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 Feline Perspective

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PostSubject: Feline Perspective   Mon Jul 18, 2011 12:44 pm

Val pads along the street heading towards the canals, her paws keeping her movement silent in the shadows. A waft of scent crosses her path and she stops to read, the tip of her tongue protruding to gain depth with her senses.

Satisfied it is of no concern she continues towards her spot along the canal where she lays in the sun most days. With no one visible she steps from the shadows still in her feline form and settles on the warm stone.

The last few weeks of her life had been rather interesting since she sneaked into the City under cover of darkness. Pity she had been caught by that Warden, that Keldorei and his human friend. If they had not caught her with the loot from the hit on the jewellers she would have been set for a long while. Interfering fools, taking her to that Brother at the Cathedral in the hopes it would reform her and make her go straight.

For a moment Val draws her lips back over her fangs as she remembers setting fire to the Cathedral, even if it died out without more than a dark mark on the front entrance it was still a moment of mirth for her.

She licks her moist nose with her pink tongue, keeping her senses heightened to the smells around her.

The Brotherhood, she was lucky she wasn’t dead after what she had done. It was daring to try and pick their Commander, yet he had seemed too relaxed to work it out that fast. For a moment she thinks of his face, so casual when he came back with the drinks. He didn’t give it away, not a clue until they had surrounded her and blocked her escape from the room. Offering her a job was the last thing she expected from them, yet here she was wearing the colours of the Brotherhood, a stay of execution perhaps?

Things changed fast here, the Commander had lost his leadership to the woman Robi, who was personally training Val for her role in the Brotherhood. The new Commander was even more dangerous than Balyke, at least with him she could scent his hidden, yet with Robi it wasn’t as easy.

Val shifts and the sun catches the small patch of white fur over her right rib cage, legacy of an injury from her past.

A scent blows over the City, coming from the hills behind the wall. Keeping her head down Val savours it, trying to work out who it is. A Sin’dorei, the smell of their race is unmistakable, but especially so with this one, it’s been moving fast and it smells of exertion.

Val licks her lips, opening her jaws to inhale the scent over her pink tongue. She’s sure its male and passing through to a new location as the scent is on the wind and fading fast. Soon the smell is just an echo that lingers on the edge of Val’s conscious.

A Guard patrols past, seeing the big grey cat asleep in its usual place. He has seen it here for a few weeks now, each day sleeping in the sun close to the canal. He walks slowly on his way, unaware of the passing Sin’dorei or the cats yellow eyes watching his progress.

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Feline Perspective
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