst, the right idea.

" I've been testing to see if Blayke's following my movements by leaving the house each night," lied Odenia through her teeth. She needed to know what Robi thought and what she could conclude about Blayke's intentions. "I think he might be on to me. Why else would he bring me into his home so quickly?" asked Odenia, attempting to hide the desperation in her question.

Robi had smiled at Odenia and shook her head gently. "No, I think he really likes you," stated Robi, continuing to hold her perfectly formed smile.

Odenia couldn't dismiss her Commander's judgement completely. She had seen Robi in various company and she always seemed to have a particular way with any men she came across. There was no doubt her Commander understood the way men think and could read there subtle expressions, she certainly had had the experience that Odenia sorely lacked. But she wasn't going to let her guard down just yet.

"Shay," exclaimed Robi as she rose from the table.

Odenia hadn't even noticed the hooded figure enter the Inn and found herself mumbling an awkward hello. She didn't feel comfortable in his presence and would do her best to avoid looking at him directly. If Odenia had trouble reading Blayke then she had no chance working out Shay's thoughts. Thankfully he had wanted to take Robi away from the bar and spoke of a dress. It was clear her Commander was thrilled receive her husband's attention and there was no way Odenia was going to object. She was relieved to find herself alone, not wanting to get in between such a complex and confusing relationship. Odenia couldn't understand Robi's feelings towards Shay, especially as her Commander seemed to have no shortage of admirers who lavished her with time and affection. But maybe this was her inexperience talking again.

As she walked slowly home she found her head swelling up with questions and doubts. Was it actually possible that Blayke liked her and had wanted her around for company? A man who, right up until that point, had kept his distance and closed his private life off from anyone? How could it be that someone with no knowledge of relationships was able to find the small crack in his armour and slip in? Odenia was desperate to find some closure to her thoughts, but in doing so she would surely compromise her mission. She found herself standing head on at Blayke's front door staring blankly at the grains that ran through the wood. Odenia lifted her hand up to turn the door knob, but paused before her soft white hands wrapped around it. With her eyes glazed she quickly turned and walked away.
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She had detested the smell but it was the only thing that could numb her pain. The bourbon caused her to wince with every sip, the taste coating her mouth and burning down her throat. For all it's foulness, it was doing the trick. Odenia began to understand why the others drank it, why they choose to cover their existence with a sea of liquor instead of facing it head on. It made perfect sense. If only for one night Odenia wanted to throw away fear, hate, love, loyalty, compassion. For one night she wanted to feel nothing.

Old Town was deadly quiet, so much so Odenia could hear her heart crashing against her chest and the faint whimpers that escaped her mouth with every breath. The news had spread and everyone knew, Ivery was dead. But the silence said more, the silence knew the truth and it stalked her as she staggered to Blayke's front door. With every fibre of her being she willed him to inside, she needed to confide in him and have him tell her that "It's alright. It's under control". She rested her head on the door as she fumbled with her keys, finding it hard to concentrate on the correct one, her mind swimming through what had unfolded that day. Under her breath she began pleading "Please. Please. Please. Please.", the words falling from her lips as drops of desperation. Odenia slammed the door behind her, trying to force life into the still and dark house. But there was no sound, no flicker of light to welcome her, nothing. The front room felt as though it was filling up with emptiness and was close to drowning her, she needed to to be somewhere where she felt safe and secure. Without hesitation the fragile girl ran up the stairs, threw Blayke's bedroom door open and collapsed on his cold and lonely bed. Burying her face in pillow she screamed a silent cry and poured her heart and soul out. She hadn't felt so vulnerable and scared since she had left Gilneas, but now Odenia was completely crushed by her youth and her naivety. Defiantly she threw the pillow across the room out into the hallway and fell back into the bed.

"Well if pointy ears thinks I'm sleeping with Blayke I might as well sleep in the bed at least once," thought to herself as ungracefully kicked her boots off and wrestled with her clothes. She didn't care if Blayke came home that night, he could sleep where ever the hell he wanted.

That's what men did anyway wasn't it?

Seeing Arli embracing Robinas earlier that evening on that small remote island had thrown her off kilter. He clearly had a great hold over her Commander, but what was worse was the way Robinas had looked at him. Robinas was genuinely happy and the tears that flooded her eyes over Ivery's death were washed away with his presence. Yes it proved that Robinas' judgement was impared due to her feelings for the Belf, proved that the plan to interrogate Arli away from the Commander would be the right course of action. However, the sharp ache in her chest told her that there was no way she could pull Arli away from Robinas in a time of need, Odenia just couldn't do that to her. Her Commander had confided in her that day, told her the truth about Ivery, the truth that Shay's own blades cut his life away and how the Vile Thorn had found his corpse and forced a new twisted existence upon him. Robinas had showed great faith in Odenia by introducing her to Arli and inviting her in to the truth. No, there was no way she would throw that back in Robinas' face, not even for Blayke.

