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PostSubject: Re: Sin'Anindoth   Wed Nov 30, 2011 1:11 pm

Blayke re-read the letter given to him by his Commander.

“I see” he finally replied as he handed it on to Odenia, “You must have written a very convincing report, Commander” he added although his voice carried no hint of praise.

“With the backing of the Five, we can now commit to aiding Sin’Anindoth with their plans” confirmed Robi as she watched Odenia read the reply from the Shadow Council of Five. She knew Odenia wasn’t completely in agreement with aiding the Sin’dorei activists but she knew her loyalty to her was unwavering. Odenia remained expressionless as she handed the report on to Monty and then looked back at her Commander. Monty didn’t even attempt to hide what he was thinking as he read the report, a smile broke across his face and he smoothed his moustache as he handed the report back to Robi.

“So, will I need to turn on that charm more often then?” asked Monty, one eyebrow raised as his eyes sparkled.

“Yes, we will be arranging regular meetings with them, I assume you have no objections to helping negotiations then?” Robi replied, with laughter in her voice.

“Mediator is my middle name!” he replied with a grin. “Alfonso Mediator Montoya, at your service”.

“So...” interjected Blayke “I assume this means that we will be supplying the explosives that the male requested”.

“His name is Serrar, and yes I think we will” replied Robi, “Providing they meet their part of the deal and supply the information we requested.”

Odenia shifted from foot to foot then took a deep breath before adding “I still don’t think this is a good idea, Commander”.

Blayke nodded in agreement, giving Odenia a small smile of reassurance.

“I understand your concerns at this Odenia, but I’m confident that they don’t intend to use them against the Alliance. They have nothing to gain for their cause by doing so.” replied Robi as she turned to Blayke.

“Blayke, as our explosives expert I want you to arrange the supply of any munitions requested”.

Blayke paused before replying, a method he often used to gain the focus of those present.

“Until I’ve seen his plans, I won’t be supplying anything. From what you have said, Commander, this is not an area of warfare that he has been party to before”. He paused again and then with a small smile added “I’m sure you don’t want your Belf pets blown to pieces before they have even reached their targets”.

“We call them Sin’dorei, Blayke” corrected Robi with a condescending smile as Blayke acknowledged with a tilt of his head and barely hidden smirk. “But yes I hate to admit it, you are right. I will arrange a meeting in Shattrath again, I’d like you to go along and request more detail on their plans so that you can assist them fully.”

“Since you seem set on this course of action, then, I will do as you wish of course, Commander” replied Blayke with false sincerity.

“I know you will, Blayke” replied Robi with a dazzling smile, “and Odenia, I’d like you there to lead the meeting and please take Monty to assist.” Robi smiled warmly at Odenia “You’re an excellent negotiator and you get results.”

“Yes Commander” replied Odenia as Monty’s face again broke into a grin.

“I’ll go and find them now and arrange a meeting” added Robi as she strapped on her armour, sheathing her best blades.

“Travel safe, Commander” added Odenia as her Commander whistled for Charlie and then soared away.
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PostSubject: Re: Sin'Anindoth   Wed Nov 30, 2011 6:27 pm

So this was Robi Kaezlan, thought Chey as she took the hand offered to her.

She had "met" her before of course, if you could call their previous interactions meeting. A rough encounter or two in Dalaran sewers when she asked her to give messages to Arli.
Now here Robi was smiling at her, offering the hand of friendship and speaking to her almost fluently in Cheys native tongue.

Chey looked at her, the exquisite leathers covering her lithe figure like a second skin, accentuating but not overtly drawing attention to her curves. The head of hair that fell down her back that shone like a ravens wing. The creamy flawless complexion and the large deep brown eyes, but most of all the smile, perfected to be disarmingly friendly and open. For a moment Chey felt in awe of the petite human.
Everything about her was precise and controlled, the tilt of her head, the shake of her hair, down to the feminine movement of her hands as she talked and the light natural laughter that automatically followed any sentence she spoke that may have sounded like it concealed a threat.
Robi Kaezlan, thought Chey, was a consummate artiste of subtle coercion and made her feel like a complete rank amateur.

"No Serrar?" Robi asked looking around
Chey shook her head.
"Oh such a pity" she said "I was looking for him, I need to arrange another meeting"
"I can do that" Chey bristled slightly "Or take a message if you wish"
Robi laughed lightly
"My second in command wants to see Serrars plans before he will supply the explosives"
"But you will supply?" asked Chey concerned.
"Cheyenne, my sub-commander is an expert in his field and he is the one who will ultimately decide that and in order to decide he wants to see the plans" Robi explained."and besides, theres still the matter of 'payment' from your side"
Again that perfect light laugh and smile.
Cheyenne nodded
"We have it..." she said
Robi nodded.
"The usual place, tomorrow at the usual time, Blayke will be present this time, so ensure Serrar brings the plans"
Again Chey nodded. "I'll tell him"

The business over, Robi seemed to relax slightly and smiled at Chey and although the smile was still as perfect her demeanour seemed to alter slightly and Chey returned the smile.

Surprisingly they fell into conversation, a little stilted at first perhaps, pleasantries, how was Silvermoon?was she well?
"I'm well enough thank thanks to you or that husband of yours" Chey replied and followed it with a light laugh and a warm smile.
Robi gave an amused half smile.
"Actually Chey..I can call you Chey? it was me who led that paladin to you..." Robi said softly "perhaps we'd better clear that up as we need to be able to trust each other as far as possible"
Chey listened as Robi explained the circumstances of her recovery from the hands of The Dead Rose.
"Um, thank you I guess..." Chey said afterwards, She knew it sounded feeble but the revelation had taken her by surprise and left her all but speechless.
"I might see if I can get to the meeting now we've cleared that up" said Robi "Get to meet Serrar properly, I hear he's rather cute..."
Chey looked hard at Robi.
This was the woman that had kidnapped Arli and held him for ransom and even after all this time, she was the woman who still held Arli captive, all be it in a different way. Chey knew that if Robi set her mind to it Serrar too would fall for her charms and she couldnt bear that thought. But what could she do about it? Robi was an expert in this area and Serrar whether he wanted to or not would be pulled into Robi's web.
"I'll go tell Serrar about the meeting and what you need" Chey said anxious now to be away as the worried knot tightened in her stomach.
"Oh ok then" Robi smiled, her voice holding a slight edge of disappointment. "Tell Serrar I'm looking forward to meeting him"
"I-bet- you are" muttered Chey under her breath as she took her leave and walked towards the portal to Quel'Danas.

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PostSubject: Re: Sin'Anindoth   Thu Dec 01, 2011 2:37 pm

With the sun low in the sky, Serrar picked up his last contract of the day. A simple enough task to head south and look for a certain guard who was thought to have some armament plans; get it done and then he had promised himself he would head back home to Chey. He’d stayed off comms most of the day, he found it hard to concentrate on his contracts when on hearing her voice, all he wanted to do was return to her. If the bank heist at the weekend went to plan, then he could take a break from working away perhaps, but until then he still needed to work to pay the rent and fund the other activities of Sin’Anindoth. As he walked across the main Ramkahen square a human female caught his eye and as he watched her walk casually towards him he recognised her as Robi, the Commander of the Alliance group that were funding Sin’Anindoth. It was an opportunity he couldn’t miss.

“Hello Robi, I didn’t expect to find you around here” smiled Serrar as he pulled down his hood.

She returned a friendly smile and replied in perfect Thalassian “Hello Serrar”.

Serrar studied her for a moment. She was dressed in very well fitting fine-grained leather, obviously hand-made to fit and reveal enough of her shape but provide function, and she exuded a casual air of confidence.

“Do you have a moment to talk?” asked Serrar, “somewhere quieter perhaps?”

“Of course” she replied warmly, calling her mount Charlie. Serrar gave a short whistle to call his Wind Rider and the two flew up and out of Ramkahen and headed north.

Finally they landed at Pilgrim's Precipice and walking a short way from the main camp, sat down to talk. The exchange of pleasantries soon moved on to business with Serrar raising the subject of Sin’Anindoth needing to make more of a statement and could she provide the explosives soon? Robi countered that he would need to convince her Sub-Commander, Blayke, of the validity of his plans before anything would be provided. Serrar listened as Robi explained what Blayke would be asking and what her stance was on the matter. He looked at Robi as she talked, her voice was friendly and warm even though her words carried authority. Her brown eyes were captivating and her body language open and friendly; Serrar could see how Arli had fallen for her and was struggling to let her go even after all that had happened between them.

“So, Blayke will be there tomorrow at the meeting and you need to bring your plans. Convince him and the explosives will be obtained and delivered to you” she finished with another warm smile.

“Thank you, I appreciate your support of us” replied Serrar, finding himself mirroring her smile “without your aid, things would be much more difficult to progress for us.”

“I’m sympathetic to your cause, Serrar” she replied sincerely.

Serrar nodded as he stood up, “I’m sorry but I have to go, I’ve a contract to complete before dark”.

“I should get on too” she replied, “And please, tell Arli I send him a hello and tell him I miss seeing him”

Serrar laughed; “When I tell him that I will have to face a hundred questions on where I met you and what we spoke of”.

Robi laughed and with a brief exchange of good-byes, Serrar mounted his Wind Rider and pointing it South, flew off into the darkening skies.


It was late evening when a tired and dusty Serrar finally arrived back at his apartment. He pulled down his hood as he closed the door, smiling as Chey hurried over and greeted him with a passionate kiss. Serrar put his arms around her waist and pulled her close, losing himself in the kiss.

“Room!” came Arli’s voice from the direction of the sofa.

Serrar broke the kiss and looked into Chey’s eyes as he spoke.

“I saw Robi tonight, she was in Uldum, we talked a while”

“Oh?” replied Chey, her smile seeming to falter.

“Yes...she wants me to meet her with her Sub-Commander tomorrow”

“Robi? You saw her? Where?” asked Arli as he peered over the back of the sofa, “Did she mention me?”

“Hmm?” replied Serrar as he studied Chey’s face, her smile seemed forced and she held him a little tighter.

“You said you saw Robi?” replied Arli insistently.

Serrar looked over at Arli; “Yes, look, can you disappear for an hour or so? I’ll tell you about it later?”

Arli looked at the two embraced and rolled his eyes; “Sure...sure...I’ll go down the Inn and have a few drinks” he replied as he rolled off the sofa and stood up. “A couple of hours...yeah?” he added “And then you can tell me about Robi and I .kinda need to talk to you about Dia”.

Serrar nodded, not really listening as he looked back at Chey. As Arli closed the door behind him he spoke in a soft, low voice;

“What’s wrong?”

Chey wrapped her arms around him, resting her head against his chest.

“She’s quite something isn’t she?” Chey finally replied

“I can see what Arli saw in her” he replied and kissed the top of her head, the sweet smell of her hair filling his senses. “But he doesn’t have you to come home to, does he?”

Chey stayed quiet, her arms tightened a little around his waist. Serrar smiled softly, how could she ever doubt him? But he understood her concerns, could see why she might worry at him meeting Robi again.

“Tomorrow, think you can take the Undercity bomb plans and talk to Robi and her Sub-Commander for me? I’ve contracts to complete and I’m sure you can cover for me.” He waited a few moments before adding “I don’t need to meet Robi, and you’ve a much better way with people than I have anyway”

Chey looked up at Serrar and with a small nod, smiled at him.

