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PostSubject: Sin'Anindoth   Tue Oct 11, 2011 6:13 pm

** Flyers start appearing in Silvermoon, left on the Inn tables, the benches and communal areas of the city **

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PostSubject: Re: Sin'Anindoth   Fri Oct 14, 2011 7:46 pm

"Then perhaps you could both explain this..." The Ranger Generals voice held a note of impatience as he slammed a hand down on the desk. Under his hand was one of the flyers that she and Serrar had spent the last few days distributing around Silvermoon City and the neighbouring Eversong Villages.
The pair looked down, both valiantly trying to hold their nerve in the presence of Halduron Brightwing.
Chey looked up at Halduron and with a bright smile answered " Its a piece of paper Sir..."
"Do NOT get smart mouthed with me missy." The generals eyes flashed green angrily as he looked from one to the other. "You will answer the questions I ask, you are not under arrest for sedition...yet, this is merely an investigation, you would do well to remember it"
A quick look at each other for reassurance then they both nodded their assent to the ranger.
"Sin'Anindoth?" Halduron queried "Blood Purge...please explain"

Halduron sat across the desk from them, his fingertips pressed together as he listened to Serrar tell him of Sin'Anindoth, how they wanted to get their race to stand and be counted, to work as Sin'Dorei, that they believed their people had nothing to gain from an alliance with The Horde and that they felt it was necessary to purge the bad blood from their cities.
In silence the Ranger General listened, his eyes flicking between the two of them, watching them intently, reading their faces. He continued to study them in silence for a few moments after Serrar had finished.
The pair shuffled uncomfortably under the inscrutable eyes.
" I see" he spoke at last. "And you believe leaving pieces of paper in taverns is a way to bring down the Horde?" The note of sarcasm wasn't lost on them.
"We didn't say that Sir" started Chey "We're not trying to 'bring the Horde down', we are trying to raise a profile, let others know there are like minded Sin'Dorei"
Halduron raised an eyebrow and smiled wryly at her fervour.
"You don't believe your actions to be seditious or treasonous?"
"How can they be? We are not acting against Silvermoon, we have the love of Silvermoon at our very heart" she replied passionately. Serrar nodded his agreement.
"Whether we like it or no, we are part of the Horde...your words could be deemed treasonous" Halduron countered.
"With respect Sir, we are threat to the Horde, if we were I for one would be proud" stated Serrar simply.
Halduron looked Serrar in the eye and Serrar stood firm, his gaze did not falter.
"If you see fit to execute us for 'treason', then so be it, I would rather die a traitor to the Horde than to denounce my people" Serrar added and although he looked slightly afraid he stood erect and resolute.
Halduron nodded.
"I commend your loyalty Serrar and Cheyenne, your pride in Silvermoon does you both credit"
Chey and Serrar exchanged a look of surprise, neither expecting to hear this response from their Ranger General.
"There are many who feel the same, believe me, but are constrained by the position they hold, it would not be in their interests to support such maverick actions" Halduron looked from one to the other, his face now warmer and holding a hint of a smile.
They nodded and wondered where this would lead.
"However those in such positions may be willing to aid you from a distance, be it funds or a place to meet in safety, should they be needed" Halduron continued. "Some may offer to turn a blind eye whilst in the confines of the city, and again you may find that high ranking sympathisers to the cause may keep Farstriders at your back should the need arise"
Chey and Serrar looked at each other, their puzzled expressions and the hope in their eyes mirrored.
Halduron smiled.
"But you realise of course, that any such benefactor would have to be anonymous, could not afford it to become known, and any trouble outside of his jurisdiction would mean you were on your own and should it look likely that his name would be known, then in the greater interest you would be silenced"
Chey and Serrar nodded slowly, still slightly bemused and disbelieving in what they were hearing.
" Youre both intelligent people, I trust we understand each other?" Halduron gave a slightly amused smile at their confusion.
"Yes Sir" they said in unison.
"Then with this understanding, dismissed" he waved them away and picked up a quill.
As they left his office Chey looked back over her shoulder and sent Halduron a warm winning smile, which he found himself returning.
"Dismissed..." he smiled at her


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PostSubject: Re: Sin'Anindoth   Sat Oct 15, 2011 1:25 pm

The Horde newspaper "Lok'Tar" carried a report within it's pages....

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PostSubject: Re: Sin'Anindoth   Sun Oct 16, 2011 6:13 pm

As the sun finally sets over Orgrimmar, a light flickers somewhere overhead and screen of text appears illuminated on the Auction House wall.
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PostSubject: Re: Sin'Anindoth   Tue Oct 18, 2011 6:12 pm

The next day, a short article appears in "Lok'Tar!"...

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PostSubject: Re: Sin'Anindoth   Sat Nov 12, 2011 6:22 pm

Serrar sat at the circular table in his small apartment, his arms resting on the map of Undercity while he turned the comms unit over and over in his hands. Chey was confident that those from the Brotherhood of Shadow that had promised to aid them, could indeed be trusted and the comms units were secure, the Brotherhood would not be able to listen in. What does it really matter anyway he thought to himself with a slight shrug, who would believe if a member of the Alliance claimed to know of sin'dorei activists anyway. Switching on the unit, he clipped it to his ear such that it would be hidden by his long, fair hair, and spoke a greeting in Thalassian. Serrar smiled softly as Chey replied and as he got back to planning his attack on Undercity, they spoke easily over the comms.

"Have you heard back from the Brotherhood?" asked Serrar as he marked out an alcove, writing "seaforium" next to the markings.

"Not since they gave me the comms, no" she replied

"Did they mention the explosives?"

There was a discernible pause before Chey replied;

"No, I think they wanted our half of the arrangement fulfilled before they would supply them"

"So they said they could get me what I need?" asked Serrra, pausing as he awaited the reply.

"I told you, there was no mention" replied Chey, "And what do you want them for anyway?"

Serrar laughed lightly and carried on marking up the map; "I told you, when my plan is ready I will share it with you. And don't worry, none of our people will be harmed, not even the traitors who work for others."

Chey didn't reply and the comms went quiet for a while.

Serrar finally broke the silence; "I think it's time we paid our friends another visit, if we are to keep the Brotherhood interested in aiding us. There was specific detail they needed following up after all."

"I think we should keep our side of the deal, Serrar, they have been good to us so far."

"I know, but soon we will be self-funding and won't need their aid. I think we would both rather cut ties with them eventually, even though the thought of not seeing that human again, Monty was it? ...that will surely break your heart".

Serrar smiled, he felt at ease enough with Chey now to tease her a little without fear of losing credibility in her eyes.

"I'll be devastated" came the dry reply from Chey.

"We should meet at the Inn later, and head over to our friends together. Maybe a drink after if we have success to celebrate?" asked Serrar as he circled a guard post on the map in red.

"And you can share your plans." replied Chey with a laugh.
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PostSubject: Re: Sin'Anindoth   Wed Nov 16, 2011 10:47 am

Chey flopped exhausted into the battered but comfortably deep armchair in her small apartment in Silvermoon. She looked around appreciatively, yeah it was small and some of the furnishings were hardly designer made, but hey it was hers and it was paid for...and... it was next door to where the Tauren Chieftans hung out. Worth the rent alone just for the occasional glimpse of Sig Nicious running around half naked in the morning. One day she would ask him if he wanted to stay for breakfast.
She laughed quietly to herself at her idle thoughts.
She closed her eyes for a moment and let herself think of absolutely nothing.

It had been a hectic last few weeks, she'd barely been home, what with raising awareness of Sin'Anindoth in Orgrimmar and the meetings with their Alliance benefactors then subsequently obtaining the information they had requested in exchange for their communication devices.
Last but not least...Arli Bloody Sunblade. His capacity for finding or causing trouble never ceased to astound her.
"I need you there when I train the Thorns Chey..." he had said as he looked into her eyes and gave her that impish smile-smirk, his eyes twinkling with that spark of mischief and life that even now left her helpless to refuse.
She'd nodded her agreement.
So she'd gone, he'd acted surprised to see her and she'd ended up bound and weaponless in the middle of Shadowmoon valley. True it had ended up ok in the end but not after she'd had to half lug half carry Dia to safety after she'd fallen and broken her leg, and the rest of the "Thorns before anything" had buggered off.

Wanting answers she'd asked Arli to meet her, besides she had a message for him in the form of a slightly scented letter, sealed in a beautiful pastel envelope and addressed to Arli in elegantly scripted thalassian. Surprising that as the writer had been that peculiar human woman.
"She's a queer one alright" thought Chey. A human, married to the most evil, sinister and cruel creature to ever walk the earth, yet helps Sin'Dorei activists, and gives a hint of information to help them with their cause. Perhaps her husband hadn't eaten her soul yet.
She was convinced that the hooded man was evil personified, didnt have a soul at all and was probably a faceless demon beneath the hood.

She'd met Arli as agreed and launched at him verbally about recent events. He'd looked at her and replied.
"You can wasn't exactly a fun picnic for me either y'know..."
Oooooh she could cut his glib tongue out sometimes, no Sorry Chey, no explanation, once again it was all ""
He irritated the fel out of her, but there it was again, that twinkling smirk-smile with the hint of a wink and she hated herself as she heard herself apologise for her outburst and effectively become putty in his hands.....again.
She passed the note and studied him as he read it.
"Ill write a reply later" was all he said.
They'd spent quite some time after that discussing recent events in each of their lives, him and Dia, him and her and what had nearly happened all that time ago.
"It could have been so different" she said wistfully
He nodded and smiled
"But you have Diaa now..."
Again he nodded and despite herself had a sinking feeling in her stomach.
She'd looked up brightly smiling
"And of course I have Serrar now" she added
Why had she said that? She and Serrar were friends, more comrades really. Oh light!
She saw Arli scowl briefly and looked surprised.
She lowered her head to hide a smirk. Was he jealous?
"Well you know how he is I guess, he's probably just using you as a cover" He added with a smile
"How he is?"
" know..preferring males to females..." he feigned a look of surprise. "He hasn't told you..oh Im sorry Chey...."
Well that had served her right she guessed, but Serrar...?She shook her head not quite believing it but thinking she'd never seen him with a woman, he never spoke about a woman,maybe that was why.
They'd talked some more then went their separate ways, he to visit his uncle or cousin and she to Shattrath to meet with their benefactors, Serrar was going to ask for explosives, she wished to fel she knew just what he was up to.

