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 The Grimoire

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PostSubject: The Grimoire   Thu Jul 28, 2011 11:01 pm

(( This will be my first written storyline, hope you enjoy Smile All based on IC events ))

Shay sat in the Slaughtered Lamb with W, looking through the newly acquired notebook Darién had brought him. A lot of things had happened the past few days, his mind and body worn out from the stress.
Leaning back in the chair, letting out a sigh as W flicks through the pages. He closes his eyes, his mind wandering back to that fateful night..

Lord Iskaroth had fallen in the battle for Deadwind Pass, and the grimoire was lost.
No one knew who managed to kill him, or where Iskaroth’s grimoire were.
Filled with anger and a determination to bring his Master back from the Nether, he set out to find the grimoire...

“How long has it been now, without a single clue?” he thought to himself.
It’s been almost two years now, and all he had gained was Iskaroth’s amulet which linked his soul to Darién, his mindslave. He had now gained control of Darién, sharing both mind and vision with the man.
Another thing was this notebook.. He had forced Arli to translate the whole notebook and utilizing Arli’s weakness for Robi, Arli was now forced to work for him - though Arli insisted that the Thorn was left out. Shay had agreed, and promised he wouldn’t ask anything of him that would jeopardize Arli’s rank within the Thorns.
The Thorns was not the main problem right now, he could not care less.

Shay snapped out of his thoughts as W called his name.
“There’s three things here worth of notice. Apparantly some cargo with the highest priority was shipped out to three locations about the time Iskaroth had fallen.”
Shay looked at him, nodding slowly - encouraging him to go on.
“One of them was shipped to Warsong Hold, the second to Undercity, the Magic Quarters and the third to Orgrimmar, location unknown”

Shay nodded again.
“Very well. We’ll send a couple of apprentices to Warsong Hold along with Darién to pick up the cargo there. We’ll go search Undercity. Meanwhile we’ll get Arli to gather information about the whereabouts of the third shipment in Orgrimmar. Let’s go find Robi and tell her to arrange a meeting with Arli”

He found his wife in Booty Bay, waiting for the boat to arrive. She seemed to have a little group of people with her, and as he searched the group his gaze fell upon Ivery.
He gritted his teeth. Ivery.. He hated Ivery like nothing else. Almost as much as Calahan.
This was neither the time or the place, so he shoved the murderous thoughts out of his head and looked at Robi.
“Hi Shay”
He didn’t consider giving her a hug or a greeting, he knew she wanted it but this was yet again not the time or the place for affection. It’s not that he didn’t love her, she meant the world to him, but he was in a hurry and needed her to arrange a meeting with Arli.
“I need you to arrange a meeting with Arli”
“When?” she asked.
“Tonight” he stated.
“Erm ok, I’ll see what I can do. Where do you want to meet him?”
“Where ever he feels safe, I don’t care.”
He looked at Ivery again, annoyance building up inside of him, shaking it off again.
“Why is he here? I thought he was dead.”
Ivery smiled, a smile Shay hated and Ivery knew this.
“I’m not that easy to kill Shay, you of all people should know this.”
Shay stated coldly that he wouldn’t mind giving it a try, then looked at Robi and she looked at him.
“We’re going to scout Orgrimmar, wish me luck”
“You’ve got quite a couple of guards with you, doubt you’ll need it” he answered.
“Don’t worry, I’ll keep an eye on her” Ivery grinned.
Shay looked at him, resisting the urge to wipe that grin off his face, destroy him completely. Yet again he shoved the urges away, telling him if he as much as laid a finger on Robi he’d crush him like the fly he was.
Ivery answered in his annoyingly cocky way that he was shaking in his boots, but Shay ignored this. If he wanted Ivery dead, he will die. He was pretty sure Ivery knew this too. He left it at that, keeping his calm and collected outer self, as he watched the group board the ship and sail off.

“Hmph, no one pisses me off as much as Ivery.” he mumbled.
“Don’t let it get to your head, Shay” said W.
“Yes, he’s not worth it.”
Whistling for his drake, they both left for the Lamb, back to planning and back to studying that wretched notebook.

As they sat in the Inn, Robi walked in. She had arranged a meeting with Arli, and so they left for Dalaran – where Arli felt safe.

They waited outside Cantrips & Crows, as Arli walked up to them.
”Arli I've got something for you to do.”
Shay grits his teeth, annoyed by the sudden confidence.
”You seem to have gotten a lot of confidence suddenly, Arli..”
”Am I supposed to be grateful or something?”
”You should be grateful you're alive, that's what you should be.” he coldly stated.
Arli scowled, not answering back.
”Hmph. Anyhow.. I need you to gather information about a supposedly highly prioritised cargo that was shipped to Orgrimmar a year ago. Location, if it's still there and so on”

Arli looked at him; ”Do I look like a bloody delivery boy or something”?
Again, this confidence.. something happened, and Shay didn't like it one bit.
”You look like someone who's surrounded by enemies who wouldn't hesitate a second to slit your throat.” he said through gritted teeth, an edge of danger to his voice.

Arli kept telling them it wasn't his line of work, and that the threats to Antel and Dianthaa was of no use since he was now single. Arli tried lying, Robi told the truth and ruined it for Arli. Shay knew Arli was in the palm of his hands, and told him that within a couple of days he -will- agree to do this.

Shay was getting tired of this meaningless talking, and Arli kept refusing.
W then threatened to tell Anethrax that Arli had been working for the Alliance, which turned the tides completely.
”Alright.. I want a deal though. I do this and the whole agreement is off”
Shay and W talked it through, deciding to go with it.. for now. Arli was setting up his own trap, and they both knew it.
”Very well.. I agree to your conditions.”

He peered over his shoulder at Robi, standing slightly behind him at his left. He knew she felt uneasy and upset about Arli being in this much trouble, but it was necessary and she accepted it for his sake.