“” said Serrar as he leaned down to kiss Chey, his voice husky “...let’s make the most of Arli being out shall we?”
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PostSubject: Re: Sin'Anindoth   Thu Dec 01, 2011 7:12 pm

Arli pulled up his mask a little higher to hide his red face as he left Silvermoon and headed across Eversong and towards Fairbreeze. The blonde from a couple of nights ago had been at the Inn, wearing a tight-fitting deep blue dress and....a black eye. As soon as she saw him, she started... "You never mentioned a girlfriend!...look what she did!....just what do you think I am.....". When Arli had shrugged and smiled at the last comment she had slapped him hard across the face, much to the amusement of those still at the Inn. So he'd turned and left and with two hours to kill, decided to pay Catari a visit; he needed to talk to someone about his relationship problems, he was thinking of Robi more of late which was possibly why he had been acting a complete jerk to Dianthaa and actually upset her earlier that evening, which was no mean feat. Besides, Catari always had decent bourbon.

The woods were dark, although the moonlight filtering through the tree boughs gave just enough light for him to find his way as he jogged through the woodland, avoiding the main paths and taking the quicker cross-country route.

Fairbreeze was quiet, Arli looked around then started up the pathway and stopped outside the main door. The place seemed in darkness, but, it was rather late and maybe they were in bed? He hesitated and then crouched down to examine the lock on the door, it didn't look as if it had changed and he was pretty sure he could pick it.

The two dappled-green clad Farstriders watched the sin'dorei that appeared to be looking to break into the residence of Lady Catari Bladesinger. It was rare to see one of the Vile Thorn in Eversong late at night, but they also knew that this was Arli Sunblade, currently the main suspect for the brutal murder of two sin'dorei children in Silvermoon recently.

After examining the lock closely, Arli stood up and looked around. If she was indeed home, he doubted she would be overjoyed at him breaking in and waking her so that he could pour his heart out, again, over yet another failing relationship. Besides, she might not even be home anyway. In the distance Arli heard the growl of a Springpaw, reminding him that he should check his blades before starting the long walk back just in case some prowling animal should decide he'd make a good night time feast. Without further thought, he unsheathed his blades and started to apply instant poison.

The two Farstriders exchanged a quick nod and then swiftly and silently each drew an arrow from their quivers and notched their bows, aiming them at the Vile Thorn symbol on the back of Arli's tabard. With unwavering aim, they held the bow strings taught, should he make a move to open the door, then he would not make it to step over the threshold into the home of Lady Bladesinger.

Arli held the blades up, the poisons glistening in the moonlight. With a satisfied nod, he resheathed them and turned, starting the long walk back to Silvermoon.

The Farstriders lowered their bows and stepped back and away. Silently, the Farstriders tracked him back to Silvermoon and satisfied that he was in the City and now no longer their responsibility to track, the suspicious behaviour of the main murder suspect would be filed in a report to Ranger D'Urden.

Arli walked slowly through Silvermoon and back to Serrar's apartment in Murder Row. Opening the door he was relieved to find that the pair were at least not embroiled in some sordid activity on the sofa or kitchen table or whatever and the apartment seemed silent. He walked across to pour himself a bourbon and noticed with a twinge of both guilt and disappointment, that he had finished the last bottle the previous night.

Arli glanced to the stairs. Well...Serrar had promised to tell him about Robi and he really...I mean really did need to speak to him about Dia. Deciding that he was in his right to go and wake Serrar, Arli stamped noisily up the stairs, making sure that whatever was going on behind the bedroom door would certainly be halted by the time he reached it. Arli paused outside the slightly-ajar door, silence greeted him and with a quick knock he pushed open the door and stepped into the room.

"Serrar...? You awake...?" he asked hesitently.

As Arli's eyes quickly became accustomed to the darkness, he could see that the bed was empty although unmade. With a sigh he made his way back downstairs and kicking off his boots and placing his blades within easy reach, he tried to get to sleep.

It was well into the night when Arli heard the door open and the sound of Serrar and Chey whispering and laughing in hushed tones as they made their way across the apartment. Arli glanced over at the back of the pair as they made their way up the stairs, hand in hand, wet hair clinging to the back of their cloaks with Serrar curiously carrying a very dry rolled-up parchment. Arli scowled and curled up on the sofa, two bloody hours wandering around Eversong and they weren't even home.

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Robi Kaezlan.
Robi Kaezlan.

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PostSubject: Re: Sin'Anindoth   Fri Dec 02, 2011 2:54 pm

"Good Morning Commander" offered Blayke cordially as he sauntered into the inn at exactly one minute past ten, to meet Robi as she had ordered him the night before.
"Come" was all she said as brushed past him and out into the Old Town.
Blayke raised an eyebrow as he turned to follow, his eyes darkened momentarily as he wondered what she was up to. He hoped she wasn't about "to teach him another lesson" and was taking him to rendezvous with her delightful husband Shay. If that was to be the case he thought, this time he would escalate his concerns to the Five. He was not about to become a punch-bag for Shayanan at the whim of that bloody woman's temper.

Robi was not surprised when Blayke strode in a minute late, in fact she'd have almost been disappointed had he been on time.
She wasn't relishing what she was going to do, in fact she almost took it as a show of weakness on her part, but Blayke had pushed her that little bit too far.
Mostly she could handle Blayke's thinly veiled contempt and his sly comments meant to undermine her authority and make others question her judgement, but last night he had gone one step too far. The willingness of the others present to voice Blayke's actions towards the Sin'Dorei contact to her, showed that they too thought he had over stepped the mark.
She had given him one order, ONE FLAMIN ORDER, was all, "Don't call them Belf..."
First thing reported back from Monty, albeit in a jokey way was "And he used the "B" word...."
She'd admonished him for it and was prepared to leave it at that, but he insisted on defying her requests, refusing to supply the explosives to Sin'Anindoth until he had the name of a reliable contact from them, insisting on calling them "pets" then it was revealed that on top of it all he had reduced Chey to tears. Not exactly the image she had wanted to portray of The Brotherhood, especially as she hoped to gain enough contacts in Silvermoon to establish another Chapter of the Brotherhood.
Brushing past him and advising him "Come" she left the inn and mounted Charlie, she ruffled his neck feathers and noted with concern that her beloved gryphon was starting to look old.
"May I enquire...?" Blayke started
"Just mount and follow" she interrupted tersely
From the corner of her eye she saw Blayke smirk with wry amusement.
"Laughing on the other side of your face soon..." she muttered quietly as she asked Charlie to soar.

Blayke was curious as to where they were headed and turning on his charm he asked relevant questions over their communicators as the flew. He felt uncomfortable slightly as Robi answered shortly and in monosyllables where possible. Then he laughed to himself, a typical womans way of letting the male of the species know it was in disgrace. perhaps he should should do the "manly" thing and just apologise for "whatever it was" and offer to buy her dinner....he laughed aloud at the thought, checking himself as he realised his comms was open.

They flew for sometime in silence, Blayke glancing down at the passing terrain, trying to fathom their destination. He frowned it did seem as if they were headed to Gilneas, his hunch about Shayanan possibly being correct. He opened his mouth to protest when Robi suddenly veered her gryphon and started to descend in a completely new direction.

"Set down there" she said and as he looked he saw her point to the start of a long winding path. The path that led to Shadowcroft Manor, seat of the council of Five.

Oh this was too much he laughed inside, running to the five because he had said "Belf", they would laugh her out of the chambers, leaving him free to of course apologise for her to them and raise concerns about her mental state again.
He nearly thanked her.

"Commander..." said Blayke in his patronising tone "I think perhaps youre over-reacting, seeing the Five, because I said "Belf"

He laughed his smooth humourless laugh which gritted Robi's teeth.

She turned and smiled at him, echoing his laugh.
"Oh Blayke," she laughed easily "You don't think I'd waste their time or mine with such a trivial matter?"
Blayke raised his eyebrow and Robi smirked to herself. "Ha thats got you thinking hasn't it you smug git" she thought.
"Then..?" he enquired, holding his features impassive.

Robi looked at Blayke and sighed.

"Light knows I've tried with you Blayke," she started. "Yet at every turn, you undermine me, send veiled sarcastic comments about my ability. plant seeds of doubt in others as to whether my courses of action are wise..."
"Commander..." That patronising tone again "You know I have only the..."
Robi raised her hand to silence him. "I don't want to hear it Blayke..last was the last straw"
"With respect Commander, I used the word Belf...I know you don't like your little pets..eye candy..or whatever they are to you...called Belf, but be was hardly an earth shattering 'crime'". his amusement was quite apparent now.
Robi's eyes flashed angrily for the briefest of moments.

"I didnt say it was Blayke" she replied all composed again. " It's not the fact that you said Belf...the issue is that I told you not to...another blatant disregard of an order from a superior, and as I pointed out, my orders are not to be obeyed or not on your whims..had the order been something else then the consequences could have been very dire..lives perhaps lost, because you" she pointed a finger at him "have some kind of problem with me..."

"I assure you my dear Commander I have no problem..." he started
"Oh shut up Blayke...tell it to the Five, thats why we're here, I want you to tell them exactly what your issues with me are, and we let them decide on the best course of action.Ive had it with you..."
She looked across at him and noted he swallowed hard, she could see his mind working, thinking up his excuses and rehearsing his glib speech.
"Don't worry Blayke..I've briefed them with my issues, they'll be asking the questions..." she said as she started the walk up the immaculate driveway.

"Commander..." Blayke started as he hurried to catch her up. "Is this necessary, couldn't we perhaps discuss your issues, Im sure the Five will be more appreciative if we at least have attempted to resolve between us"

Robi turned and looked at Blayke, her face thoughtful.
"Perhaps youre right..." she agreed. "Very well..."

Blayke couldn't immediately hide his relief, he knew Robi made a good case when she was before the five, knew he was already skating on thin ice in some areas with them, his defence in light of her no doubt damning report would be feeble indeed, he could hardly tell them his issue was primarily that she was female...

"Lets go then" she said as she mounted Charlie, her back to Blayke he didn't see the smug but relieved smile on her face as she realised her bluff had paid off.
Now all that remained was to think of a reasonable excuse if asked, why she had been walking up to the manor

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PostSubject: Re: Sin'Anindoth   Sat Dec 03, 2011 2:23 pm

Blayke steered his Gryphon down through the trees and into the small clearing in Duskwood; hopping lightly down off its back, with a loud clap of his hands he signalled for it to take flight. He had expected Serrar to be here already, deliberately arriving late so as to show that he was in control of the meeting.

"You here Belf boy?" he asked with a half-smile, tilting his head a little to listen for an answer or perhaps the sound of his contact moving nearby. With a small chuckle, he leaned against a nearby tree and started to trim his nails with a small dagger.

Serrar watched from his vantage point crouched in the fork of a tree bough as Blayke came noisily into land. He'd been there for almost a half hour now, wanting to make sure he arrived before his contact and thus have the advantage. Unmoving and with his breathing slow and controlled, he assessed the human before him, paying attention to his daggers and armour - both of which, he had to admit, were of a good quality. As Blayke spoke, Serrar's eyes narrowed slightly, but he remained hidden by both sight and sound. This was the human that had taken the plan of Undercity from Chey when at the request of the Brotherhood, she had brought it for them to see. This was the human that tried to make Chey believe that Robi would take him from her. This was the human that had left his only love, Chey, in tears. Silently slipping a small throwing dagger from his leg armour, he threw it up high and across the clearing, so that it landed almost vertically into a windswept pile of leaves.

At the sound of a footfall on leaves, Blayke fixed a half-smile on his face as he slipped the small dagger back onto his belt and walked towards the direction of the sound, looking around for the blood elf he was to meet.

Serrar dropped from his vantage point and landed lightly behind Blayke, swiftly taking his daggers and throwing them behind him as he stepped back. Blayke spun around in surprise, his smile replaced fleetingly by one of anger.