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PostSubject: Re: Sin'Anindoth   Wed Nov 16, 2011 4:31 pm

The Brotherhood contacts were already assembled as she landed warily on the scryers tier in Shattrath. Light she hated those discoloured hulks with their creepy tendrils and cloven feet. She shuddered.
"Alone this evening?" The red haired human addressed her
Chey shook her head
"Serrar is supposed to be with me"
"Ah I see" the human, Odenia she seemed to recall her name was smiled a response."Then we'll be polite and wait a few moments"
Chey smiled her thanks and took a few moments to study the assembled Brotherhood.
Odenia, a delicate looking woman, well more a girl really, Chey thought.She looked pale and delicate, her red hair looked vibrant next to the milky white of her skin. Chey peered at a faint smattering of freckles across Odenias nose and smiled.Oh they were so fetching and pretty and wished she could have some.
Then her gaze went to the worgen female, even for a dog she looked untidy, her fur in places was clumped as if she had been fighting hard and suddenly been called to a meeting without having had time to groom. She didnt say much and had a disconcerting habit of baring her teeth, Chey thought she wouldnt like to cross her, she somehow doubted that throwing a ball would distract her.
Then she looked across at the human male...Monty, a tall and for a human quite a handsome specimen.As with last time he was immaculately turned out. She cast him a soft smile which he returned and twiddled his moustache.
She wasn't sure if he genuinely thought her attractive or if he was "doing an Arli" and luring her into a sense of trust and security. Either way he seemed a nice person.
Serrar arrived and the meeting commenced, they gave the information they had gathered and apologised for that which they had not. Serrar wasted no time in demanding explosives, countering the Brotherhoods demands for more information on why he needed them, with arguments of security.
Chey had to remain silent as she had no knowledge of Serrars intent and didnt want the Brotherhood knowing.
However despite the red haired woman looking almost frail, she drove a hard bargain, she firmly resisted commiting to anything without the necessary information. Serrar reluctantly offered the vaguest of information.
"Undercity, buildings not people, no one in the alliance will be harmed." and he would not be swayed further.
While Serrar and Redhair argued Chey amused herself making eyes and smiling at Monty and in he appearred to reciprocate.For a good few minutes the pair exchanged looks and coy smiles and blushes.
The meeting concluded and with a blown kiss to Monty, she turned to join Serrar on the parapet.
A brief discussion about the meeting and as Serrars temper seemed to be rising at not having the explosives in his hands, Chey changed the subject.
"You seen Arli lately?" she asked, she reckoned she had better come clean about what she'd told Arli.
"Uhm Yes he came with bourbon, I told him we'd talk later" he replied "Why?"
She told him what she had said and Serrar laughed. "Ah that explains why he was asking why you werent in"
"Im sorry I don't know why I said it..."
Serrar smiled "Doesnt matter Chey, if it keeps him from bothering you, I'll go along with it"
Chey smiled
"And if you ever want to use me as cover Im ok with that too" she replied
A look of bewilderment crossed his face."Cover?"
Chey nodded.
"I know all about it, I can't say I believe its a natural way for Sin'Dorei, we are slow to breed as a race as it is, but if thats what you are I accept you for who you are"
Serrar looked at her in complete confusion
"You lost me Chey..."
"Look Serrar" she said emphatically "I know you prefer males..."
Serrar burst out laughing
"Is that what he told you?" Serrar continued laughing as he half muttered "You jealous bastard Sunblade..."
Chey nodded.
"Next time he's passed out drunk Ima shaving his head..." Serrar offered still highly amused.
"The little git..." Chey seethed "Next time I see him....I will so drape myself around you"
Serrar smiled down at her. "Its not true, Chey, now come on Silvermoon lets drink, and yes you do that, I want to see him scowl"
"He does scowl a lot doesn't he?" laughed Chey
Serrar laughed and nodded as they walked to the portal.

Back in their home city they strolled leisurely from the Shepherds Gate towards the inn engaged in casual easy conversation.
They were halfway through the next gate when they heard a voice from the other side of the statued wall.
"Nicely turned out I see Sunstrider, dress could do with an iron but carry on...keep up the good work" Arli laughed as the sentry muttered some unheard obscenity in response
"It's Arli" said Chey needlessly, and subconsciously smoothed her dress as they heard his footsteps heading their way.
Serrar looked down at her and grinned conspiratorially.She found herself grinning back, she'd never seen Serrar look so animated with what she could only call mischief. For a moment she was reminded of Arli.
As his footsteps drew closer Serrar grabbed her and swung her around, her back against the wall, then buried his face in the side of her neck, she could feel him silently laughing.
"Chey youre amazing..." he whispered huskily but loud enough to be overheard, just as Arli appeared around the corner.
"Oh Serrar" she sighed as she realised just what the game was, and wrapped her arms around Serrar.
"Your fills me...youre so beautiful..." he growled
"I can only smell you on me" replied Chey dreamily
"Then perhaps its your scent still clinging to me..."
"Ahem!" Arli coughed.
Serrar laughed into her neck quietly. Chey tilted her head back slightly to hide her amused smile from Arli
"AHEM!" Arli spluttered again "Get a room you two..."
"Oh Hi Arli" Chey said breathlessly and looked at him over Serrars shoulder.
Serrar looked up and making a show of straightening his shirt.turned to face Arli,
"Hello Arli" Serrar greeted him offering a hand while keeping one arm possessively draped around Chey." Good to see you old friend"
Arli scowled as he shook Serrars hand and cast Chey a wilting look
Serrar and Chey exchanged a contrived intimate smile using it to hide their mutual "told you so" smirks at Arlis scowl.
"You don't want to let the arcane guardians see you like that" Arli forced a smile "Uphold the law and all that"
Serrar laughed and slid his hand to the small of Cheys back. "Doubt theyre programmed to see a hand on a backside"
Chey and Serrar exchanged a look, tight lipped as they struggled to keep their faces straight as Arli scowled again.
"Ok Ok..just cool it down will ya..Im am innocent lad you know" Arli managed to laugh.
"Still?" laughed Serrar "I remember you being the gang vir..."
"RIGHT Thanks Serrar..Im sure Chey doesn't want to hear about your misspent youth" Arli interrupted, "and oh by the way do you still see Elinia? She was the one right?" he added with a condescending almost smugly malicious smirk.
Serrar looked confused for a second before reaching down slightly to seemingly kiss Cheys cheek.
"He's making that up..reckon he's jealous" Serrar chortled quietly in her ear.
Chey bit her lip and looked up at Serrar with what she hoped was a sultry, yearning expression.
Both glanced at Arli, his face etched with a deep scowl which he quickly forced into a smile as he caught their eyes.
"Well old friend" Serrar gave Arli a knowing wink "Im sure you'll know what I mean when I say I have some 'business' to attend to..." he glanced at Chey giving her a lustfully impatient look.
"Er..yeah yeah sure..." replied Arli giving Serrar a 'lads' grin and a rather hard slap on the shoulder. "Shadows protect brother..."
Arli turned and gave Chey a disappointed and disapproving look before turning on his heel and walking out of the gate.
Chey and Serrar stood in each others arms for a few moments until they heard Arlis footsteps fade, then both collapsed against each other in a burst of laughter.
"Did you see....?"
"Oh priceless..."

Arli walked out of the gate,scowling gloomily and muttering incoherent noises under his breath.
Chey was single, she didn't have male 'friends' like that, she'd told him she'd never even been kissed before...told him she was saving the moonlight for him...ha, fickle a typical female...
"Oi watch where youre going you bloody idiot..." he cursed as he bumped into a young hunter "and keep that cat under control in the city" he aimed a kick at the ragged looking cat, which fortunately scuttled out of his way in time.
The elf muttered a "sorry" and hurried past, not wanting to confront such an angry looking seasoned fighter.
Arli turned and hurled a sweet wrapper after the retreating hunter. "What you lookin at?" this to a trader who had looked at the commotion in curiosity.
Arli in his temper hurled a small throwing dagger at the stall which landed with a thunk in a sack of rice strewing the contents on the ground.
As the trader threw up his hands in panic Arli laughed spitefully and continued on his way.

Chey and Serrar peeked out from behind the gateway and laughed quietly at Arlis outburst before turning around and heading back on their way towards the inn.
It was only at the bar did they realise they were still arm in arm.
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PostSubject: Re: Sin'Anindoth   Thu Nov 17, 2011 6:56 pm

Chey paced the area outside The Halls of Respite wondering where the fel Serrar had got to.Not that he was late or anything...Oh No, he was only supposed to have been here yesterday. Despite her irritation she couldn't rid herself of a niggling worry in the back of her mind that something had happened to him which was preventing him making their rendezvous. He wasn't responding on comms, the only reply to her calling was a faint but constant static hiss.
A decision made, she decided to go to Serrars apartment and check for any signs of a struggle or warrant. Tightening her belt slightly she made for Serrars place.

