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 Afterlife (was Cult of Forgotten Shadow)

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PostSubject: Afterlife (was Cult of Forgotten Shadow)   Tue Sep 06, 2011 6:24 pm

The universe is merely a manifestation of other's wills, respect the power of those around you lest your pursuit of power puts you in conflict with other, stronger, beings.

Through unwavering tenacity and perseverance, the universe that surrounds you can be moulded and changed.

The Forsaken that seeks no personal power has no reason to exist. If they crave nothing, desire nothing and do not seek to better themselves, they may well still be a part of the Scourge. By using your power, you can change those around you and change the universe




The three virtues of the Cult of Forgotten Shadow.

Judias closed the scripture and placed it reverently back in it's usual place. She had turned from the Holy Light, betrayed by it's inability to protect her when her time came to call on it's aid. The shadow had embraced her in her new form as forsaken and she in turn had embraced the power that it so freely gave to her.

She had used that power on the fresh human corpse brought to her by the forsaken Vile Thorn and his young and obedient boy elf. Resting her twisted hands on his chest, she could sense how the last vestiges of the human's soul clung to their mortal shell. The elf had quickly been sent away and with the aid of the forsaken she had pulled the shadows from the corrupted land around the tomb in Ambermill, twisting it and channelling it and filling the faint flicker of the human's soul with darkness. And as he had risen she had bound him to follow the Dark Lady and in his new life, to follow the command of the forsaken Vile Thorn at her side.

Judiyas cackled quietly to herself. She had seen the abomination, the almost-human with dead eyes as he walked in Vile Thorn colours alongside his new forsaken and living family; his freewill twisted and held by the shadows she had forced into what remained of his soul. Judiyas cackled again as she walked from Deathknell for her daily visit to Undercity. She wasn't sure how long he would be able to endure the torment. The madness would probably take him to his final grave before the shadows consumed his soul and made him truly forsaken. It was, she thought, an interesting experiment to observe.

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PostSubject: Re: Afterlife (was Cult of Forgotten Shadow)   Thu Sep 08, 2011 12:14 pm




Judiyas wrote down the names of her captors in a neat script, as each identified the other she had made a mental note to add them to her “Book of Souls”. She paused a moment and then with her gnarled fingers gripping the quill tightly she appended after each;

“{pretty talking witch}”

“{hungry kitty}”

“{nasty (sir)}”

Witch wanted him back. Well she could have him, if only to keep Nasty from throwing his holy light around like fireworks at some midsummer’s night party in a nunnery.

"nasty" muttered Judiyas.

And to stop Hungry Kitty eyeing up her apprentice Maleficient with evil beady eyes. Judiyas had made a deal, she would give him back if she swore to aid her if called upon, which she had agreed to. Yes she could have him back but Judiyas didn’t trust the Witch to honour the deal one little bit.

Oh yes she could pull the shadows from his soul, leave her with his mortal shell and the last slivers of soul for her Kitty to try and revive in the few minutes that she would have before he was gone forever. She would remove the binding to the forsaken Thorn but would add one of her own and if she was double-crossed by the Witch, then he would suffer. Judiyas cackled to herself, oh yes he would suffer.

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Robi Kaezlan.

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PostSubject: Re: Afterlife (was Cult of Forgotten Shadow)   Fri Sep 09, 2011 7:00 am

Robi retched silently and tightened the bandanna that covered her nose and mouth. Light this place reeked, she smiled ruefully, figured really, she was crawling through the disused sewers into the Undercity.

Everyday for the past week she'd done this, crept into the city to watch and search the Apothecarium for...she sighed, she didnt know what really, clues, hints, papers..anything that would give her assistance in her quest to help Ivery.
She watched forsaken acolytes do experiments on animals, and looked away in horror as rabbits, sheep and frogs were systematically fed potions and slaughtered.
Nothing of any interest or help though, she realised that these were just training exercises for budding apothecaries.

Then yesterday, she'd almost accidently stumbled across a forsaken priest, from the shadows she had watched her meet with others, exchange a few words, none of which she understood, and after a brief examination of papers left again.

Obviously some kind of scholar, Robi had followed her out of the city and along to Deathknell. That had been more like it, new forsaken, the priest it seemed was in charge of some operation that helped the newly risen forsaken. This, thought Robi was the one she needed.

This thought was compounded when she watched with a morbid fascination as the priest called forth shadows and so easily, well it seemed so to Robi, raised the corpses brought into shambling reanimated golems, to be moulded and trained into Sylvanas army.

On a subsequent visit, Robi had found what she assumed to be scriptures or "holy" writing. Unable to read it she'd hurriedly scribbled some extracts from it. There was also an old tattered book, not a huge tome but looking like a novel or the like. She'd put this in her tunic.

The contents of the book turned out to be just an old work of reference, just an idle read of old folklore and "urban legends". She'd been surprised to find it written in common and was reading it chapter by chapter at home, purely because she was enjoying it.

She'd decided that this priest was worth "talking to" so here she was crawling the sewers on her nightly routine of following the priest in her daily routine, recording her movement, like clockwork, Deathknell to Brill, Brill to Undercity, everyday at around this time, it never deviated. Robi had decided that this would be the last surveillance and tomorrow she would rally what aid she could and "invite" the priest to talk.

She clenched her fists and closed her eyes to quell the growing knot in her stomach.
"Soon Ivery.." she whispered "just hold on a little longer..."

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Robi Kaezlan.