"Blayke" said Serrar, his head slightly lowered, his eyes fixing the human with a cold stare.

Blayke lifted his head slightly as he looked down on the elf with a look of superiority. He glanced towards his daggers and as he stepped to get them he stopped abruptly as the elf placed the hands on the hilts of his blades.

"And what game do you think you are you playing?" asked Blayke, watching Serrar carefully.

Serrar stayed silent, his gaze fixed on Blayke.

Again Blayke glanced to his daggers and looked back at Serrar. He could try his luck with a throwing blade, or even lunge at him with the stiletto dagger concealed in his bracer. However, Serrar was unknown to him and Blayke was unsure where his skills lay, be it combat or espionage, however the daggers he wore seemed more than just for show. Plus, the Commander had made it perfectly clear that any further negative actions against this alliance with the sin'dorei extremists would result in him being marched in front of the Five. His only reasonable excuse would, of course, be that he acted in self defence.

"Well?" he asked with a half-smile and tilt of his head.

Serrar studied the human before him. He was obviously trained, most likely by Ravenholdt, possibly even ex-SI:7, as he exuded arrogance despite being disarmed. This meant that he would have other hidden blades that would cause less physical damage but still be lethal in trained hands. However, for the moment, Serrar had the upper hand and although his training wasn't formal, it had grown from his time in the gang and on survival since - with no restrictions for honour or fairness.

"You owe an apology, Blayke" he finally replied

"I'm not here to pander to your ego, Belf" replied Blayke with a sneer.

"You upset Chey with your behaviour, now apologise"

"I am here to advise and agree on what explosives the Brotherhood will supply" replied Blayke. "I suggest that we get to business swiftly as I have other more important matters to attend to."

Serrar silently watched Blayke

"And well done on disarming me" replied Blayke, clapping slowly, "You proved a point, game over, now pass me my daggers."

Serrar stepped to the side and nodded towards the daggers, indicating that Blayke could have them back.

Blayke acknowledged with a nod and a small, tight, smile as he went to retrieve his daggers. Blayke knelt down and picked them up, watching for any movement from the elf who remained standing still. With a smug smile he stood up and sheathing his daggers, turning back to face the elf.

Serrar struck quickly, moving the heel of his left hand swiftly upward and striking Blayke under the chin while his right fist struck him solidly in his solar-plexus, winding him momentarily as Serrar followed through with a roundhouse kick to the side of Blayke head as he staggered back. Blayke fell heavily against the tree, reaching for his daggers but not fast enough as the elf took his arm and twisting it high against his back, slammed him face-first into the trunk of a large tree.

"Apologise" hissed Serrar as he grabbed Blayke's hair and slammed the side of his head against the tree.

Blayke gasped in pain and blinked as a trickle of blood from a cut on his forehead trickled into his eye. Serrar slammed his head against the tree again.

"I...apologise" hissed back Blayke, through gritted teeth.

"Not..good...enough" hissed Serrar again with another slam of Blayke's head against the tree trunk.

Blayke growled in anger and frustration. "I apologise for upsetting the girl" he replied angrily, any pretence at keeping a calm composure forgotten.

"If she should tell me again that you have insulted her, upset her, or not treated her with the utmost respect, I'll be after you, Blayke" spoke Serrar in a low voice.

Blayke managed a small nod and seemingly satisfied that the human now knew exactly just what Serrar's game was he released him, pushing him away as he stepped back.

Blayke looked at Serrar with utter contempt, wiping the trickle of blood from his eye.

"Get me the explosives I indicated and with them, the plan you stole from Chey" said Serrar looking squarely at Blayke.

Blayke nodded slightly.

"You have two days, Chey will be in touch with your Commander to arrange delivery" added Serrar.

"I need more time to get what you need" spat Blayke.

"Two days." said Serrar stepping slowly backwards before turning and slipping to the shadows. Serrar moved swiftly away from the clearing and out into Deadwind Pass. He would make his way back to Silvermoon and pass on Blaykes apology to Chey. Tonight they had the bank robbery and even if the mission had to be aborted because of too many guards of something else unexpected, his planned attack on Undercity was now assured.
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The Late Edition of "Lok'tar!" carried the following breaking news on the front page.....

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Chey draped herself around Serrar and nibbled at his earlobe and giggled softly. Serrar in return grabbed her by the waist and dragged her to him, his hand sliding down to place a sharp playful slap on her rear.

Inkeeper Skindle licked his lips and leered at the young couple as he handed over the key to the room they had booked. He doubted if he'd see them in the bar during their stay, and hadn't the male just told him they didn't want dinner but probably breakfast. He leered after them as they dragged each other up the stairs.

Once in their room with a 'do not disturb' sign on the door they became serious.

"You ok Chey?" he asked "This is it"
She looked across at him and smiled, her eyes alight with excitement and nerves.
"I'm good..." she said, her voice slightly high with tension.
"I know..." he winked. "Now do my hair, think you can get it like Orthos's?"
"Well if you really want it like that..." she laughed
Within a few minutes she had unfastened Serrars hair and restyled it to fall loose over his shoulders with a high tight ponytail fanning out from the centre.
A few more minutes and her own hair was severely swept back and caught up in a chignon at the back of her head.
"Eww..." she said as she looked at herself in a mirror "I look so old".
Serrar laughed
"You can talk..." she giggled as she turned the mirror towards Serrar, laughing aloud as he almost yelped at his reflection."....Ranger"
Serrar laughed then pulled his face grimly
"I'm feeling the urge to give you a long lecture...slacker" he said
"And Im feeling the urge not to listen...." she retorted.
Then serious again, Serrar packed a bag with their clothes and a few small explosive devices, shrugged it onto his back then turned to Chey.
"Ok? Shadows..out of the window and to the dock..." he put his hand on her cheek and smiled "We can do this..."
A brief but hard kiss and they slipped silently out of the window.

Dressed now in their Sin'Dorei uniforms, explosive charges slipped inside their boots, they exchanged a look and mounted their windriders and flew towards Thunderbluff.

With an air of confidence and authoritative attitude they walked briskly side by side as if on patrol. No-one questioned them or spared them more than a casual or resigned glance.

Cheys nerves had been on edge as they had flown here, terrified she would let Serrar down by losing her nerve. But now here and their plans well underway her nerves were gone, replaced by the buzz of adrenalin, her senses keen and more alert than she'd ever felt them.
She realised that she was in fact enjoying the thrill and the high it seemed to give her.
"Follow the patrol" said Serrar softly " when he walks on, we peel off and into the bank."
Chey gave a slight nod to acknowledge her understanding.

The Tauren walked on, stopping now and again to hail the local merchants, his patrol so routine he had become habitual it seemed and maybe a little complacent, at any rate, he didnt notice the two Sin'Dorei tail him for a while then slip into the bank.

"Nnnngh" grunted the larger of the male bank tellers as Serrar quickly and quite savagely struck him across the back of the neck with a small cudgel, sending him sliding unconcious to the floor.

"Wha...?" The other male turned
"Here" said Chey holding her hand up towards the tellers face "smell this..."
A rag soaked in chloroform, the tellers eyes rolled up, his knees buckled and he too slid to the floor.

They both turned to a now terrified female teller.

"I think you know what we want..." said Serrar, his eyes showing he was smiling beneath his mask. "Gold, now...quickly"
Chey threw a sack at her, "Fill, you have two minutes" she growled gruffly
The teller nodded and fumbled to unlock the chests then scooped armfuls of gold into the bag.

"Hurry..." Chey snapped "Or do i have to help you?"

The teller hurried and finally handed a heavy sack to Serrar, who in turn gave a short bow and a wink.

"Thank you Ma'am" Then a look at Chey.." Right lets go..quickly"
She nodded and the two walked from the bank.

"Help Help!" a cry went up from the bank and the townsfolk stirred.
"Run" hissed Serrar.

A sprint and a leap then they were airborne, Chey wheeled her windrider to the left and from the corner of her eye saw Serrar wheel right.

" where we left the clothes" his voice calm and clear on the communicator.
"Headed there now" she replied

Constantly looking over her shoulder for pursuit she urged her windrider faster and faster until at last she was circling in a descent to their rendezvous where Serrar was already waiting.

They stood and looked at each other for a moment then Serrar laughed.
"We did it, we really did it" he hugged her tight. "I couldnt have done it without you...I love you Chey"
Chey looked at him and a smile lit her face.
"You don't know how much Ive wanted to hear those words..I love you Serrar" she said softly
They embraced briefly then urgency took over, quickly they changed into their black leather outfits and unpinned their hairstyles back to their usual.
Stashing their clothes in their packs they flew to Orgrimmar.

Then on to Tirisfal, a brief stop to hide their stolen goods and outfits in the hills of Tirisfal Glades, then onwards to Booty Bay.
"Say it again Serrar..." she said softly as they alighted at the flightmaster.
He smiled slowly
"I love you Chey..." he said. "And I'm going to show you just how much as soon as we're back in our room..." he grinned at her.

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Chey let herself into the apartment and shut the door behind her with her backside and stayed leaning against the closed door wearily.

They had got very little sleep last night, what with The Bank Robbery and Serrars subsequent high at their success, her own too she had to admit, she had enjoyed it perhaps more than anything else she had done.
They had gone their separate ways earlier that day, after a leisurely breakfast in Booty Bay and a passionate goodbye to each other. Serrar had flown off to Deepholm to fulfil a contract while she intended to go into The Twilight Highlands to work there. However her weariness won and instead she bought a flight to Silvermoon and made her way home.

Kicking off her boots and shrugging out of her chest armour she sleepily climbed the stairs and fumbled into the bedroom and with a long sigh flopped onto the bed, pulling the top blanket over her shoulders.
"Mmmph.." came a discontented grunt and the blanket was pulled from her.
Her eyes shot open, her tiredness forgotten she sat up.
"Serrar...?" she poked the lump in the bed.
"Give over Diaa...." came a slightly annoyed and sleepy voice.
Chey pulled at the blanket to reveal the black spiked mess that was Arli's hair.
"What the fel are you doing...." Chey gasped as she grabbed at the blanket and draped it across her chest.

"Chey...Er..Er....Morning" stammered Arli almost immediately flicking on his rogueish smile.
"Serrar will kill you Arli....." Chey half laughed but returned his infectious grin.

Arli dragged himself up and looked around him warily

"Serrar not here?"
Chey shook her head "Lucky for you huh?"
Arli grinned again.

"Guess theres no harm you using the bed while we weren't here, he won't mind I gue...." she started breaking off mid sentence to pull a long red hair from her pillow. She held it up to Arli accusingly and got out of the bed still wrapped in the blanket a look of disgust on her face.

"Please say you didn't...not in my bed...oh please Arli say you didn't you..know..." Chey looked at him.
Arli shrugged lightly and gave her that grin. "I'm a red blooded male" he laughed "What can I say....?" again that shrug.

"Serrar will kill you for that I hope you realise..." Chey looked at him accusingly.
Arli paled slightly and the grin faded somewhat.
"You won't tell him though...?"
"It's his place, why shouldn't I?" she retorted still bristling at the thought of Diaa and Arli...she shuddered.

"But you don't know what he used to be like in the gang, smack you one then tell you what you'd done to piss him off after...c'mon Chey..." He almost whined..

She sighed and slumped her shoulders as she looked at Arli's eyes. "Ok..Ok...." she agreed "If he doesn't ask I won't tell, hows that?"
Arli smiled at her with genuine warmth.
"Thanks Chey.. you're one in a million...." he said sounding and looking relieved.
She nodded vaguely as she wandered downstairs and curled up on the sofa. Within minutes she was fast asleep.