As the bourbon swept over her she began to drift into a gentle sleep, curling up tightly and hiding under the soft white sheets. With half closed eyes she followed her hands down to her left thigh and watched her fingers run along the vicious and ugly scar that wrapped itself around her. Her mind begins to slip into dream and she remembers how she had learnt about trust the hard way and she would never be free of that.
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Blayke turned the key in the lock and pushed open the door, as always his eyes immediately flitted to the couch but even in the darkness of the room, he could see that it was empty.

I wonder where she gets to on these nights

He closed the door and stifled a yawn, light he was tired but although it had been a very busy weekend, it had also been rather profitable. He made his way through the dark room and up the stairs, pausing half way as he sees a pillow hanging down off the top step.

Well if an assassin awaits, he obviously disapproves of my bed linen

With a faint smirk he silently stepped over the pillow and stood in the doorway of his bedroom where he could hear the soft, relaxed, breathing of someone deeply asleep. As he moved silently across the room, the moonlight through his window showed a small figure curled up underneath his sheets, face covered but red tendrils of her hair stark against the while bed linen giving away that it was Odenia; the smell of stale alcohol permeated the air around her.

Blayke stood and looked at the sleeping Odenia, curled up as if hiding herself away.

How did she do this?

He stood, lost in thought for a few moments. He could feel the stirring of emotion as he looked at her, a feeling foreign to him for many years, a feeling of the need to protect someone; to care for another beyond his own needs.

Blayke turned away and made his way downstairs, quietly closing the front door as he left the house. He’d find a room at an Inn for the night, spare her the awkwardness of explaining her actions to him in the morning, let her think he hadn’t seen her in his bed and all the connotations that implied.
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" and your husband is being somewhat less than co-operative" Blaykes voice came through her communicator."..perhaps you should come"
Robi was puzzled, why would Blayke be with Shay?As far as she was aware Blayke was wary of Shay and she was bemused as why he would be expecting Shays co-operation.
"Where are you?" she asked
She spurred Charlie on with her voice, ruffling his feathers affectionately as the powerful beast responded to her gentle commands.
She walked into the inn to see Blayke standing face to face with Shay, and the hooded warlock she believed to be Celinias leaning against the adjacent wall.

"Whats going on here?" she asked sharply.
Blayke turned to face her with that smug condescending smirk, light she would -so- wipe that off one day.
"Your husband is making high demands, demanding our blood if his precious Rose come to harm"
"What?" she asked arching a fine eyebrow with surprise and turning her eyes to Shay.
"Your second in command is asking my help for a mission, I am just negotiating terms..." Shay offered
Mission? first she'd heard about it. She looked at Blayke, her face asking him for answers.

He had stood there and blatantly refused to tell her what he was planning, a look of almost belligerence on his face. Only that he had a mission planned and required Dead Rose support and Shay had agreed but had said that any Dead Rose spilled would be paid back in Brotherhood blood.
She couldn't agree to that and said as much.
She pressed Blayke for information which he stoically refused to give, telling her no more than it was a mission to Forsaken lands for Odenia.
"I am sub-commander, I have no need to tell you everything I plan"
"And I am your commander Blayke I want to know"
"no" his refusal was flat."And it seems the Rose are not up to the job anyway, I have wasted my time I bid you goodnight"
"Blayke!" she called after his retreating back "get back inside..NOW!"
He turned and gave an affected sigh but returned.
"I see little point in this Commander, they are clearly incapable of anymore than idle threats and no assistance,I asked for aid and he gives me ridiculous replies"
"Blayke, its negotiation, he states his terms, you disagree, you discuss..not storm out like some petulant spoiled four year old" she said noting the angry glint in his eye which he rapidly hid.
And so it went, she demanding to know the deal him refusing to tell, belittling her in front of Odenia and the assembled Rose. She was not having this, he was under her command and he -would- tow the line she'd set.
"You will NOT speak to me like that and you WILL tell me what the fel is going on here, and NOW!" she ordered
He stared her down, that sly smirk playing around his lips.
"With respect -dear- commander I am sub-commander here and I refuse to answer to your every little demand.." his words hung in the air heavy with patronising venom.
"Very well" she replied and squaring her shoulders, she saw him incline his head in what he assumed was his victory.
"Then I no longer need you as my sub-commander, your lack of respect and outright insubordination shows me you are in fact most unsuitable for the post, from now on Blayke, you are a Shadow, leave your insignia in the HQ." She pointedly turned her back as she spoke "Dismissed shadow".