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PostSubject: Re: Afterlife (was Cult of Forgotten Shadow)   Sun Sep 11, 2011 2:54 pm

A sardonic smile played lightly around Robis lips as she inclined her head in a seemingly respectful greeting.
"A word please my lady? she addressed the startled looking forsaken in front of her.

She stood on the road to Undercity from Brill, Owyn flanking her left and Odenia stalking the shadows to her right, and had accosted the forsaken priest she had followed for days. She hadn't bargained on her having a companion, must have picked her up in Brill, however a cursory glance as they had approached showed the companion to be possibly an apprentice and Robi made the decision to go ahead.

The priest looked at them and gave a manic cackle, seemingly ignored their presence and continued on her way.

Robi followed quickly and spoke softly to Owyn,
"Give her a touch of consecrated ground to walk on?"
Owyn grinned and nodded before waving his hand in his casual fashion, releasing a wave of holy light through the ground. The priest cried out and stopped.
"A word please my Lady?" repeated Robi

The priest looked at her again and blinked her agreement.
The young apprentice moved closer to the priest, Robi suspected it was fear but couldnt be sure.
"Odenia?" she said aloud to the young druid in her cat-form "If youre hungry you can eat that one" she pointed at the apprentice.
Odenia affected a purr and stalked towards the young forsaken who yelped and shot behind the priest.
"You call off your kitty or I say nothing" the priest demanded.
Robi nodded once and explained in short sharp sentences what she wanted from the priest.
"Information on this enchantment..." she finished.
The priest smirked and remained silent.
"Owyn?" she turned and smiled at her former husband.
Owyn grinned at her as he reached out and placed a hand on the priest, again light streamed from his fingertips.

The priest cried out. "Arghh, tell him to stop..."
"Then talk.." Robi answered
The priest nodded and Robi requested Owyn stop..for the moment she added.
The priest glowered at Owyn "Nasty.." she hissed
"Thats Sir Nasty to you..." Owyn replied glibly.

As Robi asked questions the priest answered, her heart thumping wildly in her chest as the realisation hit her, this wasn't just a forsaken priest, it was the one who had laid the binding on Ivery.
A decision made, she would take this priest to Gilneas hold her there until such time as she had Ivery, this was a once only opportunity, she couldnt let it go.
"Kill the young one" Robi stated "Ill tie the other to Charlie and we'll get out of this place"
Odenia moved in to strike but the priest blocked her path.
"Ah no no hungry kitty....I need my apprentice, you kill her and I won't be able to do what you ask" she said, the tone in her voice saying this wasn't a choice, if Robi wanted Ivery, then the apprentice lived.
Robi nodded
"She would have tasted rotten anyway" growled Odenia.

Once in Gilneas, Robi told the priest exactly what she wanted, feeling slightly crestfallen as the priest laughed.
"Oh pretty talking Witch" she laughed "I can take off the bindings to the shadows but to release him from the Vile Thorn I will need his master...but if I do this for you then when the time comes you will do something for me, these are my terms"
"Yes yes..I agree" said Robi smoothly
"Commander..." Odenias voice came softly in her ear over the communicator. "You will honour a deal of aid to forsaken?"
"Will I hell" laughed Robi softly back.

The priest explained briefly that once Ivery was released from his thrall to Thorns, she could unweave the shadows from his soul, Ivery would be returned as a husk with just a faint sliver of his soul, she could do no more, it would be up to Robi to actually bring Ivery fully back to humanity.
"Just tell me what I need " Robi snapped
The priest cackled
"You will need a child of the earth to pull forth the little piece of him that is left and bind it to life, you will need a lot of light to banish the shadow and something to anchor his will to return, that I cannot do..that will be up to you..." she prodded Robi with a long gnarled dessicated finger.
Robi chewed her lip, her mind already working on possible solutions.
"I will help you" Odenias soft voice again in her ear
She turned and looked at the delicate looking woman. Of course..child of the earth...druid...
Robi smiled at Odenia
"I won't command it of you Odenia, but I would be glad of your skills"
"I want to do it help.."
Robi nodded.
" we are decided" croaked the priest "I will do as you ask and you will assist me later, I am to be treated as a show me to my room"
Robi, Owyn and Odenia exchanged a slightly bemused look then laughed and shrugged lightly.
"Why not?" laughed Robi

No way was she entertaining a couple of half decayed corpses in her house, so she ushered them to a nearby deserted house and had Owyn seal all doors and windows with holy seals.
A muffled hiss from inside showed this was indeed working and their "guests" were settling in.

That it seemed was the easy bit over...She now had to secure Ivery's release and then...she paled at the very thought....had to somehow persuade Ivery's master to help.
Ivery's master...couldn't have been Arli..oh no, no such luck..Squadron...she only had to go and find Squadron....

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PostSubject: Re: Afterlife (was Cult of Forgotten Shadow)   Mon Sep 12, 2011 12:51 pm

The stench of festering flesh lingered, swapping her senses and causing her to lose all focus. It had been couple of hours since she had encountered the Forsaken creatures, yet the memory alone brought on violent repulsion. Robinas' threat to set Odenia on the apprentice and have her devour her now forced the young woman to gag. Odenia could imagine the bitter taste on her lips and the decay that would have clung to the throat. There was no way out of it, she had to be sick.

“Unnatural perversions,” mumbled Odenia to herself as wiped her mouth clean with her sleeve.