Serrar opened his eyes and listened intently, there it was again, a soft footfall on the stair and whoever it was knew what they were doing as they had obviously avoided the subtle traps he had set which would alert him of any approach.
Silently he rose and crept stealthily to the door, picking up a sharp dagger on the way. He stood behind the door, erect and alert, dagger ready and one hand on the door handle, ready to yank it open as the intruder entered.
A muffled sound and a soft click told him the lock had been picked and he watched coolly as the brass door knob began to slowly turn.
A quick jerk on the handle and as the intruder stumbled forward, Serrar lunged and caught the figure, dragging it upright, back against his chest, one arm to restrain the struggle the other hand holding the dagger hard beneath the left ear.
"Who sent you?" he hissed pressing the tip of the dagger deeper so that it punctured the skin and drew a drop of blood.
He looked down into the eyes of the masked intruder, green almond eyes and the slim frame told him Sin'Dorei, female.
"Chey?" he gasped "What the...?" and his grasp on her lessened. She turned to face him, pulling down her mask and trying to smile.
"I thought..." she started but broke off with a cough.
Serrars dagger clattered to the ground as he swiftly clasped his hands over his groin, as he realised he was stark naked.
"Ah.." he tried to explain as Chey looked away into the apartment, even though the drapes were still drawn and the room was in semi-darkness the mess was apparent, empty bourbon bottles, ashtrays full of 'Thistle roaches and various playing cards littered the floor.
"We er had a party..." he offered gesturing vaguely at the rooms devastation, breaking off with a yelp as he realised he had yet again exposed himself to Chey.
Avoiding looking at Serrar, Chey nodded. "So I see..."
A dim groan came from beneath a pile of cushions on the floor. Chey looked curiously to see Arli emerge, also naked as far as she could see, he groaned again, belched loudly then disappeared under the cushions again, shortly followed by a series of light snores.
Chey blushed furiously and looked at Serrar, quickly averting her eyes. She pointed at the heap of cushions then looked back at Serrar, again pointedly staring at his face.
Serrar looked at her and offered a slightly embarrassed smile, then it dawned on him just what she was thinking.
"No Chey..I know how it looks but no...just no..." he almost gibbered.
She raised an eyebrow and he grabbed her shoulders. "It's not how it must look..."
"Ahem" she coughed and glanced down briefly.
Serrar released her and lowered his hands to cover, once again, his exposure.
"Well I can see youre not hurt or kidnapped or anything, so I'll be on my way" Chey said, a slightly amused and bemused smile on her face.
"No, No!, you stay there, Ill put some clothes on I have to explain..." Serrar was emphatic. No way, he thought was Chey leaving here with the image of him and Arli naked in his apartment, especially after what Arli had told her about him and his preference for males...and anyway, what the fel was Arli naked for...?
While Serrar disappeared into the small bedroom, Chey wandered to the kitchen area and drew some water and as Serrar appeared wearing black trousers and pulling a shirt on she presented him with a steaming cup of fragrant tea.
"Here" she said "You'll need that for the head no doubt"
Sipping the tea he cleared the couch of various articles of clothing with a sweep of his hand and gestured her to sit.
"Some party..." she smiled
"mm, Arli came with a couple of girls and well..." he looked around him at the mess "It kinda got out of hand I guess"
Chey laughed and found herself looking around for the girls. Surprising herself with the feeling of relief when she saw none.
Serrar explained that Arli had turned up bearing bourbon and with a couple of female friends, he suspected the girls were to tempt Serrar away from the relationship Arli thought he had with Chey.
They'd drunk ridiculous amounts of bourbon and smoked Bloodthistle constantly, then at Arlis insistence had played some card game which demanded the loser remove an item of clothing.It had seemed harmless enough, keeping Arli amused as he smugly told Serrar he had rigged the cards so the girls would lose. Serrar laughed, he knew Arli would cringe when he recovered, funny how a schoolboy game seems immensely funny and entertaining through a fog of Thistle and whiskey.
"So where are the girls?" Chey asked again scoring the apartment with her eyes, wondering why it was important to her not to see one.
Serrar shrugged and gave a chagrined smile.
"Dunno I passed out not long after sunrise, guess they left..." He fidgeted for a moment his hand fishing behind him and he pulled out a silk stocking from back of the couch.
"Looks like one left this..." he smiled
Chey didn't know what to think, the first thought was one of relief as it seemed to show that it was true and that he really didnt prefer males.The second thought troubled her slightly, why did it seem to matter to her what Serrar preferred?
She glanced up at him sitting beside her and smiled at his washed out face and slightly trembling hands.
"You need to go back to bed for an hour or so Serrar, youre in no state to do much like that"
He looked down at her and half smiled "Could use it I guess" he agreed. "Thanks for the tea...and for coming round, you know..thanks for wanting to help if I was in trouble"
"yeah well without you Serrar, theres only me to blame or arrest for Sin'Anindoth" she laughed
He laughed with her.
"I'll pop back later if you like, help you tidy up..." she started
Serrar looked at her as if seeing her for the first time, she'd come to find him, knowing full well he could have been in trouble and putting herself at risk, she'd found him naked and hung over instead, yet made him tea and was now offering to help him clear up as if she instinctively knew he couldnt work in a mess. He smiled at her. He knew she was genuine, steadfast and loyal to their mutual cause. She was also..why hadn't he noticed before...? a very beautiful woman, from her blue-green eyes to her shining golden hair...
Chey held his eyes as he studied her, he needed a shave she noticed, his hair was untidy and his eyes were ringed with shadows, but for whatever reason despite this he was without a doubt the most perfect male she'd ever seen.
"Crazy..." she half whispered to herself
"Agreed..." he whispered back in the dimness
Then their lips touched, lightly at first, then firmer and deeper as his arms encircled her and pulled her closer.
Lost in their kiss and embrace they sunk deeper into the couch, his chest against hers they could feel each others racing heartbeats.
His lips a hairsbreadth from hers now he whispered her name, savouring the sound of it.
She whispered his back.
Then again their lips met, intensely. passionately..urgently.
Their eyes met, his held a question and hers the answer. A mutual soft sigh of desire in the darkness, the quiet broken only by the sound of a teacup being dropped and rolling across the floor.
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PostSubject: Re: Sin'Anindoth   Thu Nov 17, 2011 7:08 pm

((You murdered a poor, defenceless Teacup? You will face the Might of the Society!

Good work though. Keep the writing up!))

The way is shut,
It was made by those who are dead
And the dead keep it.

Skeleton in the closet.
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PostSubject: Re: Sin'Anindoth   Thu Nov 17, 2011 8:59 pm

When Arli finally staggered into the kitchen area, half dressed and complaining bitterly about a 'bad bourbon affecting his head', he found Chey and Serrar sitting across from each other at the small dining table, holding hands across the table as they talked in low whispers, a soft smile reflected on each other's face.

"Get a room" he growled as he looked around for a bourbon to help kill his headache.

"You've awoken just in time to help us clean this place up" replied Serrar without breaking his gaze from Chey.

Arli scowled at the lack of suitable drinks; "Can't, got Thorn business"

"Oh such a shame, I was looking forward to watching you dust around with your shirt still off" laughed Chey softly, looking into Serrar's eyes as she spoke.

Arli muttered some barely comprehensible words as he disappeared back upstairs, reappearing a short while later fully dressed but still managing to look very dishevelled.

"I'll see myself out then?" he asked in a sarcastic tone as neither acknowledged his reappearance.

"Later, Sunblade" said Serrar as he and Chey stood up and transfixed in each other's gaze, headed up the stairs, still hand in hand.

As Arli left, he slammed the door behind him as hard as he could, cringing in pain as the loud bang reverberated around his pained head and swearing quietly and profusely as he walked back up Murder Row.


Late afternoon and Serrar once again found himself alone in his apartment. After Arli had left they had gone to bed, finally contentedly falling asleep in each other's arms. After they awoke, Chey had helped him straighten the place up before she had to leave for a prior appointment, a scheduled Landlord visit to her new place.

Serrar took out his map and smoothed it open on the table. His plan now complete, all he needed was the explosives from the Alliance contacts and then he could start to put his plan into action and with Chey truly at his side, he knew he couldn't fail.

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Chey finished drying her hair and slipped on her new outfit, she'd seen the top in the clothiers and on a whim bought it. Deep midnight blue silk, more revealing than she would normally consider wearing but today she felt different, alive, vibrant...she thought back to her reasons for her new found confidence and demeanour. Serrar. She'd spent the night at his apartment, with him, surrendering herself totally to him in a way she never thought possible. She'd left him sleeping earlier that morning, reluctantly it was fair to say, but she had promised she would work in Icecrown so with a soft kiss to his cheek she'd silently slipped out into the tranquil city.

Back now from her days work and freshly showered and dressed, she fastened her communicator to her ear and clicked it on.
"Chey,,Chey.." Serrar's voice was whispered and urgent sounding "Murder Row, outside the inn, please be careful"
"What's up?" she replied
There was no immediate reply so she ran from the apartment and into the city towards murder row.
As she approached the gate she slipped into shadows and cautiously crept towards the inn.
Then she saw two figures away from the public walkway, one she instantly recognised as Serrar, the other, from its hunched stance and even from this distance, it's foisty smell, she took to be forsaken. She crept closer.
"I won't steal from Silvermoon..." Serrar was saying
"You have until Sunday to get me those documents" The forsaken had replied
"There must be some other way.." Serrar again
"Yes, you pay me the gold you owe" was a final reply. "Sunday"
The forsaken turned and without another glance at Serrar walked away.
Chey gave it a few moments then slipped into view and approached Serrar, her eyebrow arching with an unasked question.
"I'll explain later...." he said and gave her a slightly forced smile.
"OK..." she reluctantly agreed.
"Lets go for a walk?" he grinned at her "To Undercity.."
She laughed lightly "Why you old romantic, how could a girl refuse Undercity in the moonlight...?"
"Yes, lucky you, not every girl gets this treatment" he laughed as he put a casual arm around her waist and guided her through the inn.