He looked back, Arli and W seemed to be arguing about something. This was getting on his nerves, why wouldn't Arli just agree and go do his job?

”..If you're so bloody sure go look for yourself!” it came from Arli.
That was all his calmness could take. He walked straight up to Arli, looking him in the eyes through the hood.
”Arli.. I swear on everything that's unholy that I -will- make your life so unbearable that you're going to beg me to end your life.
I'm going to make you go through hell and back.
I will skin you alive, if you keep talking nonsense. You're going to do this and that's it.”
Even though his body and posture warned of danger and murderous intent his voice was calm and cold.
Arli grew pale, swallowing slowly and nodding.
”Fine that's all, you can leave.”

Arli nodded slowly, taking his leave without a word.

His mind was set, he will ressurect The Dark Lord, and the Rose will regain it’s former glory. He would sacrifice his own life to make this happen if it was necessary.
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PostSubject: Re: The Grimoire   Fri Jul 29, 2011 8:09 am

((that's great Shay, love it, keep'em coming))
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PostSubject: Re: The Grimoire   Fri Jul 29, 2011 10:12 am

(( Hell yes! Even though I hate you -so- much IC, I so love to rp with you Smile Great write up! ))
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PostSubject: Re: The Grimoire   Sat Jul 30, 2011 3:11 pm

(( <3 shay, always so fun to RP with ya. After Iskies book are we? May have to get Ish involved in this somehow ^^ ))
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PostSubject: Re: The Grimoire   Sat Jul 30, 2011 3:31 pm

(( Hehe, thanks guys Smile And sure, anyone who wants to be involved are welcome Very Happy ))
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PostSubject: Re: The Grimoire   Sun Jul 31, 2011 2:23 am

Ivery wrote:
(( <3 shay, always so fun to RP with ya. After Iskies book are we? May have to get Ish involved in this somehow ^^ ))

(( No, no Ishery business, loads of Knights Business! to make sure they don't get what they want but probably will because Isky being back would be awesome but they wont want that ic?! Very Happy Love the story shay, can't wait for the rest, as i said, you have to keep updating now, hehe Smile ))

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."
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PostSubject: Re: The Grimoire   Sun Jul 31, 2011 10:26 pm

Shay, Vickram and W sat in the Lamb, discussing what to further do with the cargo, as one of the servants came running up to them telling a Blood Elf had been spotted in the basement.
Arli.. only Blood Elf stupid enough to actually wander through Stormwind and into the basement of the Lamb.

They walked downstairs, and just as he predicted Arli stood there. Vickram in his drunken rage attacked Arli right away, busting up crates and walls as he swung his huge sword around, Arli smoothly escaping to the other side of the room, telling Vickram to stop.

Shay stepped out from the shadows, as Vickram and W took place next to him. Darién appeared on the other side of the room, as Sardred came walking down the stairs.

Arli seemed to be quite the scared Elf, as he was surrounded by all the Rose members.

Arli told him he had an update around the cargo he was investigating, but said that there were too much paper to steal.
Shay was annoyed at first, telling him to steal the whole load. W insisted that was impossible and that it would take ages to translate it from Orcish.
Shay nodded.
"Why don't you just find out what you want and I'll get it for you" said Arli.
"Very well Arli, I'll contact you when we find out then." stated Shay.

Arli then left, and Shay went back upstairs along with the other Roses, he wanted to let them relax, but he still had some things to take care of.

Robi had told him that Dianthaa would be in the Old Town Inn later this night, and he would take this chance to set an example for Arli. Show him that his threats were not empty.
He found them in the basement, and to his displease, Ivery was there too. He ignored his presence, and gave out orders to Aradir and Darién about when to attack, and that they had to make sure that Dianthaa did not die. He didn't care how close to death she was, this was only to set an example.

They surrounded the basement as Robi was speaking to Dianthaa, and as she finshed they attacked. Darién leaped in on Shay's command, kicking Arli out of the way, Shay stepped out from the shadows and after him followed Aradir. It went swiftly and painfully, and after a shot while Dianthaa was on the ground in a pool of blood, still breathing. Arli had a horrified look on his face as he stepped back.

"Well played that one" it came from Ivery.
Shay glanced at him, "Touch Arli and you're dead, Ivery."
He then walked up to Arli.
"Do you understand why you -must not- refuse to do what I say? Next time she will not survive."
Arli nodded slowly, Shay knew he got the point across.
Aradir and Darién stood guard at the back of the room, W was guarding the entrance.

"We're leaving".
They went upstairs to find Sadine, trying to get downstairs, W was holding her back though, lying the best he could and she seemed to believe it.

Robi came upstairs and they stood talking for a while as Aradir and Darién went outside to scout.
Shay got distracted by the talking downstairs.
"How come you're alive after you scewed Shay's wife?" asked Arli.
"Bah, I'll just ignore Shay's threats and kill you Arli.. he's all talk no action anyway" it came from Ivery.

Shay sighed. This is it. Ivery shall die.
Shay walked outside, calling the Roses back.
"We're taking Ivery." he coldly stated.
They nodded, following him downstairs.
He passed Sadine and Robi, they looked like they didn't believe what they just said.

Shay walked straight downstairs and up to Ivery, Darién behind him, W to his left and Aradir to his right.
"Ah damn.. Sadi, go get some help. I believe I'm getting murdered here." said Ivery.
"Tie him up, we're leaving." said Shay, as Aradir pulled out some rope.
Ivery then pulled out a dagger and a hammer, spinning around as he aims low.
Darién gets wounded lightly on the leg, Shay knew this was no problem as Darién was hardly human any longer. The rest of them stepped back with their leg armor torn up a bit.
Ivery tried to make a run for it, just as W came down the stairs.
"Damnit.." it came from Ivery.