Wretching on her hands and knees, she felt all her pent up tension spill out of her. There was no room for weakness infront of the Forsaken Priest and Odenia knew she had to play her part. She could never have eaten the apprentice, but did her best not to show it. Just because she had the ability to shapeshift did not mean she adopted the hunger of her forms. However, it was a powerful tool against the ignorant and it had worked a charm when called upon.

Looking back at Robinas' house, Odenia sighed softly, relieved she had had the foresight to step outside. It had been kind of the Commander to offer her a bed for the night, but she couldn't help wonder if Robinas had just needed someone there with her. Whatever the reason she was just glad Robinas had not cast her out after the mistakes she had made.

“You will need a child of the earth to pull forth the little piece of him that is left and bind it to life...”

Odenia had remembered how the Priest had stared at her as she spoke those words, the eyes glowing out from the darkness of the hood. It had felt as though the creature was studying the very soul within her. Could it be the Priest thinks I'm this Child of Nature? It was true that her mother had taught her much about the magic that sang through the world around her and how to accept small gifts from nature so that she could aid others. But this was very primitive compared to the knowledge and abilities the Druids of Darnassus had shown her. She had learnt so much and yet still knew so little. Surely it would be better for an experienced Druid to take on this task?

I will help you.” The words escaped her lips before she even realised.

Odenia swore under her breath as she carefully got back up on her feet. She had offered her help to the Commander and she couldn't let her down now. But there was so much doubt in her heart that she needed to expel before the ceremony. For the next few nights she would need to rest and prepare herself physically and mentally if she was even going to have the slightest shot at making this work. Dusting herself off Odenia roughly kicked dirt over where she had been sick before strolling slowly towards Robinas' house.
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PostSubject: Re: Afterlife (was Cult of Forgotten Shadow)   Mon Sep 12, 2011 8:19 pm

Robi sat cross legged on the bottom of her bed reading the book she had appropriated, she was fascinated with some forsaken urban legend about "Henry". How some freshly turned forsaken had refused to forget who he was, kept clinging to the memory of his lost love... Robi sighed as she read it and idly wondered why she kept torturing herself with these things.
Her eyes skimmed the pages, was quite a touching story in its way, finding his wife wasn't dead..but Robi didnt do touching. "Sentimental crap" she thought "bet the wife dies and they shamble off into the sunset" She was about to put the book down thinking she'd forseen the "flamin trite" ending, when a paragraph caught her eye and she turned her attention to it.
"Whoa..." she gasped and found she was holding her breath as she read about Lights Hope Chapel and its font of holy light, a source so strong this legend claimed..."Henry" was consumed by it and when he regained conciousness, his heart was beating.
"Lights Hope Chapel...." Robi whispered "thats it...."
Telling herself it was just a legend, but not listening to her own reason, she got up and readied herself to leave.
She had the priest, she knew the place, all she needed now was Ivery and...she shuddered...Squadron.

"Odenia?" Robi called up the stairs to the room she had offered Odenia for the night."How do you fancy a trip to Hillsbrad? Tarren Mill is lovely this time of year..."
"Yes Commander" Odenia replied as she descended the stairs "If you wish"
"Im going looking for Anethrax..." she smiled slightly as she saw Odenia blanch. "Im not ordering you"
"I want to help Commander" was the calm reply.
"It's Robi Odenia....we're not on brotherhood business"
"Yes Commander"
Robi laughed silently as she turned away.

Slipping into shadow as they landed outside Tarren Mill, they stealthily combed the area. Nothing, not so much as a whisper of Thorn.

Then from the corner of her eye she spotted a lone dark figure walking in the foothills.She turned and looked

"Antel" she uttered quietly
Quickly explaining to Odenia that Antel was Anethrax's daughter and Arli's ex fiancée, she told Odenia to stay stealthed and close to her as she slipped out of shadow and walked purposefully towards Antel with a wave.

They exchanged greetings and a little small talk, how strange Robi thought, here she was with Antel, daughter of possibly the most feared forsaken in the horde talking like two old friends.
She didn't know what is was about Antel, she somehow seemed different, hard to explain, but it was as if the struggle between Horde and Alliance and everyday issues were just incidental to her, the dark hooded figure seemed somehow to be carrying a burden of some much higher destiny. Robi shrugged mentally, Antels aloof loneliness was not the most pressing of issues.

"I need to see The Mistress" said Robi
"Why?" asked Antel "Its impossible, she will not speak or tolerate alliance any longer"
"Antel..please ask her, its important, she has something I want"
Antel looked at Robi curiously, nodding now and again as Robi explained she wanted Ivery released from the Thorns, and that she possibly could save him.
There was no reason why Anethrax would even entertain such a request and Antel said as much to her, but Robi pressed the issue, emphasising the "cure" she may have for Ivery.
It was this she hoped that would stir curiosity and perhaps tempt Anethrax to agree, after all a cure for undeath, whether wanted or not was a tasty carrot to dangle. Surely they'd want to see if it were possible.

It was a relief to Robi when Antel nodded and promised to speak to her mother and ask her to help. She wouldnt however promise what Anethrax would respond.
Robi smiled and nodded. "Thank you Antel..."
Antel nodded and a small smile broke her impassive features.
"You should give Arli a hearing..." Robi said quietly
"Arli and I will never be..." again her face was impassive and the subject closed.
Robi opened her mouth to speak but thought better of it and nodded understandingly.
"You should go Robinas, Anethrax will not tolerate alliance on her land, she will kill you" Antel said gently with a hint of warning
"Thank you Antel..we'll leave.lets not push it huh?" Robi replied with a light laugh
Antel smiled
As Robi mounted Charlie and waited for Odenia to shapeshift into flight form and get safely airborne, Antel called softly to her
"Robi? if you see Arli..." she started, Robi looked at her expectantly "Punch him in the face for me..."
Robi laughed, not exactly what she was expecting to hear
"I will..."