"One here...." Serrar explained as he kept walking "Another here" he pointed down towards the Undercity bank "Perhaps one there, but will be difficult to place unseen"
Chey nodded as they strolled easily around the city.
"One up there in the sewers..." he continued
"Cut off any secondary way in or out" she agreed
Serrar smiled at her "Exactly"
"This will cripple Undercity" she exclaimed "Perfect, show them we will be a free people again"
Serrar nodded
"And another in the Apothecarium just because of what they do" he added emphatically.
Chey agreed.
They fell silent as a Dark Ranger walked passed them.
"Careful around those, they are the few here that can understand us" he whispered.
"Its sad to see Sin'Dorei in forsaken skin" she sighed "I think theres no hope for those, they should be purged"
Serrar sadly agreed.
"The taking of any Sin'Dorei life by another Sin'Dorei is unfortunate, but for these it would be a blessed release, and in our interests too"

Their tour of Undercity over they took the Zeppelin to Orgrimmar. Changing into their black leather scouting outfits and pulling cowls over their faces they flew to Thousand Needles, then onto Feralas, dropping from their windriders into the shadows before creeping into the Tauren Camp.

It wasn't a fruitful sortie, it seemed they were just settling there and nothing of any great importance was said, in fact she was reminded of a rabble in a shambles, however she made a few mental notes on overhearing a little on their defence strategy.
A Sin'Dorei deathknight patrolled the main thoroughfare of the camp, Chey stalked him a while, she was dangerously close and froze in situ as he stopped and looked around him.
They were at the top of the camp and no others were close, she took a chance.
"Greetings Brother" she whispered in Thalassian from the shadows. "Why is a Sin'Dorei pledging his blade to Tauren and Orcs?"
"Who are you?" he demanded turning a slow circle on the spot "Show yourself"
"I mean no harm to you brother, just think on what I say,why give yourself to wars that you didn't make or are not your concern, why fight for the Horde when your people need you?"
and she swiftly ran back to Serrar before any alarm was raised.
"Interesting " said Serrar "He knew you were there, yet raised no alarm...we should speak to him again sometime I think"
Chey agreed and as quietly as they came they slipped from the camp.

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"We need to get information on Belore" sighed Chey "Without it the Brotherhood won't give us the explosives"
"Theres nothing we can get on them, we've tried" Serrar replied. "I don't know what we can do"
"I don't know, couldn't we break into the Hall of Records and see what the state holds on them, or least some of their number?" offered Chey
"I have to steal something from there for that forsaken" Serrar sighed "I can't, won't, steal from Silvermoon"
Chey looked up sharply
"What does he want you to steal? and why?" her voice held some concern "Tell me"
Serrar regarded her for a moment
"I owe him money, a lot of money, I haven't got it so he wants me to steal some documents" Serrar looked down briefly "I won't steal from our people"
"Well can't we pay the debt?how much is it?" Chey asked.
Serrar looked up smiling faintly, he liked how she said 'we'.
"Ten Thousand gold" Serrar answered smiling wryly
Chey's face fell and she chewed her lip thoughtfully.
"We could rob a bank Serrar..." she started
Serrar laughed.
"No Im serious, not the Silvermoon one of course but Orgrimmar perhaps" she tried to explain "A successful mission like that could pay off the debt, and we'd have plenty over to self fund the Undercity attack, or more"
Serrar looked across at her, his face showing a little less scepticism.
"We could check out the possibility, we'd need to scour and survey it thoroughly" he started "Or what about Thunderbluff? its remote and not as populated as Orgrimmar"
"Yes..Thunderbluff would be ideal, we should at least look" agreed Chey.
They exchanged a smile.
"Well we're in the area, shall we go take a look?"
Chey nodded as she rose to her feet and pulled her cowl back on.

They casually walked into the bank and deposited a few gold into their account for appearance sake. Surreptitiously noting guards, tellers and general security.
"Only two guards...." said Serrar he nodded towards a gap between two buildings "lets look there a minute"
A grassy area on the ledge of the pinnacle, hidden from general view.
"Windriders left here waiting..." Serrar sounded animated "You know Chey, this might just work"
She nodded as they looked out over Mulgore.
"Swift take off...." he started
"Fly low to start with, they won't expect us to plummet with it being so high" added Chey "Fly close to the ground for a while until we reach that bridge" she pointed in the distance.
"Then up over the hills and into Feralas"
"One go left, one go right" added Serrar "Rendezvous at the camp"
They looked at each other grinning beneath their cowls and hugged each other in delight. A Tauren eyed them suspiciously, Serrar turned and winked at him "Honeymoon..." he offered.
The Tauren smiled and offered congratulations before walking on.
Chey and Serrar looked at each other and smiled.
Together they felt there was nothing they couldn't achieve if they wanted it.
With a laugh they mounted their windriders and flew for home.

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"Chey!" a voice hailed her across the Exchange. Looking in the direction of the voice she saw Arli strolling over to her.
"Hello Arli" she replied offering a warm smile. "How are you, I heard about them arresting you, is that sorted now?"
He gave that non-committal, 'don't care' shrug that was almost as much of his trademark as "Wasn't my fault" stance to everything.
"They haven't charged me but I'll be around here for a while" he offered
"They got you under curfew?"
"Nah, just told not to go too far away in case they need me" he smiled, she thought his smile didnt quite reach his eyes and that underneath he was apprehensive about the whole affair.
She said nothing but smiled in understanding.
"I'll be sleeping on the benches no doubt" he laughed "Buggered if I'm staying at Naim's place with all this going on"
"Maybe Serrar will put you up?" she offered
"Probably, well he might but...." he trailed off
Chey raised an eyebrow "But...?"
Arli shifted as if slightly uncomfortable.
" know...he's a great guy and all that, but he betrayed us all...." he spoke hesitantly
Chey looked hard at him, slightly taken aback at his words
"Arli..." she said softly "He didn't..he told me about it"
"Oh come -on-" he said "everyone caught, punished and some executed except one? Him!. speaks for itself don't you think?"
She could understand a bit how he might feel that way, but surely they were friends now? They must have discussed this before and built their bridges.
"It wasn't him Arli" her voice was soft but emphatic
Arli gave her a strained smile.
"All I'm saying Chey is be careful...whatever his reasons he betrayed us, and he might do the same with you if he was caught" he said, his eyes filled with concern. "They use magic on the cells here, I..I wouldn't be able to get you out...I couldn't save you from execution" he let the sentence hang.
Chey looked worried, she knew Serrar wouldn't betray her, she felt it deep inside..he wouldn't would he?
Inside her gut twisted with a niggling doubt, it was true what Arli was explaining, Serrar had known the gang years, he was trusted and high ranked, yet still betrayed them, he had known her..what? a few weeks? Arli emphasised again for her to be careful.
She nodded absently as her mind wrestled itself, He wouldn't betray her, she knew it, they had moved on, become close, or maybe that was all part of it...maybe she couldn't believe it because she didn't want to, her judgement clouded by her feelings for Serrar.
"Anyway.." Arli's voice brought her from her battle. "Better go find somewhere to stay..."
Chey looked at him standing in front of her, suddenly seeming boyish and alone. She smiled then found herself saying
"Look Arli, you can stay at my place til its sorted."
He smiled
"You sure?"
She nodded and smiled to herself as she felt the metaphorical trap shut behind her.
She showed him into the small apartment, gave him a key and told him to use it as his. She closed her eyes briefly as she said that, not the wisest thing to have said in hindsight.
"House rules...." she added hastily "You dirty clean it...if Diaa stays over, give me warning....and oh..toilet seat down."
Arli laughed
"I won't bring Diaa here..and I know shoes off before bed"
She smiled, it would be ok having Arli here, she spent most of her time at Serrars anyway and there was only so much mayhem Arli could cause on his own, well she hoped so anyway.
"I have to go..Dia's giving it that on comms" he said making a yapping sign with his right hand.
She laughed and nodded
"See you later then" she laughed
"Shadows protect Chey..and remember be careful with Serrar..." he added as he let himself out.
She sighed and chewed her lip, the niggling doubt Arli had sown would not go, had Serrar betrayed them? Would he betray her if it came to it?
She walked the streets in thought and noticed Belore Alandie congregating in the Halls of Respite. Just what she needed, a distraction to these thoughts. With a sly smile, she slipped into shadows and settled herself out of sight to watch and listen.

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Serrar lay in the darkness of his room and listened to the soft breathing of Chey, asleep in his arms. The words that Aril had told Chey replayed over and over in his head and finally accepting that sleep wasn't going to come, he kissed her and softly whispering I will be back soon he unwrapped himself from Chey and got out of bed.

A short walk later he found himself outside Chey's apartment, which from the ground at least, seemed in darkness. Making his way to her door he deftly picked the lock and entered the darkened apartment. Pausing to look around, he could see the tell-tale signs of Arli at least having been here recently; an empty bourbon bottle next to the chair and a couple of 'thistle smokes stubbed out on a plate alongside it. Resigned to the fact that he had been and gone, Serrar went to leave, his hand resting on the door handle as he paused The bedroom? surely he wouldn't.... Serrar turned and quietly crossed the room and into the adjoining bedroom, pushing the already ajar door open a little further and stepping inside. There, lying on the bed, barely dressed, was Arli Sunblade.

Two quick strides and he was lifting Arli by the scruff of his shirt; a flash of a blade as Arli, suddenly awoken, instinctively reached under his pillow to his concealed weapon, but not fast enough to counter the punch that sent Arli reeling across the bed, landing heavily on the floor as Serrar yelled out "You bastard Sunblade!"

Arli lay dazed and confused for a moment, his blade dropped on recognising the voice of his friend, his hands covering his face.

"You thought she would come home and just jump straight into bed with you?" continued Serrar angrily; "She isn't that kind of girl and she isn't that stupid! How dare you abuse her good nature like this!"

Arli sat up and peered over the bed, his hand covering his right eye as he tried to focus on the angry-looking Serrar.

"I know what it looks like..." he started

"To damned right, Sunblade"

Arli pulled himself up and switched on the bedroom light, flinching at the sudden brightness and wishing he'd drank less, or maybe more so that he wouldn't now be on the edge of a hangover.