Robi kept standing infront of Ivery, demanding an answer for why he's doing this. He chose to ignore her, he was furious with Ivery and needed no other reason.
He threw a punch towards Ivery's stomach, as Ivery falls to one knee Aradir ties him up.
"W, go get the drake."
They walk upstairs, Shay couldn't care less about how many witnesses saw him doing this. He had set his mind to kill this man, and he'll die at all costs.

Aradir threw him up on Shay's stone drake, as Shay mounted his crimson one.
"Follow me" he ordered the dragon as Ivery sat on it, silent.
They traveled towards Darkshore, and down into the Maw of the Void, a cave underneath he had discovered with Robi.

"Kill me Shay and the Knights will raise me again.. and you're a dead man." said Ivery, who stood up against a wall.
"Oh I'm not killing you just yet.. I'll have my fun, I don't want your worthless blood spilled over me." hissed Shay.
"Fine.. torture me.. kill me, whatever." said Ivery, like he didn't have a care in the world.
"All you do is talk, no action anyway."

Shay instantly pulled out a dagger, turning around to stab it directly into Ivery's stomach.
Ivery yelped, spitting out blood as he fell down on one knee.
Shay aimed a kick towards his face as Ivery kneels down, sending him flying backwards with his head slammed into the wall.
Suddenly a Night Elf appears, throwing a smoke bomb into the room, blurring the sight of everyone.
"You.. you should have killed me when you had the chance Shay" came a choked voice from Ivery.

Shay stood with his swords ready as the smoke lifted, to his great dissapointment both the Night Elf and Ivery had escaped.

He gritted his teeth, sheathing his well-crafted weapons dripping with poison.

"I -will- get you Ivery.."

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PostSubject: Re: The Grimoire   Sun Jul 31, 2011 10:57 pm

(( Very very nice written, I shall wear a sword from now on!Razz

Love to see the next part:) ))
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Robi Kaezlan.
Robi Kaezlan.

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PostSubject: Re: The Grimoire   Wed Aug 03, 2011 9:23 am

(( come on Mr K we're waiting for the next bit))
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PostSubject: Re: The Grimoire   Wed Aug 03, 2011 12:03 pm

(( Indeed we are, you can't keep us waiting so long, it's unfair to the mass population that want to keep up with it! Very Happy

*cannot speak when she takes forever to write her next chapters but shhh*

Hurry up! hehe ))

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."
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PostSubject: Re: The Grimoire   Wed Aug 03, 2011 12:43 pm

(( looks like I have to kill alot of people in the weekend so Dianthaa can sleep like an child again ))

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PostSubject: Re: The Grimoire   Wed Aug 03, 2011 12:51 pm

(( thank you Squad, can't have big bad allies beating up Dia like that.

Shay for the love of whatever hurry up and post something today))
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PostSubject: Re: The Grimoire   Wed Aug 03, 2011 12:54 pm

((I am glad Gelly is in a secure place right now, or she may be up to her elbows in damaged bodies as they roll off someones blades. lol. Enjoying the storylines, great to see so many well known names coming up in RP again.))
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PostSubject: Re: The Grimoire   Wed Aug 03, 2011 5:03 pm

(( Sorry to keep you waiting, not much has happened lately, yet here's the update so far Smile Enjoy. ))

The Lamb was unusually crowded this evening, Roses swarmed all over the place and the tables were filled.
Shay sat at his usual place, at the high end of the longest table - accompanied by his Darksworn Warzor, Sardred, Darién lurking somewhere keeping guard over the Lamb and his two subs, Zorinya and Celinias. Not to mention the other recruits wandering around, talking and drinking.

Shay felt somewhat good. It had been a long time since he's seen The Slaughtered Lamb been so full of Roses, it reminded him of the old days..

Tonight he had a task for his two subs, he wanted to see what they were capable of and he sure as fel wouldn't go easy on them.
They claimed to work best together in pair, and so he let them.
He seemed to be the only one who were able to stand the two girls.. Vickram had threatened Celinias and even W had his patience tested by these two menaces.
Shay did see why though, they got on his nerves aswell but it wasn't something he couldn't ignore. That's his way of dealing with annoying things. Ignore it.

Celinias and Zorinya sat at either side of the table, to Shay's left and right. They were only told that they had to do a small task for Shay.
"The cargo that was shipped from Conquest Hold to Warsong hold.. it might contain important clues about the grimoire, it's highly unlikely that it is still there, but I want you two girls to go and get it for me, or at the very least find some -valuable- information about where it is now.
The girls looked at eachother, nodding. They accepted they said.
Shay wondered if they actually believed they had a choice in this matter, but chose to let it go.

"Darién." he called out into the Lamb, as a fully armoured man appears from the shadowy corner behind Shay. He bows deeply for his new Master, then fixates his gaze upon the girls, nodding curtly.

Zorinya peered at Darién, seeming a little awkward at his presence.
"What are you staring at!?"
No answer.
"Zori.. he doesn't talk, you'll need a paper and parchment if you want an answer from him"
Shay sighed.
"Listen you two, Darién here will accompany you on your mission. He will serve as a guardian, and is -only- there to keep you two from dying. He's a merciless killer -and- you might aswell consider him as me. He's to be treated with respect." he lectured them.
"Also, just because he's there does not mean you're going to make him do all the work. It's your mission, understand?" Shay added.

"We know that brainiac! We'll get it done." it came from them.
"Fine, you can all leave now. Return when you've succeeded in your task, I'll be watching you."

They needed discipline.. but nevertheless, they were interesting. He was sure they'd do well on their task. This confidence mostly came from the fact that Darién was with them, but they'll learn.

