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PostSubject: Pureblood   Wed Oct 12, 2011 11:11 am

This wasn't what she had returned to Silvermoon for.

She looked around the inn, Dia was there, sitting closer to Arli than she thought it possible for one person to sit next to another. She couldn't help but smile in wry amusement, when as Dia saw her enter she shuffled closer still.
Arli smiled"Hey Chey"
Chey put on her warmest brightest smile, lowered her head a touch and looked up through her long lashes, "Hi Arli" she replied softly.
She knew she shouldn't do it, it was sending all the wrong signals, but oh the look on Dia's face...

Then Orthos had started on her, straight away.
"Your report Chey.." he barked
"Report Ranger?" she replied
"I gave you a mission to report on a certain order..." he continued, his eyes boring into her, his expression one of angry displeasure.
"Yes Ranger, unfortunately I haven't been able to locate them..." she started
"Not good enough, Celara seemed to have no trouble and has given a very informative and concise report" Orthos interrupted.
She opened her mouth to respond but Orthos silenced her with a look. She wanted to explain she had been training, honing her skills as he had ordered her to and with every good will in the world, she couldn't be in Silvermoon and Northrend at the same time.
"You are a slacker Chey and a lousy one at that" he stated as he brushed past her and left the inn.
Her face tinged scarlet, half with anger and half with shame at being publicly insulted. She had joined Belore Alandie full of zeal and eager to prove herself dedicated to her people and burning inside to be there to make a difference, to be at the front when The Sin'Dorei reclaimed their rightfully heritage. She sighed silently, but this..Orthos shaming her in front of former comrades, telling her she was a slacker...she may as well have stayed a Vile Thorn.

Later that night she had met and spoken with another member of Belore Alandie, a taciturn young elf swathed in black, his face masked. Both of them were waiting for Orthos and gradually fell into conversation, their views it seemed were similar, both keen to see their people disassociate from the Horde and fight by any means to purge the "bad blood" from their city.
There discussion grew heated as they aired their fervour, and it was probably because of this that Diaa received the raw end of their zeal, after failing with words to persuade her to reclaim her identity as Sin'Dorei, their fervour reached such a pitch, they condemned her where she stood as a traitor and roughed her a little, finally pushing her from their sight with a bloodied and battered face.
Orthos, understandably was angry and berated them both the following day, he ranted and raged at them, refusing to hear their stand on the matter.
Chey looked at him in front of them seething with rage and hurling insults. A brief thought of "Fel..he needs to get laid" crossed her mind but was hastily banished as he told them one of them must surrender to the Thorns at dawn,the other would receive Belore Alandie protection.

She stared at Orthos not quite believing what she heard, he would condemn a fellow Sin'Dorei to a certain death at the hands of glorified scourge and their pet bloodelves? She could not agree and with relief heard Serrar denounce the idea also. Orthos would not be swayed, it was his way or none.
To Chey it sounded as if the appeasement of Forsaken was more important than the creed and culture, her heart filled with a sore bitter disappointment. Orthos told them to decide and left them alone.

She wandered the streets of Silvermoon alone her mind in a turmoil, chewing over events and their consequences, her goals and ideals she realised were not the same as Belore Alandie and it was with a sense of failure and disappointment that as the new sun rose over Eversong Woods, she removed her tabard and left it and Belore behind.

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PostSubject: Re: Pureblood   Fri Oct 14, 2011 1:01 pm

The Demise of Serrar and Chey

Orthos steps out to the garden outside Silvermoon City gates and watches as the sun shines beautifully over the two statues that seem to reach for it.

"Chey and Serrar did what?" a storm-like rage echoed out of Orthos's mouth as Deathmaster Dia requested permission to go after the two Belore Alandie members who have attacked her in the streets of Silvermoon City.

"Let me deal with them first, Deathmaster" Orthos asked knowing that she has all the motives to kill the two Sin'Dorei and put an end to the Belore Alandie - Vile Thorn alliance and thus bringing in another unwanted enemy to Hall Of Respite's door.

Orthos takes a deep breath and hurries his steps towards Hall of Respite where Serrar and Celara were and Chey was just about to come in.

Traitorous and wicked the two elves sat in front of Orthos and Celara pointing fingers and placing their murderous act high up on the Silvermoon flag.
"You don't even breath without my permission" Orthos roared at the two, as they were going on about Deathmaster Dia not being loyal to Silvermoon.

"Acts of violence against an Sin'Dorei, against an allied group of Belore Alandie without my consent is an act of treason and you two are nothing more than idiots for daring to betray me".

"You bow to the Vile Thorns, you're not the leader i thought you were" Serrar accused
"We should separate from the Horde and only look after ourselves".

"I bow to Silvermoon and for now the Horde alliance is a necessity if we want to survive. I will not create unwanted enemies without a purpose". "Your actions are not only against Belore Alandie but also against our Regent Lord, for as long as the Horde ambassadors are here you have no right to commit such crimes" Orthos raged

"Who do you work for?" Celara inquired the two

Waves of excuses and apologies, of explanations and offenses echoed through the Hall of Respite but the conclusion in Orthos's head was one "They committed a crime against Belore Alandie and against Silvermoon. They had no right to attack another member of the horde, especially another Sin'Dorei especially a higher ranking Officer of an allied group without being ordered so and without being in any form of danger".

"At dawn" Orthos paused as he watched the two "one of you will go to Deathmaster Dia, unarmed and without tabard and apologize. The other will receive Belore Alandie protection.
At dusk i will speak to the Thorn Mistress and apologize on behalf of Belore Alandie. If you will not do as i say, none of you will be worthy to wear our tabard and you're on your own" the Ranger gave his final words to the two traitors.

"You send us to our deaths" Serrar raged

"A small sacrifice I have to make" Orhtos replied as Serrar striped off his tabard and disappear into the shadows.
"I am no longer under your service" his final words came angry through the chambers of Hall of Respite.

"Orthos" came the cold voice of Anethrax as she steps in Hall of Respite the next day accompanied by a pack of stalkers creeping unseen through the shadows
"I thought you valued our alliance" she came in threatening...

Orthos Do'Urden
Belore Alandie

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