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 Trouble at New Agamand

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PostSubject: Trouble at New Agamand   Sat Oct 01, 2011 9:37 am

((This a new mission we're kicking off in the Thorns))


News of our being stationed in Northrend has already spread and contracts have started rolling in. Deathmaster Sunblade and I have gotten word of someone causing trouble at the forsaken town of Agamand in the Howling Fjord. So far one murder case and a series of thefts have been reported. The guards there have found a couple of worgen, and this is where their report has gotten odd... for one thing worgens are very uncommon in the area. These two seemed to be under some sort of mind control and kept babbling but made no sense whatsoever. After killing them the guards found a goblin communications device and a sort of power crystal that seemed to be of blood elf make.

We find this whole business very disturbing and ask for two volunteers to investigate the matter and report back to either arli or myself.

-Deathmaster Dianthaa
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PostSubject: Re: Trouble at New Agamand   Sat Oct 01, 2011 5:29 pm

Drevillol dismounted carefully from the Windrider, looking grateful to be off the beast despite his feet now resting on forsaken-owned soil. With a brief but complex movement of his hand, a small lint roller appeared before him and he proceeded to carefully remove every last trace of moulted Windrider hair from his carefully-pressed robes.

"What would mother think to see beast fur on my best robe" he muttered to himself as he carefully brushed his robe, twisting and peering over his shoulder at the back of his robe to make sure every last trace was removed. With a snap of his fingers, the lint roller disappeared and he finally looked at his surroundings.

"They have the indecency to call this New Agamand?" he spoke to no one in particular, wrinkling his nose in distaste. "It's not been new in a very long time". Flicking a non-existent fleck of dust off his sleeve, Drevillol squared his shoulders and raising his chin slightly - so that he could look down on the forsaken properly - he started to walk around the Howling Fjord settlement
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PostSubject: Re: Trouble at New Agamand   Mon Oct 03, 2011 4:11 pm

The goblin sat on the edge of the Howling Fjord, feet dangling in the air, surely miles away from the water below. He fiddled with his hair and extracted a piece of smelly cheese that he happily shoved down his throat.

Tails checked his watch again. Still a few minutes till he was suppossed to meet the elf. He looked around his chosen spot again. It was far from ideal yes. And far to cold and windy for his taste. But it was remote and offered a good view of the road into New Agamand.

Wearily he started making his way towards the town. He was having his doubts about this whole business. What were they thinking? Sending him in Northrend, to train worgens and with a power hungry blood elf no less. This would be the death of him for sure. Limping through the mud reminded Tails of happier days spent hunting in warm places like Stranglethorn or his favourite Un'Goro Crater. He'd made a small fortune selling raptors as novelty pets before news spread of them growing up and eating their owners. Well that all had gone up in flames with Kezan. And he was reduced to take any jobs that came his way now.

He stopped to study the blood elf dismounting from his wind rider. Ohh great... It's a fairy princess, Tails thought to himself walking closer to meet his new accomplice
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PostSubject: Re: Trouble at New Agamand   Wed Oct 05, 2011 9:52 pm


Observation of Elf and Goblin pair by LaSombra and Serpiente, as tasked by Deathmasters Arli and Dianthaa


1) Goblin Male. Pierced ears and unshaven chin. Carries an axe (thoroughly unclean). Believed to have skills in tracking and trapping of animals. Very rude. Did not catch a name or alias, just insults from the elf he was with. Typical goblin financial sense.

2) Blood Elf, indeterminate gender (deathmaster Arli claims both targets are male, so I will have to take his word on this one). Long blonde hair, red dress. Possibly royalty, as goblin companion refers to him/her as 'Prince/Princess' (goblin also seemed unsure of gender of target 2). Claims to be able to summon demons. Has disturbingly close relationship with mother. Typical elven fashion sense.

Both have an apparent distaste for the company of the Forsaken.


Serpiente and I acquired sight of the targets at the forsaken front with Gilneas. After some considerable bickering they spoke of their business. The goblin was taking the elf to see some 'pups' that would be used in their plan. After a while they found their way to the Greymane Wall to discuss their business further.
'The Master' (referred to as this only once, otherwise was just called 'he') is evidently paying this pair to instrument an attack on the Forsaken. The goblin is to trap an as yet unknown quantity of Worgen, and bring them to New Agamand. The elf is then to control them to attack the settlement.
How they intend to control the Worgen is unclear, but the elf mentioned something about a crystal, which we can assume will be the method of control. The objective is to wipe out as many Forsaken settlers as possible, and then the elf and goblin will be paid and can loot whatever they wish. The attack is planned for tomorrow night, and will begin as soon as the worgen are in range of the crystal, fairly close to the town.
The targets appear to have no motivation for their mission apart from the promise of payment from their employer and a general dislike for the Forsaken as a whole. We were unable to glean from their conversation any reason 'the master' may have for orchestrating this atrocity.


The prevention of the planned attack should be our first priority, followed by gathering further information.

If we can locate the alleged crystal prior to the start of the attack and disrupt it, the Worgen may be uncontrollable when they arrive (though it is debatable whether this is preferable or not).
We can assassinate or capture the elf demon summoner, preventing the use of the crystal, and perhaps get further information from him about his employer.
We could also assassinate or capture the goblin before he can deliver the Worgen. Again, his capture could prove useful for information about their employer, and any further planned attacks.


Who planned the attack? Why? Are they planning more? How can we stop them for good?

The above is a true and accurate report of the events of the mission, to the best of my knowledge.