A couple of hours later they returned, they seemed to be in one piece. That's something atleast.
They reported that they had stolen the shipping logs from the local Quartermaster and then went straight to Booty Bay, to get it translated by a Goblin who evidently were in a debt to the girls. Shay did not care why or who he was.
He wanted results.
Darién took place behind him, as the Celinias placed six papers infront of him.
"These are the translated papers, the rest will be ready in a couple of days."
"I'm giving the Goblin two days." said Shay.
Zorinya nodded; "We'll threaten him until he finishes it before two days."
Shay excused them, as he handed the papers to W.
After cross checking the files with the notebook, it seemed like the caravan carrying the cargo had been lost on it's way from Conquest Hold to Dragonblight. It could have either been the scourge or the Alliance.. maybe even the blue dragons who rampaged Dragonblight at that time, W speculated.
They came to the conclusion that it must've been the Alliance, and if it was the files would most likely be in Wintergarde Keep.
Another little trip for his subs.

He had met up with Robi a few days later, he wanted to make her feel better and took her to Ahn'Qiraj to find her that dress she's wanted for so long.
As they were in there, she told him something that got him excited like a child.. Calahan was determined to take him down.
Shay grinned, almost laughed.
"For so long I've been waiting for him to do something.. and the only thing I had to do was beat Ivery up a bit?"
"Ivery is also wanting to have a go at you, Shay.."
"With those wounds? Hmph, one stab in the same spot and he's done for.. but if he feels up to it, I won't back down"

Shay was looking forward to this.. Being able to fight the two men he hated the most, and they even came to -him- seeking a battle.
Even if they came together at him, he promised himself that he would take up the fight and be the last man standing...

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PostSubject: Re: The Grimoire   Wed Aug 03, 2011 6:18 pm

(( just a quick post as I'm at work))

The first thing Ivery saw when he woke was a pair of skulls on a table. He looked at them for a long time, before deciding they needed names. Concussion was a funny ailment, and the combination of Shayanan's knee to his face and the subsequent slamming into the wall was more than enough to give him one.

The Knights came. Leov and a shaman he had not seen before healing his wounds and making sure any damage done to him was not permanent. They told him to rest and he did so, sleeping for almost two days as the magicks of the Paladin and Shaman did their work. When he finally awoke he could barley stand, but he was still alive. Visitors came and went, all asking what had happened and almost instantly a consensus was reached. The Rose, and Shayanan in particular, must be wiped out. The Knights went about their work as Ivery rested, favors were called in, equipment released from the Knights vaults and locations scouted.

Down in the cathedrals basement Ivery was busy as well. His own contacts were busy, bringing him weapons and armor to replace his standard issue (and woefully inadequate) SI:7 gear, and he read through report after report on the Rose and their suspected activity's. The healing potions provided by Leov did their work, and soon enough he was well enough to walk, always keeping a watchful eye on the dark corners of Stormwind's streets "just in case".

The hammer was about to come down on The Dead Rose, and Ivery wanted to be the one to wield it.
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PostSubject: Re: The Grimoire   Thu Aug 04, 2011 10:17 pm

((Loving this story <3 ))
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PostSubject: Re: The Grimoire   Sat Aug 06, 2011 5:58 am

Tol Barad. An island where war was constant, a perfect place for Shay to let his frustrations go, the mindless killing of members of the Horde was just what he needed to ease his mind and relax within.. It gave him a feeling of pleasant satisfaction as he slit the throat of the final Orc in his way, watching the life drain out the pleading eyes, never knowing the name or face of his killer.

Shay stood on a small hilltop beside his crimson drake, letting it feast on the bodies of the slain warriors, as his vision suddenly blurred; seeing the catacombs under the Lamb. He was still not used to this vision-sharing with Darién, but he knew something was urgent when this happened. He saw Darién quickly pass through the shadows of the crypt and stand infront of Arli. Robi was there too.

After Robi was attacked by this Spike.. Shay had suspected the Thorns of being behind it. No rather, he -knew- they were behind it.
Arli was the one to force the answer out of, mounting his drake to fly over there.

He arrived outside the Lamb, walking through the bar as he quickly nodded to the two Roses sitting at the table.
As he went downstairs he heard the voices of Arli and Robi.

"I.. I should go, I'm being moved to Bogpaddle to keep it under surveillance." came Arli's voice.
Shay stepped down the stairs, walking straight up to Arli, Arli noticing him stepping back in the same speed as Shay was walking forward.

"Why did you send Thorns to get Robi?" Shay asked directly.
"Shay.. brother.. I didn't, I don't know anything about it" He sounded honest.. but Shay knew he couldn't trust the words of this Blood Elf.
"Shay, I really don't think he knows anything.. he just asked me what happened" said Robi.
"Who did it Arli!? I want an answer -right- now!"
"It wasn't me, I swear, I don't know anything about it!"
"Arli, you better not be lying or you'll soon find Dianthaa in her grave.."
".. Well atleast it wasn't me who slit Robi's throat.." he said.
Did he just refer to that? Did Arli just stand up to him?
He gritted his teeth, annoyed.
"Say that again?"
Arli looked scared; "Wh-what?"
Shay stared at him for a while, "Want Darién to chase you out of here or are you leaving by yourself?"
"I didn't do anything.."
"Three.." Shay started a countdown to see how far Arli would push it.
Arli looked confused, looking at Robi for help.
"Two.." he kept counting.
"Darién. It seems like Arli here doesn't want to go by himself.". Darién knew what this ment, drawing his blades as he slipped into the shadows, appearing behind Arli nearly stabbing out Arli's heart, yet Arli managed to slip away and into the shadows as Darién followed him.

He'd contact Arli again later.. or Arli would come to him. This was certain.

It was evening now and Shay was tired of analyzing the notebook, the only thing they've found out so far was narrowing the date down of the shipment in Orgrimmar and discovering that the shipment from Warsong Hold had been ambushed.
He needed to go somewhere and find something remotely fun to do. Elwynn.. Goldshire. He hadn't been there for a long time, due to the place being packed with Knights, Wardens and whatnot. Enemies.
Though, it could be fun..

