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 The Demonic Claim.

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PostSubject: The Demonic Claim.   Fri Jul 15, 2011 2:44 am

((Still leaning so let me know what you think, i may amend this time time sooner or later, but anyway, Enjoy, this will be a pile of short storys for Celinias's background, a new recruit to the dead rose, Let me know what you think of it ))

The Demonic Claim

The setting sun continued to beat down on the ocean and make it sparkle as the small girl sat on the beach, barefooted and playing with her doll at the edge of where the water would stop before retreating back into the ocean and away from her, each time, giggling as she watched it roll away from her, holding her dolly tight to her chest, her siblings played behind her as she sat and watched the waves of the ocean crash onto the rocks either side of the cove, looking to the horizon she sighed grumpily as she saw the bottom of the sun reach the sea edge.

she walked past her siblings and back through the winding path to the small farm house, dumping herself down infront of it she began to sit and talk with her doll about the unfairness of being the youngest and having to come home early before the sunset.

The smell of the stew her mother had been preparing all day travelled to the outside, taking a deep breath in, her stomach rumbled and she nodded to her doll slightly, giggling again as her soft golden blonde ringlet's bounced in the gentle breeze, one lining her small face, turning her gaze to the corn fields, she watched as her father worked hard with the horse pulling a big machine infront of him, making the corn fall as it cut through.

She'd always thought the machine looked like one of the monster's from her nightmares and shivered slightly, looking over to the barn where it slept, a rustle through the corn fields beside her caught her attention and a small figure with a soft green hue seemed to disappear into them, screaming as loud as she could her mother came running to the door, looking around as the young girl continued to give out her blood curdling scream, pointing towards where the figure had been she rubbed her eyes quickly to remove the tears, her mother went to where she had pointed and returning, sighing angrily once reaching her.

“Child, you carry on letting your imagination run as wild as you do and it's going to get you into trouble one of these days”

Her mother frowned slightly, ruffling the girls hair softly but affectionately none the less, sighing softly as she headed back inside to see to their dinner, the small rustle came again, and the figure appeared just inside the corn rows, frowning the small girl covered her mouth to stop herself from screaming and once convinced a scream was not to appear she began to sing to herself to keep her mind from it, the creature had already gotten her into enough trouble over the past few weeks and now she decided she would just ignore it till it went away, much like the monster from under her bed.

The sound of her siblings coming back as they banged their buckets and spades echoed through the farmland, the darkness starting to fill even the furthest corners as her father unhooked the horse and led it to the stables with a bag of hay, she looked up, watching the moon rise and the stars start to prick the early night sky, her brother and sister stopped behind her, looking down as they grinned mischievously, looking up at them her neck began to ache as her sister nodded slightly and grabbed the small girls arms, screaming as the dolly was ripped from her chest before they ran off away across the fields.

Running through the long reads of corn she cried and screamed for them to give the dolly back, reaching the end of the field she looked back to the house as they stood laughing, her mother's face filled with anger as her father stormed towards her, picking her up and marching her back to the house, he threw her into a chair and slapped her around the face as the yelling of how she shouldn’t run off in the dark began, no matter the reason, her sister sat with the small girl's doll, pulling on it's head, mocking her as the tears rolled down her small face.

“Go to your room, and don't dare show your face, or light help me you will not live to tell anymore of your tall tales.”.

Her arm was grabbed and she was pulled from the chair, dropping her small frame down as she landed on the floor and was granted another slap for not moving fast enough, the anger began to build inside of her as she sat in her room listening to her family laugh and have fun as they ate.

The darkness began to fill the room and the sound of manic laughter came from the corner of her room before disappearing to the outside, frowning she pulled the cover over herself as the tears began to roll down her face, the sound of footsteps on the stairs suddenly filled the house loudly, her sister calling from outside the door before walking in with a bowl of stew, closely followed by their brother, placing it on the bed the brother threw the doll at her, it's head ripped off as the anger grew inside her again, her heart raced and the room filled with a soft whisper that nobody understood as the two eldest fell to the floor in a hot sweat suddenly.

The girl looked up from the now dismembered doll her brother had thrown back at her with a grin on his face and watched as they writhed in pain, unknowing that the small whisper had in fact come from her.

