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 Face to the wind.

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Robi Kaezlan.

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PostSubject: Face to the wind.   Mon Aug 01, 2011 10:00 pm

"Hello there gorgeous" she smiled as she recognised Ivery's voice and turned towards the sound.
"Hi Ivery" she replied walking over to hug him. His arms wrapped around her and he placed a soft friendly kiss on her forehead, just as he'd always done.
"Care to join me for a drink?" he asked giving her that wink she loved..and he knew it.
"Can't I'm meeting Sadine in Old Town Inn..." she started
"They serve drinks...I'll keep you company" he said draping an arm around her and guiding her towards the inn.
Sadine wasn't there when they arrived so they slipped into a seat and sipped drinks while they waited.
Time ticked on still no Sadine, she fretted slightly if she was much later, she'd have to cry off as she had planned to meet Diaa downstairs in a few moments. A soft whoosh of air and a faint tang of Blood-thistle told her that Diaa was here.
"You see that?" said Ivery getting to his feet, hand on his dagger hilt as he made towards the stairs to the basement. "If that's not a flamin' Belf then I'm a gnomes bastard son..."

Down stairs Diaa showed herself and Robi started her tirade about how she'd given her bogus information and almost got her and Ivery killed in Orgrimmar. Arli appeared at her side and Robi sighed, this wasn't supposed to happen..she wanted Diaa alone...Shay wanted to meet her...

Diaa tried to explain that she hadn't meant Robi to go, that she'd only hoped to pass the information to The Wardens to throw them off the trail.
Robi studied Diaa face, she was telling the truth, she felt it, she knew it. She quite liked Diaa from the few times they'd met and fancied Diaa felt the same, friends perhaps had their allegiances not been so opposing.
However friends or not, it didn't stop the purpose of calling her here.
She pointed at Arli
"You have pissed Shay off big time"
Arli shrugged.
"And you Diaa, nearly got me killed, and Shay says you both have to learn that when he says something he means it..."She took a step back and let the Dead Rose beat Diaa to within an inch of her life and cast her to the floor.
Shay spoke softly to Arli, yet his voice was cold and clear as he explained he -did- mean business and next time Diaa would die.

The Rose left..Sadine arrived and Robi went to meet her leaving Arli and Ivery in the cellar.

As she talked to Sadine and Sadine argued with Shay, voices drifted up from the cellar, Arli and Ivery exchanging insults.
"...screwed his wife" she heard Arlis voice and her blood froze,
"Shays all talk..." Ivery's response.
She glanced at Shay who walked from the inn only to return with his Rose in tow.

She ran down to the cellar to see Shay threatening Ivery, commanding his men to bind him and take him to the drake.
Sadine ran to find The Knights, while she placed herself between Shay and Ivery.
"Move" Shay demanded
"Why are you doing this?" she demanded back.
Shay looked at her,
"I won't tell you again..move...if you don't youre in as much trouble as he is" she could hardly believe what she was hearing
"Why are you..."
"Now!" he commanded her sharply and pushed her to the side.

Ivery was taken, pushed onto Shays drake and flown from the city, and like some proverbial cavalry the Knights arrived a moment too late.

What happened she didn't know but after heated debates and no action it was soon apparent that Ivery had been rescued and taken to the cathedral, as one they dashed there.

Ivery was in a bad way, his face was grey and his gut was gored deeply, he was bleeding profusely, she leaned across and took his hand and squeezed it lightly, she was relieved when he squeezed it weakly back.

Paladins and priests rallied to him, she felt useless.
For a while she watched helplessly, becoming more and more agitated by the second, she knew she'd have to go and find Shay. A last look at Ivery and she fled.

She found him in the Lamb, sitting with W, who quickly left as she approached.

"Why did you protect him Robi?"
"I didn't"
"You stood between us"
"I wanted you to answer me.."
"You heard him, you know what he said, you therefore know why I did it"
Robi nodded.
"Do you know what he said Robi? what he laughed into my face?"
She shook her head
"He said ' you know what I enjoy Shay? I enjoy screwing your wife'
Robi looked up sharply "He said that?"
Shay nodded
"But he isn't...theres been nothing between us except what you know about..."
"Yes, what I know about, what The Rose know about, for fels sake even feckin Arli knows about it..." his voice was tinged with anger.
"I know about it..I forgave it because I was I forgave you a dog I keep coming back to you..."
She opened her mouth to argue there had been nothing between her and Calahan since way before him. He silenced her with a turn of his head.
"Like a pet dog..." he continued "So Im telling you..stay away from Ivery....or stay away from me"
"Just like that?" she asked
He nodded.
"What will it be then Robi? forsaking your friends and Ivery giving it up for one man...or giving up me for them?"
She looked at him.
"What do you want me to do, it sounds as if you want me to go?"
"I have said it Robi, you are my wife, the woman I love, do you want to be by my side?"
"Will you be at mine?"
"And I at yours" he nodded.