High Assassin LaSombra
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PostSubject: Re: Trouble at New Agamand   Wed Oct 05, 2011 11:11 pm

After recieving the order from deathmaster Arli Sunblade and Deathmaster Dianthaa, Lasombra and serpiente
traveled to silverpine forest, there they searched untill they found a bloodelf male,
they planned to go on searching for the goblin, but he appeared to be standing right behind the bloodelf..
small creatures ey..

anyway.. they followed them around and watched as they argued with eachother, serpiente quickly
grabbed something to write with and wrote down all thats being said

((the bloodelf will be apointed a B and the goblin will be apointed a G))

B: *looks around* "Look at them, walking around as if they owned the place.."

G: "Oi! .. tell your little demon to stop poking me!"

*the goblin spits on the little demon.*

B: "well.. dont look at him then"
"your face offends him.."

*the goblin glares at the elf*

G: "My face? whats wrong with my face then?"
[sarcastic] "lets hear it princess... little miss bloody perfect!"

*the goblin eyes the bloodelf up and down.*
*the elf then in turn eyes the goblin up and down.. wich doesnt take long..*

B: "So, the plan?"
"you -do- have a plan?"

*they look at eachother confused*

G: "dont you have a plan?"
"they just told me to train the pupps"

Lasombra (on comms): "i got the feeling they dont have much of a plan..."
Serpiente (on comms): "i think so too.."

B: "I'm a thinker, a dreamer, a wizzard in the kitchen. I don't plan."
"then, did you train them?"

G: "well.. i ain't got them yet, áve i?"
"We is supposed to see how to get them up there now aren't we?"

Serpiente (on comms): "nor do they seem very smart..."

B: "I can -see- that you ignorant excuse for a green laundry basket"
"then lead on, find me some"

* the elf shoo's the goblin along*

G: "OI! what do you think i am? Gonna take orders from you? You sack of detergent!"

B: "At least -i- am clean"

*the elf brushes some non-existant dust off his robe*

G: "that you are.... smell like crap though"

*the elf feels his fingers twitching*

B: "I should call upon the many legions of hellish beasts to devour you right now!"

G: "carefull son, don't want to wrinkle your pretty dress"

B: "well.. get on with it, where are they?"

G: "well I've no bloody idea, have i?"
"They didn't tell me that now did they?"
"They just sent me off to work with the likes of you"

B: "you're a man, well.. small green blob, of the land, i thought you could track them?"

G: "oh what's become of poor me..."
"what? ohh yes, yes right."

B: "You're supposed to be a hunter for goodness sakes!"
"[low] Mother was -so- right.."

G: "Well, come along you lazy fart"

*Both the elf and the goblin start walking into the direction of gilneas,
serpiente and lasombra follow from the shadows. tracking every move they make,
serpiente keeps writing down every word being said.*

B: "...Language!"

*the goblin stops to smell the air, then moves along*

G: "Hurry up then love"
"[mutters] stuck with a bloody prince.."

B: "I'm no love of yours!"

*the elf clearly seems offended*

"at least. i never intend to be in this life"

G: "move along will ya?"

*the elf sighs as he slowly walks along*

B: "I didn't wear my walking shoes"

* the elf looks annoyed*

G: "we ain't got all night you know?"

B: "these are fine silk!"

*the goblin pauzes to eye the shoes*

G: "right you are, but i can get you better ones for just 200 gold."

*the elf responds with clear distrust and worry*

B: "not goblin made i hope"

G: "it would match your fancy look better aswell"

*the elf points over yonder*

B: "over there"
"go fetch some there"

*the goblin keeps on walking, making some distance between him and the elf*

"wait up!"

G: "i aint fetching no one!"

*the goblin smirks at the elf*

"don't tell me you're scared to be on your own"

B: "Hopeless, Truly hopeless as a hunter.."
"you should look for a new career"
"maybe selling clothes pegs"

G: "[sarcastic] the waste of air decided to talk"

*the elf ignores what the goblin just said*

B: "so.. how do you capture these....beasts?"
"try to sell them overpriced shoes?"

*a sly smirk spreads across the elf's face*

G: "what kind of stupid question is that?"

B: "I do hope it doesnt damage the fur"

G: "what do you care about the fur?"
"they're only cannon fodder anyway"

B: "any left over ones would make lovely trims for my cloaks for the winter"

G: "no.. if its cloaks you want, my brother charlie sells the best ones there are --..

B: "stop -right- now"

*a crockolisk decided that the goblin looked like a nice snack and started stalking them
serpiente spotted this and throws a dagger from the shadows that killes the crockolisk,
neither the goblin nor elf noticed serpientes actions*

*the elf turnes around as the crocolisk falls dead on the ground behind them*

"do you see that!"

G: "see what?"

*the elf points at the dead crocolisk*

B: "the leather on that thing!"

G: "naahhhh.. it's not that great"

B: "such spiffing shoes!"

*the elf seems amazed by the mere thought*

G: "the realy good one is in Tol Barad"
"hard to get though"
"whoever pays top money"

B: "better payed then you are on this job?"

*the goblin looks at the elf and then replies*

G: "who do you think we work for.."
"sertainly not the horde.. they would never attack their own cities"
"well me must go on with it as soon as possible"

B: "well i am surely not"

*the elf looks at the little green pile of goblin shaped dirt*

"not in these shoes..."