Shay landed outside the small town, taking place at the usual fence infront of the Blacksmith, watching the townspeople walk by whispering, giving him strange looks. Hate mixed with fear. He loved it.
Robi and Sadine walked outside, Sadine immediately giving him a glare.
They argued for a bit, then they both walked off to talk. He didn't care.

Next up came Calahan, walking by him at first then turning around standing on the other side of the fence.
"Evening you massive prick."
"Evening you perverted old freak."
This was usual stuff.. Calahan would call him names, he'd say something stupid back at him, hoping he'd actually take the fight up with Shay when he got enough. This had never happened yet.
"Enjoy those breathes.. you don't have many left."
"I'm enjoying them quite well, thank you. Look there's a little girl over there, why don't go you flirt with her?" he said sarcastically.
"Just wait Shay, I'm going to take you down.. You've been spoiling to fight me for a long time, I wonder if it's even a challenge."
This sounded good in Shay's ears, maybe Calahan would take the fight up against him?
"I'm still alive. Many people hate me. Why don't you give it a try before you talk too big?" he taunted, eager to fight him.
"I -will- take you down. I can and I will." he stated, before leaving into the shadows and dissapearing out of Shays sight.
He sighed. Just the usual again then.

A short while after a few Knights were assembled outside the Inn, at the fence opposite of Shays'. At his side, slightly behind him to the left stood Robi to his right stood Fenrik, a Worgen, big in size yet still a recruit. He needed training.
Calahan appeared amongst them ordering them to change into battle armor.
"We're taking him now" came the order.
Shay peered at the group, atleast five or six Knights were going inside the Inn to change.
He was pretty much alone.
"Shay.. let's leave.." said Robi, she knew what was going to happen. So did Shay.
She looked at him confused, but Shay had a rule he -always- followed; he would never back down or run away from a fight. He would keep this promise to himself no matter what.
"Shay please, let's just go.."
"No Robi, get out of here. It's dangerous. Leave."

"Shayanan Kaezlan, you are under arrest for attempted murder. Come with us peacefully, if you resist we will take you by force." came the voice of Calahan infront of him, behind him stood Gibbzy, Leov and Sadine. Those were the ones he recognized anyway.
Shay stepped back, pushing Robi with him as he drew his blades, ready to fight. Or atleast go down fighting, taking as many with him as possible.
"Scared are we Shay?" came a mocking voice from Gibbzy.
Scared.. He wouldn't express it that way. Being arrested? He'd rather take up the fight and die than being a prisoner of these scum.
"Mmh.. ganging up on me are we, where's your honor?"
Ivery appeared infront of the line, Calahan slightly behind him.
"Just like you did on me, Shay.."
Like anyone expected honor from a Rose.. Shay didn't answer.
Calahan pointed a rifle directly at his stomach, Sardred waslking up to take place at his left side.
Shay was about to leap forward as Robi puts herself inbetween Calahan and himself.
"Shoot me first, Cal!"
Calahan didn't care, neither did the rest of the Knights.. not even Robi's precious Ivery.
Sadine objected.. they seemed to argue for a bit. Shay didn't listen. He had to get Robi out of this somehow. He had vowed to protect her, and now her life was in danger because of him. He could not take the fight up like this, Calahan would definately shoot through her as they stood.
He nodded slightly to Fenrik, as Ivery began;
"Shayanan Kaezlan by order of the Stormwind Royal Court, the sevent..-"
Fenrik leaped towards Ivery, as Sardred blasted out a cone of ice - Shay taking the moments confusion to his advantage, throwing a smoke bomb in the middle of the group, stepping into the shadows of the blacksmith behind him as he pulled Robi with him.
He cursed under his breath, as he dragged Robi all the way to the Lamb.
They talked for a bit, telling her to be careful and that she was not to meet with any of them.
She was angry that he had told her to leave, and if Shay was going to die she insisted she'd die with him, at his side.
Shay didn't like the idea of this, but she was stubborn. He promised her, that next time they'd die together if it came down to that.
A "next time" was out of the question though.

He left the Lamb, laughing to himself as his drake soared through the night sky.. "I will take you down" eh?
"Yes, sure.. with a gun to my face and an army behind you" he mumbled to himself.
He did not have time for rubbish like this, he had a Dark Lord to raise from the Nether and a Dead Rose to take care of, not to mention his wife to protect.
But Calahan.. Shay would find him alone when possible and challenge him to a fight for life and death.
Calahan surely had his pride to keep after bragging like that, and he'd have to accept.
He'd get him..
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PostSubject: Re: The Grimoire   Wed Aug 10, 2011 7:26 pm

Since the recent hunting of Roses perfomed by the Knights, Shay had issued orders that all Roses were to stay in Darkshire.

Shay stood in the Scarlet Raven Tavern with Darién standing guard behind him, as Zorinya and Celinias steps inside.
"We're back from Wintergarde.. I hope you like reading."
Shay peered at them, awaiting further information.
The two girls handed him a thick book each, along with a smaller one.
"These are the two logs of shipments going in an out of Wintergarde, along with the translated one from earlier."
Shay took the books and placed them on the railing behind him.
"Looks like W has some work to do, well done."
"Is that all?"
"Yes, that's all for no..-"

Shay's eyes fixated on Darién, who suddenly fell down on one knee as a faint light seemed to pierce through his eyes. The man stared upwards, in the same moment intense pain soared through Shay's body.
He gritted his teeth, staggering backwards as the pain intensified, his vision becoming blurry.
He saw a light.. alot of things flew past his eyes, not being able to comprehend any of it, then darkness. Complete darkness.
He heard Celinias and Zorinya's confused voices, but they sounded like more like a whisper than anything.