"Shay!" Sadines furious voice shouted from the door.
Robi sighed but welcomed the diversion.

She loved Shay, she couldnt imagine life without him, but he was cold, dismissed her when they met, ignored her more often than not if she tried to reason..he never seemed pleased to see her..true they had nothing to prove, but now and then it would be nice if he just acknowledged her as his.
yet Ivery..Ivery was full of fun, they laughed he hugged her careless of who saw, they'd been through a lot together, not something that is easily forgotten, they shared a bond forged by the adversity they'd faced when they'd captured Arli.

And while Sadine cursed Shay, she dwelt on her thoughts. Her heart heavy she moved towards the door.

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Carmtan Nightglade
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Guild Master

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PostSubject: Re: Face to the wind.   Tue Aug 02, 2011 6:25 am

(( Awesome!, Loved it! Smile ))
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PostSubject: Re: Face to the wind.   Wed Aug 03, 2011 4:24 pm

((<3 loving the RP in this little story so far, looking forward to more))
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Robi Kaezlan.

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PostSubject: Re: Face to the wind.   Fri Aug 05, 2011 11:13 pm

"Dippy Cow..."
"I'm not trained..."
"Pulse might be..."
"Shut try..."
"Dippy Cow"
A jumble of words swirled around in the blackness, hearing them as a cacophony of confusion, making no context.
"Wouldn't want to be you if she dies,,dippy"
"I only have a small...."
"I'll feed you both your tongues for dinner if you don't shut up"
She knew that voice..wanted to speak...
A gentle hand stroked her hair and the darkness fell silent again.

Warmth, a soft glow of light broke the utter nothingness and she became aware of pain, not agony by any means but enough to make her groan.
"We have her..." a soft calm strong voice. She felt revived and slowly the dull pain became less.
Sensations now, she felt soft prickling on her skin removing the pain as it passed.
She flickered her eyes open and looked straight into a hooded face.
"Shay..." she whispered hoarsely and tried to smile.
Although she couldn't see his face, somehow she could..she knew his eyes closed briefly and his features relaxed in a wave of relief. He reached out and squeezed her hand, then turned to a profusely perspiring Helfdane who was speaking.
"She was bitten by a worgen Shay..there is a chance the curse has passed on..." she caught the tail of the sentence.
"She could become a worgen?" Shays voice
"There is a chance yes"
She panicked inside and tried to get up but couldnt quite manage it.She felt the air in front of her, trying to grasp Shays hand. Relief as his hand took hers firmly and reassuringly.
"If that happens..." she tried to keep her voice stable "promise you'll kill me Shay..."
He looked at her and nodded "I'll kill you I promise"

Sitting up shakily she realised she had been lying on a table in The Slaughtered Lamb.
"Get her somewhere else" said Shay "She needs rest"
Several hands helped her to her feet.

Shay turned to her and released her hand and asked her what happened.

She explained that Spike, one of her brotherhood had asked to see her urgently, she'd landed on the island and her feet were hardly on the ground when the Gilnean assumed his form and jumped for her throat. She'd quickly dodged and the teeth had found her neck, she was unclear what had happened next is was all so fast..she was aware of flashing blades dripping poison, too quick and too many to be just one person, she'd fallen to the ground, her vision blurring as her blood poured from her gaping neck.
"Shay..." she cried silently as she slipped into welcome oblivion.

Shays stance told her he was angry at what he'd heard. She swayed slightly on her feet.

"Commander" Blaykes voice on her communicator.
"Blayke..." her voice weak
"Is everything alright?" he asked "Where are you?"
She gave her location then turned back to Shay who was talking at her, telling her the attacker would die eventually and in the mean time he would send Darien with her to get some rest.
She nodded, she felt weak and drained, the bite on her neck now throbbing as the healing did its work. She was in slight shock and she trembled, she looked at Shay aching for him to hold her to tell her it was alright, to feel his strength and reassurance..but he summoned Darien and gave the order for her to be guarded.
She looked down afraid she was going to cry.
"Commander..." Blaykes voice was at her side., she raised her head and turned to look at him, fixing her 'Blayke' smile in place and failing. For a moment it seemed like his cold eyes wavered as he looked at her.
"You need rest..." he started "Come on I'll take you somewhere away from here"
Shay looked at him and coldly told him he had made the arrangements and Blayke was free to go.
"She will be well guarded" Shay told him
"For goodness sake man" Blayke started, Robi was suprised at his tone. "She needs support and comfort, warmth and understanding not some guard"

Again Robi looked at her sub-commander, why was he saying this, trying to gain her trust? convincing Shay with some kind of reverse psychology that he wasn't involved?" She didnt know she couldnt think, all she wanted was to be quiet to rest up a little, she looked at Shay imploring him with her eyes. "Hold me..."

