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 Betrayal under Duress

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PostSubject: Betrayal under Duress   Sun Oct 23, 2011 6:52 pm

Blayke opened his eyes slowly, his eyelashes sticky with blood and his vision blurred. He looked down at the dusty floor and tried to focus on the pieces of straw that littered the floor of what he assumed to be an abandoned barn. The dark patches of dusty earth, he guessed were blood stains but he knew they were not all his - by the looks of the 'equipment' he had seen on arrival, this was a favourite place for the sin'dorei that had spent her time alone with him.

"You awake again sweetie?"

The sharp tip of a dagger on his throat as the flat of the blade was used to lift his head until he looked once again into the deep fel-green eyes of his assailant. He had been caught by the two Vile Thorn - her and that elf of the Commanders, Sunblade. He was leaving Ghostlands to answer the call of the Five when they had ambushed him just as he entered Plaguelands. He'd regained consciousness later to find himself chained to the wall of the dimly lit barn - unable to move and his communicator gone. How long he had been here, he didn't know. The one called Sunblade had left, leaving him with the red-haired female. He had faced torture before, but not ever so prolonged or so expertly executed. She hadn't even asked him any questions, no interrogation, just the endless pain until he had passed out. Sometimes he awoke gagged, he knew she would be away at those times as she liked to hear the screams of pain that escaped his clenched jaws when she was 'working'.

"I know you'll be as sad to leave my company as I will be to lose such a resilient toy, we could have had a lot more fun together"

The slight wrinkle around her eyes betrayed the smile under her mask.

"So I get to leave or I get to die?" replied Blayke evenly. Either would be a welcome relief right now.

"You get to help us on a mission. Be a good boy and you get to go, although what happens to you after that is your problem".

A slight movement in the shadows and a forsaken, Thorn again, steps and stands beside her.

"Ryushoken here has been tasked with taking out an Alliance target and tonight, we know exactly where he will be" she continued

Blayke watched the forsaken as he applied fresh poisons to his blades.

"So, my alliance scum, do you want to willingly help us or do I go and fetch my special equipment?"

Blayke's eyes flitted to the table, already laden with wicked blades and vials of liquids and then looked back at the sin'dorei, finding himself nod slightly despite himself.


Stepping from the shadows. Blayke walked as steadily as he could up the few steps and into Greymane Manor. They had let him clean up as best he could, his face was bruised and his armour still bloodstained but he doubted it would draw much suspicion - in his line of work it wasn't unknown to come off worse in a fight. As he walked a few steps into the hall, those assembled stopped and turned to look at him. Blayke scanned the faces, so few he knew.

"Who are you?" spoke the beautiful female standing alongside his target.

"Blayke of the Brotherhood" replied Blayke with more confidence than he felt knowing that the two Vile Thorn were in the shadows so close to his back.

"Blayke, what do you want?" asked Warzor as he walked over.

"Is Shayanan here?" asked Blayke, choosing the one name he knew but didn't see.

In the blink of an eye, Vicco had charged before him, his already heightened nervousness causing Blayke to stagger back a few steps. His target had come to him. This would be easier than he thought.

"You want a fight? We take this outside" spoke Blayke, turning and walking for the door before Vicco could reply.

"Bring it on" replied Vicco confidently as he strode outside behind him.

Blayke walked half way across the small courtyard and stopped and looked Vicco in the eye as he spoke;

"Bye now..."

As if on cue, the two Vile Thorn stepped from the shadows and sank their daggers into Vicco's back. As fast as he could, Blayke ran and slipped into the shadows, running until his weakened state allowed him to run no more. He knew enough of the Vile Thorn to know that they would just as soon finish him off now that they had got their target. Finding an outcrop of rocks he climbed behind and crouched down, his breathing rapid and ragged. Blayke buried his face in his hands as if to hide from his shame; he needed to find his Commander and explain his absence and just who he had betrayed to gain his freedom.
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PostSubject: Re: Betrayal under Duress   Sun Oct 23, 2011 8:42 pm

Vicco, the very -dead- Rose... A report by Ryushoken

We managed to kill our target in the Dead Rose, Vicco, tonight. My source, an ex-apothecary who wishes to stay anonymous, had informed me ealier this afternoon that the Roses will be hosting their weekly meeting tonight. A little birdie, as he calls it, had told him our esteemed guest Vicco would be attending. The meeting was to be held at Greymane manor. A rogue called Blayke, captured and tortured by Arli and Dianthaa in the Ghostlands not a week ago, was kind enough to help us gain access to the manor and draw away Vicco from the crowd. How pathetic are the alliance that when threatened with their lives, they would betray their own kind even when the attendees at the rose meeting greatly outnumbered us...

