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 Misadventures in Stormwind

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PostSubject: Misadventures in Stormwind   Sun Sep 11, 2011 7:32 pm

((First wow fic and first post on these here forums (long time lurker much?) I posted this on the knights forum, but since no one there seemed to reply to it, I thought I should stick it here, so the horde peeps could read it too.))

Misadventures in Stormwind

It was a normal day in Stormwind, well as normal could be these days, and that meant those "adventures" filling the streets. Shiny shoulder plates and weapons the size of people, dragons and gryphon's filling the air above the shop. You where barely able to see any citizens on the streets or see where you where g-

"Watch it lady!" She'd done it again. Her mind had wandered on thinking about and for the lights sake she was doing it again now. "Well.. What are you gonna do about it noob?" Ei! And it was one of those large gil- gilna- gilly- puppy men, of course it had to be, such large teeth too. "eh.. uh.. Sorry.. if you don't.. erhm.. mind?" Oh why did she always have to stutter so much, she was such a wreck of nerve's with those adventure type people. "Fuck off will you? Be a good noob and run along" Eeep! And the girl was off, almost launching down the street like one of those rockets the gnomes make! Making sure to keep her eyes where she was going, for once.
Now she had to be home before noon or her mother would kill her for sure. Get the stuff from the store, over to the tavern to reserve a spot for next week and home. Nothing more, not at all, no going on adventures down at the harbour or the Stockades light forbid it. The little girl, no woman, she was a woman now. No little girl. So the woman wandered down the street along the channel, there usually weren't that many people here and surely no one at this time of the day. Yer the street was clear, the water was still, not even anyone out fishing. No wait what was that? A person? As the gi- woman crossed a corner there seemed to be a person sitting in front of her. It looked like an elf, most likely one of those druids her father had told her about before he. Oh never mind that. But that wasn't unusual at all, there where plenty of weird and exotic people in Stormwind these days. It had been like this since she was 9 now. Anyway rambling on now. The weird thing about the elf in front of her was not her looks, he large glowing staff or the dog sitting next to her apparently oblivious to what happened around it. No the strange thing was that she was sitting down, staring into a wall.. in the middle of the street. Now she had seen this before, adventures just sitting there, maybe in some kind of trance. Mister John down at the inn didn't even know what it was, all he knew was that they seemed to be doing it after standing still for a while. She made sure to go in a wide arch around her, you never know with these people, they seemed kinda mad.

Ahh the sun was warming her cheeks, but the slight breeze made it just the right temperature. And even better it made her long ginger hair flow nicely in the wind. She felt epic and heroic walking there alone in the streets of the capitol with the clear sky above her. Well as clear as it got when it was full of dragons. But that just made it all the better. Now where had she put her goggles, those would surely make her look like an adventurer. Ah there! Fecthing her goggles out of her breast pocket, she put the firmly on her head. They where a nice pair, copper and tin with large lenses, one of them broken. They weren't any special lenses, just glass, but that was good enough for her. It was the looks that mattered and the warm metal in the sun. But most of all. The leather strap that kept them on. No she wasn't fond of leather like her class mates had teased her with, she had nothing against leather either. No the reason they where special was the inscription on the strap. You could barely make it out now, but it was supposed to say something like when-


Wait.. what was that? The woman stopped in her tracks, like frozen by a spell. She didn't feel cold, no wait she had heard something "pssst!" Yup there it was again! It sounded like it came from the channel! Dropping to the ground on the spot like some kind of cat. She crawled along the cobblestone as sneaky as she could. “Pssst!” it sounded metallic, like it was underwater and strangely far away. Maybe it was someone in some kind of contraption for swimming in the channel? No It couldn’t be, you wouldn’t be going psst if it where. peaking over the edge of the street into the murky dark water she couldn’t see anything at first. No wait.. There was something there! shinny and sparkly. Now she knew that the adventurers threw some of their magical stuff away, just imagine throwing a perfectly fine magical sword or what have you in the river?! They truly where weird. Knowing this she knew she could get a couple of silver coins at least for what ever it was, that might be enough to fix the lens. folding her shirt sleeve up, she put her hand in the murky water. Strangely warm, bubbles too, that was weird, the channel hadn’t bubbled before. the thing in the water seemed to just slip further and further away the more she reached out for it, light damn it! If she could just reach a little further out. Arght! clinging to the cobblestones she just manged to not fall into the channel. That was a bit too close comfort, well not comfort she wouldn’t mind the swim. But her mother would kill her for sure if she got her new shirt wet. She needed a better idea. Looking around here she couldn’t see anything that would help, some robe maybe? No that wouldn’t work she needed something to grab the thing with, what ever it was. Wait hadn’t the druid had a staff. Ahhhh..

