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PostSubject: Re: Sin'Anindoth   Thu Dec 29, 2011 1:40 pm

The Regent Lord of Silvermoon placed the gilt-edged parchment on the table with a heavy sigh. With the briefest rap of knuckles on his office door, his closest advisers Halduron and Rommath entered the office and sat opposite him.

"Gentlemen" said Lor'themar, "I received this from one of the Silvermoon delegates based in Grommash Hold. An overview of a conversation he heard last night". He pushed the parchment across the table and waited until each had read it.

"How dare they" bristled Rommath

"Allies indeed" added Halduron as he pushed the letter back to Lor'themar.

"So it seems that a delegation from the Undercity, led by the High Secretary Churchil, spoke with the Warchief last night and suggested that he send the Kor'Kron be stationed in Silvermoon to aid us in bringing the terrorist movement under control." spoke Lor'themar, "I am sure you agree, Gentlemen, that this is something we can deal with ourselves." he looked at Halduron as he finished speaking.

Halduron held Lor'themar's gaze without expression; his discrete support of Sin'Anindoth was known by his Regent Lord.

"I can assure you, my Lord, that the Sin'Anindoth organisation is no more. The two leaders killed, victim of their own incompetence with explosives, and the two founders have declared that they are no longer members" replied Halduron evenly.

With the briefest of nods, Lor'themar broke his gaze and looked at Rommath.

"Instruct the Blood Knights and Belore Alandie that anyone speaking a word against our Horde allies is to be removed from the streets immediately and held for questioning"

"Yes, my Lord" replied Rommath with a glance at Halduron.

"Halduron, remind the two founders of said organisation that any further involvement with terrorist cells will result in their immediate arrest and most likely imprisonment, if not execution" added Lor'themar as he looked back at Halduron.

"Yes, my Lord" replied Halduron curtly.

Lor'themar sat forward and took the next report from a pile on his desk;

"Thank you for your time, gentlemen" he added without looking up as he started to read the report.
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Robi Kaezlan.
Robi Kaezlan.

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PostSubject: Re: Sin'Anindoth   Fri Dec 30, 2011 9:10 pm

"Ok tonight we meet Serrar and Chey, We desperately need to know what's happening about the Undercity...have they accepted the terrorists are dead? Or is there more going on?" explained Robi. "I also think its time we brought Serrar and Chey into the fold so to speak, get them in new tabards in a new order and being part of the Brotherhood, they get protection from us, our allies and The Five, we also get our foot in the door of Silvermoon."
"Pet Belf's on tap..." smirked Blayke and Robi sent him a withering glare. Why was it she wondered he always had to get in some jibe or insult? Couldnt he just once say "Yes Commander" and mean it. She smiled to herself as a idle thoughts about Blayke jumped into her head. Maybe he felt the need to prove himself, over-compensating perhaps for shortcomings in other areas, or maybe it was the old cliche of men and their manhood...
She stifled a giggle and shook her head to banish the mental image that threatened to jump into her head.

"Ok then we set?" asked Robi as she finished addressing the meeting. "Any questions before we leave?"
"Yes I have one "said Blayke with a smirk. "Can I be excused?"
Robi raised an eyebrow
"I have an issue to resolve with a merchant, if you understand me?" Blayke explained "One of his workers is due to meet with an accident..."
Robi smiled and nodded
"Yes thats fine then Blayke, perhaps you'd call at The Recluse and remind the Lohans that their insurance is due?"Robi replied "Oh and tell Madame Alison, that one of her girls is moonlighting in Old Town"
Blayke nodded as he sheathed his daggers and with a cursory nod of farewell in Robis general direction and a warm smile at Odenia he left the two women.
"Meet you in Shattrath Odenia, stay Safe" Robi called as she mounted Charlie.

"No Chey?" asked Robi as Serrar walked to meet them. He shook his head.
"No we thought it better she stay in Silvermoon and try to find out more about Arli's arrest, but I will pass on..."
"Whoa that past me again" exclaimed Robi "Arli... arrested, what for?"
Serrar quickly explained the little he knew about Arli being seized by Bloodknights and taken to the internment and interrogation cells deep in Silvermoon.
Odenia and Robi exchanged a look.
"He won't talk?" ventured Odenia
Serrar gave a forced smile "He may not need to..they have ways of getting information without needing to ask..." he shuddered slightly and Odenia and Robi exchanged another slightly concerned look. "But as Chey and I haven't been arrested we can assume nothing has been found."
"Its bad Odenia" said Robi quietly "If Serrar or Chey are taken in and these "ways" are used, thats us up the proverbial creek"
Odenia nodded slowly.
Serrar smiled across at them, trying to look unconcerned and relaxed.
"Arli knows nothing I'm sure" he added
"Supplies Odenia..."
"Ah yes Commander" she replied and knelt before the box she had brought.
Serrar looked on curiously.
"Yes food, drink, weapons and clothing" Odenia explained "We thought you should be prepared in case you and Chey have to go into hiding"
Serrar nodded and smiled
"Good thinking..well thought out Odenia" he said, the relief in his voice obvious.
Robi looked at the elf, he looked experienced and in some ways quite hard, but she felt that he was a bit out of his depth and was needing their support.
"Theres weapons there, Brotherhood issued ones.." Robi started.
"Yes dispose of the ones you have, we want nothing that can trace you to the killing of the two "bombers" " added Odenia
Serrar nodded.
"Also armour..." added Robi "Again Brotherhood issue"

