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 [Silvermoon] Belore Alandie

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PostSubject: [Silvermoon] Belore Alandie   Thu Jul 28, 2011 2:07 pm

A glimpse of death freezes the distant borders of QuelThalas. Deathwing and the Twilight acolytes are walking slowly but persistent announcing the start of a new war, a war that Sin'Dorei will soon fight at their doorstep.
By Regent Lord's order, his Grand Magsiter and Ranger General assign Ranger Thiv to form what is to be called Belore Alandie and prevent by any means necessary the abominations that infects Azeroth.

Belore Alandie will soon to cover and oversee all aspects of Silvermoon Society and with the aid of fellow Sin'Dorei they will fight to restore the glory of the Quel'Thelas and fulfill their birth mandate under the Sun.

Belore Alandie is an organization of blood elves that work together to the benefit of Silvermoon City and the Sin'Dorei. They are part of the Silvermoon City military force and will operate under the guidance of Grand Magister Rommath and High Ranger Halduron Brightwing; at need they will call out /offer the support of fellow organizations as long as it is to the benefit of the Sin'Dorei and Belore Alandie. The organization is intended to seek and destroy every potential enemy of Silvermoon and Sin'Dorei society from all over Azeroth and beyond. The means of succeeding in such a task will be focused on both use of Magic and the Farstrider Military tactics. In addition, Belore Alandie will be open to any form of collaboration with factions that will bring profit by accepting missions of any kind as long as they don't interfere with their purpose.

Affiliation to other factions /alliances

Belore Alandie is part of the Silvermoon Military force and part of Silvermoon Society. They act and operate under the guidance of Grand Magister Rommath and High Ranger Halduron Brightwing and in close collaboration with other factions loyal and allied to Silvermoon.
The Alliance is considered enemy because of their traitorous actions and their war against the Horde. Until this war is not decided in the favour of Silvermoon, Belore Alandie will not hesitate to weaken the Alliance.
Other factions will be either considered friendly or enemy depending on how it affects the interests and safety of Silvermoon City and Belore Alandie.

Website: Belore Alandie

Belore Alandie is a Blood Elven RP guild which RP's almost on all levels of RP in Quel'thalas (Blood Knights, Farstriders, Magisters and other minors).
We aim to restore, and why not improve Blood Elf RP and our in-game society and have some fun in a friendly and mature environment.
We offer support to new RP'ers and welcome anyone who desires to make a difference
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PostSubject: Re: [Silvermoon] Belore Alandie   Mon Sep 19, 2011 10:26 am

Hi guys,

We have decided to make HQ at The Hall of Respite in Silvermoon City. I think it is a good place because it will encourage RP in area.

If any active guilds or players have officially stated they have business here please let me know. I am not fully aware of everyone's IC locations.

Orthos Do'Urden
Belore Alandie
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[Silvermoon] Belore Alandie
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