Now the hard bit... patiently waiting for The Thorn Mistress to reply.

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PostSubject: Re: Afterlife (was Cult of Forgotten Shadow)   Mon Sep 12, 2011 10:12 pm

Not for the first time , Blayke wondered what had possessed him to aid the Commander in such a manner. She seemed completely focussed and absorbed in ‘saving’ Ivery from his fate as a forsaken and although Blayke saw little hope in her plans, he had humoured her and just let her get on with it. He’d met Ivery once, maybe twice, and he seemed decent enough but there had certainly been no camaraderie between them, just the usual civilities.

So why did had he offered to help?

Robi had needed some hold over the Vile Thorn, some way to get them to release him from their service. Only then could she take steps to try and return Ivery to his living state. It was known that he was bound to one specific Vile Thorn, a Deathmaster no less, by the name of Squadron. It was only when Robi had said that had it been Arli she would have had a chance, did he remember the report he had locked away in the vaults of his hidden bank account.

“There is a way, Commander” he had found himself saying, “when we scouted Tarren Mill looking for Gerrond, I took a report from a pile in what I assume was the office of Anethrax.” Robi had looked at him, a glimmer of hope on her face. “It is written in Orcish, I’ve no idea what it says but I did recognise the signature at the end, it was Arli Sunblade”. Robis face had lit up and he had found himself continuing, “I believe he is apprenticed to Squadron, surely the Deathmaster would not want his commanding officer to know that a report written by his direct charge had fallen into Alliance hands?”

Robi had laughed; “I would kiss you right now Blayke if I thought you would enjoy it”.

He had returned her smile and left to find a trusted courier to get a letter to Squadron, informing him of the report now in his possession and threatening Squadron with the shame of Anethrax finding out. It was a gamble, he had no idea if the report contained anything of use to anyone but the Vile Thorn but he hazarded a guess that Squadron himself would not know what report had been taken and would not want to take the risk.

So here he was flying over Tirisfal, looking for Squadron. He’d already scouted Tarren Mill but there was indications that the Vile Thorn were no longer stationed there. So he had made his way to Brill but a scout of the small village and surrounding area had also drawn a blank. Blayke flew towards Undercity, alighting on top of the walls and carefully made his way around the ruins. Although there were many forsaken, as well as a few patrolling guards, the small group of forsaken in black tabards marked with the red symbol for chaos stood out easily. Blayke wasn’t even sure from this distance if Squadron was with them, from behind one forsaken looked like any other, but he knew they used communicators and should Squadron not be there, he was pretty damned sure he would arrive quickly. Keeping close to the walls, Blayke tracked them around the ruins until they passed close by a small building and with no patrol in sight, he took his chance.

“Squadron” called out Blayke as he stepped into full view; the group of Thorns melting into the shadows as one.

Blayke stepped back again, keeping from the shadows but with his back to the wall and his hands resting close to the hilts of his daggers. He wore the colours of the Brotherhood and hoped that would be enough for the Vile Thorn to stay their blades and give him time to speak, that his tabard might afford him some limited sanctuary.

A slight movement to his right and Squadron stepped from the shadows. Blayke knew that he was most likely surrounded, the other Thorns remaining silently in the shadows. He looked at Squadron, his heart racing as he tried to control his breathing and give an impression of calm confidence, to show fear now would lose him any slight advantage he might have.

“You got my letter I assume”; straight to business, say what needs to be said before they they act. The forsaken Deathmaster just looked at him. Blayke met his stare, his face remaining expressionless, to show any emotion would be seen as a weakness.

A voice to his left , Anethrax. ”And why shouldn’t we end your life right now?”

“The report is with my Commander and should I not return….well…who can say whose hands it will fall into?” replied Blayke evenly

“You threaten us?”

The sound of blades being withdrawn from leather sheaths whispered around him. Blayke felt his throat go dry and again wondered why he had got himself involved in what was really a personal crusade of his Commander’s.

”We want Ivery, he belongs to us”.

”I belong to no one” comes the voice of Ivery from a shadow to his left , followed by a laugh from Squadron.

”Return him to us, unbound from your service and the report will be returned.”

There was a long silence. Blayke weighed up his chances of getting away from here with his life. He was one of the living, alone on forsaken lands and surrounded by the finest assassins of the Horde and his bargaining chip? A report written in a language he didn’t understand, which could possibly contain nothing of importance, the only significance being the signature of one of her Deathmasters at the end. He couldn’t recall at that moment of ever getting himself in such a hopeless situation.

”Very well.” Anethrax finally spoke. ”He will be returned but tell your people that from this moment, any living found on forsaken lands will be killed with no mercy.”

Blayke nodded slightly, still looking at Squadron, his eyes unable to find Anethrax who remained in the shadows.

”We will meet at Caer Darrow, now go, while you are still able”

Without further word or acknowledgement, Blayke called his Gryphon and kicked it’s sides to soar quickly into the evening sky, only then did he finally breath a sigh of relief.

“Commander. Meet at Caer Darrow, he is ours”.
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Robi Kaezlan.