Much later after a shower and a change of clothes she felt almost Sin'Dorei again and after a brief conversation with Serrar on their communicators headed off to the inn to meet him there.
Arli she realised had gone, leaving a red rose on her chest as she had slept.
She had smiled softly thinking it a lovely gesture from Arli, until she realised he had knocked over the vase she had filled with them anyway, and his "lovely gesture" was more a feeble attempt at picking up his mess.

The inn was surprisingly full, new ownership it seemed and trade was brisk, people she knew and some she didn't. Alone at a table she saw Celara dressed in her Belorian uniform, hair swept up in a severe chignon, across the room was Orthos, he too in uniform, Chey looked down and bit her lip laughing to herself, it was an almost uncanny resemblance to the pictures that had been splashed across the Lok'Tar.

Serrar joined them as did Dia, she smiled at Serrar as they exchanged an amused knowing smirk seeing Orthos and Celara.
Dia seemed affable first, but as she drank more and more bourbon she bacame more aggressive in her attitude to Chey.
Talk of the murders and Arli's suspicion led to Dia mentioning she'd argued with him earlier, the conversation spiralled downwards as Dia mocked and belittled Serrar and Cheys relationship when they mentioned that they were going to move in together permanently.
"Jealous" muttered Chey.
Chey tried to silence Dia by giving a veiled hint that she knew she had used Her and Serrars bed.
Ha why did she bother, Dia was fired by her bourbon, insults and gibes spewed from her lips.Goading Chey over the fact that she had used their bed, and how she knew Arli better than everyone.
Chey had laughed at that and spat back spitefully that it was Robi Kaezlan that knew him better than them all put together.
Dia's eyes spat pure vitriol and her lips oozed venom as she made another comment about their bed.
"Im going" spat Chey
Serrar nodded and looked at her curiously speaking softly into his communicator.
"Whats wrong?"
Chey shook her head and rose to leave.
Dia shot some taunting remark about their mattress and rough sheets.
Chey sent her a filthy warning look which Dia responded with a taunting goading "Go On I dare you look"
Serrar looked confused
"She slept in our bed last night" Chey whispered into her unit.
She saw Serrars face darken as he rose.
He looked sternly at Dia who smirked in return.
"Gonna say something?" she slurred.
"To you No" came Serrars cold reply "But I'll certainly be seeing your sorry excuse of a boyfriend..."

They left, Serrar asking her to make her way home and he'd be there soon. She nodded and headed back asking Serrar not to hurt Arli, that she'd been angry at Dia.
Serrar said he would speak to Arli but promised nothing. She sighed and nodded as she watched Serrar stride up the Row.

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As Serrar opened the door and walked into his apartment, Arli stood up unsteadily and seeing he was alone, greeted him with a smile.

"Serrar, have a drink with me? I could use some company that don't nag" Arli laughed bitterly as he walked over to the kitchen area to pour Serrar a drink. Dianthaa had complained at the Inn that she and Arli had had a fight that night and it looked like Arli was well into drowning his sorrows. It was of no consequence, Arli had really over stepped the mark this time.

"No..." replied Serrar simply as he grabbed Arli's shoulder and spun him around to face him, "..explain".

Arli put down the bottle and glass and looked at Serrar, he knew full-well what Serrar wanted explaining but he needed time to think of some reason that would justify his actions.

"What?" replied Arli

"Away, one night, because of you, and you take that redhead bitch to my bed?"

"...yours is the bloody bitch...can't keep her mouth shut...." muttered Arli.

Serrar clenched his fists....just who did Sunblade think he was talking to? He looked at Arli, he was clearly very, very drunk....The kid never could handle his drink.

"You stink of Bourbon, get sobered up and you can explain to me in the morning."

Arli faced-up to Serrar and shook his head; "I don't have to explain anything to aint a higher rank than me any more."

"Cut down on the drink, Sunblade. Maybe then you'll amount to something" replied Serrar.

"I'm a Deathmaster of the Vile Thorn" replied Arli coolly.

Serrar laughed at the young elf in front of him; Arli could barely stand, he was that drunk, and now here he was daring to mouth off at him.

"Sober up and grow up, Sunblade" he replied as he pushed Arli away.

A flash of anger crossed Arli's face as he swore at Serrar and threw a punch, managing to land with sufficient force as to split Serrar's lip.

Serrar slowly looked back at Arli, wiping the blood from his lip on the back of his hand.

Arli saw the darkening look on Serrar's face and stepped back, mumbling "..s..sorry Kel...". He'd seen that look many times before, back in the days of the gang. Although Serrar's temper was rarely lost, when it was all the lower ranks knew to keep clear of him and his fists - he was always one for smacking you one first and then explaining later what you had done wrong.

Serrar lashed out at Arli and although he managed to block or deflect one or two punches, he was no match for Serrar while in his drunken state, and very likely a poor match when sober. The beating was swift and soon Arli was slumped against the wall gasping for air, one hand covering the side of his face, the other out in front of him as if to stop any further blows from Serrar.

Serrar stood over him for a moment, fists still clenched. Had it been anyone else, he wouldn't have stopped until the other was unconscious. Arli needed teaching a lesson, he'd been patient with him so far but he wouldn't let Sunblade think he could raise a hand to him, ever.

"I'm going to Chey's for the was Dianthaa that mouthed off at the Inn, boasting at what you two had been up to in my bed. Make sure you don't bring her back here again, understood?"

Arli nodded slightly, covering his face with both hands.

Without a further word, Serrar turned and left, closing the apartment door quietly behind him.
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Robi Kaezlan.

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"Commander?" The distant, tinny sound of Blaykes voice echoed through Robis communicator.
A soft resigned sigh and a low light laugh from Robi.
"I thought I'd turned it off...." she breathed
"Ignore it...."Shay growled in her ear.
"mmmmm" nodded Robi as she wound her hands in Shays hair.
"Commader? Commander...are you there?" Blaykes insistent voice came again, tinged with slight concern.
Robi glanced to her communicator which lay on the bedside table and gave another sigh.
"Switch it off...."
"Commander...I need to speak with you urgently, are you there?"
With an impatient irritated growl Shay stretched is arm and grabbed the communicator.
"She's busy" he said coolly into the device."Working undercover..."
There was a brief silence.
"I need to speak with she there, is she safe?" a touch of anxiety tinged Blaykes voice and Robi felt a small pang of guilt. She should really speak to him, but....She looked up at Shay and he gave her a smile and a half wink as he spoke into her comms, Blayke could wait...moments like these were rare enough, nothing Blayke wanted could be that important.
"She's safe, she is with me and she's busy" Shay was curt.
"Shayanan I must insist..."
"Excuse me?"
"I wish to see..."
"Blayke, we have had conversations like this before, have we not? Did I not say Robi is busy?Now, if you shut up immediately I might just forget that you have interrupted me and are starting to piss me off...."
Even from where she was she heard Blayke's irritated sigh. She laughed quietly "Poor Blayke" she thought.
"Shayanan, tell her Im at the inn and I need to see her as soon as possible..."
"I will, be assured, I do keep my promises..."
Robi looked up at Shay, her eyes telling him to hurry....he nodded in response and met her eyes.
"Shay..." she whispered huskily, her lips kissing his chest.
"Shayanan..will she come?" barked Blayke
"You can count on it..." replied Shay as he flicked off the communicator.

"Evening Blayke" Robi said happily as she walked into the old town inn several hours later.
Blayke was standing at the bar, his back to her and didnt turn to return her greeting.

"You took your time" he replied in a surly tone. "Didn't Shayanan pass my message on?"
Robi laughed lightly, sounding too cheerful for Blaykes liking. Robi in a bad mood was bad enough, but to hear her as upbeat and as happy as she sounded was just ominous.
"Whats the problem then?" she asked "It had better be....."
She broke of with a gasp as Blayke turned and she caught sight of his briused and stitched face.
"Light!" she said softly but concerned "What happened.? Who did this...?"
Blayke's face darkened and his eyes flashed angrily. "Your latest "pet" Commander...." Blayke started
"Serrar?" Robi said almost disbelievingly.
"Oh my apologies Commander" spat Blayke sarcastically "Can't be calling him your pet now can we?"
Robi raised an eyebrow but let the insubordination go, what the fel had possessed Serrar to do this to Blayke?
Blayke sighed and offered Robi a small half smile of apology.Robi shook her head "S'ok Blayke tell me what happened"

Robi's eyes darkened with anger as Blayke explained the attack and Serrars demand for an apology for Chey.
"For an apology ?" Robi was furious. "How dare he attack you, doesn't he realise that without us..or rather you in this instance, his plans will come to nothing"

Blayke studied his furious commander for a moment. Yes her anger and indignation were genuine, she was really concerned about this latest turn of events.
"He can't get away with this Blayke..." she hissed
Blayke smiled coldly
"Going to send Shayanan and his bully boys in are we?" he replied, the sarcasm and contempt in his voice thinly veiled.
"Why would I do that Blayke?" she asked genuinely surprised "Serrars attack wasn't against me directly"
"Its the usual..." Blayke started but stopped as he saw Robis sincerity.
"I will address it with him of course" she said "Tell him we will not tolerate this and if it happens again I will be forced to retaliate"
"Oh slap his wrists then...thats alright then, Im sure that will make him tremble..." again the heavy irony and disdain was heard in his voice.
Robi looked up sharply.
"What do you want me to do Blayke? Declare war on Silvermoon because your arrogant nose has been put out of joint?" she sighed clearly irritated. "I am with you on this Blayke, I will not tolerate this unprovoked violence against the Brotherhood, especially by our 'employees'"

She smiled humourlessly across at Blayke.
"Obviously The Brotherhood can't openly attack Sin'Anindoth, all that would achieve is their alienation and loss of a contact for us" she continued.
"Then...?" started Blayke in a resigned tone.Chances are she'll do nothing, say to forget it....he thought moodily.

"We can't attack him Blayke...." she smiled slyly at him "However I could always turn a blind eye should Serrar accidently run into your fist one dark night"

Blayke looked to Robi, she was genuine, he returned her smile and inclined his head in acknowledgement.
"Right then thats agreed, next time we meet with them officially, I should be able to match the two of you up bruise for bruise...." she laughed.
"Commander" he again inclined his head "As ever I follow your orders..."

Robi laughed softly "That'll be the day...."

She turned and left, Serrar deserved the smack he'd get from Blayke but he'd pray for another one by the time she'd finished lashing him with her tongue.

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Chey clawed and crawled her way up through the sewers of Lordaeron, her breathing ragged and coming in gulping sobs as she half ran half fell towards the surface.
"Serrar..Serrar..I'm coming, hold on for me..." she gasped, trying to keep the panic from her voice.
"Ch...ey..." Serrars weak voice answered her."Did...they hurt...." he broke off to cough and she heard him groan over the communicator.
"I'm fine" she lied keeping her voice as calm and as even as she could.

A final scrabble over the moss covered rocks and she was blinking in the Tirisfal sunlight. She looked around her feverishly and with a silent cry of anguish fell to her knees by the fallen form of Serrar.
Oh so gently she stroked his hair from his face with one hand while the other softly probed his torso and arms, feeling for injuries.
She felt a guilty relief when he cried out with pain as she touched his left arm. At least he was alive...
She looked at him closely, his face was bruising and blood was still flowing from a gash close to his left eye. She struggled to keep her face free of the horror and worry she felt.

A movement in the shadows caught her eye and she instinctively put her hand on her dagger hilt.
Two Sin'Dorei in Thorn colours stepped fleetingly from the shadows, one dropped a skin of water and bandages before melting back into the shadows, the other quickly laid Serrars daggers beside her, looked fleetingly into her eyes before looking away, his eyes had told her he was sorry. Without a word he too slipped into the shadows.
"You traitors!" she yelled into the air "You should be ashamed to ever set foot in Silvermoon again"
Taking the bandages and water she bathed the wounds she could see.
"They broke my arm..." Serrar offered through gritted teeth.
Chey looked and bound the arm tightly with the field bandages left by the forsaken Sin'Dorei.