Sneaking up on the druid, who was still facing the wall, the woman went on tip toes as quietly as she could. She suspected that it wouldn’t make a difference since the druid was in the same spot as when she left her, but not being careful could be dangerous. The staff was beautiful now that she looked at it, it looked like a branch had grown out of a cluster of the most magnificent red gems she had ever seen. it had a little bend on the end of it, perfect! Now all the gems didn’t matter, she wasn’t gonna steal it or anything, just borrow it. The woman was within arms reach of the of the staff, she could hear the druid breathing, but it was as still as a statue. She reached out and grabbed the stuff with her left hand. Wow! it was warm to the touch it felt like nature was warming her body and giving her more focus and energy, she could do anything now! Battle dragons, take on hordes of, well the horde, anything! With the power of nature she could maybe even do something to help her fathe- No no, she was getting off track. She was gonna get what ever was in the channel and the go to the shop. She held the staff tight to her chest and ran off giggling like the little girl she really was. The druid left behind oblivious of what had just happened.

The staff gave of a green glow when it touched the water, it almost made it look like it was making the water clearer, cleaning it from the the trash and filth. No wait it was! She could see the bottom now! all the fish and plants! right in front of her was the glowing, sparkling thing, but it was hidden in some kind of grey fog. The staff didn’t clean the water around the object for some reason, but it did make out the outline.. Aha! It had a ring on the top! She could stick the staff’s end trough there! With a tight grip she lowered the non gem end of the staff into the water, she was not gonna drop it, that would be horrible! Eyeing the ring and staff, she finally lowered the staff to the bottom. Gotcha! She had the thing! Eeeep! it pulled back! the light be damned what was this? he mind wandered on and with a huge splash she fell in the channel! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! she was soaked now! completely and utterly soaked with dark, murky, smelling water! Damn it! The staff hit the bottom and with a pop sound stopped glowing. The water around her went back to it’s normal dark days. the bubbles in the water made her lose her rage, they tickled! Oh light damn it, he mother was gonna send her to outland now! Her new was ruined now! and her trousers.. and vest.. and boots too!

“Psst! Down here!”

Oh the thing! Right, that was what she’d come down here for anyway. Might as well just swim down there. Going down there it seemed clearer than from the surface. There it was, she could still make out the outline of the object. Reaching out she grabbed it and the staff too while she was at it. Pew, she hadn’t been swimming in years, this was awesome! Not only had see gotten the staff back but she had gotten the thing that her mother was gonna send her to outland for. What was it anyway? A lamp! She had ruined her shirt for a lamp? Really.. She couldn’t sell and old lamp for anything.

“I’m not an old lamp I might add!”

The woman almost jumped to the nether, that big of a shock she got. Had it just spoken to her? No it couldn’t, but it did sound strangely metallic. “of course it was me Alice, who else would it be? The druid?” looked around her quickly to see if the druid had sneaked up on her. Nope, it wasn’t the druid, the druid was strangely missing from the road. it was the lamp or she was going mad. Or maybe both. Well what was she gonna do about the staff now?! “I know” it was the metallic voice again, all around her, inside her too. “well.. What?” said the girl with the tiniest tinyst voice.

“For free?!” The woman nodded “just like that?!” She smiled warmly “Thank you miss! Thank you soo much!” With that sentence Topper McNab went running down the street. “I’m gonna be rich! Rich I tell you!” Could be heard in the distance.


“And that was how Azeroth was made!” Alice smiled at the at the guardsman, who looked at her like she was made of cheese. With that Alice went bouncing down the street towards Goldshire with a flying lamp following her.
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PostSubject: Re: Misadventures in Stormwind   Tue Sep 13, 2011 6:24 pm

((Im glad you posted this up, woohoo!! Miss the Miss now she is no longer chasing Lady Gelana around asking to party!))
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PostSubject: Re: Misadventures in Stormwind   Wed Sep 14, 2011 12:07 pm

(( i love this story linn! Smile ))

"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."
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PostSubject: Re: Misadventures in Stormwind   

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Misadventures in Stormwind
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