Blayke moved outside as Shay gestured him away.
Robi heard him talking to another outside.
"I'll stay with her tonight, she needs someone with her someone she can talk it out with"
"What did he just say?" Shays voice cut into her thought. She looked up to see him walk outside.

Face to face with Blayke, Shay told him coldly he was not spending the night with Robi, she was his wife and he knew how best to guard her. And what was Blayke thinking of by spending the night with Robi...

"It may come as a suprise Shayanan" he started "But I do not want to sleep with your wife...unlike the rest of the male population of Stormwind and Quel'Thalas, but she needs someone to be there..."
"Darien will be there"
"Its not the same..with respect Shayanan..its you she needs"
Robi looked at Blayke, surprised by his words and touched by his concern. She looked to Shay, trying to gauge a reaction but couldnt.
She was weak and weary and needed to rest, Shay didnt return her look but replied to Blayke.
"If I had the time I would but I havent so Darien will guard her until I can get away, he is almost me..."
"But not quite the same is it Shay?"he retorted then looking at Robi "If you need me Robi just call me" and with that left the gathering.

Robi looked at Shay, he turned to face her at last.
"Go with Darien, remember I can see and hear through him..I can keep you safe through him.
She nodded and swallowed hard.
"Hold me" her head screamed silently at him
Darien started to walk and motioned her to follow, a last look at Shay, still hoping he would show some feeling some emotion...again she was disappointed.
Her head bowed she slowly followed Darien, after all he was nearly Shay...
She laughed bitterly

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PostSubject: Re: Face to the wind.   Sat Aug 06, 2011 2:40 pm

Blayke’s paused as his finger hovered over the micro-switch on his communicator as he walked through Old Town. He had been away for a day or two and out of contact, he could leave it until morning perhaps? He smiled slightly, no, he would make contact now, show his face at base, maybe a large whisky and then home to write his long overdue update to the Five.

“Commander..” spoke Blayke cordially as he flicked the micro-switch on his headset.


Blayke looked puzzled, there was a pause before Robi replied, and her voice was uncharacteristically weak.

“Is everything alright? Where are you?”

“I’m at the Lamb, please, meet me here”

“Of course, Commander” replied Blayke as he turned on his heel and headed towards the mage district.

Blayke nodded to Warzor as he walked past him and entered the Inn, his Commander sitting at a large table with Shayanan and, from what he could hear, overseeing an interview with a new recruit to his order.

“Commander...” spoke Blayke, giving the slightest nod of acknowledgement to Shayanan as he walked across to the table. As Robi stood up and turned to him, a look of shock crossed his face, Light he thought as he saw the scar on her neck and her face washed out and tired. Without conscious effort, he quickly assumed his demeanor.

“What happened?”

He stood and listened as Robi recounted her attack, he felt disturbed that it was by one within the Brotherhood, and one he counted as a close ally to himself no less. It quickly dawned on Blayke that he had to be a key suspect in arranging any attack on his Commander, after all, he was the one that would benefit from her demise. He glanced at Shayanan as she spoke, if he suspected any involvement of Blayke in this attack, he certainly wasn’t showing it.

“Perhaps we can discuss this better outside, Commander?”, asked Blayke as he glanced to the door. Shayanan wasn’t pleased at her leaving his side but after assurances that she needed some air and would be close to the inn, he reluctantly agreed.

Robi followed Blayke out to the small grassed area, and on his suggestion she rest, they sat on the benches by the Well. Blayke looked at his Commander sitting next to him. Her whole body language was one of withdrawal, arms close to her body, silent and looking as if she was trying to hide within herself. Gone was the self-assured demeanor he was so used to. Blayke moved closer and put his arm around her shoulder and felt her relax into his side.

“Betrayal from within, hurts most of all. He will be found and dealt with, and you should not be alone tonight Robi”.

He spoke softly, a rare moment of compassion for the one he was duty-bound to serve and protect.

“Darien has been assigned to guard me, although he doesn’t speak so I don’t expect a great night of conversation” she laughed bitterly.

“You need to talk this out Robi. Only the physical damage shows, the emotional damage is still locked within and the sooner you are able to talk through it, the less deep that wound will be”. his voice remained soft and low, he knew the pain she would be going through and the words she wasn’t able to yet voice. “I will be at your side tonight, along with Darien if Shayanan so wishes him there”. What had started out as compassion was turning into something that could be of benefit to himself; an ideal opportunity to earn her trust and gain further credence as a loyal sub-commander in her eyes. All the easier to persuade her to follow the paths he chose.