The sudden thud of her siblings falling was soon replaced with screams of her parents and siblings throughout the room, they stared and looked at the small girl, trying to gain any information from her as they pulled her from the bed, soon replacing her space with that of her sister and brother who cried out in agony as the small girl watched, suddenly feeling a little happy to see them so unhappy, the laughter came from outside as a small voice called to her, a green hue surrounding the edge of the left window, she ignored it but felt happy to hear it as the priest burst into the room, frowning from one parent to another as he refused to step any closer.

“They have been cursed, I will not treat them, there is nothing to do even if I did..”

The parents spun around, grabbing hold of the small girl they began to scream at her, as the siblings eyes closed and their screams stopped, their breathing slowing till it could no longer be heard, and as she gave no answers they began blaming her for their illness and death, grabbing her by the wrist they lifted her into the air and dragged her to a small room, throwing her inside they locked it as the sound of her father's horse could be heard outside the house, he pulled his cloak on and rode for the guard, the sound of the horses hooves gradually getting further away from the house.

The tiny window within the dark, dank room slipped open slightly and the dark cold voice called to the small girl, slipping out through it her heart raced as she kept a close eye out, falling from the small ledge the window had been built on, seeing the green hue hop through the field, she followed it, knowing she was in trouble and the voice had promised to keep her safe, continueing to chase the green hue to a old abandoned tower, filled with hay when the monster sat in waiting for her, the green hue around his feet was warm to her and he grinned slightly as she passed on with a loud thud into the hay.

He stood, waiting and watching for her to wake through the night, the small cloth covering his back, blowing in the wind gently, grinning slightly as he made plans for his new mistress, he whispered softly.

“We have waited far to long, Celinias Darkrose.”

A small rune on her ankle began to appear and pulsate lightly as she stirred in her sleep.
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PostSubject: Re: The Demonic Claim.   Wed Aug 03, 2011 7:26 pm

The small girl stirred in the hay, her hair loose around her face, partially laying across it as she spoke softly in her sleep, stretching with a small squeak from her voice box as she yawned, opening her eyes softly as the gust of wind swept through the broken down tower, the small green figure standing at the door on guard as a ice cold bottle of milk stand beside a loaf of warm bread, turning over onto her back and then her stomach she breathed deeply in the hay, before sitting up suddenly, looking around she inhaled deeply before letting out a almighty scream, the small figure turning to look at her as she quickly began to back up to the wall, the rune on her ankle began to pulsate a brighter purple.

The figure stood, staring at her before lightly hopping over to the hay, moving the food silently he began to throw the hay she had been sleeping on to the other side of the room as he muttered moodily under his breath before letting out a manic laugh, the purple rune underneath began to appear slowly as the hay continued to lower and fly across the tower to the other side, once cleared the rune pulsated as he walked over to her she continued to try and back into the wall of the tower, standing infront of her she fell quiet and stared up at her, her large green eyes, glassy on appearance as they gleamed up at him she fell silence, the sound leaving her entirely as he grabbed her wrist, picking her up he pulled her small frame and placed her in the middle of the rune, dropping her down he stepped back as small runes began to raise around the edge, pulsating and vibrating in the very air, filling the darkened tower with power as it filled even the darkest corners, the small girl watched in amazement.

A low humming noise began to fill the room, more runs coming up from the large one surrounding her, the figures green aura paling in comparison as he stepped toward it and walked through, disappearing she sat and watched, a voice whispering could be heard over the hum of the pulsating rune, shielding her from outside influence.

“Celinias, shh child... your home now.. “

The small girl turned around in the circle, pushing her small frame up as she stood on her feet, trying to find the source of the voice as the runes began humming in their own right, reaching up towards the tower, thousands swirling around her at a steady pace as the light diminished as it reached the top, leaving a clear view.

A hand emerged from the runes, purple it's self in colour as it passed the bread to her, taking it nervously she threw herself to the floor and began to eat, the cold glass bottle being placed beside her still filled with the milk.

“Rest child.. you have a lot to learn, but do not fear, you are safe, Dagmir will be close by when needed, food, clothing... you are home”.

She turned around, still attempting to find the source of the voice as the runes began to fall back down to the floor, the small figure appeared again from nowhere, a purple aura trailing behind him as the green light burned over his body again, looking at her he laughed as he spoke in a high pitch, she grinned as she recognised the imp from beneath her bed since a child.