She saw anger in his eyes as he pushed past her and veiled fury in his voice as through gritted teeth he uttered "You'll regret this commander" and he strode from the inn.
Odenia looked at her utterly confused. Robi shot her a reassuring smile.

She heard a sigh from Shay and saw him strifde from the inn after Blayke.
"Is that man a total fool..." he swore silently
Robi looked at Odenia then to Shays retreating back."We'd best get after them..."
Odenia nodded and the two women ran from the inn after the two men.

She saw Shay striding towards Blayke, as they neared she heard is cool impassive voice address Blayke.
"Excuse me..." he said and Blayke turned a fixed smile on his face
"But what will my wife regret?"
She saw Blayke swallow and his smile falter briefly
"What did I tell you about threatening Robi?" Shay continued.
"It was Brotherhood business...not your concern with respect Shayanan" he replied tersely but carefully.
Robi looked between the two and gave a small laugh.
"Its fine..he's no threat as a shadow" she hoped to placate Shay, to be fair she didnt want Blayke killed. He was good at what he did, and she felt after Shays last threat no real threat to her physically.
Shay nodded curtly, then without warning drew his arm back, clenched his fist and launched a powerful punch at Blayke, which hit home with a crack and a dull thud. Blayke staggered and reeled back but maintained his balance and stayed upright.
"be do not speak to my wife in that tone" and Shay turned on his heel and strode back towards the inn. "leave"

With a nod at Robi, Blayke took his leave.
"You'd best go with him Odenia, see he's alright...and see if you can get anything out of him, what he was planning and why with The Rose."
"Yes Commander" Odenia replied "I'll follow him and try and soothe his bruised ego..."
The two women exchanged a warm friendly smile before going their seperate ways.

She walked back to the inn to speak to The Rose and find out what her -former- sub commander was planning.

She gave a little laugh for the hell of it...

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"Blayke, can I see you? Want to check on how you're doing after last night," asked Odenia softly and hesitantly.

She knew Commander Robinas would be listening in on the comms unit and she needed to ensure she didn't raise suspicion. The water across Olivia's pond was shimmering in the moonlight, flickering against the tiny ripples Odenia was making with her hands. Pulling out her last bandage from the cool water she squeezed it tightly and wrapped the damp cloth around her wrist, binding roughly before quickly placing on her glove to cover it. It was her daily routine that she enjoyed. The quiet and solitude was peaceful, allowing her to concentrate on her instincts and listen to nature's song.

"Of course Shadowblade. Shall I see you in the Inn?" spoke Blayke warmly for both Odenia's and Robinas' benefit.

The Inn was crowded, filled with the drone of drunken rants and blood shot eyes. The air felt close and hot, but Odenia was unable to tell if it was just her nerves playing tricks on her. Blayke was sitting upstairs alone, with only a glass of whiskey to keep him company he seemed calm and relaxed, leaning back in his chair. His smile faltered when he saw Odenia's expression, recognising her discomfort immediately.

"Is there somewhere else we can talk?" whispered Odenia as she peered over her shoulder, checking for any eavesdroppers.

Blayke nodding slowly and gestures for her to follow him. Together they walked away from the Inn and turned to step down into a quiet alley that overlooked a small section of the canal. Odenia closed her eyes softly to focus, seeking out any sign of unwanted company nearby but they were alone. Blayke stared at Odenia with his cold blue eyes and waited patiently for her to explain herself.

"I didn't get a chance to discuss the mission with you after your run in with Shay," mumbled Odenia as she ruffled her hair. She was trying to encourage Blayke to take charge of the conversation, trying to get him to take control of the situation.

"I thought we could do with a Dead Rose to back us up, but clearly that was a mistake," shrugged Blayke dismissively. "I learnt from my error," he jested as he rubbed his bruised face, trying to defuse the tension Odenia was building up. But she would not unfaltering.

"You should have spoken to me before going to the Dead Rose! I had no idea what you were up to and you dropped my name right into the mix!" barked Odenia angrily, supressing her urge to shout.

