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 O quethuiel Sin'Dorei

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PostSubject: O quethuiel Sin'Dorei   Sun Sep 18, 2011 11:51 am

Chey sat on a ledge overlooking the goblin ghetto in Orgrimmar and stared at nothing in particular. For days she had sat here, quietly looking at the sprawling city, she seemed to remember it differently but couldn't quite be sure if the memories were false or whether she'd dreamt it. She desperately fought to make some coherence of the jumbled thoughts and 'memories' that crowded her head at times.
The last 'real' thing she could recall was a hooded not just a hooded man, it was the hooded man. She shuddered as she recalled him, his hidden face and his cold cold voice as he ordered her dead.
Dead! Was that it? Was she dead?
She shook her head, no she couldnt be, she was tired, she was cold, she was hungry and surely death stopped those things?
A look of frightened confusion crossed her face, she hadn't lost her memory, she had vivid clear memories that her gut told her were not false. A lavish house, all marble and gold, a father who adored her and a beautiful mother, then she remembered being excited and a bit afraid as her father and mother came into her room one night, told her they were all playing a game where they had to be very very quiet and try to get out of the house and the city without being seen.
It hadnt been a nice game...everyone around them was shouting and houses were on fire..she smiled as she remembered her father holding her close and telling her she had won...
A stone hut was next to her thoughts, she knew this memory was real, she could still feel what it was like to learn , to be too cold to be too hungry too young. It was something she would never ever forget.
Her mind wandered again, Silvermoon City, her father no longer with them, just her and her mother and the new man in her life. She had been a Bloodknight..hadn't she?She shook her head to clear the encroaching memories.
Then in her minds eye she saw him...Arli Sunblade, befriended her, mentored her and took her into the Vile Thorn, gave her a reason and a purpose then... broke her heart.
And Orthos, Deathmaster, always on at her about slacking in her training, on and on...

Vile Thorn? what was she thinking? They worked for the Undercity, took orders from could she have joined that?The memory must be false...must be. But no, she recalled being punished for speaking Thalassian...How dare they? she thought.
Where were they when the hooded man had her? She felt anger and it felt good, stirred at last from the apathy that had engulfed her spirit for so long.
She stood up a little shakily and stood erect, she looked down at the squalor below her and shook her head.
"I'm going home,back to the city of golden spires, back to silvermoon..." she told herself.
"I am not forsaken, I am not Vile Thorn"
She grinned to herself as she tipped back her head and yelled across Orgrimmar
"O quethuiel Shayenne, O quethuiel Sin'Dorei"

"I am Shayenne I am Sindorei"

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O quethuiel Sin'Dorei
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