Robi looked at him and smiled weakly, she would return to the Inn and tell Shayanan of the plans and then they would go to the safe house. Deciding it would be better if she spoke to her husband alone, Blayke waited outside the Inn and soon got into conversation with what he assumed to be two of Shayanans people, a worgen and night elf.

“No, I am awaiting the Commander and she will be under my protection tonight” corrected Blayke as the night elf insisted he leave the area.

What did he say?” came Shayanan’s voice clearly from the Inn.

Blayke felt himself stiffen slightly and made a conscious effort to relax, affixing his usual half-smile as Shayanan strode from the Inn and stood face-to-face in front of him.

“I think I know how best to guard my wife, you are not needed” spoke Shayanan calmly with the always present edge of danger to his voice.

Blayke allowed himself a moment to compose his words before he replied, conversations with Shayanan were always to be carefully played.

“Unlike half of Stormwind and Quel’Thalas”, replied Blayke calmly, “I do not want to sleep with your wife”.

Blayke paused before he continued.

“Your wife needs someone to talk to tonight, she needs you, not some silent killer at her side.”

He took a deep breath and subtly shifted his balance, ready to move swiftly after he delivered his final point;

“...and if you are unable to be there for her, then I will be there for her tonight, I doubt sleep will come easy for her, she needs to talk this out”

Blayke waited, his senses on edge as the body language of those around him showed clearly that he had spoken out of term to Shayanan and without him speaking a word, Blayke knew that he now was walking on very thin ice before this hooded assassin.

“You are dismissed, Blayke” came the cold reply, each word dripping with threat.

Blayke glanced at Robi and noticed with some discontent that he felt sorry for the situation she now found herself in. He knew he had nothing to gain in this line of conversation with Shayanan, and a lot to lose should he misjudge his words or show disrespect in his actions before him. But, Robi needed someone to comfort her tonight and if Shayanan wouldn’t be there for her then, well, he would provide her that shoulder to cry on. Taking a deep breath, he looked at Shayanan;

“With...all due respect, Shayanan, you have no authority over me.”

“Blayke” added Robi quickly, “You had better go”.

Blayke looked at Robi.

“Is that an order, Commander?”

“Yes..” she sighed “It’s an order but...but thank you anyway”.

“Then, I wish you a good night, Commander” Blayke replied with a tilt of his head in acknowledgement of her command, nodding briefly at Shayanan as he turned and left.

Blayke walked back towards Old Town deep in thought. He knew his Commander, the woman, Robi, should not be alone tonight and with Darien at her side, she may as well be in an empty room. He knew there was no point in returning, she had given a clear order and he would not disobey her, especially in front of Shayanan. Reaching his home he opened the door to a silent house, noting again that Odenia had not yet returned as he climbed the stairs to his room. Sitting at his table he took a piece of parchment and started to write; he knew who would go to her side should he get informed in time.


I write to you as I am concerned for the well-being of Robi.

She was attacked tonight and her attacker is still loose. She needs someone around tonight she can talk to but Shayanan threatened me until Robi sent me away and as she is still my Commander, I had to obey.

He has placed Darien to guard her, but she needs a friendly shoulder to cry on I fear - something Shayanan refuses to be.

I write in the hope you can be there for her.


Placing the parchment in an envelope he went in search of a messenger to find and deliver his note. His last act of duty to his Commander that night.
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Robi Kaezlan.

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PostSubject: Re: Face to the wind.   Sat Aug 06, 2011 10:14 pm

She sat alone in the Lamb, staring into the drink she'd nursed for half an hour. Her bruises ached and the bite mark on her neck throbbed slightly, stinging if she touched it. She'd taken worse wounds in her time and the discomfort didnt really bother her, true she was worried slightly about the possibility of the worgen curse, but as it was only time that would answer those doubts she didnt dwell on it to much.

It was the emotional upset that was affecting her more, attacked by one of her own...someone she thought she could trust, someone she had entrusted the safety of others to. How could she have been so blind...?She cursed herself for her ineptitude.
Then Blayke.. he had rallied to her side, offered her support where her own husband had failed her. But then again, how much of his concern had been genuine? Was it all just some Blayke ploy for gaining her trust, making her think she needed him? Waiting for his chance to manipulate her?
Or perhaps fake concern for Shays benefit? Show that he wasn't involved, light knows he needed to watch his step around Shay.
Or had he been involved?
All the questions ran around in her head, she was confused and tired, mentally drained and emotionally bereft.