Snow.. he saw snow upon the pitch black background slowly falling down, and then he saw a book with Demonic marks and writings on it. The Grimoire of Iskaroth.
The book slowly opened itself as it turned over to an empty page, a sketch of what looked like a map over the Ruins of Alterac, and then he saw a heavily armored male, a blackguard with a well crafted sword on his back, then the vision suddenly changed to what looked like a purple stone.
The visions speedened up, and suddenly everything went back to the darkness.

Shay opened his eyes, his mind worn out and exhausted as he looked at Darién. Darién looked back at him. No words were spoken. Darién stood up as if to say something but didn't even write it down. He kept quiet. Shay was sure he'd seen the same thing as he did.

Shay thought the visions through.
What did he just see? Was that the Grimoire? That man.. he resembled someone.. he's seen that very man before, a long time ago.
It was as if Darién nodded, and it became clear for Shay.
Roike.. Roike du'Ley. The man had been missing for years, supposedly dead.
Shay had read through some of the Rose files back in the days, and he was quite sure Roike had lived in the Alterac Mountains.
Did he have the Grimoire? Was it hidden away in his estate?
A load of questions popped into his head, and he needed answers.

He noticed Zorinya and Celinias had been talking to him while he was completely lost in his thoughts, and as he looked around Zhaelnas and W had also entered the Tavern.
He briefed them of his vision quickly, they both looked surprised.
"Who do you want to go there?" asked Zhaelnas.
"Well, obviously there must be some major clues in the ruins of Alterac, the three of us should do, let's go search the area." he answered.

The three of them flew off, hopefully finding any clues of value.. if not the Grimoire itself.
They landed on the highest spot in Alterac, scouting the area. Searching houses, farms, Mansions..
Nothing was found.
Shay gritted his teeth, annoyed that they had achieved nothing from this.
He was so sure that this vision had something to do with the Grimoire..
He assured himself that the clues would show themselves in time, as they soared through the cold skies of Alterac, back to Duskwood.
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PostSubject: Re: The Grimoire   Sun Aug 14, 2011 1:11 am

Shay finally had some free time, and he was going to spend that time on Robi. He hadn't seen her for days, and thought he'd give her flowers as a surprise and spend some time with her.

He set off to Stormglen Village, and entered their house to find his wife. Gave her the flowers, they talked and everything seemed good, until he heard a faint rustling noise somewhere in the back of the house. He shook it off.. probably nothing.
They sat on a chair, talking as the faint noise came again.
"Did you hear something?" Robi asked.
He shrugged; "Not sure, it's probably nothing."
"Hope we don't have mice.. We should get a cat." she sighed.
"A tiger would be better, really."
She laughed, and just as he looked at her Ivery stepped out from the shadows striking his dagger directly towards Shay's back as he sat on the chair.
The dagger penetrated the back of the chair and pierced Shay's armor only to leave a shallow wound, as Robi tackled the attacker.

Shay got up, picking up his swords beside him as Ivery backhanded Robi to knock her off.
Ivery rolled backwards, taking a defensive stance.
"Robi, step back" Shay said calmly, standing with both swords drawn.

"Ivery.. why are you doing this?" she desperately asked him.
"Came alone, eh? Unfortunate for you.." Shay grinned.
Ivery jumped towards him, slashing his claw weapon outwards, Shay lifted his sword to block it as he swung the other sword up towards his neck, aiming for nothing but a fatal blow.
Ivery barely dodges it, as the sword rips off the cloth of his mask, stepping back then aims a kick towards Shay's stomach.
Shay smirks, taking the kick directly to his stomach as he steps back a bit from the strength of the kick, not hesitating a second before he charges towards Ivery with both of his swords aiming to impale his body.

At the same moment, Robi gets in the way and just as Shay was about to stop his attack - Ivery pushes her away, leaving him wide open. Shay takes advantage of this, penetrating armor, skin and flesh as he stabs both of his swords into Ivery's stomach.
Ivery's eyes widened as he drops wordlessly down on the floor, Shay pulling his swords out of Iverys body.
He was still alive..

"Oh Ivery.." Robi was devastated. "Shay get me some water, and bandages!"
"We'll save you Ivery, don't worry.." she assured him, ripping her tabard up to use it as bandages.

Shay pulled out his dagger, the dagger that had ended the lives of many people.. the dagger that did not get to kill Ivery the last time.
"Shay.. no.." Robi pleaded him.
"I do not spare the life of someone who came with intentions to kill me."
Robi looked horrified.
Shay stepped closer to Ivery, ignoring Robi, as he stabs the dagger directly into Ivery's heart.
Ivery gurgled something for a second as life was drained out of his body.
Shay twisted the blade for good measure, making sure this man would -never- return, before he slowly pulled it out.

W arrived moments later, wanting Ivery's soul, but Robi was against this. Shay had pulled her away, holding her to keep her from standing between W's spell and Iverys corpse. The spell failed, apparantly his soul had already left the body.
It did not matter.

"We can't let the Knights know of this, they're already hunting us, they will go mental if they find out you did this Shay" W said.
"We'll pin it on the Thorns.. Everyone knows Arli hates him, why not take advantage of it?"

Shay took a piece of paper, writing down nearly the same thing as the Thorns had written on Robi's note:


Target: Ivery Ilanos

Purpose: Contracted assassination

Method: Dagger to heart.

Fatal: Yes.

Hired Thorn Assassination.

Shay peered at the note, nodding to himself. This would do, even if they didn't believe it they could not blame Shay. If they did.. It'll only add to his fanclub.
He had ordered Fenrik to take the body to Duskwood, and leave it there for the night.

Tomorrow.. the Knights would find a surprise.
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PostSubject: Re: The Grimoire   Sun Aug 14, 2011 2:07 pm

“ me..the barn” I speak quietly into comms, calling Deathmaster Squadron over to my location in Duskwood.

