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 The last Will and Testament of Pynke Judas Fizzleslave

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PostSubject: The last Will and Testament of Pynke Judas Fizzleslave   Thu Jul 14, 2011 3:05 am

Last Will and Testament of Pynke Judas Fizzleslave

Be it Known that I, Pynke Judas Fizzleslave, of The City of Orgrimmar, Durotar, being of legal age, wealth, and of sound and disposing mind and memory, and not acting under duress, menace, fraud, or undue influence of any person, do make, declare and publish this to be my will and hereby revoke any will or codicil I have made prior to this Point.

Article One
Marriage and children

I am Married to Perki Fizzleslave, and leave to her a Quarter of my lands, my house, my servants, my medals and my possessions kept within those lands that are to be handed to her, with the exception of those mentioned later.

To my Unborn son I leave a quarter of my lands and my wealth of gold.

Article Two

I am employed by Cazzle Sparkplug, and leave to her the entirety of my shares in the East Azeroth Trading Company, as well as the remainder of my lands.

I am employed by Garrosh Hellscream, and leave to him my Combat Armour, Title, and troops, to do with as he sees fit.

I am employed by Jastor Gallywix and leave to him my shares in the Bilgewater Cartel, the Pedegrie Diamond, and the ship “The Dark lepper.”

I am employed by Cain Herat-Baker and leave to him my stockpile of Sunwhisper Mana cells.

I am the legal Employer of Peneka Megabomb and leave to her my Gyrocopter, and it’s remote, as well as my Waistcoat collection.

I am the legal Employer of Traxie <Missing> and leave to her the Position of Commander over the East Azeroth Trading Companies private army, and my Shield.

I am the legal Employer of Inim Boomshield and leave to her the remote which controls her armour.

I am the Legal Employer of Arkadina Sunwhisper and leave to her my Goggles.

Article Three

I leave to Thrakha Ironsong of the Shatterskull marauders my Chain of Command, for her to use at her own Bequest.

I leave to Igra Darkmaw my Axe, may it serve her as it has served me. I also leave my pet snake, Eve.

I leave to Drakkosh Skullcrusher my blue drake whelping, may he be able to raise it healthily.

I leave to Peri Windermere My Silver Cigar case, and supply of Authentic Zandazaril Cigars.

Article four

Thus ends the last Will and Testament of Pynke Judas Fizzleslave, General of the Horde, Legionnaire of the 500th legion, Legionnaire of the 501st legion, Legionnaire of the 502nd legion, Legionnaire of the 503rd legion, Legionnaire of the 504th legion, Legionnaire of the 505th legion, Legionnaire of the 506th legion, Legionnaire of the 507th legion, Legionnaire of the 508th legion, Legionnaire of the 509thlegion, Legionnaire of the 510th legion, Legionnaire of the 511st legion, Legionnaire of the 512nd legion, Legionnaire of the 513rd legion, Legionnaire of the 514th legion, Legionnaire of the 515th legion, Commander of the East Azeroth Trading Company’s personal Army, three times Undermine darts champion, decorated for bravery, Captain of Commander Schnottz personal guard, awarded the Iron Ankh, Bodyguard to Mogul Cazzle Sparkplug, Star of the grand Ankh of the Iron Ankh, Medal of the Highland front, Medal of the Front of Tol Barrad, Werchmatt service award, General assault badge.
Signed: PJF

The way is shut,
It was made by those who are dead
And the dead keep it.

Skeleton in the closet.
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The last Will and Testament of Pynke Judas Fizzleslave
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