All she had wanted was a strong arm and a shoulder to lean on..not even cry on, just a metaphorical "there there it will be alright".
What was wrong with Shay she wondered that he couldn't even in her darkest hour, bring himself to comfort her, to place an arm around her, hold her close....
Maybe it was as some people said, his love for her was all about control. She couldnt bear to think about it anymore and she shook the thoughts away.leaving her with just an empty space inside.

A firm but gentle hand on her shoulder...she gave a startled jump and turned around in her seat and Ivery winked.
She rose to her feet, wincing slightly as her smile broke the skin on her healing facial cuts.
"How are you lass?" he asked looking at her intently
"I'm good" she nodded lying through her teeth.
Ivery said nothing just stood there before her scrutinising her with his green eyed gaze.
"How are you?" she forced her voice light.
"Aye same old same old" he replied still looking at her.
"Good to hear.." she replied
"Who did this?" he asked calmly, she could see his eyes flash momentarily with anger.
Ivery raised an eyebrow and encouraged her to say more.

Then out it came..the attack, the betrayal, Darien, Blayke and Shay. Her voice starting flat and lifeless as she began but rising in pitch and emotion as she related it.
"and..and...." she broke off as tears came .
"Hey hey..." Ivery's warm calm voice "none of that now.."
Then his arms went around her and he held her firmly, stroking her hair and patting her back as she cried out on his shoulder.
Her crying finished she felt a sense of relief, a feeling of closure, and she knew this is what Blayke had meant, this is what she'd needed.
She looked up at Ivery and smiled slightly.
They stood together a few moments until Robi composed herself.

"You have to go shouldn't be..." she started
He nodded and released her.
"I know, Im needed elsewhere anyway, but couldnt pass the Lamb without stopping to see if my best pal Shay is around now could I" and he gave her a wink and a grin.

Oh that wink...a sure fire cure for all her ills. she smiled to herself.
She pulled herself up short and looked at Ivery.
" Aye lass..." he grinned and with a final hug he left the inn.

For a long while she stood with her thoughts, then finally with a swift wipe of her eyes she headed back to the safe house to rest her body, her spirit had all of a sudden recovered....

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Robi Kaezlan.

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PostSubject: Re: Face to the wind.   Sun Aug 07, 2011 12:50 pm

"Shayanan Kaezlan you're under arrest for attempted murder" Calahan Scully intoned formally in the Goldshire village square.
Shay tilted his head and Robi knew that beneath the mask he was smirking.
"You have no jurisdiction from Stormwind to arrest anyone Cal.." Robi responded.
"We're the military.." he started and Robi erupted laughing
"Military? Don't flatter yourselves Knights...youre a ragtag bunch of hobo freedom fighters, you have no power of arrest and anyway whats he supposed to have done?"
No definitive answer came from the assembly just another tirade of verbal abuse and name calling.
"I say we take him now" spat Cal "Dead if we have to"
Robi flinched as she saw him shoulder a shotgun and levelled it at Shays stomach. She knew Cal would use it, she'd seen him in action before, he was quick and he was a good shot. Without much forethought she stepped between Cal and Shay.
"You'll have to shoot me first Cal..." she said, she heard Shay hiss through his teeth with frustration.
"Take him Cal..just shoot" Ivery's voice reached her and she saw him step through the crowd to face them.
She was dumbstruck for a split the instruction to shoot her if necessary...did he now hate her that much?
"Shayanan Kaezlan, by the authority of Stormwind and his majesty...." Ivery addressed Shay, his face grim and cold, this was Ivery the SI:7 man, the man she'd glimpsed when they had taken Arli..duty before personal feelings, she was in no doubt he wouldnt hesitate to kill her if she threatened to prevent him execute his duty.
She looked at him squarely and steadied her stance in front of Shay determinedly.

It had been confusing, smoke bombs, ice cones, snarling worgen..Shay grabbing her hand and dragging her not too gently away.Running to a secluded spot to call their mounts and fly back to the lamb.

"That was foolish saw your precious Ivery...he was prepared to have you much for your "special bond" you should have left when I told you" Shay sounded slightly irritated.
"Why? they were going to kill you probably" she argued
"Id have taken a few with me"
"Thats not really the point is it? I don't want you to die"
"They argued more, him telling her not to put herself in danger, he didnt want her to die asking what would he do if she died. Her countering it worked both ways.
"You said you wanted me by your side..." she felt quite angry now, his recent coldness and indifference to her rankling at her. "Ive tried to be by your side...yet you cast me aside..disregard me more often than not..if you wont let me live by your side..then youre only giving me the option to die by it..."
Shay was silent for a moment and he finally nodded.
"Alright alright..if thats your wish..if it comes down to it..we die together" he acquiesced.
She felt he was just humouring her but she let it pass.
"I need to go and call in some contracts for this matter" he advised her and she nodded watching him fly out of sight.