"She said first back could have the bed" smiled Arli smugly, "and since she aint back yet...well, ask her yourself when you see her".

Serrar fought the urge to wipe the smug smile off the face of the elf he had just found in his girlfriends bed and tried to regain his composure. He rarely lost his temper, and Arli just wasn't worth the effort.

"I'll ask in the morning when I make breakfast" replied Serrar calmly "don't want to wake her up when I get home". He noticed the flash of darkness cross Arli's face, quickly replaced by a small smile. "So, what's your problem Sunblade?"

"Sunblade? Going formal are we now? Think you can order me about like you did in the gang?" laughed Arli mockingly.

"Why all this talk of betrayal? I explained what happened, you seemed satisfied with the answer, so now why the sudden change?"

"You betrayed the gang...".

"Arli, if you truly believed that then you would have been straight around to the Blood Knights and given them my real identity."

"I don't want Chey hurt" came the swift reply

" don't want Chey happy" replied Serrar, fixing Arli with a stare.

Arli held the stare for a few seconds before looking away and shrugging lightly, peering into a bedroom mirror to examine his rapidly bruising eye.

"How do I explain this to Dia then?"

"Tell her the truth for a change, say I gave it to you when I found you in Chey's bed" said Serrar with a small laugh.


"Chey is with me now, we're happy, you can't take her from me so stop playing these games before you lose another girl who loves you, Arli"

Arli stared moodily at the mirror.

"I'll see myself out then shall I?" replied Serrar, giving Arli a final smile and wink as he turned and left the bedroom, cutting off the sound of a something being thrown against the wall and smashing to the floor as he shut the apartment door.
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“Apologise to Serrar and move out of Chey’s place” states Dianthaa simply.

“But..” I start to reply in protest.

Diathaa gives me ‘that look’ and with a resigned sigh, I nod my agreement.

“Good” she smiles, “I didn’t want to have to blacken your other eye”.

I return a tight-lipped smile, still annoyed at being told what to do.


It’s late evening by the time I return to Silvermoon. Dianthaa got called to Feralas by Squadron as trouble seemed to be brewing with the Marauders and she insisted I go with her. By the time I’d tried to smooth things with Catari and then stayed when the Mistress arrived, well it’s a long way from Feralas to Silvermoon. I yawn tiredly as I knock on Serrar’s door, with no answer I reach for my thieves tools with the intention of letting myself in. With a click I hear the door unlock and swiftly put them away.

“Hey Serrar” I smile brightly as he peers around the door, half-naked and his hair dishevelled. “Can I come in? Good” I add as I try to push past him. He leans against the door to stop me.

“I’m busy, I’ll catch you tomorrow” he adds as he pushes the door closed, but not fast enough to stop me shoving my boot in the way.

“I came to apologise fo-“

“Accepted, now piss off” he interrupts, trying again to close the door.

I smile again as I realise that Chey is probably upstairs; “I won’t sleep until I’ve apologised properly….”

Serrar looks at me, trying to decide just how long I can keep this going. With an annoyed sigh he opens the door and I stroll into the apartment. Serrar closes the door with his free hand, his other hand holding a small towel wrapped around his lower body.

“Well?” he asks

“Sorry for y’know whatever it was I said that upset you or Chey” I say matter-of-factly as I pour myself a large bourbon. “Yeah, real bad of me, out of order etc” I nod as I take a swig of the smooth bourbon.

“Accepted” he replies quickly as he reaches for the door.

“I don’t believe you” I add flatly, topping up my glass.


“I mean, it was kinda bad what I said I guess. I don’t want us to carry on with any bad feeling between us.”

“Honestly Arli, it’s fine, water under the bridge and all that”, he almost sounds sincere.

“You sure?” I add with faked caution

“Yes, now if you don’t mind, I’ve plans for tonight and they don’t involve y-“

“Great, so it’s ok if I stay here a few nights? Dia don’t like me staying at Chey’s place and with us being such great friends again, I’m sure it’s no problem?” I empty my glass then fix a friendly smile on my face. “Oh, how rude of me, can I get you one?” I add as I reach for an empty glass.

“No.” he replies as he looks at me with barely concealed annoyance.

I shrug and smile and pour myself another.

“Have the couch for a three nights, no more, you need to find yourself someplace else” he adds resignedly.

“Sure, no problem, thanks, I’ll return the favour if you need it, after all it’s what mates are for eh?”

“So I’m told” he adds dryly. “Now if you excuse me I’m back to bed, busy day tomorrow.”

“I bet” I add with a wink, laughing as he goes back upstairs.

I finish another couple of drinks before I stand up and walk to the bottom of the stairs. That should have given them enough time to resume their ‘activities’.

“Good night you two” I yell up the stairs “And try and keep the noise down, the slightest sound really carries in these small apartments”.

I laugh as I pick up the half empty bottle of bourbon and lie on the couch, feet up, as I listen to the silence from the room above.
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Chey let herself into Serrars apartment, she didn't knock as it was still early and from outside she'd noticed the bedroom curtains were still closed. Probably still asleep she mused.
Normally she too would have been there, but Serrars "temporary" house guest Arli somehow put her off spending her nights with Serrar. His knowing smirks and glib comments made her uncomfortable, his constant scowls and "get a room..." every time she got close to Serrar was off putting to say the least, and if she and Arli were alone he never missed a chance to tell her how little she knew Serrar, "Outside the bedroom..."
That comment made her feel cheap and after that she had found excuses not to stay with Serrar.

She hadn't told Serrar any of this, the last thing she wanted was trouble between the two friends.

She crept up the stairs, careful not to awaken Arli who was flat out on the couch, his faint snoring testament to the fact he'd had a skin-full the night before.
She slipped into the bedroom and quietly closed the door behind her. She paused a moment to look at Serrar sleeping, and a soft smile formed on her lips.
He was on his back, his head to one side and his bare chest rising and falling rhythmically, he was covered only by a sheet across his waist.
Leaning across she kissed him softly, closing her eyes as she inhaled his warm, sleepy scent.
"Morning handsome..." she whispered.
He stirred slightly and smiled, rolling onto his side he flickered open his eyes.
He patted the bed and she sat down beside him.
"Bed's too big without you...." he murmured drowsily.
Chey laughed lightly. "You pull yourself together..Ill make coffee, there's something I want to discuss..." with that she slipped off the bed and disappeared down the stairs.
Serrar frowned slightly as he roused himself, he couldn't help feeling there was something wrong between them.

She handed Serrar a cup of coffee and as he sat up in the bed she plonked herself crosslegged at the foot facing him.

"I went to Thunderbluff" she spoke softly although she had made sure Arli was still asleep and just for good measure had put a small amount of sleeping draught in the half empty bourbon bottle that was within his reach, fairly confident that if he saw it there he would make it suffice as breakfast.
"Ive been there everyday" she added.
Serrar looked interested.

She quickly explained that she'd been watching the bank from the shadows, becoming familiar with routines and procedures.

"Guard changes every four hours, like clockwork, at eight, twelve, four and so on. Always two and always the same roster" she explained. "Bank isn't that busy even at peak times but it seems Saturday evening is the quietest time, hardly saw a sole between eight and nine, I think that should be our time."
Serrar smiled across at her and looked impressed.
"You've been busy. guess thats why you havent had time for me" he laughed
"Er..yes.." she replied returning the smile briefly before looking away.
" I think as we planned, we land as close to the edge as we can and leave the windriders there...into shadows and to the bank, disable the guards with chloroform and inside." she outlined her plan.
"I wondered if we could could get our hands on a couple of Sin'Dorei orbs...just an idea, we could 'accidently' let someone see one and possibly set the doubt there that we're actually another race, also...." she held up two locks of hair, one bright red the other jet black, she laughed at the bewildered look on Serrars face.
"We fasten these to the inside crown of our cowls and let a small piece show either at the side or top, then if its noticed....theyre looking for a black haired Sin'dorei female and a red haired male...if indeed theyre Sin'dorei at all..." she laughed. "Genius or what?"

Serrar smiled "Not just a pretty face..."

They became serious.
"So a week Saturday at nine in the evening, we're going to do this, take the gold from Thunderbluff bank" Serrar said decisively. "This is it Chey..once we've done this we're free of the debt and we can drive Sin'Anindoth to a greater glory"

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Serrar leaned his shoulder against the pillar in the Thunderbluff bank as he looked casually around the small room - pausing on the locked wooden chests and watching as the Bank Teller unlocked and took out the small amount of gold that Chey requested from her account. He smiled as he watched her work. She had such an easy way with people, and he listened as she chatted easily to the Tauren Bank Teller, telling her of their honeymoon and her voice and gestures showing nothing but admiration for their homelands, the Tauren returning her smile and thanking her for her kind words.

"Are we done now?" he asked as he walked over and slipped his arms around Chey's waist, giving a warm smile to the female Tauren.

"Yes Darling" replied Chey as she returned him a dazzling smile, kissing his cheek lightly and taking his hand as they walked from the bank.

"Loves young dream" sighed the female Tauren to her co-worker.

Standing hand in hand they looked across the rise, the very image of a couple, deeply in love and on their honeymoon.

"Looks easy enough" said Serrar with a smile, returning back to his Thalassian tongue.

"Yes, surprisingly few guards, just a couple of minor patrols" she replied in Thalassian as she smiled at the passing guard who blushed slightly as he passed by.

"A few envoys, that orc and a few Dragonmaw. Might cause trouble."

Chey followed Serrar's gaze and nodded slightly.

"We need a distraction, perhaps a few minor explosives? Something timed? Perhaps something we can throw?" said Chey as she reached up and planted a small kiss on his cheek.

Serrar smiled at her, he was falling in love with her and there was nothing he could do, or wanted to do to stop it. She was both beautiful and intelligent and, well, perfect to him. Maybe they would honeymoon for real one day, although he was finding this act an easy one to play.