G: "Bloody Pansy"
"tell you what miss"

B: "you will need to come back, after dark and use your traps on them"

*the elf raises his eyebrow inquisitively at the goblin*

G: "you leave the worgens up to me"

B: "i fully intend to.."

G: "I'll find some other places to hunt them."
"Might even get some fresh ones, those should be easyer to train"

B: "then get them to Northrend and i can use the crystal on them."
"to far to controll them from here"

G: "How about you show me where i need to get them."

B:"you just need to get them close to New Agamand"

G: "i know that... but erhmm... what are they supposed to do there?"

B: "as close as you can, then i will meet you there and use the crystal to controll them."

*the elf rolls his eyes and sighs dramatically*

G: "so i will know how to chose them"
"He ain't bloody told me nothing!"

B: "I need strong ones that can SNAP forsakens necks"

*the elf smirks*

G: "forsaken necks arent that hard to snap"

B: "He wants new Agamand depleted of troops"

Serpiente (on comms): "That doesn't sound to good, don't you agree brother?"
Lasombra (on comms): "My thoughts exactly"

B: "Then choose the small weedy ones... oh... i don't know, thats -your- part of the job!!"

G: "so.. he said that besides the Fee, we can also take whatever we find here right?"

Serpiente (on comms) : "i wonder who -he- is.."

B: "exactly my small green pile of excrement"

G: "I'm thinking we split it 80-20?"

B: "If you only want 20.. ofcourse."
"Mother said i should get the 80% anyway."

G: "no, it means you only get 20%"
"I'm doing all the hard work 'ere"

*the elf looks at the goblin for a moment*

B: "you just use your fancy traps, i'm the one with the brains."

G: "could have fooled me"

B: "you are, my dear poor excuse for a green shrubbery, easy to fool."

G: "fine fine, you can have 30, i'll settle for 70.."
"I ain't easy to fool!"

B: "Mother said i have 50% or the deal is off!"

G: "you lot are"

B: "well.. -he- said it was 50/50"
"Unless you can do this alone?"

G: "Oh.. he told you that aswell then?"
"Fine fine, 50-50"

B: "your tried to cheat me!!"

G: "I don't want to piss -him- off now do i"

B: "mom was right, never trust anything that doesn't reach higher than a gnome!"

* the elf shudders as a patroll of forsaken comes walking by*

"Goodness no"

G: "Ofcourse i tried to cheat you, and you think you're the only one with brains"

*the elf holds his nose again as a patroll of forsaken walk by again*

B: "by bnow by bam"

*the elf lets go of his nose and takes a deep breath*

G: "whats that deary?"

B: "i know i am..."

*the elf coughs delicately*

G: "got something up that rediculously large nose of yours?"

B: "the stench of forsaken, yes."

*the goblin shakes his head and sighs*

"when will you get the beasts to me in New Agamand?"

G: "Working with a lily, working with a fairy princess, ohh where have to good days gone?"

B: "Exactly what i was thinking."

G: "I have them there by tomorrow night."
"you better be ready."

* the elf looks around and wrinkles his nose in disgust as another patroll of forsaken walks by*

"they wont be easy to controll"

B: "ofcourse I'll be ready!"
"and leave the controlling to me"

G: "and they'll be pretty messy"

*the goblin grins wickedly at the elf*

B: "very well."

G: "that settles it then."

B: "once the task is done, we take what we can carry and get away. that my dear green ... oh.. no.."

*the elf holds his nose again as the forsaken patroll walks by once more*

G: "you're gonna need a ton of parfume tomorrow."
"that's right.. the sooner the better"

B: "after the master will send payment forthwith"

G: "and that'll be the end he'll hear of me i should hope"
"to dodgy, even for my taste"

B: "the very last i will see of you, i do so dearly hope"

G: "what, you don't like my charming company?"

B: "No. No i prefer the company of a moss covered brick to the company of you..."
"And.. it is probably better at tracking worgen."

G: "I'm hurt, i truly am."

B: "Good evening. Tomorrow night, and dont be late!"

G: "see you then love."

*Serpiente and lasombra keep tracking the goblin and the elf untill they part ways
and head to, probably their homes, Lasombra and serpiente deside that its been enough for one
evening and head back to Dalaran to write up a report to hand to the deathmasters*

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PostSubject: Re: Trouble at New Agamand   Thu Oct 06, 2011 6:20 am

Arli read each report twice before purposefully putting them back into the locked box - he wasn't going to make that mistake again.

The reports from LaSombra and Serpiente were thorough and confirmed his suspicions. The elf and goblin would need dealing with before they put their plan into action. He would discuss with Dianthaa the next morning and then they would talk to the two Thorns and instruct them on the action to be taken.
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PostSubject: Re: Trouble at New Agamand   Fri Oct 07, 2011 8:50 am

Deathmaster sunblade and deathmaster dianthaa called together serpiente, lasombra and eirdra to brief them about
the mission.
They found the reports excelent, resulting into them taking along eirdra, so she could learn about going on missions
and gathering intel.
the deathmasters want them to capture and interogate the elf and the goblin, to find out as much as they can about
their master.
they are to keep eirdra safe during the entire operation and they are to use any means nessesairy to get the
information they need, and after they've got what they came for.. there should be no evidence left.

The three of them travel to Vengeance landing by windrider.. to travel from there to New Agamand.
They keep a good eye an Eirdra, making sure nothing happends to her wile she acompanies them.
they travel by horse from Vengeance landing to New Agamand.
along the way they slay some of the wildlife as they are posing a threat, the animals must be starved,
they hunt everything that walkes by.