Odenia could feel her face filling up with blood, making her feel faint and weak. She hadn't lost control of her temper in a long time and now this man had gotten under her skin. Taking a deep breath she tried to relax and rolled her shoulders to loosen up. Blayke watched her closely, examining the petite woman and the huge rage that bubbled inside of her.

"Are you having doubts about doing this?" probed Blayke, keeping his eyes firmly locked on Odenia.

Biting her lip sharply Odenia thought back to her drunken musings about letting the Blood Elf have his time with Robinas. But her heart had changed in the harsh dryness of sobarity. Arli Sunblade had something to do with the attack on Robinas and had taken Ivery's body, forcibly thrusting a cruel existence on him. Any doubts she had had washed away and she was determined to get whatever information she could, by whatever means. The men in Robinas' life needed to suffer.

"I did, but I'm set in my course now," stated Odenia defiantly. If Blayke was combing for weakness he would find it within her now.

Odenia explained to Blayke how Robinas had introduced her to Arli and that he had seemed welcoming. Detailing her plan, she confidently ran through how she would try and get close to Arli and build up trust gradually before manoeuvring him into a vulnerable position.

Blayke nodded, impressed with Odenia's commitment and fire, "You certainly seem to have this under control," he said as he stepped forward, "Do you think you can lead this one on your own?"

Unsure if she had heard Blayke correctly Odenia stumbled over her words with mild panic rushing through her veins. "You're not going to support me on this?" she asked, tightly closing her eyes in fear of the truth.

"After my demotion last night I have to avoid antagonising our dear Commander any further and this would push it over the edge. I can't get involved, but you seem to have this sorted," Blayke exclaimed with a half smile on his face.

Odenia's eye began to well up and a deep set nausea coarsed through her. Everything seemed to become clouding and she could barely hear herself think. Had Blayke been grooming her to take such a risk and do it willingly? Had he always intended to push her forward without getting his own hands dirty? He had mentioned how he had planned to get a Dead Rose to accompany her on the mission, someone instead of him perhaps? Is he always going to serve his best interest over the safety of others? All these questions pounded in her head violently as she stood silently in front of Blayke.

"Well I wouldn't need your assistance anyway. You best just look after yourself, you're good at that. Goodbye Blayke," snapped Odenia before turning on her heels and started to make her way home.

At first she walked slowly, but the closer she got the faster her feet got until she was running full pelt and crashed through the front door. Manically Odenia grabbed at her belonging, thrusting them into her bag carelessly and taking no notice of the havoc she was leaving behind her. With tears stinging her eyes she scribbled a note and threw it behind her into the living room as she stormed out of the house.


I no longer require your hospitality now, or ever.


Keeping her head down and her hair over her face she ran frantically to the Stormwind flight master and demanded passage down to Booty Bay, dropping coins clumbsily at her feet. As she flew over the glow of Goldshire she buried her face into the neck of the Gryphon and closed her eyes. She needed to forget about Blayke and concentrate on her mission, get in contact with Arli immediately and focus all her efforts there. The cool night wind ran through her hair, forcing it to fall loose around her shoulders. Sitting back up she ran her hand through her long ruby hair and pondered to herself coldly. Maybe she shouldn't just use Arli for information, maybe she could use him to take care of cruel and unusual people, people like Shay and...

"I've learnt from my mistakes," Odenia whispered softly to the moon, "I won't be a fool to trust anyone ever again. I will no longer deny my instincts and desires, I promise you that."
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As Blayke pushed open the door, his eyes flitted to the empty couch but he knew where she was. As he'd left the Inn, Odenia was talking away to Zachari, the thought made him feel slightly uncomfortable but he quickly pushed it away; he had other matters that required his immediate attention right now.

Climbing the stairs, he closed his bedroom door firmly behind him, not wishing to be disturbed when...if...Odenia returned that night. Lighting a candle at his desk, he caught his reflection in the tall mirror and walked over, leaning closer to examine the blossoming bruise on the side of his face. He frowned at his reflection, the bruise gave him the look of a common thug, a brawler, he would have to see tomorrow about getting something to heal it fast. Still, it was better than a dagger in the gut, which was what he felt he was close to receiving from Shayanan after he foolishly lost control of his anger earlier that night and spat his veiled threat at Robi.

Sitting at his desk, he pulled out a sheaf of parchment and started to write. He had spent the time since the demotion, the thought of the word alone made his jaw stiffen, planning the letter in his head and now it was just a matter of transcribing his thoughts.

Masters and Mistress

My loyalty to the Brotherhood has been proven over many years and I have always followed your command without question. Even through the difficult times that the Commander has faced in recent weeks, I have stood by her side and put her well-being above all else.