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PostSubject: Re: Afterlife (was Cult of Forgotten Shadow)   Tue Sep 13, 2011 1:14 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Afterlife (was Cult of Forgotten Shadow)   Tue Sep 13, 2011 8:05 pm

Judiyas and Maleficient sat with their chairs turned to the door and watched Smarmy at work. Every so often he would look at them with that smarmy smile on his face, sometimes he'd wink too. Judiyas knew his sort. Smarmy git.

"You done yet?" asked Judiyas, again.

"Almost. Patience my dear ladies" replied Blayke.

"What's taking you so long?" asked Maleficient

"I like to do a good job" he replied, with a wink as he turned back to disabling the holy seal placed around the door frame.

"hmph" they replied as they both folded their arms.

Finally, with a slight hiss and crackle of sparks around the corners, the seal faded.

"After you, ladies" said Blayke with a slight bow as he gestured for Judiyas and Maleficient to leave their room.

"And you can wipe that smile off before I do it for you", replied Judiyas, flicking his chin with a wave of her hand as she walked past, her apprentice a few steps behind.

"Your apprentice is free to leave, but you my dear lady are to come with me"
said Blayke as with a short whistle his perfectly groomed white Gryphon landed beside him.

"I'm not going on that thing with you" said Judiyas resolutely. She didn't want to go to that place with Smarmy. Ever.

"And I'm not walking all the way back to Undercity" added Maleficient, as again, in synchronisation, they folded their arms.

Blayke looked at the two 'ladies' in front of him. His Commander had sent him straight from the handover at Caer Darrow to collect the priest and take her to Lights Hope and time was running short, they would probably be waiting at Lights Hope by now, healers assembled to aid in trying to bring Ivery back from his semi-dead state.

"Ladies" he smiled as he tapped the small communicator on his ear. "Perhaps I should call Owyn to come and collect you?".

He was rewarded by a small hiss from the priest.

Blayke tapped the saddle on his patiently waiting Gryphon; "Hop on then" he added with a smirk and slight tilt of his head, followed by "Commander?" when neither of the forsaken moved.

With a low muttered smarmy git both forsaken stomped forward and with an agility surprising for their form, swung onto the saddle, one behind the other.

"Undercity! Chop chop!" said Maleficient as she patted the neck of the snowy Gryphon.

With a heavy sigh, Blayke climbed on behind them and reached for the reins, again wondering just how he had ended up getting involved in this at all.

"And you can keep your hands to yourself!" snapped Judiyas slapping his hand and scowling at him over her shoulder.

With a loud shriek from Maleficient, the Gryphons powerful wings pulled it up into the darkening sky over Gilneas. With mutters from Judiyas of "you're going too fast" and "watch out for that tree" and various remarks around where his hands were, Blayke turned the Gryphon towards Silverpine and on to Undercity where he could drop off the first of his forsaken charges. The priest would be taken to Lights Hope to unravel the shadow enchantments placed on Ivery and it was hoped leave enough of his soul for Odenia to restore in the few minutes they would have after she finished.
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Robi Kaezlan.

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PostSubject: Re: Afterlife (was Cult of Forgotten Shadow)   Wed Sep 14, 2011 8:04 am

"he is ours..." Blaykes voice came in her ear. Her heart beat wildly and she hurried her way from the Stormwind bank to rally her aid and head to Caer Darrow.
Her eyes scanning the throngs of people for people who may be able to help, her glance fell on Aminda White, a priest from the ranks of The Knights of Lordaeron and she was looking at her curiously a small and not unfriendly smile on her lips.
"We got the note you left, have you time to discuss it with me?" Aminda asked her
Robi thought about it briefly and shook her head, much as she had wanted their aid and support it was now too little too late, she had to be in Caer Darrow, she couldnt afford not to be there when Anethrax arrived, The Thorn Mistress, she was sure would not wait around and she was not prepared to do anything that would jeopardise this one shot she had.
"You are aware of course Mrs Kaezlan, that Ivery Ilanos was one of our own, we are concerned..." Aminda started
"You should have thought of that before.." Robi interrupted "Ive been asking and begging you for weeks for aid, always the same..."
Aminda raised a hand for calm
"Robinas, your note was the first we have heard"
"Bull...Ive spoken to to people for weeks..with the same response..."I'll speak with Calahan"" Robi answered shortly. "To be honest the list to 'speak to Calahan' must be nearly as long as his 'women to do' list.
Aminda pulled a disapproving face.
Robi almost stamped her foot in frustration.
"Do you really think Robinas, that the Knights will desert their own?"
"Looks like it from where Im standing"
Robi was desperate to get away, time was short, but...but perhaps Aminda would offer the aid she so desperately needed.
"You must understand that many Knights have trouble trusting you" Aminda continued
"Oh for lights sake not this again" muttered Robi silently but nodded in response. Now was not the time to rake over old ground.
"I ask for Ivery not me..he needs help and lecturing me about The Dead Rose and events past isn't helping" Robi replied a touch impatiently
Aminda nodded "Yes I agree, past events are not relevent here"
Robi felt a surge of hope
Another interchange of words,Robi boiling over with frustration she had to go.
"You had a chance Ive asked over and over, Im still waiting I dont have the time now..." Robi said
"I'll speak with Calahan..." Aminda offered
It was all Robi could do not to hit Aminda.
Robi ran, shouting for Owyn and Gerrond as she did.
"Meet at the lake" she yelled as she ran., relieved to hear affirmative yells on the wind.
Into her comms "Odenia? lake"
"Ill be there in a moment Commander" Odenias voice was little more than a whisper "I have something to report"
Robi felt a stab of concern at the tone of Odenias voice and hurried to the rendezvous.
She smiled to herself as she saw Helmut, a gnome from the ranks of The Knights, he had been keen to help her after her last plea to The Knights.He was a good friend of Ivery's and better still in her eyes, he had known her father.
Odenia was there looking worried and Robi gestured her to one side.
"I saw Calahan" she started "He met a woman..."
Robi laughed and Helmut rolled his eyes.
"It's his hobby..." Robi replied
"No Commander...not like that..they talked..I know it was wrong but I listened when I heard them mention your name"
Robi looked interested
"They'll help...?" Robi hardly dared hope
Odenia looked a little lost as she opened her mouth to speak.
"They plan on snatching Ivery and locking him away until they find a "cure"" Odenia said
Robi was lost for words
"But..but.." was all she could manage "I have it..."
Odenia nodded"I know...but they dont trust you"
Robi looked at Helmut almost accusingly
"Whoa whoa wasn't me" Helmut said as he recognised her look.
"Commander.." Blaykes voice in her ear "Anethrax and her Thorns are headed to Caer Darrow"
"Understood" she answered quietly.
A decision made to get to Caer Darrow but not tell anyone it was for the handover itself.
She addressed her crew.
"We fly to Caer Darrow, we have someone to meet there before we meet for the handover with Anethrax."
A whoosh of wind as several assorted winged beasts took off simultaneously.
"We rendezvous at the stone" she called.
This was it, make or break....soon she would have Ivery. She hoped she had enough, hoped this would work. She put a hand on her dagger hilt and swore One way or the other Ivery would be freed.