Once arived close to New Agamand they travel further by foot in the shadows untill they encountered the targets.
They find the duo bickering as usual.

*Eirdra slids up silently behind the goblin and places a knive against his neck, at that exact moment, serpiente
jumps up from behind the elf and holds a dagger to his throat*

G: "What the?!?"
*The goblin looks behind him carefully and sees a grinning Eirdra*
Eirdra: "why hello there"
G: "Why... hello there miss"
B: "Excuse me?"
*the Elf gasps*
B: "Remove that -filthy- blade!"
*Lasombra tells the two to stay calm and that its not wise to give the thorns orders*
*the elf starts screaming for the guards, wile the two thorns escort the elf and goblin to a more quieter area,
*Lasombra quickly makes up an explanation to the guards and hands them some gold coins*
*the guards look at the gold and nod with a grin*

Lasombra: "these men are comming with us for a chat"
B: "i very much don't think so!"
Serpiente: "oh.. but i think you will"
*serpiente grins as he holds his dagger close to the elfs mouth*
Serpiente: "do you value your tongue, if you do.. you best stay quiet.."
*The elf Gasps*
*the goblin started screaming some nonsense about stolen devilsaur eggs, Lasombra slaps him across the face to make
him shut up*

*the elf complains about the guards being asleep, Lasombra explaines to him that they are the smarter ones*
Serpiente: "Ok elf.. how about this.. you stay quiet, and i'll let you keep your pretty tongue.."
*the elf finally shuts up for a short wile*
*Eirdra has placed her hand over the goblins mouth.. since he would'nt shut up*
*The goblin mumbles and moans, as the group walks to a more quiet place*

Lasombra: "there.. thats a little more private"
*the elf lifts his chin and looks down at the forsaken*
B: "let us go and i'll make sure the authorities go easy on you"
"in fact.. keep the goblin as payment"

Lasombra: "The authorities?"
"Wich authorities do you think will help you?"

B: "Don't think you will get away with this...this...atrocity!"
Lasombra: "speaking of atrocities...."
B: "Mother has contacts you know!"
G: "You and your stupid mother again!"
"Cant you see we're in trouble?"

B: "I'f i listened to mother, i wouldn't be being mugged by hoodlums!"
Serpiente: "choose your words with care elf..."
*serpiente turns his dagger in front of the elfs face*
G: "If you'd listened to mother, maybe i'd be here with someone more competent!"
Lasombra: "Gentlemen, I think it should be plain from our comming here and running into you that this is no mugging"
"Perhaps you have guessed out purpose here?"

*the elf looks down on Lasombra and sniffs, Lasombra nods to the elf*
B: "then.. if it's not a mugging.. OH MY GOODNESS!"
*the goblin laughs*
G: "they want your pretty ass!"
B: "you can't! I'm saving myself for my weddingnight!"
Lasombra "No.. that's not it either"
*Eirdra inclines her head and studdies the elf with disbelief*
B: "Oh.. thank goodness"
G: "well.. what then?"
Serpiente: "you two can't be that dumb.."
Lasombra: "My associate and i... overheard you last night at the greymane wall"
Serpiente: "indeed"
*the elf narrows his eyes and looks at Lasombra"
G: "you two are bloody rude then!"
"evesdropping on people trying to make an honest living!"
B: "indeed, smacks of a poor upbringing"
*Lasombra sighs at the goblin, then tells Eirdra to hit the goblin when needed"
*Eirdra grins as she pats the goblin on the head*

Eirdra: "Only speak when your spoken to.."
G: "Oi oi.. no need to hit anyone"
*Lasombra hits the elf in the face"
B: "Not the face! Not the face!"
*the elf gasps at Lasombra"
G: "We're all gentleman here"
"except for you ofcourse miss"

*Eirdra hits the goblin across the back of his head hard*
B: "It's all the goblins fault!"
"It was all his idea!"

G: "You shut up or i'll smack you myself!"
*Lasombra hits the elf in the face again to make him calm down*
*the elf gasps every time this happends*
Eirdra: [low to goblin] "What did i just say to you?"
*the goblin rubs the back of his head and glares at Eirdra*
Lasombra: "Lies.. will also not be tolerated here"
*the elf narrows his eyes as lasombra draws his daggers and holds them against the elfs groin*
*Eirdra glares back at the goblin, holding the back of her hand up as a warning*
B: [low] "I can pay good gold for you to forget what you heard"
Lasombra: "Nor will i concieve bribe attempts"
B: "Oh my.. Oh my... i feel faint."
*Wile everyone looks at the elf, the goblin tries to make a run for it, but after a few feet is quickly
caught up by Eirdra*
Serpiente (on comms) : "sister, can you handle the goblin?"
Eirdra (on comms): "fine brother.. carry on"
Lasombra: "Why do you seek to harm my kind here?"
B: "It's a simple job, nothing personal"
*serpiente takes and arm of the elf and turns it to his back, making sure he doesn't attempt to get away*
Lasombra: "a job, would suggest an employer"
*lasombra twists his dagger*
B: "It was a contract, simply that, nothing personal!"
Lasombra: "Then it would be equally impersonal to inform us of your employers intentions"
*the elf looks at his imp and beckons it to attack, he seems annoyed to learn that the imp doesnt move a muscle*
B: "I have absolutely no idea"
Lasombra: "you may wish to think harder"
*lasombra applies pressure to the dagger, and the elf gulps*
B: "All i know was that he wanted this place... Argh!"
"Stop it now!"