So, it is with some dismay that I have to report that the Commander has seen fit to remove me from my post and demote me to the lowest rank, that of 'Shadow'. As you recall, my previous correspondence informed you of her instability of mind and this action can only show to the esteemed Council that she is no longer fit for duty.

I cordially request an audience with the Council of Five as I have some information regarding the untimely demise of former Commander Aresh which may be of interest, although it is prudent that Commander Kaezlan does not accompany me to the meeting.

Loyalty and respect,

Brotherhood of Stormwind

He paused as he signed his name, unable to even write 'Shadow Blayke', he left it as simply 'Blayke'. Tomorrow he would contact Odenia about the mission. It was better he distanced himself from anything that might displease his Commander further, it would do him no good to be expelled in disgrace from another Chapter of the Brotherhood, as he had been before by Aresh.
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The rider dismounts outside the small house,hitches his horse to the rail and walks up to the highly polished door.
He takes a small moment to straighten his blue crossed tabard and smooth his hair before rapping confidently on the door.
A small woman, obviously a housekeeper by her demeanour and age answers and looks at the caller curiously but sternly.
"Good morning Ma'am" the caller bows politely, immediately seeing the woman warm to him, flustering slightly and patting her hair. He allows her a smile, which she returns coyly.
"I have an important letter for 'Blayke', I am to deliver it into his hand only" he explains
"Well I don't know about that Sir, Mr Blayke isn't too well and hes still abed..Im not sure I can disturb him just for a letter...."
"Unwell?" the courier raised a brow curiously "not to serious I hope Ma'am.." a well rehearsed smile of concern crossed his face.
The housekeeper tutted and shook her head "he'll mend right as rain I shouldnt wonder, he was attacked by some yobbo Im given to understand"
The courier smiled humouringly and made the correct noises about violence and the youth of today, watching the woman warm to him, he played to her reaction, agreeing and soothing her concerns.
"Why dont you come in Sir, I'll make a pot of tea and I can see if Mr Blayke can see you"
He smiled at her with gratitude and warmth as he was ushered inside.

As 'Mrs Teapot' as he mentally called her fussed in the kitchen, keeping her talking to track her whereabouts he quickly searched the room, thumbing through parchments and books, his eyes scanning for anything of interest.Nothing but he'd expected as much, Blayke was no fool, anything incriminating would not be here, in fact

"Mr Blayke, Mr Blayke, theres a gentleman to see you Sir..nice young chap, don't keep him waiting.." her voice at the top of the stairs, her footsteps coming back down, the door opening, he quickly pushed the papers back into the drawer and sat down with his tea just as she entered the room.

Blayke followed a few moments later.His perfect warm smile wavering slightly as he saw the mans livery.
The man stood and saluted snappily, which Blayke returned casually, forgetting for the moment that the Brotherhood messenger before him probably now outranked him.
He handed Blayke the rolled sealed parchment. "I am to wait"
Blayke unrolled the parchment a confident smirk on his lips as he did so. A reply from The Five, finally it seemed he'd put that damned woman in her place, he pictured her face in his mind as he made her salute and call him Sir...


We have received your report and with some concern have noted its content, we have of course received a similar report from your commander, the content too noted.
It would appear that there are some issues within the Stormwind chapter which need to be seriously addressed.
Your implications towards Ms Kaezlans mental state cannot be ignored and the fact you are in possession of information regarding an assassination on one of our former commanders and have not immediately offered it also raises concerns.
In view of this we hereby issue this as a formal summons to The Manor, you will accompany Shadow Johan, forthwith and present yourself to the the council immediately on arrival.

Loyalty and respect.

The Council of Five,

Blayke sighed silently typical it gave nothing away. However he had his audience, all he had to do now was play to it.

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Blayke strode confidently into the council chamber, sweeping aside the usher in his affected determined haste to reach the Five who were sitting as customary along one side of a highly polished table.
His features wore an expression of feigned concern and his demeanour was one of a man who had ridden hard and fast to hopefully arrive in time to pass on some crucial information. He made a small show of catching his breath before bowing his head briefly to the council.
"Thank you for seeing me so quickly" he started, his voice carefully grave, his brow fashioned into a slightly worried frown. "I have information concerning Aresh and I fear The Stormwind situation is now an urgent concern"

He scanned the neutral faces of the Five, looking for anything that would betray their thoughts or motives. As usual he saw nothing.
"I have discovered that Aresh's killer was known to him..." he let his words hang in the air for a moment. "I realise I should have passed this information as soon as I had it, but I had hoped it wasn't the truth and delayed informing the esteemed council"
"There is time enough for regrets" came the purring voice of Four. "For the moment Blayke, please relay this information"
Blayke shook his head slowly as if with regret.

