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 Belore Alandie

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PostSubject: Belore Alandie   Tue Oct 04, 2011 1:45 pm

Belore Alandie - The Orders

Heavy footsteps are heard approaching the beautiful ornate door that closed the chambers where Thiv was living.
A small patrol of Silvermoon Guardians were making their way to Thiv as they knocked hard on the door and opened it the next second without actually waiting for an invitation.
Thiv turned from the window and faced the guardians who were covering the exit. A lot of things went through Thiv’s head at that moment. He was thinking that they came to arrest him. He knew that his fake name would not keep him safe forever, and he knew sooner or later he’d have to accept his faith. “Better die by the hands of your own kind than by others” he thought to himself.
He measured the guards up and down, and looked for possible exists. He found a few, but didn’t feel like running away. Besides, where would he run to? And most importantly, to what would he run to?

“Bala’dash” he greeted the guards on a low tone.
The guards moved to his side .
“Come with us”
Thiv obeyed and he was walked to Sunfury spire by the two guards who stood by his side the whole time.
The offices of Ranger-General Halduron Brightwing were painted in green and blue. The Farstrider Leader’s presence filled the room as Thiv remained silent and watching him as Ranger-General kept silent and watched Thiv for many minutes.
Thiv noticed a map of the old Quel Thelas, a map that did not resemble to what exists today, and made him remember his times as a Farstrider Ranger. His outter shield was broke by the simple presence of the Ranger General and Thiv’s eyes lowered and fixed the floor waiting for his judgment.

“Orthos Do’Urden” the ranger general started. Thiv’s heart rate grew as he realized that everything he feared was true.
A long pause put more pressure in the room as Thiv was starting to sweat heavily.
“Why does faith favor you so?” he asked on a mocking tone
“It does, Sir?”
Ranger-General kept a cold and superior glare at Orthos throughout the entire conversation
“Where are your sin’dorei?” he continued
“I failed Sir”
“Where are the Thorns you were supposed to keep watch over”
“They don’t trust me no more Sir”
“Where are you Farstrider brothers and sisters?”
“Fighting to protect Silvermoon Sir”
“And you?”
“Hiding, Sir”
“Why aren’t you dead?”
“Faith favors me, Sir”

Ranger General paused again, longer than before. Ranger General instructs the guards to wait outside as he turns to the desk.
Your intentions are good, but they are misdirected Orthos. This is why you keep on failing and probably why you’re still alive. You had good training but it does not explain why you aren’t dead yet. Perhaps the sun watches over you.
Orthos remained silent and look down.

“What you seek is here, in Azeroth” The ranger-general pointed towards a scroll that held the Silvermoon seal on it.
Orthos approaches the small table and unfolds the scroll.
“These are your orders and legal papers to commence in the creating of Belore Alandie” Halduron continued
Orthos reads the scroll carefully and he feels even more scared than before
“You will find followers, sin’dorei who are loyal to Silvermoon and lead them into protecting Silvermoon City”
Orthos unfolds the scroll and looks down listening.
“You will secure and represent Silvermoon interests and take part in assuring the safety and wellbeing of Silvermoon”
Orthos looks up.
“You will seek out and annihilate any potential threat”
Orthos feels discouraged
“You will report to me at all times, every day, and follow my instructions to the letter”
Orthos takes a deep breath
“I don’t think I am the one to lead such an initiative, Sir”
“I do not remember asking you what you want, Orthos” the Ranger cut it sharp “it is time that we all do what we are meant to do. You –will- do as ordered”.

Orthos feels a spark of hope in his heart and fails to offer a reply that would not offend the ranger. “Belore Alandie” he tells to himself. He opens the scroll and reads it again, then looks around the chamber with no apparent reason. Maybe he instinctively wants to run away, but this time he can’t anymore.

“Enter” the Ranger General shouts although no one knocked at the offices door
The door opens and Naimen Dawnrunner steps through and removes her helm, salutes Ranger General and nods at Orthos.
“Ranger General” she continues polite.
Ranger General nods at Naimen and then looks at Orthos
“The Dawnrunners noble families have made a substantial contribution. It should be enough to get you started” Naimen approached Orthos and presented with a yellow letter sealed with the emblem of Dawnrunners.
“Take this to the bank as a legal donation to Belore Alandie” Naimen looked at Orthos and talked sharp.
“This should also cover the rent for Hall of Respite” she continued
Orthos takes the letter and places it inside his side pocket.
“Hall of Respite?” Orthos asks Naimen curious
“Everything has been taken care of. You will operate from there” she continues with the same militaristic attitude.
Orthos looked from Naimen to Ranger General and then back to Naimen. The two remain silent and fix Orthos .
He thinks to try to refuse the offer but also think that this is perhaps his last chance to do something right.
“I expect results, Ranger” Ranger General broke the silence and for the first time addreses Orthos by his former rank.
Orthos gives Ranger General a desperate and lost look as the news overwhelm him. He fails to open his mouth and simply nods.
“Captain, escort the Ranger out and give him the final details”

Naimen salutes, turns on her heels and steps towards the door with Orthos following into his new mission.

Ranger Orthos Do'Urden
Overseer of Belore Alandie
((ok i posted this here too, because this topic will be about Belore Alandie. This particular story represents a milestone for both Orthos and Belore Alandie. I encourage anyone who has had important contact with Belore Alandie as an organization to post here. This is about Belore Alandie and everyone who interracts with it))
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PostSubject: Re: Belore Alandie   Tue Oct 04, 2011 5:36 pm

** Deleted - Character no longer on TVC **
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Belore Alandie
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