Lasombra: "why does he want this place?"
B: "you think i question the master you fool!"
[low] "oh dear"

*serpiente grins at the elf as he turns the elfs arm higher up his back*
Lasombra: "any others he has mentioned that he -wants-?"
B: "no, none at all, maybe he wants a holiday home here?"
*Lasombra hits the elf in the face again, and again the elf gasps"
Lasombra: "Who is your employer? Who is the master?"
*the elf raises his hand to slap back, but his fist is clamped shut*
*Lasombra looks at the elfs hand as the elf hits lasombra*
*Lasombra stumbles back as serpiente twists the elves arm so high up his back that cracking sounds can be heard*

*the elf wails*
Lasombra: "Open the hand.. or lose it"
*the elf stares at Lasombra, then opens his fist, a crystal falling to the floor, lasombra bends down and picks it up*
*serpiente releases some tension on the elfs arm*
Lasombra: "well now... what is this...?"
B: "A trinket, a frippery."
Lasombra: "Hmm.. is this the famous crystal you were discussing last night?"
*the elfs eyes widen as he watches lasombra*
B: "Carefull.. carefull with that"
*lasombra examines the crystal before putting it on the ground, and hovers his foot above it meaningfully, grinning at the elf*
*the elf looks aghast*
Lasombra: "A trinket, you say? then it won't matter if it is -accidentally- crushed beneath my boot?"
B: "No! be carefull! NO!"
*serpiente holds a tight grip on the elf as he tries to struggle loose*
B: "You might set it off!"
*lasombra stares the elf in the eye, then picks the crystal back up and puts it in his pocket*
B: "It's a controlling crystal, very powerfull, you can use it to mind controll -anything-!"
Lasombra: "And you intended to use this to attack New Agamand with worgen?"
*the elf looks annoyed and nods*
B: "Yes, yes, yes."
Serpiente (on comms): "This might come in handy brother."
Lasombra (on comms): "We will bring it to the Mistress, she will be pleased.."
*Eirdra escorts the goblin back to the group*
G: "your still here then?"
B: "He has them"
*the elf nods towards the goblin*
Lasombra: "the goblin?"
G: "Whatever he's said, its a lie!"
*Eirdra tugs at the goblins ear*
G: "Oi!"
B: "He has the worgen, some place close, now let me go!"
G: "That bloody hurts it does!"
Lasombra: "Does the goblin know the identity of your employer?"
B: "How would i know, im not his mother.."
*Lasombra hits the elf in the face again and ofcourse, the elf gasps again*
B: "I...said...not...the...FACE"
Eirdra: [low to goblin] "If you carry on like this, I'll rip each earring off one by one, and you know what little one, I'll
enjoy it."
*the goblin gasps at Eirdra*
G: "your a mean one, aren't you?""
Eirdra: "Starting to get the picture now?"
Lasombra: "I have blades that would also enjoy your face"
*the elf looks aghast*
B: "do it to him, might be an improvement"
Lasombra: "I will speak to you again shortly, elf"
B: "Delightfull"
*lasombra turns to the goblin*
Lasombra: "Who hired you, goblin?"
G: "hello hot lips"
*eirdra interlaces her fingers round the goblins earrings and watches lasombra*
B: "tell this one behind me to let me go and ste back a little, his aftershave makes me sneeze"
*the elf fakes a sneeze*
*serpiente takes his dagger and runs it along the elfs back*
serpiente: [low to elf]: "say that again.."
G: "the master hired us"
Lasombra: "Who is the master?"
G: "How should i know? I ain't never seen him"
*Eirdra gently tugs at one of the earrings*
Eirdra: "you sure?"
G: "I'm sure, i'm sure!"
"all i got was a couple of letters and a fat bag of gold"
Lasombra: "Give the letters to me"
*the elf squirms, then gives up*
G: "I ain't got them no more"
B: "He can't read them anyway"
*the elf sniffs*
* Lasombra draws his daggers*
G: "He said to destroy them, so i did..
"You shut your mouth you! You're the one that got us in trouble!"

*the goblin glares angrily at the elf*
Lasombra: "Apart from this poorly thought out plot, did the letters say anything else?"
*serpiente moves the elf away from the goblin*
G: "What do you mean, poorly thought out?"
Lasombra: "You didn't think you could get away with it?"
G: "We nearly had"
"And we would've have if it weren't for you meddling thugs!"

Lasombra: "And what will the master do to you, now that you've failed?"
"Are you to keep the gold?"

*the goblin sees eirdra not paying attention and grabs his axe*
Lasombra: "Put it down, goblin"
*Eirdra grabs an earring on the goblin and rips it out, the Elf gasps in horror*
*The goblin yells in pain, grabs his ear, and sobs*
G: "AUCH!! My ear! My bleeding ear!!"
Serpiente: "would you look at that.. she actually did it"
*serpiente grins at the elf*
B: "Hoodlums!!"
Lasombra: "Sister, ask the green one where the worgen are being held"
Eirdra: "Yes, it is indeed bleeding"
B: "What a nasty child!"
G: "you! Stay away from me!"
Lasombra: And you.. have you met your master"
*Lasombra turns to the elf again*
B: "Have you met yours?"
Lasombra: "I ask the questions"
*Lasombra hits the elf in the face again, Serpiente is still holding the elf tight*
*the elf sighs dramatically*
*the goblin keeps sobbing and crying about his ear*
Eirdra: "So.. if you don't want me to add more to my little collection, i suggest you tell me where the worgen are"
*eirdra dangles the bloody earring in front of the goblin wile staring at him*
B: "No.. no i have not met the master, and frankly.. i don't want to."
G: "Worgen, what worgen?"
Eirdra: "You really want to play dumb now?"
B: "Oh goblin, just tell the woman so we can get out of here!"
G: "Alright, Alright"
"Just, leave my ears alone!"
"they're in a hut above the sea, they are drugged, but they'll wake up soon enough, and be hungry..."