"Commander Kaezlan Mistress...she herself killed Aresh, they had disagreed over some matter..." Blayke added a touch of melancholy to his voice. "I had thought her instability due to more recent events but..." again he left the sentence unfinished, allowing the Five to draw their own conclusions.
One looked at Blayke carefully, Blayke returned his look unfazed and raised an eyebrow slightly almost encouragingly.
"Continue please" he nodded at Blayke."Is this the only reason you believe your commander to be unstable ?
Blayke shook his head slowly .
"I wish it were Masters..however I have since discovered she has dealings with Horde, in particular Vile Thorn, she has very close ties with some of their number." he sighed before he continued. " And very close links with subversive orders within the alliance."
A light laugh from the council and Blaykes carefully portrayed face showed a fleeting, almost imperceptible slip.
"So Blayke, you think the Brotherhood is a bastion of goodwill and altruism?" smiled Two.
Blayke forced a natural laugh.
"Ah no master..but the Commanders actions are swayed by such people..her unprovoked demotion of me shows this"

The five listened as Blayke related the events that had regrettably drawn him to the conclusions he had.

The council nodded as he spoke and Blayke felt himself relax somewhat.
After Blayke had played to his audience the Five turned to each other and discussed briefly in hushed tones, Blayke casually watching their every nod, every facial expression.

The five turned to face Blayke again.

"You are aware, we have had a similar report from the Commander herself? However she states different reasons for your demotion, reasons not too dissimilar from those of her predecessor, however in this instance we will recommend that the decision of the rank Shadow be re-evaluated.
Blayke bristled slightly, not what he wanted to the rank given? were the council swayed by that god-damned female already?
"I thank you masters and mistress" smiled Blayke easily but through gritted teeth.

"Regarding Aresh.." Two spoke and Blayke hypothetically rubbed his hands. The Five would have to investigate this and when they found he had told the truth..."Bye Bye Ms Kaezlan" he thought.
"We are grateful for your input on this, it shows loyalty to the Council, however this is something we were already aware of"
Blaykes mask slipped momentarily at the impact of this revelation.
It was explained to Blayke in short terms, a commanders death is always investigated to the utmost and it hadnt taken so long until they uncovered what they would consider the accepted version.
They had discovered Shayanan's involvement and therefore outside Brotherhood intervention,Robinas had not asked her husband to remove Aresh, he had taken it the way to protect his wife from the inevitable Thorn retribution of Aresh's actions.
"And also" added three with a smile "We would rather the infamous Shayanan, be watching her back than standing daggers drawn at ours"
The other four laughed briefly along.

Blayke stood stunned by this for the briefest of moments but quickly composed himself.
"That bloody woman.." he cursed under his breath as he drew himself up to his full height and bowed stiffly.
"As you wish Masters, I'm sorry to have wasted your time with what I thought would have been relevant information to the safety of our operations, it seems...I was mistaken. His voice held a hint of disdain. "If I may be excused?"
The five nodded assent as one and Blayke turned to leave.
"One moment Blayke" purred Four in her honey smooth voice. "Perhaps I could have a private word..alone?" she smiled softly at him.
Blayke looked at her and inclined his head, not hiding the returned smile with its veiled intimacy.
"Of course my ..mistress" he replied.
Perhaps there was something he could salvage from this after all.
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Gracefully landing on her feet, Odenia slipped effortlessly out of her flight form and shook out her hair for any loose feathers. The journey from Keel Harbor had been tiring and she knew she had to make the return flight later that evening, but in her heart she knew it was worth it. Most of the afternoon had been spent clearing out the old abandoned house and removing the broken reminders of it's last occupants. Odenia had been sad to remove these momentous, feeling the echoes of the lives that had touched them before, but this was to be her home now and she needed to purge it of all memories that clung to the walls. She had returned to Stormwind that night to deliver some old books she had found to the City's library, unable to burn them in the small bonfire she had constructed outside her new house. As she descended the great white steps back towards the canals she heard a faint crackling over her comms unit.

"Evening Odenia."

She was comforted to hear Robinas' voice, knowing full well of the attack she had suffered thanks to the Thorns. Odenia had remembered how Robinas had denied she was involved even though she had heard the news directly from Arli and how she had to play along to avoid suspicion. Every word that came from her lips now had to be calculated carefully.

