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 The Gilnean Harvest Witch - The Brotherhood of Shadow's new addition.

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PostSubject: The Gilnean Harvest Witch - The Brotherhood of Shadow's new addition.   Tue Jul 12, 2011 5:26 pm

The sharp and metallic smell of blood remained as a tint in every breath she took. Even though Odenia had gotten safely to Stormwind she could taste Commander Aresh's wound upon on her lips, filling her with disgust. Shifting into her human form made little to no difference, it never seemed to make a difference these days.

The sun had long taken to rest by the time she touched down in Stormwind. The cool touch of night seemed to make this unwelcoming city almost bearable, with every ally and street cast in a comforting shadow her spirit would be calmed. As she slowly strolled towards the Cemetery she roughly tugged at the straps that bound her armour to her, caring not for the scars that riddled her palms. Her mind was too swamped to take notice of her surroundings, drifting blindly onwards she bumped into a disgruntled City Guard and fell heavily onto her side.

"Looking for trouble are we?"

The City Guard grabbed Odenia's arm tightly and pulled her up onto her feet. Normally she would pull out the charm and flash the gentleman a smile, laughing softly at her clumbsiness whilst thanking her luck that she bumped into such a handsome stranger. But tonight there was no charm, just a blank expression and a lazy shrug. The City Guard squeezed her arm up to the point of bruising it before throwing her aside dismissively.

"I haven't got time for drunks. Get out of my sight."

As Odenia struggled back up onto her knees she heard the City Guard mumble to himself about a woman's place as her shot her dirty glances. Thankfully she was near the Cemetery already and only had to push herself one more time before she could collapse. Awkwardly she propped herself up against a tombstone, ensuring she was looking out over the canals.

At night the water was lit up by floating candles that gently danced across the surface, twirling and swaying with the soft persuasion of the wind. Odenia liked to think that the souls of those buried here would come out after sun down and celebrate their once lived lives on the water, their own magical ballroom illuminated with candles and over seen by a kind and loving moon. Tomorrow she would lie flowers by the tombstone she rested on, thanking the owner for sharing their view for the evening. She could not honestly remember that last time she slept in a real bed with pillows and sheets. For a long time now she had been accustomed to sleeping out doors or on a floor of someone else's dwellings, even back in Gilneas.

As Odenia began to drift off she couldn't help dream about prowling through the empty streets for Gilneas, now completely deserted and hollow, as though it was just the left over carcass of what it once was. But this was not an image crafted by imagination but a strong and unnerving memory that had plagued her for many days. On her mission to scout out Brill she had made the choice to make most of her way by water and take a route through the ruins of Gilneas. At the time this had had little meaning to her as she had always felt that Gilneas had never truly been a home to her, that the walls caged her in whilst the people tried to cast her out. She had not stopped to look around properly during her mission as she had been completely focused and closed off the world around her. Why was it that felt this uncontrollable pull? No matter what Odenia tried to distract herself with she couldn't help but want to walk the paths of Gilneas again and finally face her demons. As she fell into a deeper sleep her dreams were filled with fire and screaming.

Odenia rose to a grey sky and spits of rain, it was clear she was not allowed the luxury of sleeping in. Wearily she stretched out and with great effort pulled on her outer armour, threading each lace carefully and tightening each strap precisely. Once she felt like herself again she leant over the tombstone and read the name engraved into the stone.

"Well Ambassador Fairhaven, I doubt very much flowers would be appropriate."

Odenia reached into her backpack and rummaged around for a while before pulling out a dark glass bottle. She bit down on the cork and with a quick grunt removed it.

"This is probably more to your taste sir. A fine port I am to understand."

The cork was placed delicately upon the top of the tombstone and the entire contents of the bottle poured across the ground surrounding it.

"Thank you very much for your hospitality, I am forever grateful."

With that Odenia bowed graciously before the grave and shoved the empty bottle back into her bag. As she walked away she began to think deeply about the vivid dreams she had experienced that night and the troubles that seem to stalk behind her. It was amongst these ponderings that clarity suddenly hit her, like a bright flash of light at the end of a dark and unyielding tunnel. She looked sadly across the water, the night's candles put out and bobbing limply in the rain. It would be a while before she saw those lights that gave her so much joy again, but the wait would be worth it. Today she would journey back to Gilneas and not return until her spirit was settled. The Brotherhood of Shadow would probably view her absence dimly, but she knew she was of no use to them until her head was clear. Whatever it took she was going to get control back.

((This is set before Aresh was ''taken care of''))
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The Gilnean Harvest Witch - The Brotherhood of Shadow's new addition.
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