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 Silencing Searing Shadows.

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PostSubject: Silencing Searing Shadows.    Wed Sep 14, 2011 10:00 pm

The sun was casting it's final rays over Durotar. Shadows danced around the flickering flame of
the bonfire. There stood figures, feeling the heat of the blaze.

Deszan looked around the crowd that had built in seconds. He took a quick swig of an elixer and
bowed before them all.

"Good evening. Today we have gathered to bring vengenace upon the Burning Blade." He said.

"The s-ssearing blades-ss who have brought agonis-sssing pain to it's victims-ss. On this-ss day
they s-sshall fall beneath our feet. No mercy." He continued.

"Now I am not here to order you around. However, I advis-sse that Bas-sssk you take the firs-sst
guard at the front of the cavern and Shy you take the furthest one. The rest ,once the two have
been dealt with, rush in and flood the cavern with their blood." He advised.

The two nodded. Perhaps their fighting woud be better than their conversation skills.

"Let's-sss ride." He said sternly.

So the figures ran towards the sunset, their shadows spreading themselves across the dry land.

They dismounted and took cover behind a ovelapped rocky slab. Deszan nodded at the two.
The two began sending a blast of both holy and fire energy towards them and knocking them down like a shield
slam to an unprepared warrior. The cavern echoed of the Wings war cries. Slashing swords,
colliding magical aspects, swiping of daggers and crying of demons being silenced.

"Hold the cavern! S-sssilence them! No mercy!" Deszan's hiss traveled through the cavern and
echoed back to him. Ascel had blasted a imp against a wall with a huge ice lance while Sindrie
sliced a cultist through it's stomache. Roars of the orc cult's pain filled the cavern. Bask
sent a firey bolt towards a spellcaster, colliding wth a similar bolt, he sent more this time and
hurled a larger blast to finish the caster off. Shy covered her eyes from a collding aspect
bolt and retaliated with a swift smite , knocking a cultist off his feet. Bask knelt down.
A cultist began channeling a curse upon him, Ascel and Sindrie both ran in desperation to save
him. Halfway through the curse, Ascel had knocked it back while Sindrie impaled it through it's
corrupted heart. Shy helped Bask out of the cavern, he began vomiting, Ascel, Sindrie and
Dezan held off the cultists chasing them out of the cave. Amoungst the heat of combat huge waves of
dust flew out of the cave, Shy had got Bask out safely and began checking him over. Deszan,
sindrie and Ascel stood ready as a dust cloud blew away. Nothing. There was no sign of the cult.
When a figure emerged from the final dust cloud, a man spinning a bloodied sword in his hand
before sheathing it, Rexen nodded at them as he past, smirking.
Bask was still vomiting as Ascel opened a portal. We took Bask down into a small hut while
Uradreck checked him over. The Wings had dispersed after a inspiring speech, throughout Orgrimmar now. Some of their footsteps
echoing up the pass outside.

Uradreck emerged and nodded. "He will be fine now." He said , walking up the pass.

On that very evening the Burning Blade were silenced. Justace was served for their actions,
but was it not just as brutal killing them than it was them torturing their victims?

Of course not.

Signed W.O.R.
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PostSubject: Re: Silencing Searing Shadows.    Wed Sep 14, 2011 10:04 pm

((I kept it brief so it was more digestible for readers Smile Hope you enjoy! Smile please comment! ))
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PostSubject: Re: Silencing Searing Shadows.    Wed Sep 14, 2011 11:54 pm

((Loved it. Welcome to the Forums!))

The way is shut,
It was made by those who are dead
And the dead keep it.

Skeleton in the closet.
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Carmtan Nightglade
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Guild Master

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PostSubject: Re: Silencing Searing Shadows.    Sun Oct 02, 2011 11:20 am

((Superb! I couldn't of done better myself! Wink ))
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PostSubject: Re: Silencing Searing Shadows.    

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Silencing Searing Shadows.
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