"Evening Commander, I hope you are keeping well?" asked Odenia cheerfully, hiding any concern in her tone.

The had been a brief pause before Robinas answered, a silence that unnerved Odenia slightly.

"I'm fine Odenia. I'm actually with Arli at the moment, he seems to have taken a liking to you." Robinas' words hung in the air heavily and Odenia could feel her heart being to pace faster. She had thought her meeting with Arli was meant to be secret. They had discussed a plan to take out Shay with Thorn supervision foremost, but then they had ended up chatting for hours, laughing and joking like old friends. It was possible that Arli had only mentioned the 'innocent' parts of there conversation, yet it was still dangerous to assume Robinas' was in the dark.

"Is that so?" asked Odenia searchingly, desperate to establish what had been said.

"Seems that way, quite fond of you. Said you two had bumped into each other in the Swamp of Sorrows of all places!" jested Robinas'.

Odenia bit her lip hard to the point of stinging bright red. It was clear Arli had kept quiet for the most part, but what Robinas had said about them bumping into each other at the Swamp of Sorrows was a lie. They had arranged their meeting in Dalaran for the purpose of discussing Shay. Could it be Robinas is suspicious and has made up this meeting place to catch her out? Whatever the reason Odenia needed to think fast and divert attention away from herself.

"Commander, I have a confession to make. When I asked if you were involved in the Thorn attack I knew the truth, Arli had told me so. I accepted your denial just in case he was trying to mess with me... but you were involved weren't you?" asked Odenia softly and cautiously. She needed to put Robinas on the defence so that she would stop asking about Arli and this was the best she could come up with in such a short time.

"I was attacked yes, but I didn't tell you because I didn't want you to worry," Robinas said in a calm and collect tone.

Odenia sighed gently in relief as it seemed to have worked well, but to be sure she need to divert the conversation completely. In an instance Blayke flashed into her mind and she found herself blush up, swearing under her breath that he'd jump into her head at a time like this. Just as quickly as he had jumped into her thoughts she realised what she should do next.

"Commander, there is something else also. You know how you said that if I needed to drop my mission with Blayke I could speak to you? Well, I can't do it any more," spoke Odenia, finding herself getting flustered.

"Of course Odenia. Can I ask why?" Robinas' voice hinted at concern without the emotion attached to it.

"I was foolish and got into deep Commander. I would have compromised the mission and myself if I had continued. I got emotionally involved and couldn't handle myself when I discovered he was a selfish bastard." Odenia felt the blood immediately drain from her face, completely shocked by the truth of her statement. She hadn't admitted her feelings for Blayke until now and the thought of it made her feel very small and childish. "I wasn't ready for a mission like this and I'm sorry I let you down," murmured Odenia as she slowly sat down on the ground.

"I understand Odenia, the mission is terminated effective immediately. Thank you for being so honest with me," Robinas spoke warmly, a protective tone humming through the comms.

The moon was high up in the sky now, it was late and Odenia felt her body struggle against crushing tiredness. It began to dawn on her that she had once again got in over her head and that there was no escape. Odenia's hot temper had gotten her into trouble again and she felt suffocated by it.

"How stupid are you to go after Shay? Do you want to die?" Odenia growled to herself.

There was no way out of the situation, she had already spoken to Arli and by now he had spoken to the Thorns. If she backed out now than she was good as dead anyway by Thorn blades. Closing her eyes she thought back to her time with Arli and how relaxed she had become. She had found herself slip into her natural glow and had laughed and flirted without any anxiety or doubts. Odenia remembered their conversation about freedom and living life to it's fullest without compromise, enjoying every moment without regrets. With Blayke she had always found herself folding into herself scared to get hurt by him, knowing full well that he could break her heart. But with Arli there was none of that because she now understood that there was no possible way that she could fall in love with him, unlike Blayke.

"You need to let go and just have some fun. You've never allowed yourself to be with anyone. Just find a man, any man and go crazy!" What Arli had said to her that day kept echoing in her mind, his wicked grin forcing a smile on her lips. If she was heading for disaster she might as well live for once in her life and not suppress her true instincts.