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PostSubject: Re: Afterlife (was Cult of Forgotten Shadow)   Wed Sep 14, 2011 12:13 pm

(( It's good seeing all the backround stuff that led to the final Lights Hope event, perhaps the thread name should be changed to show it's about saving Ivery? ))
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PostSubject: Re: Afterlife (was Cult of Forgotten Shadow)   Wed Sep 14, 2011 2:27 pm

They needed to move and fast. For once Odenia's gut instinct had paid off for her. She wasn't sure what possessed her to follow Calahan or why she listened into his conversation, but what was clear was that they needed to get Ivery to Light's Hope chapel as soon as possible. As Odenia frantically explained what she heard to Robi she couldn't help the niggling worry in the back of her head that she had been seen. Adrenaline had made her clumsy and she hadn't been very subtle. Even though she hadn't been in her human form Calahan knew she was a shape shifter and it wouldn't take much for him to put two and two together. As her cheeks began to burn with frustration Odenia caught a glimpse of movement in the corner of her eye. Helmut stood there looking surprised and was pleading with Robi, trying to convince her he knew nothing of the Knight's plan. Whatever the Commander believed, Odenia had no room for trust. There wasn't enough time to argue over the matter as the Knights could be moving into position. She just had to bury her disdain and bite her tongue as they made there way hurriedly to Caer Darrow.

“Why is everyone so damned deceitful?” Odenia shouted out to the sky as her gryphon soared across the frozen mountains of Dun Morogh.

Deep down Odenia knew the Knights thought they were doing the 'right' thing, but they were blinded by their own self righteousness to see the damage they were doing. A lump developed in her throat as she thought about her lone crusade to take down Arli and how it had all blown up back in her face.

“No, it's not the same.” Odenia murmured to herself and she shook her head defiantly.

Whatever went on before or was happening now needed to be put to one side. For nights Odenia had prepared herself to be an oasis of calm and tranquillity so that she would be in the correct state. Now she was wound up tight and could barely breath from her sheer panic. Not ideal.

When you land, slip into the shadows Odenia.” Robi's voice cut through Odenia's muddled thoughts and instantly brought her clarity again.

The order translated so much to her. Commander Robi had distracted everyone with a lie, there was no other person they needed to meet up with. The handover for Ivery would be in Caer Darrow, which also meant Thorns would be near by. Odenia hadn't really thought about it before now, but it was more than likely that the Thorns assumed her dead and revealing herself alive could be fatal. As she touched down she quickly transformed into her feline form and hid herself from sight. Even if they did spot her there was no guarantee that she's be recognised out of human form. Shape shifting could actually save her life. Steading her breath she watched the path that lay before them, tensely waiting.
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"Those who can..Shadows" called Robi as she landed Charlie and slipped off his back. "Gerrond..Owyn? Can you flank me please?"
A nod each was the response from the two muscle-bound men. She flashed a grateful smile to each in turn as they took a place on either side of her, Owyn at her right, looking impressive in his gleaming plate-mail and Gerrond towering over her to the left, intimidating to say the least with the huge sword slung across his back.
"Who are we meeting?" asked Gerrond, "Him?" he nodded towards Blayke who was just melting into the shadows having seen Odenia was safe.
Robi shook her head. "Someone else.."
"Anethrax approaching the island now" Blaykes voice in her ear.
"Received" she said quietly back.
A deep intake of breath and a short sharp exhale to quell the rapid beating of her heart and the knot of apprehensive adrenalin that made her feel positively sick.
Gerrond looked at her
"Thorns isn't it?" he asked, although it wasn't so much a question as a statement.
She nodded once and smiled slightly, bless him she thought, sometimes he wasn't as dim as he appeared.
She squared her shoulders and started to walk down the slight slope to rendezvous with Anethrax and her thorns.Step for step Owyn and Gerrond flanked her, both alert and ready to strike should the need arise. She was aware of Blayke, Odenia and Helmut following then spreading out, scouting the sides and counting hidden numbers.
Then she saw him..Ivery, walking slightly behind Squadron and flanked by Thorns. She gave him what she hoped was a reassuring smile.
"Tell them..who do you belong to?" rasped Squadron to Ivery "Tell them what you feel"
Robi held Ivery's baleful eyes.
"I feel free.." said Ivery.
"Robinas," the voice of Anethrax. "Your kind has no place here, this will be the last time we will meet without the end being your death. Take what we have seen fit to give you back and leave, there will be no second warnings, do I make myself clear?"
Robi looked at the thorn mistress and bowed her head respectfully, "Thank you Mistress, Im grateful to you and have heeded your words"
Anethrax nodded. "He has been freed of the geis that bound him to Thorns, what you do with what is left is up to you, our bargain is met"
"Again Thorn Mistress I thank you" replied Robi looking straight at Anethrax as she discreetly stepped forward slightly speaking low to Owyn and Gerrond,
"Get Ivery..."
She noticed the Thorns melt into shadows and her senses screamed ambush, however it never came and within a few minutes she realised they had indeed left her with Ivery and a dire warning.
"Blayke, Gilneas get the priest..." she ordered, aware she sounded sharp, but Blayke nodded and if he felt resentful of her tone he didnt show it.