She headed back to Goldshire see if she could piece together what was happening. As she arrived she heard Ivery barking orders and a liveried soldier taking Sardred and fennrick into custody. She walked across.
"What are you doing?" she demanded of Ivery.
"Arresting these two for murder by their own admission" he answered curtly.
He turned to the female soldier, "Take them away..give me a moment"
"Sir" the woman acknowledged his order.
"A word alone Robi?"
She nodded and gave him a half smile.
Her eyes drifted to Ivery's hands as she saw him withdraw a pair of manacles from his belt.
"Robinas Kaezlan" he started "Im placing you under arrest for suspicion of treason, aiding an abetting a known enemy of the state evade capture."
She looked up shocked and stepped back
"Ive done nothing" she protested
"You stood in front of him helping him escape"
"Was only a few days ago Ivery I stood in front of you..."
He acknowledged with a short nod.
"If you are innocent you have nothing to fear" he continued advancing towards her.
"Listen Ivery...Im married to a Dead Rose member I am not the Dead Rose..why can't you lot just get that into your thick skulls?" she protested "I am not a traitor.."
"Guilty by association perhaps" he responded
"Bullcrap." she exploded "Hah I slept with an SI:7 operative as well..does that make me a secret agent then?"
She turned and fled, disappearing into shadows and staying there until she reached safety.

Her mind was in a turmoil...Ivery...did he hate her so much..only a few days ago he had come to comfort her..had held her..kissed her could so much have changed in so short a time?

Her mind flicked to earlier times..their bond..the adversity they had shared...the love they made in Westfall..all seemingly meaningless to him now.
"Oh Ivery..." she sighed softly as she slowly made her way back to The Lamb.

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Robi Kaezlan.

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PostSubject: Re: Face to the wind.   Sun Aug 14, 2011 10:20 am

How many tears can one girl cry? Robi sat ashen faced, eyes red rimmed and empty, her cheeks smeared dirty with tears, her hands covered in blood. She looked down at Ivery, his head cradled in her lap, she stroked a strand of hair gently out of his eyes and wiped a smudge of dirt from his cheek.
"Look at the state of you..." she started "" her body wracked with sobs again, tears ran uncontrolled down her cheeks as she smoothed Ivery's hair, brushed at his beard and wiped imaginary dust from his face. Frantic hands smoothed his tabard and adjusted his armour. All the while talking, telling him he looked a mess..what was he thinking..SI:7 had higher standards than that..she tried to laugh."Youre a disgrace Ivery Ilanos....."
Her voice broke and she slumped forward, crying uncontrollably as she stroked his cheek and placed a kiss on Ivery's cold dead lips.

All cried out,she knew she should leave but couldnt bring herself to leave Ivery alone. Slumped with her back to the wall, Ivery's head still in her lap, her hand still resting on his cheek she closed her eyes and tried to come to terms with the fact, Ivery was dead...the man she'd been through so much with..the man who'd brought her out of the numb bubble she'd inhabited after Shays departure. A small smile as she recalled the day they'd walked by Crystal lake, just friends talking, when he 'd stopped, pulled her to him and kissed her so softly.
"Sorry just seemed the right thing to do..."

Her heart ached as she heard his voice all over again, a real tangible pain inside.
Her head was swimming with his voice, things he'd said. Memories of their time together..visions filling her mind, the playful glint that was ever present in his sparkling green eyes, the cocky smile...
"I love you Robi, I dont want to die without having said that to you..."

She groaned slightly with her grief as behind her closed eyes he filled her mind, he turned, he smiled, he winked...

It was time to leave him...Knights would find him soon and it would do little good for her to be caught, although at the moment she didn't care.
Lowering his head gently to the floor she knelt one last time beside him, leaning forward she placed another kiss on his bloodless lips and rubbed her cheek against his stubble, allowing herself a small fond smile.

A last look at him lying there she slowly left the barn where Shay had had his body dumped.
She stopped, looked back over her shoulder.
"I love you Ivery...."

Too little...too late...
with a final goodbye she softly closed the door behind her.

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Robi Kaezlan.

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PostSubject: Re: Face to the wind.   Fri Aug 19, 2011 3:23 pm

She sat cross legged by the small fire she'd lit and stared into its crackling hypnotic flames. She liked it here, the small barren Island in Westfall, not there was anything here, an old shed, a broken water barrel and a gnarled old tree, but there was peace and calm, a serenity she had yet to find anywhere else.