Deciding she needed to get him back to Silvermoon she tried to help him to his feet, the attack had been brutal and once or twice he stumbled and fell before Chey managed to wedge herself under his right arm in a squat, then rose to her feet taking his weight across her shoulders.

How long it took to half carry Serrar from the sewer to the ruins she couldn't tell, time stopped meaning anything, all that mattered was getting Serrar treated. He faded in and out of conciousness as she led him, his weight burning into her shoulders, down her back, her legs like jelly, yet still she carried steadfastly on. The sun was starting to set and Serrar shivered against her as she staggered the last few steps to the orb. A few seconds later they stood in Silvermoon.

"Help, please help us..." she cried plaintively.
She was aware of concerned thalassian voices and hurrying booted footsteps, then strong hands and soothing words as Serrar was taken from her.
"Help him..." she whispered through dry cracking lips.
"We have him, he's on his way to the medics..." a reassuring voice echoed in her head."Are you...?"
The voice faded into nothing as her knees buckled, she was dimly aware of strong arms catching her before she hit the ground.

"They were waiting for Serrar...." she explained to the Bloodknight "As we left Lordaeron they jumped him..."
Chey shuddered as she recalled Anethrax ordering her thorns to strip Serrar of his shirt and hold him while she engraved the Thorn symbol into his back, then not content with that had him taken to the surface and beaten half to death. She herself had felt so helpless, restrained by three forsaken, all she could do was beg Anethrax to stop. Anethrax ignored her and ensured her orders were carried out. Finally Anethrax turned to Chey, the yellow eyes boring into her as she warned her in no uncertain terms she would not tolerate -anyone- raising blade or fist to her thorns.
Next time she would not be so fortunate. She was flung to the ground roughly and the forsaken had left.

She found Serrar waiting for her in their apartment, he looked a little pale and his arm was in a sling but otherwise she thought he looked fairly well, the Bloodknight healers had done a good job.
"Arm isn't broken, evidently just dislocated at the elbow to look broken, seems our forsaken Sin'Dorei have some conscience" he laughed faintly. "What do I do about this Chey?"
"What do you" she asked "If youre even remotely thinking about revenge..forget it"
"I just take it as a lesson learned you mean...?" his eyes flashed for a brief moment
"Thats exactly what I'm saying Serrar" she sighed "Just take the beating..don't go for revenge, any you exacted would be short lived, she would come for you"
Serrar looked hard at her
"You know them better than I do" he said forcing a smile
"Serrar, they would come for me...have me die horribly while they made you watch..just leave it Serrar"
Again he looked at her and then nodded. "Perhaps youre right"
She smiled her relief.
"I will speak to Arli though..I can't believe he loses a fight and runs to Thorns..."
"I really can't see him doing it..honestly I can't" Chey countered
"Well someone did..."
"Look just get better Serrar, don't be thinking like that until youre fit again..."
"I was only beaten up Chey, Ive been on the wrong end of a fist before, Ive taken and given worse than that before" he laughed
"Arli said you were a psycho in the gang days..."
Serrar laughed again
"And do you believe him...?"
Chey shrugged."Can't say Ive seen you behave like a psycho" she laughed "Of course I don't believe him"
Serrar nodded and closed the subject as he yawned.
"I should sleep, I have to meet our contact with the explosives in two days, I'll need to be mobile by then"
Chey nodded and led him towards the bedroom.
"Come on then" she winked "Let me administer some of my own treatment....."

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Blayke crouched against the balustrade on the archway of the abandoned gateway building in Thalassian Pass. It was dusk and the murkiness of Ghostlands was at it's worst, but at it's best for hiding and waiting. He had asked Serrar to meet him at Light Hope to finalise the requirements and he knew it was almost guaranteed that the elf would pass through the gateway on his way to their rendezvous. Finally, through the dusky murk he could see a sin'dorei mounted on a hawkstrider, his white-blonde hair reflecting what little light there was. Blayke smiled and tightened his grip on the cudgel; he was really going to enjoy this.

Serrar slowed his Hawkstrider as he approached the abandoned building, it was getting dark and hard to see through the darkness of the building as to whether anyone was coming from the other direction. As he slowed he released the reigns with his left hand and let his arm hand loosely by his side. The Blood Knight healers had done a good job on repairing the dislocated joint and he should really still be resting it in a sling, but, the Brotherhood explosives expert had said he needed to see him about the planned delivery the next day. Serrar was annoyed at having to trek to another meeting when he had made it perfectly clear that his plan was to be followed and the constant dull ache from his arm did little to lighten his mood.

As the blood elf slowed, Blayke readied himself and as he passed underneath the archway he dropped onto the back of the Hawkstrider, striking Serrar hard across the back of the head with the cudgel. The frightened mount reared in panic - Blayke rolled as he fell, straight into a crouched position, cudgel ready to strike again - dazed, Serrar fell heavily, a gasp of pain as he landed awkwardly on his left side, rolling clumsily and standing, staggering back a few steps, as he tried to reach for his dagger with his good arm.

Blayke sprang forward, cudgel raised and striking Serrar's right wrist and causing the dagger to fall from his hand. Serrar looked up and locked eyes briefly with Blayke, a look of shocked recognition of his predicament on his face. Blayke smiled grimly and pulled back his fist, aiming a punch directly at Serrar's face. Instincts kicked in as Serrar dodged the blow, not realising he had been dummied until the cudgel cracked against the side of his head and he fell heavily, blood pouring from the re-opened gash above his eye.

With a half-smile, Blayke watched the dazed elf as he fell, his blonde-white hair sticking to the blood across his face. Blayke walked over to the elf as he tried to pull himself up;

"I don't do apologies, belf boy"

As Serrar paused and looked up at him, Blayke aimed a swift kick to his groin. Serrar cried out in pain and curled up, putting his arms swiftly to cover his head as Blayke put the boot in over and over, a determined expression on his face.

Serrar curled up and tried to protect his head and face as Blayke kicked hard at his arms, ribs and legs. The pain from his arm was excruciating but to leave his head unprotected might mean he wouldn't get up again. Serrar felt himself shaking from the pain as Blayke finally stopped.

"I think we call that even now. You'll get your explosives tomorrow, don't be late"
said Blayke, his voice empty of expression.

Serrar stayed protectively curled-up as Blayke walked away, waiting until the sound of his mount had disappeared into the darkening night before he slowly lowered his arms and struggled painfully to his feet, his Hawkstrider nuzzling against his side as he leaned against the pillar. Serrar pulled himself carefully up onto his mount and set off back slowly towards Tranquillien.

"Two beatings...two nights...too slow" said Serrar softly to himself with a slow shake of his head.
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Robi Kaezlan.

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Robi strode down the broadwalk on Darkmoon island, she'd spent the last half hour or so proudly watching Shay test his mettle in the arena there, however she had an appointment. Time to meet Serrar and put him in his place for beating up Blayke.

She eyed him as they met, light what a mess, she thought as she looked at the fresh cuts and bruises on his face, looked as if Blayke had already exacted his revenge.
Serrar smiled at her, wincing slightly as a cut reopened on his lower lip. She gave a cursory smile in response and Serrar cocked his head curious at her lack of immediate warmth.

"Ah I see Blayke has already seen you..." she started
Serrar looked slightly taken aback and nodded vaguely, her reaction was as if she knew it was going to happen, not as if Blayke had told her what he'd done.
"" Serrar bagan.
Robi smiled

"I gave Blayke the permission to strike back at you" she stated
Serrar looked surprised, although he didn't know her well, he had thought she wouldn't have been the type to get involved in tit for tat fights.

"You struck Blayke first, I will not tolerate violence against or by my shadows for personal reasons,do you understand?" she stated coldly
Serrar regarded her slightly bemused.
"He upset Chey..." Serrar retorted
"I don't care Serrar, your course of action was, shall we say misguided...if you have a problem with Blayke and his attitude, you come to that clear? I will address it with him." she continued tersely. " I sanctioned his retaliation, and that as far as Im concerned is it, game over, it stops here"
Serrar looked hard at her, who did she think she was speaking to him like he was a member of her gang?As if she read his mind she went on.
"I am running this Serrar, and any disaffection means I will retaliate and my aid may not be forthcoming, do I make myself clear?"
"We need your aid Robi, we need to step up our campaign...we cannot do it alone" he acknowledged
"Then you obey me in this and we will be more than forthcoming, The Brotherhood do not exist for altruistic reasons Serrar, there will be a return for us eventually, so ask if you need practical assistance, I have explosive experts, espionage experts cut-throats and thieves all at your disposal, want to rob a bank? we can help, hold up a neutral auction house? we will assist" she smiled easily at him, which he returned.
"Thank you" he nodded, his face thoughtful as he digested her words.
"You do not need my permission to plan your moves and campaigns, but you will be answerable to me overall" she added her perfect smile still in place.
"Answer to the Brotherhood...?" Serrar shook his head
"No, to me Serrar, not to anyone else, Blayke has had this same talk, he will not make demands of you nor you of him, any issues are to come to me"
"I will need to speak to Chey..she has issues..." Serrar replied
Robi nodded.
"You can let me know when you collect your goods tomorrow" smiled Robi "Those are my terms, take them or leave them"
She laughed lightly and shook her hair down her back.
Serrar smiled
"Yes Ro...Commander" he smiled.
"Sun guide you Serrar" she said and closed their meeting.
She smiled to herself thinking it had gone rather well, offering unlimited aid in return for them answering to her, it could work soon she would have her Silvermoon chapter, albeit within a separatist movement. Soon she thought Sin'Anidoth would be Sin'Aresh. Her Blood-Shadows.

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PostSubject: Re: Sin'Anindoth   Thu Dec 08, 2011 8:18 pm

((The plot thickens...))

The way is shut,
It was made by those who are dead
And the dead keep it.

Skeleton in the closet.
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PostSubject: Re: Sin'Anindoth   Fri Dec 09, 2011 11:46 am

"Blayke!" she yelled as she saw the dark haired man in the familiar blue crossed tabard.He stopped and looked at her, a mocking smirk of mild amusement at her fury etched on his lips.
"Chey..a pleasure" he inclined his head mockingly.
Without acknowledging him she sprinted the short distance between them and launched herself at him, her fingernails aimed for his eyes as her foot launched a kick at his stomach as she leapt.
"What the...?" he cursed, nimbly feinting to one side and raising his arm to block her assault. Nonplussed she landed in a crouch , turning deftly on the ball of her foot she again launched herself, this time her fists coiled she landed two swift short punches to his face.
"Damn you girl..." he spat, caught her wrist lightly then dealt her a heavy backhanded blow to the face, sending her sprawling into the dirt.
Chey shook her head to clear it and rose again, her features twisted into a snarl as she attacked again.
"Enough!" Blayke said sharply, yet somehow still managed to sound as if he was finding her tedious. His arm raised again and another backhanded blow stung her face. His hand easily caught both of her wrists and he held her fast.
"Finished?" he asked.
She cursed in thalassian and spat at his feet.
"How very lady-like" he smirked."Now explain yourself"
Chey looked at him venomously
"You attacked Serrar" she spoke in the strange mix of Thalassian and common that the two orders used to communicate.
Blayke laughed dryly.
"Without appearing childish..he started it"
Chey looked up into the startling blue eyes with disbelief.
"I don't believe you..."
He laughed and shrugged.
"The stitches, the do you think they got there, your belf-friend thought i needed to apologise and used his fists and feet to extract it" explained Blayke matter of factly, his tone showing he didn't care particularly whether she believed him or not.
Chey looked thoughtful, Serrar had come home saying Blayke had apologised...was it right that Serrar had beaten the apology from Blayke? She hoped not, how could he have done that? she had asked him about it, he hadnt said anything, he wouldn't deceive her like that, would he?
She looked at Blayke who still stood smirking slightly, he shrugged as he caught her eye.
He had no need to lie to her about it, Blayke didn't care enough about her or Serrar to go to the trouble of causing trouble. With a sinking feeling she realised he was telling the truth.
"I'm sorry then..." she said.
Blayke laughed.
"It's fine, you can have that one for free, next time though...." he gave her a wink and continued on his way.