"I'm sure we can acquire something from an Alliance Keep, maybe one of the more remote ones like in Blasted Lands." He replied in a soft tone, the musical lilt of Thalassian sounding to the Tauren around him as if he was speaking words of love to his new bride.

"The escape route, come" said Chey leading him to the edge of the rise and away from the main thoroughfare.

"We leave the Wind Riders here, in this hollow" said Serrar "fast getaway, down into Mulgore, I'll take the right coppice of tree's and you the left, we" He peered into the distance.

"Yes" she replied thoughtfully "we will need somewhere to stash the gold and outfits to get changed into before and after the robbery".

"We still have a week, we will find some place safe" replied Serrar.

"And an alibi" added Chey.

"Tougher..maybe Arli? I could ask him to cover for us?" suggested Serrar

"No, the less that know of our plans the better. But we can use Arli....let him stay at your place for the rest of the week and we can say we took a night away to have some time together away from his glib remarks whenever we shut the bedroom door".

Serrar laughed, "Clever, very clever. I can book us into a place in Booty Bay? Just a boat ride to Ratchett have our Wind Riders there and then fly to Thunderbluff."

Chey smiled and nodded agreement; "All over each other when we book in, a 'do not disturb' sign on the door, then slip out of the window".

Serrar turned to Chey and took her hands in his;

"This could really work"

"Me and you, we can do anything" she smiled and looked up into his eyes.

"Just me and you, forever" replied Serrar

"...and ever" she replied softly as they drew together and embraced in a lingering kiss.

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She was tired, but he wouldn't let her sleep, as her head drooped forward,again he grabbed a handful of hair and dragged her head up.
"Where were you?""Explain this," One of her flyers was thrust into her face, "and this..."
Flyers, papers, her hood, all slammed down in front of her.All the time the harsh rough constant interrogation, ceaseless, on and on, and she was so very very tired.
She looked up at her inquisitor with glazed eyes, "I've told you..I was in Booty Bay..we'd..we'd gone to get away for some..time ..together" her voice was heavy with weariness.
"Not what he says..." was the immediate response. "Says you booked in and left straight away for Ratchett..."
She shook her head,
"I don't..understand..?" she whispered..."Why am I here...?"
Her eyes filled with tears and her lip trembled as she struggled not to break down in her fear.

Again she explained, Serrar had got Arli staying at his place, and no she hadn't known Arli was suspected of had been a shock...Arli and her had 'history' and she didnt feel comfortable at Serrars with him there, so they'd booked a room in Booty Bay to have some time alone.
No they hadn't really left the room, Despite everything she managed to blush slightly at having to reveal such personal details.
Still it went on, question after question, unrelenting.
Finally she looked up at her accuser
"I..I..don't know what you want me to say...I've told you everything youve asked...." and she burst into floods of uncontrolled sobbing.

Serrar pulled off his hood and laughed,
"Well done Chey..." he laughed kneeling in front of her, gently taking her hands and lowering them from her face. "Sorry if I was harsh, but it will be worse than that if they pull us in...I didn't mean to make you cry..."
Chey looked up at him and laughed. " The sobs always work...."
Serrar laughed and took her in his arms.

She was strong, he needn.t worry, if the worst happened, he felt that together they would make it through, she wouldn't betray him, nor he her. They were stronger together, their lives and fates inextricably interwoven now,He would not let her down.
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"Hey, Mortie" called out Arli, the forsaken looked up at him as he walked briskly over to the mailbox. "Squad said I'd find you in Undercity, got a moment?". The forsaken nodded slightly, folding the closely-written letter in his hands and slipping it into his pocket.

"Need a favour" smiled Arli

"Walk with me" replied the forsaken, turning and heading to a quieter part of the Undercity. After a short while he stopped and looked at Arli, his yellow eyes peering coldly over his plated face guard.

"It's about a friend of mine, owes you a lot of gold, I need you to drop the debt" started Arli.

"I know who you mean. I drop the debt then he dies." replied Mortificare simply.

"C'mon...he's a friend, I aint got many after all..." answered Arli with a small laugh. "He can't get the sort of money he owes you, yeah yeah he was an idiot getting into debt with you but he's a friend, do me this favour and let it drop?"

The forsaken replied harshly "Then he dies".

"Ok..." said Arli cautiously, " about I take on the debt?".

"It's not just the gold, he had one of my assassins killed, so he needs to repay the debt by taking on his jobs."

Arli looked at the forsaken, appealing to his better nature just wouldn't work, after all, he didn't have one to appeal to.

"Ok..ok...look I know you want him to get the records from Silvermoon, of the Scourge attack, how about I get those for you and you halve the debt? I know Serrar won't do it, he's got this obsessive loyalty to Silvermoon thing going on, but it don't bother me, I can get them for you".

He could tell by the subtle change in the forsaken's stance that he had his interest.

"Just give me a few days" Arli continued, "I need to find if they are in the vaults or the archives, then I can figure out how to get"

"And you'll take on the assassin's contracts" replied the forsaken, Arli knew it was a statement and not a request.

"Sure. Just go easy on Serrar eh? He's been a good friend. you don't mention me getting those documents until it's all over, he'll only complain."

"Very well. But Arli, you tell him to keep out of Undercity" replied Mortificare

Arli looked puzzled; "Undercity? He's a Silvermoon guy."

"My scouts have seen him here, looking around, tell him to stay out if he knows what's good for him" replied Mortificare coldly.

Arli shrugged and smiled, "Sure, no problem".

"Good, if there is nothing else I have other more important matters to attend to. I am setting up a base from Undercity."

"No..nothing else...see you in a few days, Mortie, I'll have a better idea on how quickly I can steal you those documents".

As the forsaken nodded, Arli saluted and turned and walked back towards the centre of the Undercity. As he walked away he spoke into his comms;

"Dia? You free? Great! Meet me in the Undercity Ruins, I'm gonna need you to sweet talk a few Silvemoon officials for me....don't think I could do that with the Blood Knights right now".

Arli laughed and picked up his pace as he headed for the surface.
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Withdrawing slowly from their lingering kiss, they exchanged a soft intimate smile.
They'd just looked around Thunderbluff, reconnoitred the bank and all that was needed were the last few details.

She had to admit she enjoyed playing the part of Serrars blushing new bride, their cover for being there. A soft wistful sigh as she wondered what it would be like to be Serrars wife. She knew she was in love with him, knew he was extremely fond of her but still unsure enough to declare to him how she felt.
She'd had no experience with the opposite sex until him, unless of course you counted Arli, but nothing had happened and although her heart had been broken, she had remained unkissed.
A large price paid and -nothing- in return was how she saw that escapade now. She'd vowed 'never again', but then she met Serrar and she felt she had at last found the place she belonged, it was hard to quantify, but she knew even if Serrar left her tomorrow there would be no other for her.
He kissed the side of her face, his lips tracing to her ear and neck.
"Stay with me tonight Chey..." he whispered "It's been too long..."
"I er can't, I made other plans" she replied reluctantly. Alandore she thought,she wanted to so much but the thought of Arli and his "outside the bedroom" comment still rankled her, cheapened her and she couldn't face it.
Serrar raised his head from her neck and looked into her eyes, the hurt and confusion in them cut through her and she looked away.
"Is there something wrong?" his voice was concerned "What did I say or do Chey, please tell me"
She shook her head unable to look at him for the hurt in his eyes. He raised her head with his forefinger and searched her face. She couldn't bear it, she had to tell him.
As she explained to him, a look of relief replaced the hurt but his eyes flashed angrily and she saw him grit his teeth.
"Thats it I'm throwing him dare he speak to you like that"
"Thats why I didn't say anything..."
"If its a choice of you or him" he smiled down at her "He goes..."
Chey leaned up and kissed his lips lightly, oh how she adored him.
"Serrar, he's our alibi, he has to stay..." she said softly "You have to keep him at your place..."
Serrar gave a resigned sigh and nodded.
"But a -whole- week Chey...."
She had to laugh, in the look on his face she could see him imagining the week ahead, Bourbon, hang-overs, the mess, the intrusion on his solitude and worse than that, no Chey..
"Right, he can stay because we need him, but Chey, I will address what he said, he will not demean you like that, I'm sorry but I cannot let it lie"
She nodded and smiled
"I'd come to stay at your place" he added "But I can't leave Arli alone in the apartment, there too much he could find"
"I'll stay tonight..." she whispered and the smile that transformed Serrars face she felt was worth any amount of Arli's snide remarks.

She slipped from his apartment in the early hours of the morning, Arli had not been back the previous night but in the early morning stillness and quiet of the city she heard his voice carrying down the row and decided to slip out before he arrived.

Later that day as she switched on her comm unit, she explained why she hadnt been there, and outlined a plan to Serrar.
"What say I all but move into yours for the week? Make a show of getting irritated with Arli, so it looks a lot more feasible when we go away?"

"What? Really?" Serrars reply sounded happy but disbelieving "Do it..I'll deal with Arli..I'd resigned myself to hardly seeing you for a week"
"If youre sure, I will, I hope I can stick it out" she laughed happily. "Can I move a few things in for appearances?"
"Yes of course, go for it"
"I'll do it now then, Chey out" she said with a laugh and clicked off the unit, not that she didnt want to speak to him, she'd like nothing better, but she knew he was busy preparing for a trip to some library and didn't want to disturb him.

She spent the remainder of the day scurrying between their two apartments moving some personal effects and settling into Serrars. A few changes of clothes, her trinket boxes and her work tools. She arranged them on the small dresser in the bedroom and smiled happily to herself.
She arranged a few of her ornaments on the mantleshelf in the lounge and placed a large old Silvermoon vase in the centre of the table. During the course of the day she moved over more and more of her things and arranged them around the previously spartan, utilitarian flat.