She called for Charlie, the great gryphon swooped in and landed before her, as she was motioning to Ivery to mount a voice cut through the air.
"That's our man I think..." said Calahan as he alighted agilely from his hippogryph "We'll take him from here"
"Cal no.." Robi started."We haven't time....Why are you doing this? I can help him.."
"Tie him and lets get back to base" Cal gestured to his fellow Knights, who moved forward as one.
She looked at Ivery, he returned her look with the faintest hint of a wink and jumped into Charlies saddle, without thought she leapt behind him and yelled "Noro" and the mighty gryphon soared rapidly into the clouds.
"Odenia" she spoke into her communicator "Tell Owyn and Gerrond the location, The crypt at Lights Hope Chapel"
"Yes Commander"
Sliding her arms around Ivery's waist she took the reins and guided them.

Odenia looked terrified thought Robi, unsure of herself that she was capable of the task she had been set, she looked at Owyn, who was observing Odenia with some concern.
Owyn was a good paladin, if he was concerned then there must be cause.
"We need more light wielders...." she muttered and Owyn gave a very slight nod.
"On our way Commander, eta about fifteen minutes" Blayke crackled over the unit.
"Damn" she thought, a mild panic starting to set in.
She took a deep breath, she knew what she had to do.
"Got any food?" she asked generally with a wan smile as she saw their perplexed looks.
"Humble pie preferably, if this is to work Ive got a lot of it to eat" she forced a smile. "I need the Knights"

No time for pride, no time for arguments, on bended knees if she had to she would beg them.

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Leaping off Charlies back as he landed at Aerie peak, she sprinted inside the keep, hoping against hope that the Knights had returned. As she cannoned down the stairs she was relieved to hear voices. Pulling herself up she composed herself slightly and ran at a slower pace into their meeting.
All eyes turned to look at her, she saw Leov open her mouth and Cal clamp his hand over it. Cal looked at her critically, but whether it was something in her eyes or her demeanour, his look softened slightly and changed to one of curiosity.
"I need help Cal..desperately..healers..." her voice held a tone of pleading. "We're ready to try and we wont have much time once the priest leaves.."
She looked from Leov to Aminda. "Please..."she whispered softly.
The three Knights exchanged a look and Cal nodded slightly.
"Let's go.." Leov said coldly as she walked to the stairs.
Cal turned his back and stared into the fire.
"I'll stay here, I'm no healer" he said
Robi looked aghast "Cal no...we need you..what if thorns come...what if anyone tries to stop us..?I need your blades...Please Cal...please.." she was aware she was begging.
Cal turned and Robi smiled slightly as she saw the fire in his eyes.
"Aye.." he replied simply and returned her smile.

No time for pleasantries she told them the location and all but screamed for them to hurry, to which Leov responded with a glare that could have soured milk.

As Charlie circled to land at Lights hope she saw in the near distance a white gryphon beginning to slow for descent. "Blayke..." she smiled.

They ran to the crypt all seemed calm, Ivery sat cross-legged while Odenia knelt in quiet meditation. Owyn paced the floor while Helmut watched the entrance.
Sadine glared angrily at Owyn, who gave her a half smile in return.
"Not the place..." Robi muttered.

"Downstairs if you please madame" Blaykes calm but slightly teasing voice came.
"You get those hands where I can see 'em" came a muffled reply, followed by Blaykes laugh.

Odenia opened her eyes and seemed a little startled by the suddenly full crypt.
Robi smiled briefly.
"Its time Odenia..."
Odenia nodded, she looked nervous but there was a sense of calm around her which bouyed Robis spirit and confidence.

"Commander and each side of Ivery, put your arm around him, it is you that will anchor his will to return..Helmut I need you to talk to him keep him focused on your voice, this will help guide him" Odenia gave her directions with a cool calm assertive voice and Robi and Helmut obeyed as one.

Without order or direction Sadine and Cal slipped into the shadows and took positions by the stairs, watching and guarding.

The priest was guided in by Blayke, she looked nervous, Robi couldnt blame her really.

Blayke took a position with Sadine and Cal surveying the immediate entrance.

"Healers in an arc around me" Odenia continued.
The two Knight healers looked at Odenia with some antagonism but said nothing.