As Squad arrives at my side, I point to the human body, partly covered by hay at the end of the barn and we cautiously approach, blades drawn. There is no movement from the body, looks human, male and as we get closer, I can see the dried blood on his clothes.

Squad kicks him and the body turns over and I look at a face, one I know too well.

“It’s...Ivery, sir”

It’s very clear he is dead, certainly less than a day but not within the past couple of hours. I feel slightly disappointed that it wasn’t to my blades and it crosses my mind how this will hit Robi hard when she finds out he is dead.

“We could take the corpse, give it to the Mistress?”

Could only do me good to present the corpse of a Knight to her, no matter he didn’t die at my blades, his head could be placed on a spike outside of Undercity as so many other enemies of the Thorns have. I look at Squad, he is staring at the corpse, looking even more evil than usual.

“No, I’ve a better idea...” he speaks in a low voice and looks up at me. “We give the Mistress a new Thorn”.

“You’re not going to...” I frown slightly, raising Ivery as Forsaken...surely he isn’t thinking of that?

“He is in the perfect condition to turn...and there are ways to control loyalty and honour”; Squad looks back at the corpse of Ivery

“Uh..y’know...I don’t get on with him that well, can’t see that changing even if you raised him, not sure this is a good idea Squad”.

Squad looks up at me quickly, fixing me with his dark stare.

“At least one forsaken is made today...just remember who counter-commanded my orders last night”

I swallow slowly and nod. Squad had sent two Thorns to a location as punishment and a few short hours later, I’d overriden his command and set them free of it. A mistake. A big mistake, one for which I faced an angry Deathmaster over comms earlier that day.

“y..yes sir”

“Good, you will gain a new Thorn brother today....bring the body”

As Squad walks from the barn I haul the still form of Ivery over my shoulder and follow him out. We strap the body to the back of my Windrider and head towards Tirisfal.
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PostSubject: Re: The Grimoire   Sun Aug 14, 2011 2:14 pm


The way is shut,
It was made by those who are dead
And the dead keep it.

Skeleton in the closet.
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PostSubject: Re: The Grimoire   Sun Aug 14, 2011 2:40 pm

((This just gets better and better. I love where this has gone))
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PostSubject: Re: The Grimoire   Mon Aug 15, 2011 4:07 pm

Calahan gripped the training sword firmly in both hands, hacking at the training dummy with no particular style or grace. It was rare for him to lose his composure in such a way, anger replacing his usual caution and deliberation. Another knight had fallen on his watch, light only knew what he was going to tell the commander. He took a degree of satisfaction in picturing the dummy as a helpless Forsaken rat, perhaps one of the murdering scum that had raised Southshore.

It wasn't so much the fact that one of his men had died fighting the enemy that fueled his hatred but it was rather the horrific thought of him being raised as an undead, a grim fate that Cal wished on nobody, be it friend or foe. Pausing to catch his breath he discarded the now battered sword and turned to head back inside the HQ. The bitter thought in his mind was only that the Thorns were going to bleed for this.
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Robi Kaezlan.
Robi Kaezlan.

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PostSubject: Re: The Grimoire   Mon Aug 15, 2011 7:32 pm

Robi walked along what passed as a beach close to Stormglen Village, where she and Shay made their home. She caught a couple of fish and strolled leisurely back to the house intending to cook them in case Shay should come home tonight. He'd said he would and whilst she was excited at the prospect of some quality time with him, part of her was sceptical he'd actually make it.

She entered the house and laid the fish down, ran her fingers through her hair and thought about changing just in case...

"I have something for you" a voice said behind her. She spun round smiling happily as Shay walked down the stairs towards her.
He was still armoured and hooded but she heard the smile in his voice, his hands were behind his back.
"Something for me?" she looked expectantly at him. "What? a dead bloodelf? a sacrificed virgin?"
He laughed warmly and brought his hands in front of him, in them was the largest bouquet of ebon black roses she'd ever seen. She took them from him and he removed his hood, she smiled and laughed lightly as she looked from the bouquet to Shay.
"Youve never bought me flowers before..." she said still amazed
"Didn't know people actually sold them, only found the shop today" he replied smiling back, looking pleased at her pleasure. "Couldn't get a virgin..theres none in Goldshire..."
"Should I be worried...?" she looked at him with mock suspicion.
He laughed, shaking his head as he took a seat by the fire gesturing her to join him.
She sat on his lap facing him and draped her arms over his shoulders.
They made conversation and generally caught up with each other, relaxing and enjoying being together like this again.

A sudden shiver down her spine, for a fleeting moment she felt she was being looked at. She dismissed it and wrapped herself around Shay again. Then a noise, like a soft footfall on the wooden floor.
"Did you hear that?" she asked "hope its not mice.."

Suddenly Shay leapt up sending her sprawling from his lap, she saw him spin and draw blades in a flash, then noticed a masked intruder lunge at him with wicked daggers.
She launched forward at the assailant, landing a distracting blow to the side of his head. A hand raised from him and she was sent sprawling by a heavy backhanded blow.

As Shay dragged her to her feet and flung her behind him she recognised the attacker as Ivery.
"What do you want Ivery?" she cried
Shay cut and thrust with his swords just as she launched between them. She couldnt let this happen..the two most important people in the world to her...
Shay drew back and Ivery again thrust her to one side but in doing so left himself open to Shays attack.
Shay wasted no time, saw his opportunity, took it and buried one sword deep into Iverys gut and flicked the other in a deep gouge across and down his leg, causing Ivery to fold to the floor.
Robi crawled to his fallen form, the blood flowed furiously.
"Shay...water and bandages quickly..." she ordered
Shay looked at her but did not move
"Water..bandages? You think Im going to save the man who tried to kill me?" his hand went to a dagger.
"He's wounded..."
"He's also bleeding on the carpet..." said Shay as he knelt and drove the dagger deep into Ivery's heart.
Ivery spasmed and gurgled then lay still, she knew he was dead.