"Oops" she thought when she'd finished. "Theres quite a change, hope he won't mind too much..."

She took a leisurely bath, dried off and sprayed herself lightly with an exotic scent before slipping between the silky sheets on the bed, ready to welcome Serrar home....

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With his arms around a girl at each side, Arli walked up Murder Row and towards his temporary lodgings at Serrar's place. The Blood Knights had pulled him in again earlier with questions about an explosion in Dalaran.

"There was an explosion...Thorns are based in Dalaran...where were you between the hours of..."

And so it had gone on. After a few hours locked in a cell they had finally got confirmation from Undercity that he had been there overseeing the setting up of a Thorn base and very unlikely to have been directly involved. With warnings to not stray far from Silvermoon, Arli was released again. He felt as if the Blood Knights were taking the opportunity to try and fit him up with any crime going. He'd left Dianthaa in Dalaran a few hours ago, overseeing the move to their new base while he had gone back to 'check how things were progressing at the other end'. He'd dropped by Undercity of course but then quickly moved on to Silvermoon and now with his comms off, it was time to relax.

As he opened the apartment door he smiled to the two girls on seeing one of the side-lamps in the main room still lit. Serrar was home and he'd not seen Chey around hardly in days, she had suddenly stopped staying the night, he guessed that things were cooling off between them. So, it was his duty to entertain Serrar of course, some way to payment for his lodgings.

"Serrar's home" he said quietly as he closed the door "probably asleep, let's go wake up sleeping beauty and get the party started eh?". Arli winked at the girls as he put the two bottles of bourbon on the table, looking slightly puzzled as he noticed the large vase and how the room seemed a home? Arli shrugged to himself and with a mischievous grin, he started to climb the stairs, the two girls giggling behind him.

"Shh...!" he turned and grinned as they reached the top of the stairs, the two girls grinning back at him. Slipping his arms around the waist of each girl, Arli kicked the slightly-ajar door open and switched on the light;

"Wake up, you lazy gi-"

Arli stopped in stunned silence at seeing the two naked figures on the bed - lying on his back was Serrar and lying against his side, his arm around her and hers draped across his chest, was Chey.

"What the...Sunblade!" yelled Serrar blinking in the sudden brightness and reaching for the bed sheet as Chey gasped in surprise.

Arli stared at the naked Chey, " th--thought you.."; his face reddening as the two girls behind him laughed.

"Get the fel out!" yelled Serrar as he pulled the sheet around Chey protectively.

Tearing his eyes from Chey Arli nodded and ushered the girls out of the room and down the stairs.

"uh..sorry..seems the party is kinda cancelled"

"Oh...shame..." said the blonde as she put her arms on Arli's shoulders, "just you and us then?"

Arli hesitated, he'd planned a night of drinking and cards and maybe getting Serrar off with one of them...but...Dianthaa would kill him if she found out.

"Well.." started Arli, stopping mid sentence as Serrar came angrily down the stairs, wearing a shirt and underwear, much to the obvious disappointment of the redhead.

"Ladies, the party is over, I'll have to ask you to leave" spoke Serrar, his voice controlled but throwing an angry glare at Arli as he strode past and opened the apartment door.

"Such a shame, maybe another time" said the redhead softly as taking the bottles of bourbon they sauntered to the open door. The blonde paused in the doorway and turned to look at Arli;


Arli smiled slightly and shook his head.

With a sigh she turned and left, Serrar all but slamming the door behind them and turning to glare at Arli. Arli stood awkwardly, things hadn't quite gone to plan.

"I..uh...thought you and Chey" started Arli hesitantly.

"No" came the swift reply as Serrar continued to glare at Arli.

" should enjoy life a bit more. You don't wanna be settling down yet....c'mon, you hardly even know her"

"Outside of the bedroom?" came Serrars reply, his voice unusually cold and precise.

"What?" replied Arli, his standard answer when needing time to think of something clever to say to get him out of trouble.

"If you ever insinuate that Chey is just some easy lay to me....." Serrar strode across to Arli, his fists clenched.

" didn't mean it like that" said Arli, taking a couple of steps back, his hands held up in front of him.

Serrar stopped and looked coldy at Arli; "So what did you mean".

Arli looked to the stairs, Chey was standing there in one of Serrar's shirts, her arms folded and her head tilted slightly as she listened. Her dishevelled blonde hair framing her face as sleepy eyes looked at him.

Serrar lightly slapped the side of Arli's face;

"You're talking to me, Sunblade".

Arli looked back at Serrar and nodded slightly.

"Well?" asked Serrar

Arli shrugged slightly, "You throwing me out?"

Serrar stared at him. Chey was right, all he ever thought about was himself.

"Let him stay, Serrar" spoke Chey softly

Arli glanced to Chey and gave her a small smile, quickly looking back at Serrar and trying to look serious.

"I more bringing girls back now I know you two are..y'know.."

"Together. Inside the bedroom, outside the bedroom, in both heart and mind." spoke Serrar, still looking sternly at Arli.

"Right. Understood." said Arli, nodding seriously.

Serrar looked at Arli for a few moments before replying. Arli was the like the annoying younger brother that he was thankful he'd never had.

"Good night, Arli" he finally said, turning and taking Chey's hand as they walked back upstairs.

"Night...both....." said Arli as he watched them leave, hearing the bedroom door quietly close.

Arli looked around the quiet and empty room. Kicking off his boots and placing his daggers on the floor within easy reach, he curled up on the couch and willed himself to fall asleep.
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(( Dianthaa - thanks for proof reading and agreeing it was ok to post as rp we can build on Smile ))

Serrar slowly woke up and turned onto his side, his left arm lying across the empty side of the bed. He smiled softly as he thought of her and how tonight she would be there again and felt secure in the thought that this was how it would now always be; Serrar and Chey. She had left early that morning, waking him with a kiss and saying she would be back later that day. She knew how tired he was from working away so much of late and insisted he get a few more hours sleep. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was that she had chosen him and he’d do whatever he could to keep her happy. A heavy banging on the front door pulled Serrar harshly away from his day dreams. Jumping out of bed he pulled on the Uldum-cotton pyjama bottoms brought the previous day...why did he get so many visitors when he was in bed?

Serrar ran downstairs to the sound of more heavy, impatient, knocking. With a quick glance across the apartment, he opened the door.

"Where is he!"

Dianthaa glared at Serrar briefly before pushing past him into the apartment.

"Come in, Dianthaa" said Serrar, closing the door slowly behind her.

"Well? Where is he?"

Serrar smiled and walked over to the kitchen area, "No idea, I was about to have a coffee, can I get you one while you wait for him?"

There was a heavy sigh behind him as he filled the coffee pot and a resigned "I might as well, he isn’t even on comms...".

Serrar stood with his back to Dianthaa as he prepared the coffee.

"There was this girl asking after him...a blonde..." said Dianthaa

"Ah..I see" replied Serrar with a small smile to himself.

"Has she been here? Have you seen him with anyone?"

Serrar reached up for two tall mugs. They had got off to a very bad start and their common reason for a truce was Arli and it was obvious she was very fond of him, to tell her of him bringing girls back wasn't his place.

"Your coffee, how do you have it?" asked Serrar as he started to pour the coffee.

"With bourbon"

Serrar laughed

"No, I'm serious, bourbon" replied Dianthaa insistently.

Serrar poured a shot of bourbon into the mug.

"Almost, another one should do it"

Serrar poured another shot into the mug and handed it to Dianthaa.

"Take a seat" he said as he sat on the arm of the sofa, feet resting on the seat as he cradled the mug in his hands and smiled softly at her.

Dianthaa returned the smile and looked at him over the rim of her mug as she took a small sip. He wasn't that bad looking actually, in fact, sitting there half naked with his bed-head hair, he was really quite attractive. Serrar titled his head slightly with a quizzical look as Dianthaa suddenly realised she had been staring at him. She laughed lightly and tried to think what to say;

"Oh...the tattoo, I was wondering what that was about?"

Serrar glanced at the tattoo around his left bicep.

"Oh that, just a mark from the gang I was in" smiled Serrar, "the one that I was in with Arli, way back".

"Really?" replied Dianthaa taking the opportunity to study him again over the rim of her mug as she took another sip; "Arli doesn't have one though".

"No.." replied Serrar "It was a rank thing, he wasn't anything much back then".

Dianthaa smiled and nodded, taking another long, short sip as she watched him.

“Since he isn’t here, now would be a good time to talk” said Serrar, his face suddenly serious.

“Oh?” replied Dianthaa with a small smile. He was probably going to tell her that Arli had been bringing girls back for the night, making the most of her not being around, sleeping with any cheap tart he found on the street. She gripped her mug tightly, her knuckles whitening. She both wanted to know what he had been up to, but also didn’t want to hear.

“I overheard your plans with Orthos last night, to get Arli drugged and enter his mind and plant that an envoy from Silvermoon would be leaving...then get him possessed again by that ring” Serrar watched as Dianthaa blinked and then took a large mouthful of coffee. “ were planning to use him to set a trap for this ‘Master’”

Dianthaa took a moment to turn her train of thought from what she imagined that Arli could have been doing, to the real events of the previous evening.

“I told Orthos that it wasn’t a great idea...” she finally replied

Serrar continued, his voice low; “When the gang was rounded up, some were executed but most were sent to be...well...they like to call it rehabilitated as a useful member of society.”

Serrar took a sip of his coffee, all the time watching Dianthaa.

“Silvermoon uses a form of mind control to brainwash, it’s brutal but very effective. Arli was lucky, he had family in high places that got him out before they ‘rehabilitated’ him. But, he saw what happened to those less fortunate....he was young, it affected him deeply. You do any form of mind control on him and it will really turn him against you.”

“Thanks for the tip” replied Dianthaa with a tight smile.