The runes fell back into the bigger one laying on the floor, taking her hand he pulled her and began throwing the hay back over it, mumbling unhappily before he hopped and skipped outside, leaving her to sit in the hay as a purple glow surrounded the entrance to the door, to afraid to move elsewhere and happy where she was, she sat and waited.
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PostSubject: Re: The Demonic Claim.   Thu Aug 04, 2011 4:52 pm

The small girl sat and watched the door atop of the hay as she picked at the last of the remaining bread, placing it in her lap she leaned over carefully and picked up the bottle of milk, making sure to wrap both her small hands around it, she placed it upright against her as she pushed the small parchment cover top off of it and picked it up slowly as she drank from the bottle, leaving it half full she placed it back down beside her as the small green figure appeared in the door way with a bag tightly held in his hand, a manic laughter filling the room as he watched her, she giggled softly although a look of wonder and fear mixed into her eyes as she watched him in amazement.

He dropped the bag infront of her, mumbling as he waddled off to the other side of the tower away from her, dropping the bread back into her lap she quickly opened the bag, pulling out clothing as she held it up and wrinkled her nose slightly at the shirts, finally reaching the bottom she pulled out a red dress, smiling brightly she told the small figure to go away!

Running away out of the tower immediately as he did so she stood, pulling the white dress she had been wearing off and pulling on the red one, although a little loose it fit her better then the other as she fell back onto the hay she pulling her hair free as the ringlets of blonde hair fell around her face before quickly tieing it back into a bun the best she could, giggling to herself as she dived back into the bag, pulling out a small doll and holding it close, she smiled before going back into the bag and pulling out underwear as the small figure ran back in she stood up and screamed, looking at her he shook his head and ran off again as she got changed into the clean stuff and fell back down holding her newest dolly close.

“Your names Molly!”

Spoken softly as she held it close to her chest, yawning as she fell back onto the hay, falling asleep on it as the darkness rolled into the tower and the rune on her ankle began to pulse again a little brighter.

The rune on the ground pushed the hay away from around it as it began to pulsate, runes flying quickly up into the room, this time making it clear to see all the way around, the small figure walking back into the tower as the room lit up with the glow from the floor, the girl now shielded within her rune, the voice spoke softly as she stirred, her hair working loose from the band she had used as the ringlets roll down and around her face softly.

“Dagmir! Get over here you useless Imp!”

The small imp hopped and waddled over to him quietly, as a hand reached from within the runes and grabbed the imps small neck, picking him up the voice growled softly as the girl continued to sleep unbeknownest to what was happening around her.

“I thought I told you to keep her safe, what happened?!”

The purple hand dropped the imp to the ground who began to glow a brighter fel green as he screeched for breath.

“Yes Master, Sorry Master....She – She used a spell in anger to kill they were going to hang her”

“You useless, pathetic, idiotic imp! We have her sooner then we anticipated!”

The room fell quiet, the only sound that could be heard was a far off cry of a westfall coyote out for his hunt in the dead of night.

“This could work, young, impressionable, alone..Keep her safe, we'll keep her safe, teach her, lead her, she will work up there, I down here...”

A manic laughter filled the room, as the hand picked up the imp to his feet by the cloth on his back, a face could be seen faintly as he turned and watched over the small dreaming girl.

“She will learn, things are much easier if she takes what she wants..”

The rune began to pulsate a little more around the small girl, she stirred scrunching her face, the runes light dimming down as she turned over.

“Dagmir, do -not- let me down again, she remains safe at all times, fed, clothed, anything she needs or you will find yourself in the deepest, darkest, most damning part of the nether I can find and I ensure you will -not- like it, no matter the rumors surrounding it..”

Another manic laugh as the rune began to die down, the small runes falling back to the one on the floor as the hand and the face disappeared.

“No master, ofcourse not my Lord”

Dagmir walked over gingerly to the small girl, looking around him as he pulled hay gently across her to cover her softly as she stirred gently, more of her ringlets falling down her back and around her face as he hopped back down the mound of hay and stood on guard by the door once again.
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PostSubject: Re: The Demonic Claim.   Sat Aug 06, 2011 6:17 pm

The black smoke filled the door frame only letting small shards of light through it to light the small tower and the silhouette that stood in it's way, she shuffled slightly, it had already become late in the day as she continued to sleep it away, the imp moved, walking to the other side of the tower as he mumbled audibly to himself, sitting himself down on the ledge of the now broken stair way up, watching her carefully as she stirred and the few beams of light spun gold into her ringlet's framing her face as she turned over onto her back, raising her arms above her head she yawned as she stretched, slowly opening her eyes, looking up to Dagmir she giggled slightly.