A faint click in her ear told her Serrar had switched his communicator on.
"Where are you Serrar?"
"Just leaving Darkmoon now, I'll be home soon"
"Wait" she said a bit too sharply "I see you, stay where you are I want to speak to you"

His smile faded and a concerned and worried furrow creased his brow as he saw her dishevelled appearance and her red cheek with its small cut from Blaykes ring. He raised his hand to touch her cheek, she backed away.
"Who did this...?" he glowered
She looked at him slightly annoyed
"You did..."
"I...?" he was confused and it showed.
"You.." she poked a finger accusingly at him "..and Blayke"
"Blayke? but Robi said..." Serrar started.
"You beat Blayke to get that apology..." she ranted "Didn't tell me that did you? Blayke beat you for didnt tell me that either..just let me think Blayke is the big bad worgen..." she paused for breath and Serrar opened his mouth to speak. She raised her hand to silence him. "I have just attacked Blayke..jumped on him, shouting abuse like some half mad drunken harpy...he hit me...and it hurt"
"I.." started Serrar but his words tailed off, he didn't know what to say, had no defence, Chey was right his actions had led to her being struck, he may as well have struck the blow himself.
"I thought we said we would tell each other these things? Even when I asked...after Blayke attacked still didn't tell me...what else haven't you told me Serrar?" Chey was angry and Serrar could see it in her face, but in her eyes he saw the hurt at what she saw as his deceit, her hurt him to see it knowing he was the cause. He would rather take the last two days beatings again, than have to see Chey's hurt disappointment and know it was because of him.
"If we don't have trust Serrar we have nothing" she sighed.
He heard the words echo in his head "We have nothing...we have nothing..." An icy hand seemed to grip his chest as she turned away.
"Chey...don't leave...please..." he reached out to pull her back."I'm sorry..I made a wrong call...I will do anything you want...just please Chey, don't leave me."
She looked at him and smiled.
He smiled cautiously back,"Anything you want Chey..."
"Can I have a balloon?" she answered finally, smiling up at him and pulling his arms around her.
Serrar tightened his hold on her and laughed.
"A balloon?" he sounded incredulous.
Chey nodded still laughing lightly "A balloon" she pointed to the gnome pushing a barrow of balloons. "and your promise that you'll tell me anything I may need to know"
"Wait here...promise..." he laughed, she nodded as he released her and sprinted after the gnomish balloon vendor.

He was a long time getting a balloon thought Chey after a while, she turned to see him striding back proudly holding a rather flimsy looking balloon that seemed to rattle as he walked.
"One balloon" he announced as he handed her the string.
She hugged him tight as she took the string.
"It's rattling..." she said
Serrar grinned.
"Perhaps you should pop it then, see why?" he offered still grinning.
"Pop it..?" she looked at him "But..."
Serrar nodded and smiled,
She sighed softly and took the tip of her dagger and held it gingerly to the balloons surface,then screwing her eyes shut and bracing herself she popped the balloon.
Opening her eyes she saw Serrar on his knees.
"Look" he said "Something fell out..."
She followed his gaze to a small sparkling object on the ground.
As she bent to pick it up Serrar took her hand and reached for the object himself, he looked up, his grin gone, replaced by a half nervous, half self concious smile in his hand he held a diamond ring.
He laughed nervously.
"Will you...?" he asked
She wanted to say Will I what? just to make sure she wasn't dreaming or imagining this, to hear him say the words, but as she looked at him on his knees before her, his expression one of love and fear, she nodded through watery eyes and offered him her left hand.
He slipped on the ring, rose and held her to him, as she rested her head on his shoulder she saw him turn his head and grin and nod at the gnome vendor, who laughed in return and gave him a thumbs up.

"Awww how sweet" gave a voice from the shadows, laced with dry sarcasm and bitterness.

Chey sighed loudly and affectedly.Dianthaa. A perfect end to a perfect day...not.

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“What the...?”

Odenia strained to catch a final glimpse of Blayke as he strolled along the pathway beneath her. Almost slipping off her perch she grasped clumsily at the guttering and steadied herself as Blayke's silhouette disappeared into the night. Exhaling deeply in relief that she didn't plummet, Odenia fell back onto the rooftop she was occupying and stared up at the sky. She had been waiting there so that she could watch out for Blayke and hopefully catch a word with him about how the meeting with Serrar went. The violent cuts and bruises that coloured his face pretty much answered that for her though. Seeing him like that had completely caught her off guard and had nearly resulted in a Odenia shaped heap on the ground. She scolded herself for her ridiculous reaction and was just pleading to herself that Blayke hadn't noticed her. Sitting back up she rested her chin on her knees and wrapped her arms tightly around her legs, quietly thinking to herself about what may have happened.

Blayke had been rude to Chey, but surely that didn't warrant such a beating? Maybe it had to do with the changes Blayke had in mind and Serrar didn't take it very well? What if it wasn't Serrar at all? Blayke had argued with Robi about the his behaviour, could it be that Shay got involved?

As she mulled over the possibilities Odenia remembered hearing Robi and Shay being 'playful' over comms and a overwhelming shudder spread across her body. She remembered tearing her comms off and hiding them under a pillow for a few days. She didn't have the stomach for this sort of thing. From what she had heard though it was clear Blayke hadn't appreciated being snubbed off and it wouldn't have been surprising if he had said something to further push Robi's buttons. Truth was though that Odenia didn't really believe her Commander would be petty enough to cause Blayke harm over something like this, but the fear in her heart still lingered. Whatever the cause for the beating Odenia knew she needed to try and keep her nose out of it. She had promised herself to not allow herself to get emotionally involved with anything concerning the Brotherhood – and that meant keeping her distance from Blayke. The last time she had seen him battered and bruised she couldn't bear it and found it impossible to just be professional when caring for his injuries. It hurt to stay away from him, but she feared the pain she could potentially feel more.

Trotting along the rooftops silently, Odenia made her way back to the lone attacked she had acquired. Crawling down and though her circular window she landed softly onto the bare floor and threw her clothes to the floor bit by bit as she made her way to her bed. She missed her little home with it's orchard in Gilneas. She missed the sound of the sea and the sweet scent that hung in the air from the blossoms. If only that Forsaken scout hadn't found her...
But that was a few weeks ago now and she had a new home now. A tiny box of a home, but still a home none the less. As she rested her head on her cool pillow she pulled the comms out from under it and placed them carefully beside her. She would wait until morning to turn them on again and hopefully find out what had been going on. If it turned out Serrar had in fact harmed Blayke she really doubted she would be able to continue to play nice...
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Arli walked down Murder Row for the fifth time in less than an hour. He really should go and see Serrar, Dianthaa was quite insistent that he should befriend him again and find out what he was up to - she had some crazy idea that they were plotting and trying to make him leave her and the Thorns. He did actually want to go and see Serrar anyway, see how he was after the Thorn punishment and make it clear that it had not been on his orders. Only...well...Serrar might not believe him and Arli didn't want his eye blackened again. Arli stopped and looked across as Serrar's apartment, glancing up Murder Row he noticed one of the guards talking to another and pointing down towards him. "Great" he thought, "They think I'm casing the place to rob it it. I'm not spending my days as well as nights in that bloody cell". With a sarcastic smile and a wave to the guards, Arli walked over and knocked on the apartment door.

As the door opened, Arli smiled hesitantly, Serrar's face was bruised and although the cuts were healing, it was clear he'd taken a significant beating.

"er..hey brother"

Serrar looked at him and with a nod towards the inside of the apartment simply replied "In".

Arli paused and with a glance at the guards who were now standing arms folded and watching him, walked into the apartment, Serrar quietly closed the door behind him and turned to face him.

"I..erm..wanted to see how you are and let you know it was nothing to do with me." started Arli

"No? Didn't go whining to your Thorn Mistress then that you'd taken a beating", Serrar smiled softly as he walked towards the kitchen area, Arli took a few steps back, best to keep out of arm's reach, just in case.


Arli shook his head; "No idea how she found out, but it wasn't me" he continued, "Anyways, you kinda had it coming, think of it as payback for beating up Dia".

Serrar turned around and leaned against the kitchen counter, cradling the coffee mug in his hands, he paused and then nodded slightly.

"I suppose so".

"You know how it is, Serrar, even our gang looked after their own to some extent, although not as viciously as the Mistress" Arli laughed lightly.

Serrar smiled softly and took a sip from his coffee.

"You free later this afternoon, Arli?"

"Sure" replied Arli "tho better not be with those two girls, Dia still hasn't forgiven me and she packs a punch as mean as you".

Serrar laughed and shook his head; "No, I'd like you to come to our wedding"

Arli looked taken aback; Serrar was marrying Chey...but...

"It's in Eversong, priest arranged and just a small affair, us and a couple of witnesses" continued Serrar "And both Chey and myself would really like you to be one of them".

Arli fixed a smile on his face to try and hide the shock of the news. "So..erm congratulations I guess...didn't take my advice to play the field eh?"

"She's all I want, Arli" smiled Serrar

Arli shrugged lightly, "You're crazy settling down so fast, but I guess best before it starts to show eh?" Arli laughed, "So when's it due? Gonna call it Arli after me?"

Serrar looked at Arli, putting his cup down on the kitchen counter behind him, his smile gone.

" didn't mean it's mine" stammered Arli quickly.

Serrar raised an eyebrow slightly, still staring at Arli.

"That time she got into bed with me, I swear she didn't know it was me, she got out right away and covered herself with the bedsheet"

Serrar tilted his head slightly.

"I..I..mean...nothing happened!" stammered Arli taking a few steps back.

Serrar could take it no longer and burst out laughing.

"You idiot, Sunblade, I know she didn't sleep with you" Serrar walked to Arli and grinned as he put his hands on his shoulders, "She prefers men, not boys".

"Funny" replied Arli with a sarcastic smile, but relieved that things between them seemed relaxed again.

"She isn't pregnant, I just know there is no other for me and that I want her at my side, always", he slapped Arli's shoulder and walked back to the kitchen, picking up his coffee and taking a sip. "So, will you come?"

Arli smiled genuinely as he nodded;

"Love to, and Dianthaa probably loves weddings, don't all girls?"

"She is welcome of course, but any trouble from her and I will personally throw her out and I hold you accountable for her behaviour"

"Sure..she won't be a problem" smiled Arli with false confidence.

"Good, well I need to go find a wedding suit, so I'll see you later?"

"yeah..and...well done mate" replied Arli with a wistful smile as he opened the apartment door "You've really got yourself someone special, make sure you look after her, eh?"

"I know....and I will" came the soft reply as Arli stepped into Murder Row and closed the door behind him.
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Serrar was scared, for the first time for as long as he could remember he hadn't felt this, the tinny adrenalin tang in his throat, the apprehensive knot in his stomach, he clenched his fist to stop his hand from trembling. A wasted effort as it seemed the less his hand shook the more his legs did.
There had been the night when the gang base had been raided, he had known fear then, but this was nothing like that, this was worse...far worse.