“Look, Dianthaa..” continued Serrar “I don’t know how long you two have been together, but I’m guessing not long”. He noticed Dianthaa’s eyes narrow, “But me and Arli, we have a bond from way back, from the gang. We look out for each other.”

Serrar took another sip from his coffee.

“And you and Orthos are walking on thin ice and under that ice, is pain and darkness.”

Dianthaa put her coffee mug on the floor and stood up.

“Don’t even think of threatening me, Serrar.” replied Dianthaa curtly.

“I don’t make threats, I make promises.”

Dianthaa laughed as she pulled up her red mask.

“You’re in no place to threaten me, one word from me and your pathetic little racist organisation will crumble under the heavy plate boots of the Blood Knights.”

Serrar smiled softly.

“They have nothing on me, and they won’t find anything here anymore, all moved to a safe location last night, Dianthaa.”

“Oh I’d love to stay and trade threats some more but the Mistress needs to see me” said Dianthaa with a smile as she walked and opened the door. She paused in the doorway and looked at Serrar.

“And for the record, Arli is a Thorn and he will always put them before some pathetic street gang he was in goodness knows when. And he will always put me before you, Serrar.”

Dianthaa slammed the door closed behind her and slipped to the shadows. She had tried, fel she had really tried, to like Serrar but he was a complete jerk and there was no way she was going to let him think he had more of a hold over Arli than she did!
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Chey could hardly hear Serrar on coms."Work...whe...shall I?..."
"Shattrath, inn" she yelled over the music the Tauren Chieftains were thrashing out.
"Waiting for Sig are you?" she heard him shout back. with a laugh.

The Gig over, her ears still ringing and her ego still soaring after Sig had winked at her before the gig and as he headed for the stage had said "Hello there..Chey isn't it?"

Sig knew her name...SIG KNEW HER NAME!

During the show he had smiled at her and the venomous looks she got from a few of the females in the crowd had done her ego the power of good.

Her dreamy thoughts and daydreams of Sig, vanished without a trace as Serrar walked into the inn.
She eyed him as he stood there, dressed in glove fitting black leather, his long blond hair casually caught into a ponytail which seemed to drape itself down one shoulder. "Oh" she sighed to herself "he's worth at least ten Sig's"
He smiled at her as she looked before walking to her and slipping his arm around her, Chey smiled smugly at the females who had scowled earlier and who were now openly eyeing Serrar. She slid her arm around his waist which in no uncertain terms told the watching girls "Mine!"
"We have work to do yes?" he said
Chey nodded. They had come to Shattrath to locate a couple of blackmarket masks to complete their disguise for their upcoming escapade in Thunderbluff. They'd been offered two in return for a short contract to retrieve some artifacts from the Arakkoa.

It hadn't taken long and before long they had their reward and were headed back to Silvermoon City.
Hand in hand they walked from the Dragonhawks into the city, chatting easily about their respective days.
"We still need to have some information on Belore..." Serrar sighed "Lets go and see if we can see them somewhere..."
Chey nodded and they pulled up their cowls, slipped into shadow and started their search.

The halls were empty, the inn was empty and just as they were preparing to give up and go home they saw Orthos stride out from the Bloodknight Headquarters, followed by a male and female Bloodknight, who after a short exchange of words headed off to the inn.
Dia was also there, talking to Orthos, asking why he was there and what had he been up to.
"You follow the Bloodknights, I'll listen in here a while and catch up" Serrar spoke softly over the unit.
"Will do"
The conversation she overheard revealed nothing of who they were or what they were doing.
"Serrar I'm going in openly" she whispered.
" your stuff Chey" he laughed.

A short while later after a friendly greeting she found herself sitting with the two making polite conversation.
"He's an investigator Serrar" she whispered "I think the female is his assistant"
The female asked her what work she did and Chey hid a smile, the tone and look suggested that the bloodknight thought she was a whore and touting for trade with her superior.

Dia had joined them and plonked herself beside her, Serrar followed a moment later.

"Not only have we got this nasty murder case" the investigator was saying "But we have these bloody idiots intent on bringing Orgrimmar down on Silvermoon City"
Serrar and Chey exchanged a brief glance across the table.
"Which idiots would those be?" Chey asked with a warm smile.
"These Sin'Anindoth fools and their bits of agitating paper..."he replied "I just hope theyre caught before they do something stupid and bring the might of the Horde down on us"
Chey laughed lightly
"Oh surely you can't "catch" people for merely passing out papers..."
"No, but its only a matter of time before they get carried away perhaps, have you been you Undercity lately?" he asked "Orgrimmar guards searching homes, forsaken disappearing without trace, almost martial law..would you like to see that here?"
Chey shook her head
"Oh come on its not that bad in Undercity" Dia argued back. "Yeah theres a lot of Orcs about but then theyre everywhere anyway..."
"I do wish to see it in my city" he said looking hard at Dia. "This Sin'Anindoth is misguided, naive even, but support grows they -will- try some fools errand to further their cause"
"And what would you advocate doing to them if they were caught?" Serrar laughed "You sound passionate about it"
The investigator shrugged lightly
"Send them to Ghostlands perhaps, hand out their propaganda there, see how they would like it without the Forsaken there to watch our borders." he laughed without humour. "But they will be caught, they need to be stopped before something escalates out of control. I personally would send them to Garrosh as an example, let them explain their cause to him"

Chey and Serrar exchanged another brief look.

The subject changed and soon the investigator and his assistant left.
The conversation relaxed somewhat and turned to Arli, Dia was keen to know if he was behaving himself at Serrars place, Chey felt she was probing for information about Arli's comings and goings, angling for hints of what he was up to.
"He's no bother really..." Chey sighed. "I love him to bits..."
Dia made some comment about might having to black his eye, she was sure it wasn't a totally serious comment but Chey felt aggrieved and launched into an almost sermon like tirade of Dia's possessiveness and jealousy over Arli. Telling her that she was effectively choking the spirit out of him and when she had she wouldnt be left with the same Arli she'd fallen for.
"Either that or he'll break the leash and run" finished Chey.
"I try Chey, believe me I do..." Dia said uncharacteristically
"Obviously not hard enough...a little trust Dia, he won't betray you where it counts and thats here" she tapped the left side of her chest.
"He wanted me...but it was his loyalty to Antel that stopped him...and when he got with you, he had already decided to leave Antel, he didnt really betray her..."
"I..I...gotta go, Mistress wants me..Shadows Protect you two..." Dia gabbled suddenly and pelted from the inn.
"Girly chat needed" Serrar laughed slightly bemused.
"Possibly, but at the moment we have something to do..."
Serrar grinned at her and rose to leave, offering her his hand.
"Home then?" he said eagerly
Chey laughed and nodded as she took his hand.
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No sooner had the door closed behind them and Serrar had grabbed her eagerly, pushed her up against the apartment door and kissed her hotly.
She gasped at his ferocity before wrapping a hand in his hair and pulling him closer to her and returning his passion.
"Not now Serrar..." she whispered huskily "We -have - to get rid of the Sin'Anindoth documents, hide them somewhere safe away from here"
He looked down at her and gave a nod. "Yes" he concurred, his voice a calm whisper. "Somewhere in Eversong, so if we're searched for the robbery, there will be nothing to incriminate us with Sin'Anidoth, that would be the end for us..."
Their passion forgotten they collated the papers and wrapped them in heavy oilskin.
"I'll go Chey...its dark and I should be able to slip out and back unseen" what he didn't say was that he wanted to go alone so Chey wouldn't know where they were so if the worst happened she would be innocent on one charge at least.
"No Serrar...." she started as if reading his mind. "In this together, and anyway a lone man sneaking around the woods late at night is bound to look suspicious, the woods are crawling with Farstriders and they can spot a frog spitting a mile away"
Serrar nodded, she had a valid point.
"Then...?" he shrugged.
Chey smiled.

She sat side saddle on Serrars Hawkstrider nestled in front of him as he guided the protesting bird out into the woods to the clear dimpled pool beside the falls. There they dismounted and unburdened the hawkstrider of the large basket it had carried as well as its passengers. It almost sounded relieved as Serrar tethered on a long leash.

A small campfire was lit and Chey set out the contents of the basket, Serrar raised an eyebrow curiously as she laid out bread, cheeses and meat.
"Lovers midnight picnic...." she said softly "I thought a little romance..."

"Lets swim..the water looks so inviting" Chey said
It was true the crystal clear water glittered in the moonlight and their campfire was reflected in its limpid depths.
Chey quickly stripped down to her underwear and dived smoothly into the pool.
"Fel...." she gasped "Its cold"
Serrar laughed as he too stripped his shirt off.

" Need to warm up" she said "Pass the ball"
Serrar grinned and threw the rolled up oilskin into Cheys outstretched hands. She of course missed as he knew she would.
"Idiot" she laughed "You brought the heavy leather one....its sunk" and with that dived under the water.
Serrar followed her in and together in they swam under water to the cauldron of the falls, battling slightly against the churning water they managed to navigate into the recesses behind the sheet of ever cascading water. Quickly and deftly they securely secreted the oilskin containing the documents that could damn them both.

They rose quickly to the surface as their lungs threatened to burst, they broke the surface together with a gasp. Chey placed her hands on Serrars shoulders, threw back her head and laughed "See I told you it was impossible underwater...."
They spent a few moments splashing around before climbing out and rubbing themselves dry on their cloaks.

Sitting side by side they ate some more of the picnic, their heads close together as they exchanged intimate smiles.

"Its cold" shivered Chey "Lets go home, warm up in bed" she gave Serrar a slight wink.
"Mmmm" Serrar agreed as he rose and pulled her to her feet. Quickly dressing and hurriedly packing up, they again mounted the Hawkstrider and headed back to Silvermoon.

As they rode into the distance two green garbed figures stepped from the shadow of a large Aspen tree.

They exchanged a look and a grin.
"Phew" said one "Thank the Sunwell they went home to do the business, didn't fancy reporting back on that one..."

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