She'd said her goodbyes to Ivery, reconciled herself he was dead, cried her tears for him, it still hurt when she thought of him, pained her to think he was gone forever but life went on."We who must remain go on living just the same...".
After her farewells to Ivery she'd gone back to Darkshire, light she wished she hadn' argument had ensued with Shay, they'd rowed in the inn, mindless of those around them.
"Its not why Im hurting that should matter...its just that Im hurting at all, I need you for once to be here for me.." she cried emphatically.
"I hated that man, I'm not sorry and I cannot understand your pain, so no Robi I will not be here for you in this" was his blunt reply
And so it had gone, her wanting his comfort, him refusing to understand.
"Im going home..." she stated flatly
"right fine least I know where you stand.." she snapped
He turned
"I'm standing right where Ive always stood Robi..that hasn't changed and when youve finished this foolish grieving I'll still be here, its you who are taking steps away...."
"Im going home..."
He nodded, sighed and turned away

She hadn't gone home she'd come to the island instead. A noise behind her, she turned apathetically to see Arli step from his windrider and walk up and sit beside her.
"Kaz Uruk" he said and smiled slightly as he noticed her pale washed out face.
He didnt say anything else, just placed an arm around her and let her lean against his side. She cuddled in against him, thankful for a warm shoulder.
She told him everything, about saying goodbye to Ivery about Shays refusal to comfort her.
"He has a point, he hated Ivery as much as he hates me, he won't be sorry he killed him..Shay doesnt do sorry..." Arli said lightly, squeezing her gently.
She laughed slightly and nodded.
" do you know it was Shay that killed Ivery?" she asked wondering how he could possibly know.
She looked up as he looked down and caught the remnants of a quickly hidden smirk.
"He told me" he replied
"Who did Shay..I don't believe you..." she replied
"No not Shay...Ivery did" again that quickly hidden smirk but the laughter in his eyes didnt die.
She look puzzled.
"We found his body, we took it and had him raised as forsaken...he's our new brother" The look on Arlis face was an odd mix of smugness and sympathy, like he knew Robi would be distraught when she heard and was sorry for that, but smug because he'd got what he saw as just rewards for Ivery who had beaten him terribly when Arli was their captive.
Words failed her and she felt the blood drain from her face.
Arli understood and held her a little tighter and placed a small comforting kiss on the top of her head.
"He hated least he wont remember..." she mused almost to herself
"Oh he remembers everything..who he is, what he was, you...I told him I was going to tell you." Arli started
"Does he want me to know?"
"What do you think?"
She was horror-stricken at this latest turn of events and stared sightlessly into the fire before starting to shake uncontrollably.
Arlis arm tightened around her and he held her close.
"Im sorry for your pain Robi, but I can't be sorry for Ivery, I hated him and to see him held in thrall to Thorns is my justice for what he did, but I know that doesnt matter to you, you just need to grieve the man..."

He took her to Eversong, to a secluded glade where they watched the moon rise as he encouraged her to tell him about Ivery..about Shay...about her feelings, encouraged her to cry and shout and cleanse her inner self, this she'd done, gratefully she out poured her deepest secret feelings, some she'd even hidden from herself, until finally exhausted she fell into a fitful turbulent sleep plagued by dreams, green eyes...dead eyes..undead eyes....she teetered on the edge of madness it felt, but Arli held her firm and close throughout her nightmares, soothed her as she muttered in her sleep.
The day that followed in Eversong had healed her spirit, drinking from the clear pools and bathing under the falls she felt her spirit return.
She smiled gratefully and affectionately at Arli and held him in a close hug before she left.
"I'll never be able to thank you enough" she said as she kissed his cheek. "But I need to go.."
He nodded and smiled back.
"Shays a bloody fool Robi..."
She shrugged.
"I'm not going back there" she said "He knows how I feel..he knows where I am...ball as they in his court now" she laughed at Arlis expression and couldnt blame his scepticism.
Flying homeward, wind in her face her thoughts turned once again to Ivery and reached a decision to tell Calahan..he'd know what to do...
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Robi Kaezlan.

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PostSubject: Re: Face to the wind.   Sun Aug 28, 2011 2:02 pm

Robi felt it was time to move on.

She'd said her goodbyes to Ivery and if not all together reconciled herself to his horrible existence as forsaken, she had nevertheless realised that there was nothing she could do and all she was achieving was alienating those around her. So she mentally vowed to swallow the grief, and place Ivery in the back of her mind where she stored her "if only" thoughts.
She'd come back to Duskwood, determined to resume the life she had chosen. She rode at a leisurely pace past Beggars Haunt, allowing herself a small smile of fond remembrance as Ivery once again jumped into the forefront of her thoughts and before she had realised it she had turned Indy off the path and into the gloomy shade of the unknown soldiers tomb.
With a slightly wistful sigh she slipped off Indy's back while he lowered his head to the pond to drink.
Lightly holding the reins she looked idly around and let her thoughts drift aimlessly, for such a horrible gloomy place, she thought, it certainly held a lot of memories for her, and not all bad.