With our plan laid out, myself and Deathmasters Arli and Dianthaa set out to Greymane manor. Brother Arli did as excellent a job as always and escorted our little alliance rat from within the shadows making sure he does exactly as he was told. And exactly that he did. The sod even lured Vicco right out the front door! Dianthaa and I awaited quietly as Vicco was making his way out of the manor.

Needless to say, when that filthy worgen set his first footstep outside of the front door his death whispered swiftly from the shadows. Failing to slit his throat immediately or perhaps partly due to the enjoyment of our daggers carving through him, his cries alerted the other Roses. But before Dianthaa's smokebomb wore off Vicco lay dead and bleeding on the ground and both the Deathmaster and I managed a clean escape.

That little rat of an alliance rogue managed to escape us! We were unable to pursue him in a fashion avoiding being killed by the already alerted group of mongrels hoarding outside the manor. But the never the less, if he doesn't get killed by his own kind for being a traitor, then he will surely suffer the fate of our blades in due time. Perhaps while he lives he will spread the word. That the Vile Thorn will not sleep until the last of the alliance scum lies dead in a pool of blood, and that they should fear us more so than Lady Death herself!

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Robi Kaezlan.
Robi Kaezlan.

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PostSubject: Re: Betrayal under Duress   Mon Oct 24, 2011 4:56 pm

She'd walked perhaps three steps towards the Lions Pride when Vicco Wrenn strode towards her and gestured with his hand for her to turn around.
"Straight to business Robi" he stated from under the trademark white mask and continued walking past her, gesturing her to follow.
"Er Hi Vic..." she acknowledged as she turned and hurried behind him.
"Yes Hey Robi.." he replied, not looking back at her nor checking his stride.
They walked in silence for some way until Vicco finally stopped and turned to face her.
His eyes were stern as he looked at her dwarfed beside his huge frame.
"Someone tried to assassinate me Robi" he said, his eyes never leaving her face.
She raised an eyebrow and smiled slightly, wondering what fool had tried to best this mountain of a man.
"Not so funny Robi," he replied "It was one of yours..goes by the name of Blayke"
Robi's eyes widened in surprise and she coughed slightly with the shock, aware of Vic's eyes scrutinising her face, watching her reaction.
She opened her mouth to speak. Vic raised his hand.
"This is the deal Robi, tell me where he, or I go find him and he's dead" he stated
"Vic..I haven't seen or heard from Blayke in days..I don't know where he is...." she started
"I suggest you find him," was the taciturn response."Or I will"
Robi looked up at Vic and nodded
"I hear what you say, you don't think I had any part in this?" she aske, dismayed slightly as Vic shrugged.
"He came to Gilneas, asked for Shayanan first...."
Robi looked aghast.
"He came for Shay? He wanted to kill Shay?" she spluttered
Again the shrug.
"Doesn't matter, I don't care, he got me to go outside and was waiting with Thorns..."
Robi couldn't take it in, Blayke had gone to assassinate Shay, but had set Vile Thorn onto Vicco? She couldn't quite make sense of it, it wasn't the actions of the Blayke she had come to know, yet Vic was adamant it had been him.
"Vic, let me find him and talk to him first, please, there has to be a reason" she pleaded with Vic.
Knowing Vic as she did, she knew he would go beserk and lose total control if he found Blayke first.
Vic said nothing and continued to look at her hard for a long moment.
He finally nodded
"Alright, you talk to him, tell him I'm looking, that I didn't fall to the Vile Thorn" he agreed
Robi smiled up at him "Thank you..."
"Right I gotta take off again" said Vic
Robi nodded, grateful for the time he'd given her to try and sort this mess.
Vic reached out towards her with one arm and before she knew what was happening, he'd pulled her to him and with his free hand pulled down his mask, kissed her fiercel, released her and mounted his drake. Pulling his mask up he winked at her and his drake soared up.
Robi stood completely and utterly astounded, lost for words, she mumbled confused "er bye Vic..."

The thought of Blayke snapped her back to her senses.
She was angry, not just annoyed or irritated as she usually was with Blayke but flaming angry.
What the FEL was he up to? Did he think she wouldn't find out, and where was he?
"Right you little shit" she thought "Where are you?"
A sharp yell for Charlie and moments later she soared high over the forest, switching on her communicator as she rose.
This had better be good Blayke.....she fumed as she wheeled towards Stormwind.
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PostSubject: Re: Betrayal under Duress   Wed Oct 26, 2011 6:19 pm

When Blayke finally arrived back at Stormwind, he went straight to the Inn within Old Town - with no communicator, he had no way of getting in touch with any of the Brotherhood. Getting to the Inn was not straightforward, there was a danger that The Dead Rose would now be looking for him and as the City was busy, moving around undetected was slow work. In comparison, the Inn was quiet but Blayke remained in the shadows under the stairwell and waited for one of the Brotherhood to arrive.

"Jeliana" he called quietly, relieved that at last someone he could trust had entered the Inn.

"Blayke? Is that you?" she replied, looking around for the source of the voice.