Lasombra: "your faith in an employer you have never met astounds me"
Eirdra: "this coastline?"
*the goblin nods*
B: "He offered a very tidy some of gold for doing this"
"I don't care if its the king of stormwind."

Lasombra: "And what did he offer you for failure?"
*the elf goes very pale*
B: "Failure isn't really an option.."
*the goblin argues some with eirdra about earrings and letting him free and such*
Lasombra: "Any postmarks on the letters, any clue as to where we might find this employer of yours?"
B: "He just writes to me, then i get gold and we get to take whatever we want when its done"
"Postmarks.. i don't know.. do i look like a stamp collector?"

Lasombra: "What language does he write in?"
B: "thallasian ofcourse.."
Lasombra: "and to you goblin? does he also write in thallasian?"
*the goblin keeps arguing with eirdra*
*lasombra kicks the goblin*
Lasombra: "I asked you a question!"
*serpiente plays with the elf a bit, running his dagger across the elfs face, leaving behind a shallow cut*
B: [low]"Not the face!"
G: "what?"
Lasombra: "What language does your master write in?"
G: "Goblin ofcourse.. i can't read nothing else.."
lasombra: "these two don't seem to be of much help"
B: "Now then, perhaps you will let us go.."
"look.. let me go and i can help you.."

*the elf smirks*
Lasombra: "we will escort our guests from this town"
*lasombra raises and eyebrow at the elf*
Lasombra: "Help? what -help- can you offer?"
B: "first.. make this hoodlum let me go.. and i can tell you something of use"
Lasombra: "I need to know what i'm getting first"
G: "come on miss, tell him to let us go.."
Lasombra: "You are in no position to make demands"
*Eirdra pulls the goblin up off the floor and pushes him towards the group*
B: "about.. another attack.."
*the elf smirks*
Lasombra: "Where?"
B: "First tell him to let me go!"
G: "Shut up about that!"
"Want the master to kill us both!"

B: "shush, this wil get us free you idiot.."
Lasombra: "Eirdra"
*eirdra looks at lasombra, then leans in beside the goblin*
Eirdra [low to goblin]: "You know of an attack little one?"
Lasombra: "Take the goblin out to the cow field and feed him to the beasts there.."
G: "Not the cows! Please not the cows!"
"The master has another attack planned!"

*the elf replies with a sing-sing voice*
B: "Carry on and you wont find o-out"
G: "I'll tell you everything!"
Lasombra: "Then tell us where the next attack is!"
*Eirdra pats the goblin on the head*
B: "Let.. me.. go..."
Lasombra: "It seems your use is running out, elf"
*serpiente holds his dagger fairly close to the elfs eyes*
Serpiente: [low to elf] "I know someone who would love those eyes of yours"
*the elf gasps*
* the goblin tries to convince lasombra that the next attack will be in orgrimmar but the elf slips up and
accidentally reviels that the next attack is going to be in silvermoon*
Lasombra: "The truth! or a painfull death!"
*Eirdra grabs the goblins ear and Serpiente pokes the elf with his dagger*
B: "Its a Package!"
G: "Blithering idiot! He'll kill us for sure now!"
Lasombra: "The elf is being usefull, goblin, its the cows for you"
G: "What.. NO, no no.. u can tell you more! like.. what the package is! yes, yes i'll tell you that"
*Eirdra pulls the goblins earring, letting it bleed as it gradually tears the skin*
B: "Shut up you idiot!"
G: "AUCH!! Poison!! it's Poison!"
Lasombra: "And who, is it being delivered to?"
B: "We make them let us go first!"
Lasombra: "First one to tell gets to live"
*the elf laughs as lasombra bows before him*
"HA! i won!"
Lasombra: "thank you elf.."
"Goblin... cows"
Eirdra: "Come on now little one, Be nice and compliant"
Lasombra: "I'm afraid your use has run out goblin"
*the goblin begs for his life as Eirdra escorts him towards the edge of town. the Elf laughs at the goblin and
waves goodbye with the tips of his gingers from his held hand*
B: "good riddance, well done"
Lasombra: "Now that the unpleasant little one is gone... Who in the alliance is to recieve the package?"
B: "Well, how would i know?"
Lasombra: "You knew this much..."
*the elf blinks as serpiente raises his dagger to his face again*
B: "The deal was you let me go now, How dare you!"
*lasombra laughs at the elf as the elf sighs dramatically*
"Duskwood, i dont know where, i doubt in the middle of town..."
Lasombra: "We are men of our word... you will ve released from our custody when we are satisfies you have told us all you know"
"When will the delivery be made?"