"It's time" said the robed priest solemnly.
Serrar nodded once and swallowed hard, his face pale his heart hammering against his chest so hard he thought it was trying to escape.

A slow beat on a tabala broke the tense silence, wooden flutes set up a stately processional march and Serrar slowly turned his head.

There walking slowly towards him, her head bowed slightly was Chey, to his eyes she looked like a vision, she seemed to glide, her slender form clothed in a gossamer gown of white and silver, her face covered by a sheer veil of shimmering silken thread, so fine and light it looked like spider silk.A delicate coronet of orange blossom and mithril held it in place. Serrar gasped silently in awe as she stopped by his side.

Chey felt nervous, so very nervous as she had dressed earlier, pulling on the gown and letting her hair cascade loose over her shoulders, but happy so incredibly happy.
Last night Serrar had suggested they marry quickly as it seemed silly to wait when they were both so sure of their feelings and also to complete their commitment to each other should the worst happen when they attacked Undercity.Also it didn't hurt having a wedding day as an alibi.

Her nerves disappeared as she began her walk down the centre of the small glade towards Serrar. Her head bowed she cast her eyes up to look at Serrar, her heart seemed to skip a beat as she saw him waiting. Immaculate in a suit of Silver-white, his long pale hair untied from its usual ponytail, rippled down his back.She saw him turn his head and their eyes locked for the barest of moments.

The wedding was short for a Sin'Dorei wedding, they had chosen just a cermony of binding and vows, rather than the lengthy ritual that was more customary.

The priest placed her hand on Serrars and bound them together with a long silken ribbon.

"Take this vow to each other, mean it in your hearts, Serrar..." the priest looked at Serrar and smiled "Repeat these words to Chey,"

Every day
And every night
I will always be with you
My heart will belong
For ever only to you
Every day and every night
In my sleep and while awake
I will dream about you
As a husband
I will love only you
Until death and longer.

Serrars voice was heavy with emotion as he spoke, his eyes slightly moist as he looked at Chey at his side.

"And Chey..." The priest turned to her.

Every day
And every night
I will always be with you
My heart will belong
For ever only to you
Every day and every night
In my sleep and while awake
I will dream about you
As a wife
I will love only you
Until death and longer.

The priest laid his hands over Serrar and Cheys and closed his eyes.
"In front of these people present and by the Glory of the Sunwell, I proclaim that you are now, Serrar and Chey, eternally man and wife."
He opened his eyes and signalled Serrar to lift Cheys veil and with a trembling hand he did so, their eyes met and for a long moment they stood just looking, love and happiness mirrored in their eyes.

"Well kiss the bride ..idiot" Arlis soft voice drifted to them "Or want me to do it..." Arli made a show of going to step forward, a happy playful grin on his face. Dia grabbed his arm and he jerked back.

Serrar glanced towards Arli and laughed lightly.

"Had your chance Sunblade...too late now" Serrar replied as he lowered his head to kiss Chey, to kiss his wife.

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PostSubject: Re: Sin'Anindoth   Sat Dec 10, 2011 7:25 pm

The silence of Caer Darrow was broken by the sound of a gryphon coming into land close to the ruined Keep. The rider glanced around and then dismounted silently. Unfastening the saddlebags, he slung them over his shoulder and made his way into the delapidated Keep, making his way upstairs into the still-covered hallway. He stopped, his back to the wall and his eyes fixed on the doorway and waited.

A short while later, a Wind Rider landed close to the Gryphon, the elf similarly glancing around and then dismounting elegantly. With a final glance behind him, he walked into the Keep and followed the path the human had taken but a short while ago.

"They're late" said the elf tersely as he stopped a short distance before the human.

"I told you that I needed more time to exactly meet your requirements" replied the human evenly, stepping forward and placing the saddlebags on the floor between them.

The elf didn't reply as he stepped forward and picked up the saddlebags, slinging them over his shoulder and turning to leave.

"So, you know how to prime them and set the timers?" asked the human with a faint smirk.

The elf paused, then without turning replied "I'm sure I will figure it out", continuing on his way and out of the Keep. Fastening the saddle-bags to his Wind Rider he mounted up and with a few soft words in Thalassian into his communicator, took off into the early morning sky, heading south.

A few moments later the human walked casually from the Keep and mounted up, pausing and looking around he spoke clearly into his communicator;

"Handover completed, Commander, returning to Stormwind"

With a light kick to the side of his Gryphon, he too soared into the lightening sky and on towards the Hinterlands.
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Robi Kaezlan.

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"Well done Blayke" said Robi in response to Blaykes confirmation of the handover. "He's cutting it fine, he's getting married in a couple of hours.Which reminds me..I need to get ready for that"

Robi had been surprised to receive an invitation to Serrar and Cheys wedding. One, it was extremely quick, a rushed message that morning inviting her that same day. Two, she hadn't even known they were a couple. Three, why her?

She'd mentioned it to Blayke, who immediately thought "trap", she was inclined to half agree although she couldn't think why they would want to trap her. She accepted the invitation, it did say "and guest" but she thought it better to go alone. Light knows she couldn't ask Shay to go with her, if she did it would be a toss up whether Chey would be a bride or a widow. No best not take Shay much as she'd have loved him to be there.
Blayke? She dismissed that just as quickly, hardly the person Serrar would want there, she could imagine Blayke standing watching, arms folded, irritating smug smirk on that sardonic mouth.
Odenia? Where the Fel was she anyway? she'd been silent for days. Damned if she was looking for her just for a wedding.
Monty? He was conspicuous by his absence too, she would need to address this later.
It was decided that she would go alone and Blayke would accompany her in the shadows, armoured and armed to the teeth.

She landed in the Ghostlands and changed there, from her Brotherhood uniform into a pale blue silk dress and matching slippers and made her way to Eversong and the quiet glade where the wedding was being held. She fixed her hair before walking into the area.
It was definitely a wedding, she saw the priest and an arbour of white and orange flowers, and even from here she could see Serrar was terrified. She smiled as she entered, the smile freezing in place as she saw Arli sitting on a flower strewn log. She closed her eyes briefly, pushing away the thoughts that jumped into her mind.
She saw Arli stiffen slightly and his head slowly turned, she tried to look away but found she couldn't and their eyes locked.
His first reaction was one of shock but he recovered quickly and gave her a slightly unsure smile.
"Hello Arli..." she broke the silence
"Hey..Robi" he replied
Their gazes held, each wanting to say something, each not knowing the words, each knowing that this was not the time or place.
"How's it goin' then?" he said with a forced casual brightness.
She fixed a smile and nodded
"Oh you know..can't complain..You?"
"Yeah goin good..Deathmaster again..." he nodded.
"Oh er..well done" she smiled
Arli laughed lightly
"Yeah..I can see youre impressed"
They laughed together for a brief moment, Dia spat venom in her look and grabbed Arli's arm.
"Nice seeing you both again..." Robi said politely and dropped her gaze from Arli
"Same..." said Arli softly.
"Hmmph" contributed Dia.

She watched the wedding and thought it was quite beautiful, she noticed how Arli looked at Chey, he was happy for her there was no doubt about it, but behind his expression she couldnt help but feel he had a tinge of regret.
She laughed as he offered to kiss the bride and laughed harder when Dia dragged him none too gently back.

Sipping sparkling Silvermoon wine afterwards, she congratulated the pair, embracing them both and telling them how beautiful they looked together. Which she thought was true, they were indeed a stunning looking couple, even by Sin'Dorei standards she thought they were beautiful.

Serrar spoke to her to one side, confirming he had the "goods" and thanking her.
"I guess there was no hurry, we could have waited until tomorrow at know with the sudden wedding and all" she said softly
Serrar shook his head "We go tonight..."

How odd she thought, first night married and they go to plant bombs.....she rolled her eyes as she turned away,
Hardly romantic she thought, then recalled her own wedding night, spent in tears mourning the death of her husband of less than an hour...perhaps planting bombs was after all the better option.

She saw Blayke in shadows from the corner of her eye, he was now aware this wasn't a trap and was now easing his boredom by trimming his nails with his dagger. Robi gritted her teeth, Why did he do that? Everytime he had a point to make or show that he was bored, he trimmed his feckin nails...irritating habit....

She gestured discreetly to Blayke it was time to leave and he nodded in return. A quick goodbye to the couple and a nod to Dia.
"Goodbye Arli..." she offered
Their eyes met again briefly, both looking away together
"Yeah...bye Robi..."

A quick gesture to Blayke and she mounted Indy, with a last look back over her shoulder she urged her horse to canter.

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PostSubject: Re: Sin'Anindoth   Sat Dec 10, 2011 11:10 pm

Serrar made his way up to the sewer tunnel entrance to Undercity, sticking to the shadows in the darkness of Tirisfal. Chey was already waiting for him, his new bride, spending the first part of her wedding night setting the plan in motion to bring down Undercity. He shifted the heavy bag of explosives, the strap digging into his shoulder as he started the climb up to the tunnel entrance.

"Chey?" he asked in barely a whisper

"Here, my love" came the whispered reply from a short distance ahead.

Serrar followed the sound and embraced his bride, pulling down their masks and kissing her tenderly, breaking the kiss with a shared smile. Pulling their masks up, they once again became the sin'dorei freedom fighters of Sin'Anindoth. Serrar crouched down and took one of the explosive packages out of his bag, Chey crouched close and watched carefully.

"We will set them for 6 hours from now" said Serrar, indicating the dial, " just set the timer and pull out the pin..." he hesitated, "..I think".

Chey looked up at him sharply "You think?"

Serrar smiled nervously. He knew that he should have had Blayke show him how to prime the explosives but his pride had stopped him - he wasn't going to give Blayke the satisfaction of knowing that he had needed his help.

", I know...that's all it can be" he replied with unconvincing confidence. Passing the package to Chey he took another from his bag and stood up, hefting the bag behind him, the strap again digging uncomfortably into his shoulder.

"Two in the tunnel, one in the middle, one near the City itself" he continued, looking down into the dark sewers tunnel. "Let's go".

The two elves made their way carefully down the tunnel, once clear from the view of Tirisfal, Serrar crouched down to plant the first explosive. He waved Chey back, instructing her over their comms to move further away. If he had got it wrong, he didn't want her to get hurt. With shaking hands, he placed the package on the floor and turned the dial on the timer. Serrar looked up at Chey and blew her a kiss, then with shaking hands, he swiftly pulled out the pin, laughing with relief when with a faint click, the timer started it's 6 hour countdown. Chey breathed a sigh of relief over the comms and exchanging smiles, they made their way down the tunnel, stopping hear to the entrance to the City itself. Chey crouched down and nervously smiled at Serrar.

"Move back" she said quietly

Serrar shook his head, "If it goes off, I want to go with you".

Chey looked back at the package and swiftly pulled the pin, with an exchange of smiles they again slipped to the shadows and into the Undercity. The route around Undercity was taken with care, avoiding the guards and particularly the Dark Rangers who were most able to see them in the shadows. The Apothecary was busy and priming the bombs in a side room, they swiftly set them up behind a bookcase and in a darkened corner, slipping out swiftly as soon as they were set. The two worked as one, planting bombs behind crates and finally making their way to the lift and up to the surface, planting the last two bombs in the Throne room.

"Now to Feralas" said Serrar with a grin as the two left the ruins and headed towards the zeppelin "let's leave the map with our Marauder friends".