"You need to contain your emotions Odenia, you have a fire in you that burns too brightly and you could get hurt, or worse hurt someone else." Faint whispers from her years in Gilneas tried desperately to claw there way through, but she had made up her mind and she was letting go completely, regardless of the consequence's.
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The trees above blocked out all signs of daylight, hiding the vibrant afternoon sun behind dark and twisted branches that coiled around each other. The prison Odenia imagined herself locked within seemed to manifest itself through the suffocation of Duskwood. The hollow shadows appeared to close in on her with intent, circling around a lone and easy pray. Odenia kept imagining Shay looming over her as he had done the night before and she feel her stomach contort into a tight knot.

Everything she had been up to had gotten out and all she could do was flounder in the mess she had created for herself. It wasn't clear if Shay had bought her story about only using his name to get close to Arli, but what she did know was that there was no way she was getting out of this unscathed. Odenia placed on foot in front of the other as she slowly walked towards Darkshire, hanging her head as she stepped closer towards her inevitable fate. Robinas and Shay had confronted her the night before as Blayke stood and watched on. Arli hadn't been cautious enough with his choice of words and it didn't take much for her Commander to put two and two together. Odenia reluctantly recalled how she shrunk within Shay's long cast shadow as he demanded that she get in contact with Arli immediately and put an end to the grave mistake she had made. His words had felt like sharp blades already pressed against her throat, just aching to apply a fraction more pressure.

So she had spoken to Arli as instructed and was now making her way to Darkshire to face up to the destiny she had carved out for herself. With each step closer Odenia could feel the blood slowly drain away from her face, the consequences of her choices beginning to dawn on her. Keeping her head firmly down she continued on, desperately trying to ignore the sounds Duskwood cried out and the possible culprits behind them.

It was only when the eerie silence swept over her that she finally lifted her head. There before her stood Arli with his black and red tabard hanging confidently down his torso and his red mask pulled up over his face. Odenia knew full well what was to happen next and a calm clarity took over. Smiling softly she stepped towards Arli and nodded, holding his gaze for what seemed forever. With one swift movement Arli lunged towards her and she almost thought she heard him whisper “I'm sorry,” as his blades tore into her flesh.

It was over so fast and all she could see was a sea of crimson stretching out before her.
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A soft breeze brushed across her cheek, gently persuading her to stir and wake from her troubled sleep. Taking a deep breath in, Odenia could immediately smell the sweet musky scent of the wild flowers placed at her bedside and aroma of damp grass filling the room. As she slowly began to open her eyes her senses started to pick up unwanted reminders of what had happened. The stench of dry blood swelled and drowned out the beauty of her surroundings. Reaching up hesitantly, Odenia checking the dressing on her neck, being careful to avoid any sudden movements. The sticky dark residue confirmed her fears. She had bled again during the night, more than likely due to the night terrors she had been having.

Odenia thought about what Robinas had said to her the night before and how she could only heal properly once she came to peace with her own spirit. As long as Odenia held those regrets in her heart her wounds would not calm, leaving her visual scars as well as the ones carried inside. Robinas had reassured her that the scars could be soothed, but only when Odenia was ready to accept it.

Propping herself up awkwardly, Odenia rested her back on the elegant headboard and examined the dressings that covered her body. There was no sign of blood, but she still pulled each one back cautiously to check on the progress. The external damage seemed to be mending well, so a gently rub of maple seed paste around the bruised areas would suffice for now. The internal damage was another matter all together. Arli had well and truly set out to kill her, that was clear enough. It was still a mystery to all who looked her over how she had survived such a brutal attack, a mystery Odenia couldn't uncover herself. For whatever reason she was grateful and promised herself never to be so reckless ever again. She should have died in the murky darkness of Duskwood, but instead she had a second chance to get things right. Odenia had told Robinas everything, spilling out her heart as though she was trying to expel demons from herself. She knew she'd still have to answer for her actions, but it felt good to let go of all the misguided lies.

Placing her bare feet on the cold wooden floor she winced briefly before adjusting to the pain. Odenia reached over to her bedside table and ran her fingers through the soft petals of the vibrant flowers that had been delivered to her the day before. The small note attached had revealed the identity of the thoughtful individual and she had to keep reading it to check it was still true. Blayke had sent them along with an invitation to stay at his again whilst she recovered. There was nothing she wanted more than to get back to the way things were, but she just wasn't ready to go down that road again with Blayke. He made her feel vulnerable and fragile when she needed to concentrate of getting better. Perhaps once things have settled as she's fit and fighting again she will speak to Blayke frankly, tell him the truth about Robinas' mission to watch him and the real reasons why she needed to leave. For now Darnassus would be her home until she could take care of herself and then it'd be back to Keel Harbor to her lonely little house by the sea.
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Dog eat dog
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