B: "Tuesday evening, no idea of time"
* the elf starts a story about how he always goes to furnishing class with his mother.. lasombra tries asking for a time.. but
the elf wont shut up*
*Serpiente pushes his dagger against the elfs face*
Serpiente: "Better awnser the question.."
*the elf finally gives an entire interary of the evening*
B: "19:30 it starts"
Lasombra: "Very well.. i believe we have learned all we can from this one serp"
*serpiente grins at Lasombra*
Lasombra: "You may take him out of town and -release- him."
serpiente: "Very well.. come, elf!"
B: "Thank you, take care now"
*the elf starts rambling about that he could make clothwes for lasombra*
*Serpiente takes the elf out of town.. to the cliff where Eirdra is holding the goblin also"
G: "Put me down! Put me down at once!"
B: "Stunning view, dont you think?"
*the elf rambles on some more about clothing as serpiente holds the elfs arm and turns him around to face him*
Eirdra: "Still with us then? This'll be more fun"
G: "What? NO no no! No fun!
*Eirdra looks down at the hungry cow and lifts the goblin up higher*
*The elf talks to serpiente about nice and pretty places*
Serpiente: "Cherish those thoughts elf.."
B: "Excuse me?"
*serpiente then thrusts his dagger at the elfs chest*
*THe elf screams in pain, staggers back and then looks at the guard*
B: ""
Serpiente: "I hereby.. release you.."
*Lasombra passes the guard some gold coind and winks*
Eirdra: "Goodnight little one"
*eirdra stabs the goblin a few times, before chugging his body off the cliff*
G: "NOOOOOooooo!"
*serpiente takes another slice at the elfs throat to finish him off*
*the elf staggers back and twirls around, gasping thearatically as serpiente stands watching, grinning*
*Lasombra lets out a long drawn-out sigh*

B: "But... mother said..."
*the elf finally drops dead*

Lasombra: "Well, that was an ordeal"
"let us dispose of the evidence"

*eirdra leans over the edge of the cliff to watch the goblin be eaten*
*lasombra kneels next to the elf corpse*
lasombra: "this ones mine..."
*lasombra begins to eat the elf*
*eirdra raises an eyebrow*
Eirdra: "Each to his own..."
Serpiente: "Uhm... enjoy?"
*lasombra spits out a fingerbone and is clearly disgusted by the taste of the elf*
Lasombra: "All perfume and roseblossom"
Eirdra: "The harbour for the remains?"
Lasombra: "Yes, take the remains to the harbour"

*the thorns pick up all the remains, put them in a bag and take them to the coastline, Eirdra grunts as she throws
the bag off the cliff, all stand watching as the bag sails through the air, and is followed by a satisfying splash
as it hits the water*

Eirdra: "Done"
Lasombra: "Let us return to dalaran"
Serpiente: "Yes, lets"

*the thorns return to the Dalaran inn for a well deserved drink and to write up their reports*
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PostSubject: Re: Trouble at New Agamand   Sat Oct 08, 2011 10:06 pm


Disruption of plot by Elf and Goblin pair to attack New Agamand by LaSombra, Serpiente and Eirdra, as tasked by Deathmasters Arli and Dianthaa.


1) Prevent the attack on New Agamand by capturing the perpetrators before the Goblin brings the Worgen to the town and the Elf controls them to attack it.

2) Obtain further information about the pairs employer. His identity, location, motivation, and plans for any possible future attacks.

3) Leave no evidence of Thorn involvement.


I had hoped to arrive at New Agamand before the perpetrators, in order to capture them separately and out of sight. However, both were present upon our groups arrival, standing in the open and taking part in their usual bickering. As we had to assume the Elf had the crystal prepared and ready, I decided to act quickly as it was uncertain how close the Worgen were, or how close they needed to be. The Elf demonstrated the power of the crystal on a passing toad, so we took immediate action to intervene.
I instructed Eirdra and Serpiente to move behind the pair and hold them, making it clear with their daggers that struggling would be unwise. The intention was to get them to come quietly to a more secluded place for interrogation. However, the Elf started squealing for help, which gained the guards' attention. I was forced to make a hasty explanation for our actions as Eirdra and Serpiente dragged them behind the nearby inn, finally gaining the guard captains agreement not to interfere and to forget what he saw (though it cost me a few gold pieces in bribe money).
Behind the inn the pair were equally unco-operative. The Elf stopped making his pompous threats soon enough when we started to hurt them. He got upset at one point and struck me back, whereupon I noted he was clutching something in his hand. He claimed it was just an item of jewellery or somesuch, however when I threatened to crush it he revealed that it was a mind-control crystal. I took the item into my custody, it is now at a safe location. The crystal is volatile, and apparently crushing it is a very bad idea.
After some largely enjoyable violence, various threats, bargaining and persuasion (and one accusation of intended sodomy), we finally managed to gain some information from them on the promise that the one who told us the most would be released.
Once we had learned all we could from each of them they were taken out behind the town, eradicated, and the remains fed to the local wildlife (I had a taste of the Elf, but his flavour was almost as annoying as his overly effeminate manner). All remaining bones and viscera were collected in a bag and thrown from a cliff into the sea.
The mission done we returned to Dalaran.


1) The Worgen to be used in the attack were being kept drugged for the voyage, and at a safehouse near the coast. By the time of reading this they should have awoken, none the wiser for how they got there. They will be of no further concern to the mission.

2) The pair referred to their employer as 'The Master'. They had never met him, and had no idea where to find him. He speaks Thalassian and also in the Goblin tongue, possibly more. As he communicated with the two solely by post, it is likely that he will be difficult to track down. The pair feared the consequences of failure, so it is safe to assume he is fairly ruthless, even to his own minions.

3) The pair knew of a further plot, this time to attack a major Horde city. They claimed it was Orgrimmar at first, but the Elf let slip that the true target is Silvermoon. Date and time of attack were not known by either of them.