“Morning Daggie!!”

The small imp jumped grumpily from the ledge and passed her fresh meet and bread with a bottle of milk, the rune of her ankle began to pulsate as she looked at it in amazement.

“It's not morning, Mistress, it's afternoon and The lord gave me this for you..”

The small girl giggled as the book was dropped onto her lap, she opened it and the runes darted around the page, forming words as she ate the meat and bread in turn, pushing them from her lap she started to trace the words with her finger, reading them out loud as the run beneath her began to pulsate in turn with that on her leg, her jade green eyes standing out against the purple that began to surround her, the runes flying into the sky as the imp stepped back, watching as she became surrounded by the runes that began to swirl around her at speed, the voice came softly into the room.

“Good Celinias, a simple but effective spell, done without any troubles, this is how you call me when you need help... now, turn the page read the next...Dagmir, the animal”

Celinias smiled softly as she watched the purple glow fill the room and the pretty runes fly around her at speed, Dagmir sighed, slipping through the black haze at the door before returning with a small white rabbit, reaching for it she hugged it close and pet it.

“Read the page Celinias...”

She turned the page, as the runes darted across it again, forming words as she read allowed the bunny ran in fear from her, letting out a loud squeal of pain before falling sideways, motionless, a manic laugh filled the room as she sat and stared in shock, her heart beating fast within her chest as she looked to the hand reaching from within the runes.

“Well done little one, we have much to teach you, you have a long way, but I can see, it will be shorter then first thought..”

He ran a finger gently down the side of her face, pulling on one of her ringlets as she watched it, fear within her eyes as she nodded, a tear rolling down her face, his nails were long, and yet the softness he used them on her made it clear he had no intent to hurt her, in fact the opposite, to care for her.

He pulled his hand away and spoke softly but with authority.

“Scary as it may be right now, you will come to see us as family, you will call me Lord and the minions you summon call you Mistress and later, when you are strong enough, Lady, you will learn little one, this is what you are destined to be..”

Celinias watched the hand disappear back through the runes as the face appeared, she jumped slightly and nodded.

“Y-Yes My Lord”

He laughed slightly as he watched her, a gravel, manic laughter filled the room and shot chills down her spine, shaking her head she dropped the book and covered her ears as a strange language filled the room.

“Ah yes, Demonic, Read this also...”

He spoke again as a book dropped down onto the hay, Celinias frowned, she'd always hated reading, pushing the book away from her it slid down the mound of hay as he picked it back up and looked at her.

“Dagmir, read as she sleeps, the best way for her to learn anyway...”

He grinned slyly as he disappeared within the runes, the imp grumbled again, clearly unhappy with the situation, a hand appearing the other side and grabbing the small imp.

“Problem, -Dagmir-?”

The imp squealed as his throat was squeezed, the small girl watching as her eyes filled with fear, the hand dropping the imp back down as he fill with a loud thud.

“No my Lord, Ofcourse Not My Lord, I will read to Mistress...”

Dagmir quickly walked through the runes, disappearing momentarily before appearing inside of them, picking up the book he flicked through it before standing and waiting, the runes began to fall back down to the floor.

“Rest well Celinias, Dagmir, Remember your -place-”

Dagmir mumbled again as the runes finally fell back down into the floor, disappearing, Dagmir looked at her before hopping away from her, disappearing outside again as she sat in shock, shaking her head softly, staring at the small rabbit that continued to lay motionless on the floor.

A soft hissing sound and Dagmir arrived back in the room as Celinias covered her face and wiped the tears away that had started to fall, looking at him she spoke shakily.

“What is that hand?”

Dagmir looked at her, laughing slightly as he shook his head, hopping to sit on the hay.

“Mistress, that is the Lord of us all, A Dreadlord within the nether, a powerful being and one to have on your side, you, at least, are safe..”

Dagmir grinned somehow before patting her head and hopping and waddling back down the hay, Celinias laid back, closing her eyes softly, unsure of what to make of the days events and tired from the use of her own energy, she pulled her doll close to her.
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PostSubject: Re: The Demonic Claim.   

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The Demonic Claim.
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