"Lets get this over with" hissed the priest "This place hurts my senses"
She walked to Ivery her arm outstretched
"You....!" Ivery said "Youre the one who did this to me"
The priest nodded.
"And Im the one who will undo what has been done if you keep quiet.." she cackled back as her hand touched his head.

Robi seemed to be in a nightmare like confusion, it was all so distant and surreal, she clung tightly to Ivery and could dimly hear Helmut chatting in a conversation tone to him, telling him about everyday doings of The Knights. She wondered how on earth he kept so calm.
The priest seemed to be in a semi trance like state, swaying slightly as she intoned unintelligible words, a violet haze seemed to be coming from somewhere it swirled around them and seemed to embrace the priest.
Robi felt slightly nauseous as the haze filled her senses and filled the crypt.
Then Ivery fell from her grasp, slumping forward onto the floor with a soft groan, a soft..human groan.
"Six minutes Witch Robi..its all you have, in six minutes he will be lost to you forever, so hurry hungry kitty...if you can" The priest looked at her with a cruel smirk then turned to leave, they let her pass.

Robi knelt by Ivery and took his hand, it was cold.
"He's dead..." Robi looked at Odenia with desperately pleading eyes.
Odenia ignored her presence, her will and mind centred on her task.
Her lips moved silently as her hands touched Ivery's chest. Her eyes shot open and she clenched her fists as if she had caught something. Robi sat holding Iverys hand in silent awe.
"Now!" cried Odenia softly "Bring forth your light"
The crypt seemed to illuminate as flashes of burning light jumped from hands to Ivery, streams of gold burned from fingertips and holy words and gestures seemed to emanate from the corners of the room.
Robi shielded her eyes with her free hand, the light was so intense, the very air seemed to crackle with holy energy as the healers did their work.
"Bloody 'ell!" Cals awestruck voice reached her ears and she couldnt help but smile.And still Helmuts easy conversation with Ivery continued, she glanced across at him, the look of strained concentration and worry on his face at stark odds with his easy voice.
She offered a reassuring smile through the blaze of light.
It was dimmer now, the healers spent, as the last spark of light faded it seemed the crypt was plunged into intense darkness, instinctively she grasped Ivery's hand tighter, a strangled cry emitting from her lips as unmistakeably Ivery squeezed her hand in return.

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The silence was intoxicating. She had created a void around her and sank deeper and deeper into her meditative state. Now and again she would hear echoes of voices, memories of words once spoken. All the fear and anxiety Odenia had clung to had been dragged away in the darkness, leaving a raw and untarnished version of herself.

“It's time Odenia...”

Robi's voice pulled Odenia out of her trance. For a fleeting moment she felt her negative emotions crawl up beside her, but soon shook them off as she focused in on Ivery. Odenia barely noticed the Forsaken Priest beside her. Something inside of her had taken over. She watched as she instructed everyone around her to get into position, taking a back seat to her own will. The condescending looks Odenia received met with a blank response. It hardly mattered what the Knights thought of her at this moment and what would usually force her to doubt herself only made her feel more powerful. Once again she allowed herself to slip into the hollow she had crafted, cancelling out the world.

Odenia sat alone and peacefully within the shadow that stretched for eternity. Every fibre of her body strained to reach out towards a small a faint light that danced in the distance. It almost seemed like a firefly desperately fighting against a thick fog wishing to consume it. She watched it intently, following it's frantic movements and attuned herself to it. As the light grew dimmer it moved faster, shooting violently in front of her eyes in distress. In one sharp inhalation of breath, Odenia snatched the soul and held it tightly within her hands. It fought against her, trying to free itself from her grasp and disappear into nothingness. This was it.

A faint whimper escaped her lips, not wanting to waste any of her energy on speech.

“Now! Bring forth your light.”

Her hands cracked into bark as she bound the soul to Ivery's cold and lifeless body. Odenia could barely breath for the Light that rushed past her and into Ivery, finding herself pushing against a giant tide. The more they poured into him the more the soul tried to tear itself from its host and she wanted to scream out from the pain.

“Just a little longer, just a little longer.” she thought desperately to herself as the rest of her flesh twisted into coarse bark.

The excruciating pain swelled into numbness and Odenia could no longer feel the soul fight against her. She was terrified to let go too early, but something calm and tranquil deep inside of her whispered “You've done it, you can stop now”.

Slumping back away from Ivery's body, Odenia opened her eyes and wearily looked up at the healers. With hesitation they all stopped their incantations and looked down at Ivery. Dripping with sweat they silently waited for a flicker of life, watching Robi take his hand. Odenia could barely feel her body and lay staring at the ceiling of the crypt. Her mind was swimming, everything was a misty blur, but through the chaos within she heard Robi's cry and knew it had worked.
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Resurrection, it seemed, was exactly the same whatever way round it worked Ivery thought. As he burst back into consciousness in an explosion of light and warmth his body reacted the same way it had when he had been turned into a forsaken. It seemed as if the very idea that blood was flowing back through his veins and air was being sucked back into his lungs was the very last thing that his body wanted. His back arched as the light flowed around him, forcing his protesting organs into working the way nature intended and flushing out the forsaken shadow magic that had filled him. His eyes bulged and he rolled onto his hands and knees, retching and coughing violently. His head swam and vision blurred as the Lights Hope crypt came into view, half visible figures standing over him in the gloom. He could half hear voices in the gloom, some familiar and some not so. He felt something in his chest, a feeling he hadn't felt in a long while

A heartbeat.
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Afterlife (was Cult of Forgotten Shadow)
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