4) The attack will involve poison. This is to be delivered to an Alliance agent in an inconspicuous location in Duskwood. The delivery is to take place on Tuesday evening sometime after 19:30 (as the Elf was originally tasked for this, but had to decline for reasons of upholstery).

5) The crystal retrieved is reportedly capable of controlling the mind of anything. This is an exceptionally powerful item.


Clearly a massacre in a major Horde city is an unacceptable outcome. If we simply kill the courier we will gain no ground on identifying 'the Master', and the plot will likely be merely postponed (this time, we would have no prior information, or ability to stop it either). This course of action would therefore seem unwise. Better on this occasion to watch from the shadows and gain any information we can from observation and interrogation.
The Master will by now know that the plot at New Agamand has failed, and his stooges are missing. We will have to assume he knows they were thwarted, but doesn't know who did the thwarting (based on their evident fear of him, he is unlikely to believe they have taken his money and run).
He will therefore be likely to want confirmation of the delivery by the courier after it has taken place. This being the case, we should allow the package to be delivered as planned, and follow both parties following the exchange. The courier should lead us to 'the Master' (or at least provide some further information under interrogation, after he has reported his success). The recipient of the package is likely to be the one who will execute the attack, so he should be captured separately and similarly interrogated.
Again, to avoid our name being attached to this, no witnesses can be allowed. In this way the mission failure should only become apparent to 'the Master' a little after the planned attack time, giving us maximum time between attacks to investigate him further.

The above is a true and accurate report of the events of the mission, to the best of my knowledge.


High Assassin LaSombra
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PostSubject: Re: Trouble at New Agamand   Tue Oct 11, 2011 1:58 pm

After a debriefing from LaSombra and Serpiente I was brought up to date regarding the possible attack on New Agamand. It was clear from the information they had already gathered that the sooner this was uncovered the better. The had done an impressive job so far, but now was the time to get to the bottom of the issue and remove any troublesome elements. This was also a good opportunity to learn from experienced Thorns and hopefully gain new practises.

Like most well thought out plans ours had to adapted quickly. LaSombra had initially laid out orders to separate the Elf and Goblin, but on arrival to New Agamand both individuals were quickly spotted together out in the open. The situation was not ideal as there was the danger of too many witnesses. We had taken a moment to consider our options when the Elf recklessly displayed the power of crystal for all to see. Knowing we had run out of time, LaSombra instructed both myself and Serpiente to position ourselves behind the individuals and apply restrained force. Judging on height and size I thought it best to take on the Goblin and with Serpiente taking on the Elf it was clear he came to the same conclusion. It's safe to say they made quite the scene and drew a lot of attention to themselves when we appeared. We had to make the best of a bad situation and dragged their sorry asses behind the inn, out of sight. LaSombra took it upon himself to pay off any of the guards that witnessed the capture. We were fortunate for the loyalty held between Forsaken at this time.

Once behind the inn we were able to establish proper control over the situation. The Goblin in my charge was extremely mouthy and rather inappropriate, making it hard to hear Serpiente and LaSombra's interrogation of the Elf. It was at this time that the Goblin made an attempt for freedom, but his short stumpy legs were really no match and he was quickly apprehended. Where as the Elf seemed to respond well to the threats made, the Goblin needed a firmer hand. Once dragged back to the others I commenced my own take on interrogation and began tearing out his earrings one by one. Whether it was out of shock or pain, the Goblin started to talk. This technique also seemed to have had positive reactions from the Elf. Once the information began to wear thin the two individuals were forced against each other with the promise of 'release'. In the end it was the Elf buckled. I was charged to dispose of the Goblin and considering his unusual fear of the field grazers nearby it seemed fitting that they would assist. With a few deep cuts for good measure I threw him to his fate at the mouths of the clearly hungry beasts below. What was left was either eaten by Lasombra of placed into a large bag which was then filled with rocks (and torn earrings by yours truly) before being thrown off a cliff into the sea.

Information obtained from Goblin:

The Worgen meant for their plan were being kept off the coast in a small hut and were drugged for their troubles. It seems as though they had no concept of who had captured them or why. Although they pose no threat now it will still be worth keeping tabs on Worgen communication in case they decide to open their own investigations.

'The Master' was referred to on multiple occasions, but it seems neither the Goblin nor the Elf had actually met him. All communications had been made via letter and seemed to display competency in linguistics as he had written to both Elf and Goblin in their own tongues. There was considerable fear about the wrath of this said 'Master', so much so that our actions appeared to shrink in comparison in their minds.

Information obtained from Elf:

The Elf had disclosed that an additional attack would be made against a major city. At first it seemed as though the attack would be made against Orgrimmar, but after what appeared to be a genuine slip up he indicated Silvermoon would be the true target.
The crystal (which is now in the possession of LaSombra until he can deliver it to the Mistress directly) has the power to control the mind and body of the holder's chosen target. A very dangerous and devastating tool in the wrong hands.

There is involvement with an Alliance agent. A package potentially containing poison to be used in an attack against a major Horde city will be delivered to Duskwood on Tuesday evening.

Our main objective now should be to intercept this package and hopefully gain more intel from this Alliance agent about 'The Master'. It will be important to act so that 'The Master' does not become suspicious of our activities and changes his plans, thus making all our efforts invalid. I would like to offer my assistance in the matter where ever my skills are most suited.

Eirdra Swiftsong.
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Trouble at New Agamand
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