"Shh" urged Blayke in a hushed tone "tell the Commander I must speak with her urgently, I will wait in the basement"

The Commander arrived relatively quickly and as he stepped from the shadows and looked cautiously towards the stairs, Jeliana gasped at seeing his bruised face and the blood-stained armour he still wore. However, the Commanders face remained as if set in stone and Blayke knew already that word had reached her.

"Commander, I can explain" started Blayke

"Not here" said Robi evenly, "Meet me at the Shepherds Cottage, go immediately".

Blayke only had time to nod briefly before she turned on her heel and left. Jeliana looked at him for a moment then followed the Commander outside as Blayke slipped to the shadows and made his way again out of the City.


As the three met at the cottage, Robi immediately turned to Blayke.

"Inside" she said coldly as Blayke and Jeliana followed her inside the cottage. Blayke moved to the side of the doorway so if someone should pass by, he would not be immediately seen.

"Commander, let me explain" started Blayke

"Then explain why you brought Thorns to kill my husband, Shayanan" replied Robi, her voice calm but her eyes ablaze with anger.

"No, the target wasn't Shaya- "

"I've spoken to Vickram, Blayke, he told me you asked for Shayanan!" she interrupted.

"Vickram lives? Well that is a blessing at least" replied Blayke as he rubbed his face tiredly with his hand, Jeliana clearly grimaced at the deep wounds cut across the back of his hand.

"Explain why you asked for Shayanan"

"The target was Vickram. When I walked into the Manor I knew few there and as I could see Shayanan wasn't there, it made sense to ask for him. When Vickram decided to play the hero well I just had him follow me outside."

Robi looked at Blayke as he spoke, her face giving nothing away about what she thought of his actions.

Blayke continued, "When the Thorns attacked him, I took my chance to run".

"You put me in a very difficult situation, Blayke. The Dead Rose want me to hand you over to them".

Blayke again glanced nervously to the stairway.

"Commander, it was me or him. I had no choice. I was held and tortured by the Vile Thorn, my only chance of escape was to follow their orders to get Vickram where they could assassinate him. You must understand the pressure I was under"

"He looks in a bad way Commander" added Jeliana in a concerned voice, "we should get him to a doctor, the Cathedral maybe".

"No!" replied Blayke urgently "I have to keep out of the City. The Dead Rose..." his voice trailed off as he looked at the Commander.

Robi's face softened a little as she looked back at him, "I'm on your side Blayke, tell me what happened".

With a small nod Blayke started to describe how he had been ambushed as he left Ghostlands when they went to search for Belore Alandie. How Anethrax had tracked them into Ghostlands and must have alerted the two Thorns that awaited him. He had been held and tortured ever since.

"The Thorns who did this, do you know which ones?" asked Robi

"That belf of yours and a red haired female sin'dorei also. He left and I didn't see him again until tonight but she.." Blayke shuddered involuntarily at the memories "..she was the torturer. She never even asked me any questions, just inflicted pain, I am sure just for the pleasure of it".

"It was Arli?" asked Robi, pausing as Blayke nodded, "and the female, that must have been Dianthaa?"

Blayke hesitated before cautiously replying; "Yes, I think that was what he called her...or..Dia? Those two plus another forsaken forced me to Greymane Manor tonight. The forsaken was named..." Blayke screwed his eyes briefly in recollection, "Ryushoken, yes, I think that was it".

" I don't know him" added Robi quietly. "You need to keep low for a while Blayke"

"I'll use the safe house at Westfall" he replied

"Blayke you need medical attention, a doctor" added Jeliana, still clearly concerned.

"Westfall will have medics, I'll be fine, I'm not going to the City." replied Blayke

"I'll send Odenia over as soon as she is on the Communicator" added Robi, "And I want you to rest up as I need you to go and meet a Horde contact in Shattrath in a few days." She took a new communicator from a pouch and handed it to Blayke.

"A..Horde contact?" asked Blayke wiith a look of confusion as he fixed on his communicator, "do the Five agree to this?"

"Yes" replied Robi, "in fact I am sure they will be pleased we are gaining a foothold in Silvermoon. I am funding some Sin'dorei activists and in return, they will aid us. You will be seeking a female named Chey, and I want you to tell her that I need to see Arli."

"I'm not sure.." started Blayke then quickly added "As you wish Commander" as he caught the look on Robi's face. He was tired and not up for a fight plus he really needed to keep her on his side.

"Good, now get to Westfall and I'll be in touch about the meeting soon, I'll draw you a picture of their tabard and make a description of the contact to meet".

Blayke made his goodbyes and left, better he go straight away before he said something he would regret later. As he moved from earshot, Robi turned to Jeliana and muttered "Shattrath, that will keep the git out of trouble for a while".
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PostSubject: Re: Betrayal under Duress   

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Betrayal under Duress
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