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 What lies in Dusks Woods. Part 1 of 2.

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PostSubject: What lies in Dusks Woods. Part 1 of 2.   Wed Jul 13, 2011 7:59 am

We stood atop the ridge of the grove. A glimpse of the moonlight could be seen through the break in the trees.

Ramaar: "Thank you all for comming. However I must warn you all. A bite from one of these worgen may be your end, if not worse."
Blankina: "Maybe..I shouldn't.."

Blankina began walking down the path.

Almay: "I will leave Aveanna with my drake.."

Ramaar: "However. Down this ridge also lies victory! Come brothers and sisters this is our victory for the taking! We will prevail! For the Wardens on Azeroth!"

Ramaar: "Now mount up..We will get into position for a foreward charge."

So we made our way down the ridge. Blaknkina's horse had deserted her in far of the howling that could be heard. Soon after Blankina also disappeared. So there we stood in formation. Warden he. Warden She. Warden he . Warden she and Warden I.

Xauru: "Sir, I brought a light with me."
Ramaar: "Good work private. These Dusks Worgen can be startled by light"

We could see darting shadows ahead of us. Our presence was detected.

Ramaar: "Foreward charge!"

We charged into the dark woods, Slaying any worgen who tried to jump us. Xauru set up the light, The first camp of worgen cowered before trying to blindely jump us. Each of which failed and met it's end.

We had taken the first camp.

Ramaar: "Wardens press on!"

Xauru leaped into the air and landed a huge two handed smash on a worgen who bore a red sash.I walked up to the worgens corpse and knelt down to analyse the creature. I stood again.

Ramaar: "Just minutes into our first charge and the pack leader has already keeled over at our might."

I chuckled. The rest of the Wardens either smiled or smirked. Still with weapons drawn. We marched towards the last camp.

We were greeted by a worgen slashing his claws around fantically. Almay croaching and slicing it in two with a precise chop of her axe.

I spotted Aleyxia kicking a worgen with her hoof and then spinning round to throw a two hander into the worgens head. The worgen falling almost instantly. I marked in the ground 'WoA'.

I looked at a broach on the table at the last camp. Before turning around to quickly counter attack a worgens pounce on me. A sword through it's foul heart. I kicked it off my sword.

Ramaar: "Blasted creatures. Such filth is not permitted to be placed upon a sword of the light. You met the same doom the others did. May now you finally find peace.."

Ramaar:" Good work today men. Let us move to the Orchards."

Some say that at that exact moment. Four golden crested tabards, each with two headed eagle's upon them, could be seen in and out of the mist. Blood on each sword, axe. Never stopping. Always watching. Always waiting. For what might lie in Dusks Woods.

A victory? Perhaps. But the fight was long from over. These people still slept with a look of fear before they had closed their eyes and entered deep slumber.
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What lies in Dusks Woods. Part 1 of 2.
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