They travelled to Feralas as quickly as they could, landing their Wind Riders away from Camp Mojache and slipping to the shadows as they approached the camp. The main buidling was busy and with Chey keeping watch on the meeting above, Serrar slipped to the back of the building and carefully lifted a floor board, slipping the map of Undercity underneath. The two quickly left the camp, making their way back to Orgrimmar and stripping off masks they sat by the lake as newlyweds, while Serrar scribed a short note;


It is my moral duty to inform you that the Orcs in my Warband have launched an attack on Undercity this night. Bombs have been planted around the City but I am unsure of when they will detonate. I saw one of them hiding the map back in our Headquarters, I suggest you look behind the barrels, underneath a loose floorboard you will find a map with the bomb locations clearly marked.

Sun guide you,
A Sin'dorei Brother.

Serrar sealed the note and with his arm around Chey, walked leisurely to the mailbox and dropped it in. It would be morning now before the mail reached the Blood Knight Headquarters in Silvermoon and possibly later still before it got opened and acted upon. Of course Sin'Anindoth would claim this victory as their own in a few days time, but for now, causing some pain to the Orcs of the Shatterskull Marauders would deflect any suspicion from themselves. But anyway, tonight was their wedding night and who would suspect them to be doing anything but celebrating?

((OOC bit: Serrar and Chey have planted the bombs in Undercity and this is your opportunity to get involved if you wish. There is no saying that the bombs will go off on time, or at all - Serrar knows little about explosives and may have set them wrong. So, perhaps your character finds an unexploded one? Or perhaps they get caught in an explosion? We are leaving this rp open to anyone who wants to play along. So, post a short (or long!) piece here if one of your alts is affected and we will go from there, the subsequent rp and stories taking into account what happened to your alt. We have no fixed idea of how this will end, just a general direction. If no one wants to get involved, well that's cool and we will write up our own conclusion in a few days time! And a special message to SSM : Up to you if you want to play along, just thought it would be fun to try and stitch you up Wink So, find the map, don't find the map, have BK's turn up, or maybe they just realise the letter is faked, who knows? It's all open! Cheers, Serrar and Chey ))
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“Move aside, move aside!”

The portly Forsaken pushed his way through the crowd of Apothecaries gathered around the door to the small side room, his two guards politely requesting the crowd disperses and returns to their work. Reaching the closed door, the two Kor’kron guards barring the crowd entry saluted and stepped aside, permitting the Forsaken entourage through.

Leaning in, the Forsaken looked solemnly at the device lain out on the floor. A gaggle of Apothecaries were hunched around it, inspecting its mechanisms, muttering among themselves about the craftsmanship involved in its creation. Standing nearby was a well-dressed Apothecary, whom perked up at the Larger Forsaken’s entrance.

“High Secretary, we didn’t expect you to arrive so soon.”

“Thank you Watson, I came as soon as I heard the news. Had to cut Dinner short with Dear Sunblade, he will be upset when he finds me gone, but Duty calls! What is the situation?”

“A Junior Apothecary reported he had come across this device behind the bookshelf. We scrambled a team to take a look at it – we confirmed it as an explosive just before you arrived, High Secretary. Alliance made.”

“Hmmm. And is this the only one?”

“We have Implanters searching the Upper Apothecarium for more explosives, no results so far.”

The High Secretary stopped the conversation by raising a fat finger while he thought. Opening his Tailcoat pocket he drew out a silver cigar case and withdrew a Zandalari, spearing it with a sharpened fingernail on his left hand. Lighting it and puffing on it, he took a few seconds to think, piecing together information in his head while Watson waited patiently.

“Right Watson, send runners to The Queen, and tell her that I am making the call to Evacuate the Undercity. Then go to Champion Blightcaller, and request the Dark Rangers Clea and Lemayas report to the Apothecarium. The rest of them are to scour the city for explosives. I also want you to contact Apothecaries Alexiria, Xalias, and Rank, and try to get the Grand Apothecary back from Northrend. Lastly, send a courier to Orgrimmar, and inform the Warchief of the situation.”

“You believe there to be more High Secretary?”

“I do. If the Terrorists had wanted to target the Apothecarium specifically, they would have placed the bomb near the tesla Generators. These people aren’t targeting the Society, they are targeting the City itself, and by the Shadow, we will not let that happen. Not a single forsaken dies tonight, Watson, not a single one.”

“As you wish High Secretary.”


The makeshift war room in the Vaults was completely crowded with babbling dignitaries, various generals, and Secretaries shouting into communicators. Champion Blightcaller was there, looking very serious, as was one of Sylvanas’ Val’kyr, accompanied by a very small, nervous looking Dark Ranger. The High Secretary himself was leaning at the end of the table, inspecting the model of the Undercity and looking for a pattern between the red markers placed on the map. He was still in his Dinner Jacket, the stub of a cigar poking out of his podgy lips. Leaning over, one of the Secretaries places a fourth marker on the map – close to the entrance to the sewers. A Forth bomb had been found.
Out of breath, Watson came running into the war room.

“Sir, the Apothecaries you requested just arrived. They’re recovering from the teleportation, and will be up to see you shortly. And the Queen still refuses to leave, she says it’s her place to stay with the city – the people love it. Many of them are also refusing to evacuate, and have gathered in the Throne room and in the Church of Forgotten Shadow. Those that have evacuated have been moved to Brill, but they are mostly breathers. The Queen commanded several of her most important Val’kyr to protect them, which as you can imagine, was a popular act. Oh, and would you like Coffee, or tea?”

“Tea please Watson. And why is the Queen still refusing to leave? Surely she understands that the Forsaken wold be much better off if she were alive and perhaps seen by one or two people as a coward, than dead and a hero.”

“She asked the same of you High Secretary. Why don’t you leave?”

“Well… I am needed here in the War cabinet. The Forsaken don’t need a grumpy old fat man more than they need their Queen. Go back to her Watson, and persuade her to evacuate!”

As Watson left, the High Secretary took a puff on his Cigar. Four bombs had been found, but who knew how many were left? Who was attacking them?
With a Sigh, the Pudgy forsaken leaned heavily on the table. Whoever it was, would be brought down.

The way is shut,
It was made by those who are dead
And the dead keep it.

Skeleton in the closet.
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Judiyas closed the scripture and placed it reverently back in it's usual place. She looked around the chapel, it was far busier than usual, since the 'disturbance' in the Apothecarium, many forsaken had gathered there seeking comfort in being amongst many of their own kind. The living of course had headed straight to the surface, not that there were many in Undercity apart from thr Kor'kron Guard who remained at their stations as always.

It was time to head back to Deathknell, she had an evening service to attend and it had been busy of late what with the Val'kyr getting involved in the rebirth of the forsaken.

Judiyas left the chapel and headed back through the Undercity, following the same route she took every day; she liked her routine. Over the bridge, a small nod to the traders that called out "Evening Miss Judiyas" and then through the archway, turn right, past the....

With the faintest of clicks the timer completed it's countdown, a startled rat managed to run a few steps before a second later, the crates exploded.

Judiyas felt the sound before she heard it, the pressure waves flinging her back and against the wall as the sound hit her, feeling as physical as the explosion itself as she went tumbling along the wall, finally slumping to the ground as in silence, small pieces of wooden shards rained down on her.

Judiyas' ears were ringing from the blast and she felt the reverberation of running feet around her but not the sound of them. She wanted to move away from the beast that had roared so fiercely and threw her against the wall but her limbs refused to move. She felt a hand on her face, warm, a living, and painfully opened her eyes and found herself looking into the face of an angel, piercing green eyes under a shock of black hair. And a mask, a red mask, the angels dressed as thugs and murderers? The angel pulled down his mask as Judiyas blinked, her vision clearing, to find her angel was a young male elf. He looked at her and smiled, his mouth moving away like a chattering monkey, but the only sound was the ringing in her ears. She watched transfixed as he turned his head, his hand still warm on her face.

"Over here!" yelled Arli "She needs help!"

Arli turned back to face the dazed and broken forsaken before him and smiled in what he hoped was a reassuring way, his hand resting gently on her face as he spoke quietly;

"S' is on it's way, hold in there miss"
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Wiping the blood and sweat from his eyes with a sodden field dressing, Joe Kincaid, SI:7 Subversive Intelligence Officer, staggered up the grassy path and fell into the tunnel that led to Ravenholdt Manor.
His chest heaving with exhaustion he gasped his name and identity to the two guards.
"" he uttered before passing out.

Fahrad listened, yawning occasionally, wasn't good being dragged out of bed at idiot o'clock to be told they had an injured "big city boy" rabbiting on about a bomb in Undercity.
He listened with varying degrees of disinterest as the recovering agent recounted his mission to Undercity for SI:7. He'd been on a fairly routine "updating intel" mission, when he'd witnessed a flurry of activity in the Apothecarium. In shadows he'd managed to get fairly close and was hidden in an alcove in the main chamber .....
Fahrad gestured with his hand impatiently.
"Get on with it boy...yeah I get youre good and managed not to be seen....." he yawned again "Get to the point"

The agent relayed that he'd overheard discussions, a bomb had been found in Undercity and it had been alliance made, in the time he'd spent hidden four bombs had been uncovered and the search was still going on. The arrival of Dark Rangers with their gift of seeing what lay in shadows made him decide to leave and get the information back to Matthias Shaw as a matter of urgency.
"I look like Matt Shaw then?" Fahrad grinned humourlessly "No...don't answer that..."
"I left as quickly as I could" the agent went on "I was just about out through the sewers when I heard a blast from somewhere below, I was considering turning around and going to scout it out when I heard a timer click, next thing I know I'm lying on my face outside the tunnel."
Fahrad stirred himself slightly, his interest caught.
"Alliance made bombs huh?" he said half to himself. "Well not guilty here, we don't interfere Hordeside, you may have noticed..we house assassins from all races here."
Joe nodded "I didn't suspect Ravenholdt" he said slightly annoyed at Fahrads dismissive attitude. "You country bumpkins probably can just about spell bomb let alone make one"
Fahrad laughed dryly as he reached across to the bedside table.
"You want these pain killers or not...?"

Joe Kincaid went on to explain he had only come to Ravenholdt as it was the nearest safe haven and he needed treatment, also to issue a warning that Ravenholdt could be suspect as being the base of operation as it was the nearest alliance friendly outpost.

"We're not aware though of any planned alliance attack on Undercity or any other Horde City, sure plenty of have a go heroes running in, but this was planned and executed well" Joe went on.
"Does it matter?" asked Fahrad "Civil War in the Undercity isn't our concern"
"No I agree, however what we have is possible civil unrest, horde bombing horde....with alliance made explosives and thats the issue"
Fahrad nodded
"Aye, see your point, either a clever plot by the subversives to blame the alliance, or..." Fahrad patted Joes cheek sardonically "you got yourself an illegal gunrunner somewhere in your precious big city...either way not pretty"
"We will need to get this information to HQ as soon as possible and mount a surveillance...get a courier..." ordered Joe as he made to get out of bed.
"Not so fast sunshine,,what do you mean "we"?and get a courier?" growled Fahrad. "This aint my problem but tell you what, as I'm one of the good guys..I'll lend you a gryphon and you can go tell Matt Shaw yourself"

With that the Grand Master rose and left the room, barking orders to his subordinates to stick "Big City Joe" on a gryphon.

Once out of earshot he ushered his closest advisors to him.
"Best be on the lookout, this could turn nasty for us if they suspect we're involved even as a base" he said "and I mean both sides could suspect us in this...we need to find out whats going on, I need our best, get Somi and Clinix out of retirement, I want Jack and "The Razor", someone tell Kang we'll need a couple of his too"
"Aye Sir" and "On it Chief" were standard responses.
He stopped mid stride and turned slightly

" And oh..." he added "Someone get me Zaoldyeck."
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