Robi outlined the basics of her idea, get Sin'Anindoth under the banner of the Brotherhood, change their name and keep any Sin'Dorei activities hidden, with the protection they offered.

"I won't interfere on any purely Sin'Dorei activities, just that you tell me what your plans are, so we can prepare contingencies if necessary" Robi explained. Serrar looked at her dubiously. "I can keep alliance at your backs too, orders that will not harm you, but in order for this to happen, they must be able to identify you..."
Robi smiled at Serrar as he grasped what she was saying.
"We wear your tabard..." Serrar nodded slowly
"Yes..and in return you expand the Brotherhood of Shadow within Silvermoon..We will meet later and I will explain what it is we do..." Robi laughed.
"But being Brotherhood of Shadow, will mark us as traitors to the Horde..." Serrar offered
Robi and Odenia laughed lightly
"Like bombing the Undercity was pro-horde?"
Serrar gave a small laugh and spread his arms. "A good point"
"I thought a different name" Robi smiled "Sin'Aresh..."
Serrar looked thoughtful then smiled broadly.
"No interference with Sin'Anindoth?" he asked
Robi and Odenia shook their heads
"Not a bit..."
"Then I thank you for the offer....Commander" smiled Serrar.

Odenia handed him two plain black tabards and a length of red fabric, "We thought the livery in red rather than blue, we know Sin'Dorei like red..." she smiled.
Serrar smiled at Odenia as he took the offered goods.
"Keep me updated on any developments on Arli's arrest" Robi ordered 2I'll be in touch very soon for a briefing"
Serrar nodded "Yes Commander, Sun guide you"
"And you Serrar."

The two women mounted their gryphons and exchanged a smile as Serrar flew off.
"A good result Commander" said Odenia.
"Indeed" Robi grinned back "Redridge, thirty minutes for debrief..see you there"
Odenia nodded and took to the skies, Robi patted Charlie with concern as the once mighty bird took slowly to the air.

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PostSubject: Re: Sin'Anindoth   Sun Jan 08, 2012 9:59 am

The High Secretary sat up in his bed, a desk fitted around his bulging stomach piled high with thick parchment which was lit by three lightly flickering candles that slowly spilt wax over the ‘out’ pile in the corner of the desk. This in itself was not an unusual sight in the early hours of the morning, The High Secretaries Chief Aide Watson insisted he stopped work and got some sleep at midnight at the latest, so the High Secretary had a desk made that folded out over his bed. The war would not be won while he slept and anyway, Forsaken didn’t need as much sleep as they used to while alive. Tonight’s work was based largely around Intelligence reports that the High Secretary could see had been altered, likely because the blasted Deathstalkers didn’t like to keep politicians clued into what they were doing. Nonetheless it was good to know what they did let him know, which so far had been that Intel on Alliance groups had led nowhere on the search for the Bomb suppliers, and that the Vile Thorns had a new ‘Master.’ The High Secretary had met him before, a young Sin’Doreai called Arlithion. He had also bartered for his Loyalty, by Paying off a small debt with the boys Grandfather. It was-

The High Secretary lowered his glasses and rechecked his translation of the Cypher on the document he had in his hand. How had this gone so long unnoticed? The Deathstalkers had confirmed the existence of an Alliance Group of Rogues operating over a large scale; they couldn’t’ve sprung up overnight. Reaching for his Out pile the High Secretary peeled the candle off the top document and began searching through for another file – there. His commissioned Dark Rangers had found nothing on the Bomb through known Alliance groups, but they still hadn’t checked the unknown groups – including it seems, this one. Pushing the desk away from his bulbous stomach he heaved himself out of bed, clutching at the report, and hobbled towards the door pulling on a silk dressing gown. Throwing the door open, he began to head down the corridor before Watson appeared as if out of nowhere.

“High Secretary, you should be…”

“Watson dear, whatever is the matter with you? Can’t you see I have important orders for you? I appreciate your concern but now is really not the time. Go find Mister Hawkins and ask him for the full, and I mean full, version of this report. Then contact Dark Ranger Lemayas and tell her she needs to make her way to Alliance Lands, Possess a Human and find out everything, and once again I mean everything, on the dealings of the Brotherhood of Shadow!”

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PostSubject: Re: Sin'Anindoth   

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