She looked up at Shay horrified...yes she knew his reputation..yes knew he was a cold killer..but this...she looked back at Ivery. Then the house seemed filled with Dead Rose, Warzor muttering incantations to claim souls, Fenrick standing by Shays side sniffing the blood, tongue hanging longingly as he was stirred by the scent.

It was like she was standing back watching it all from outside, she saw herself kneeling by Ivery..Shay pulling her up and barking orders..Ivery body being taken outside.
"Youre leaving I suppose?" she said more to break the nightmare stasis she was in than anything else.
"I have to..I need to dispose of the body...blame someone else..Thorns will do...I will be back later tonight." he explained
She nodded as she watched them haul Ivery away.
"Take it to Duskwood, the barn will do..." Shays voice faded to the distance as they left.

Alone she stood transfixed by the blood on the carpet, unable to draw her eyes from it.
She couldnt stay there..she needed to be somewhere quiet away from this.

Needed to sit to think to digest what had happened and come to terms with it, somehow get rid of this aching confusion inside.

Mounting Charlie she flew, anywhere away from that place.
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PostSubject: Re: The Grimoire   Thu Nov 10, 2011 1:12 pm

It had been months since the incident with Ivery, and Shay had not given it a thought since then. Other matters had drawn his attention, glimpes of what Darién saw, and constant reports from Darién while Shay himself was away.

He had now returned to Darkshire and stood in the Inn, as W, Vicco and Celinias stepped inside.
He asked them to brief him, and so they did. They had no news that Darién hadn't already let him know, so he continued on to tell them of his plan to get the Soulstone of Roike du'Ley.

"We're aware of Leov being in possession of the Soulstone and that she most likely doesn't have it on her. We could search her home in Ironforge or simply grab her and take her with us - she'll have to tell us where it is wether she wants to or not" Shay said.

They discussed for a few moments and came to the conclusion that they would search Elwynn first and then continue to Ironforge. If it came to dragging a kicking and screaming woman out of Ironforge - they would have to do it. For the sake of the Dark Lord.

Celinias headed off for the mission Shay had given her along with W, as Shay mounted his Stonedrake and flew off along with Vickram. As they landed behind the blacksmith Shay slipped into the shadows and entered the inn, to find Leov sitting -alone- at the fireplace, otherwise the Inn was empty.
This was good.. but it didn't last for many seconds as Helfdane entered the Inn.
Shay gritted his teeth and cursed under his hood.
"Damn Helfdane, always pops up at the worst times.."
Vickram spotted Helf as Shay slipped out of the shadows on the other side of the Inn as they gave each other a small nod.
"Hello fuckface" said Vick.
"Hello scumbag.." answered Helfdane.
"Could you come outside for a moment, I need to speak with you" Vick asked.
Helfdane didn't suspect a single thing and they went outside much to Shays' pleasure.

Shay looked over at Leov playing with a little cube, as he adressed her.
"Hello Leov, have you seen Sadine?" he calmly asked, pretending to smalltalk.
She jumped a bit with surprise then said that she hadn't with a halfnervous smile.
Shay walked closer to her as she shuffled back; "You know me, right?" he asked with his voice still completely passive.
"Yes.. I know that you're leading a bunch of cultists and you've nearly killed Sadine twice."
"Sounds about right.. You see, you have an item I want."
"Oh? What is it?"
"I'm not sure I should tell you in here.. It's something Sadine told me about, it's quite personal" Shay said, trying to convince her to get out of the Inn before Helfdane returned.
"Is it safe to go with you anywhere not extremely populated..?"
"If I wanted to harm you I would've done it by now, these lowly guards wouldn't make a difference."
She peered at him, standing up to straighten her armor, Shay knew she didn't trust a word he said. .. Or did she?
"Alright then, lead the way.."
Shay grinned underneath his hood, and went outside the Inn and a few metres outside town.

She peered at him curiously; "What is it then?"
Shay whistled as his Drake landed behind Leov, himself infront of her and Vickram landing beside to form a triangle around her.
"I thought so.." she stated, quite unhappy with this.
"Leov, hand over the Soulstone of Roike du'Ley - if you don't have it on you, you'll come with us." He said coldly.
She refused and started to argue with Vickram as Shay noticed Helfdane walking across town towards them. This would turn into a mess if he showed up.
He sighed; "Vickram.. go ahead." Vickram dismounted and grabbed Leov by the throat, but she managed to get herself out of his grip, Shay drew a dagger and quickly knocked Leov out with the hilt of the dagger - in the same moment Shays' Drake decided to try and hit Leov with it's huge claws but missed as Leov dropped to the ground hitting Vickram resulting in half of his armor being shredded and broken.
"The fuck are you doing, dragon!?"
Desaíth landed behind them, seemingly quite amused by this.
Shay picked up Leov from the ground, placing her on his Drake, sending it to the Gilneas Mansion, the rest following up.

Shay searched her body, finding medical pouches, books and a bag. Searching the bag he found a small velvet box, and inside a pulsating purple stone. He stood and stared at it as Demiaux Desaíth commented; "Are you going to keep up the theatrical await or can we know?"
Shay looked up.
"It's a Soulstone alright, but.. This was too easy. I doubt it's the real one, W I want you to analyze it and find out if it has a soul inside - if it does I need to know who."
W nodded, going to his laboratory right away.

Leov woke up, not seeming too effected of her current situation beginning to smalltalk with Demiaux then explained about the Soulstone claiming that she wasn't "a type of person who'd lie". Shay heard her out, but didn't trust anything she said. He had other matters to attend, and left after telling the Roses that she was not to be fed until she begs and cries for food on the verge of death and that the interrogation would start tomorrow.

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The Grimoire
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