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 Daturas the insane, meets Anethrax the psychopathic

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PostSubject: Daturas the insane, meets Anethrax the psychopathic   Sat Oct 08, 2011 4:11 pm

Hi all, This is my first story as Daturas, I really hope I have gotten across how quite insane Daturas is.
Also thankyou to the Thorns and how nice they have been since my return to this server.
I look forward to roleplaying with you all in the future!! anyway please feel free to put your c&c at the bottom and enjoy my story...

Sitting cross legged on the ground, with the long grass of the Westfalls stroking against her legs, she waited in the dark of night the full moon and the stars looking down upon her and her surroundings.

“Hello pretty night sun. How you shine so bright upon the mad and lost,” Daturas’s voice sang softly as she starred up into the night sky.

The moon cast the surrounding land almost into a black and white picture, with the dried dead husks of trees waving slightly in the night breeze, at Daturas.
Her attention was drawn to a tree, just a few metres away from her, on top of a bank. Its twisted branches almost seem to reach out to her, as if to embrace the young undead female or to squeeze the unnatural life out of her body.
The surface of the tree was almost completely black, with the raised edges of the bark a dull silver in the moon light. Daturas kept her eyes locked upon the single tree, as if she waited for the tree to up root , walk over to her and join her for a cup of tea.

“Come pretty one, don’t be scared. I only wish to see your face,” Daturas whispered, while a sinister grin crossed her face. Her razor sharp teeth peeked through from a slight gap in her lips.

The tree remained where it was, only moving slightly in the cool wind that waved across the grassy fields of Westfalls.

“Here kitty, kitty,” Daturas slowly stood up, without taking her eyes off of the tree, “Don’t be scared of me, pretty kitty” tilting her head to the side slightly.

Still the tree did not move.

Her tone of voice changed slightly “The Master trained us both, pretty sister, don’t think I can’t see you there”.
At first the silhouette of the tree remained perfect against the night sky and then a piece of fabric flapped out from behind the tree, the holes in the fabric let small amounts of the night sky peak through.
“I see you” the grin across Daturas’s face grew as she spied the cloak, swaying in the wind.

“Not quite...Sister,” A cold voice whispered into Daturas ear as a blade rested against her throat.
The cloak that was pinned against the tree, now stopped swaying in the wind and rested upon the trunk of the tree.
“Ohh the pretty Deathmaster has learnt a few tricks, or so the sharp metal whispers to me,” The grin remained on her face as Daturas spoke, “It seems your naughty mind is thinking twice about what you want to do and what you feel you should do,” Daturas lowered her tongue and licked the cold steel held at her throat “So naughty, bad sister, bad!”
“I’m no longer a Deathmaster, Daturas,” Her voice cold and calculated, her hand still gripping the blade at Daturas’s throat.
“Yes of course, you are our master’s replacement” Daturas turned her head slightly to look at the person holding the blade “By the way, you didn’t get my vote, as a Deathmaster!”
“Daturas, you bring shame upon the title Deathmaster, I will not let you hold that rank while I’m in charge of the Vile Thorns” The voice remained cold and calm “What you did to those Thorns under your command, should have seen you pay with your life.”
“The Master said they were my toys to play with, I could do what I wanted with them,” Daturas grinned up at Anethrax, seemingly unaware of the danger her life was in, “Yet my toys all fell down and broke, very sad days.”

Daturas felt the world spin around her as Anethrax pushed her away, she found herself six feet from Anethrax holding her drawn blades.
“Aconitus should have put you out of your misery, Daturas.” Anethrax moved towards her, her movements were those that Aconitus had taught them both, during their training
“Pretty little pet, not like her masters decision?” Daturas moved her arms back slightly as she bent her left knee, preparing for an attack, “Perhaps he should have picked pretty Daturas to be his favourite, instead of the boring student.”
“Perhaps, the Master knows that he made a mistake to promote you to the rank of Deathmaster,” The blades in Anethraxs’s hands moved ever so slightly between the words, as if counting down to something “Maybe, just maybe, You should of remained imprisoned for your crimes, in your nice dark tomb.”
A hiss escaped Daturas’s lips
“You show your emotions far too easily, Sister,” Anethrax remarked as Daturas twitched in her clear discomfort of the situation
“Perhaps it’s all a big game and I will pop out of a cake and cut your throat,” Daturas grinned and she stepped slowly back into the shadows, “No blowing the candles out for you, Sisterrrr.”

Anethrax was soon to follow as she also slid back into the shadows.

From across the field Daturas returned from the shadows and looked across to where she had last seen Anethrax.
“Pretty sister has spent too long in the land of the pixies and pointy noses, perhaps they have lead you astray from our mission,” Daturas vanished back into the shadows once more.
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PostSubject: Re: Daturas the insane, meets Anethrax the psychopathic   Sat Oct 08, 2011 5:10 pm

Gets my Vote. Daturas for Thorn Mistress!

The way is shut,
It was made by those who are dead
And the dead keep it.

Skeleton in the closet.
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Daturas the insane, meets Anethrax the psychopathic
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