"Uruk" a voice behind her, and she spun on her foot expecting to see Arli, although she was more than certain the voice had not been his. Nothing. Her hand went to her dagger thinking "Squadron". She dismissed that almost immediately, if it had been him, unlikely she'd be still standing wondering.
"Do you remember the first time we came here?" the voice came again and she closed her eyes as she recognised Ivery's voice. "When we captured Arli..."
"Ivery..." she whispered and nodded slowly.
She looked around still not seeing him and in a way felt relieved, not knowing what she would do should she look into the undead face of her former lover.
"What do you want? Have you been sent to kill me?" she asked, knowing Vile Thorn as she did, it was something she would expect of them, send him to destroy the woman he had once loved just to prove a point.
"No..not yet" he gave a low rasping laugh "I won't do that...but Robi, everyday it becomes harder for me to remember, everyday that passes I become more like them, I fight with everything I have to hold on to what I was...still am inside.."
"Isn't there anything we can do?" she said desperately, her heart aching with pity.
"I wasn't raised by plague..its more enchantment..enchantments can be broken...but I don't know that theres hope" he stepped quietly out of the shadows and stood before her his head down. "All I do know is though, if theres one person can help me, its you"
She looked at him and shivered slightly, surprised at her lack of revulsion and horror she tentatively stretched out her hand and touched his arm.
"What can i do?" she asked
Another guttural laugh and he raised his head, gone were the sparkling green eyes, yet she fancied that deep within that yellow glow she caught the faintest glimpse of the Ivery she loved and remembered.She held his gaze and nodded steadfastly.
"If theres anything that can be done Ivery...I'll find it..."
"Aye lass I know" he replied, she smiled at the phrase, how odd it sounded from the form in front of her. "Theyre calling me..I have to go"
Robi nodded and smiled wanly.
"Do what you can for me Robi...." his voice faded as he slipped into the shadows.
She yanked at Indy's reins and flung herself into the saddle, squeezing her legs firmly against his flanks, she commanded her horse forward at a furious canter.
Her mind worked furiously, she'd try, how she didnt know, but dammit she'd give it her best shot.

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PostSubject: Re: Face to the wind.   Mon Aug 29, 2011 6:32 pm

The Royal Apothecary Society is a society of apothecaries..Robi rolled her eyes and tutted as she read the report she'd managed to appropriate from the SI:7 archives.
"Wonder how much gold and how many lives it cost to come up with that little gem then...?" she threw the report down with a grunt of discontent. "SI? Stupid Idiot? and I bet the 7 is the recommended IQ for acceptance..." she snatched up the report again and flicked through the none too thick file.
It didn't give too much away, only that the society was made up of forsaken chemists and biologists, they were generally considered the cream of the apothecaries and it was believed worked on highly confidential projects for possibly The Undercity, but just as likely for their own gain. Suspected to want the whole of the known world to be forsaken and their aim was to make this a reality. They were understood to work in deep secret in hidden depths of the Undercity, experimenting with death and undeath.
Robi merely skimmed these bits, not really interested in what they wanted, she was more interested in what they possibly could do.
This was no good she thought there was nothing in the report that even hinted at reverse enchantment or even mentioned the process of raising a corpse as forsaken.
She chewed her lip as she silently slipped the report back.
"Hmm...wonder if theyve got a forsaken prisoner somewhere.." she mused "best way to find out i guess is from the corpses mouth..."
She dismissed the idea as nonsense, any forsaken prisoner would be one theyd found on the battlegrounds or something, just a poor unfortunate, she needed something higher..a grand apothecary...
"I couldn't..." she told herself
"Why not? she argued back "You took a Vile Thorn"
"I couldn't" but she knew herself well enough to know this idea was not going to go away, it was in her head and the more she thought the more sense it made. Apothecaries made forsaken..well she would damn well get her an apothecary and it would damn well unmake a forsaken, or her name wasn't Robi Kaezlan.
She wracked her brains for the names she had read in the report.
"Dril? Drillyack?"...yeah something like that, maybe who was that other one....a doctor it said..Dr Hal...Dr Hallelujah van Outen...

Half of her screaming "dont do this" to herself, the other half filled with fire and determination, she buckled her armour and flew towards Lordaeron.

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Face to the wind.
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